The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 1, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1908
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFOKXIAN TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1908. m The Green Tag Prices MEAN and CFFTHE J reen Sal e Price 1 B IN OUR CLOAK AND SUIT DEPARTMENT / Every Garment Marked Down No ExceD'Hons Whatsoever—None Reserved- TKe Green Tag Prices MEAN OFF THE | Regular Price The announcement of this Great Sale caused L.L- store to be the center of attraction for the entire city and surrounding country, From early morning U: closing time, our Cloak and suit department was thronged with enthusiastic buyers who eagerly sought the unusual bargains in ready-to-wear garments of all kinds—This Green Tag Sale demon-, ;-t.rates anew the old saying, which is kno\v.i throughout Knn Co,--"A Rediick price-cut is sure sharp, deep and efficient" Read carefully this list of Green Tag Prices—The skiing continues tomorrow with renewed vigor. Come! Dress and Walking Skirts Princess Dresses Silk and Wool •t !.,l|. These Skirts at One-Fourth off ! " * l .i"- '•.••-•" T.., Sale i'Hc" S4.50 ' S'.ii' . t:.,-n T.,- <:'•: pri.'- ,S5.«o "l S .i' I •. i;.,' II 'I'..,' S:||,' I'l'i'"- 'i SV: i -.(:-,. i T.I:'. Sa'> I'ri.'.- l! ii > Si i 1 ' -. (', >•'•!! 'I',!-.; SV.' ],: ir-' . . . . .".'i S'- '"I -. < ',y, • M 'I' i.; Sale price Mi. si, -,-f. <;«• T, T.i'4 H.'lc Mri. '• S1 1 .I?" 1 * "" *l ",,. .;,,-.;, II. u H,'!.. pric.. .- .S15JH) These Skirts at One-Third off S5.00 S5.34 SB.A7 $8.34 .th ml i i's Miir Ne\v York- buyer less ;i<hiuii center. Materials line wool !':''/ric.s, in the -''h. 11 i'o wn. Ore Fourth Off $0.75 so.'Vs $7 .",M SUM Jx mi SI ii I Jtu.'in Skir $IL ."" Sl.ii Gr.'on T '.: S :!<• |il'ii-,' Glei'll T.I 4 S.;|.- |il'|ee *. (In'ell T.IL; Sale pile *r Ii' "• i-'-i.-e S9.0O S1O.OO &11.O7 Slfi.«7 These Skirts at One-Half off ! i!iy nl' t!)ese \vori> re,-.-: ,' a \VeeU a IT't- I'resii i'l Illi'S.viline ;UK| ttlt'l'ela ' 'dun' shades of navy. en. iily evening shades and <• These Brcssas SI.",.'in Dresses, Green T:r^ .- ' : ' ,,; $-ii.i>» Dresses, Green Ta;: S ;;i '•• . f_l!..Vi Dresses, Green TV;; ^ •' " . $-"i.n'i Dresses, (iioen Tii'-' s lc " . $:! Diessps, Green T;i~ S. 1 •' " . Tp;!.-.('(i DresseK. Green Ta.y f : '.'These Dresses at One Third Off $22.i/0 Dresses, Green Tat; S.- ;''~.e,. $u5.i»» Dresses, Green Tag S.i - .if,. $12.50 Dresses, Green Tn.i; S.. •• ' i''•• . $,"iii.iiii Drosses, Green Tat; Sn ; • n- , These Dresses at Hall Price $K,.mi Dresses, GriH'ii Ta.u; .-' ]•••••'•. Long Caracal Coats while. 81 1.25 SI 5. 00 SIS. 75 S22.5O 82O.25 SI 5.00 S23.34 S2S.34 S33.34 S7.5O Women's Tailored Suits Every Mill is included in this sub, black and colored—ninny vere received just 11 l'c\v ilnvs ii«ro. The fi»llo\vintr prices were * "~ These Suits at One-Fourth off S«>.Of> s«.7r» S7.r»o hat is wanted liar < 'aiveal ei !. V.'r li.-i-.e Ii iiay. Nothiim is dressier than :!i!er wear real fur coats not th • SIO.(M» i >~-^ '••" Women's Long Goafs pl'lees. .&24.5S .Snn.75 .SR7.50 $13.0("i Suits, Green Tag Salt; price * * $!0.iiO Suits. Croon Tug Salo price ? Suits, Crcen Tag Sale jirlpo $1!).50 Suits, Green Tag Sale prire ?22.,"ifl Suits. Green Tag Sale prico $25.00 Suits, Green Tag Sale price $;;n.iio Suits, Oro'-n Tag Sale price $:]2.r.O Suits, Green Tag Sale price $:iTi.oo Suits, Green Tag Sale price Jlo.OO Suits, Green Tag Sale price These Suits at One Third Off. 115.00 Suits, Green Tat? Salo price S'JO.OO Suits, Green Tag Salo price $:IO.IMI Suits, Green Tag Sale prico $:!7.Ti« Suits, Green Tat; Salt: price $ HI.On Suits. Gref'n Tag Sale price These Suits at Half Price $2H.OO Suits. Green Tas Sale prico $J"i.On Suits. Green T,'i; Stile j.rjce 3:io.i>!> Suit.-, Green T.m Sale price $:12.."D Suits, Given Tau Ir'-.ile Price $:','',.,",ii tlnits, Grei'ii Tan Sale iii'iee «11.25 »12.00 sia.5o S14.O3 S16.8S 818.75 822.50 824.38 828.25 830.00 $10.00 $13.34 S20.OO S25.OO 826.07 810.00 • s i a :»« 815.00 8 S «.2r» SEE THE DOLI.S Kuutlieds ot laem. \ •<'.:•...;- ing in price from lOc to $10 each. A 111. ,• ii. e,' ;;,,!(!>; '.-'n, li,i!":-i ,1 " Ii Ii!,i,-I;, triiiini'-'l \viih -'ill: ;'in many ol I h, se ImiL' eoal > M,, i t'.i'.'i n 'I'a'-i Sale pnei' I iri-i'U Tan Sale lu'iei ('.I'l'eii 'l\m Sal,. I'.v'.i'i . Green Tau Sale prl.-e -;, Green Ta 1 .; Sali- prlci. . . . . ii -•. <'!reeti Tat; Sale |.i ice .... ial--. Green Tn.y; Sale prlc-e . . . Misses and Children's Coats I'liulii and three i|iiarter leiiulh coats for u'irls from \-i'ai'.^: ii color !,i-cuniiim to every little .Miss, Kvery N' a son s st vie. .. ....... S5.V.S . SKKt.SS S1S.75 r, i >i . .", • i .> r.o r,» Coais, f'(.i:ii' , < (.'i.ats. Coats, Coats;, Coals, Coats, ;•.•<"" Gle. (.irei (ire< Groi Gve •. T ii il ".i >n •n • , < • i.', I'M ^ S I'a '4 S I'a- S 1'a- S I'a' S :!f. lie i U* ale a Irs ale ale price price price price prico prico prico . •S3. •S3. •S4'. •S5. :Hfc . .««. .IS 75 "1 f5 07 83 00 SEE THE TOYS Grand display on second floor and in the windows. GRAND Masquerade SKATING PARTY DREAMLAND SKATING RINK * Dec. 4 PRIZES . .Ladies' Best Sustained Character Costume, $& cash. Gents' Best SuRt.iined Character Costume, 1 pair Ricli<ird- son skates. Admission 15c GOOD MUSIC PLENTY OF SEATS. Show Your Artistic Taste for Costume Making for this Occasion, C. F, Smith, Manager, Funniest Ladies' Costume, Indies' hand bag. Funniest Gent's Costume, 1 box cigars. Boys' Pct?t~ Race, $2. Boys' Sack Race, $1. Double Disc Records ARE NOW HERE Two Records in One DOME AND HEAR THEM PLAYED. Haberfelde Furniture Company 1604—1610 WtH. Street WHITE SOON TO BEGIN TRAM Eddie \\'liite. the clever little Marl- cojia tighter who is to moot Leonard I.auiler of l.'is Anujeiep In this city Doci'inhor 21, will arrive In town to hoKln liis irninlni; later In the week. Kililie writes that I'VerythillK Is run- nini; smouilily in his Marlcopa camp, H atllxoil his slmnniro to the articles of agreement, whi. h \vero forwarded to Uehl'eld, th, :,-!iy C'lllchlllK tlie match. White is In ex, , !;. nt condition and has Kfown ^tm:,.;, ;•. no antlc'lputPD' no cllfllciilty in inni.iiu; Die weight and ; Is going to I rain hard, as in gander he , recognizes 11 hard opponent. The I.os ' Anselos fluli'er \\ill arrive shortly.! He hns a line i- .,nl and the little ' lUhtweish'r sh,ini,| put up n magnlfl-1 cent buttle, j Waller N \\ ::;, ,;.,„ nl Gi'aiill.- !•- il visitor hen-. , Mrs. Sam \Vhiv in ilred of Imyins .' ground coffee. She huys (''ulner's Cudden Oale win)]'- roast am] grinds Ii. i l CHURCH NAMES ITS VESTRYMEN The annual parish meetinc; of St. Paul's resulted in a good attendance at the Guild hall last night, and the following were elected vestrymen for the ensuing year: F. W. Wob«!',-r, r,. .1 pi anz , Clln8> RleUerdiUe, Dr. .1. F. Crease, Dr. \V. S. Fowler, T. A. Mctcnir, F. C. Thomas'. \V. IT. McKittriik, \V. It. Taylor, Goo F. Wright. Delegates to the diocesan convention, which met.;-; in San Francisco in .lanunry, were F. W. D. Gwynne, J. A. lliiahes. W. If. Taylor, J. O. Planz and Xewhurn llcArthnr. Pollowlns the lupines* of the meeting. refreshments proviiUd hy a number of the ladles were served and a most enjoyable social hour was spout. -. _-.. ^..^ L. A. McCray and P. M. Heath of I.os Angeles were arrivals at the Southern this morning. H. A. King, nn oil man of San Fran- clsco, la here today. Tulare Comes Here Saturday. | Next Saturday afternoon at Recreation Park, the sturdy local pigskin chasers will Hue up nwilnst the eleven from TiiLvVe. A change in the llnup of I lie rtakrrsfield boys has i>een made necessary liy the unfortlin;:te injury Movi) Stroml met with in the Thanksgiving day game, lie will be forced out of the playing for the rest of the .season. Coach GriflUh lias moved ilieimle Porker from right guard ic I I he end position on the si le of Uie lino I anil Church, who ployed fine football last year, is filling uy the gap next to center. Baker was also in.iureil in the holiday game but he Is expected to continue with the ulay. The boys have again begun work and pjonils" a nice game of football next Saturday. The game .'s to be call^'l at :i o'clock "> •!• <• •!• •«• t- •'• ''•' '•• '•' "& *fr *> •!• 'J 1 •'• CHESTER AVENUE NURSERY ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. fflrst-class Nursery Stock, Trees, Shrubba, Roses, Cut Flowers. Fit™'al Designs. Orders promptly flll«d Corner Sixth St. and Chester A*-e. 'Ph»ne, Main 745 Old Horse Sale Of Unclaimed Express Shipments. WELLS FARGO & CO. Will sell at public auction to the highest bidder :ill unclaimed packages, trunks, suitcases, bods, bedding, etc., from their several offices received prior to' January 1, 1908. at 2020 Chester Ave. Sale begins at 10 o'clock. ROY WHITE, Auctioneer. THOSE INTERESTED IN ORANGE CULTURE could learn something by vis- itiny the or«ntre proves of Tiiliire county, and cspecinl- Iv the TULARE COUNTY MTRUS FAIR '• ; eh is now lieintr held in !'• town of Kxeter Ibis week 1 last day lieiiiij Saturday, I'"' ">th of December. Trains h" ve Kern every morninu early, retvu'ninu 1 at nifrht. Fares reduced. HATS AND SHOES THE HUB FURNISHINGS TRUNKS A^Great Sale of Fall Suits j 5 FIT i his week we never offered heller values in Men's Suits. Time now 1<> buy your winter-suit, for Iliere'll be no time like the present to save. And the savings tliat can he pocketed now tire ronl, frcnuiiu 1 SMvines, not not economics made possible by a lack of style, inferior tailor work or poor materials. You e;m savo on dolliin^ now that measures up to the hi^li standard of excellence—and there's none higher. We quote you values For this week that have never been equaled in any store. SelzShoes •re made of genuine leather; they are not cheapened by the usual frauds. Every Shoe U guiuntced. Wo icll (hem. S.WISEKOPF I

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