The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 17, 1971 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1971
Page 8
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Page 8 "Township (Continued from page one) throughout the state, teachers were removed by the House Labor Committee. The Senate judicial implementing bill spells out the procedures by which Indiana will go from bipartisan election to six-year- terms of five Supreme Court and eight Appellate Court Judges to the new nonpolitical method. Sens. John M. Ryan, R-Indianapolis, and Robert J. Fair, D-Pririceton, the authors, said the bill would implement the constitutional amendment adopted last November and would "be a great step forward in administration of justice." The Supreme Court, main at five members with one to serve as the Chief Justice of the state but the new Court of Appeals, to replace the old Appellate Court, would b€ increased from eight to nine members. The present elective offices of reporter and. clerk become appointive. A Judicial Nominating Cora- mission would appoint the judges, who after about two years, would stand for election to a 10-year term on a nonpartisan, unopposed ballot. Provisions for removal of judges is contained in the bill, Education Commission THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE partment of Natural Resources. The measure passed 37-9 and goes to the House. Sen. William C. Christy, D- Hammond, said that under the present patronage system for such managers, the properties axe neglected during the political change-overs. Youth Dies Suddenly The bill creating an Indiana Commission on Higher Education passed 43-3 and will go to the House which has a much stronger bill in committee. The Senate version creates a 12- member commission, with at least one member from each congressional district. The commission would be mandated to implement a long-range plan p_ T" • for post-high school education former I iptOn and to review and make recommendations for budgets of the state supported universities and colleges to the legislature. The bill calling for local government review and reorganization attracted the most opposition of any Senate bill passed Tuesday. The vote was 33-11; The bill would require creation in each, county of a local government review commission that would work under a State Advisory. Commission for Local 'Government Review. Wide powers for remaking the 1 , present form of local government would be given underithe bill, subject to local referen- duras. Civil townships and other local units could be abolished. Several alternate, forms of government could be chosen by ref- ernedum of the local voters. Another Senate biil would end the present patronage system for managers of state parks and state" inns, lodges and other properties of the Indiana De- A former Tipton County youth, Cris Timmons, 16, died suddenly during school hours Tuesday afternoon. Cause of death was undetermined. The deceased is the son of Charles and Toddy (Evans) Timmons. The family resided in Tipton before moving to Laurinburg, North Carolina, a few years ago. Funeral services are pending at the McDougaled Funeral Home in Laurinburg. The deceased, was born December 3, 1954 in Tipton. He was a junior at the Laurinburg High School. His father is a member of the Pioneer Plant in Laurinburg. Surviving with the parents is a sister, Kathy Ann, age 9, at home and the paternal grandmother. 'Sheriff (Continued from page one) Five guests at the Kiwanis meeting were introduced: Jerry Johns, Jim McClung, Steve Peters, Ed'Zaloudek and Butch Myers..- Vice president, Ray Noble announced that next meeting will include a surprise program fox the members and guests. "Casualty Toll (Continued from page one) Toll Rises Front dispatches said five Americans were wounded in today's action, bringing the American toll since start of the operation to 38 killed, 86 wounded and three missing. Front dispatches said 12 Americans were killed Tuesday and today. Dispatches from Quang fri said Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps jets along with .Australian B57 bombers carried out at least 18 air strikes today at the Communist artillery. The reports said an Army UH1 Huey helicopter was shot down there this afternoon but the crew.was rescued. Military spokesmen in Saigon said a reinforced company of Communist troops—150 or more WEDNESDAY. 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Dual tractor tire application will give you unbelievable xesulta...REDUCES SOIL COMPACTION, DOES MORE ON LESS FUEL, MINIMIZES WHEEL SUP. SPEEDS UP FIELD WORK, GIVES TOP FLOTATION! DON'T MISS OUR DUAL OFFER I EASY TERMS I ...with approved credit HOT DOG and COKE "« II* SERVED ALL 4 DAYS! 115 No. Independence St. Phone 675-6165 Home 675-2330 Open 8 A.M. til 6 P.M. Daily Sat. till 4 P.M. Clarence H. Trietsch, 82, Arcadia, died Tuesday afternoon at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Francis Beck, Atlanta, route 2, following several years of illness. Funeral services will be Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at Arcadia Emanuel Lutheran Church with Rev. John Kolb officiating. Burial will be at Arcadia Lutheran Cemetery. Friends may call after 2 p.m. Wednesday to 11:30 p.m. Thursday atShaffer- Hartley Funeral Home in Arcadia or one hour prior to services at the church. The deceased was born February 10, 1889 in Hamilton County, Arcadia Emanuel Lutheran .Church, Arcadia Lions Club, Hamilton County Farm Bureau for 50 years and a director for several years. He was married August 15,1913 toRuth M.Warn­ er who preceded him in death in 1952. Surviving with the daughter is one son, Ralph C. Trietsch of Indianapolis and'a sister, Mrs. Robert (Ruth) Gaudlitz of Springfield, 111. Also surviving are four grandchildren and five great grandchildren. . , WASHINGTON j (UPI) —Interest rates on home Joans insured by the jfederal government were reduced today by one-half of one per cent to 7 per cent—the third many months. Affected are such cut in as mortgages insured by both the Federal Housing Administration and the Veterans Administration. Covered are not only home purchases but also FHA mortgages on apartment develop- flow xou Know • By United Press International Antares, which; lent its name the son of Monroe and Elizabeth to the Apollo 14 lunar lander, is (Bardonner) Trietsch. He was a the star the astronauts sight on retired. farmer and member of when they land on the moon. ments and other Announcement housing, of the reduc- men—had attacked near Combat Base Scott, manned . by units of the U.S. 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized) and that reinforcements were sent to the • scene today. »~ Other fighting was, reported Tuesday and .today near the Rockpile," another U.S. fire base five miles below the DMZ. A delayed report said the 5th Mechanized Infantry killed 46 North Vietnamese in a battle there last weekend. Spokesmen at Quang Tri said that by late today U.S. artillery was "ringing the area,", indicating that an American force had been cut off by the Communists. Air strikes were carried out despite ceilings as low as 500 feet in the mountainous area. Reports of the fighting inside Laos indicated the Communist resistance was stiffening. ."• A South Vietnamese military spokesman said government forces killed at least 78 Communists in fighting in Laos, today and the U.S. air strikes had knocked out four more Soviet-built tanks and three antiaircraft guns in Laos. This brought to 13 the number of tanks reported destroyed. Attack Missile Site The U.S. Command disclosed, meanwhile, that American-jets attacked a North Vietnamese missile site in North Vietnam Tuesday in the third such "protective reaction" strike in three days after Communist radar locked on an, unarmed U.S.. reconnaissance plane. • Military sources disclosed recently the United States had greatly increased its reconnaissance over North Vietnam since start of the South Vietnamese operation in Laos but have not reported any major • North Vietnamese buildups.. "In Saigon terrorists tossed fire bombs against the fence of the U.S. embassy tonight, the third successive day of terrorist actions against American' property in the South Vietnamese capital. Reports from Laos said- meanwhile Communists were still putting pressure on the government's defense headquarters at Long Cheng, in the" mountains 90 miles north of Vientiane in northern Laos but that the situation in the country was generally quiet. • tion was made by Housing Secretary George W. Romney and Donald E. I Johnson, administrator of veteran affairs. The. effective date of the change is Thursday t Feb.. 18*that is, the cut applies on applications received after today. , •'• j : Romney's office said that outstanding, commitments for insurance would, continue to be honored at their original interest rate, f . However, ' the! announcement said various federal offices involved in mortgage loans "have - been instructed to 71. REGIONAL DRAW INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) — Regional pairings | for the Indiana high school basketball tourney: ANDERSON Winner at Blackford vs winner at.Carmel, winner at Anderson' vs winner at Kokomo. r ' COLUMBUS i. W i n n e r at Whiteland vs winner" at Shelbyville, winner, at Bloomington vs winner at Columbus. . CONNERSVILLE - Winner at Connersville vs winner at Batesville, winner at Lawrenceburg vs winner at Rushville. ELKHART-Winner at Triton, vs winner; at LaVille, winner at vs winner at By LESTER U COLEMAN. M.D. Columbia^ City Elkhart. EVANSVILLE-Winner at Ev ansville vs winner at Vihcennes, winner at ; . Princeton vs Winner at Boonville. FRANKFORT Crawfordsville — Winner vs winner at at How to Scare Your Doctor Dr. Coleman ALTHOUGH my problem is not a glamorous one, I have a feeling that your answer will interest a lot of people. • . My ears, itch constantly. I. havp tried to. scratch them with everything, that seems safe, but get no relief. ;What do vou recommend? Miss A. H.G.. N. Y. , Dear. Miss G.; Scratching certainly i s not the answer to your prob-, lem. That which people consider "safe" for s c r a t c h ing frightens most physicians who deal with this problem in everyday practice. If you knew how delicate is the lining of the ear canal.' you would realize how "unsafe" are most of the home- style instruments used for scratching. I have seen the damage done by sharp - edged paper clips, . hairpins, pencils, and toothpicks. Even a cotton-wrapped swab stick can damage the . ear canal if it is handled too vigorously. . The entire ear canal is lined by a thin layer of skin that is susceptible to infection, inflammation and, particularly; allergy. Unless the exact cause of the irritation is found, treatment of any kind is seldom effective. Fungus infections, eczema, and inflammation due to hair sprays and cosmetics, all can'.• cause distressing itching. Over-the-counter medicines should be avoided because they may contain drugs which, in themselves, are harsh'and irritating. Only those drugs properly screened by your own doctor should be considered "safe." The newer cortisone ear drops are effective when they are chosen by the physician . for a particular reason. Antibiotic drops and salves.are also used to combat infection in the ear canal. Anti-fungus medication and local treatment can control this source of unpleasant itching. Finding the cause, howeVer, is the only way to find the ideal treatment. What causes a child to be born with ah "opening" into the spine ? Mrs. I. It.. Ohio Dear Mrs. R.: The condition you refer to as an "opening" in. the spine is probably one that is known as. a "spina- bifida." This is due to some error in the development of the em-' bryo while in the mother's womb. There are many variations •of the condition, depending on its extensiveness. Modern surgery has done wonders, for spinabifida. ' SPEAKING OF YOUR HEALTH: The handicapped are never a "handicap" to em : . ployers who are wise enough to give them the opportunity to work.. Dr. Lester Coleman has a sperial eye-care booklet avail- . able for readers of this col- limn rallcil, "What You Should Know; About Glaucoma and Cataracts." For your copy, send 25 cents in. coin and u large, 'self - addressed 6 - cent stamped envelope to Lester L. Coleman, M.D., P.O. Box 5170, Grand Central Station, New. York,;X.Y. 10017. Please "mention the booklet by title. Greencastle, winner at Lebanon vs winner at Frankfort. FORT WAYNE—Winner at Fort Wayne I vs winner at Fort Wayne II, winner at East Noble vs winner at DeKalb. GARY—Winner at Hammond vs winner at East Chicago, winner at Calumet vs winner at Gary. HUNTINGBURG - Winner at Paoli.ys winner at Salem, winner at Huntingburg vs winner, at SwitzCity. J INDIANAPOLIS - Winner at Ben Davis vs jwinner at Southport, winner at Brownsburg vs winner at Indianapolis. LAFAYETTE! — Winner, at North White vs winner at Lafayette, winner tral vs winner • tral. x at Benton Cenat Fountain Cen- MARION— Winner at Marion vs winner at Bellmont, winner at Eastbrook vs winner at Cass. •'.,-.,/•:•}.:.. . NEW CASTLE—Winner at Richmond vs winner at Muncie, winner at Winchester vs winner, at New Castle, j . SEYMOUR— Winner at Bedford vs winner at Jeffersonville, winner at Seymour vs winner at Madison, j SOUTH BEND - Winner, at South Bend ws winner at Ches- - terton, winner 'at Michigan City vs winner at Knox. WASHINGTON - Winner at Clay City ; vs pinner at Washington, winner jat Brazil vs winner at Terre Haute., negotiate .with lenders to seek reductions in the interest rate on subsidized mortgages, to the new. lower rate regardless of" the rate of the original commitment." *Increase (Continued from page one) however this is not considered an epidemic at any of the local buildings. Lincoln School spokesmen said that the attendance there was getting better after some mumps, colds, chickenpox and measles the past two weeks. , Parents are advised to keep a . close check on their children for fevers and rashes and then take the sensible precautions for the child's and school's health and safety. None of the other county schools have been reported from on absenteeism, however checks will be made on these buildings this week for possible disease reports. *Cage-ology (Continued from page 4} Windfall athletes now in service so readers assist us with the information. Too. there are many Tipton area athletes now serving in the military including Jay Anderson, .Dick Mcintosh, Don Curnutt, Dick Slyder and many "others. i C-0 The sectional drawings are now history, and Tipton team members and fans are beginning a new tourney era by going to the Frankfort sectional this year in the fine Frankfort gym which holds approximately 6000 fans. The draw did favor the Blue Devils and the Tri-Central Trojans with Frankfort and the other big favorite, Rossviile, catching the same lower bracket. The Frankfort Athletic Director Dick Ricker is the tourney manager and you can expert a well run event from this experienced school man. The Tipton High School ticket draw will be" announced by the local school officials this week. Hospital News TUES., FEB. 16 1971 ADMISSIONS: Hubert L. Click Frankfort; Helen O..Pratt, Tipton; . Michael Tolle, Windfall; Mary Burket, Tipton; Irma Wright, Elwood; Randall Sottong, Tipton; James Boone, Tipton; Roy Oakes, Swayzee; William E. Barnes, Windfall; Jeffery A. Sharp, Kokomo. " DISMISSALS: Raymond Yeary Kempton; Alene Capps, Noblesville; Gay Lynn Tidier, Sharpsville; Garry Wayne Tidier, Sharpsville; Madonna Myers, Tipton; Debbie Miller & Infant, Tipton; Charles Gathman, Tipton; Fred Hinkle, Kokomo; Joseph Ramseyer, Sharpsville; Randall Sottong, Tipton; William Orr, Tipton; Jennie Patterson & Infant, Frankfort; Charles Howey, Tipton. ' PANCAKE & SAUSAGE SUPPER 5 to 8 Lutheran School Men's Club February 19. Adults $1 Children 60? t© 1971. I^inK. Features Syndicate. Inc.) \ ANYWHERE KENNEY'S KEMPTON SANDWICHES hamburger, cheeseburger, fish, and tenderloin. : OPEN 11 A.M. - JJ P.M. THE 2 BIGGEST BONDS OF ALL „ m Ian Flemings in Ian Fleming's v. THUNDERBALL" U fBttt 0 675 4300 IV "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE' TECWiKOLOII* | -Each[Feature Shown Once Tonight- | Tj /mnHBiiiM*' SUPtRMARIONAIION- TECHNICOLOR jStarring The World-Famous Electrdnicj

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