Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 20, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1898
Page 21
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Gray's John CORNER Qn Muslins, we will meet all Competition on Muslins and you may buy all day from opening until closing time you may come yourself or send your neighbor. hsurance and Loans, knee and Bonds written In first class companies. Money to loan « per cent. S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. WASTED ELOODEEE Was Deacon *Haieh's Appeal for Fimlier Time In the Matter tit Opening West Market Street Acrosn HIP hanJIe Track, Fan- New Undertakers. 308 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. li promptly attended to, day or nlg-bt. Mr. Kalian was for many yearn foreman lor Charke L. Woll. Telephone old 281, new 817 UDi LEASES Physician. Office in Bouse, Cor. Thirteenth and North streets, Professional calls answered, promrtly. GEORGE W. BODEFER. r-*-"*' Real Estate, Loans. Bought, Sold or Exchanged. Money to Loan on mcrtiraKe or personal security. Call on me or wribeto me at No. 31 Bel BJver Market street bridge. ])K. C. D. EVEESOLE'S DE1ETAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug store, Oornor of Fourth and Market Streets. Dr. Ex- S- Hunt, -DENTIST— All the Utest llscoveries In medicine and •pplinnoeg to relieve pain in extraction or flit' ln« oi; teetli. Modern methods, modern prices, Afl work guaranteed. Offloe ovor John Gray's on Fourth, utreot. C U ^telephone No. 338. McConnell & McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money.to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILY PHABQS THURSDAY, JAN 20, .1898. OITY NHWS Wm. Dolan went to Chicago todaj •n business. So buiilness in the mayor's court this morning. William Hupp, the street contractor, Is 013 the sick list. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Potts, of Eleventh street, a son. putney Keys has taken a position as irelgiit brakeman on the Wabash. Attend the remnant sale, as you •will never regret it.—Golden Kale, Tony Bey has taken a position at Fraink Downey's sample room as bartender. Charles King, the regulator of the wholesale liquor trade is up from Cincinnati. Peru Journal: Mrs. John Fogle- iaan went to Logansport yesterday aftBrnoon to spend a few days with relatives. Tbe Davis "Uncle Tom's Cabin" company, which will appear at the cpura house tonight, gave the usual attractive street parade s»t noon today . John Probst, who was hit on the held with a billiard cue Tuesday nlirht during a scrap at Chas. Ruhl's j>ool room on Third street, is able to be about again. The Supreme court of the United Stites decided on Monday that the heirs of a man who commits suicide when in sound mind cannot recover on. his Insurance policy. Peru Chronicle: James Kahl has returned to Lugansport after a visit with friends here — Miss Maude Watkicis has gone to Logansport for a short visit with friends. Miss Christine Markert- has returned from at trip t-o Crown Point and Chicago. Miss Markert has been elected a field worker for the Indiana Sunday School association and will leave vithm a few weeks on a tour through the state in the interest, of Sunday school work. An exchange describes a situation wniah is known in every newspaper •ffios when It says tbat a man doesn't tulnk of the feelings of his mother when he gets into a disgraceful state •f depravity, but he expect* the editor to have the tenderest regard for tbat mother's feelings and to omit mention of his name when telling the •hameful story. Kingston Voted With tiie Democrats and the Moratory Councilman Was Knocked Ont—The Proceedings. When Mayti McKee called the common council to order last night there were fou: empty chairs on the south side of tine chamber, and to all appearances it was to be another of tbose commonplace and very ordinary -sessions. Not so, however, for when it came to the reports of committees, and Mr. Haigh failed to report on the matter of opening west Market street across the Panhandle track, according to instructions, and he was called to time by Dr. Hattery, Mr. Haigh, as ibairman of the street committee, asked for further time, declaring that every member of the council should be present before auy action should be taken in the matter, Dr. Hattery then moved tbat the petition be taken from the hands of the street committee and referred to the city commissioners, with instructions to report an assessment of benefits and damages. He declared that as the petition • had been In the hands of tbe street committee for eight months he could not see any occasion for, further delay. Mr. Ring.eoen, a member of the street committee, declared that he did not believe the committee would ever be able to report on the petition, so he seconded Dr. Hatter^'s motion Thus rJeserosd, he snoui/ed loos, acid j loud, but failed to win auy support] except that, of Brother Kelser, wbo was never known to vote for anything proposed by a Democratic men'- ber, Hattery, RicglebiD, Dykeman and Graf voted to refer tbe petition to the city commissioners. Boyer, Hadley, Kenney and Woll were absent. THE PROCEEDINGS. The clerk was Instructed to issue a deed to Carl Wise for lot 297 In Mt. Hope cemetery. The clerk read communication from the Logansport Produce company, setting forth that the said company having pur chased the abandoned canal bed between Obtowa and Sycamore streets and is desirous of putting thereon permanent and valuable improvements, the city is urged to take neces sary action to dispose of the water that she has drained into said land. Referred to the sewer committee. The clerk of the water works depart ment presented his report for the months of October, November and December, 1897. The claim of Dr. Hatch for tlOO for alleged injuries to his horse by reason of some defect in one of the Biddle island bridges, was referred to the city attorney. On motion of the street committee the clerk was instructed to re advertise for bids for the opening and Improvement of Sixteenth street from Douglass to Miles street. Council adjourned. BILL GREEN Sab. Talks of the Talk About Luella bitt Being Alive. Bill Green stated a few days ago to a reporter that he had heard the story that Luella Mabbitt was alive. He said he believed now, as he always has, that the girl is alive. He said that Amer told him that Luella was living and would In time come back to her home. I asked him why she should remain away so long and not make her existence known, even when her parents died, and his explanation was that because of the lynching of her lover, shame had prevented ber. Green tblnks that the stories circulated about his brother are for the purpose of preventing the governor from granting him a pardon. A Narrow Escape. Albert Wheaton, residing on Melbourne avenue and employed at the Kenneth quarries, had a narrow escape from a horrible death yesterday. While employed about the ma- chinerr his coat was caught in a set of cog wheels and it was only by the greatest eSort that the machinery was stopped and the young man released from his perilous position. Union Temperance Meeting. There will be a union meeting of all local temperance societies at Good Templars' halS, corner of Fourth and Market streets, Friday evening January 21st. A.n excellent pro- gramme has been prepared, and matters or importance will be discussed . JCverybody is cordially invited.—Committee. - The Wijatfcer. Clearing and colder tonight; Friday fair. THE POULTRY SHOW Opens Up Auspiciously With a Large Kumber of Exhibits. The Broadway Kink Pilled With Cackling Ueus and (Jrowing Roosters. It will do the soul of a Democrat good to visit the Broadway rink and look upon the proud roosters now being exhibited there. They are of all sizes, all colors and do all kinds of crowing. Dave Barnett, who has attended oiaciy poultry shows, sa.ys It is the best exhibition he has ever seen, and David Is a judge of good chickens. There an; already 1,580 chickens on exhibition—so macy of them t'bat the iace reserved for the dog show is limited to :i bare ten 7eet at the ea^t end of the rink. The dogs will not be on exhibition until next Saturday night, at which.time all the available space in the big rink will be occupied. The projectors of the exhibition are surprised at the magnitude o:t tbe exhibit. Among the exhibitors are Mr. and Mrs. J. E Gan.lt of Sycamore, Ohio, Dr. H. F, Ballard of Uhenoa, Ills., / Mr, and Mrs. D. A. Stoner of Eeasse- laer, Ind., S. A. Noftger of North Manchester, L. 0. Hoss and E. E. Sanders of Kokomo, Dr. Ira Funk of Soyal Center, W. A. Noel of Wai- ton, G. N. Weyand of Lucerne, Joseph Cunningham of Loree, A. L. Wectler of Bunker Hill, C. T. Beck of Wabasfe, A. D. Wood of Carroll, and Miss C. M. Orwln of Clay Down- ship. Among the home chicken fanciers who have exhibits are Cott Barnett, Sol D. Brandt, W. H. Hays, /. S. Kreider and Bopp and Bischor. The atter have the finest coop in the rink and it contains seventeen game chickens. Among tbe out of the ordinary exhibits is a Poland China pig, which is to be awarded to the owner of tbe best poultry exhibit. It Is offered as a premium by W. A Noel, of Walton. The association giving the exhibition is limited no tbe pouHry raisers of Cass, Miami, Grant and Howard counties. Richard Twells is president of the association; Cott Barnett, treasurer; S. D. Brandt, secretary and Chas. Demerly, superintendent: of poultry department. I. N. Barker, of Thorntown, Ind., H. A. Bridge, of Columbus, Ohio, are the judges who will pass upon ti^e merits of tfhe respective exhibits. Al G. Eberhardt, of Cincinnati, will be judge of tbe kennel exhibit. He Is now in Grand .Rapids, Mich,, acting a« judge In the big show now being held In that city. The show will be open until next Tuesday night. DISTURBED A MEETING "Pure and Sure." BAKING POWDEFL My bread and cake are baked with speed, And I have time to shop and read Because the dough I need not knead With Cleveland's baking powder. SIGNIFICANT Sessions of the State Board of Commerce. The Logan?port Delegates Report tbe Meetings Well Attended and Highly Eojojed. And '«Vere Pined for Conduct. Their Bade James Thomas -Shafer and George Jlaison, of Royal Center, were arrested today on a • charge of disturbing the revival meeting now in progress at Common Center, two miles south of Boyal Center. They plead guilty before 'Squire Fry and were fined $5 each. The disturbance occurred last Saturday night, and others are implicated. Pcttmejer Estate Sued. McConnell & McDonnell today filed suit for Mary Pottnaeyer, the divorced wife of Edward Pottmeyer, vs. Margaret Minneman, administratrix of the estate of the late Frank Pottmeyer, to recover something like 9500. This sum, she alleges, repre- «ents alimony allowed her by the court, together with 852 per year for 'the support of their cnild; that on account of an arrangement between Edward Pottmeyer and Frank Pottmeyer to defraud her, no part of said judgment has been paid. It is further set forth in the complaint that Edward Pottmey^r inherited property valued at f 1,000, and later confessed judgment to Frank Pottmeyer for •1,113.44, when in fact he was in no way indebted to the latter. Business Chance. J S. Craig today soH his stock of notions and toys to Mrs. Blanche Skinner. The new proprietors assumed control today. The deal was made by Mrs. Eda F. Bebee. Haymakers' Hop. Tbe Haymakers of Hayloft No. OJ, gave & dance at Dolan & McHale's hall last nlirht. There was a arge crowd. Steinhart's orchestra furnished the music. Liringstoia-Ciuppel. Mr. Frank B. Livingston and Miss Lizzie J. Chappel, both of the city, called at the home of Esquire David Lalng last evening and were united In marriage. Kokomo Tribune: L. C. Hoss is at Logansport attending the poultry and pet stock exhibit .... Aunt Til Snider has returned from her Tisit among rel&tlfM In Loganapoit. Action Taken to Boom the Sngar Beet Industry in Indiana—Talk of Representation at the Paris Exposition. J, T. Elliott and Walter A.Osmer, who were appointed delegates to the State Board of Commerce, returned from Indianapolis last night. They report a good attendance from all sections of tbe state. Many valuable papers were read and discussed appertaining to the future welfare and benefit of the state at large, notably the natural resources of whiih persons and corporations outside of our borders have taken advantage of and are now reaping rich rewards. The object of the state board of commerce, which has been organized for three years, is to unite the efforts of the different localities of the state in setting forth our advantages and attracting the attention of our own people as well as oilhers to the natural wealth within our borders. It developed tbat Logansport was near the center of the best sugar beet producing region of the country, and that foreign capital was seeking- an Investment., in that line. The excellent paper of the state geologist on our atone, clay, coal, gas and oil, kaolin marl and the materials for making hydraulic cement; our clay for making tile and terra cotta work, etc., many of these products being oniy partially developed, was excellent. Measures were also introduced looking to a radical reform in expenditures In local government the application of toe revenue raised for the improvement of the public roads, a great part of which, especially that which is paid in by railways and other corporations, is now farmed out and the corporations pay only about one-half the amount assessed in actual cash. It was. shown tbeit the appropriations to the colleges and universities of the state were in favor of the; few against the many, in tbat our common schools, tbe schools of thei people, were not up to tne standard and tfcat those desiring a higher aducatlon. shoul j pay for It; that it was not the province of the state to educate doctors; lawyers, en- gin ••era, etc., at the public expense. ny other reform measures were hrtvocated. Mr. J. T. Elliott was appointed on a committee to induce me location of beet sugar factories. Mr, B. F. Loutlttain WBS appointed one of the vice presidents of the board, and W. A.. Osmer on several of the important committees, ADDITIONAL 1T£«S. Pharos subscriptions are due. Best table oil cloth lOc yard.— Golden Rule. B. F. Keesling went to Chicago this afternoon on business. If you would Hke a bargain in a remnant, come to tbe Golden Rule. Miss Sarah Here has returned from a two months visit In New York city. P. F. Fitz, of Kokomo, auditor of Howard county, is in the city on business. Harry Harris and wife went to Darlington todlay to attend the funeral of his brother's child. "The Work of the Holy Spirit 11 is the subject of the Kev. H. E. TVie- and's sermon at tbe English Lutheran church tonight,. H. C. Wjlley and wife have removed from 510 Melbourne avenue to apartments over his store, corner of Market and Third streets- Very Rev. M. B. Campion, pastor of St. Vincent de Pan.' church, yesterday celebrated the 306h anniversary of his first mass. Special services were held "at the church. There were quite a number of Tislt- ing clergymen in attendance. The report of the Panhandle for 1807 shows a profit of 11,413,249.67, and a decrease lit operating expenses, of »319,296.19. The month of December proved a record-breaker, as ;he road earned daring that period H.5517,505.78, which ratio, if It had been maintained through, the twelve months, would hare made the total earnings over 118,400,000. OCCUPATION FOR WOMEN. Breeding Ancora Cat* Presents Possibilities For the Hoirie Tied. Forrest Crissey, in discussing "Tbe Breeding .of -Angora Cars as a Vocation," in The Woman's Home Compan ion, says: "It is tbe general opinion of these cat. fanciers that tbe culture of Angoras is an occupation which auy young woman •with a fcnduess for puts and a little of She commercial iustincc may pursue •with profit as well as pleasure. It is an occupation in •which success does not depend upon a special talent. One cannot succeed in literature, music, the arts or in teaching without a course of training and an inborn adaptability, but tbe rearing of cats calls for no meu- tal preparation or for any rare power in any particular direction. Capital, however, is necessary. Angora cuts bring a good price, and it will cost something to establish a kennel. Tbo amount will depend upon the magnitude of the beginning. One may expend $100 and secure, perhaps, three choice thoroughbred adults, or ac an outlay of $25 or thereabout one may purchase a male and a female kitten and rear them herself. The fitting np of a suitable kennel need not cost imnch, but there are important points in the construction aad care of the kennel which should not be neglected and which any owner of Angoras is always ready to explain. "The essentials for a successful -Angora kennel are not elaborate. Most important is an ample outdoor runway, made of woven wire, with a roof of the same material. This should connect with a cozy house or dormitory. Both apartments should be provided with elevated shelves, as the cats like to sleep as far from the ground as possible. They also enjoy the exercise of jumping up to and down from their elevated perches. Fresh grass and pure milk are absolute necessities. The Angora has been a luuch slandered animal. The general public believes it to bo-delicate in physique and surly and treacherous ft disposition. This is as far from the truth as is possible. They are almost uniformly amiable and affectionate in disposition and possess hardy and vigorouc constitutions. They are full of interesting eccentricities, however." Statue That Htpt a Valet. One of the most curious things i* Brussels, a thing that must be characteristic to some extent of the temper of the people, is tbe little manikin statue and fountain. It is a statue of a naked . boy, said to haw; been erected by a nobleman whose lost son was found on this spot. But there is not the least excuse for the boy's nakedness, for he is well supplied svith clothing of many sorts and is rich .enough to buy more suits occasionally, and is the owner of nine handsome costumes belonging to different periods. On fete days tbe coy is gorgeously clad, sometimes in bid French costumes, sometimes ia the uniform of the guard civique. All this is funny enough, but not as curious as the rest. It is the fashion for wealthy maiden ladies of Brussels to fall in love with the statue and remember it handsomely in their wills. Through one such bequest this petted boy is provided with a valet at a salary o:E $40, and a short time ago another unwedded admirer left §200 for the completion and maintenance of big wardrobe.—Kansas Citj NO PAIN! NO DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore moutb, sore gums, etc.. Absolutely safe and painles. The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. The finest and I>e6t method of CROWN and BRlDuE Work. .s'o eharKe for extracting without pain when new teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, 3 11 1-2 Fourth St. overFiBher'sDrugStor (Established 1867), (Incorporated 1SW). Employs mere persons thin any other similar institution in this part of the country. Hall's Business College Hag secured more positions for worthy young men and women during tbe past year than all other commercial schools in tbis part oi the State combined.' Hall's Business College Has better rooms and Is better equipped than any of its competitors. Hall's Business College Enrolled more student* d-ortaK the year ISK, than during any previous year. If yon want to secure a position attend—- Cor. Broadway »nd 8th Street. A Great Slaughter r SALE OF FINE * WINTER SHOES Which must be closed out at one-third their value to make room for our large Purchase of Spring Goods. These shoes are first class aud must sell. Come while the sizes are here and get your rioiee. WINTER. Shoe Store, 510 Broadway, STATEMENT Valley OF THE Legansport & Wabasb Gas Company. State of Indiana, Cass County, ss: Tie undersigned, president, secretary and a majority of the board of directors of the Lo- pansport& Wsbaeh Valley Gas Comnany of i/ognnspon; Indiana, in conformity with s'eo tion SSK K. S. 1SS1, each being duly sworn, on thi-lr several o*ths eay that the amount of capita! stock of said compay is one million eeven hundred and fifty thousand dollars: that the capital stock of said company is fully paid up Jo cash and by property: that the amount of existing debts against said company is as follows, viz: A mirtpajre indebtedness of one million eeven hundred and fifty thousand dollars; with interest thereon to the amount of 117.- 600.CO, and other indebtedness of $l7,7it4.or>. THE LOGAXSPOKT & WAB*SH VALLKYGAS COMPANY-, . ....... By C. F. DTKTKRICH. President. ALMOK P. JENKS. Secretarj. Samuel Thome, Qeorfte C. Clark, James MurdocK. James H. Benedict. Arthur B. Proal. State of Indiana, County of Case, ss: Before the undersigned, a notary public. personally aopearea Aiinon P. Jenkg, secretary of tbe Wabasb Valley Gas Company, and subscribed and swore to the above and foregoing affidavit, this I9fi day of January, Witness my hand and notarial seal. O. E. IIUIHOLLAKD. Oeal.j Notary fubMc. State of New York. County of New York, ss: Btfore me.tbe underslgned.a Notary PuUiie, personally appeared Samuel Thorn, Georre C. Clark, Joines H.Benedict und Arthur B.Proal. and subscribed and swore 10 tht above and' fnregoinftamdavit. this IScb day of January. 189S. Witness my hand and notarial seal. JAMES P. J. MOBRIS. [seal] .Notary Public. State of Indiana, County «f Tippecanoe. ss: Before me the undersiimed.a Notray Public, nereonally snpearod James Murdock, a director of the IcKinsport & Wabash Valley Gag Company, and subscribed and swore to the above and 1 or< sotag alHidacit. this 20th day of January, 1S!«. Wimegs my hand and Notar- ial seal. J. D. H iu>*BnAND, iSeall Notiry Public. AMUSEMENTS. D OLAN'S OPERA BOUSB. Wil. DOLAN, MANAGES. Thursday, January 20, '98. DAVIS BRO'S. -Dncte Tom's Cabin« . Company MILITARY BAND Symphony Orchestra. The Largest Company on Tour. PRICES 10, 20 and '30c. TVOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. D • * • • HOYT'S NIGHT. Saturday, January 22d. Hoyt's Greatest and Hottest Comedy. A Black Full ot Up-to-date ::::•: Witticisms. «oa»lcaJUtJeS, :::::: Bto. ::•:::::::• :::::::;: • '- \ • Pull ot ITp-to dKte ::::::::: : • : • M UBjC. siwring, : •• '• I '• I '• : '• I I • i BtC. •: J ::{ PRICES-.. .$1, 75c,50e, 35c and 25c. Seats on sale at Jobnfrton's drug- store. D CLAN'S! OPERA HOUSE. WM. J>OIAX, MGB. Monday, January 24th. First Appearance Here. The Famous English Beauty and Original Gaiety Girt. CISSY FITZGERALD TEE DANCE QUEEN In New York's Greatest Laughiag Success. THE FOUNDLING AM Produced for 200 Nights at Hoyt'l Theatre, New Tork. BY CHAELES FROHMAK See Cissy Wink- Price*— 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c and SI, "Cure the cough and MT» life." Dr. .^Topd'i Norway Syrup CQrerafijiiih aad ooldi, daw* t* the vorf T^tfeof cooiaiapit«0.

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