Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California on September 26, 1929 · 35
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Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California · 35

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1929
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ARRIVALS DEPARTURES Reported by Martine Exchange L A Chamber of Commerce llIPPING ' NEWS VESSELS ARRIVED - Thursday September 20 rarrOmo 18:06 am Tokuyamal ballast 1 1 co c 106 am San Diego n 'wick 2:26 Am m Oleum ballaat 'Admiral Fiske 4:25 am Port Angeles an Francisco general Sacramento 4:36 am Charleston: Pass ' Admiral Schley 5:05 cm Portiand-San Franclaco: passengers aparcea 6:45 am San Francisco pass t erakles 1:05 am Ban Francisco gen easy Matthews 6:16 am Portland lum ' Arlin Meru 6:20 am Yokohama bal Ilumboldt 8:26 am San Francisco pass Bokuyo Maru 8:15 am Orient-Ban Fran eisco passenger' ylrginta 930 am San Francleco pass Yale 9:45 am dan Francisco pane Villauger 10 mm Newcastle bunkers Harvard 1:85 pm Ban Diego pane -- ) VESSELS ARRIVING Thnrsday September II secotesuma berth 282-A Ensenada: pans ! 41-4th Alexander berth 163 Seattle-San Francisco passengers rnmoor anchored Kohsichans: bunkers lamorganshire berth 187 London: gen to berth 60 New Orleans general r ami berth 177 Portland-San Fran- t un rusisco general eolanco berth 188 Mobile: general auks Meru berth 230-A Houaton gen kie021 ibraafIllorast berth 128 San Fran- !Main H Dolmas Long Beach Haiti- p o more ballast tahttnerberbtalf la!' Zttterdnall:1 i b tlal rite Vann berth 128 Barrow ballast ' Ye Alamos berth 3 IL 38 Barnett C: i ballast llama berth U Tacoma lumber D 0 Scofield berth 8 Richmond: bal ' !tomtit Standard berth 101 San Fran goo ballast --- I VESSELS DUE TO ARRIVE Friday September 27 Ir Alexander berth 158 Seattle and Jan Francisco: passengers ' ty of Los Angeles berth 166 Honolulu: Passengers braham Lincoln berth 0 San Fran- ) disco: paamengers Went Mahwah berth 107 San Francisco passengers l Yale berth 155 San Diego: Passengers l trbireoknei b ilretrlith 8 (1 60S ail rtrt Lac :mtne n yraali- oisco: general General Smuts berth 128 Rabaul: bunkers Point Bonita berth 230B New Orleans: general Point Monter'' berth 8309 San Francisco: general Lewis Luckenbach berth 2821) New York: general Horace Luckenbach berth DOD San i Franetsco: general Harry Duckenbach berth 232D New Or- leans: general H T Harper berth 98 Ban Francisco: ballast I --- VESSELS SAILED i' t t Thursday September 2t1 ' an Lucas 4:80 am New York bunk edras City 6:16 am United Kingdom bunkers ris Knudsen 6:25 am Cuba-United Kingdom bunkers athwood 1130 am Oleum: oil I amoa 8 am an Francisco-Portland general teodon 8:26 am Buenos Aires oil ale 3:36 pm San Diego passengers VESSELS SAILING Thursday September 26 Admiral Schley berth 154 San Diego passengers Humboldt berth 88 San Francisco Pass 1doctezuma berth 31111-A San Francisco Passengers 'Harvard berth 155 San Francisco: pass Admiral Flake berth 154 San Francisco and Port Angelem general Herakies berth 178 Antwerp general Alaskan berth 176 San Francisco gen 13rooltdale berth 178 San Francisco and Portland: general Golden Sun berth 176 San Francisco and Orient general ' Atlantic Sun berth 101 Philadelphia oil 'Carat° berth 164 Yokohama oil Hampton Roads berth bong Beach New York oil Yankee Aroow berth 238 Manila oil Altair berth 239 New York oil Astoria berth 68 San Francisco and Seattle general Royal Arrow berth 68 Woosungt oil Villanger anchored Grays bl arbo r 4 bunkers - VESSELS DUE TO SAIL Friday September 27 PlatIvy° Meru berth 220-A Manzanillo Passetgers Ruth Alexander berth 158 San Francisco Ensenada passengers "Virginia berth 152 New York pass 7 Saparocia berth 62 Yokohama Pans Vet berth Mahwah berth kiriarcilleunsAires: Passengers )111aeramento berth 160 San Francisco Passengers IL F Alexander berth 153 San Fran- ' deco-Seattle passengers t Felix Taussig berth 190 San Francisco general Peter Helms berth 178 San Francisco-Portland general l'ittioan berth 175 New York: general Jr ornmoor anchored Cuba bunkers Awake Meru berth 230A Hongkong gen pron berth 60 New Orleans general cetneral Smuts berth 128 Portland Pbunkers oint Montan berth 130-B Cartagena: general etlYalaa berth tong Beach San Diego: oil Warwick berth 167 IdartinesOleum: oil Lake Miraflores berth 128 San Francisco 6 ell William It Doheni berth Long Beach Baltimore oil ichmond berth 97 Richmond Oil oistad moberth 150 Hamburg oil tz 0 Ala berth 839 Portland: oil nault berth 65 Ban Francisco gen PASSENGER seninnttz VESSELS ARRIVING 't Tburadsv September 2d "Miro blant Orient via Ban Frandsen 11 cm berth 1130-A Adrnina Schley Portland via San Frandsen d am: berth 154 Stith Alexander SeattiA Via San Francisco 4 pm berth 162 daparoeit San Francine II cm berth 61 1 0 fflhIIuIIIIflINIIfflliIflhIIIUuIlIOhltIIIHuIUIIHhIItt More - Los Angeles Boosters I Continued from Previous Continued from Previous Page— VSTD CARS KELLEY KAR COMPANY Specialising in Good Peed cars You TAKE NO CHANCE Ever! Car Pul Iv Guaranteed 0? Course We Believe in Loa Ante lee 1221 L Pisueroa Pb WEstmore 11011 VEGETABLE OILS 4 VICOSTARTS) Ott PRODUCTS COMPANY INC Refiners et vegetable oils and mannIacturers or White Cap Shortening and Silves Shortening 121 S Rope at TRinity HIS WELDING SCHOOL 'TOM THZ WELDER" SCHOOL OF WELDING Acetylene end Electric r Our school Is old and well setsbilshel '431 b Alameda DElaware 3639 WINES CALIFORNIA 16"-iti-IFINAL WINE Co THE LAR1 ES PRODUCERS IN THE WEST PRODVCERS or CALIEORNIA PADRES WINS SIT TERS TONIC MI WHOLESALE DR UGGISTS BRUNSWIG DRUG CO1 Sedenendont Service for Independent 4 Pennle Rubber 0004ii Candies Soda Navel s ties Soda Eountain Supplies 4 I N MAN ST MUTUAL tUl ' WHOLESALE ELECTRICAL LISYENWALTER & clorrom INC WHOLESALE Et ECTRICAL SUP PLIES "We believe In Loa Arireles Met hat and alwaya $IS EAST FIRST ST TRinity Virginia Elan Francisco I Ism1 berth 162 Humboldt an rillg011100 g am berth 88 Moctesuma Mextcan Ports I Cm1 berth 232-A Harvard an Diego 2 pm berth 155 Yale San Francisco 10 am berth 155 Vil lenges Newcastle 10 am berth no-n Friday September 71 H P Alexander Seattle via Ban Francisco 10 cm berth 152 city of Lou Angeles Honolulu 1010 cm berth 156 Abraham Lincoln Ian Francis" I CM terth 10 Weat Mahwah San Francisco I am berth 178 Yale San Diego 1 cm berth 155 Saturday September 28 Pacific President San Prandial) g IL1111 berth 188 Nome City San Francisco 5 am berth 160 Guatemala San Francisco 8 am4 berth 188 Griftdu Portland via San Francisco 8 am berth 160 Admiral Schley San Diego I II lam berth 154 Wapama San Francisco 4 cm: berth 88 Buenos Aires Ace latia-San Diego 8 cm berth 68 Stinted Baltimore-Norfolit-Charleaton 8 cm berth 151 Harvard Ban Francine 10 Cm berth 155 - VESSELS SAILING' Thunder September 28 Admiral Schley San Diego 1 Pm berth 154 Numb° Mt San Francisco 7 pm berth 88 Moctezuma an Francisco S pm berth 282-A Harvard San Francisco 4 Pm berth 156 Yale San Diego S cm: berth 155 Friday September 27 Bokuyo Meru Peruvian and Chilean ports 2 pm berth 230-A Ruth Alexander San Diego-Ensanada I cm: berth 153 Virginia New York via Havana 8 am berth 162 Saparoea Dutch East Indiee 5 pm berth Yale San Frandsen 4 pm: berth 158 Went Mahwah Buenos Aires 5 PM berth 178 Sacramento San Francisco I Cra: berth 160 H F Alexander Seattle via San Francisco 6 Cm berth 152 'Saturday September 28 Abraham Lincoln London 5 pm berth 10 Pacifie President United EIngdom Porte 5 cm berth 188 Rome City San Francisco 5 Pm berth 180 Guatemala New York via Central Amer Iran and Mexican ports 5 pm berth er 188 Admiral Schley an Francisoo-Portland Cm berth 184 Wapama San Francisco 7 pm: berth Mi Harvard San Diego 1 cm berth 166 V S NAVY nun IN PORT Thursday SePtemher tn 9 a au BATTLE FLEET West Virginia (flagehip) Division New Mexico (flagship) Mieelsaippi Idaho Division Maryland Colorado FLEET BASE) FORCE Procyon (flagship) Belief (hospital bp) A lgorma (tug) Tern (m I nes weepe r) Brant (m inesweeper) Oil bargee Nos 23 and 24 Water barge No 80 AIRCRAFT SQUADRON Saratoga (carrier) NAVAL TRANSPORTATION' SERVICE Septic (tanker) Cayama (tanker) Arctic Wordy ship) DUE TO ARRIVE September 30—Neches (tanker) from Pearl Harbor 1 oDUE TO SAIL September SO—AMU° tomPleir Ship) tor San Diego Note—The above schedule la taken from the lateat schedule Issued by the commander-in-chief of the United State' battle fleet — VESSELS IN PORT Thursday Sestember 25 (I a m3 Paggenter Vensels Berth Calawall steamer 158 Humboldt steamer 88 Saparoea Dutch steamer 51 Admiral SebleY steamer 154 Bokuyo Maru Japanese steamer230A Sacramento steamer 180 Cargo Vessels Alaskan steamer 178 Golden Peak steamer Long Beach Admiral Flake steamer 164 Herakles Norwegian steamer 177 llrookdale steamer 195 Felix Tauoats ateamer 190 Oaxaca Britlah steamer 90 Peter Helma ateamer 228A Texmar ateamer 23011 Golden Sun steamer 217 Silvertir Britian motor vessel 241 Ohioan steamer 175 Welt Keats steamer 228E Oil Carriers Altair tanker 219 Ogura Baru Japanese tanker 119 Cuyarna tanker steamer Anchored Atlantic Sun tanker 101 Royal Arrow tanker 97 S a Delo tanker Anchored Carat° British tanker 164 Hampton Roads tanker Long Beach Warwick tanker 150 lig atom ta pannan tanker 167 THE WEATHER (united Stated Weathor Bureau) — LOS 'ANGELES FORECAST (September 28 1929) Los Angeles and vicinity—Fair and mild today and tomorrow PACIFIC COAST FORECAST southern California—Fair anct mild today and tomorrow with to near coast at night San Franciato bay region—Fair and mild today and tomorrow Sacramento Sea Joaquin and Santa Clara valleys—Fair and mild today and tomorrow TABLE or TEMPERATURES H L P Abilene 88 88 Moorhead 54 44 11 Amarillo 88 82 22 Nes1les-109 60 Atlanta 68 68190 NOrleans 82 70 Bismarck 60 40 28 New York Si) 92 Boise- 82 44 N 14ead 60 48 10 Boston- 82 60 N Platte 76 62 Brownsvit 90 72 Okla City 88 68 Buffalo 78 62 Omaha 84 68 Calgary 34 Penaacola 84 OS CHateras 78 88 Philadelp SO 80 Charlton 80 74 01 Phoenix 92 70 Charlotte 74 88 62 Pitaburgh 80 68 Chicago 72 84 Pocatello GO 48 10 Cincinsti 70 66 20 PLArgello 64 52 Cleveland 78 62 34 Portland 84 48 Dallan” 4 88 P Albert Denver 68 63 P Rupert 41 D Moines 32 84 Pueblo- 84 52 Detroit 8 62 01 Rapid My 50 42 10 Dodit City 88 62 Red Bluff 80 50 Duluth 58 44 01 VI 42 Durango 72 48 06 Roseourg OS 44 Edmonton 48 26 Roawell 92 60 El Paeo 80 86 Sacrrunto 80 52 Eureka 63 50 St Louia 78 6(1 Flasataff 88 64 St Paul 74 60 71 Freano 84 50 Salt Lake 62 $2 Galveston 82 74 &Antonio 88 88 34 Jrictn 74 58 01 San Diego 70 SO Hvre 38 San Fran 68 62 Helena 40 36 33 Santa Fe 72 50 Hurm BR 60 76 SSMarie 84 48 Independ 90 42 Seattle 60 60 Indannota 70 84 04 Spokane 48 41 10 Jacksonvl 88 78 08 SprgfdM 80 62 JuneauA 54 48 04 Tampa- 92 74 42 Kall000ll 48 42 03 Tatshlal 68 48 Kamloops 58 26 01 Tonopah 70 48 Kan City 82 611 Tucson- 24 84 11 Knoxville 68 84 84 Vickaburg 80 el La Cross 84 51 98 WWalia 60 44 14 Lander 14 44 22 Washgton 82 51 Lit Rork 82 66 84 84 IAngelo 75 SO Williaton 66 43 Marquette 511 48 10 Winmura 68 34 Memphis 78 18 02 Winnipeg 48 2 811 78 24 Yelwatons m 84 08 Villoa city 60 48 14 rtIM11 91 84 Modena" 73 30 SOFTHERN CALIFORNIA (Spevial Shalom) it L 911 it Riverside $O L A Barber 74 SS San Barbara 74 Mt WI loon 9 Pan Bernardo SI Pasadena 11 11 BEnta Anil 71 Pomnra AO 10 Sin FeLrrialdo 1111 Redlands $O SO P10111 Madly 90 t 61 50 51 58 49 62 RAINFALL RECORD Sealant Lamt Roason Lou Aare a Trite - NUN MOON AND TIDES (Sinitember 87 19Mi) Sun rises S48 a m Bets 843 p Iofl el-tp 2 SE) p in Digit thin 8 a tn and 432 p ta Low ad IA a Ia I LOS rANGEL ES EVENDTG EXPRESS THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 26 1929 Actress Aids Better Baby Exposition Martha Mattox Greatly Interested In Effort To Develop Talent GIVES PRIZES FOR SUCCESSFUL TOTS Many Opportunities For All Entrants to Benefit From Contest For thirty' years Martha Mattox has been a conspicuous figure upon the stage and screen Her work as a character actress has delighted hundreds of thousands of play and picturegoers and was a conetant source of delight to the discriminting critics of the country During these years with the typical generosity and helpful interest of her profession she has never lost an opportunity to aid those younger In experience and make their pathways easier Miss Mattox has been especially interested in the work of the Better Babies Exposition in discovering talent and making It possible for its development In a practical way HELPS PICK WINNERS Last year Miss Mattox devoted a great deal of time assisting In the selection of winners In the talent division as a judge her keen Insight and knowledge of requirements being of exceptional value This year Miss Mattox is presenting as an evidence of her interest the baby doU and cub lion pictured on this page to be won by some fortunate entry In her stage and screen career Miss Mattox has won the highest commendation from the public and the critics of the nation for the wonderful fidelity of her characterizations Among the most outstanding of these characterizations are her appearances as Miss Labe in "Conflict" Maw in "The Hero" Dona Mendoza In "The Torrent" Mammy Pleasants in "The Cat and the Canary" Mrs Bell in "Levey Mary" Miss Anderson in "The Homemaker" Maw Turner In "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come" the egg woman In "The Woman on the Juryl NEW PLAY Miss Mattox is soon to be featured In Jane Jock a play written especially for her by Roland Brown A glance over the list of prizes Yankee Arrow tanker 288 Mania Xarn Japanese tankerAnchored Lumber Carriers Daley Matthews steamer Carlos ateamer 195 Daisy Gray eteamer 73 Cascade stea rner 74 Clu in ault steamer Esther Johnson steamer 65 Adder steamer 814 Location of Berths Outer harbor 85 to B Ban Pedro 74 to 98 West basin 101 to 149 Wilmington 150 to 190 East baein 191 to 204 Terminal Island 206 to 841 Long Beach not numbered I RADIO SHIPPING (CONTINUED I'ROM PAGE TwELvm) west of San Pedro at noon STEEL TRADER Shanghai for Oran Harbor 1234 weat of Grays Harbor at noon POMONA New 'York for San Pedro 1900 aoutheast of an Pedro POINT BREEZE Balboa for San Fran-Clara bse southwest of Acapulco WEST CAMARO° Balboa for an Pedro 1875 southeast of San Pedro TARRAVILLE Adelaide for San Francine° 8050 southwest of San Francine° at noon PULPIT POINT TOWMIVIII for an Francisco 3973 southweet of San Francisco at noon PLUME San Francisco for Auckland 1894 southwest of San Francisco at noon R J HANNA Melbourne for Honolulu 538 Bouthweet of Honolulu OGLDEN CROSS Lytteiton for Honolulu 2384 southwest of Honolulu BRUNSWICK Melbourne for San Pedro 3719 southwest of San Pedro at noon NORDFARER Adelaide for Son Francisco 2335 northeast of Adelaide NORDHVAL Melbourne for San Padre 4532 aouthwest of San Pedro at noon VENEZUELA anchored at Acidotic ECUADOR New York for Havana 035 south of New York COLOMBIA New York for Puerto Colombia 1420 south of NeW York NORA San Pedro for lquilaue latt north ot Iquique CHILBAR San Pedro for 'room)! Ila lige north of Tocopilla EL SALVaDOR Balboa for San Pedro 3000 aoutheaat of San Pedro CORINTO anchored at Acalutia COLUMBIA Grays Harbor for Sidney 8176 aouthweat of Grays Harbor GOLDEN BEAR Sou Pedro for Melbourne 275o southwest of San Pedro KING WILLIAM Auckland for Pacific coast 2720 southwest of San Francisco MAUNAWILL Manila for San Francisco 1368 west of Honolulu SAN JOSE tan Franc loco for Corinto 1295 southeast of an Franc loco noon MARKLAND San Pedro for Brisbane 51161 southwest of an Pedro noon TISNAREN San Pedro for Briabane 5172 southwiet of an Pedro noon HAMBURG MARC Yokohama for San I ACTRESS PRESENTS PRIZESFOR BABY CONTEST I MOMMWMI Martha Mattox outstanding character actress of the stage and films appears in the insert above As an evidence of her intense Inters St in the Better Babies Exposition she is to present to some little winner the bright-eyed doll with the wise looking cub lion which also appear in the picture and opportunities which appear elsewhere on this page will show a general interest on the part of those who are in positions to be of extreme aid to talented youngsters in their early contacts and education Franc taco 1800 woe Of San Francisco DOROTHY WINTERMoTE Seattle for San Francisco 644 north of an Fran-rime° CLYDE MARIL Grays Harbor for Yokohama 755 west Of Grays I-larbor GENERAL SMUTS Rabat) or San Pedro 815 west of an Pedro STEEL TRADER Shanghai for Grays Harbor 1234 wear of (Maya Harbor HERMAN FALK San Pedro for New York 1457 southeas of San Pedro nowt GOLDEN PEAR Los Angetes tor Melbourne 2750 southweat of Loa Angeles GOLDEN EAGLE hsanapall for Kahului arrived Kahului at 1030 p M STEEL AGE Los Angeles for Honolulu 834 west of Lou Ange leo noon LIVENGA Italy for Sao Francisco 500 southeast of San Francisco METON New Tort fcr San Franciarra 410 southeast of San leranclaco MANULANI Kahului for San Francisco 690 west of an Francisco MANINI Ahukini for San Fran CISCO 553 west of San Franc loco CITY OF HONOLULU tom Angeles for Honolulu 16T2 wst of Los Angeles ELEANOR CHRISTENSEN San Francisco for Seattle 19 north of San Francisco MAUNA ALA Hilo for San Fran Chien 406 west of Fan Emotiono NEVADA Honolulu for Elwood 902 West of Elwood MALIKO San Francisco for Honolulu 1566 west of an Francisco GLENBEATH Muroran for Seattle Iva west of Seattle noon GOLDEN MOVNTAIN Hongkong for San Francisco 2000 west of San Francisco noon WEST MAHWAH San Francleco for Los Angeles It soutb of San Francisco DREDGE MACKENZIE: San Francisco tor Honolulu 986 east of Honolulu OREGON San Pedro for Everett 1102 gout hof EVerOtl WILHELMINA Honolulu for Portland 1670 southwest of Portland SCRICHO San Francisco for Seattle 279 north of San Francalco WANT HIGH LICENSE LYNWOOD Sept 26—Protests by irate citizens against mounting taxes are common enough in the experience of city officials but Lynwood city fathers have had a surprisingly different attitude to meet this week in receiving a petition from local plumbers and electricians asking for a sharp slant upward in their business licenses The document asked for a change from $12 to WO in their yearly license fee However it appears that the petitioners etre not wholly without guile in the matter since the change it was stated will act somewhat as a ''protective tariff" In keeping business at home ENTRY SUBSCRIPTION BLANK Evening Express Better Baby Exposition 1929 I hereby enter my child age years months In the Evening Express Better Baby Exposition and agree to take the Express for three months at the regular I ubecription price of sixty cents a month I will pay carrier monthly on delivery IUnderetand that this entitles me to DIVISION Two poses and 81(10 portrait In art folder A physical examination of my child A chance at the grand prizes OR DIVISION 2 Two poses and IMO portrait in art folder A mental test and talent try-out of my child A chance at the grand prizes Please Check Carefully Which Division You Are Entering Children entering the Talent Division must be between the ages of four and twelve Children entering the Physical Divinion must be between the ages of siz months and seven years inclusive Send the paper to the address below (Please print names and address plainly) Name a 11 Address city Phone Name of child Aire Phone Age S I am now taking Ms Evening Express am not taking the Evening Express but wish delivery to start at once for stage screen or public entertainment careers Also will be found a host of other good things for those whose interests or talents may not lie in those directions not the least of which is HOLD LODGE AUCTION LONG BEACH Sept 28—A "Dutch auction" is to be held by Long Beach Lodge No 320 Independent Order of Odd Fellows at its temple 728 Elm avenue tonight The proceeds will be divided between the 111th anniversary celebration and the children's Christmas fund H E Eberhardt is to officiate as auctioneer A short business 'session will precede the auction beginning at 7:15 o'clock with Philip Taylor presiding SEVENTH ANNUAL the opportunity presented to every entry to secure a physical examination by leading medical specialists VALUE RECOGNIZED In these days of advanced medical progress the value of complete physical examinations at intervals of even the most apparently healthy robust children is recognized by all Oftentimes it is not done through consideration of time expense or just delay or thoughtlessness You should have your baby examined Then you will know if it is perfectly healthy or if not what the difficulty is and what to do about it and remember that the healthiest and best-formed babies are in line for some splendid prizes Your friends and neighbors are entering their babies Enter yours today Express Better Babies Exposition Starts September 16 1929—Closes November 15 1929 Thousands of Dollars' Worth FREE Prizes—Opportunities EVERY BABY WINS! DIVISION 1 Two poses and beautiful Slag portrait In art folder by Beck Studios A complete thorough physical examination by leading medical specialists under the supervision of City Health Officer George Parish A chance at the wonderful grand prizes DIVISION 2 Two poses and beautiful 8110 portrait In art folder by Beck Studios A mental test and talent try-out chance at special talent prizes A chance at the wonderful grand prizes WONDERFUL GRAND PRIZES Contract to appear in a forthcoming Paramount Production MOO Merchandise Order by Sears Roebuck & Co $5000 Merchandise Order by Sears Roebuck & Co $2500 Merchandise Order by Sears Roebuck & Co Five $1000 Merchandise Orders by Sears Roebuck & Co Forty $500 Merchandise Orders by Sears Roebuck & Co Fifty $200 Merchandise Orders by Sears Roebuck & Co (Three orders rood at any of the comnany's four local stores or any Seers Roebuck Si Co stores in the United Staten) Twelve one-month's supply Arden Certified Milk by Arden Dairy Farm 'Fifteen three-months' passes to Paramount Theatre Beautiful doll donated by Mary Pickford Beautiful doll donated by Mildred Lloyd Beautiful doll donated by Norma Sh Beautiful doll donated by Martha Mattox Beautiful doll donated by Bessie Love Beautiful doll donated by Anita Page Favorite dolls of their childhood days donated by Mary Brian Clara Bow Fay Wray and Nancy Carroll Tricycle donated by Western Novelty Company Five life-size new Dimple Babies by California Toy Shop and Doll Hospital Five Patsy Ann Dolls by California Toy Shop and Doll Hospital Tep Patsy and Skippie Dolls by California Toy Shop and Doll Hospital Five Honey Baby Dolls by California Toy Shop and Doll Hospital Six WO Tinted Portraits given by Beck Studio Fifty charmingly illustrated Books by MacMillan Publishing Co of New York Fifty Boxes of Miss Saylor's Unusual Chocolates of California Fifty Games and Toys by Zulu Mfg Co Battle Creek Mich Fifty Assorted Packages Biscuits and Crackers donated by Bishop & Co TALENT PRIZES Two paid-up VI01111 SehOlarnhipt by Alfred Megerlin Two paid-up Dramatic Scholarships by Marshall Stedman Two paid-up Piano Scholarships by Alexander Kosloff Two paid-up Dance Scholarships by Ethel Meglin Two paid-up Dance Scholarships by Roy Randolph Santa Monica Two paid-up Dance Scholarships by Lillian Newman In Beach Two Whistling Scholarships by Florence Brown of the California School of Whistling Sponsored by LOS ANGELES EVENING EXPRESS PARAMOUNT THEATRE PARAMOUNT-FAMOUS-LASKY STUDIOS SEARS ROEBUCK & CO Don't Fail to Give Your Baby Its Chance for Fame Health and Fortune—Send Entry Nowt First Prize $10 Merchandise Order Second Prize $5 Merchandise Order and 40 Pairs of Tickets to Paramount Theater READ HOW TO GET IT It's as Simple as the Alphabet RULES OF CONTEST Read carefully each advertisement under the "Alphabetical Column appearing on this Dago daily Copy the big Initial letter found at the beginning of each advertisement Form as many words as you cam making use of these letters Do not nee the same letter more than once in any one word unless It appears more than once In this column and then only as many times as letter appears Arrange the words in your list alphabetically Number each word write your name and address and total number of words at the top of the sheet Your answer must be accompanied by at least one sales slip or other evidence that you have made a purchase from one of the advertisers represented in the "AlPhabetical Column' during the week of the contest This list will run without change of letters till September 28th Mail your answer to the Alphabetical Contest Editor of the Evening Expreek AU answers must be in by ix in Saturday &totem bee 2 b The person submitting the list containing the greatent number of words correctly formed will receive last prize The person submitting the list containing the second greatest number of words cur rectly formed will receive second prize The forty pernons submitting the lists containing next greatest number of words correctly formed will each receive a pair of tickets to Paramount Theater Proper names plurals and foreign words will not be counted A Words With different meanings but spelled the same can only be counted once Every person whose list does not conform with every rule will be disqualified In the event of a tie the Slime Prize will he given to each tying contestant The names of winners will be published next week BOSCH SCREEN GRID RADIO Home demonstrations ERPY trims NILSSON RADIO STORE 4309 Avalon Blvd HIT 0827 -- CAMPBELL'S BOOK STORE Everything for the student NEW UNIVERSITY LOCATION 10918 Le Conte Ave Westwood pOSITIVELY best radio buys in L A Complete line of bankrupt stock Ridiculously low Prices IL S Shelly Trustee 422 W 4th at QUICK action is necessary when You lone momething Phone immediately ME 7600 and let a million listeners-ln help you lovate it AU Lost and Found advertisements inserted in the Evening Enprem are broadcast daily over Radio KNX without additional charge SHEET Metal Works H A Butler Sheet Metal and Plumbing Works 648 Maple ave Phone TUSer 1531 SAMPLE SHOP 819 W Fifth St Mats Coats Furs Dreasee Latest Fall styles The place thatyou save money NEFF COLLEGE LA MAKE YOUR GOWNS WITH ITS MATERIALS AT WHOLESALE 910-11 New Orpheum Bldg TU 1956 JEAN'S PERMANENT WAVE 93 Latest Croquignele Wave 9410 747 S 11111 SLIM 205-1:06 VAndike 7639 SINGER D He 110 White 11250 Fort see 118 up Desk ele c $40 1 Yr guar 1 yr tree serviee White S M Co 917 S Lithvy LEADER COLLEGE Complete cours‘ In beauty culture Pro lessons Spl summer rates 706 S Hill 4th Floor M 0107 GET CASI-1 BUYERS FOR REAL ESTATE Our proven 'successful plan do it THE OPEN MARKET GL 0787 TIUY AUTO-MO-BILES at coat Straight 8 on Balance I) 1011C-9 to 10 12 to L b to S 3815-17 S bloneta DIVINE 126L4ing by placing on of hands Also mental teachings Love offering 458 S Burlington (D carlinel WA 9385 GRAPE juice from No Calif $2 gal ad and 91 gal top to 5 gals) AVID prove differenee Purity Grano Juice Co 5015 W Wash Wil 7093 USED auto water heaters VIM working order 920 both tuba rolled rim beauties new 81905 Kelsey 1440 W Slauson TH 7014 KEELEY INSTITUTE 2400 Weat Piero Aleohnlieln Is a disease Proper treatment overcomes it Inform booklet PM 8s9a B ERTEE BEAUTY Shop I4-day Special Cronnignole $5 307 W 9th DR 9518 I AWN mowers harpened by machinery OtINI & aditd SI Called for and delivered free Bishop k Ilfathews 819 W Vernon VEASIS Air Mail Service rartacontinontal air moll met-vice to and from Southern California to operated In both direction& daily Trans-Continental schedule: Eastbound (day schedule)---Loagoo Lott Angelo& T:35 a m daily eseept Monday connecting at Salt Lake Cito With Eastern lines Arrives Solt Lake Ctly I:45 s fri (mountain Vino) Chicago 6 a tn (control time) Now York City 8:40 p m (Eastern time) Cleating time for eastbound ma)l: Arcade atation 6:30 a In: airport 731 I m main pootoffice and substation& 1:30 I m Eastbound Matt 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