Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on May 24, 1965 · Page 6
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 6

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1965
Page 6
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: Creensburg. Daily News •B. ^..^ . Sontheasteni Indiana'! Greatest Mi Published da¥y ««ept Sunday and csrtata- „, •* Jl Publishing Company. Entered is Second dan End.).Post Office. L j Member—Hoosier State Press Ann.; Bureau 'of- AdverUiinc (ANPA); Indiana Republican "Editorial Assn.; Inland 'Pally Press Aim. /,- ' fa __,.--. - • SCBSCEIPTION RATES By Carrier In City and Towns—Per Week. By Mail (Indians) Year In Advance. .Three Months" Less,Than Three Months—Month.. By Mail (Outside Indiana) Year Six Months 1 " ThreejMonttis . ^ Less Than Three Months—Month. i^_ ... -~ Mall Subscriptions Cannot Be Accepted In Towns With Carrier Delivery Creensburs; Standard ... Creensburg Daily Review ;7reensburg Daily News ]~ -nM«ftI«M H+nt» >T« *t _!!... 1 ..Established 1835 ..Establlshed 1870 "' ' ---- Established Jan. 1, 1894 In Daily News ."„: ™_...;=_™.._ _Jann. 1918 APRIL 1, 1965 5816 All-Out Bid for Nuclear Accelerator Site Gov. Roger D. Branigin has indicated that he plans to accord top priority to the Indiana effort to secure ( the new nuclear accelerator installation of the Atomic Energy Commission. , .. Already, a top-flight group is working on amassing information that will be of assistance to the Indiana presentation. Indiana has all of the requisites for this multi-million dollar installation: Location in the nation; suitable areas; higher educational facilities; and cultural opportunities. Not only would such an installation mean the influx of some 2,000 top scientists would mean establishment of one of the most important nuclear centers of the nation in Indiana. • Such a facility would attract scientists from the United States and foreign nations. In importance to the future of Indiana's economy, the project ranks in scope with the Hoosier Port on Lake Michigan. The preferred site appears to be in the area of Eagle .Creek Reservoir north of Indianapolis. A tract in Southwestern Marion County, Camp Atterbury and Jefferson Proving Ground have been suggested. In all probability, the state site committee appointed by Gov. Branigin will narrow its case down to one or two locations. The Camp Atterbury area might have some advantages. The Indiana governor has indicated that it may be necessary to call a special session of the Indiana General Assembly to make certain that some of the requirements of the Atomic Energy Commission can be met. The Indiana quest for selection as the site for the nuclear accelerator site is of such importance to the future of Indiana that it merits a special legislative session, if there is any question about the ability of the Hoosier State to meet any requirements. ' DALLAS; (UPI) - Jack Ruby's brother charged ,in court today that Melvin Belli. and J H. Tonahill neglected Ruby in 'his murder trial to make a movie. The story about the • movie came out jn a hearing |to determine whether Tonahill will be fired as Ruby's lawyer. Ruby and his family want/to get Tonahill out of the. case,; but Tonahill maintains that Ruby is insane and that he (Tona- hill) has a "moral and legal obligation" to stand by him. Ruby, 47, was found guilty March 14, 1964 of murdering Lee Harvey Oswald, President Kennedy's assassin, and sentenced to the electric chair. The case is now on appeal. In response to a question as to when they first decided they wanted Tonahill out, Earl Ruby said that he started thinking about a change in counsel during the actual murder trial. ' "I was thinking about making a change during the trial, especially when I learned they were making a movie and were not spending enough time with my brother and with the witnesses.-" Weekend Traffic Takes Eight Lives By United Press International Two double-fatality accidents helped push Indiana's traffic death toll to at least 521 during the weekend: compared with 431 a year. ago. The weekend toll was eight. David Reed, 24, Attica, and Clara "Louise • White, • • 51, 'Attica, were killed Sunday in a head-on collision in U.S. 41 about two miles south of Attica. Police said a car driven by Ronald S w a d 1 e y, 17, WilUamsport, crossed the center line and hit the car Reed was driving with the woman as a passenger. Swaoley was injured. John Home, Sr., 51, a retired Indianapolis policeman, and his former wife, Mrs. Ethel Horne, 51, Indianapolis, were killed when their car hit a culvert and a tree on the southeastern outskirts of Saturday. Indianapolis early Herald Girardot, 58, Auburn, was killed Sunday when his car hit a tree in Auburn. • Ernest R. Lee, 53, Indianapolis, was killed when his car hit a bridge Lebanon on U.S. Sunday. 52 south of A coroner's report said he suffered a heart attack which caused the acci- OAS (Continued from Page One) However, in a later incident at the power plant involving gunfire, American troops returned the fire. Makes Radio Address Imbert made a 20-minute radio and television address in which he said his government would be dedicated to progressive legislation when peace is restored. The day was quiet with only scattered gunshots heard. "Liberty will never be in danger under a government I lead," the junta leader declared. Imbert was one of the assassins of dictator Rafael Trujillo, who ruled the Dominican. Republic for 33 years until he was gunned down four years ago. The United States this week is expected to withdraw about 1,700 of the estimated 21,500 Marines and paratroopers on duty here. American officials now feel the Dominican Republic will not fall, victim to a Communist takeover. They also indicate they have reason to believe there will be no further heavy fighting. Seek Political Solution The primary problem now is to find a political solution to the crisis and the United States is looking to OAS diplomats to help restore a constitutionalist, government. ; The United States would like to see a government with Antonio Guzman Silvestre as one of its leaders. The rebel commanders are known,to be in favor of Guzman but Imbert and the .junta leaders have refused to accept him as part of a 'compromise. ' dent but that Lee died of his injuries. He was an executive of two Indianapolis finance firms, a senior military aide to' Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower during World War II, and chairman of the State Board of Financial Institutions during Gov. George Craig's administration. Resinal Cummings, Louisville, was killed in an accident on Indiana 235 southwest of Seymour Saturday, and Daniel Harman, 23, Burrows, was killed Friday night^when struck by a car while lying in Indiana 25 southwest of Logansport. Gasoline Fire Fatal To Two-Year-Old Tot ' FORT WAYNE, Ind. (UPI) — Two-year-old Christopher Meeks died Saturday night at Parkview Hospital a few hours after his body was seared from head to toe by flames from a flash fire in his home. Authorities said the child, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Meeks, was playing with a can of gasoline when fumes were ignited by the pilot light of a gas dryer. LA PAZ, Bolivia (UPD—Army troops today marched against striking workers in 17 tin mines after embattled miners seized 70 army men as hostages. The miners called for civil war against the military junta government. Heavy gunfire at Milluni, outside La Paz, was interpreted as meaning that the mine had been captured by troops. Frantic radio calls by strikers offering to end their walkout if the junta would call off the troops were ignored by the government. WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Supreme Court today knocked down as unconstitutional a 1962 law restricting U. S. mail deliveries of Communist political propaganda from abroad. The law provides among other things that such mail cannot be delivered unless the addressee requests it hi writing. The court found this an abridgement of First Amendment rights. LONDON (UPI) — A British counter-insurgency expert said today in an interview with the London Evening Standard that the Viet.Cong have defeated the Americans in the guerrilla phase of the Vietnamese war and may win total victory within a year. The newspaper said the views of R. G. K. Thompson, head of the British advisory mission to South Viet Nam, had been forwarded to the U. S. government. SERVES AS PAGE LONDON (UPI) — Viscount Linley, three-year-old son of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden, was a page boy at the wedding Sunday of his father's half-brother Martin Parsons, and Aline MacDonald. BRUSSELS (UPI) — Premier Theo Lefevre went to the royal palace today to submit the resignation of his Catholic-Socialist cabinet after results from Sunday's parlimentary elections showed the coalition parties had lost majority control of the lower house. TAIPEI, Formosa (UPI)—Nationalist Chinese intelligence officers said today Communist China has been moving military equipment toward its bordei with North Viet Nam in the pasl two weeks. The move was seen as a feinl by the Peking regime to frighten the United States away from any plans it may have for expending the war in Viet Nam rather than a step toward outright Chinese intervention. • MONTREAL (UPI) — Terrorists bombed an office building and threatened other attacks that .- sent police' scurrying 'throughout the city Dearly today as Canadians began celebrations commemorating its ties with Britain. .Nobody was killed or injured b the blast, which .police attributed to French Canadian separatists. WASHINGTON (UPI) — Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson today opened the White House conference on natural beauty with a call for Americans to wipe out ugliness in the land and produce "a more beautiful America." In prepared remarks at the start of the two-day conference that she helped inspire, the First Lady said, "In the catalog of ills which afflicts mankind, civic ugliness andj the decay of our cities and countryside is high on America's agenda." WASHINGTON (UPI) — The nation's top labor mediator believes that organized labor's major weapon— the strike — has become almost useless in a few automated industries. William E. Simkin, director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, said the power of a union. walkout to affect a company may be diminishing in other areas, too. STUTTGART. (UPI) — Queen Elizabeth II today was cheered by hundreds of thousands as she rode standing in an open limousine through the home country of her grandmother, Queen Mary. The monarch and her husband. Prince Philip, arrived here at mid-morning aboard their luxury train from Salem on Lake Constance, where they spent a relaxing weekend with their German in-laws. MIAMI (UPI) — A25-year- pld man Sunday ran through a "Jungleiand" zoo yelling "I'm saving us from the animals." Fifteen policemen didn't believe him. They caught him after a 30-minute chase near a raccoon cage. He had been opening the doors,to .cages occupied by chickens, ducks, goats and baboons. ^ "Oh well, this is show business," said zoo operator Tommy Dale. Fortnation pf School I/reft ~ v . . } h ReWtiled BRQOKVILLE, Ind. — A sec -ond metropolitan school district has been formed in Franklin County, serving the townships not affiliated with Brookville Metropolitan School District ant the Batesville Community School Corp. Organization of the new district was revealed hi an answer to a court action filed by Brook ville MSD, seeking to force an election hi its action to include other townships in its district. Trustees of the six townships signed the resolution creating the district in April. They are Howard L. Hedrick, Posey Township; Donald McCarty, Salt Creek; Orville Seal, Springfield; Steve Fox, Metamora; Howard Cleaver, Whitewater, and Eugene Wiggins, Laurel. Brookville MSD is composed of Brookville, Butler, Highland Fairfield and Blooming Grove Townships. It sought the election in the entire district to include Springfield and Metamora townships, and met opposition hi those communities. • Whitewater and Metamora townships objected to the election for then- inclusion hi Brookville MSD because the Brookville district voters also would be eligible to vote. Ray township is affiliated with the Batesville. school unit. Phillips Johnson, Versailles attorney, was .named special judge in the. election proceedings. He recently ordered the Franklin County election board to file an answer to the complaint. Formation of the second school district was revealed in the answer. Five Youths Drown In Indiana Waters Quality Prescription EYEGLASSES AS LOW AS._ '11 95 * * SINGLE VISION LENSES BIFOCALS PRICED FROM .. Highest Quality Materials ... • Frames Repaired and Re- and all services are guaranteed! We're £ lac » ed . ' t - _ . \ , a complete optical center for the • Heat-Treated Safety Lenses entire family. • Tn-Focais • Sunglasses COLUMBUS OPTICAL CO. OPEN 9-5 WEEKDAYS OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHTS TIL 8:30 Use Your Irwin Union Charge No Appointment Necessary 745 Washington St. Phone 372-4117 By United Press International Three children and two 18- year-olds drowned in Indiana water accidents during the, warmest weekend of the season^ Steven Stolte, 18, drowned Saturday in Center Lake as he played tag ba^ while on a senior class picnic. Stolte, of R.R. 2, Bourbon, would have been graduated tonight from Triton High School at Bourbon, where he was a member of the basketball and track teams. The youngest, Mark Wasyl- czak, 7, R.R. 4, West Terre Haute, drowned Saturday when he fell from a tree limb hanging over the Wabash River near Dresser. Police said the boy was playing with his eight-year-old sister before he climbed the tree and fell into the river. Larry Lawson, 12, and Butch Williams 9, both of Muncie, drowned Sunday afternoon while swimming in the White River in Muncie. Police said the boys were swimming with Williams' brother, Richard, 14, when they disappeared hi about 10 feet of water. Rescue attempts by a group oi people proved futle Sunday as Gary Dial, 18, drowned while swimming with Norma Mt. Jo, 18, Daleville, in a pond on the Bob Godman farm southeast of Yorktown. The girl told police the youth complained of being tired and they were heading for shore when he disappeared beneath the .surface. .THE FASHION SHOP FOR DISTINCTIVE For Your Graduate YOU'LL BE MORE THAN PLEASED • WITH OUR EXCELLENT SELECTION Yoiitfe Is Our Specialty THE FASHION SHOP SOUTH SIM SQUARE Viet Cong (Continued from Paf* One) trucks, in the convoy burning and the others damaged. ' After daybreak, two sets of U.S. Air Force fighter-bombers ranged over 10 North Vietnamese highways, attacking secondary bridges with rockets and bullpup guided missiles. ; Today's missions followed a series of .sorties Sunday and Sunday night in which wave after wave, of American and South Vietnamese planes hammered Communist targets with tons of bombs and rockets. One U.S. Air Force jet was lost Sunday, but the pilot was rescued from the sea. Reporting on the big ambush southwest of Saigon, a spokesman .for U. S. military headquarters said a third American accompanying the Vietnamese unit was reported to have been found safe by relief forces which aided in the evacuation of at least 16; of the government .wounded today. Local commanders were still counting dead/and wounded almost 24 hours after the Viet Cong struck, and detailed reports on the fighting were delayed by a breakdown in communications between field command, posts, . Attacked During March The headquarters spokesman here said the Viet Cong attacked as the Vietnamese troops were inarching .between the district town of Khai Trang and the government outpost at Thoi Binh in upper An Xuyen Province. The site is on the southern fringes of the U Minn Forest, an area known to be the stronghold of a Viet Cong battalion. The three other Americans slain during the weekend were victims of two bloody ambushes north of Saigon on Saturday. One American was listed as missing and presumably captured in the Saturday action and' another was wounded. Military officials 'said 55 Vietnamese were killed, seven wounded and eight missing as a result of the Saturday assaults. A spokesman said there were indications that some Vietnamese were killed after, being wounded or captured. One Vietnamese officer was found dead' with his hands tied behind his back. The largest of the weekend air attacks on the Communist north was staged Sun day., when 160 American and South Vietnamese planes attacked barracks, bridges, highways and radar stations. RANGE COUNTRY SANTA FE — About one million cattle and one million sheep graze in the range lands of New' Mexico. — Photo by Gay. Harold Klosterkemper, manager of the new Sunoco service station at the north edge of Greensburg watches as Mayor Sherman G. Miers cuts the ribbon officially opening the station for business. A grand opening was held Thursday, Friday and Saturday with clowns and free gifts and prizes. The station will be open from 7 a. m. to 10 p. m. seven days a week. I saiii was: Show me a filter that delivers th$ taste and Hi eat my fiat." L. ®A. Try new Lucky Strike Filters' Product o Cardboard and desk blotters at The Daily News. gasoline one last time (just before it enters your tank!) Most gasolines are dean when they leave the refinery. 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