The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 2, 1908 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1908
Page 6
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ixECEMBER 2. 1908. ! !,%**" The Medicinal Value of Whiskey is admitted by the highest t.iedical authorities Indeed for many slight disorders it is .1 safe anil certain cure. But to 'oe effective," it mu-st be UK- genuine, pure, natural article like SunnyBrook THE PURE. FOOD Whiskey S''.\'MY BROOK is unsurpassed as a wholesome pleasant -•minium, or an lnvi'i?orutlni? tio.-tlthfiil tonic. Every drop is distilled, .i*ed and bottled undi-r the direct supervision of U. S. Government Inspectors uml il-t absoltitn purity iincl mi-llowni'^ miikf its IIM- ii'-rfi-i'Uy *:"!>• iiinl free from tiiiniifnl eiT,M-ts. The "Green Government Stamp'i over tin; cork of eiicli hot Me states Ihc correct iix>-. proof am] quantity To be had wherever GOOD Whi they it told. SUNNY BROOK DISTILLERY CO.. Jefferson Co.. Ky. L~C. ROSS. General Distributor, BAKEFSFIEUD, CAL. Advertisemets Inserted in the Californian will bring results Make your wants known through this medium::: publicity pays. -—~ " ClnssihVii ; three line's, three times, -~>i'; three, lines, one week, 50f. Phone Main ATTORNEYS FRATERNA5, E. L. FOSTER ! Attorney-at-Law { Room 20, Bank of Bakerafleld building. Telephone Main 240. QEO. FLOURNOY Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public. Office, Stoner ouil'ltng, corner Chester arenue and 17th street. Telephone Main 87. ' "THOS. SCOTT Attorney and Counselor at uaw Office o"«- tn» Han.v «r B*»« •iULES AND HAY FOR OWENS RIVER WORK. riii'-f Kiighiet-i MH hollund of the l«os Anpeles aqueduct said t-«lay tlmt Ifi* order nf tin- ho;ird of public works uithnri/mu; the;>. u <> of '.'no inuli-s tnd IIUW tons of h.iy for use in the DweilS HiVl'I- V.llley Was IKit OIlI.V 111 llie interest of economy, lutt would result In greatly facilitating certain parts '.'£ i he work. ".\Ve need the mules lor hauling Irolght. in v.iriom purls of II e valley." said Mr. Mul'iollnnd, "and we »inve found that tin- pn rent system of hiring this svoik il'ine, oi' of buying it itfw animals el a time, is 'ilto-i' 1 '!'.,•:• Misatlsl'actov- Time is an important I'li-nii'iit on (he equeduet. just now, :ind 'the regular emni-e | n making purchns- I e.-i of this kind would have caupcJ an expensive delay. Consequently, we applied for :-!i emergency order, as we want the mules Immediately."—Lo 3 Apgeles Kxpr-'ss. "So you have decided to give the people a constitution?" "Yes," answered the eastern auto- eral. "I don't mind a eonstltution, but you ean wager that I'll he on hand when the by-laws and the amendments are discussed."—Washington Star. PHYSICIANS BAKEESFIELD SANATORIUM -Z»ii K Street. Plioue Main 114 DR. J. L. CAESON. Physician and Surgeon. Office and residence 301-2-3, Producers Savings Bank building. Hours from 10 to 1H a. in., 2 to4 and 7 to 0 p in. Office and residence telephone Main r,r>. L. P. O, E. No. 266—Bakersfleld Lodge No. 'J66, B. P. O. E. meets every Tuesday night at 7:30 at Odd Pello\vi' Hall, Chester avenue. Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend. Initiation every other Tuesday. cha-i. A. Lee, E. R.; C S. Meroney. £<-, ; .>tary.. FRATERNAL ORD^R EAGLES, A'Tie No. 93, meets every Wednesday evenius at 8 o'clock at Eagle Ht'ick 18th gireet. Visiting breth- r-'ii are cordially Invited to attend s s.veitzer, w. p. : Jo p. Carroll, " The Californian classified advertising columns are the best medium for making known your wants. Five lines, one week - » GGc Five lines, three days 25c WANTED .\.v |M " • Assistant i i. Inquire at 1615 laily br.okkoep- llti.ii sti'eei. lOli KNIGHTS OF PYTI ilAS—KonHLodge ' No 76, meets every Wednesday evening st 8 o'clock In I. O. O. F. Hall, i \ cordial Invitation to visiting Kmghta. ' IPX WANTED QUICKLY hy bis Chicago mall order house to distribute i ;i,;ilogues, advertise, etc. $25.00 a week. IGO.OO expense allowed first month. No experience required. Manager, Dept, 501, 385 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 109 FOR BALE—aliaCELLANEOUi FOR SALE—One milch cow; gentle; for family use. Inquire of Jos. Schlmamllo, north of Simmer water works. • 105 DR. R. B. BEES Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 1» and 10, Fish block, over Hughes drug store. Phone Main 364. MAIL and EXPRESS ORDERS CAREFULLY ATTENED TO Office Phone Main 68 Works Phone, Main 163 BAKERSFIELD CLEANING AND DYING WORKS AND RENOVATORY Altering and Repairing Neatly Done. Goods called for and Delivered. Contracts taken. Office, 2027-2029 Chester Avenue. Works, Corner Eighth and L Streets, Bakersfleld, Cal. DR. CHAS. A. DAVIS, Physician and Surgeon Office, Fish block, rooms 11 and 12. Office hours 11 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 p. m. Phones, office, Mala 150; residence Main 973. DRTPRED J. CREASE Physician and Surgeon. Hopkins building, northeast corner I Chester ave., and 19th St.; rooms 12 I and 14, Bakersfield. Office phone I Main 247. Res. phone Main 143. Office I hours 10 to 12 a, m.; 2 to 4; 7 to 8 p ru. T. W. HELM, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 212 and 213, Producers Bank building, Bakersfleld, Cal. Office phone Main 220; residence, Main 686. DEGREE OF HONOR I VA1.KNTINE LODOE, No. 78. D of H. j - Meets first and third Fridays In | e. . h month at A. O. U. W. hall at j < p m. Visiting members cordially i l:iv:'«?d. Mrs. Dora L. Cabe, C. of H.) Mis Ola R. Taylor, Recorder. FOR SALE—Furniture complete for a 5 room collage. Parties have privilege of renting house. Centrally located; rent $20 per month. Inquire at this office. tf -—— 10S FOR SALE—Irish Setter puppies. quire at 1004 Twentieth street. WANTED—Girl to assns with general housework. Inquire at 2121 E FOR SALE— A $27 clover .street. 105 JUSTICE LODGE, No. 31, A. O. U. W. I - Meets every Thursday evening at i •i p. m.. A. O. U. W. Hali, No. 1628 | Nineteenth street Visiting member; cordially Invited. O R. West, M. W.; C. W. Curtzwiler, Recorder. IMPROVED ORDER OF REDMEN— I niches Trllie, No. 154, permanent ;i I Iress Box 731. Meets every Wed- ii>'.-ilay at S p. m. in the Workman ll.ill. Nineteenth street. Visiting members cordially Invited. J. M. Haberfelde, Sachem; John Lewis, I' of R \VANTKlJ--Voimg man wishes a home for i he winter; can do work such as ! hoiisecleaning, chores, etc. Address.]. Summers, Bakersfleld, Cal., Gen-' era! Liellverv. 105 , » i WANTED—A laborer who understands pruning fruit trees. Call at the Bakersfleld Plumbing Company for W. W. Smltzer. 105 WANTED—A few table boarders In ' private family; close In. Call at 1619 Seventeenth street, Bakersfleld. 105 cutter for $15. Just the thing to make the hens "shell out" the 45 cent eggs. Try It and see. R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins Bldg. 105 FOR SALE—Complete furniture of five housekeeping rooms. Inquire at this office. 10S FOR SALE—About 750 sheep, two mules, wagon, horse and orlier ur tides, property of the lute M. R. Azevedo. For particulars Inquire of John Enos, box 91, Bakersfleld. 104 ; . FOR SALE—One heating stove, for FRATERNAL BROTHERHOOD— 1 K<>rn Lodge No. 5$, Fraternal Broth- I c: hood, meets on the first and third | Wednesday of each month at 8 p. in . In K. of P. hall, in Kern City. II 11. Brown, President; a. Q. Libl>>, Treasurer. DR. L. M. CAIN Physician and Surgeon. McKittrick, Cal. Office and residence, Little Hotel. DIXON CO. SON Ur.tlertnkers, Funeral Directors, Knibnlmers. Successors to Morton & Connolly, Lndy Attendant. 1414 19th It! RED CROSI AMTTJLAXCT. Phone, Night or Day, Main tt. DR. W. P. SCOTT Physician and Surgeon. Office hours: 11 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 4 and 7:30 p. m. Office and residence, Main 210. Rooms 207, 208 and 215, Producers Bunk building. KERN VALLEY CHAPTER, ROYAL ARCH MASONS—Meets every Wed- U".-<lay night at S p. m. Visiting cordially Invtlted. E. 'Jl. FRIANT, H. P. WANiTED—A thoroughbred Hereford bull 3 years old. Address Andrew McGulrk. Piute P. O., Kern Co. 107 LAND WANTED—For a local eucalyptus company In exchange for its preferred stock, bearing an extra good return. Said interest in the company or iwrt thereof, if desired, cashed to the company within the time agreed hot ween the prn'ties. State distance from Bakersfield and nearest railroad station. Address "X." box 29, this office. 108 coal or wood. Inquire Baker street, Kern. at 1113 105 ORDER OF OWLS—Bakersfleld nest No 172, meets every Tuesday at 8 Ji m., at Maud's hall. Visiting numbers cordially invited. W. S. Kenfro, president; Joe Mackey, sec- r-'dry. WANTED—Lady or gentleman of fair education to travel for a line of household articles ami spe'clultie* Salary $;',.r>0 per day above expenses Address The Alexander Suppb Com- nanv, 356 Dearborn street, Chienno 111. '109 The Poultry and Egg Exchange THRONSEN & STALLARD, Props. Highest Price paid for Poultry and Eggs. Prompt Delivery In Bak- erafield and Kern. > Phone Main 593. 2115 Q Street. DR. A. P. SOHAPER Physician ar.d Surgeon. Olllce, rooms 1, 2. 3, and 4. Oil nnd , Stock Exchange bull,Him. Office hours [from 1 to 3 o'clock; Sundays by ap- j polntments only. DR. F. W. MITCHELL Physician anU Surgeon. Offic", rooms oOj nnd 306, Producers Bank Imildlnpr. Office hours from 11 to 12 a. m., and 2 to 4 p. m. Telephone Main G62. Res. Main 612. FOR RENT HI HIM AND HOARD—For two people Inquire al 1027 1 street. lot J. J. MACK, Vice President. G. J. PLANZ, Asst. Cashier. B. L. MACK, Cashier S. W. Wlble, President BANK OF BAKERSFIELD Capital Stock, $250,000 Surplus, $140,000 Resources, One Million Dollars Directors—S. W. Wlble, S. L. Mack, J. J. Mack, J. M. Keith, L. General Banking, Domestic aForelgn Exchange. Letters of Crelit. The officers of the Bank will be glad to give the benefit ofr their «x- perlence or ob&ervatlon to all ppersons desiring Information on mat- torn of business. . ..-<ipr,"ft««J£: C. 1. I'ONNKU, President n. MCDONALD, cashier KERN VALLEY BANK. Bakersfield, California. Solicits accounts of Individuals, companies and corporations. DOCTOR FOWLER Physician and Surgeon Office and Private Hospital, rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and (J, Hopkins Buildine. Special attention to diseases of Eyt-, Ear, Nose nnd Throat. OfHce hours, 10 a. m. to li m.; 2 to 4 p. m. Phone Main 249. Patents Procured In all Countries. Infringement. Litigation. TOWNSEND, LYON, HACKLEV 504-7 Merchants' Trust Bldg Lns Angeles, Cal. TESSER 'HIRSHFELD Real Estate and Fin Insurance. ROOCC 6, Conklin bulldlng.1926 Chester Ava FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms .suitable for sentlemen. Use of telephone, electric lights and bath. Inquire at 2020 Twentieth street. 108 t WANTED—By Japanese school boy, ! situation to do any kind of work j between school hours. Address j George, care of the California!!. 103 , I . WANTED—Work in private family by , j yuung girl; good character. Address; A. B.'C. this office. 105 j ! -~- j WANTED—A lady stenographer, i dress Bin 4, Bakersfield. Cal, ; lag experience. HIGHEST CASH PAID for old rags, sacks, bottles, Ir6n, trass and copper, hides and wool. Junk Yard, Twenty-second and M streets. Telephone Main 799. tf FOR SALE—About 10U 'ona of first cutting alfalfa; suitable for cattle feed. For particulars enquire at the Dave HlrahfeJd. tf FOR SALE—One span of work mares; seven and nine years old; both in foal; weight about 1130 pounds. Also one span of work mares, three years old; both in foal, weighing 1300 pounds; one span of black -driving j rf-.rcs, •we'.v.hinp; lOO'i qounds; I! and four years old; one saddle pony weighing SOO pounds, 4 years old. Inquire at Union Shoeing Shop, between 20th and 21et street on K street. t£ FOR SALE—A good work team of young mares, gentle; and four head of young horses, gentle and halter !>roUe. Inquire A. C. Tibbet. Bak- ersfleld. Phone Farmers 93. 106 PASTURAGE—1 wo mrses from town, for horses or cattle; good feed, shade and running water the year around. Telephone Main 135. tf FURNITURE BOUGHT AND SOLD WINTERS, RRIDG3S, SIMPSON CO., 1800 1C street, phone Main 134; new and second hand furniture bought and sold; houses furnished on easy Installments; furniture rented monthly; special granlteware and kitchen utensils. 25c. tf FOR RKLIABT.K HELP—Rln M.-iin 2tS, Buckeye Employment Agency, C. C Pprlhner & Co., pro prietors. The best of male and fe male help on the shortest possible notice. 1234 lllth Btreet, Walters HouL BaJwrsfleld. CaL tf WANTED—Men and strongs boys. Combination Trade School fr. Contracting Co. teaches the trades by actual wovk. electricity, plumbing, bricklaying, and pays advanced students wages. Free catalogue. Union School of Trades, 124 East Ninth, Los Angeles. tf tf at ' • _?P-?J 8 ^ L _ E ' ' FOR up -REAL fiSTATE SALE—Glinilan nil stock cheap if tnVen at once. Address box 372. 106 GET IN OUT OF THK COM)—Henis :i good place, a new ." mom bouse plastered, bath, toilet, en. I.oi r,nx llTVu, $1!S'K). Easy payments. See R. A. .Moore, room 11, Hopkins building. IOC W. W, KELLY. Real Estate an? Insurance Room 4, up stairs, e.irner Nineteenth Street and Chester Avenue Phone Main 149. H. 0. HAKNEaa With J. W. Brocxman Real Estate and Insurance Rom 25, Galtes Block Phone Main 232 Bakerafleld, CaJ EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES When you want reliable help of any kind call up THE BAKERSFD3LD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU. I WANTED—Millinery apprentices.' Ap i ply at Geelan Millinery at once,' I AM NOT GOING PROPERTY FOR fcjALE—Seven-room cottage with :ill modern Improvements, situated on corner lot at B;i ker and P streets, Kern: good barn and chicken yard; fruit and shade trees. Inquire at 14!iS Baker street, Kern. 108 TO TELL 1829 Nineteenth street. tf NOTICE—Have you any live stock, for sale? If so list it with me and I I will endeavor to find you a buyer, j Am in touch with buyers every i day. Small commission. R. J. Rose, at Kern County Creamery, tf WANT ED— Second cook and waitress YOU how to make? your hens lay, but I ran show you a nice little fourteen acre ranch where they will LAY if you give them a chance. Besides you ean raise oranges, fruits, grapes and alfalfa to your satisfaction. All for $2100. R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins Bldg. 105 in oil fields hotel 147. Telephone Main tf ROUGH DRY Did You Know i We will call for your family ashing, wash and iron all sheets,, jtowels, slips, counterpanes, etc. (starch all pieces that require IstarohitiK' and returu to you for [only (i cents per pouud? Tf you are in a hurry telephone (for us to call Friday morning fond have them returned Saturday 'evening. Give us a trial. Sntisfaetionguaranteed. Give ui a trial. Telephone Main 259. CITIZENS LAUNDRY YOUNG HYATT, WHO WAS WOUNDED, IS DOING WELL. State Superintend. •.•.: <>r Public Instruction Hyatt telep;,.,!H(l to his office here today thai i ;- son, Victor. who was seriously \\-.>•;!-..led last Saturday by the aeci.b ir.. 1 discharge of a friend's shotgun \\iiiie out duck hunting near FresiM, <;> lining nicely, and Is well on the :^:ni -n recovery. As told In the IV.-. yumg Hyatt lost his left arm as a re.-n't of the mishap, and was for a tln-.e In a precarious rendition. Superintendent II;, ait and wife nnd two daughters an ;l t the bedside of Victor, and Mr. Hyatt is for the time being conducting th» affairs of his office from Fresno. Mis mall U being forwarded to him 'hi-re.— Sacramento Bee. We also employ Chinese and Japanese help. 1219 19th St. Phone Main 313 |FOR SALE—One pool table, two box i ball alleys. Turf Pool Hall. 102 | j JAPANESE AND CHINKRR LATKW ' Bureau, first class help furnished; i male or female, for hotels, restau ' rants, housework, etc. Ranch hands i and laborers furnished on short no•• tice, day or contract. A. S. Takny! ama, 2100 L st. Phone Main 1074. : - _ --- . --- » I B. J. CURNOW, well Borer (formerly i of the firm of vJurnow & Keefc-.) if- i teslan and surface wells. Tanks i built and put up. Address Bnkers- I field H. F- D - No - 2 - Phone Farm- 1 era 181. tf WANTKU--Old furniture to be mude ! like new. CAUPRTS CLRANKI) ' AND I.AYKll. I'pholsterins in branches. Mattresses nu'di- and returned the same duy. C. Crowell, Main :',:iS; sho;> ".IM! street. " ~LOOT AND POUND »—. ,i i.....-.—.n, . .— n a .1 —I-I-..I.— LOST—Sorrel mare, n years old, wire split in left ear, brand or MMI on rlk'bt hip. Finder leave m Dexu-r stables, liaker.slleld, or Host-dale store. Telephone Main Sim. lot; $10 REWARD will be paid for the re- I turn of the bicycle stolon from In front of the Kern Valley Bank Nov. j 12. Pierce, cushion frame; color, black; coaster brake, nlckle-plated spring fork, Persons saddle. Number 123446. Return to Kern Valley Bank. 105 All roads lead to 0. N. JOHNSTON'S BLACKSMITH SHOP. BEST WORK ALWAYS Phone. Main 656. 1301 Nlnataenth 8t It is a Wonder. Chamberlain's Llnlnieut is one of the most remarkable preparations yet produced for the relief of rheumatic pains, and for lame hark, sprains and bruises. The quick relief from pain which It affords iin case of rheumatism is alone worth many times Its cost. Price. 2f> cents; large size, 50 cents. For sale by Baer Bro?., Hak- ersfleld; Kern OniR Co., Kent, * ' i NOTICE — Notice IB hereby given that H. O. Robinson has disposed of the Turf pool room at 1403 Nineteenth street, to Dover & Cook. All persons having claims against said place of business may present same on or before November 25. 1908. FOUND—In Kern Saturday Nov. 28, 1 a watch. Owner may have same by j calling on Marshal Badger and prov- j Ing property. 105 | FOUND—November 25111, iu I be ladles' dressing room at Knar's lutll, Kern, an umbrella. Owner may have same by eallim; at 1114 Baker street and paying for this advertisement. luCi FOR SALE OR LEASE—For crystal- Ized nnd all kinds of gypsum, Fullers earth, cement clay, pain clays of all colors, china clay, pattery clay and all kinds of clays, address William Harmon & Co., Bakersfleld. Cal. 127 i OR SALE—Four g» O1 ' horses and freight wagon In good shape. Also camp house with truck wagon, well equipped with stove, tables, bed, bath tub and lockers. See D, W. Wnlser, Walkers Basin, P. O. address, PJ'«wv l t«*a County, Cal. tf R. A. MOORE Real Estate and Insurance Room 11, Hopkln* Bldg P",ne Main 433 Bakertfleld Business address Phone 161. THE MAJESTIC. LOST—Near car burn, a plain hickory cam- circles around It cut. with knife. Very valuable to the owner. Finder please call up 605 or leave cane at Duncan's store, Bakersflold or at Whittaker's fruit store, Kern. 105 LOST—Wednesday, between Chester Ave. and Nineteenth St., and Trus- tun Ave., and F St., a quartz pin; old fashioned setting. Finder call up Main 875. 104 TEN ACRES, $50 CASH—Balance $1 per month. Price ?2a per acre. No taxes, no interest. No risk. Profits certain. Located half mile from R, R station, six miles from Bakersfield. Land level. No hardpun or alkali. Orange, fruit, and "Ine land, bearing orange orchards near. Fruits ripen for earliest markets. Payments are easy, and land advancing. }100 per acre should be realized for the land before your contract expires. Title good. Maps and further particulars on application. Right to raise price of land without notice re served. SUNSET REALTY CO.. Fresno, Cal. tf WELL BORER. * J. H. KEEFE * * Well Borer. Work Guaranteed * * 2917 Chester Ave. * * * FOR SALE—I have listed with m« for sale several lots of milk cowi of from 10 to 90 head. Also other stock. For Information call on m« at Kern County Creamery. R. J. Rose. tf FURNISHED ROOMS—Single or to housekeeping suites, with gas anU electric llght-s. Hot and cold baths and use of telephone free. The Willow. 1223V4 19th street. B. L. Willow, proprietor. tf

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