The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 2, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1908
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA?? WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER. Sale Of Unclaimed Ecpress Shipments Wells, Fargo & Co. Saturday Dec. 5th Will sell at public aution to the highest bidder all unclaimed packages, trunks suitcases, beding etc., from their several offices received prior to January 1, 1908. DOY WHITE, Auctioneer at 2020 Chester Ave. Sale begins at 10 o'clock. UUDER'S FATHER ISGI Leonard Lander, the Los Angeles lad who fights Kddle WTilte here De- ceniber 21, IM the son of an Angel City Councilman. Hi- father Is Ben S. T Lander, who In addition to holding a place on the r>xr<MiHve hoard,1s prominent In bushi"^ circles In the southern city. The elder bander Is In a way looking aftor his son's welfare in the ring and I? always In attendance at the ringside when he fights. This morning ho returned the articles of aereement to Manager Rehfeld signed by the little fighter. Several photographs showing (lie lightweight In fighting pose acrompanlod the papers and they show him to be a well built, likely looklnc y»ung scrapper. He will do hla iralnliiL- at the Univre, arriving from Aneeles early next week. White will be in. from Marlcopa Sat urday nnd will establish his quarters at tho MenoiiL-all road house on the Kern River oil flrlfls road. COMlITMSTDCK GREEN I I. LIKE FINDING MONEY •V bargains wo are otTVrin^ t'-tis in Lap Robes and Blankets, Coin Purses. (Moves of all kinds cut sheep skins, ridiny; bridles, hat bands and bells, suit cases at your own prices. Don't overlook our line of feather dusters. The American National Livestock Association, of which H. A. .fnstro Is president, will hold its annual session in I,os Angeles on January 26, 27 and 28. and Mr. .7astro expects to open headquarters in the southern city early in January and will devote considerable time lo preparing for the big gathering. The headquarters of the Association are at Denver and they will shortly be moveil i,. i,,... \up-eles. there to remain until after the coming convention. . i The railroads will make special rates to the convention from eastern [points, the Salt Lake having so an- i nounced. I The nrnirram as it is now being out' lined will be a most interesting one, many speakers of eminence being •cheduled to address the gathering. Every Garment Marked Down IN OUR CLOAK *ND SUIT DEPARTMENT Without a sinyle exception, every garment on our second Moor is entered for this sale. .in- way. nniM nf the n'annoins a'v less than six weeks old. -rleel a.i.v L'armeiit that strike* - "t\r fancy, pay the price marked on the (JRKEX TAGS i.- DNK KOfRTII, OXK THIK1) or OXK ILM.F less than the regular price-in many . • the r-.Milnr price is an already lowered price, inakinir the (JREEX TA(i I'HK'H but a '• I'riieiiiiii of Hie real worlii. (,'atch the point? ''h'- (i'J'.-.KN ;'A(! SALR is. W'ihnnt n doubt, the most important sale of nmdv-to-wear ,,eiits ever held in Bakersfiehi. The bargains are little short of marvelous. Note eare- these reductions, and remember that ALL OTHER CAl'MEXTS ARE ALSO KEDl'C- Women's Long Goafs •\v models; some tailored of .striped icrs infill black, trimmed with silk raid. There aro not many of these i|iiicl; action is necessary. Green Tag Sale price $4 BJ() Green Taj? Sale price $5*1 X (ireen Taj? Sale price Green Taj; Sale price . Green Tag Sale price . (ireen Tag Sale price . Green T;m Sale price , Green Tag Sale price Silk Petticoats $6.75 S11.25 ••••81.2.38 ••••81.6.88 ••••818.75 Women's Short Coats i n covert, hliick. blue and fircen kersey. .!'• well tailored. All arc yood desirable M;iny are satin lined. 3AL.E—Ollfllla'x oil strok cheap! ^" 372. 106 know ;i frlt-ml— uperfoet (lend— That I would like to smother; nl lie's immune because In.' is My host glrl'H little brother. GR/ Masq SKATCiG PARTI DREAMLANJ SKATING RINK Q FRIZ ..Ladies' Best Sustained Character Costume. $5 cash. Gents' Best Sustained Character Costume, 1 pair Richard- sou skates. Admisl I GOOD MUSIC Show Your Artistic Taste f<| Occasion. mghts of istmas le a note of this—\ve i lock some MOW in ft ar- > III is vofir that vuii \viU I 1 ' ' ID investigate enrly. ; will lie many a siir- |teve for early liiiycrs. are of Eastman Kodaks. er's Coats, One Fourth Off, $.Vi'. I'MIS, (Ireen Tag price . $7.i"' (.'.'jalJv tureen Tjj^j>rlce. $7.."." i':i'-. Green Tag price 1 -,. Cents One Third Off. $0."" i ' .;—. Green TUK Price . $7."' I'MI'S, (Ireen Tag price $7> i ":tis, Given Tag price . Gouts, at Half Price $fl.r.i c.i,;s. Gveen Tai? price . $lli > Co,its, Green Tag price $..!.-, '• coats. Green Tag price $ls' • Coals, (Irpen Taj? price $•-'!' \ ('i.ats. Ui'eeu Tag price The most beautiful silk petticoats brouirht to Hakersfiehl—never before have bargains been fj-iveu as these: Silk Petticoats at One Fourth Off. Silk Petticoats, 'Green Tag price $7.,">o sill; Petticoats, Green Tag price $10.00 Sill; Petticoats, Green Tai? price $12.50 Silk Petticoats, Green Tag price $i::.oo Silk Petticoats, Green Tag price $15.00 Silk Petticoats, Green Tag price Silk Petticoats at One Third Off. $11.75 Silk Petticoats. Green Taj? price $15.00 Silk Petticoats, Green Tag price vfil'o' ' Silk Petticoats at Half Price. $7.30 Slllc Petticoats, Green Tag price $10.00 Silk Petticoats, Green Tag price ..$5 •84. •85. •87. SB. 89. $3.75 $5.25 $5.63 $3.34 $4.67 $5.OO ever such 88 63 50 as 75 25 17 00 75 OO 25 $16.50 Silk Petticoats, Green Tag price Princes Dreesses, Silk, Wool ••$4.75 S5.OO JS7.5O S9.OO • 811.25 Long Caracal Coats .hi.-t what is wjintedl'iir si fold dny. is dressier than the popular Caracal (.'oats, for winter wear-real I'tir c.iats not exeeplcd. We have 1ml very few "I these excellent garments- choice <>!' black or colors al these prices: $:;•_>.r,n Caracul Coals. Green Tag price $24.3< t * $ir,.i!ii Caracal Coats, Green Taj? price jRRS.75 jv,a..>i, <V..;cal CoMs, Green Tag price JRS7.5O . Many of these were received from our York buyer less than a week ago — fresh the fashion center. .Materials are messalim taffeta silk, also fine woo! fabrics, in the intr shades of navy. Copenhagen, brown, e white, dainty evening shades and black. These Dresses at One Fourth Off $l.~.(i(> Dresses, Greon Tag Sale pi-ire $20.00 Dresses, Creeu Tag Sale price i;. 1 !'."!! Dresses, Green Tag Sale price $25. mi Dresses, Green Tag Sale price I ; I ''. ;I . | MI Ih'esses. Grev>n Tug Sale price ?:!.". mi Dresses, (ireen Tag sale price These Dresses at One Third Off. S^:.'.."<i Drersi -.«. Green Tag Sale price $:!iVon Dros.-es. Green Tag Sale price $12.50 Dresses, Green Tair Sale price $.">o.(i() Dresses. C.reeu Tag Sale price •am. si 5 Slfi •S18, •S822 •JB2fi. Xew from • and lead- ream 25 OO leading Druggists. Hundreds of Toys and Dollies are awaiting """New Owners—Select now, we will hold them"" These Dresses at Half Price ? 13.00 Dres.ies. Green Tag Sale price. 'cubic Dis< ARE NOW \vo Records in COME AND HEAR TH>M PLAYED. [aberielde Furniture Company »O4—161O 19th. Street |OF TRUSTEE'S SALE In i< certain !.)'"•,I <>- Trust, •2~, IS'.rj, exi.ciit.'.l a: Mak- inty of Kern, stale ni Cal- Henry M. True nf \Velilon, 'Kern, State of ('ulil'oniia. le first purl, and <lelh,-reil "orts of the County i Stme of California, pnri.\ of i oml part therein nann' 1, an ' eil April •>'. IX'.iL', In Hool; II o at pases liL'U, ,.| '-.-"j. in Cn, , the County Uecordcr oC the C Kern, state (if California, i,. v ' onl reference Is hereby n. ; party of the first part, li. 1! T isrant and convey the ]i!v>hi-<' In ileserilieil to ,1. V. Hoi.."', tee for the uses uuil pur;!.!.-,--. ill said Trust Deeil, amoiu: i.' '•. lo sei-ure the pjiymenl in (;;. $lliiu.(m UorrowiMl liy the ),,nr iirsi purl Iroiii the pan \ o; n. ji.ii i \\iih Interest at ihe r H ni'r vi'iu per annum accor iii, terms of a certain promise Is of ail did Exclusive vStyles in Furs We know the ladies of Kern county will bo pleased with lir large and handsome collection of furs. 1 Stylos in furs change like hats and dresses, and tho fash- Ins this season are unusually attractive and beautiful. I Our assortment includes all Ihe newest and must popular lylcs, including mull's. We always take great pleasure in showing our wearables |so call and see these furs soon. THE MODEL CLOAK AND SUIT HOUSE. |!8 Nineteenth Street Phone Main 975 dated and executed by the parly of the first pan to the party of ihe second part on said 27th day of April, 18!):.', payable April 27, 1S94, anil, Whereas, there bass. !<een a default in the payment of the amount due upon Hiilil promissory note, there bolng the total sum of $2!tr.M)0 now due and unpaid, and, Whereas, it is provide,] in said trust deed that If default shall lie made In tho payment of any of the sums of principal or interest in the manner stipulated In the promissory note in said Deed mentioned, or In the reimbursement of any amount in said trust j deed provided to be paid, or of any p.nteresi thereon, (hen, the party of the I second part, his heirs, successors or assign? shall give notice and sell the premises in said Trust Deed describ; ;i or such part thereof as shall l>e uec essary. to pay the liabilities unpaid secured by the said Trust heed, and, j Whereas, ,1. V. Roberts, liie party of the sec-one 1 , part name,; in said I Trust Dec.l, diud on or about the I lib i-'ay of January. 1908, and Sanford II. I I'liimlcy was thereafter, and on the j :!rd day of February, IMS, after proceedings duly and regularly bad anil | i-.'lveu, iii t^sii behalf, appointed by the i Superior Court, of the County of Kern, California, executor of the ,i, i U'Kf.inient. of said ,1. V. 1.' eased, and ever since has I'.nv is the duly appointed, ,:nd actiti 1 ; executor of the •M.| testament of said .1. V. 1 • party of the first part u\ trust deed, and, il the 9th day of Novem{ her. i'.ios, i!,i. said Sanford H. Hum- I ley was by aii order of said court duly | appointed trustee In the placti and steid of Hie .said J. V. Koherts, with power and authority to make a of said land and appurtenances' • manner provided In said trust) !'or such sale and with full pow-' '. i authority in all respects to with, curry out and enforce all provisions of said trust deed; House, in the City of HuUersfield, County of Kern, State of California, ail the following described pronerl.y towit: That certain piece or narcel of land, situate in the County of Kern, State of California, (ienen,_,. as follows, lo-wit: Northeast quarter (N.E. '4 ) and the northeast quarter of southeast quarter (N. K. ',4 of S. R >4 ) of section eighteen (18), Township twenty-six (2fi) South, Ranse thirty-live <:!."•) East, Mount Diablo Hase and Meridian; also a certain water right a"nd dlteh connected with and belonging to and used up. on said land together with the appurtenances thereunto belonging, or so much thereof as shall be necessary to pay the total amount of the principal. Interest, advances, charges and costs accrued amounting to the sum of $2951.00 now due and unpaid. Dated at Hakersliold, County of Kern, State of California, this 2">>h day of November, A. D., IMS. SANFORD II. I'NUMI.EY, Trustee appointed TO sen said propfr- ty as afor-'.suld. and Executor of tho last will and testament of J. V. Roberts, deceased. !;>.;! Slate of lust v. ill Uol'erts. , ''eeu and .pialilicd 1-is' will 111 ! full ! sale ! in t if t HATS AND SHOES THE HUB FURNISHINGS TRUNKS N , tlieiv.'ore, nr.*ve is liereliy j;iv- en !' t the tindeisigned, by virtuo of t',: .iiithorlty vested in him, as trustee, ;>•',;) in accordance with the terms and ;• uhoritx of said Trust Deed, will sell a; public anethm to the highest bidder for cash on Saturday, the second day of January, 1909, at the hour of in o'clock, a. m. of said daV, at tho eastern front entrance of the Court A Great Sale ; _of Fall Suits $ 15 "^~ "_ ~~_ ~'~ " „„„_ |- , , '""._-- ^m^ ^*^ For this week we never offered belter vnl- iies in .Men's Sniis. Time now to buy your winter suit, for there'll bo no time like the present to save. And the savings that can be pocketed now are real, yeiuiino savings, not not economies made possible by a lack of style, inferior tailor work or poor materials. Yon can save on clothing now that measures tip to the liij;h standard of excellence—and there's none higher. \Ve qnoto you values for this week that have never boon equaled in any store. SelzShoes •re made of genuine leither; they are not cheapened by the usual frauds. U guarintccd. We tell them. S.WISEKOPF

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