Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 10, 1964 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1964
Page 14
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JEN CASEY By NEAL ADAMS 7- SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD ErACHINS- FOR VALERI YAGOV'5 CANTEEN, SUNN/ FELL INTO THE REACH OF A CROCODILE. INSTANTLY, PAN FLAGS LEAPED TO HIS RESCUE.. ... ANP WITH POWERFUL j ?IT ^^4^^^W JABS FROM hIS KNIFE ' •'SXZ-Z^ HE KILLS THE REPTILE. MORTY MEEKLE AN UNFORTUNATE ACCIPENT, BUT ! >OU HANCLEP I THE 3TUATION WELL, MAJOR FLASS. //? By DICK CAVALLI /MV 1EACM3Z I "THINKS I'M \ $17JPID...TH5 > PEINCIPAL- ( THINKS I'M V STUPID. MV GUIDANCS THINkSI 'MSIZJRa... WHAT DD SOU CARE, \ IF THAT WAS S6)PFOSgD TO MAt£ we FEEL FJerras IT RULED AUSS^BiV. T.M.In.Ut M Off. 2 -10 ALLEY OOP ALLEY OOP, INTREPID PINOSAUR- RIDING CITIZEN OF ANCIENT MOO* By V. T. HAMLIN BONE AGE CULTURE, LOCATION UNKNOWN ^ PAIR OF SUPER SCIENTISTS, DR. ELBERT WONMUG &- G. OSCAR BOOM, WHOSE JOINT OPERATION OF A TIME-MACHINE, COMPLETE WITH MECHANICAL MALADIES, KEEPS THE BURLY MOOVIAN BUSY. HE'S BEEN AROUNP A LOT, BUT HISTORY 15 A BIG STAGE. AT THE MOMENT, VONMUG ANP BOOM ARE INVOLVED IN AN ARGUMENT ABOUT THE COLOR OF CLEOPATRA'S HAIR. SHE WAS I YOU'RE CRAZY.' A BLONDE.' J SHE WAS A BRUNETTE.' SO, PEAR READER, START HERE • - IM4t.HU. '•€ TM I., U» >W Q» WHATCHA DOING , WITH THAT y I'M GOING TO MACHINE? f GET OOP TO GO SETTLE THIS MATTER a* CAUTION: WE PONT GUARANTEE A SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM.' •II " PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER I THOUGHT YOU SAIDN MY LUSJCH WOULD BEA BIO SURPRISE!^- i SEEMED LIKE TME SAME OLD MASHED POTATO SANDWICHES TO ME/ CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY 14 -Monday, Feb. 10, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts] pjl©* killed in plane crash necr DaUas f NOTICF ixvmvr, BIDS ! 1. TIME OF OPENING N'olicc i* hereby given that th« "card of Trustees of the Kedlands 'n:f:ed School District. Redlands. California, hereinafter referred to as :he "Owner." w:II receive up to. but not later tnan p.m. »P.S.T.i on ; the 24th day of February. sealed Proposals for the completion of Site nwr ir ,i -m> , „• „ Gradinc for the Mariposa Elerr.en- DALLAS I UrI)—A Piper CO- tar.v School, at which time said Pro- manche lisht airplane, its cn-'P° sa ,is v.iii be publicly opened and ^, . read aloud. _ , , _. Sine coughing and spiittenng.' 2. WHERE RECEIVED L,Lt.Ub. h-ngianu (bPI)—The plunged into a residential back ; w.n be received in th» Yorkshire Post on° of II IP;.„J C l .1 L . . . Bo.ird Room of the District Off.eB lurhsnirL rosi. on^ 01 me yard Sunday and burst into at 25i West Lugonia Avenue. Redlands. Paper attacks Goldwater for his views J. R. WILLIAMS ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Notice is hereby given that the Board of Education. Redlands Unified School District. Redlands. California, will receive bids for furnishing all labor, materials, equipment, transportation and sen-ices necessary for and reasonably incidental to the construction and completion of a Natatorium consisting of two pools together with a building to house pool equipment to be located on the site of the Redlands Senior High School. c R ortance S \viJ'h f pUn 3s ' and 'specifictjmost solidly conservative news- "flames, killing its California Can1,fosrEnc T- R ixG DOCUMENTS lions prepared by the firm of Jess J- papers in Britain, attacked Sen. oilot Each bid must conform and be re- Jones. A.I.A. and Richard L. Poper. R finlrlivitnr IR Xr'n Mn ' TI I ».i »l it, sponsivc to all the pertinent Con- A.I.A.. Architects. .Barry iioiauaicr (K-Anz. > to- The lone occupant of the plane . t * act Docuinents . copies are now on Each bid shaii be in strict accord-ijay as "Senator Firewater." «as identified as Edgar Rav file for public inspection at the ance with plans, specifications and: _ _ . .. ... o„„>. ,- „ f ,.-;i™;„„.o„ "office of C. PAUL UL.MER. AIA. other contract documents now on i"C rOSl SaiU LXireme BrOOKS. 4o. Of Wilmington. ARCHITECT. 3o8 Fourth Street, file in the office of the Superintend- 1 American views" expressed by i The plane crashed into the San Bernardino. California, and at ent of Redlands Senior High School. _ ... ..:„_--„ )h „ th .. . . ' . _, ... _ . the office of the School District. Redlands. California. General con- UOUTttaler Ignore tne lacl mat back yard Of Thurman \V. PoI-- pians and specifications and all ner- tractors. plumbing contractors, heat -j commun j sm has changed and is lard about a mile SOUth Of Red-it>nent Documents may be obtained ing. ventilating and air conditioning: , - . ... __„„]_ ..... for biddinu onlv at the office of contractors and electrical contractors!Changing, and that the DOpUla- bird Airport. There were no{{£ Architect upon the deport of may obtain a maximum of two Mtsjtjons Of these Countries already other injuries Ten Dollars .S10.00. per set. The de- ^oT ^B^MVfiToS: exert a growing influence which Po iiard said the plane went ^gcS^fsSSF^Sn lars IS2S.001 per set. which deposit, tne regimes can no longer suddenlv out Of control and 1 within ten '10' days -iter the open- will be refunded upon the return of ... , . i nc D f the Bids - • -wholly ignore. there was speculation it hit a- f. PREVAILING WAGES "If the Americans do not power line > Pursuant to the Labor Code of the want to revive the cold war,"; Brooks was pinned in tbo^ t ^\™i!^ n £^?%L£ it said, "they will stop taking wreckage and his bodv badly prevailing rates of per diem wages their cue from Senator Gold- burned, despite Pollard's ai-j ,° r executed con~wLrw!u water." tempts to put out the fire with 1 ™^dcd to the successful bid- — a garden hose juch copies, complete and in good I condition, within ten '10i days after bids have been opened. Other contractors may obtain plans for $25.00 per set. No alien shall be employed by- General Contractor or his subcon tractors on this work. It is further understood and agreed that for each violation of the above stipulation, said contractor shall forfeit to the District as a penalty the sum of Ten Dollars iSlO.OOi for each alien knowingly employed in the execution of this agreement, by him or by anv subcontractor under him. for each calendar day. or portion thereof, during which such alien Is permitted or required to labor In violation of this stipulation and the provisions of said Article 4. . Pursuant to the provisions of Arti-^^fP'^S Amendment No. 45 which low ORDINANCE No. III-J AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ZON-i ING ORDINANCE No. 1000 OF THE j CITY OF REDLANDS BY ADOPT-; ING AMENDMENT No. 45 THERE- 1 TO. The City Council of the City of! Redlands does ordain as follows: i SECTION ONE: That Zoning Ordi -j nance No. 1000 of the City of Red- ,i c t f i.,, n c -inci ,..:iu ^or * n r„i lands be and is hereby amended by 41st tla > 0f 1964 Wllh j2a to fol " THE ALMANAC Today is Monday. Feb. 10, the BESIDES, X HEAR PERIODICALLY FROMfHS MOOPL C MANOR ^^^OTl^iE -fo KENEW AW^ •SPIRIT AMD REFRESH rVW CREATIVE; ftJNMcRS/ PERHAPS X REALLY SHOULD OPEKJ ADOWtsl- TOVNM OrRC£-»^CONOL>CilN£> MV BUSINESS APPAIf?S FROM. H0M.& MA'S ITS DRAWBACKS", -j ESAD.' > -too VOUEM VOL) RETURN TO TH& CAVE.' SUSTER. A TOLD ME ABOUT THE <l CHAIR —AN 1 HE SAYS A GOOD UPHOLSTERIN' 303 WILL THAtv! A PATl •SPACE COME ON, CANDY- RU3 TH' REST Cf THAT ^ 1 HAIR CTLOFP ONTO 'I'll VOUR PILLOW; vou < ' 1 WILLIE-BOYS MAKE A BARBERSHOP V.'M-L HARPER TO CLEAN THAN TH' FLOOR OP A ROUNP- „ V HOUSE; mm ."-I 0 B"RN 7HIRTV YEARS TOO SOON cle 1 and 2 of Chapter 1. Part 7. i ^"rxm v'f-'-n .V, lollows: Division II of the Labor Code of The j EXCEPTIONS -—PROJECTION* IV- new nh-nn State of California, not less than I T „-V-Spr! 4 b fKOJtl. i new pnase. the general prevailing rate of Pjr: The evening stars arc Venus S enTrarTeva1hng n r°a,e ,e o pcrVcm '« exce«I thirty ,x>, feet ,n width: and Jupiter, 'for' e h acn idi c?aff"or ' °nX^J^!r y 'SS SS'Z 2™™^%^^^**".*™?. •• cn ; 10 ' '«« ' hp " ar prop " In 1933. a new feature in tele- r e „^r. m s£ a r»^^ servicc was imroduceti The moon is aproaching its On this day in history: lands Unified School Di>trict and as twenty-five «t"forth""in the schedule of such; a minimum wages specifically hereinafter set: L ™ , ofSsl!u d ^:™ n fSS. w - th ,hc deIiver >' of "^nsing; OPERATORS der. which prevailing raic^ are contained in said Specifications, adopted by the Board of Trustees, and the following rates are believed to be those now in effect: Cla^ifiratinn Kate Per Hoar LABORERS General Operator of Pneumatic and Electric Tools, etc. ... ?> 57 Roto-Scraper 57 Crihbrr or Shorer ;t.72 Driller, jackhammer. 2'i' drill <tcel or lonqrr ... 3.G5 Fine Grader. Highway and Street Pavinc. or similar type Fl.'ifjmr.n Powderman Riprap Stonepavcr . Rock Slingcr . Watchman Foreman — not Ic^s than .:10c hour over highest c'a>tifica- tion r. ::8 72 it. 33 2.70 forth. for the R-l and R-l-D districts: 21001 telegrams. hail bTpild to'aii" u^n1^" areem ;«; J« r . ^ r f- 8 ^^ J" d | In 1937. Chinese Communists BASIC TRADES Classification CARPENTERS Carpenter Floorlayer . . Millwright Saw Filer $4.30 . 4.50 . 4.50 . 4.38 , j T ,..«Vt h - th*. run 2500 square feet for the R-E and R-A S V r T^SMAui'.W.S t5 ?:r&^i*J&n ££Z* war with the regime of Chi- uawo^ow ma >' not conlain an ^ ««tached acjang Kai-shek in favor of a as ioiio\*f>. cessory buildings. No permitted pro-\ t ... . ^ f r n Hoarlr Jection shall be located closer than! unned front against the Ja- ware Bate len ' l0 ' feet from an >* existing OT 'panesc invaders. 'potential structure on abutting resi- . , nio 4 . . . • -,- . dentiai properties. j In 1942, the last civilian auto- SECTION TWO: Before adopting: mobiles rolled off the assembly this Ordinance, the City Council ,. _ ^ „ - , ^ Table Power Saw Operator 4.40 FOREMAN: Receives not less than 40c per hour more than the hourly rate of the highest classification over which he has supervision, except Pneumatic Ni-iler. CEMENT MASONS Cement Mason 4.14 Cement Mason tCompo>ition or Mastic . . 4.26 Cement Floor Finishing Machine Operator . 433 FOREMAN: Receives not less than 40c per hour more than the hourly rate of the highest classification over which he has supervision. IRON WORKERS Reinforcing Iron Worker 4.73 FOREMAN: Receives not less than 35c per hour more than the hourly rate of the highest classification over which he has supervision. LABORERS Laborers. General or Construction 336 Operators and Tenders of Pneumatic and Electric Tools. Vibrating Machines and similar mechanical toots not separately classified herein 3.57 Asphalt Raker and Ironer 3.57 Concrete Curer—Impervious Membrane 3.55 Drillers (All Others! ......u 3.65 Landscape Gardener and- Nursery Man 3.46 Sandblaster 'Nozzlemani 3.81 Sandblaster 'Pot Tender" 3.55 Sewer Pipe Layer (Excluding Caulker) 3.67 Sewer Pipe Caulker (Using Caulking Tools* 3.55 Tarman and Mortarman 3.41 Watchman 2.70 Window Cleaner 3.36 FOREMAN: Receives not less than 30c per hour more than the hourly rate of the hiche«a classification over which he has supervision. OPERATING ENGINEERS Apprentice Engineer, including Fireman. Oiler and Greaser . 3.33 Air Compressor. Pump or Generator Operator . 3.78 Boring Machine Operator "excluding pneumatic or equipment of similar capacity) .. 4.37 Concrete or Asphalt Spreading. Mechanical Tamping or Finishing Machine Operator.. 4 56 Concrete Mobile Mixer Operator 4.66 Concrete Mixer Operator — Paving . 4.66 Concrete Mixer Operator — Skip Type . 4 02 Elevator Grader Operator 4.66 Elevator Hoist Operator 4.26 Material Loader or Conveyer Operator 4.02 Motor Patrol Operator, including any type of power blade 4.66 Oshkosh. DW 10. 20. 2! Euclid Scraper or Tournapuil Operator 4.56 Pile Driver Operator. Skid Rig or Floating 4.66 Power Sweeper. Elgin or similar type equipment 4.37 Generator, Pump or Compressor Operator (3 or more portable unitsi 4.02 Generator, Pump or Compressor Plant Operator - 4.02 Roller Operator - 4.37 Skip Loader Operator — Wheel Type (without draff type attachments* 4.02 Screed Operator 4.37 Tractor Hi-Lift Shovel. Athey. Euclid. Sierra or similar type front and loader operator 4.66 Tractor Operator — Bulldozer, Tamper. Scraper. Drag Type Shovel or similar type 4.56 Tractor Operator — Boom Attachments 4.66 Tractor Operator — Scraper or Drag Type Shovel Tandom 4.68 Trenching Machine Operator <7 ft. depth capacity, manufacturer's rating* 4.68 Universal Equipment Operator • Shovel. Back Hoc. Dragline Derrick. Derrick-Barge. Clamshell. Crane or Pile Driver . 4.66 FOREMAN: Receives not less than 35c per hour more than the hourly rate of the highest operating engineers classification under his supervision. TRUCK DRIVERS Drivers of Dump Trucks of less I than 4 yds. water level 3.82 Drivers of Dump Trucks — 4 | yds. but less than 8 yds. wa- | ter level 3.85 j Drivers of Dump Trucks — 8 yds. but less than 12 yds. water level 3.90 Drivers of Trucks — Legal Payload capacity less than 6 tons 3.82 Drivers of Trucks — Legal Payload capacity between 6 and 10 tons - ~. 3.85 Drivers of Trucks —Legal Payload capacity between 10 and 15 tons 3.90 Drivers of Dumpster Trucks 4.20 Drivers of Transit-Mix Trucks— under 3 yds 4.06 Drivers of Transit-Mix Trucks^— 3 yds. or more 4 20 Warehousemen and Teamsters... 3.74 FOREMAN: Receives not less than 25s per hour more than the hourly rate of the highest classification over which he has supervision SUB-TRADES ASBESTOS WORKERS Asbestos Worker . : 4.76 BRICKLAYERS Bricklayer and Stone Mason— 4.60 Bricktender - 3.70 Marble Setter - 4.695 Terrazio Setter ~~ 4.10 Tile Setter - 4.725 CARPET AND LINOLEUM LAYER Carpet. Linoleum and Soft Tile Layer 4.40 ELECTRICIANS Electrician General Foreman 6.43 Electrician Foreman 3-C5 Cable Splicer 3.36 Electrician ~ 5.26 GLAZIER Glazier — 4.31 GUNITE WORKERS Reboundman 3.475 Gun Man 3.935 Nozzle Man and Rod Man — 4.: HOUSEMOVERS Housemover—Foreman „ 4.065 Houaemover — Journeyman — 3.&05 held a public hearing, notice of, lines in Detroit, as the industry which was published in the City o" Redlands on the 27th day of January which was published in the city ofi was converted for war produc 1964. 7 days before the hearing. j tion. SECTION THREE: This ordinance] j n join Arthur ATillpr - '; nlav shall be in force and take effect asi In 1J4a - rtrlnur ' lllucr s P la >provided by law. : "Death of a Salesman" opened SECTION FOUR: The City Clerk • v v ,. *ha!l certify to the adopting of this, 1 " -' Lw 1UI *Ordinance and cause the same to be! published once in the Redlands Daily : A thought for the day—Ger -j Facts, a newspaper of general cir- „_„ „u;i„..„«u«« ci ! cuiation printed and published in ma n philosopher Arthur Scho-, this city. penhaucr said: '"Every man s/ CHARLES C. PARKER. :! . .. ,. .. ... , ,' Mavor of the citv of takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the [ world."' | : BENNY IN HOSPITAL SANTA MONICA. Calif. (UPl'l Rcdlandb 1 Attest: HAZEL M. SOPER. I City Clerk. .Approved for Form: s/ EDWARD F. TAYLOR. City Attorney. I herehv certify that the foregoing: T „ , „ , ordinance was adopted by the City |—Jack Benny underwent sue Council of the City of Redlands at: C essful surgcrv Sunday for re a regular meeting thereof held on m ^ , , " n the 4th day of February. 1964. by mova * Ol a small. non-ma ^vSc ow 2 nB V M te: rj Hgnant growth inside his nose AYES: Councilmen Martinez. Burroughs. Hartzell, Mayor Parker. NOES: None. Attendants at St. John's Hospital said removal of the j growth known as a "beign; polyp" would make it easier! for the 69-year-old comedian to j ——7:speak. He was expected to re- NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETI- - ., . . . . ! TION FOR PROBATE OF wnx AND main in the hospital for two FOR LETTERS TESTAMENTARY | or three days. No. 33338 ! In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the Count> ABSENT: Councilman Wagner. HAZEL M. SOPER. City Clerk of the City Redlands. (SEALt NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 33301 Superior Court of the State of California, for the County of S;m Bernardino. Skiploader. wheel type, without drngtype attacn., % yd. or icss ... 4.02 Skiploader. wheeltyp?. over '» yd. and incl. 2 yoN. 4.56" Tractor Operator 'dragtype shovel, bulldozer, tamper, scraper and push tractor or similar type' . 4.38 Tractor Operator—with Boom attachments . .. 4.28 Universal Equipment Operator ishovel. back hoe. drac- linc. derrick, clamshell, crane, mucking, etc. . .. 4.65 Loader Operator. Sierra. Hancock. Euclid or similar type ... 4.M Multiple Engine—Earth Moving Machinery Operator. . .. 4.68 Foreman — not less than .3.1c hour over highest classification TEAMSTERS Various classifications, dump truck drivers — lowest 3K2 highest 4 33 Water or Tank type Truck Driver, under 2500 gallons 3.5C Water or Tank type Truck Driver. 2500 gallon,-4000 gallons 400 Water or Tank type Truck Driver. 400O gallons and over . .. 4.12 DW" 10 and DW 20 Euclid-type Equipment. Le Tourneau Pull?. Terra Cobras and similar type equipment: also PB and similar type trucks when performing work within the Teamster jurisdiction, regardless of type of attachments 4.763 Winch Truck Driver — 12'.c per hour additional when operating power winch or similar special attachments Truck Greaser and Tireman... 4.15 Truck Repairman 4.765 Truck Repairman Helper 4.035 All foremen not herein separately classified shall be paid not less than twenty-five cents '.25c> per hour more than the hourly wage rate of the highest classification over which he has supervision. Apprentices may be employed in conformity with Section 1777.5 of the California Labor Code. It shall be mandatory upon the Contractor to whom a contract is awarded and upon all sub-con tractors of San Bernardino. In the Matter of the Estate or WILL L. FOWLER, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that the petition of Elizabeth E. Fowler for Estate of RICHARD A. BERGI.V. the Probate of Will of Will L. Fowl -j Deceased. er. the above named decedent, and! Notice U hereby given to the credi-iimder him to pay not less than said for the issuance of Letters Testa-itors of the above named decedent general prevailing rates of per diem mentary thereon to Elizabeth E. • that all persons having claims against wages to all workmen employed in Fowler, petitioner, reference to which the said decedent are required to the execution of the Contract, is herebv made for further particu- file them, with the necessary vouch-; 5. PROPOSAL FORM lars. will be heard at 9:30 o'clock! ers. in the office of the clerk of the Each Proposal shaii be made in a.m.. on February* 21st. 1964. in the above entitled court, or to present duplicate on a form to be obtained court room of the Probate Depart- - them, with the necessary vouchers, at the office of the Architect. Each ment. Room 303 of the above entitled! to the undersigned at 5'.. East State-Proposal shall be sealed in a plain Court at the courthouse in the Citvt Street. Redlands. California, which envelope with the name of the bid- of San Bernardino in the above ( is the place of business of the un- der and the kind of work on which designated county and state. [dersigned in all matters pertaining• he bids marked plainly on the face Dated Februarv 10th. 1964. to the otate of said decedent, with- of the envelope and filed with the V. DENNIS WARDLE. Clerk, m six months after the first publica- Board of Trustees of the District at By Edith Campbell. ' tion of thi» notice. or before the time stated above. Deputy Clerk ' Dated February 7. 1964. R. BID GUARANTEE > PHILIP S. BERGIN. a. Each bid shall be accompanied r.\ecutor of the Estate of bv a certified or cashiers check or the above named decedent, aid Bond for five per cent ).V;i PAUL B. WILSON, Gt'AY P- WILSON. 306 Ea*t State Street. Redlands. California. Attornevs for Petitioner. (First publication Feb 10. Ifi64 . 4.795 . 4.345 . 4.72 . 4.25 . 4.37 . 4.37 . 4.52 4.50 4.62 5.02 3 B."i5 3.92 - Junior Housemover iFirst 12 months' Yard Maintenance Man IRON WORKERS Fence Erector Ornamental Iron W*orker Structural Iron Worker LATHERS Lather tMetal Furring' Lather * Metal Furring" Foreman Lather (Nail On> Lather 'Nail Ont Foreman PAINTERS Painter. Brush Painter, Brush. Swing Stage Painter, Steel and Bridge Painter. Steel and Bridge, Swing Stage Painter. Spray Gun or Sandblaster Painter, Spray Gun or Sandblaster. Swing Stage PLASTERERS Plasterer Foreman 4.32 Plasterer Plasterer Tender 4.35 PIPE TRADES Plumber — Foreman Plumber . . Plumber — Lead or Cement Caulker . Stcamfitter — Foreman . Steamfitter Sprinkler Fitter . Sprinkler Fitter — Foreman ROOFERS Roofer Roofer — Foreman SHEET METAL Sheet Metal Worker TILE. MARBLE OR TERRAZZO HELPERS Marble Setter Helper Tile Setter Helper Tcrrazzo — Base Machine Operator 4 06 Terrazzo — Floor Machine Operator and Helper . 3.795 Should any of the foregoing hourly rates not be in accordance with latest posted wage rates, then the latest posted wage rate will govern. It shall be mandatory upon the Contractor to whom the contract is awarded and upon any subcontractor under him to pay not less than the said specified rates to all laborers, workmen and mechanics employed by them In the execution of the contract. Notice is hereby given that ell bidders may submit with their bids a sworn statement of their financial responsibility, technical ability and experience. Such sworn statement may be required to be furnished before award is made to any particular bidder. Each bid shall be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check or a bid bond for five per cent t5^> of the amount of the bid and made payable to the order of the Redlands Unified School District. Each bid shall be sealed and filed in the office of the Superintendent of Schools office on or before 8:00 pm. Thursday. March 5. 1964. shortly after which they shaU be publicly opened and read aloud. The above mentioned check or bond shall be a guarantee that the bidder will enter into the contract if awarded to him and will be de -j c la red forfeited if the successful, bidder refuses to enter into said contract after being requested to do so| by the School Board. The School Board reserves the! right to reject any or all bids, or waive any informality in a bid. i No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty »30i days after the date set for the opening thereof. Signed. CHARLES R. STULTZ. First publication Feb. 10, 1964 Second publication Feb. 17. 1964 Bid opening Max. 5, I9b% FDWIN R. HALES. Attorney at Law. .V j Eavt Stare Street. P. O. Box l«t. Rcd'ands. California. 3 575 Telephone: 793-5431. 3 305 Attorney for Executor. • Fi^t publication Feb. 10. 1964 4 SO 5 00 5.00 of the amount. pa>able to the order of the Redlands. Unified School District. Redlands. California. b. Said check or bond shall be given as a guarantee that the bidder will enter into the Contract if awarded to him. In the event the bidder refuses to execute the said Contract, the use by the public of said structure will be delayed and the public ' will suffer great riamace. From the 4 : No [nature of the case, it would be ex- ^Sln the Superior Court of the Stale of'! remeIy .<J ifficu " a " d . itnpracticable i rniifrt-nia i n fnr »h<> fnimtv' to flx 531(1 amount of damage. Therefore, the District and the bidder NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL AND FOR LETTERS TESTAMENTARY No. California, in and for the County of San Bernardino. In the Matter of the Estate of JESSE H. PASSFIELD, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that the petition of Henton S. Brenan for the Probate of Will of Jesse H. Passfield. the above named decedent, and for the issuance of Letters Testamentary thereon to Henton S. Erenan. peti- agree that the above sum shall be paid to the District under the conditions above set forth as liquidated damages and not as forfeiture. 7. RIGHT TO REJECT BIDS The Board of Trustees reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any irregularities or in- tioner. reference to which is hereby! formalities in any bid or m the bid- made for further particulars, will be< ding. heard at 9:30 o'clock a.m.. on Fri-| 3. WITHDRAWAL OF BIDS day. February 14. 1964, in the court! No bidder may withdraw his bid room of the Probate Department.! for a period of thirty i30i days after 4 445 [Room 308 of the above entitled Court ; the date set for the opening thereof, [at the courthouse in the City of San' REDLANDS UNIFIED SCHOOL I Bernardino in the above designated. DISTRICT 5 31 ! county and state. i CHARLES R. STULTZ, 4 S3 I Dated January 31. 1964. j Clerk. Board of Trustees. • V. DENNIS WARDLE. Clerk. First Publication: February 10. 1964 433 I By Martin Sponsler. Second Publication: February 17, 1964 5 31 j Deputy Clerk. I Bid Opening: February 24. 1964 433 j HENTON S. BRENAN. 5.19 |*T06 East State Street. 5.565, Redlands. California. Petitioner. 4.40 • 'First publication Feb 3. 1964' 4/T5 1 Facts Classified Ads Can Sell Anything Call PY *-3221 TIZZY By Rate Osann "I'm afraid I have some very disappointing news for you, Herbie. My father wants to use the phone now!"

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