The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1952
Page 3
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Margarine Heir Seized in Case Of Prostitution Mickey Jelk* Taken , In His Apartment With Young Woman NEK' YORK Wi _ A socially- registered young heir to an oleomargarine fortune was arrested today for allegedly allowing his fashionable apartment to be used by prostitutes and accepting earnings from them. Minot p. (Mickey) Jelke, 22. was charged \s-ith compulsory prostitution, living off the proceeds of prostitution* nnd conspiracy. He also was charged with illegally possessing two guns. He was picked up, along with an array of seven blonde, brunette and red-haired beauties and two other men in a city-wide campaign In stamp out ' a prostitution system whereby some girls reputedly charged as much as S5CO a night. Escort of Debutantes I Jflke, whose name is included i _.... "' --••-•• in the 1952 edition of the New Cnf/p Are Conducted York Eiicial register, has been a frequent escort of debutatntes in, Services for David Lee Powell. Low-Cut Dress Shows 'Little Sign of Damage LOS ANGELES B — Gloria Grahame, 25, won a divorce yesterday after testifying she lost weight because her husband was sullen and morose. But there wae little evidence of any damage to her figure. The shapely actress came to court In a black dress as low cut as court attaches could recall. Over it, she wore an unbuttoned white sweater, which concealed none of her charms. Miss Grnhame said movie director N'ick Ray's attitude "hurt my eating." Superior JucjRe Samuel Blake granted the divorce from nay, 40. on cruelty grounds. Miss Grahame was awarded $370 monthly for their 3-year-old son Timothy. Obituaries Commodity And Stock Markets- N«w Y«rk Cttton Open High Lou- Clo»e Oct . ...... 3888 3902 38T7 3883 D« 3872 3893 38«8 3890 Itfsr 38SO 3885 3S60 3881 May 3811 3868 3841 3865 N«w Orleans Cotton Open High Low Close Oct. 3881 3896 3875 3891 D=C 3871 3°SS 3863 SMS Mar 38S9 3880 3859 3880 May 3844 3865 3842 3885 Soybeans Sep 314% 311 31-Hi 312 312', *°' P ° We " swank night East Side. His name appeared spots on the upper Jan Mor May ^ New York Stocks A T and T Amer. Tobacco Anaconda Copper .... Belh Steel Chrysler Gen. Electric Gen Motors ' Montgomery Ward .. N. V. Central '. Int. Harvester Penne/v High Low Close 324't, 3Wi 321 V< 312 3131,4 313'/1 154V4 SG^i 46!.!, SO'i „ • — — .-tr I u^cll. i 1 /-> rlnnnft.. 3-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. E.! o'^nnWi £ ,' L. Powell fnrmerlv n l On ,,,v,.... I H*PUbllc .<, leel L. Powell, formerly of Southeast 6CP 65! IS' 33 i 68 Mississippi Gives Up Bodies of Two , Term. Mv-Th« Mt- River hu given up the bodies of two women who plunged to their de*th« front the M«nphi« >n<) Arlcansu bridge wirlier this week. And, Assistant Police Chief u T Bartholomew reported a third woman was stopped In «n «tt«mpt to jump off the US-foot high span last night. He reported > squad car found two men holding the squirming woman who aild she rode to the bridge In a taxi and "wanted to jump in." The m'oman was held ov- OTOlght. The bodies of the other two women were fount! near West Memphis, Ark., yesterday. An engineer* boat, picked up the body of Emma Adams, 32-year-old Negro rooming house manager, and two fishermen found the body of Miss Kathryn Ruth Smith. 28. Memphis stenographer. Bartholomew said the bodies were identified by relatives and friends. MURRAY (Continued from Page 1) GOP «*>«<*«••< fern fe*. * Qj*. »«nhower," The Senate document referred to bj- Truman In expressing his holped develop, tinned out to be » study made by the stair of the Foreign Relations Committee. Printed at the request nf Sen John Spnrkman of Alabama now ln« Democratic vice presidential nominee, the document was not signed by any committee members although Tniinnn alluded to il ns a unanimous report. Along with other Republicans Bridges applauded Eisenhower's rejection of Ihe white House Invitation. The senator said nn ar- ceptnnci; might have led Eisenhower Into a trap. "By declining. Oen. Eisenhower leaves himself free to campaign on these issues," Bridges said. That he plan.s lo do so was fur- STEVENSON tor»U, aJso w«» on the Ust and this visit WH being watched wiUi interest. The California , delegation was solidly (or Sen. EeUw Kefauv- cr of Tennessee In tjie National Convention. Kefauver has said he win back Stevenson but that some ot his supporters feel he got a "bad deal" at the convention tnd thoy are waiting to see Stevenson's gram develop before taking , Stevenson's meeting! loday and the .strategy huddles with his advisory hoard this week end will tnke up his time prior to his departure Monday for a three-clay F«rm Group Urges Cherry t» N«m« Group to Study State Tax Structure LITTLE ROCK IJT) — The Arkan«•« Farmers Union urged Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Francis Cherry to name a commission to study overhauling of the state's tax structure. hi its opening convention session. th» group .said "Arkansas' greatest n«d Is complete overhauling of Its revenue or tax system. We cannot p ro . i-oei M.III, r-i.,.,',1 , »; • •""-"< ; " "> '"'• iom Home i-crmnn- rest with friends »t n Northern' ent compant in roonernlion with Wscons In nvtnri. Th. r.\» — i... ..h-i.. _,'•,,.',''!. " n Win Prizes in Soles Contest Two Blytheville girls were winners In a recent nationwide contest conducted by Ihe Ton! Home Pcminn- Wlsconsjn resort. The place has not been announced by Stevenson's of farm-labor the governor's headquarters. The discussion problems followed . , In society j Missouri and near Dlytheville, and gossip columns, but never be- j be conducted today at 3-30 '"" ' --- " ----------- ' fore in police records. Assistant District Attorney .... thony J. Liebler said Jelke was k due to come into an inheritance •In three years at the age of 25 p tn in ~*. v^.tuu^k^k. mun.v ni. a;.iu p.m. in the Cofab Funeral Home c'hapel here. An-1 The child was killed tn a truck accident in Cr'owder. Miss., ycstsr- day. His parents had moved to Mississippi last year after having lived Survivors Include the child's parents, a brother. Clarence, of Mississippi, and two sisters. Bettie Joy of Mississippi and Annie Elizabeth Burns of Blytheville. Burial will be in Elmivood Cemetery. Cobb Funeral Home Is in charge. and meanwhile had been receiving) in this vicinity for a number of $2Gfl a month from a trust fund, years. He said police who arrested Jelke in his $H7.50-a-month apartment early today found him in bed with a blonde. Liebler identified her as Sylvia Eder, 24. She also was taken into custody. Loaded Gun Found The assistant district attorney said a loaded gun was found in Jelke's apartment and another one in bis pale blue Cadillac converli- ble, parked outside. Jelke's father, oleo kins* John T. Jelfce, of Chicago sold his 25 million dollar a year business to Lever Brothers Co. in 1948. Officials said his mother was Mrs. Ralph Teal, of Danbury, Conn., divorced from the elder Jelke. Young Jelke was one of the founders of the Bachelors Club of America, whose membership includes & number of New York playboys. He was considered one of society's most eligible bachelors. Once Attended College Taken to a police station, Jelke described himself to the desk sergeant us single, said he has at- Radio Socony Vacuum .. Stiiriebnker Standard of N. j. Texas Corp Sears U. S. Steel Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111., 38 55* 69 V, 40 Arkansan Dies In Auto Wreck POPLAR BLUFF. Mo. VP>— Mrs Virginia M. Kuykendall, 48, of 468 Midland. Little Rock, Ark., died tn a hospital here today of burns suffered Thursday when » IB , 511e was driving went out of control and a car she In collided with gasoline pumps front of a filling station. Two, companions, Mrs. Kathryn B. Adamson. 52, and her daughter Miss Elizabeth Adamson, 24, were hospitalized here. Mrs. Adamson suffered a broken wrist and her Hogs 6.500; fairly active; weights 190 Ibs up weak to 25 lower than Thursday's average; lighter weights unchanged; sows 25 to mostly SO lower; bulk choice 11)0-230 Ibs imsorted for grade 22.7-23.00. later paid rather freely by shippers and butchers mostly for choice numbers 1 and 2 under 225 Ibs; 240-270 Ibs largely 21.75-22.SO: 280-300 Ibs 21 00-21 50170-180 Ibs 21.50-22.25; 150-170 Ibs 20.00-21.50: few 21.75; 120-HI) Ibs 17.15-10.50; sows 400 Ibs down 17.5018.00: heavier sows 15.50 - n.00: stags 1350-15.50; boars 11.50-15.00. Cattle 650, calves 500; moderately active trading at generally A good head of tended college two years, and in suffered a broken wrist and her reply to a question whether he] <iau shter cuts and bruises. Neither used narcotics, replied "No, sir." wa5 m a serious condition. used narcotics, replied "No, sir. Arrested also in the round-up, at another address, was Erica Steel, 28, a red-hnlced television actress. Police took her into custody at her ?200-a-month apartment. Miss Steel was charged with keepjnp and maintaininging pre- j mist* for the purpose of prosti- -tattoo, living off the proceeds and . Trm others taken In the dragnet were undergoing questioning and were not placed under arrest immediately. Extended Arkansas Weather Forecast Extended Arkansas Forecast for the Period Aus. 15-19: Temperafures will average 3 to 8 degrees above normal. Normal minimum 70 tfl 15, normal mail- mum 90 to 95. .Vo Important ehanrei. Perclpltallon mostly lifht. with widely scattered afternoon thyndershowers. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Truman Proclaims New 'Hire Handicapped Week' WASHINGTON, (f, _ President Truman lods.v proclaimed t h e week of Oct. S as "National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week." He asked state governors and other public officials to sponsor programs aimed at helping the physically handicapped secure employment. steady prices effecting clearance on individual ..,.„„ „, choice steers to 33.00: commercial and good steers and heifers 25.0030.00; utility and commercial cow. 5 ; 17.50-21.50; canners and cutters 13.0(1-17.50. St. Louis Man Dies in Accident for presi- ideas." The Stevenson endorsemenl by the 40-man board. It predicted Slevenson would win ihe Novcm- i; her election and bring to Ihe while '< House "an unfaltering continua• Pair Deal." The official endorsement followed two days of political talk between the Executive Board, he.irf- eed by Mrray, and top officials ot the Political Action Committee - -•••• (PAC). Jack Krojl. nation.-.! TAG j'. err l d wilh ste P"e» A. Mtchell, director, and Murray }~.ii their "our cause is worth fighti and added nt one point: 'It is the cause of peac< policieS which arc ini.slo: toward a third world war. 1 Tuesday's White House briefl Gov. Adlal E. Stevenson of 1)1 the Democratic nominei dent. Bridges said It was an "outrase" that Gen. Bradley and Walter Hedell Smith, director of the Central Intelligence. Agency had been put to "cheap political use" in briefing Stevenson. Earlier In the day Truman con- s (first mnjor address since his nom- V j Inntion. This was his speech yes- I lerdny nt Ihe Illinois state Pair- 1 j grounds In which he took pn'. shots iiil the centralized power In federal chain stores throughout the country, acordlns to ,7. C. Edwards, manager of Kress store here, one. of the participating firms. hive »dequat» school* until Mils te done We cannot hav« adequate ?.*Hmi unl V oe P«<»"> ««i medical fax lies and other »ervices unless additional revenue !* provided" m 1 ? 1 * /" mera " nl ° n al » recon. mended a oonBtltutlona) amendment to create > one-house legislature *ith half o! the member, elected each two years H,Tm ° r *» fnl *>U°n «,g 8 ested «UK- lishment of an Arkansas Farm D«- ve '? p . mont a " d Oredit institution which would provide public funds and njwre private loans to farmer, and to youni! people wishing to become farmers. Speakers today Included Clarence J. McCormlck, undersecretary of «! ag rms. enver, Coo, and Mr. Rlwnrds said that eGraldlne Washington, D.C.. president and Byrd and Betty Ruth Thaxton. I legislative secretary LpwUvelr of salesgirls for Kre f s, won $100 and j Ihe national organization *^ res Defiyer, Colo., and John A president and Inst R bash , respectively In awards presented . Winners » or , , , I thc c<lnt '' n!i *e« P"wer In federal « basis of sales of Ton) p leiinsl ewornmc '" antl » l '»<> °OP high Proportion to total sales d ns u ""' *"» rtm ™ k »»" " «*» ««« • - named on! ' sales of Toni products 'in Highway Meet Delayed in their 7* w the tidal drift toward Washington will "go on . period. -t • <• government u-hlch don't have Negro 4-H Council Post led in Washington are > d. and properly per • u..,. iV ;..iii im:n plains to raise one million dollars or more for use in the campaign and to whip up voting enthusiasm among SV'a million CIO members and their families. Biggesl Job ot the campaign. In the opinion of Murray and Kroll, is (o. get eligible voters to register Following Ihe Murray speech the PAC leaders will go to the White House for a word from the President. the Democrats' new national chairman picked by Stevenson to replace Frank McKmney, Tun-tan s appointee. Wifh the Courts Common Pleas: Gracte HuBhcs, . formed, nt thc state or local level." SPUlNGFIRl.n, III. lai — John Anson l-'nrd, Deninrrallc national coinmillreniali from California -sniri Inday Sen. F.slcs Kefaiiver nf 'i'enncssfc is urgliiB Ills supporter! "tn go all oul" for DrmrxTatlc I'resldi-ntlal Nominee Adlal Stevenson. Stevenson Speech Set SPRINGFIELD. 111. (If, — Gov. Arilai E. Slevenson will speak it. the state, convention of the Llbernl par- i •"- »""<L* ty of New York Aug. 28, his cnnl- ^.dna Branscomb. suit for i pairrn headquarters announced today. Klip.abeth Kintley of Mississippi County was elected cheerleader of the Arkansas NfRro 4-H Club Council held In Pine nluff this week. Olher oiliccrs elected durins the 4-day program Included William H Handle o( Lee County, president, and James E. Wilson of LaPayette County, vice-president. EISENHOWER (Continued from Page 1> for a complete briefing on the foreign Replj- Not "Strong" Eisenhower's reply was nol »s strongly worded, it was learned, as some of his advisers wanted it lo be. Some Bides. It was understood favored telling Ihe President his invitation amounted to Impertinence. But the general overruled thai \<nf,<rvr-u or, ,»^. and decit led on the more subtly MAMMOTH SPRINGS. Ark. IJFt- phrased renlv that went to the "T Drake, 20. St. LomX was killed j While House. Without being blunt mght when a car he was a It put across Eisenhower^ point pas^enqer m overturned about 3>.4 that he intends to make no moVe which would link him with tht administration. The deliberate theme of the rejection message was to put the general apart from the administration, and — at the same time — mile.i north of here. Elmer W. Cook, 19. Thayer. Mo., «'.?o a passenger. Is heing treated at a haspilal In Springfield, Mo., for a fractured leg. Virgil Lloyd Collins, 20. of Mammoth Springs, driver of the vehicle received only minor Injuries. The hirihway patrol said the car overturned several times after rounding a curve. —tie Stevenson to it as closely possible. That is the main reason Ihe GOP nominee's aides feel he came off all right in the exchanee. US ROYAL Irade in SUE! FRIDAY "SMART WOMAN" Brian Alierne Constance Bennett SATURDAY 'RENEGADES SENORA" Rocky Lane SAT. OWL SHOW "BLOND DYNAMITE" with the Bowery Boys & Adeie Jergens • SUN.-MON.-TUES. "AARON SLICK FROM PUNKIN CREEK Allan Young, Dinah Shore * Robert Merrill Now Millions More Can Own Them -at the Biggest Savings in Years! The original, genuine Air Ride tir»i tho» • flo on America's flnoit n«w eofil • Kav» nev.r b«n duplicalxJI • afaiorb lh» road in tilenc* ot any lp«edl • cuthion oil road «hock ond vibralionl • run nwth ooltr— loll much longtrl Imprcv. ,,..,; ng , n j „„,„, af any (ar , «iy« tafiry, miltagt b«yond jirevioui Itan4ar4ll HZ* 4.40/1 J 7.10/15 HIT FOCI *.00/11 1.10/11 S5.IJ 13.21 1S.7J X.30 to.ft HOW* 14.35 IC.7I U.5» •^••^^••M r i ru i "«/'» »»-»• II.M i EXCLUSIVE FEATURES AVAILABLE NOWHERE ELSE! tofiffvit tin mifcogt in j'lj till rilCI S2D.10 Tirt J«««f«-«Jlf.«rJ.hDrnr,k r U.S.»OW ACT MOW-UMITiD TIMI ONLY! LONG IASY CRIPIT T1RMS! McCAUL TIRE STORE So. Hiwoy 6T John Burnett, Mgr, 8642 Hoffman to fie Witness WASHINGTON l/Pj — Piuil (3. Holfman, a top Elsenhower campaign strategist: was listed today as a witness In Sen. Bcnlon's m- Conn) derensc ngalnsl, a Iwc million (foliar llbcl-iilniidrr suit (lied by Sen. McCarthy (n-Wt.s). 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