Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on May 21, 1965 · Page 6
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 6

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 21, 1965
Page 6
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CALL 663-3114 V PATER IS HISSED- Sectioh Two Convicted of Killing Priest— iMan, 86, Is Free After |43 Years Behind Bars SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (UPI) — The year 1921 -was a .thrilling one for sports .fans but there were no spectacular headlines on the news pages. , The New York Giants beat the New York Yankees in the World Series, Babe Ruth hit 59 home runs to set a new record, Jack Dempsey flattened war hero Georges Carpentier in the third round of their heavyweight title fight, jockey Earel Sande rode Grey Lag to victory in the Kentucky Derby, Walter Hagen won the Professional Golf Association championship and Tommy Milton won the Indianapolis 500-mile auto race at an average speed of 89.62 miles. That was the year when President Harding signed a joint congressional resolution -declaring peace with Germany and Austria. That also was the year when William A. Hightower went to prison for slaying a Roman Catholic priest. 43 Years In Prison Hightower was 43 years old on the day the prison gate closed behind him. He was to spend another 43 years, nine months and eight days before See McCoy & Douglas For Full-Driving Power SUMMER GET-READY SERVICE • BUICK • OLDS • PONTIAC PHONE 663-6621 PUBLIC SALE Having sold the farm, the undersigned will sell at public auction the following personal property, located 1% miles west of North Vernon, on Highway 50 to Thompson Electric Shop, then south % mile. Follow arrows, on Wednesday, May 26 12:30 P. M. 18 CATTLE—Angus cow, 3 years old, with calf by .side; Hoi- stein cow, 4 years old, good flow milk; 2 Holstein and Shorthorn cows, 4 years old, good flow;. 7 Angus cows, 4 years old, pasture bred; 3 Angus and Shorthorn heifers, open; Angus heifer, 6 months old; Angus bull, 2 years old; Angus bull, 7 months old. Cattle Bangs tested. , - • • .37 HOGS^-5 mixed sows,-due in May and June; Spotted Poland board, yearling; 31 shoats, from 165 to 180 Ibs. Sows and boar Bangs tested. FARM EQUIPMENT—New Holland, model 77 baler, v with motor, good condition; IHC 1-P-R corn picker, good condition; New Idea 7-foot mower; Co-Op 4-bar side delivery rake; Allis Chalmers model 66 combine, good condition; Co-Op 6-fpot disc; IHC 7-foot disc; cultipacker; 2 rubber tired wagons; IHC No. 200 manure spreader; hay stacker; Bradley garden tractor with cultivator; saw attachment; large copper kettle and stand. Some small articles. Surge milker with 2 units. TRUCK—IHC %-ton truck. CORN AND OATS—Approximately 100 bushels corn; 75 bushels oats. TERMS—CASH. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS. BEN J. ERNSTES Lewis Beesley, auctioneer. I Cecil Schuyler, clerk. A STEADY DRIVING SPEED IS THE BEST WAY TO SAVE GAS! Sudden acceleration of your car's engine causes extra gasoline to be wasted. No gas-saving device can save you as much as simply avoiding jack-rabbit starts and 'uneven speed up—slow down driving. And it pays to know how you'll get the best mileage from your car insurance with State Farm! Just ask mo about itCall or stop in today. YOUR LOCAL AGENTS PS2993 Tom J. Simmermeyer MURPHY BLDG. Robert K. Hall PHONE 662-1521 STATE FARM MUTUAL Home Office, Bloomington, Illinois walking through that portal in the other direction. He walked out a free 'man Thursday. "I'm not going out running the world, just to have a look at it," said Hightower, now 86, with a mental and physical demeanor that belied Ms age. "I don't give a damn what the public .thinks," Hightower snapped. "They didn't care about me so why should I care what they think." Then he softened the remark, adding: "I have no feelings,.no bitterness against anybody. I'm going out." Reflecting on the years he spent as a "guest" of the state, Hightower said, "they've been very good to me in prison." Looking Ahead He said he felt things .had improved immeasurably since his imprisonment and he wants to get a good look at it all. "I'm not thinking back, just looking ahead," Hightower told a n ewsman who had visited him twice in prison. Before leaving Hightower was wished "good luck" by prison Superintendent John Klinger. Prison authorities said two organizations — the Friends of America and Halfway House- sought to assist Hightower in returning to civilian life in Los Angeles. Hightower, dressed in a brown suit and grey sports shirt, appeared healthier and stronger than the average man his age. Born Sept. 28, 1878, in Groves, Tex., Hightower lived there until 1894, when he began his world travels. Eventually he made his way to Colma, Calif., near San Francisco, and a rendezvous with fate. Requested Priest Authorities jsaid. that Hightower walked into Holy Angels Roman Catholic Church in Colma and told the - Rev. -Patrick E. Heslin that a priest was needed to give the last rites to a dying man. Father Heslin went with Hightower and was never seen alive again. Hightower, apparently trying to collect a reward, brought about his own arrest when he told a local newspaperman the priest's grave probably could 1 be found at Salada Beach, now Sharp Park in Pacifica. The body was located and a jury convicted Hightower. Twenty-six times since ,his 1921 conviction, state parole officers rejected Hightower's bid for freedom, finally granting his request last March 29. RECEIVE THREATS LONDON (UPI)—Threatening leaflets bearing the Nazi swastika have been received by members of the House of Commons in advance of a vote on a race relations bill. Frank Allaun, a Laborite member of Parliament, said the leaflets are "deliberately intended to raise hatred towards colored and Jewish-people." FABRICS? PATTERNS? COLORS? WHEN IT COMES TO MEN'S WEAR, WE HAVE JUST ABOUT ANYTHING YOU COULD WANT OR NEED. PAY US A VISIT SOON—LOOK OVER OUR LARGE SELECTIONS. BE READY FOR THE NEW SEASON. 'S F in n from <mr JES May 21, 1950 Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Stratman of Covington, Ky., were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.: W. H. Wintin. . Albert Beeson entered St. Vincent's Hospital in Indianapolis for surgery. - - • . Mr. and Mrs. Lee McClung returned ' home ' on West Walnut after a month in Washington, D. C. with their son, Frank.-. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Graue of 423 West First, Mr. and; Mrs. Calvin Holcomb of Westport and Mr. and Mrs. Lou Wehner, 526 W. Sheridan, were parents of new-babies at the local hospital. Holland Barren, Earl Borden, Robert Frensemeier, W i'lm a Grimes, Janet McLaughlin, Carl Springer, John Westinghouse, Donna Brown and'Arlene Wilson, seniors", were presented Bibles at the morning service of the Christian. Church. William King, 92, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Holland Farmer near New Point. Several hundred people made a tour of Decatur County Memorial Hospital when open house was held from 2 to 4:30 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Lowe and daughters, Margaret Ann and Mary Beth, entertained at dinner Sunday noon the following: Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Lowe of Clarksburg, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marlin and Dr. and Mrs. Russell M. Blemker. Billy Anderson, Donald Schroeder, Francis Pumphrey, Albert Dwiggins, Earl Smith, Howard McGuire, Rollin and Charles DeWeese, Patty Rumsey, and Gail Norris, members of the Burney High School sophomore class, took a trip to points of interest in southern Indiana and northern Kentucky. Circuit Court The complaint for divorce filed by Floyd W. Carter against Phyllis M. Carter has been set for trial June 24. In the transfer of claim filed by Richard P. and Polly Sue McCreary against the estate of the late Alfred Herman Bartels the executor's demurrer has been set for argument May 27. The complaint for divorce filed by Harold Haley Sr., against Phyllis Haley has been dismissed by the plaintiff. The executor of the estate of the late Edna Steadman has been granted a petition to sell real estate. In the complaint for damages filed by Sally C. Heidrich against Everett L. Ray the defendant has been ruled to answer the complaint on or before June 1. The executrix of the estate of the late Otto Youman has been granted a petition for order authorizing the sale of Unite'd States Series E bond. By agreement of parties in the complaint for damages filed by Hubert Gene Brooks, by his next friend William Brooks, against Elmer H. Behrman the action is to be venued to Rush Circuit Court. Ten days were given to perfect the change of venue/ A final report submitted in the estate of the late Edward N. Henninger has been set for hearing June 11. The executor of the estate of the late Cynde Perry Sefton has been granted a petition to reduce bond. The administrator of the estate of the late Anna Strueving has been granted a petition to sell real estate. For Society, call 663-3111. 62-Orbit Space Mission Is Scheduled For June 3 Edward White (left) and By AL ROSSITER JR. CAPE KENNEDY (UPI)— A record breaking spaceflight that will send Gemini astronauts James McDevitt and Edward White whirling around earth 62 times in four days has been scheduled for June 3, the federal space agency announced to- James McDevitt physical effects nauts. day. The mission, most ambitious 'yet attempted by the United iStates, will more than triple the 'total space time accumulated by all six Mercury astronauts and Gemini pioneers Virgil Grissom and John Young. The Gemini-4 capsule will fly longer, 97 hours and 50 minutes, and higher, 185 miles, than any previous U.S. manned spaceship and! one of its pilots may become the first American to partially venture into the void of space. : Main goal of the flight is to prove that the 7,000 pound ship is capable of long duration flights and to see if astronauts are affected by prolonged exposure to the mysteries of weightlessness in space; ; Flight Plan The flight plan calls for the Gemini-4 to use small steering rockets to make nine orbital maneuvers—up, down, forward, backward and sideways. P e r- fection of such techniques is necessary for later attempts to rendezvous with other craft in space. . Prior to today's announcement, the space agency had said! the shot was officially scheduled for some time after July 1. Informed sources, however, have reported for some time that the shot was scheduled for the first week of June. If the June 3 launch date is met, it will mean only a 2%month interval between the first and second manned Gemini missions—a pace that earlier this year only the most optimistic project officials hoped could be attained. The flight will approach, but not match, the space endurance record set by Russia's Valery Bykovsky on a five-day, 81 orbit flight in June 1963, in the Vostok-5 ship. Gemini-4. will set a new mark for two-m a n flights. If the upcoming McDevitt- White mission is successful, the United States will challenge the Soviet duration record with a seven-day shot in August. The flight will be made by L. Gordon Cooper, holder of the U.S. 34-hour record set two years ago in a Mercury capsule, and copilot Charles (Pete) Conrad. Weightless Tests Of the 11 experiments planned for Gemini-4, three are specifically designed to see if four days of weightlessness will have any INSTALLATION If you an a customer of ours, your new quick-recovery, flameless electric water heater can be installed free in your present home, for complete us or ask your plumber or dealer. PUBLIC SERVICE INDIANA on capsule the astro- One of the tests will deter- if zero gravity for four result in a loss of cal- mine .days cium from the pilots' bones. Another experiment will look for. possible deterioration of heart muscles, and a third will assess the astronauts' ability to do physical work in space. There also will be four engineering experiments, two scientific experiments and two defense department tests. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said the possibility of having White open one of the capsule's two hatches and' leaning halfway into space is still under consideration. The decision to proceed with the so-called extravehicular experiment depends on the outcome of spacesuit and hatch tests now underway and could be made as late as one day-before launch. No Spacewalk The United -States will not at-, tempt to match the "spacewalk" made by Russia's 'Alekei 'Leor nov last .March until the next Gemini flight at the earliest. Leonov crawled out -of, his Voskhod-2 craft and floated in space for about 20 minutes. McDevitt, the 35-year-old Gemini-4 command pilot, and White, 34, will have enough food along in their capsule for four 2,500- calorie meals a day. The menus, varied for each pilot, contain 49 different items ranging from peanut cubes to shrimp cocktail. The entire mission will be for the first time from NASA's new Gemini nerve center in Houston, Tex. The Cape Kennedy mission control- c e n t eT used for the Grissom-Y p u n g Gemini debut March 23 will now serve as a full-time ''back-up" to Houston. Ctef Up! HOUSECLEANING SUPPLIES • SAKRETE AND RUTLAND • BRUCE FLOOR CLEANER • BRUCE AND BEACON PASTE FLOOR WAXES • GLAMORENE LIQUID FLOOR WAX PLASTER PATCH • NU DA VARNISH REMOVER • SCRUB, PAINT BRUSHES • SANDPAPER, STEEL WOOL • ALUMINUM STEPLADDERS Nu Da Wall Point Choice of Many Colors - Nu Da Speedri Varnish Nu Da Hi-Gloss Enamel FLOOR SANDER, WAXER, POLISHER FOR RENT 314 W. MAIN TAKE IT OUT FOR 5 YEARS OR 50,000 MILES Pack it up. Stack it full. Give it the gun.' Get under way. For the shaft haul or long —a Dodge-built .truck can take it night and day. The toughest worker on wheels. And backed.up to'prove it: with a 5-year or 50,000 mile warranty*, on the engine and drive train'. Isn't that what makes a good investment a better investment? Tough Dodge trucks deliver the goods and keep coming back for more. Priced higher? Not a bit. The Dodge Truck Boys make 'em as easy to buy as they are to drive. •HERE'S HOW THIS WARRANTY COVERAGE HKTItllS YOU: Chrysler Corporation warrants tor 5 years or 50,000 miles or 1500 hours of operation, whichever comes first, against defects in materials and workmanship and will replace or repair at a Chrysler. Motors Corporation authorized dealer's place of business Gasoline and Perkins diesel engines (i.e., block, heads, and internal parts). Intake manifold, water pump, flywheel, flywheel housing, clutch housingrtorque converter, transmission (i.e., case and Internal parts, excluding manual dutch), transfer case and all internal parts, drive shafts, center bearings, universal Joints, driving axles and differentials, and drive wheel bearings of its new Dodge trucks, provided the owner has (1) the engine oil changed and universal Joints (except sealed-type) lubricated and the oll-bath-type carburetor air filter cleaned every 3 months or 4000 miles (every 2 months or 2000 miles on models 400 through 1000), whichever comes first, (2) the engine oil filter replaced and dry-type carburetor air filter cleaned every second oil change, and dry.type carburetor air filter element replaced every 24.00O miles, (3) the erankcase ventilation system cleaned and serviced every 4000 miles, and (4) the transmission, transfer case and driving axle lubricants changed every 32,000 miles (every 20.000 miles on models 400 through 1000). The foregoing services must b« performed more ' often when reasonably required due to severe dust or regular "stop and go" operation. Every 6 months the owner must furnish to such a dealer evidence of performance of the required service and request the dealer to certify (1) receipt oj such evidence and (2) the truck's then current mileage. SUPER MOTORS Inc. 727 WEST MAIN ST. GREENSBURG, IND. — 47240

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