Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 6, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1896
Page 1
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^ A Big Shirt Waist Slaughter Sa le o Hand , ... 'LOIS And choice of our75c $1,25 and *200 Waists for 75 cents 03 . '.....; 39C cents and • ' We have about 3 dozon of our Finest ,Waist 8 left that wtre 18.50 and $4.00 which will go at... $ I SO IN OUR ANNEX. Before starting to Remodel we will offer the Greatest Bargains. ^ $2.50, $2, and $1 Wrappers for 9 8c,78c and. $ 7 . S o Silk Waists for 400 Duck Suits - - - • " $3.00 and $4.00 Parasols for Everything in the annex at 50 PER CENT OR LESS. $3.48 $1.39 $1.88 HotfijajteBt for Republican Nomina- tioh ; .'of G'overno'FofWisooDsin,. / •' ' ' Michigin Republicans. Meet to Nomi; ,nate a Tlcket-rOther State ' ,. i\ ' . ' - Convention*'; : " Milwaukee, Aug. 5. 5.-it was a- siz- wauee, . . . zling hot day in JIilwuiikce;.Wedliefli1:iy ' bTuan 40SM11 BROADWAY. 3(H» FOURTH ST. Clothes up to Date been in great favor at our establishment. Fact IB no one a finer li of woo.ens and wo-Ud. to ntort f»» th« onn. Important Features . '. • . lo the make-up of|our clothes work their superiority. not tbe-oheapest tallorB but claim to be the beat. Carl W. Keller, 3" Market We are Tailor and Draper, LOST $15 905 au« vyt "~ ~ CHINES which must be Sola, CYCLOMETERS OILS •.-'•' • ' y' : : ' ; CEMENT ENAMEL TIRES , ENAMELING BELLS VULCANIZING Call and LAMPS GRAPHITE REPAIR KITS SADDLES TOE CLIPS, BRAZING LOCKS OLD TIRES Made Good a* New ZINN & COMPANY. Lopsport £ Wabash o * •Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the first of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street, Special-Low rates on heaters during the month* of May, June, July August and Sept- tember. Invitations Are always appreciated and especially BO when they>ro. twtef ally .gotten, up.,. ' . •• •" ., THE. JOUENAL Job Printing Department Is making -r • '' " : ' nritfthe delegates:'to ..the '_'. .. Htute convention-took it easy in the stilling heat. There.v.jVH.'spni.e comfort to .be .found, howcyuy,.m ; tht: great exposition" hall, with'- : it»v.depth oi cool ehade'.and -iminy.'.drafts.: and currents, and the '? delegates ;iliiclied'.,tai(;re in crowdsMoV before, the. time Cor call-ing the convcntion-.tb-o.rdei 1 at'npon, _ Tlie situation h'afe" n'6t, clumped-perceptibly. -Robert .Jfc./imEollette and. Edward Seoflelcl will TOmni'n -neck r.nd 'neck in the race for the gubernaforral nomination. There -aie-siM candidate* in the field, but those iwo arc the.prorn- incut figures. It will^require 341 .votes to nominate; and either : of. the -leading cnndidstcs will have t.-ithili 50 of ibis number on tliefirstballqt.,.. Thefneiuls of each claim that tfa'dir-carididnteivili have in the neiffhborhooic>of-300,votes.t.o start with. Neither side 'will concede that the other will lead; '.The 1 indications an; that Mr. I-aVollettc will litn-e thr most votes at tliR beginning, while Mai. Scoileld will rofbe'vory. far behind, Lieut.'Gov. Bae.H3ch .-•will . te third with about 70 voles-buck of him. K, B. Bradford, of Eau .Claire, 1 will come next with about CO. £jig«rii>S'. Elliott, of Milwaukee, will have about 30 volts, nnd es-.Utorney-Oeneral EsiiibrppkYpf Milwaukee, will trail..ilong. in,the roni with perhaps ten or a .dozen. ; .. Situation Mont Complicated. The situation is most complicated. The factions are at bitter .war and feel in" runs'high. Dead and. mmcdjssue! have been resurrected, and .new;ones Invented to suit present conditions There is'no possible way to'tell will'be the result. '-., .' . .'. On account of the discord 'and bad blood aroused in. this 1 contest, there is a strong feeling among some, of the delegations to'renomlnateGov. Lpbam nnd the rest of the present,state officials and go home quick., At any. rate a' dark horse" is probable., lialess Lieut Gov. Bnensch may slip in. But lor La-Tollette or Scofield experts declare there is not a ghost of'n show. The) have killed each other off. • , w»positlqn:'boll was beautifully dec orSted' with flags and bunting. VZhep the'Mur brjpoon arrived the great ; haj v-asv^cll'iilied. About MO republican noti&les, including the numerous-can didifasV/o'ccuJiled the stage. Chair-mnn>,Edwin D. Coe, of tho. state centrai','sointnittce, called the conven tion t$pr<le;r and presented.the'.'eDor of th^i'tatc central coiijinlttee. as to • >: ' ! '-"- !: after which.he introduce' jiir^-t.--rt, Lnmoreux, -of,Ashland, as Die'chofeof the coro.OTittec .for chair .-..., ••,'J' .. • '' ,,, . ' • • 3HOT1. 'Ch'l, \'\'' ' ' ' '• cUtficm^ n I-amorem*. Speech* After^eter-TinR to. the >. great lr... - - tnanffoBtidi'-ln- the money cjucstlon, Cnalr •mn.n-'JjMrWreUx said the present clamant for fM 1 ,'cdln'WO of Oliver Is but anothe cheap'mbno.y scheme, of .wblch-tho .work •---Tjina'iiy, all of which have ended ivs womd,tfilB, in disaster ^nd ruin. On after Wether • the great- commercial ] . na tloniT'of the world have-come to a rtiJIza tlon of'th'efact that gold U tho safest, t»es and only- inetal fit for use as, a . monej "antor'a? .'The merchants;..trading publl and (hfr people demand money that IB In trlrislcally -worth the; [amount stampe irtwn'It by'jtBoit'overnmerit, or at loast re deemKble In.Jfuch. Tht 'K» v . orn "' e . n ' »5'-*5 call*, great as it Is, has not tn 'c«&pel the people..ot this ooun »,use a metal stamped.by. the govern .••Witt" a dollar stamp and reallywo-' C l! A ?o"for McKlnlcy-ftTid- the repub l|jan*airty means a vote..Tor,sound money P rot<£tlbn and prosperity, It means *re turitffro the'good times prior to 1892. A vot tor fcyajiv,means .a. vote- for the -Chlcag plafforni, which means anarchy and chow tho' oWrowth' ot chance mid acctden Ttfa aSrtiand'of the voters, the rank an flic of tft« party, for MoKlnlcy shows con. chiJlvfllythat they bellevo.ln the doctrine •cl .V.pMfcsctlva tirlff. . Their experience *-'th the^UJion law has Jemonatrated Hint we must'-hive protection. The tariff question, is of .noco«»ary a. vita 'f "f '? •Mil. campaign, and wlll.not.bc loytnlghtpf, ho matter how strenuoumly the'freo coln- • BO advocates may 'endeavor 'to divert at r : tcr-tlon from It.. The hard,.times "nd.de- irusslon In'bunIneH .if.•mainly due to tha ibsouee of adequate revenue, and protec- tlvo lixws, not to .the .UlcYot free coinage c? silver legislation. ••....• ; "It remains for u» now to place In nomination for ^tate .officers men worthy.,of ^•wl^Sn' 1 ^^ 0 ""^^- ith«y will need no higher or better rccom- »n«nd»tlon." ... Aftori 'conilrniilniwthe- committees se- i 1 e<jt«d 1 iy«*i<j'"diii't(rlcfc,dalegfttlons the ^ . j^ft-ii'i^ ' ..'^.i^«,*^,a/lj. .iinfil three ne temporary '.ohairman. Mr. poke In part a* follows:' ' Fart of Cbmlrnura Oore'r AUdreifc Ho said that the" ribmintttlon of state fflcers wan only, a.'.part of the party« mportant work:- The great crisis ot 1895 s-a'Cn.11 to arms,to every.patriot, and the est thought and loftiest feeling of the 'nitcd States expeoti- this groat common- voalth to do her duty. The country Knows hat the voice of Michigan la. the voice of cr republican platforms, and upon this csts an Imperative duty to make earnest mil explicit avow(il,..ol ; ,our. Immovable alth In the tried and.potenf.prlnclples of hei republican party. Wo have tho In- nlrctlon of a noble example. The St. ,ouls platform Is the most couraKCous, tho most commanding, the most far-Jeoing olltlcal doctrine of recent years. It Is ab- olutely faithful to the eenlus of our In- tltutions and our nag.' • •" '. •'• , "It Is all afflow-with.the divine lire of he -American conscience... That platform , as sound as tho -highest dictates of na- lonal lionor and .enlightened patriotism an make it. It Is worthy c( the great vie- ory' now gathering o. .urcet It next No•ember. It is American from skin to core and there is'no man so lit to carry It to Its glorious triumph as the Incomparable Mc- Clnley, of Ohio." ....... 'Chairman Gore's .happy allusion lo itcKlnley provoked,.a- whirlwiml of ap' United, MAYOR ,. v , plause wb'tcA continuedj'for several minutes. The- pfiiuts b^ina'de on the money question were also appl^iided,, Gubernatorial t'onttitta Hot 'One. The .usual cojiinflttees Wore then appointed. .The eputustiugTinffree dele- ration from ^Jie Seventh district was ud- uiitted tothefioorSvithoutvoicepending the report of 'ih'c committee on credentials. , The (convention'then took a recess initil-S:30\J'e!6ck.'' •..;. ; There h;ii.'i ! ..'bee'ri'' i littlc'Change in'the fight for the';gubernatp,pialDomination. The managers of the'booms of Mayor Pirigree and Col; Bliss slJll.Mntinue to claim'a victory for'thcir. .rcspecUve candidates, 'The.contestfpromises to be an exceedingly ibltter;one, if neither o/th : ese-eandidRl*«*?»eiire. the nomi- lilitiqn. on the .fi^^ft'or'-'th'ree bal- 10t»i : . .._•: 'The platform to be presented "to the oon- ventlbn will :be short: It will declare con- tlnued aHBiftnte'^b. the republican party which BtuxJtrfor the.upholdlng of law. and order and-'fflr,;the best Interests of this tho"dofenie .of Itr^onor-amohg the.natlons It nccebtsIl^rth.'^liQUallfied Indorsement, the platform,'of the: national republican convention of 1806 as a comprehensive, courageous ,;«fl#.'Bli!taiIXOca! enunc at on of Its principle*;'calls-upon all loyal cltl- »ns or trt-vrppubl^to... unite in Its support' belleVing] that where any may have Convictions .lS' conflict therewith, their guod judgment.will, appreciate, the necessity of subordlnatlng.-tadlvldual opinions for the general, good, with a view of re- Moving the.-nation'from .existing w de- spreaaing business-depression and restoring prosperity .to. all-the peoplei and con- Kratulates-the' party, upon the eminently wlte and satisfactory ieltotlon of standard bearers in thc'current- nitlonal campaign. u;wiil declare :Tvw«'zealously emphasize our fealty to that distinguished American statesman, William .MCKlnley, who best embodies those patriotic and progressive oxoresslons of 'ecolnomlc-purposes, protec- tionreciprocity and-.'honest money, and our equally unreserved confidence In the ability and:'.fltnesy of,:the .candidate for vice president, Garrett'A. Holmrt. The platform -.will indorse the adminl.- tratlonor-Gr---'-'-- 1 "" 11 .AJTATE TICKET. MUloorl D«moo»iit».,«oia Th.Ir Conv.n ' latest Styles in I>ncy Type aad Material. osm Spool»li»t«':of New: Yortc4i»ve appolntaa D. Ax as agent tor their eelebrated BpeotoclM and Ire (jitu w, visat>*ii pi&rantB»di . ;... ,, ..' •^'-D.'A. 'HACK has complrtu MMrtmeht Wd Invltel all to 'wtliifr .tBemjelTM of the,gre»l.superiority ot thengoodCoyn »nT.m!ntif«oture(i; at the store of D. A. HAWK, Etole «««nt for , v .''Aug/S.—Swet pratorc that was fairly Blow iff gath- logituport ma. HO Pedrtlers Supplied, 'ednesday >norn- log. r•'.-'• '''. •'. :,'^;.-;.-.-^...,:.,.'.•'•"•.;.' ••>'': Coatliissi and ,periplring men plying fanssana nwabb'irigr>lth handkerehiet* • crimeIh-slowly to the.Di.usi.cJqf the pand. Outside : .the heat waBtippreiiBiye.-bnt in;. side the hall;itwas.;i»iling, debilitating! • and irritating..: i-.' 1 V ' :,•: J;.':•."••, -.-•.-.! ,1 • It wcis'af ter 11 o'cl6ckiwben;Chairm*C. I"erry, of; the staty'ate'ntral ^commi ttee, called th'e 'conventlon'^b orcler., Aiterj 'prayer, had been offered,-he introdueedi Hon. Victor M.'.Gore, of.BentouHHrbejr.' tloa-otBOf^. Jefferson eitj,'>fo,VAue. 3.— Fifteen hundred delegate iilj«.rnatcs and spoc- tatora were assembleU in the hall of the house of represeututives when Chn'irman Sain B. Cook calfed the state .lerii'ocratic convention . .to. ordei -rt :* few .minutes past noou VVednesauy. •Tlie weather, -was Intensely hot, and on this account, diguity^JvHS, thrown asida aud-.the-mojori ty sat in shirt sleeves and perspiration., Bev. , J. T. Pratts- man invoked divine blessing upon tte delibe'ratfopi:.,, of the convenr tjoa. Hon. .James' Gibson, of Kansaa CitV was annoiJuced '.the, choice of t&e commit**' for.-i'.te'in.porory chairman and at once assumed., .charge of the ™vel. Nlcholas'.G'ftffln, of St. Louia, acted as .tempqrari.-secretary. " ; riie address, of ..Chairman Gibson was ely diplomatic, and^ received ap- tr6ih^ttie''.friend« of all the candi- ces which include governor, lieutenant governor, judge of the supreme court, attorney-general and railroad commissioner. CONVE>TIONS. Piltelmrgh, "a.. Aug. 5.-The state convention of the people's party from Pennsylvania assembled at, ten o clock Wednesday morning. State Chairman j; A. Thompson, of Indiana, presided nnd in a brief speech endeavored to enthuse the 80 delegates present. Iwo hundred delegates had been expected The usual committees were appointed '•nnd the convention recessed until the afternoon. The convention will nominate two candidates for congressman at Inrtre; The candidates thus far.suff- "•cste'd- are C. A. BurrowB, of Etna, and T I 1 Can-ell of Easton. The convention vv'ill'come to some decision regarding presidential electors. It is probable tl-at a committee will also lie selected •o confer with the democrats ano that h, the end they will vote, for Bryan and Spwall electors wilh tin- understandins Viiat if elected the electors will treat WaKon fair. W. K. Freid. of Siiurps- bur" is t-ilki-d of as one of the nominees, for «lecror-nt-liirgc, providing- the democratic ticket is not indorsed. rlM<t,in-s Veli.. Aug. 5.—The populist ccnvontioi, was called lo ordor by Chairman BJperton. A. II. \\ier, ol J/nu'oln, was unanimously chosen tem- .porary chairman-and F. K. Eager, sec- n-t-ry Xrarly every county m tlie Mine was i-epi-c«-ntcd mid there being no contests delegates were seated vithont referring the matter to a com- riiti'w. After naming the usual com- mi'ifs the convention adjourned until on'.> o'clock. .Oov. Holcomb's admin- istn.t.ionw.sculogiKC.l and he will undoubtedly '"- 1 renoinninted. Knnian Pop»H«t». Abilene, Kan., Aug. O.-The people's p.,rtv stain convention was called to or- a VT ; it 11 o'clock Wednesday in "alow «!ied paeked to the flimsy walls wiU a 'swoltoring mr.ss of humanity. ;AVith wiri-elv IIIIY ventilation the air in the rmle room 'became unbearable before Chairman llreidonthnl. of the state convention committee, struck his first blow with the gavel. After prayer by a local divine » prood-nntured address of welcome was delivered by Charles K Crnwford. In accordance with an nitrpi-nu-irt entered intobutwoen thcc.ui- lidntes for governor. Tuesday night, Tndgc \. W. Dunison was elected t«m- X)niry chnirman. The usual commit- 'ecs'-were apubinted.ind.n rccesa ..was. nkcn until two o'clock. ""MWdlo-of-Road" Sentiment ID Ta»«. ' Calveston, Tex.. Aug. S.-Jnst before, the calling .to order of the populist state convention Wednesday morning anj-n- thusiastic delegate pnradcd the bnl •ith the famous "Middle of the Koad banner. This was the sign for a wild demonstration, lasting several minutes, nnd showed conclusively that the convention Is in harmony with their St.. Louis delegation, In Went Virginia. Parkersburg, W. Va,, Aug. 5..—. Th; populist state convention was in session here Wednesday, with 27 counties out of 54. represented,. and 100 delegates. There was much delay in formulating the platform and considering overtures from : the old parties to fuse, .lames Basell", of-'Lewis county, was chairman. It is understood now that all tha democratic, state candidates and Bryan and Watson will'be indorsed. : Agree on Fl»n bf Fnilon. . Guthrie, O. T., Aug. 5. -The Jemo- erratic and populist territorial conference committees agreed on a plan ol fusion at a meeting held here Wednesday morning. • Choctaw ri»tlon Holds an Klfctloo. Atoka, I. T., Aug. 5.-The ua- tlonaJ election of the Choctaw no tion : was held Wednesday, and the Dawes commission is anxiously awnit- inff the result. If Hon. Green McCur- to in-, the progressive candidate, is elect ccl chief, a committee, will be appointed to negotiate with the commission for allotment and territorial form of gov eminent. In the event Jackson, Dukes or Gardner is elected, the Dawes commission will be ignored and the nation remain « bed of corruption and arefuge for desperadoes MOORE FAILURE. The Brothers Think They Will Ba Able to Pull Through. Expect Aid from Down-East B»nk»— Stock Exchange to Remain Closed Indefinitely. of' jiidg;e;QJbson'e speech the' roll df .di8triott-:wag,cBlled and the •members' of ; tB.e-vuXtous;c;pmmltteeB. announced; l aft«iS-.hich.' : the convention -look a receBS.,Uli'3:30-.o'clock,." •.'.'•' • ..'•"TvA? 1 H«i»^W 0 *- "•'-'•' ""• - f- .'the rnce'fbV^e^Mipntion pf gov Jtriioris 'al&t&jieJiWklis*. between Lon y. etephen.,? Judge !Qibson and David X-Ball, C.I^' 668 strongly in . dates 'for' • governor are tlie cut mcumucu.1,J>T,?hii B; O'Meara John .A.' r Iiee.i'VBdUx- are from St LouU. Mr. iLeev*!''president of the Travelers'- PrfltecUve'-aissociation, and -elAgRtiotf*$m,'ihat body is hard .** v'. "'* ' l.-UT 1 " B t W or.v ... . , ConBider»ble,ot'»-,;Cpnt«st,is being •waged foR!-;tne-;',;BTOre mc BP •wa , Chief Justice. Bracei . ; candidate for reelection &di l.^elng^otlr oppoaed & H. M. Haney^-St:;j«seph, and D p ,Stiatton, .at ¥«wda^ Several bal Jots probably will be aecessarj to de ejde the conte»t8-lor the various ojB Chicago, A;ig. 5.—The local slock e» change will remain closed indofinitely. President Ja:nicson sai'd Wednesday morning that the exchange would open as soon as thell'oorc stocks con be taken care of. W. M. H. M'oore arrived from New York Wednesday und is expected to make 11 statement of the condition to the sjx-ciul stock exchange commit- ee, consisting of Messrs. Armour, Yoe. Buy and .Tamicsoji. These gentlemen Together with the Messrs. Moore will then eiu'.fiivor to make an arrangement with loeol bunks nnd capitalists that have been taking loans on Diamond Match stock so that the lenders will take the Moore'lines of Match and Biscuit at a price—probably about 170 for Match and 75 for Biscuit. They will also probably form a syndicate which will support the local market for tha Mocks at the price of which 1 he Moors linos are taken over. Xcw York expressed much surprise font a concern making the prett-nsion* of the Chicago stock exchange should close up, thereby destroying the local market securitu-s.merely by two speculators handling'a-Riiiffle line of stoefc failing to respond to nwrgin calls. . The Moore brothers expect from the past such finnncial help as will enable tliein to pull through the Diamond Mntch-Xew York Biscuit crisis in their business career nnd allow the opqninff of the stock exchange in a few days. Judge" W. H. Moore brough* back with him from the east certain assurance* nnd promises of eastern bankers on •which he bases the hopes of the firm for assistance to a large ntnount in caring for the Match stock". Think*'They Will Bo Able to I'oll Throuch. J H! Moore sa id to a reporter for the " '<••-' P "*Wc have heard from the New EnRland ' banks which arc Interested with u». Thojr said they trusted arraiiKemenu couW1 be made here to tide over our alfflcnlty until he negotiations on tht other side of th» rater between the-Diamond Match company and corporations and B ovcrnment» ould be consummated. We assured them hat our beat efforts and the effort! of our oca) friends would be made In that alrectlon: I think that we will be able to puU brouBh m a llttte while without hurtlne onwfvt. or anybody. ^""^"SSlSK daily In the long run. ^e hope to tn»K« loroe locol arranfremcnt which will »oon r nt us on our feet again and reopen th« Orlrlnul Char»ct«r Ov»room« by Lexington, Ky., Aug. 5. - Lo™ George Clark, the prototype of "George Harris" . in. Sirs. .Harriet Beccher .Stowc's "Uncle Toms Cabin," was overcome by heat on the streets here Tuesday, and carried-to the hospital in an ambulance, Clark is almost starved, having lived for weeks on bread and water, and it was while trying to "find some food that he was overcome. \H1«: condition i» criUcal. '" Washington, A'ujf. :s'.—In refusing to -Brant naturalization papers to two 'younff Italian. Jud ff e.Cole, of the di«- triot supremo court, held that no,one who is in ignorance of the constitution 'of the.United State*, is competent or entitled to become admitted to.citizen ship. He said they could not swear to support something they did not under stand. ' ' . . • '_ Will R»n«om I<o»t FroTlnoe*. , Lima. Peru, Aug. 3.—The admlniatr* tion of President Fierola is to becreditr ed with'another triumph in effecting n loan o£ 30,000,000 francs.. The govern 'raent's 41 object- in raising, the money is to ransom the. provinces of Tacna. and Arlca.' ' - • ' _ •^u..—, ^»-> - in cha-sre of garbage dump, ncven toile south of the city, wfli killedWedu^a, morning by lightning. ^ The executive committee of the stock exchange met at three o'clock o*;pe» call-, but as no statement was forthcom- ng from Moore Bros, adjournment wai taken until Thursday at two o'clock. Another Heavy Failure in Chle»»o. Chicago, Aug. 5.—Sprague, Smith & Co the large plate and window glow manufacturers, failed Wednesday. No definite statement can be secured at this time as to their assets and liabilities. The failure was evidenced by. seven confessions <J judgment fjjed against them In the superior court. The aggregate of these confessions i» in the neighborhood of $100,000. and judging from the unusually large amount of preferred claims the unpre- fcrred creditors will amount to several times this figure. The concern is » partnership and not a stock company, und has been in business in Chicago Bincc 1878. The office of the company- is at 209 Randolph street and the factory at Carroll avenue and Kobey street, The failure is said to be a total one, as is usually the cose when the bank* are tlie largest creditors. The banhi- are said in this case to have security in the form of most of the collateral owned by the company. Tlie firm did .a very large bnslcew In the cast as well as west of Chicago. Slow • collections and competition M» naid to be the causes of thecollapse. mum) by »• «:•«. Crawfordsvillc. Ind.. Aug. 5.—John Tobin, for ten years track foreman of the Monon railroad at this place, wa» instantly lulled by a fast freight robin. hnd been working night and day sines the recent storms, and it is supposed foil asleep while sitting on the track. Girl Commits Suicide. Muncic, Ind., Aug. B. - Miss Mamie Murphy, aged 21, came from her home in Springport to Muncie, purchased » ..nantity of poison, went two miles into the country in a big woods and committed suicide. A quarrel with her sister-in-law was the cause. :•-. Communion MerchnnU F«U- • ''•Evansville, Ind., Aug. 5. — Dyer, Ve'atch" & Co., wholesale produce ana commission merchants, made an ***><£• rocnt with- liabilities of about $10,000. .Depressing business and poor collec-. tions are given as the main cause of U>» failure. . _^____ • Rnn Ore'r »n<> Kill** ' Alexandria. Ind, Aug. 5.-LeonardB. Birch.' aged 52, »" old soldier of company K. One Hundredth Indiana.volun- terrV. and recently of the soldiers' home of Leavenworth, Kan., was killed here While: walking on the Big. Four traxA^ •'••••'•' \Vaync County Fair. •• ' •_•'' •Hagerstowii, Irid., Aug 5. - The WaTne county fair opened here with a pood attendance and an interesting display of farm produce of all kinds.;. Over, W horses have been entered for,.th* . speed trials.

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