The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1952
Page 4
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rem KBW8 TKt COtTHHTR WTW* CO. K. W. HAINZS, PuWViher KARRT A. HAINB8, AMkstant PHbHshM A. A. rHBORICKSOM, Editor D. HUMAN, Adtertklng M»nns«r fcolt National AdTertlslng ReprcwnUliTpa: WtUen Witmer Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, AtlanU, Merophto, Enter"! £* Mcond. class m»lt«r »* tht rjoai- •Hlce. »t Blrthev'.lle, .Arkurvis, *nd«T Ml of Con- crfM, October «, 1911. Member ol The AsaoctaVfd Pr*« 8UMCRIPTION HATWI: By carrier In the city of Blrtherllle or »ny suburban town where cftrrler serriw !• maintained, 25c per week. By mull, rllhin a ratlins rvf 50 miles, »5 00 per year, $2.50 for MX months tl. 25 for three monlhi; by nail outside 54 mile zone, 112.69 per retr payable in advance. Meditations I have *el the !x>rd always before me: hrcatiss he is at my rl^ht hand, J shall nut IN- mnvcd. Therefore my hrart F* Harl, and my ffhiry rrjok-- elh; mj" flesh also shall mi in hope.—Psalms .16:8.9. » * * ' Nearer my God, to Thee— Nearer to Thee— E'en though it be a crots That ral&eth me; 8011 all mj* shall be Nearer, my God. to Thee, Nearer to Thee; —Sarah Flower Adp.mB Barbs We're tjegirming to Bonder II the pretty girls on the beaches are ever going to get tired of being Uughl to flwltn. f * * * Some poHUcIaru start handing out chestnut* befort they're hi season. * * * K you want the boys overseas to knar that we're backing (item up, blood will tell. * * * Tfee ir«![-dre*Kd man ihmild have 14 luits, «ys k stylist. Hvrriih! We're only 13 short! * * ' * Diamonds are so hard they can destroy any known metal—especially the silver dollar. Television Could Revive 'Lincoln-Douglas' Debates We always -salt! televisiA would grow up and amount to something some day. Now it's got its big chance. There's talk of a series of hour-long debates between Adlai Stevenson, speaking the affirmative on whether (he Democratic Party is a good tliinR, and General Eisenhower, taking the negative. This would he Ihe biggest thinp nf its kind since Lincoln a n r) Dnttsrlns squared off in a similar engagement in 1858. Scheduled at any hour except maybe 4 a.m., R televised Stevenson-Eisenhower debate on the big campaign issues would have a larger audience than the entire population of the United Stales in 1858, which was just under 30,000,000. Stevenson is reported interested in the idea, and small wonder. The coln-Doug-las debates were held right around Springfield. 111., the section where Stevenson was raised and where he now holds forth as governor. Furthermore, the. Lincoln - Douglas debates were first suggested and then personally arranged for by Stevenson's grandfather on his mother's side. Jesse Felt, who was a friend of both Lincoln and IJouplas. Too, Stevenson has hern likened In Lincoln both as to certain qualities of mind anil their similarly lean and lucid styles of writing and speaking. That would stand him in good stead in tie- bate. Despite Ki?enhower's personal magnetism ami his good mind, which would do well by him in a TV debate, he could hardly be blamed for declining to tangle with a man as well adapted to that field of endeavor as is Stevenson. But aside from and above Hie qualification,- and inclinations of the participants in Bny such drhale, is Ihe overriding omsidwaiinn of the value such a thing would he to the country as a whole. It would bring to the votfirs in dramatic form the issues lo be decided nnd the Democratic and Republican ideas for solving them. At the. moment the differences of Ihe two nominees on certain hig issues is not too clear. On foreign policy, for instance they're pretty much together. Both are Internationalists with a capital "I." On many domestic issues the)- are not far (ASS.) COTJSTE* •part, both b«inf tnlddLe-of-the-road- ers, government economy advocates, and »nti-hig government, A television meeting between the two would he sure to hrinjr out sharply, though, those points on which they do disf^rree and it's Important for the public to know exactly what those points are and what each nominee intends to do aliouf, them. It's Ihe big.shifling i na ,ss of independent voters that would be most influenced by n clear, dramatic |)iv?seiita- lion such as the TV debates would allow. And it would be certainly a valuable gift to the democratic tradition it that clp;tr, dramatic presentation Jakes place this year, and every four years from now on. The. value of TV in letting the public gel an inside, look at politics has been demons*rated at congressional hearings and at the recent party conventions in Chicago, Both were great stimulants to public interest in government, A TV debate between Stevenson and Eisenhosver could be an even greater one. Views of Others Can Stevenson Effect Changes? I EDITORS NOTE: Tlie editorial reprinted below Is from the BJoominuton. in., Pautagraph, In which Ciov. Artlai E. Stevenson, the Dcmncratio nominee Tor president, owns about one-fourth interest.j With less than three months remaining until the presidential flection, one gratifying fact looms large. Thn voter »'ill have two splendid Americans from which to choose. . Dwieht D. Eisenhower and Arilai E Stevenson ire both hiphly Intelligent, honorable men. Both are qualified hy nallve ability, training nnd experience Ui deal with our immense nation*! problems. One nf these men vt know by reputation, the olliei- we know Intimately. Adlni Stevenson is » Bloomington native, a close friend, a cnlleazue, one of the owners of thi* newspaper. He is a man for whom we have ureat admiration and respect. On Ihe basis of his fine admlmslrnllve record m Illinois we wish WP roilld endorse him, without reservation, lor the. presidency of the United States, Bui Arilai Stevenson ha? one preat handicap. He li the candidate ot a partj which has been in control of our national government lor 20 years —i party which, under Hari-y Truman, has set all-time records lor.sriendinB. scandal and Inefficiency and hse dragged respect (or government to 1U lowest point In our history. There has heen much generalized ii>IV »bout "need (or R chariKP," Here are some concrete changes we believe (he people want: The. people want a chance from srovernmenl by crony. They have had enough of the VaURlmnn and their ilk. The peoplp want a chance from dishonesty In office, whether It be petty larceny or major crime. The people want a change from extravagant "welfare" spending in an era of lull employment snd federal deficits. The peoplp wanl a chanae from centrahza'ion o[ government. They have Ir-arned that federal grants and federal aid are costly both In dollars and in loss of local control. The people waul a chancre from the concept that eovernment exists lor special croups, such as Ihe Political Action Committee of the CIO, which spends millions of dollars at campaign time' and must "clear" anv candidate for office. Alhen Barkley wasn't 'cleared" and slated publicly »hai, If was his reason lor dropping oul of the presi- denlial race. The people 3.3,1) , chance to * government which Mil! cue all ritircn; erMial pro'fction under Ihe law. They wanl a covcnimem which will prosecute lahor monopolies iust as it prosrruies business monopolies __ a Government which will guarantee the rich's ol ih. P workmz man nurt not the pnvil'ce of thp labor how. Thp uc.iple want a chanc- from taxes winch destroy mcnrivr end discourse our economic; growth as a nation. The exodus of the American investment dollar Into Canada Is an example. The people svatll a change from diplomatic empire building 10 a **ne program of ciilin aline other flee nations' in a common rteslre for collective security. Thp people wanl a rhaner from r\tr»i ,-icaiit and mrfferlivc defence butlrtmc to a balanced dpleil-r plan which guarantees thf bf*t USE of every dollar lot which wp are going In debt our military strategy must be keyed to our portion as a mamlm* na'ion occupying two per cent of the world'? surface. The people waul a chance from Ihe effort to put government In'n rompetltion with private enterprise, such as (he snciali/al.lnn o( the power industry. They want no more confiscation o! private properly. The people waul a change from pcr-crution of those who would fxpose Communism n-hlle re- fusinc to do whal could be don* lo drive Communists, and lellow-travelers from places of public Can Adlii Rtevensoti and the lleinocralic party brirg about these chances or can they only come ohoul by a chance of party this fall? Tint will he the big question mark In Ihe mind of thouzhtfiil voters a; Ihf candidates spell oul their programs and policies in the course of the coming campaign. —SilooiningtoH tUl.) Fantflgr^pji FRIDAY, AOCrtWT Great Expectations Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD —(NBA)— Guys and Dolls: Meet the lir'st ex-wait- rcss to make (he grnde as a glam- or queen. Britain's jzorpcoNs Joan Rice, who hit moviegoers right between the eyes as Maid Marion in Walt Disney's "Robin Hood" and who will co-stnr with Burl, Lancaster in "His Majesty, O'Kcefo." may have her biography changed by the lime press agents get to her, bill she told me: "I wasn't anybody special.) did home for some nursing in aged and 1 worked as a waitress in London. A friend of mine who «'ns rtoina extra work kept telling me to try movies. I finally went to an nsreiit and he arraiWd a screen lest. I've never had aclini? experience. I just take direction. It's all I can do." Look who's dancing and singing m flickers now — 230-pound Brod Crawford. With the musical-comedy cycle popping all over movietown. don't oe. surprised when Gary Cooper and Humphrey Bogart don ballet tights. "This Is a heckuva age for me to start (his kind of stuff," Brod ^vhe'.ved on Warner's "Stop, You're | Killing Me" set. "i danced when I was a kid In my parents' vail'e-i Best Friend." . "I've got news," snapped. pi>o» a w , da when I asked ber about "Nobody's going to see my navel" ^'Hurray, my face 1* jrettia, " No, not Margaret O'Brien talk, ing. bill Don Taylor announcing that he s out of Ihe young Amer ican-boy-type groove in Para mount's "Pleasure Island." "It wasn't, Hollywood's fault thai 1 got stuck playing juveniles," Don said, -i simply photographed lika one. I learned to be patient from William Holden, who went through the same thing until he began 'to aee a liitle. Now r m putting on the age, too. and [ look old enough to Play opposite a 19-year-old girl Isn't it a heckuvi thing to be happp about looking older?" Don co-stars with Richard W!d mark in "«> Saddles to Gobi" and H will be his first stint on the fox lot since he hit Ihe studio as one of uncle Sam's boys to make Moss Hart's Air Force E h«v, "Winged Victory." Sweelness Gels Nothing It's a second Hollywood try for eye- I Dorothy Malone, the Texas" fill, and this time she's shunning all scripts (hat call for her to blush, simper and exude Ii- r "-''^ ; ' i; V ; ^>i-"'-»--i^'-'LiS i 'i, ^-' "•iasagsSeSarafeiif* 8 ^ -"--^ Peter ft/son's Washington Column- — Nations Cooperate to Refuse Tempting Trade Bait of WASHINGTON —rNEAi— Buy-. dentally but ers for Soviet Russia are now of-jBattlfi act. fering R.S much A* $1000 R ton f or j This law. taking Us name from fifl.6 per cent pure copper. The I UP principal author, ftep. Laurie U. S. price is nround 44BO a ton i C. Battle ol Alabnmn. was pnssed anri the world'' ~ market price is around 5130. It Isn't thai ville act. Even then actly graceful.',' I wasn't ex- appropriately named j other non-Communist countries In stopping trade In strategic materials to the Soviet bloc. For instance, through the so- called "additional measures" notion of the United Nations, 35 countries liav usurped to thar ore to prac licnlly last October and went Into'etfpe{ lasl Jan. 24. In brief, it provides for Ihe de- no(nj at al! ,„ communist, cmm- Iprmmaflon of what military and trips . Th inc , U( , e { f h _ alomic energy matenals should HP, Latin-American countries which embargoed by the [roe world to{ have ahvflv ., heen raw m -, lerial , requires that I suppliers to Europe coun-1 Bred on his split-up with Colum- "We had a couple of fights, that's all. It happens with every actor nnd his studio. I'm grateful to Columbia, I got some of their best pictures." Undercover Xcws When newlywed Rhonda Fleming winds up her "Pony Express" role for Producer Nat Holt, she moves to Columbia to piny Cieo- ptra in "Serpent of the Nile." She'll wear a black wig. doe eves, a beauty mark, elaborate head-dresses and eold-laquered finder nails, but she won't paste a diamond in her navel as Anne Baxter does in her dream sequence as Cleopatra in "My Wife's bid at any lime. South Insist that Russia lacks copper ore, R u t she lacks refine- {the Soviet blor. It Hes that reduce; U. S. aid be ended lor any iViat knowingly permits the ex-| Thp most important countries hv -- - ---nr rt ni-s.1 l; L u [ noi vil t. 1 i: K- I , • . , ' ically resist- port of such materials to the So- ,. embargoes must be ap- nce - frrp cop- ! vint bloc | pltnd. oo.sides the United Slates and Canada, are the 12 European ship North nad no reason to ret , ouble ; "Whnt is .vour verdict?" If North and South are 1 players of average and equal ability, I would say that South is about 99 per cent, responsible for Ihe disaster. If North considers himself an expert, however. I would put blame on North's Feler Frljon . For per for electrical cirrriit? of b 1 g h ]- qtiilitv, and boring. For shipping non-military but li^e petroleum equipment ; members of Ihe North Atlah transportation _.,...,. „ ..„ , precision boring. erindinE the Soviet bide, the Battle act per-;, and machine tools used in the mite the President to continue ,_ a ,^ ( manufacture of arms, Ihe Soviet U. S. aid to the shipping country s willing to pay profits of 200 and J only on condition that ending such aid would hurt U. S. security. The Rsittlr act Further requires T . ,, . Treaty Organization, plus western Germanv and Japan. The last two world. Their 'he Mutual Security Adtninistra- crate jointls" through lion —MSA—lo make a continuing I nrti ' PF1lin ^ committee ' Co-Com. Through 11 they 300 per cent This Ir- Ihe temotine bail held out by Russia and all thp Commu- munisl bloc countries to ihe traders of the world who are alw.iys ' studv of the export controls of nil lo make a fast million countries receiving 13. S. aid anri bucks, reertrrlless of the moral 1 the negotiation of ngroemenU with principles involved or the consc-1 these countries for embargoing the nuences. 'shipment of strntesin materials to To prevent this lrndp in Kfra- Mho Soviet bloc countries, trsic materials wirh ronnlries be-! This req-iires a lot of expert hind Ihe Iron Cnrlain. the tl. R. j diplomacy. For the United States covernment has taken ihe 1 e a d f is the only country which has any- amon? fil non-Communist nation? ^ thins like a Battle act on its books. recently been brought These 16 countries are the oriii cipal industrial countries of most of Ihe shoulders. There is no nuestion about North's bid ol two hearts. It demanded a takeoEjt by South. Unfortunately. South's best suit bad already heen bid. South should rm- hilve frie(( for !h e best unbid suit the' 1 : by bidding three diamonds. To bid She's a vixen In "Scared Btit! with Martin and Lewis, — ~...o, and 13 beaming, "ffs a lot better than watching Joel McCrea ride off into the sunset. I started off in sexy roles, Ihen Ihey switched me to plRj'ine somebody's sweet daueh- I ter. it gets you nowhere." I Shapely Dorothy's explanation of her Ion? absence from Hollywood: "I went home to Texas to get I married, but I never did. I decided that my career meant more lo ms than (he boy. No, we don't have TV In Dallas yet. We make date. to ao lo the movies. Isn't that d&ar ami old-fashioned?" There's big talk of ..Edmund O'Brien directing a movie and also co-producing one with his brother, Bill. . I "Bui I'm not quitting as an act-1 or." says Eddie, who just, com-1 plefed "The Difference" for Ida I Lupino. "I'll combine actintr and [ directing, I hope. You can" havs ) more fun that way." A deal lo hit Ihe home screens I in a telefilm version of his radio) hit. "Johnny Dollar"? - "It depends on how mncb, of my time Its going to lake. J don'"tj want to do TV lo the exclusion of! everything else. So far, we're all ] ! just in the conversation B t a g a j about Johnny on video." Hollywood theater marques si spotted by Mike Connolly: "Closed for Repairs — Homa I Watching TV," representatives op- Paris co- known as ot the world in a new Vind of eco- ] nornic. cold wartnir. ] The lull storv o[ tbi.- hntUe has; never been told, thoutrh it has i been coins: on more or less se- j crelly for some [nur vnnrs. [ The first official peep al Its op- • erafions will be Given =onn when Mutual Security Ariirnm?<.ralar \V. Averell Vlarriman maxes public bis report on the ~iv mnnths ! of 'opernttons under Ihe coincl-l Ann u has heen difficult suade other so\Trnoien1^s to per- tlwt it is to iheir interest and advantage lo brpak off Irade with' eastern European countries with which ihey have always traded find Ut j countries whom they must look lor vital ?up- snppl plies of lumber, coal, coarse grains and other necessities of life. Tn spi'e of obstacles such 33 these, practically complete cooperation bus he?n received from xchance iniol- lieence and cooperate in enforcing their embargoes to see that strategic materials do not slip through Ihe Ivon Curtain by transshipment through European ports across the 1000-mile East-West German, Austrian and Balkan frontier. Actually, mosl of these countries hove been cooperating In this work for the past four years. They beoan under the Marshall Plan. void in spades j meaningless and For the 45 other non-Communist which are principally r,~ of raw materials, agreements are made separately by the United Stales. All these operations are carried out under the direction of Rear Adm. March M. Du- Pre, ,'r. Sunday School Lesson \\. K. Gilroy, D. I). Wrilten (nr NKA Service JACOBY ON BRIDGE no-trump with wa- completely uninformative. North's next bid of four hearts wa-s rcasrTrinble enough. It repeated his first demand. Had ho pji.ssrd, of course. South would have doubled with great delight, and West, miqht, have heen set five (ricks. However. North cannot he blamed lor expecting a vastly dif- irr-nt outcome. South'? pass at four hearts was probably one of the in worst bids the century. And North's double also beloiiEed in lhat worst in. But what did North hope to nc- unpljsh by Jii.s redouble? Surely, was clear to him by now that s partner was afraid lo budge and that he would only Increase he loss by redoubling. An expert North would have scrambled for safety by running four no-trump. II South bid five diamonds tas be should), well and irood. And if-South timidly passed, at least four no-trump would be uarle. F.xrept [or the storv of .lesus fjl^sin? the litflp children. 1 doubt 1 ivhnher any story In 'he Bihlc has' held thp .ninpiralioo and interest of Ihp yolin; as much a : Mlp story ol r,avid. the shepherd ho-., soiriz lorth with slmc and ^monrh Atones 10 rhallcncf and s'-iy riM'a'h, the suMcecriiw f'hihMine ciarv, Rut inicirM in that ^mi y is not : cnnfm'ri to youth. It fp.e about rhe bc-7innlnff of the career of a hoy ',\n = nol only lnfcrv\o-rn '.vuh Israel. tian rrlicious life for mam rcnltl- rir*. Aliynnr rtniihtinz tlvs nrorj only bnoVs related in Sornr \(ay lo Klhi The P,-allus arr nr.sorialrd ^nth his nnnic, obviously HP cr>u!d not Ini-e written then\ all. hut it i<: as "ihp Psalms of David" that ?rp=by- Icrian .Scots have sutie thrm. It \vc.uld be intcrcstine to kno\v |usl bow nianv Pcollish children have boon christened \\ifh his name. And now Kme Havlri is rvrn ^ren in 'he movies. ' David and Bith^hcba" has bcrn tolrl n - iih a measiirp .of rpv-crcnce and restraint that I Vvrfily anticl- • Raihs>ic\ia ' I think i! mat be said lhar the niovip made the br-t nf Hi* 1 siory. For Ihe portrayal of llunl virtually plannmc Ihp d-afh of Uriah. to conceal hi.= love for rh^ crnrral's iifp. is a !ar desccul fioni thp crnr- acipr o[ the eiant-slaying shepherd hov. : Therpin Is the Irascdy '.vhirh even onp mint HIT! in Ihe life .inrt chuocter ol David. i rhe i-s Out of " 1 Poor Bidding Caused i'-f, are not simple. i » • j that ariuUorouP relation- Pr(d 3 G 'o/'^Mir ..i^rrs: i rchrlhnn which split Is r»cl In . one kinarlmn cninc rtown In Iron; nhirh onlv " Thp momh-r'.- Inus-r^nge vjp\> nuehf di?"o : .er pvirtencf of sin'? r?- ?ul r .': rc^rhinc unto the third anrl [o-irth ernrratmn. He mleht re.peai 'h* 1 nnripii* vvnrnine th^it you may •Re ? nre your jin win find you our." "Please Icll us who Is mosl to remnant blam< ' '" 'he accompanying hand." ; requests a New Brunswick correspondent. "The problem has caused a very lively debale in these parls. "There was nothinc to the play. South bad lo lose * four trump trirV-s. and therefore WHS down one. He poirued out (hat down 15 Vrors Ago In BlytheYille — S'arrin: in a olfture at the HI'z Thea'er are Mnrinn Davie? and Robert Montcomery. ,lames Terry look Ihe folloninE Roy Scnnts to c*amp Crowley near' rar.-iEoulcl 1 . Har\'cy Morris. ,lr.. Le- 1 rov widenrr. Charles Moore. Edison [ Krcrh and Thud Vance. ! Mr and Mis FrnnV Whli'irth are, \ac^tioninr at MiK-c'.e Shoals. Ric-n= "f ihe ijnir-. \ small bro»n dac'nshund ivas helpmc his tnas'er nir^er a OII : IIT-SS 'I'o^ejinG about five lurries ahove rhe sidewalk, he >voi>•• a <ar.d\vich-hoard t>p^ of ^izn tORditic: -Hnw Lo-v nnwn Tall You Get?" R,vk Hill (S.C.) Herald ; NORTH » AKJ5 V None « AJ 1083 VvTST (D) Y A K J 10 3 2 » 4 * J 1095 SOUTH A None 1 V 3V EAST » 10987432 V N T one • 6332 »KQ7 North-South mil. North Eut South Pass Pass Double Redbl. Pass Pass Opentrt? 3N.T. Pass . Pass VK Pome In Which Is Contained A r.nipsorre PrMtfton Unless The Hfilt Wtv« L*u Up) onp was no c.-t.istrophe. but North couldn't forget that the combiner hands were ice. cold [or a Flam in diamond,^. 'North sasc no virtue In los SOO points (U'osl hart honors, to fldf insult to in.inryi wtien hp should have won either I5f>0 or ?340. ' -Vnrfti clanns (hat Soyth nevor cuu« oioit to niiloi-^ lh« nsht World Tour Th« mrsst fttfvH wnntry between now and November will be postmaster* ar*l internal revenue collectors. They've been on their job« » long they probably regard them as their own business. A ctianof* in administration might rsts« * little sympathy for Ihe postmap", hut nobody kwes a ta» collecter, f> >KJ> Answer to Previous Puzit« IIOK1ZONTA1. VERTICA1, 1 Rolling down 1 Italy's capital to 4S(ratford on the —8 Norway's capital 12 Table scrap 13 Donate H Ran away 15 Small rug 16 Turned lo acid 18 Foes 20 Clans 21 Raced 22 Love god 24 Priestly garments 26 Crust over a 27 Female sainl (ab.) 30 Dessert 32 The second 34 Unpaid debt 35In(erslice 36 Egg-layer 37 Invigorating 33 War god of Greece 40 Unit of force 41 Supply with weapons 42 Task 45 Affecting with fumes 49 Setbacks 51 Hearing organ 52 Superficial extent 53 Feminine suffix 54 Watering plac« . 55Esj 36 Newcomer! 2 Persia 3 English village 4 Once more 5 Moral fault 6 Egg case 7 Boy's nickname 8 Tender 9 Slide 10 Ancient British court 11 Advantages 17 Weather map tine 25 Learning 38 Nullify 26 Small finch 40 Reverie found in 41 Dcmkeyt Europe 42 Crop J7 Most 43 Demigod tempestuous 44 Above . v 28 Far (prefix) 46 Singing voic«> 19 Billiard stroke 29 Ages 47 City in j 23 Peninsula 3l"Tom "of California in Asia Hannibal, Mo. 48 Snalch 24 Nurse in tndla 33 Rends 50 Oriental cete TTT

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