Oklahoma State Capital from Guthrie, Oklahoma on February 6, 1892 · 7
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Oklahoma State Capital from Guthrie, Oklahoma · 7

Guthrie, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1892
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S ’ 5 ‘- "" i- It - - v ? & - - - ’ I v ' - 1 i: r :? - t- - rv y t 0 5 1: I X2 t A- If:- 't- i mrjtiScte aV Lcul ri-(?-5 VSO COttat- S Sirr: JZettd- £ I nriic S?rr£fr V tTozi cf Afr-h Jr in-lit irUd iul ij? l:f5!'fItft 6'icuiilirSi' j! (47 offer mroJ lfizzinrs 'DmKiMfti C'2 Chii! o IIat 8horti& of Ureal ft CaoJirt-mis Ulotrhr on iM Skin DWnr&M So i jw2 cit nerrotts nod ImrJttiKrj tioM ere refiered fcjf iintj ihor ’ Ol-ali drspis Price So ce:t i t bs V Ncrr Yor’ rprtCnr) 5t 39$ Dlile West items Since t ie rsi i of Monday the wheat looks better ' School district No 5 hes at lat completed their school house aud school srarfe-i last Monday with Mr A! TiLbnts es teacher The ground bo'uaw hisshsdov ard - ’ as a consequence we shall b ve tix weeks more rf winter weather Many farmess are backsetting their corn giound and gardens Last Sunday Mies Lizzie FLher £n-tertri&ed Mr Charles Go-d aid Lis sister Ida r ' Last Sunday for the first time sacred services were held iu the new school house No 5 Rev' Cooley the new Methodist minister assigned at the conference preaches at Crescent next Sunday La grippe la rampant among ua but no serious coses are reported “Krixqlr” Territc rial Sunday Scbool Convention Call- At tbe last Quarterly Convention of tbe Canadian County Sunday School Association a" committee was ap-printed with instructions to issue a call for a ma convention for the purpose of organizing a Territorial Sunday School Association Uuder these Instructions the committeo b?9 arranged that this convention be held in El RenoO T- Thursday February lStb at 3:00 pi in Tbe C'i-rlerly Convention of the Canadian County Association will meet in Et Reno February 17th and I8:h It is earnestly hoped that tbe Sunday 8choot Churches and Young Men's Chris if n Associations of ifcji territory will sent repeentativr? to this convention and - otheis interested ifk will he Entertainment sT 'Ne provided for all who seed In uarnn sue week before the coaTenii Send to the Secretary your n m r-uiV and time of arrival and you wiil te md at the train L J Dyer W R- Light j Ch’m’n Com Gor Bcc’y ’ fa the Sunday School :6rdially welcomea e New Corporations Tbe following corporations filed their charter with Secretary Martin: £- First )M E church of Guthrie Oklahoma f Fir9t Baptist church of Yukon Oklahoma Citizen-’ Bank of Norman Ok?a increase of capital stock from $33000 to $50000 London Lancaster Insurance Company ' - Phoenix Assurance Company of London Com any A of the Oklahoma militia mi at the opera hcae Tuesday eveniug and discussed the best methods of gaining recruits and putt i eg the c -mpany on a t-olid i footing Tim' ' boys are getting stirred up and will make a success of it this time ' ' S- hcoi books and school supplies a LiH A fo’e I'M LETTINGS NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS er POSTOFFICE DEPARTMENT! Wuklsgtji D C- January 15 IS'JS f PROPOSALS will be received at the contract rOeo of rbla Department until 4 p m or March IC ice for carrying tbe mails of tbe L'nited States upon the route and according to the cifdul of arrival and departure specified bv tbe DejM-tment in the Oklahoma Territory" lxom Jlt L 1SML to Jnae SO ISSi Lius of Toatee v :tb schedules of arrivals land departures instructions to bidders with forma for contract and bonds and all other hecetnry information will te tarnished upon application to l lie second Assistant 1 otzn sate r General -Jonx W ANAMjlEEIt Foetmaater General tFut Put lpteain Peelv Jau x3 Publication Notice Land OQce at Gatbrie Oklahoma Territory " - JauasrylS 1V2 Notice is t-erebv ciren that the follewinz-Bomeieeuier he Clct notice of hislnteoUca to make t nat prcvf xrt support ot his cla'm ana that eaid proof will be mude before tbe re$iale sad receiver of tie U S Land Otfico at Gudxrje Oklahoma T-rriicrc c March T 1SS2 vixt George W Ilolbrco Homestead Entry -Ne 5T9S for tbe north see: quarter section tnenty -ftar tow nan ip fifteen north range two weet Indian Meridian He names the following witnesses to prove bis coutinsous residence upon ami cnltvauon of said land via: Abraham Beneon orcwird Loan coanty Ukls-hems Terrttorv John H An man Wil Kn H Arnold and John K Hamilton of Guthrie Lo fan county OklaketBS Tsrrilnfy Any poraon who deeiroo to protest Ogai set tbsailnwan eeof saeb proof orwkofemvaol tb ! law and the wby will beglvoo k rjwtmttrat tb oh—s naooctomed tin— c: ( ijiS i m m n mortal of ARkESTED Six Months Imprisonment For Eyeing a Habitual Drunkard NOVEL CURE ‘FOR DRINKING i s Salddc Sppsed to Be'SUablMi Pd-ZelvUkl tbe Xlhlllst Wanted Badly By Bnla — A stay tor Dr tinTM - 1 NOVEL CUBS rOB DRUNKENNESS New York Jan 30 — Col Glidden of Kentucky is a native of Kentucky' and for years was a trailing agent fox whisky manufacturers of that state He drank heavily at times and about two months ago at the close of a spree he wandered into Dr Park-hurst’s Madison Square Presbyterian church ' The sermon affected him' strongly and " he called at Parkhurst’s bouse after tbe services Dr Paxkhurst and the members of his congregation were interested in tbe colonel who decided to drop whisky and to make his borne her Lately a friend of J IL Kempton wbois troubled with sprees came here and CoL Glidden told him when tbe appetite came upon him to send for the colonel and he would cure him On Tuesday Kempton went to the Shelbourne hotel and got a drink at the bar Then he sent a mote to CoL Glidden reminding him of his promise of assistance About an hour later CoL Glidden came to the Sbelbonrne' hotel with Officer Hartigan cf'the Yorkville court squad and had Kempton arrest ecL x A warrant had been issued on a complaint made by CoL Glidden that Kempton was a habitual drunkard At the Yorkville court Kempton got a sentence of six months on the island The young man looked reproachfully at CoL Glidden as he left the court room but he said nothing f B CRIED IX THE POTTB8 FIKXJX New York Jan 30 — In the potter’s field at San Antonio Tex lies buried Otto Hauser a suicide according to the finding of the local magistrate hut the records of the inquest are missing fgm the county clerk's office and it is believed that they have been stolen A morning caper asserts that this Otto Hanser the pauper was none other than the nihilist assassin for Whom these fonrteen months the agents of the Russian police have been searching the face of the earth — nooe)other than tbe Stanislaus Paddel wiski who November 18 1890 murdered in the Hotel de Bade at Paris Gen Michel Desilerstoff chief of the! Russian secret policy of that city The story of this act of nihilist vengeance of the plots that preceded and provoked it of the escape of the assassin from Paris by the help of two newspaper men his concealment by socialists inNew York city and bis suicide as it called in a ffArahlf avtil Texas a'victim of poverty and of terrors that may or may not have been terrors of the imagination only is a story such as is rarely told by newspaper types A 8TAT OF JUDGMEXT DexveTs CoL Jan 29 — The supreme court of Colorado this morning granted a stay of judgment in the case-of Dr Graves The granting of this supersedeas means a new trial for the defendant It will take at least ten months for counsel on both side? to prepare the case Owing to the crowded condition of the supreme court docket two or possibly three years may elapse before the case reaches it? turn It is possible that Grave will be released on hail and this may possibly end a markable trial HEX BY WATTEHSOX He Speaks to the Mfeslsalppt Loglslataro By Invitation Jcksox Miss Jan SO — In response to a resolution of the two houses of the legislature and a joint committee Invitation Hon Henry Watterson spoke to the legislature yesterday afternoon He said that the democratic party in cdbgress was perfectly united upon the issue of revenue reform and that this would undoubtedly be the key note to the present session and the leading issue of the coming presi-den ial campaign He expressed no preferences as between individual democrats hnt declared that whatever ticket the coming national democratic convention should nominate would receive his hearty support He lectured las- night before a large audience and Was introduced by Gov Stone Suit By am Aetr fT Paul Mian Jan 30 — Miss An-yvs’a Foster was walking on the street in Minneapolis October 27 last where one says there was a defective piece of si c walk - She stepped into a hole in the walk and wrenched her ankle breaking the bones Miss Forter waa in the company of W H Crane who was then playing “The Senator” in ’Minneapolis Miss Foster claims that in consequence of her injury she lost r professional engagement She sues e city for $10200 damages Stole Wife Furniture and Children Belleville 11L Jan 3J — David Hendricks of Freeburg has been locked up He had been boardtfig at the home of Henry "Moss Last Sunday in the absence oj Moss Hendricks moved Mrs Moss her four children and the household fnrr:ture to Belleville' The runaways were -oon located Mrs Moss and the children returned to Freebn-g and have heen re-established in the affections of the husband and father Well-Known Banker Dead Atchisox KahL Jan 30i-— ’V W Hetherington president of the Exchange National Hank of Atchison died last night ot heart failure' He had been ill only a few hours although he had been in frail health for several years He leaves aife and four children all of wham were away £rom home when be died Mr Hetherii&ton 'was la his forty-second year a native of Pennsylvania bat was reared la Atchison -r-u - s ? Dr X P Cjok a TAPESTRY IN WASHINGTON Feast for Historians and Lovers of the Antique ChifflM K Ffonlfca'a Talaafala Gallery — Tho Barbcrinl CoOeetton— flemish Tapestries of the Sixteenth Cen- v t ary— Bare Gobelin H sentea” at ohe of- thd late “drawing rooms’ in London t A very interesting piece of Gobelin cornu get 18021 v tapestry which once hung in the pal- If all the tapestries scattered about ace 0f Louis Philippe has Tor years in the private residences in Washington adorned the wall of the dining-room at could he gotten together it would take ) Edge wood the former home of Chief a pretty good-sized room to hold them I Justice Chase and now that of his gift-' to say nothing about showing them to - daughter Kate and her children It advantage The largest and most val- -ls quite large and finely preserved Mrs nabb collection in Washington and I ciue told me one day that it was much ! believe in this country’ is that of Mr admixed by the distinguished men who 1 Charles M "Ffbulke of Pennsylvania ! TJse to gather about her father’s table who spends his winters in Washington and each one “guessed” at the story it with his family He has lately added a was supposed to telL Hon Charles large gallery to his handsome house on J Sumner's guess was I fancy about Massachusetts avenue to accommodate j He thought it represented Ulysses in the disguise of a woman being entertained at a feast by the barbaric queen of some isle There is a a very uneasy expression on his face and the disguise is ill-sustiined His helmet lies at his feet and1 a vessel is anchored in the background The table is piled high with luscious fruits and his hostess- and several servants are very attentive The' dresses e rich and the colors very fine I Mrs Hearst has a number of rare tapestries and valuable old ‘prayer” Vugs in her beautif nl new house which was so sadly closed almost before it was finished by tbe long illness and death of Senator Hearst One of the largest pieces is “The Rencounter” a superb battle piece of rich coloring and fine work It is very old but I do not know the exact date The border is composed of implements of war drams etc A smaller? and very lovely piece shows a group of cupids at play In the new winter residence of Mr Albert Clifford Barney is a large piece of Italian renaissance tapestry allegor- his treasures The house was fairly lined with them before he secured the famous Barberini collection some two years ago Several pieees of this collec- tion were hung last winter on the walls J“ of the new gallery They were made at the pontifical manufactory founded by Cardinal Francou BarberinL The cartoons were painted by Nicopolas Poussin and the weaving was superin- tended by Riviero In the lower border of each is a medalliop supported by two youthful satyrs In the medallion three bees the emblem of the Barber-inis are encircled by a wreath The a? X V upon their beads vases filled with flow- j ers The colors are very fine and well 1 preserved The subject are: Leto j metamorphosing ' the peasants into j frogs Daphne changed pto a laurel tree when fleeing from Apollo who ! wide borders have caryatides holding plucks some of 'the leaves lo bind upon his brow Apollo guarding cattle in tbe valley of Mount Ida by command of Zeno Apollo as the god of music with j his lyre delighting the Muses and Ap- ftDrt flairincr the satvr Marsvas for olio flaying the satyr Marsyas daring to challenge him to a trial of musical skilL Among several Flemish tapestries of the sixteenth century is one from the Buonsignori palace Sienna It is about twelve feet square and represents says tradition “Charlemagne Crowning One of His Feudatories” C o“v anion pie' Represent Da Ahe bra- zev yer In onyiter visits her 2sja shower of gold in the MBS GEOBGE hearst other she is seen caressing her infant son Perse uslield in ) the arms of a female attendant These j tapestries are of silk and wool in a fine ! state of preservation and fine colors j Another large piece of the same period ‘ represents Cleopatra gorgeously at- tired and attended by her maids appear ing before the emperor Augustus Another shows the rescue of Andromeda by Perseus Ini talian renaissance tapestry are three especially fine pieces One represents the king and queen of Lonf-bardy at an elaborately spread table in the open air waited upon by several servants One shows in gorgeous colorings among other things the coat of arms of the Colonnas The third quite large depicts the reconciliation of the emperor Constantine j with h:s enemies jA piece of French tapestry made at Beauvais in the latter half of the sixteenth century is of silk about thir- eThe MatcK Trad The oldest and Its said the match manufactory the world is Sweden - - Matches were made there long beforethe old rdhty trimmed splinter of wood tipped ijth sulphur was discarded with the tinder-boxes for which they were used In twenty-five years the export trade of Sweden in modern matches increased 1000000000 boxes a year Some of the machines for making the matches which we use in these days make 200 revolutions a minute each and torn ont about 2500-000 of matches daily or 821000000 annually Rather more than five matches per head for the whole population are used daily in the United States In France 200000090 of matches are used daily Strange to say the quality in many cases is so had that the state ' “intends to resume the manufacture” and computed that the profits will produce a revenue of £200000 Altogether ‘Hi! 'ft r" "”7 rtt'i T n'Wli'U nt jiiT -! there are in Europe about 50000 facto- ries and they yearly produce matches old tapestry kkpricsextixg aJ valued at £10000000— -Chamber Jour- GROUP OF CUPIDS E HaL a RARE i teen feet wide by -- ten fet high and shows an autumnal scene in rich coloring Ceres the principal figure hears ' StinMn wheat and Bowels nd hi accompanied Second Boy-She boxed me ean by other goddesses laden with various fruits etc Two Cfobelin pieces Made’ almost entirety of silk threads are nearly ten feet high by eight feet wide They were presented to the reigning sovereign of oae of the German states ant beai the arms of his family- The eeaterofeaehhas amagnlficeet saedal-Hspc Camera In oos jsOb rpUrtlzs rrira faCacrr 1 borders are of intertwining branches of pair with wredis of ivy tied with ribbons In the spaces eSrywhere ap pear the emblem of the pocely family for whom they were made Mr Ffoolko and his family are now abroad and will t spend some month in Italy Mrs Ffoulke a" lovely woman was “pre- jca ase most tapestries in the Beene depicted Here a triumphal car hears “Peace and Plenty” through a land teeming with evidences of prosperity Mrs John W Foster has among many curious and interesting things picked up while her husband was minister to Mexico Spain and Russia some small but fine old bits of tapestry which would fall to pieces if not framed The colors are still wonder- j fuiiy good They came from some of the old Mexican convents or churches and it is hard to tell just how old they are Mr Samuel Ward whose pretty granddaughter Miss Thoron married Mr William C Endicott Jr‘ two years ag has a largo and very valuable piece ( tapestry in the parlor of his winter home on K street The subject is I j think’ ScripturaL Not far away on the same street in the home of R R Hitt of minds are valuable pieces valuable pieces picked up abroad Mrs Senator Stanford has a number of rare tapestries among the art treasures in her winter home in this city Juliette M Iabbitt A GOOD TEST Whoever Spells All These Should Go to the Head! 1 The following sentences which we have thrown -'together are given out at a party of young persons 'and others each of whom writes them down as heard and at the end all are examined to see how many words are spelled wrong It will be a rare character who gets all these hard words right Allowances will he made where in a very few instances standard dictionaries give different spelling: Game First— It is disagreeable and embarrassing and the annoyance js often unparalleled to he harassed by the innuendoes of peddlers who seem to possess' the power of the sibyl and the changing hues of the 'chameleon while guaging your sagacity' and all the time’ as with a poniard prepared to strike Game Second — In the days of apostasy heresy was met with coercion meiL were trafficking in men tyranny jeopardized and paralyzed all and bacchanalian rites were the only fascination and the belief of the Sadducee and silbyline teachings tbe only ecstasy of hope f r Game Third — Four skillful physicians rendezvoused and catechized each other on the medicinal qualities of licorice the saccharine odor of mignonette and discoursed on bilious intermittent diseases the medicine for hemorrhage erysipelas and the idiosyncrasy of cannibals — N Y Advertiser largest in Xver Cboatioa in Anger First Boy — What didyer mother do to yer for goin skatin' on thin ice an “Did it hurt?” “Nope She was so 'mad she didn’t wait fer me 'to git me ear muffs off”— -Good News - “What does a volcano do with UnT COMBIU Glass Manufacturers a Combination Meet to Form A CAR STRIKE ARBITRATED Or— t Destitution Existing Colored Settlers in Oklnfcoi Assembly of the Xebrns of Lsborw the — Imperial and royal personages ara prepared to assume mourning at aa hour's ’notice Thus it was remarked by a French newspaper that the Grand Duchess Vladimir arrived in Paris in a suit of mourning although she left San Sebastian by express two hours after she hod the news of the death of her sister-in-law the Grand Duchess PauL — The trans-Caneassian railroad hma become 1 so unsafe on account of the tianHa of robbers which i have of lata been formed -in the mountains that the entire line by an imperial: ukase baa been placed under military control) The robbers when caught Will be promptly disposed of by the court mar-tiaL and nqt by trial before the criminal courts as heretofore ! — Not long since a divont Hindoo gave a live hull to one of his gods and turned the animal loose A less worshipful mortal collared the bull and yoked him in his cart- Thereupon followed a lawsuit The devout man claimed the bulL hut tbe judge decided that the bull was not his he had given v j x w o it to his god and he implied that the —The Vienna congress of analytical TO FOBM ANOTHER GLASS COXBIXE Wheeling W Va Feb 3 — Representatives of about twenty-five glass manufacturing companies located throughout the upper Ohio valley northern and central Ohio and western Pennsylvania met here in response to circulars sent out from this city for the purpose of forming a combination antagonistic to the United States Glass Co which was formed last year with about sixteen factories interested The object of those entering the new Combination is to take measures to prevent 'their being squeezed out of the business by the United States Co which by consolidation has made a big reduction in operating and has thus been able to cut prices to a point which cannot he met by the individual factories The headquarters of the new combination will be in Wheeling SETTLED BY' ARBITRATION Howe constituting the hoard of arbitration have rendered a decision in the -street car strike It was substantially that the street car company had the right to recall the free-ride badges held by the men bat that in this contingency the company should compensate the men for extra service in reporting accidents' What this compensation should be the board declared it had no right to determine The decision is satisfactory to both sides COLORED SETTLERS DESTITUTE Denison Ter Feb 3 — A number of colored people who left this city in the fall to procure homes in Oklahoma have just returned They are all destitute Many of the poor 1 creatures were obliged to walk hearty 200 miles They state that they stood chances for homes hnt were crowded ont by the white boomers Great destitution prevails among the colored people 'who have procured lands in Oklahoma They have nothing to make a start with and are palling jap to get ont of the country as best they can NEBRASKA KNIGHTS Omaha Neb Feb 3— The annual assembly of the Nebraska Knights of Labor has convened in Omaha There are sixty-six assemblies of knights in the state of Nebraska containing a membership of between 15000' and 30000 The work of the assembly will not be-jin until to-day as many of the dele-fates have not yet arrived A grand reception and hall was given by the total assemblies in honor of the visiting mights THE IDAHO COXTCSXc Tie llaj orlty Report Doc lores babob Ea titled to Bis Seat ' Washington Feb 8 — To-day in the enate Mr Mitchell from the commit cee on privileges and elections made s report on the Claggett-Duhoia contest !ora seat in the senate from Idaho She resolutions declared Mr Dubois ntitled to retain his seat Mr Mitchell asked that the report and resolutions lie on the table and gave notice that he would call them up at a very early day Mr Vance gave notice of a minority report which' he stated would probably he presented the day after to-morrow Mr Palmer introduced a resolution to amend the constitution so as to have United States senators elected by popular vote and gave notice that he wonld on some convenient occasion add: thje senate on the subject - and-1 A Skirmish With Garza' -San Diego Tex Fljb -Justl oe of the Peace Andrew Veils at Beravide ' seventeen miles south on tbe Mexican' Rational railway wireathat a scouting !phrty of deputy marshals — Leon Cod-lar Jnan Moreno i and Rufus -R Glover — acting as rfcouta were attacked yesterday by Garza’s men as is ’ supposed Glover waa killed Moreno’s was also killed facts to Veils tbe shooting occurred at Soledad tyella -on 'William Hubbard’s' ranch twenty-five miles from here -- at Beravidea ' Whflu - The ‘Sooner’ Clause Guthrie Ok Feb 3 — The United States supreme court has rendered a decision in reference to the clause of the law opening Oklahoma kn wn as the “sooner” clause It provides that any person who entered the land before the hour of opening f-et by the president should lose all rights to oh- tain title to any land whatever!! The - i -- ‘sooner” clause was sustaiced and all the “sooners” will lose their lands Both cases were at once appealed to the supreme court of the United States A Scarcity of M utton Likely Paris Feb 3— The Temps says that a scarcity of mutton is probable in that city The paper explains that this will he due to the importation of foreign sheep into France ceasing under the new tariff law which has gone into effect while there will he no corresponding increase in' thA provincial supplies of mutton to maWup the deficiency thus caused - c- - i Suspended ' Omaha" Neb Feb 3 — The Commercial apd Savings hank -at Kearney closed its doors this morning and was later turned over to the authorities The immediate canse of the suspension was the drawing ont of all the county funds last week ' There is considerable excitement hut the best informed believe that the bank can meet all its oh ligaiioi CcL Hersxadas who FOREIGN GOSSIP -Dredgers working in the Tiber t prepare for the construction of a new embankment have brought up a msg niSo-nt snnmt Romsn bronze helmets It is perfectly preserved and Is deco-rated with bas reliefs Signor RoesL the Italian archaeologist assigns It to tbe second century before the Christina I congress chemists appointed a committee to consider whether sanitary control ought not to he extended to hairdressers shops and public baths and whether the daily disinfection of the brashes and combs used in shops and public places ought not to he made obligatory by legislation Another question trader discussion was the desirability of the sanitary control of all pnblicty-ad-vertiaed soaps rouge and cosmetics J — Hie menu of a Paris restaurant frequented by Englishmen is supposed to he made plain for them by items like the following: “A soup alone” “Sorrel soup without meat” and “Rice with turk” Under the fish beading there IkJ “A sole at Colbert” and “Salmon doo-j mon manner” In the entrees tbt choice is endless There is “Beef ali ' f mode” “stewed in its own gravy’’ or “with sharp sauce” “One mutton chop” “Calf s ear Italian manner” — The French models have resolved to boycott any painter employ ingItal-J Ians Their bread is being taken frosSj them in their own land The 'model’e! fee which hhs been obtained for sj great many years is 5 francs a daylj and there are 993 models on the officieli list 600 of them being Italians The latter have been catting the price to 4 francs There arc only 120 French models 80 Germans 45 English 8P Americans 4 Austrians 3 Portuguese and 1 Irish girl — J L Dow recently minister of lands in Victoria Australia is going through the colony with a lecture ou the “Hnmoroua Aspects of Parliamentary Life” Here are specimens of his' jokes Ho mentions by Trias £ trotts member of parliament who be saj r iA paid by the caterer in the government building to make speeches because him orations drive the bStable members to drink He describes deputations who visit parliament and says that as a rale they contradict one another and a free fight ensues Then official etiquette requires the minister to interpose with a remark - something like this: “You had better all retire and have it out and I will settle with tbs survivor” l AN OLD HAND AT POKER GaoSUag “I was reading” said a gentleman at the Hotel Cadillac’ Detroit ‘‘about the heavy ' gambling' operation s carried oof at western hotels I’ll tell yon a true story about one of these games if you do not use my name Not that I Care so much hut on account of the firm I am nor with' -VI V “I wania bnamess at Kansas City and had a splendid young fellow- for a part- fner : Ile wonld phty poker and try to beat thehoraea : 1 often warned him of tht daajer ef this but he persisted It wga ttetr Christmas time and one morning fee caae iuo the store and said Last kct alai hundred dofczrs jpoher jt stQl owe five hundred and havqto-dxj to WffSt it fiend I sm goiag to raiasf tho money somewhere and I want yon to go and pay it for me as I am never going to enter a gambling-room again I felt sorry for the young man and after dinner he handed me five hundred dollars and I went np to pay it “When I entered the room a big laugh went up and the mVn all my personal friends and ‘ the wealthiest in the city began to guy me bbont my partner Daverly was there and said that the young man had sent his old partner up to beat tbe game Now in years gone by I bad played a pretty stiff game of poker myself and it nettled me though I had not played a game in years So instead of paying the five hundred dollars over to the banker I bought five hundred dollars’ worth of chips and began to play “Luck was with me from the first and in an hour I had canceled the five hundred dollars my partner owed and I was ahead of the game I played another hour and cashed in one thou- ' sand and five hundred dollars having ' won back all of my frartner's losses of the preceding night and' one thousand -and one hundred dollars to the good I carried hack a receipt for five hundred dollars to him and said nothing -On CbfUtnns day I turned over to him a cheek for nine hundred dollars and had in my own name one thousand aisX cm hundred dollars in the bank 7 “I ' never tohf him bow I got tba ry bat neither of as have Wiaalag dollars ia two £ ’i I 1 ) 1 - V t At f V - I 1 t e ? a ‘S T - J -j i t -v “ j-jF ! '! "‘r ' - i ' ' r--r ' I?' -Jt- - V

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