The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 2, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1908
Page 4
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rnut"ie • .-, K/ C,^'^^W'' r .* r tf''.--< THE CHRISTMAS STORE. HOCHHEIMEHS factory Hochheimer's—Let This Store Always Your Christmas Store N k one can now w «• misrep ent an*v happy to h brought back, and w many . Sh an ke it rigir. g during ail to most satisf e y how muc h y g us, e o pectatio concern our Ch r for re always al- w ppmg nas dy started in earnest, so why don't you be one of w mm Lots of Excitement in Toyland Now l-]\ • -rythiiitf is on tin- 1:0 in Toy land now—not \\ dull moment to be lepers' need hriv. Kmin mnrninir iinti) ni#ht the whole department in alr^e with toys tluit huxz, toys thut make i'nnny noises, toys that {squeak, and all kinds nt' meclnmiea) toys and «ll sorts of stuffed aninntK. The dnlls jirv holding daily receptions. Children's Christmas Imoks iti's attrartinjr lots of attention, the games are interesting to lenrn abmit, and all in all Toylmxl is a great center of attraction for voting and old alike. Buy Your Christmas Handkerchif s Now You'll l»r surprised to know h"" *'» s * our handkerchiefs are Bidlin" rhnstnuis hamlkmibief l.iiyinjr 1ms nimidy staVted. An women pivlVr buying now rather than "> wait until Inter on Our UHHorfnirnt is at its best, the designs ; md styles arc newest and when they eomr from here, they're sure t«« I"' appreciated. We hnve a very pretty box of li jmdk"relin»fs that we Ye selling for $2 a Imx. They're neatly arranged in a pretty, bright Christinas Stylish Millinery Now Reduced We're dad to sot so many, box, six in a box and each one is a Onlv *2 H box. pattern. Stylish Tailored Suits $20 and $25 The best suit values are here. Not only the best values, but the greatest variety and the prettiest. Beautiful Christmas Ribbon Wonini are finding our pretty ribbons to be just what they want to make tli.'ir Christmas gifts. Our beautiful Persian and Dresden effects are lu-in- sought after, while our Scotch and Tnrtau plaids are proving equally »« popular. Prices ran'-'«' from 35c to $1 .a yard. .styles -returning onsto- rncr-H prove it cvi'i-y ihiy. It' you- ^B in search of. a new suit, sec those new modeKs. At $20 we have an extremely nobby suit of ^reen broadcloth. The jacket is semi-fitted, beauti- i'ully trimmed in velvet, braid and buttons. The skirt is piped, with t\ stitched box pleat down the | front and a Fold on the bottom. ' At $25—This suit is made of the finest chevron mannish sevue in 4 the fashion abb 1 Direetoire stvle i, The jacket is 4*J inches Ion<i, semi;; has tlie new Napoleon col- \ Is $5 Your Price For Blankets IIia tt.-r how ,'ohl the niirht is. you'll sleep warm and com- uiHltT n pair of these fine, win-in, wool, coxy blankets. rf-* m ft • 1 * many women take advantage of our hat reductions. Judging from the way they're selling, it won't be long until all our hats are gone. Now don't wait any longer buy your hat and y choose from these: Hats at $15. \ v A few imported models in ex- elusive, styles and made of elegant materials. Stylish and beautiful. Hat $12.50 Only about a do/en left; some are sample hats and copies of imported models. Hate at $10 Xo two hats alike. All are beautifully trimmed in wings, quills, novoltv bands and handsome ornaments in all the latets styles. They You can fc_ ¥ _' ^l ^ » ™ ^ ™ ' eonie ni winte arid ^ray, and are fine values for this price, have yonr ehoice O f colors in borders. Onl $•"> a pair. lar and deep pointed rcvers; the vents al the sides are trim- Children's Warm Winter Coats Kimono Flannels, 16 2-3c Why don't you make some friend of yours a pretty kimono for Christmas out of some of these German Velonr flannels'? We're sure it would be appreciated. These flannels come in floral, Per : sian and novelty designs. Many of them have side hands for trimmings—all colors; soft heavy qualities. the ard. Smart Neckwear. 35c "Whatever you see in neckwear at Hochheimer's you can depend on it's being the correct style or it wouldn't be here. You'll admire and want some of these ribbon bows, baby Irish jabots, lace net collars, new Gibson models that we're selling to, .day for 35c each. Large assortment for selections. They would also make nice, Christmas gifts. Prices $2.2-) to $8. uted with buttons; lined throughout with uood ijiiidily satin. The skirt is very stylish and pretty. These ehildreifs coats of French flannel, xibe me, crushed plush . U(l nroii( i,ioth are pleasinir «ll mothers who have coats to bn>. v l ; e u i nllv l!n,d and trimmed, and come in many different iv 's Thv' vnlors^re s,avl,t, ^vrnet, navy, <M>ponh»^n, brown, black, * tan nnd -'ray. Prices **J \\\. to ^S each. Short Petticoats. 50c Made of a good quality of outing flannel in solid colors, and eve am. white, pink and light V>luo pink and white stripes. Have fitted yokes and flounces on tlie hot- torn! with button hole finish. Splendid irnrments for r>0c. Panama. $1.25 the Yard. If you're in doubt what to buy for a shirtwaist suit or skirt, you'll be well satisfied and have no rogrots if you buy this 50-inch Panama for $1.25 a yard. Comes in all the new fall shades; serviceable and stylish. *-•* '** THE CHRISTMAS STORE THE CHRISTMAS STORE 1SHOP BY (MAIL SHOP BY MAIL KERN LODGE NO. 202, I. O. O. F.— Saturday *-vi k nlii^. Nnvi'tnli'-i- ;,th, KIecii<m" of oHir*-^, 'I'. IV N. n.; .1, \V. Ci'MHlaJ;'!, s* rr< BOfll O. r,2. Jim KiviqiiiM'ici. from ;tu »'a>.tei n 1 1 .1. M. <)»' til*- S';il)'!:'i & * ILJ jiii '' in ii'wu last nh;h( . I'. S. Sm\Ms. Mi*- • '• MI \-.\\-. - «,: ? i uv. cr; -• h T"™* rine .3 ort \Vln n County Creamery before 7 this mnrniiiK to prepare for n '-jilar tnnruiun trip to the coun- , i »• i ,i , t \ .MI- : g'»n t'Y, he ilisrnvereu that me bunding i !>:H t•• MM i-Mien-d durluu the tti^Vit and flu- ofllee raiwueUeil. ValuaUlo papers were disturbed in the search for mon- i v, hut ihefU' \v«M'f' later found in lh< \';t'-;>u! lot in thf rear of the building, j An ; tin* (-ash d amount in '.'nl, ;\nd ih» :ni-l '-. no elf . i'n 0» d •eil' l;e\\' .\ 1ear ,I(MM'. which \vn,-? --•fen on'v, afforded the means of • , • • ntraiiro. Tie 1 sal'e in the ofllc*-. ul- i shut, was not locked. There i \vo tin l"i\es < ( ontaining d^e-d^ ;,t\M stocks in l In- saft* and these were out ;uM l-\u«r hrokt'n open in ar hit. '{'he d' l sU \v*is hrnkdi <.;MMI ;u\d 0\e cunteuts ransacked in a v-rareh for valiiahles. The h T.\ i •' ,' ^VM ,-• 1- u !;< • 1. with a bit, but tho <•}' \\\< u -\b\int\v did not Know how to entered during the n'^ht and a ? ( , )nta ininu valuable papers and a "UiKf Wiiu-heHtcr shotgun stt.len. I He " was toundon the race track with hut no traee ol the iMiu nus yet been found. Jo P. Carroll a Victim. Farlv last evening the room of Jo P. ,, block was ;n of .b*'-- * ' • * * » V V V V V CITY BRIEFS. \ * * " '„• V V *. •••'en the old Four Hundred property on cerium 7 at Sunset. Ralph \Vhitiken i« in charge of .operations and has work well umler way in preparation for the beginning of drilling. , Rehearsing For Christmas—Profes- j Beware cf Frequent Colds. ( j^-JCmy' loVomluct the rehearsal of' A SIHT..HHIOII cf colds or a ^ rart ' thl , r^i-mania Society tomorrow night. The society is practicing for a hig tree entertainment during NOTES TND PERSONALS. ,,,., ' .chronic catarrh, from which few persons ever wholly recover. Give every ,;™; inv W(l(lk> A simflar event was -mil -lo's 1 ^n'eVis' 'Mior<:'iUly ( . o id the attention it deserves and you ;ed ami .m ^ * »'• * " •• e over for the best I* 1 had. For That Dull Feeiimj After" Eatimj. n jny avoid this disagreeable disease &™}^ S( asnn nnd U How can you cure a cold? Why not •••«**•*• try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy? U; Died From Typhoid Is highly recommended. Mrs. M. •, \y a lsh. awed 2*1 and a native was a . huge ' i Maurice of Ire- « ^ III m^. 1141 *"^ v^***~* •'»»»-— ^ — T*4>ii. r «*i ^^ 7^ n • * ^ ----White of "Butler, Tenn., says: n Sev- ; i ani ]. died this morning at the County i T ft _,»» ft '--- • | , | 1 f . ( * 4 1 * ' ^ 1 ••••• ....r,,-_^_ fl -~_ _ ! b;:vc used ('hainhr.rlaiirs Stomivh orft i years ago 1 was ^ ot ^ e _ r ^ rt wit ^ j Hospital, where he was taken^on No- a -•li'-bl. nr K' 1:1 T: u.* <^. i- what a s]dendid IIP- ] » Pr,,« I'-iU-.'nmo down from the north t Kerii, and.he property of tho Johnson ( . it is. *->any, which ^v&snes^ - . e c oo s Tiie ladies of the Congregational Aid Society will meet at the home of Mrs. H. F. Conflict, corner Seventeenth and H streets, tomorrow afternoon. Chas, Ohlrioh and Millard Lawson returned last evening from their extended visit through the northern part of the state. They were accompanied by Miss Mabel Cuiutnings of Lomoore who has come to spend the holidays with Mrs. R. J. Shields and mother. W. E. Marsde.n of Fresno, one of the directors of the Kern Canyon Oil Company, which owns the land now being operated by the Emerald Oil Company in the Kern ttivcr field, is here today. J. M. Danzlnger of Los Angeles is here unlay investigating several scri matters which are to have a hearing in the Vlsalia land office soon. W. D. Wilson is in (own today. Steve Price, the Maricopa niet'- clmnt, Is in town today. Tnoinas this morning to answer for, dvunlienness. They were released on promises of good behavior. W .;:- NOTICE, 1 hereby uivo notice that I mn na j Hinder conn"et*'d In any way whatever . with the Uwvro saloon of the man- | E^enirnt thereof. I 107 CHAttUBS HUSSELL. I -. —-i- W H * 1 You c:iu .'ilvvivs li'-peu.! on all ii^Ud.'.- >mt fi'i-m us- -*-vi'f'Vihintr K*'H i N o!' Ml'- I"', t *|.l ' i ! > and al\s ay^ i-'ives Bails 1 ;!* 1 - tinu, Our nil?-* \\ines are tbe fllli 1 ;'! .': ;•;,;! l.iiy m\\- wherr. \\ • carry both the Cnl)'''ir i i-. ,, '.ic'. tric- ed ttt Si 1" $1 .T.'i, j,:H Mie int^n''!' 'I. ;.'-i« i- i i rein $1 to $\ a ^ l '.-u Ii,,: ;-, Ut e'tvli -Hi • . '•' > ••' are good. ihrtr business. The tools .-•« i \tr» <i I'riim Die bolh'i 1 ronm, \shl*-h was prolerted by an ordinary p;vdhieU. Thl« was ojn-ned, however, bnt Uu» fact offers nn hdp In locatina: -,'-,• ) j. -"tM-M at f <rs a s y will perform the ; IT. K. l^eacD.-k, manager nf the i creamery, lost practically nothiiiL; !y liiir.-lary. A easb ri-'-'isic!' v. :•- •''• ill t'\-c[! then 111* 1 -.'o'n <..' I * t :- \v;;nl ads,; three days, 2iif. arul i i lilt • A • :AV riFUL PIECE OF •>F GI^TS. FURNITURE IS THE K an ; t 1 ! \ 1 V 1, tljn'l -'•'" I ' " ' I'oii M f \ L h r urcj'arized a Tent. A l.'FMu^'r, ret en\l>* arrived tbe nurth ;md can'.pcd near raeU, tbi- mernim* r bal MfK;.n-v ihat his [ lit i/t . ' i, < i - reiSloH. >\\ \ve hnv se S v • i • \ ! • i V t •• i e iin»l ; ,uuot I'ail to bad -I- II- ! : * \vine \viil b\iy Try eilhet&l aylor • t "! V till ( I " - I. i , • N. \viii'lu\\'s \v 1 i 10 \\\ * Fred Gunther "*>« *s tn Lr Family Trade Solicited Store and Warcroo*ns 1M8 18th St. Nc bar attached. Phono Main rest . JlVe thoso (iay^. The is limited ; (he is old. We keep a HU|i|>ly always <m hand, us a trial and be Convinced. Philip W. Nkederau MANY KERN COUNTY PEOPLE trade here. Do you? \\v want your business becaii.e you do bntter here than elsewhere and by proving this to you wo continue to Increase our business, Our stock is !:tri;e and attracts tho best class of buyers. A Few Jewelry Prices— Gent's UK r in an-l \Valtham watches, J?:'.;." up. Gent's or New Era watches, *;;..",'» up, .atller' 1 :-u,| dent's Kl^in and illham \\ ::t ( .'he ', ^."».UO Up. D t n rt" 1 o n;? ;i — You c.-ii buy at in ices to sur- ju-lv" \oii. Clockr.—SlM?U and w;<n ebicl.s boln\\ tiiir own cost. Our line ( .if ladles rombs is most up-to-date., also jewelry and our pvit es lower tlrin olsowhern. (i'.iitars ^.!.f,i) up. Violins $2.50 np. Aceordeon-s $2.00 up. Suit Cases. $1.^5 up. Trunks, $6 up. Fine «nns for sale and rent. Manner <»i' tho Weiser Optical (\... 1(»:w I stn-et, Fresno will lie in Unkersfioltl 1lie wtvk etMiiinein'iii^ Monday, November 30, 1!H)8, and will slop at the Now Southern Hotel. Eyes Examined Free All iWork Guaranteed •> > PAINT YOUR HOUSE House painting is my specialty. I use nothing but the best material, guarantee my worfe and charge reasonable price*. I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor 1V D Sx Pnme Main 17?. •• •»• *i* *?* *** '** *** 1408-10 19th Street Main 173 UNCLE IKE'S EMPORIUM. Wrru H, Stanton, Prop. Phone Main 1154 1406 19th St., Bakersfleld THE WERINGER ASSAYING CO. IB now prepared to imilto assays of all ojW, im-talH and water;'. Ore siuui>les by mall cost Ic pc ounce.. Semi for free mailing envelopes and price list. F. J. WER1NGER, Assayer and Metallurgical Chemist Woody, Cal. Near Bakcnfltld 1423 19th S* Phone Main 401 i i

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