Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 11, 1964 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1964
Page 2
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2 - Tuesday, Feb. 11,1964 Redlands Daily Facts\ yjj tightens security in Legislature adjourns session until March 2 (Continued from Page 1) |R - Oroville, charged that the dam break, and they are ex-iDepartment of Social Welfare pected to seek relief from Losjwas trying to "sabotage" the Angeles, which owned the dam.(work program under the state's The insurance companies held | new aid to dependant families the Los Angeles insurance. I program. He joined Assembly- Other action in the Legisla-lman John G. V e n e m a n, Rture: jModesto, in asking changes in Budget—Senate Finance andjpayment requirements. Assembly Ways and Means Sub- 1 Kducation — Assemblyman committees began their scrutiny!Houston Flournoy, R-Claremont, of Gov. Edmund G. Brown's!introduced two bills proposing S3.66 billion budget. The budget!another method of equalizing session is in recess until March 2. Welfare—Sen. Stan Pittman, the school burden. His plan would do away with basic school aid and allow state aid to be distributed only on an equalization basis. Vote — Assemblyman Tom Bane, D-North Hollywood, Proposed that the words "I have voted—have you" be printed on ballot stubs so voters could wear them and encourage oth ers to vote. Kite Safety and fun checklist for earthboys Launching Pad—Open field away from overhead wires. During Countdown—Make sure kite has no metal parts. Ground Control—Dry cotton string only {never wire or metal* lie). Craah Proctdure—Abandon late immediately if it catches in any wiresl School boycott 100 per cent in Kotasulga NOTASULGA, Ala. (UPD—A boycott of the last two white high schools in Macon County ordered to integrate by a federal judge became 100 per cent effective today. No white students appeared at Macon County High School here or at neighboring shorter high school which was tempo' rarily closed Monday because of a bomb threat. Only one white student, who left quickly, showed up Monday. Teachers reported at both schools. There were a few white elementary students attending classes here and at Shorter. Six Negro pupils who entered Shorter High without incident last week were the only students in class. None of the six Negroes ordered admitted to classes in Notasulga showed up. Only a few state troopers were on duty at the two schools i in the central Alabama county where Negroes outnumber: whites five to one. I Facts Classified Ads Can Sell Anything Call 793-3221 South Viet Nam SAIGON. South Viet Nam (UPI)—American schools, buses and recreational facilities were placed under tightened security today to prevent Communist bomb attacks on U.S. Servicemen and their families. Informed U.S. sources said the United States may close the Pershing softball park, where two Americans were | killed and at least 30 reported missing following a Communist raid near the North Viet Nam border Sunday. The guerrillas overran the district capital of Ba Long, overwhelming a civil guard company and destroying the district headquarters and police station. It was the first time the Communists had overrun such an important town in the area, which has been relatively stable. The tightened security meas ures followed three terrorist acts against Americans this month, including the ballpark bombing. One U.S. serviceman was killed and five others wounded earlier in the month in two bombings of bars frequented by Americans. The sources said security officials believe that by attacks on Americans the Communists hope to create political repercussions in the United States which might lead to a withdrawal of the 15.000 U.S. military advisers here. A side effect of their terrorist acts is the wounding or killing of Vietnamese. This, the. Communists hope, creates re-j sentment against the Americans and not those who do the bombing, the sources said. "The Viet Cong are sort of saying to the Vietnamese: 'You're getting hurt because the Americans are here'," one source explained. CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "It's so simple any child can assemble it you need help!" in case Two hurt in 500-foot plunge Dutch parliament takes up Irene's engagement Bach girl missing in San Francisco SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) — A 15-year old great-great-great- granddaughter of composer Johann Sebastian Bach has been missing from her home since last Friday, according to San Francisco police. The girl's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Bach, said their daughter, Patricia, was last ween at 3 p.m. Friday when she finished classes at Washington High School, authorities revealed Monday. Bach, a realtor, said Patricia usually walked the 10 blocks from school to her home in the company of a girl friend. However, he said she sent a note to her friend saying to go without her because she was "getting a ride after school." The father said the note did not identify the person giving her the ride. Bach described Patricia as a "cheerful girl 4 feet 11 inches tall, with light brown hair, blue eyes and fair skin. MT. BALDY VILLAGE (UPI) —Two young men in a small.. , . . . .. . THE HAGUE. Netherlands open sports car tumbled over aj (UPI) _ The Dutc h parliament 500-foot cliff Monday night—and;today took up the controversial escaped with bruises and pos-| engagement of Princess Irene sible fractures. ! t0 s P anis h Prince Hugo Carlos Gary Eugene Coons, 23, Los Valentino back from seeing the Queen MOSCOW (UPI) — Valcnlina Nikolayev-Tereshkova, the Soviet Union's pioneer space woman, returned home Monday from a visit to Britain. During her week-long visit, the cosmonctte met with Queen Elizabeth. Both women are expecting. Southern California Edison Sam T. Knappenberger, M. D. UROLOGY ANNOUNCES THE REMOVAL OF HIS OFFICE TO 720 BROOKSIDE AVENUE, REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE 793-2616 K. R. McKenzie, M. D. UROIOGY WILL REMAIN AT HIS PRESENT LOCATION 251 CAJON STREET, REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE 793-3153 de Bourbon-Parma. j . ; „ „ _ „ T • Vigorous debate was expected Angeles and Airman James m arMament on Premfe £ vjc . Walker. 19. Upland, stationed (or ' MariJnen . s Ietter forma])v Cannon Air Force Base, N.M.. notifving the lower housc of tne were taken out of the canyon, prmcess . plans to marry the 33. by a sheriffs rescue team that year . old Roman Catholic noble . worked in darkness to reach the disabled auto. Coons was taken to San An- man. The blonde, 24-year-old princess has announced her deci- tonio Hospital in Upland where ision to renounce all rights to he was in fair condition with j the Dutch throne in order to possible internal injuries as;marry Carlos. Irene is second well as bruises, while Walker i in line behind her sister Bea- was admitted to the hospital at Norton Air Force Base, where his condition was described as good. Rex takes over in New Orleans Mardi Gras trix, 26, for the throne occupied by their mother, Queen Juliana. Princess Irene precipitated a i government crisis late last j month when she announced her jconversion to Catholicism, the j first such conversion in the i Protestant royal family in more FEPC wins round in housing fight LOS ANGELES (UPI) — The state Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC) won a preliminary round Monday in its attempt to prosecute a Torrance realtor under the Rumford Fair Housing Law. Superior Judge Leon T. David ordered realtor Don Wilson, ac cused of refusing to sell to a Negro in his Southwood Riviera Royale tract, to answer the FEPC suit within 20 days. The udge also issued a restraining order preventing sale of the house in question until the FEPC evaluates a complaint filed by Negro research chemist Lloyd D. Ranson alleging discrimination. Split over hootenanny question SACRAMENTO (UPI) -Sacramento County Young Republicans were split Monday over the question of whether folk Uhan 400 years. The crisis was| SO ng hootenannies were a part ! heightened by the subsequent ! 0 f a Communist plot to brainwash American youth tect the eastern flank of Nato. Thus, the British air and army bases on Cyprus took on a position of major importance in Nato strategic planning, along with the U.S. Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean and the defensive forces of Greece and Turkey. In Cyprus's current internal difficulties, the British bear a further responsibility inasmuch as prior to Cypriot independence in 1960, the island for 82 years had been under British rule. The United States is drawn into it as the leading power of Nato. As in the years preceding Cypriot independence the central figure of the controversy is the bearded Greek Orthodox Archbishop Makarios who became the first president of Cyprus. Given an island sharply divid- ! disclosure of her plans to mar- NEW ORIEANS (UPIl-Re\ !ry Prince CarloS ' Wil0SC family • . 03 J I Spanish throne, against care and I rPrin „ 0 r „„« u M A- r i ^'" as aspirations to the vacant monarch of Mardi Gras. leadsj s jsh » thronc a rebellion against care and ' prmce Car , os , chames Qf al . worry today that wiU turn this (ammg (he ^cme are regarded old city into one of make-be- as slignt but it would bc con . ueve and madness. sidered improper for a prospec- His several hundred thousand tive Dutch queen to be married subjects celebrated the over- to someone with political ambi- throw by parading, dancing, tions in another country. singing and drinking in the streets. Mild temperatures, an invasion by college students and sailors and a heavy turnout of „ . . . . ,„ „ natives and tourists pointy to J<£ g^lm^ml a record-smashing Mardi Gras , „ J "Seffiay. one of America's Thc ™° n is a P roachm S i(s wildest of any year, climaxed stars arc Venus several weeks of carnival cele- , . ., b bration Jupiter. i. oil' „„,!,. ,f m M„:„i^ . ;.!, Those born today include It all ends at midnight with ™ „„ ,,,.„ ,„, , , „, . . . ,. . . .Thomas Alva Edison, who had Ash Wednesday and the start of „ „„ „„„,!,„„„„. :„,.„„,:„„,. .u_ „i /-!.-:-.:«» .over one-thousand inventions. the solemn Christian season of! , n .. . ,„._ at Milan, Ohio, in 1847. THE ALMANAC The issue arose last week when the Capitol City Young Republicans, under president Dennis Warren, called for a legislative investigation of the hootenannies. Lent. On this day in history: | In 1916, Germany advised the jU.S. ambassador in Berlin that ithe central powers intended to sink all armed enemy merchantmen without warning after March 1. In 1937, General Motors agreed to recognize the CIO United Automobile Workers Un ion. In 1943, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower was made a full general in the United States Army. In 1945, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Marshal Josef Stalin ended their weeklong World War II conference at Yalta. A thought for the day—Russian dictator Josef Stalin once said: "History shows that there are no invincible armies." come to RIVERSIDE COUNTY'S NATIONAL DATE FESTIVAL FEBRUARY 14 to 23 Open Daily from 9:30 A.M CALIFORNIA WATER & TELEPHONE COMPANY SERVING OVER 5000 SQUARE MILES IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA m MM Who Has a BirthdBi FEBRUARY 12 — William T. Heller Lt. Col. E. M. Smith Bob Rutsell David Follett J. L. St John Earl Morgan H. L. Hardaway Dusty Osbun George Leroux K. A. Glatsford Thomas Sparr Ralph B. Mitchtll Paul Breeding George Ramsay Maurice Arth R. H. Helbron Ronnie Havenhill Donald Underbunt, Jr. Stephen Baumann Walter F. Sutter Jerry Gieschen Happy Birthday from 11 E. State Ph. PY 3-2505 That's enough, said the man LOS ANGELES (UPI) — A middle-aged man handed a note to a teller at the Bank of Los Angeles shortly before noon Monday reading: "Don't give me any trouble." The teller, Jutta Quest, began handing the robber stacks of money in small denominations. He kept stuffing these in his left pocket, and then announced: "That's enough." lie walked away from the downtown bank, warning the teller not to call police for five minutes. Cyprus last base of operation for British By PHIL NEWSOM ,'ed between a Turkish Moslem UPI Foreign News Analyst j minority and a Greek Orthodox When the British withdrew;population in four-to-one major- from Suez, they were left onlyjity, plus a constitution which with Cyprus as an Easternjfrom the beginning was tin- Mediterranean base from which j workable, Makarios nonetheless to move either toward the Mid- j has succeeded in generating die Eastern oil fields or to pro- j much of his own trouble. The constitution worked out by British, Greek, Turkish and Cypriot representatives gave both the Greek majority and jthe Turkish minority the right of veto over such matters as taxes, defense and foreign policy and almost was a guarantee that government soon would fall into a state of paralysis, which it did. Makarios quite rightly declared that the constitution needed some changes, but he inflamed the Turkish minority by moving to remove their veto and to abolish divided Turkish and Greek municipalities. He further complicated the situation by declaring that eno- sis (union with Greece) was not dead, clearly indicating that be would revive the traditional ambition of Greek Orthodox leaders as quickly as he thought he could. Cypriots, never averse to violence, brought out their guns and the shooting started. Won't Stand By Greece, anxious that there should be no split within NATO, has preferred to remain as aloof as possible from the dispute. The Turks have warned that they will not stand by and see Turkish Cypriots slaughtered. This is the maelstrom into which the United States now has been drawn. Contingent upon approval of Makarios, the U. S. has agreed to join other NATO nations in supplying troops to police the peace in Cyprus pending arbitration. Makarios has agreed in principle but on the condition that the peace force should be answerable to the United Nations 'Security Council wherein the the Soviet Union possesses a veto — a condition unacceptable either to thc United States or Britain. Russia also has dipped in its oar. siding with the Greek majority and Makarios, presumably because the strong Cypriot Communist party is confined to the Greek community. U. S. and British hopes are based on a belief that Makarios can afford neither to permit the situation to drift into all-out civil war nor into partition, both of which at the moment seem imminent possibilities. Meanwhile, Makarios prob ably has lost forever what littl' faith the Turkish minority had in him. Mints to issue Kennedy half dollars DENVER (UPI) — The Denver and Philadelphia mints today will strike the first half dollars bearing the portrait of the late President Kennedy. Treasury Department officials said the simultaneous ceremony, which signals the start of production of 90 million half dollars this year, will be conducted over a telephone line between Denver and Philadelphia. Miss Eva Adams, director of the mint, will attend the ceremony in Philadelphia, and Fredrick W. Tate, assistant director of the mint, will be at the Denver mint. President Johnson approved an act of Congress Dec. 30 which provided for minting of the Kennedy half dollar. The coin will replace the Franklin half dollar, which was put into circulation in 1948. The law provides that the basic design of coins must re main in production 25 years, unless changed by an act of Congress. Officials said about two-thirds of the new coins will be minted in Denver. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready market through Classified Ads. Freeway construction bids called SACRAMENTO (UPI) — Bids on highway projects in Orange and San Bernardino Counties will be opened in Los Angeles March 26 by the state Division of Highways. Thc division Monday announced allocation of S2.1 million for construction of 1.2 miles of six-lane freeway for the Garden Grove Freeway. The site lies approximately between Harbor Boulevard and Haster Street in Garden Grove. Another $275,000 was made available for resurfacing I i Street in San Bernardino between Highland Avenue and 30th Street, and for widening a 2.7- mile stretch of 30th Street between I Street and Valencia Avenue. W 7 'MAK€fRIEN0S Caution and patience are watchwords for a step-parent when there are small children in the home. Dream a room Make it true! With- [NELSON furniture Creative genius in Acrilan Carpet If you've dreamed of the room you could create with the right elements . . . here they are. Cabin Crafts creatively designed Acrilan Acrylic and Verel Modacrylic Pile carpets offer the uniquely subtle colors ... the distinctive patterns ... and deep fathomless textures. Square Yard 9.95 It's easy to shop at home when you are considering carpet. Call 793-5665 and one of our experienced decorators will bring samples drop.rim I HALES to your home so that you can select your carpet in the very setting dtcorativ* carpet HALI -1 L_l in which you use it. 128 east state street, redlands

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