Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on May 21, 1965 · Page 7
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 7

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 21, 1965
Page 7
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FOREST AREA New Mexico has 20. million acres of'forestlan'd. EQUATOR DISTANCE Equatorial circumference the earth is 24,902.39 miles. SM tAem How pwud you tvt» GRADUATION CARDS Your favorite graduate will appreciate your thoughtf ulness! See our complete selection. WEST SIDE SQUARE ENJOY A LAKESIDE COTTAGE ON BEAUTIFUL NEAR GREENSBURG, INDIANA 250 ACRE LAKE • 2 MILES LONG A YEAR 'ROUND RESORT SUBDIVISION DEVELOPED FOR YOUR RECREATION NOW-RETIREMENT LATER [fREEl COLOR BROCHURE CLIP AND MAI1 THIS COUPON AT ONCE! LAKE SANTEE P. O. BOX 88 6REENSBURG, INDIANA Please send ma your FREE color brochure en Lata Sanlfra with information on how I can buy a nterfron? lot. My interest is for: D Recreation D Retirement D Investment please haw jew upceaentatlve call on mt for an appolirtmtnt D NIJBB DIRECTIONS: TAKE INTERSTATE 74 EAST FROM INDIANAPOLIS TO GREENSBURG. FOLLOW INDIAN SIGNS. SELECT YOUR COTTAGE SITE TODAY! 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JUST MOW - you LOOK Nice © King Fealurea Syndicate. Inc:, 1965. World right Hints From By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Folks: I wonder if you have ever tried putting dried onion soup mix into plain ol' hamburger meat and mixing it well before making those hamburgers. Salisbury steaks — or meat loaf? One doesn't have to use a whole package either. First time try about a fourth package of mix to each pound of hamburger. It surely gives that hamburger meat a new lift and taste'. Wow! Heloise Dear Heloise: If a lock works hard, squirt a Little powdered graphite in it and work the key several times. If you know the lock is dirty, squirt a little cleaning fluid in to clean it, then use the graphite. Veteran Locksmith P. S. — If this doesn't help . . . look under "locksmith" in the classified directory of your telephone book. Dear Heloise: Our little child's old pottie chair surely looks great now. My husband cut a piece of board to cover .the hole on the seat part, and I made a little pillow to cover it. I even padded the arms a little, then I made a slip-cover for the whole chair. The kids love it for a TV chair. Gloria D. Dear Heloise: To prevent getting powder on my bathroom rug, I cut a double thickness of nylon net and put it over the powder in the box. It lets just enough powder come through and doesn't give a surplus on my puff. Anabelle Cooper LETTER OF LAUGHTER P. S. Looking above, I've jumped from pinning ribbons together, to sick kids, back to pinning socks together, and back to sick kids again. No wonder my dear, darling husband says I have a "flea- brain" ... it jumps from one thing to another without a second thought! Lucia N. C. Dear Heloise: It seems there is never enough room in the medicine cabinet for all the small things I would like to keep in it, so I bought a small spice cabinet and hung it on my bathroom wall. It holds all the small things (except medicines), such as nail polish, polish remover, deodor- ant, air freshener, shaving cream, after shave lotion, lipstick, dental floss, cornpads, etc. Surely is neater now. Mrs. M. A.-B. Dear Heloise: When I used to work full time, I sent my husband's shirts to the laundry. When I became a full-time housewife, I started doing his shirts -myself but I had saved the cleaner's cardboards and plastic bags, and I re-use them. Very handy for storing shirts in a drawer. Mrs. Piper Dear Heloise: I bought a steering wheel cover, and by cutting it in half, made it into two wheel covers for my chaise lounge! They prevent rubber wheel marks on my rug, as I use the chaise in the house for a sick or ailing person. The chaise is wonderful for those who can't sleep lying down. Mrs. C. E. Farrington And this would also be a great idea for little childrens' tricycles when they play in the house. Heloise Dear Heloise: Don't throw away your husband's nylon shaving brushes. They make wonderful face powder brushes, are ideal for applying silver and brass polish, and are good for painting or gilding small objects. Mrs. M. H. Markham Copyright, 1965, King Features Syndicate, Inc. Stafford Graduates From Navigator School Second Lieut. Stephen W. Stafford, son of Dr. and Mrs. William C. Stafford of Hope, has been awarded silver wings upon graduation from the U. S. Air Force navigator school at James Connally AFB, Tex., an Air Training Command installation. He is being assigned to Mather AFB, Calif., for specialized air crew training before reporting to his first permanent unit for flying duty. A graduate of Hauser High School, the lieutenant received his B. A. degree from DePauw University, where he was a member of Delta Chi fraternity. He was commissioned upon completion of Officer Training School. Dry Cleans Carpet Easily Carpet dry cleaning is easy with the Host Electric Up- Brush, Cleans all types of fibers. No handwork. Host eliminates every problem of "in home" cleaning. Not a shampoo—no wet carpet — use rooms instantly. Every customer who has tried Host, loves it We recommend it Clean 300 sq. ft (average home) only $9.95. Phone us for information. Carpel 1 and Drapery E. City Limits Road 46 The Lighter SU« To Wedded Bliss • By DICK WASHINGTON (UPIHDown through the years, choosing a wife or a husband has always been a rather haphazard venture, with the accent on the "hazard." The precarious nature of the enterprise can readily be seen in the rising divorce rate. At present, about 25 per cent of the marriages in this country eventually fall down and go boom! This may have been what prompted a California concern called Human Inventory, Inc., to seek a scientific approach to matchmaking. It commissioned a psychologist to prepare a test to determine marriage suitability. Males and females both answer 500 true-or-false questions of a self-analytical nature, such as "I am frequently the life of the party" and "I believe I could adjust to life in prison. Fed Into Computer These are fed into a computer, which then decides what couples are right for each other. Maybe the system works, but I am inclined to doubt that questions like that mean very much as far as ideal marriages are concerned. I have about concluded that the foremost consideration is whether the couples have well- matched fighting styles. My "basic for this theory is a survey recently taken by Red- book magazine among 105 married women. The findings published in the current issue show that: —AH but 4 of them have had fights with then- husbands. —44 had been engaged in fights that involved some type of physical violence. —81 believe that fighting serves a useful purpose. Individual Style —'Each woman has an individual fighting style. The survey turned up sulkers, yellers, snarlers, door slammers, drawer bangers, weepers, hard object throwers, soft object throwers, kickers, slappers, scratchers and several other interesting types. Husbands were not included hi the survey, but they appar- ently use some of the same tactics. That being the case, it may be that the key to wedded bliss is combat compatibility. It is obvious, for example; ihat two sulkers would be mis- mated and that hard ; object throwers should never ;marry. soft object throwers. On the other hand, snarlers and yellers are made for each other. They have positive re- iponses without vocal competition. Unless a computer can separate the door slammers from the drawer bangers, scientific matchmaking doesn't stand a chance. Now You Know Wigs can be traced back in history as far as 3110 B. C. when they were worn by the Egyptians for reasons of cleanliness and religion, according to the Encyclopedia Buy Gates V-Belts TO KEEP YOUR • WASHER • REFRIGERATOR • LAWN MOWER • POWER TOOLS AND OTHER EQUIPMENT RUNNING SMOOTHLY Available Through Most Automotive Service Dealers and Hardware Stores. DISTRIBUTED BY Rodefeld Co., Inc. AUTOMOTIVE PARTS HEADQUARTERS fix-up Does your home need painting, repairing., modernizing 7 Do it now...and let us felp. We lend millions of dollars to thousands of ^^ people for ifm hundreds of W different reasons. * To us, keeping a • home in good shape is reason enough. $25 to 1OOO CAPITAL FINANCE CORPORATION LEON S. McCAMMON, Manager West-Side Square Phone 663-3091, Greensburg THIS EMBLEM tells yon that we are in a position to render any type of..; banking service. Call on t» any time we may be of assistance in any way. USE OUR DRIVE. UP WINDOW HONOR THE MEMORY .of Your Departed Loved Ones FRIDAY, MAY 28 THE GREENSBURG DAILY NEWS WILL PUBLISH A SPECIAL N MEMORIAM ON THE DAILY NEWS CLASSIFIED PAGE Nothing is more fitting or of greater tribute to the loved one who has passed on, than an In Memoriam notice. ' In the sincere hope of rendering helpful service to those who desire to run appropriate In Memoriam notices for Memorial Day we will publish on Friday, May 28th, a special "Memorial Day Remembrance." It is a beautiful gesture of love and devotion to the memory of a mother, father, wife, husband, daughter, • son, or those beyond the immediate family circle, faithful friends and kin. The name of each fallen Veteran will be preceded by a star. Notation will be made of his rank and organization in which he served. Bring in your copy now ... Or not later than 9 a. m., Friday, May 28 CHARGE WILL BE ONLY $1.50 FOR 30 WORDS OR LESS. (Over 30 Words, 3c Per Word) IF IT IS MORE CONVENIENT, GIVE-US A CALL AT .... 663-3113 CLIP AND MAIL TO: Classified Advertising Dept, Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, Indiana. PAYMENT ENCLOSED AMOUNT: $ , CHECK D MONEY ORDER D Charge To: Name: Address: .. Telephone: In Order to Avoid Errors, Please Print CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT GREENSBURG DA.LY NEWS

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