The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 1, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1908
Page 5
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Have Your Christmas V Engraving Done Now It's just j's easy now to come in ami solecf your Christmas presonts as it is later on—and especially those that need engraving. Yon have ;;J1 experienced the hard time you've had in getting prcKoms engraved the last few days before Christmas—avoid that this year by buying your Christmas gifts now. You'll havp more time for selections, the Christmas crowd will not be here, the engravers will have more time nntl you'll flml it better all around. Our store is brimming over with useful and appreciative Christmas gifts. REMEMBERED Kern r -f I, FOUR WEEKS TO CHRI8TMA& • — - — • Jew SOLOMON & LAW 1420 19thSt We Lend M I -2 per cent per annum on improved farm property. Long terms—easy payments. * Funds unlimited. Look into the matter further and get more details. Bakersf Abst j .1. L. T3oyd. whose home was rocent. ; ly destroyed and whose wife is in the! hospital, seriously l.mrne.1, though now , happily improving was the recipient-| of a surprise to lay nt noon when ho 1 found on bis desk the following "Mr. J. U, Boyd. Fully appreciatlm; the result of your Into misfortunes 1 and wishing to demonstrate our sin- j cere rogrets, we enclose herewith a ' certificate of deposit on the First Bank of Kern for $100, subject to your order. Trusting this may meet your immediate demands. Your friends. Mr. Boyd, who is the timekeeper for the engine men for the S. P., was much affected by this testimonial from his friends and fellow workers, and through the CaWornian, he wishes to express his sincere thanks to them and other friends for many kindnesses extended during his troubles. Mrs. Boyd, at St. Francis hospital, continues to improve. She has a special nurse, and though requiring constant attention, it is only a matter of time until she will have completely recovered. TRIED TO BREAK INTO A FREIGHT CAR. Tom Duffy was arrested last night by the Southern Pacific night watchman for attempting to break into a car of merchandise. The car was standing on the freight house tracX and Juat as Duffy had cut the seal with his knife the watchman happened along and caught him in the act. He was arrested immediately and Constable Strpble was notified to take charge of tha case, Duffy being taken to jail by him. BORN. CROWBLT^—In Kern, Nov. 30, 1908, to Mr. and Mrs, E. C. Crowell, a sou. NOTES AND PERSONALS. • Weills Irving Miller is In from Marlcopa. j Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bernard, accompanied by Mr. Bernard's mother, re-' (timed yesterday from Los Angeles. The latter, who has been very ill, is said to be slightly improved Mrs. A. C. Houser of Los Angeles Is visiting friends in Kern. Miss E. Ward of Oilcenter is registered at the Metropole Hotel. Frank Hlgglns of Los Angeles is In ; town on business. rican Jewe Thoughts of Christmas the Valley The work of enlarging the block Is fust nearlng completion, the Fin • Store Malu a r tl s hall stock ticles this new trift ar 1h;it on C. L. Woods of Maricopa tered at the Metropole. is regts- reinforced concrete walls being In place, and tho woodwork now receiv clerk in the grocery Ardizzi-Olcese. P. L. Shaw has taken a position as ing the attention of Contractor Arp. department of The addition extends the entire wldtn |of WetU'K department store and of „. „. fttt . has been transferred j the American Jewelry store, and will from the resident enginer's office to result In a penrral remodeling of ftoin of these enterprising establishments after the holidays. At Weills, the hardware department the dispatcher's office to take the position of car distributor. Traveling Car Inspector Wtolte was in town today from Los Angeles. Sixteen lots, south half 139 on E street between Beale, opposite t - / will be extended hack to the alley. The | f en( j e ,j m.., ^—- _ — -J _ ^ f B f w —-- -m- _. _ - - - , „ - - _ .- _ -_-_ -.-__-_ — of block office In the rear of the dry goods ,v« King and department will be torn out and mov- avenue school ed to the rear, giving to this depart- ^"^ I A * • ^k ^^ For sale at $65 a lot. j ment much greater floor space than ^ ^_ ^0 ^f ^p^ _-_--- j ^ J— -tf WM • »- n • —-•- — — — ( * ^ — — - _ home. For heretofore. The grocery department T. Zensen, * w jn also be enlarged, and the addition. house, Kern, Would make an ideal terms write to Charles _. . „ ., _ 2616 Manitou avenue, Los Angeles, a i floor space will enable Mr. weilMo California. 127 J. M. Morehead arrived from Ogden yesterday and will take a position as clerk in the resident engineer's office, j grocery department. About February next, tho American Jewelry Company, Solomon & Law, proprietors, will occupy the entire floor space, from Nineteenth street back to the alley, utilizing the addition now being constructed, and the quarters when the plans now drawn are carried out, will give the firm one of the best equipped and handsomest jewelry stores In the valley, At present the salesroom occupies but thirty feet, but this is to be ex- all the space now occupied by the work room, and will give a depth of 70 feet for the .salesroom and this Is to be most elegantly furnished and equipped. Immediately on enterrng to ',he left there will lie a small room done in hardwood, to be used as a diamond room, and across . wish to niv«'stii_ r ate enrlv, V There will be many a surprise here for curly buyers. The Store of Eastman Kodak* Leading Druggists U« • • v*- • .-P^^-— — "-•• ^*»»-- *%_ 1**JV--\J (»D 1* U« U t*B V*4%* » VW <f*« V *— •• *» " ** * " " " move the shoe department from the lhe alBle a B | m i] ar r0 om for a work balcony to the first floor; this room: room wlu be constructed. The actual will be located in the rear of the r<l ^ r wor fc w j]j j )e done on a balcony The hat depart-, above, where arrangements will be Dispatcher Warner left today for ]nient will likewise be removed from Los Angeles for a few days' visit, and Dispatcher Bullock of Los Ange- went the balcony to the first floor. East of the grocery department In the room now used for a semi-ware- prove made for lighting that will not only serve to give the repairing force the best light possible, but which will im ipany GEO. HAY, Mgr. Chester Ave. and 19th Basement. TO GIVE SOCIAL DANCE. The P. N. Q, Association of Rebels- ahs will give a social dance at Kaar'a Hall on Friday evening, December 4. 'Admission, 25 cents, ffirerybodr In* vltfed. 107 Kahler Says house up a h les will work In his place. Superintendent Worthlngton to Fresno this morning. , « F « « ...~ * . . Rowen Stufllebeam Is 111 at the j n or der to add to the attractiveness home of his mother, Mrs. J. H. Stuffle- O f the store, a portion of the front Is beam, 403 H street. to be remodeled so as to give hand- Errol Claire is confined to his home Bome 8 how windows in the front or with a severe cold. . the grocery and crockery iu 44 v FT »*fcj^^» » •« » — — - - If V T V V*-* ^ • • D •• * * ** ^9 VJ* * U v V» U L • * v * W !*• • .nd storage room, Is to be fitted , p r i sm glass will be used, and the andv=ome crockery department. I front w( jj ^e most elaborate. Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Woods and daughter, Lela t have returned from a visit in Los Angeles. UJCl>tg. I . . The floor space in the basement IB also enlarged, and will give, addition Syrup wi of Ammonia The Bon Bon for HOT DRINKS, OYSTER COCKTAILS AND CANDY T. C. COPPIN, Prop. Phone Main 25! is an absolute safe and a mighty handy preparation to keep in the house. A valuable remedy for Colds, Bronchial Catarrh, Spasmodic Croup and all diseases of the air passages. "When every home in Bakersfield has a bottle of it on hand there will be a great deal less coughing. Remember that we are headquarters for Guaranteed Rub ber goods—At right prices. Ql Is *U J-»Vf U *»A,iej%**w—« UtCJXJ Xi**-«" O>"-f »- - — --' * Bob afcd Byron Thayer returned on ' al room for storage. A peep into tne No. 107 yesterday from Los Angeles ' Basement as it now is, piled to the •where they have been visiting for the.j 0 j H tB with goods, showa the need or past week. , I the added storage space. shop has been Mr \veJil recently completed, just across the alley a commodious ware- home. 58x46, and vlth the additional space, floor and basement, the new addition will give him, his establishment will lie one of the most common- The Hunter barber closed indefinitely. MR. BURKHALTER'8 CONDITION IS STILL UNCHANGED. ^ n A report received this morning at 10 o'clock in the dispatcher's, office, stated Superintendent : D. BurkhaHerl to be practically in the same condition as yesterday and very low. NOTICE, FRATERNAL BROTHERHOOD. All members of the Fraternal Brotherhood are requested to be present at K. P. hall in Kern Wednesday evening, Dec. 2, 1908, it being the time for the annual election of officers. H. H. BROWN, President. loiia south of Francisco. M The Ladies Aid of the Kern Church will give a ten cent tea nesday, Dec. 2, at 2:30 p. m. home of Mrs. Harry Jaynes, Beale avenue. Everybody ; especially J state, .stranger,, cordially Invited. The Golden Hour Club is planning an entertainment to be Riven at an early The furniture of the salesroom will be dark golden oak, the show cases plate glass complete, without wood, and the base of the furniture of dark verdo mnrule. Along the walls there will be alter uate ten foot shelving and recesses, each recess having handsome grill work. Tho stock on the shelving will be protected by heavy plate glass, but so arranged that the weight of the finger will lift them to permit access to the stock. In the rear of the salesroom will be the cut glass department, lined with mirrors, and above, as now, only arranged with an eye to convenience, the office will be provided for. The manufacturing room, some 48 feet In length, will occupy the remainder of the floor space to the rear, and constructed a steel 14x8x8, one of the finest In the * * * * * * * * * # * * * « FOR SOLID COMFORT Go to the GRANADA HOTEL Sutter and Hyde Sts. San Francisco $3.50 per day American plan. Hfeadquarters for Bakersfield. '* * BAKERSFIELD DRUG CO. Kahler Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 Corner 19th & > Rema Sowing EXTRA ATTRACTION—On Wednesday evening the company will make up for their various characters in full view of tbe audience. Curtain rises at 8 o'clock. ongregat ^f mil — -r ^ date in Kaar'a Hall. . *~* T Too I ale Fo Classification It Is intended to employ four men in this deparftnent as soon as th space permits, A Klcol rdllng is to In- countrurU which will unt only bo a work of art, but a protection from water from above. ne Our cry hrist npl and boil worry gom Main 19th 1209 Prompt Delivery { LOST—Sorrel mare. !ifp. MabJt stop- 1 . •1<I. di' Main SIM*. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fischer today for Honolulu. Prick lay gnlbtnoesflrthaosh Brick laying cm the first story o« Messrs. Solomon & Law have tbe| 1uo \Yeslern Company's building on I details worked out for the entire store ( ri tr<H>t has lu-gnn. H ii Kjsi) iin a son, \VunV;l, ar« here from Ilerkeh-y. K. \Vhittii>r. Uu- Kos in fn town todny. JillhfS llilS including every piece of furniture, and ns soon as the holiday rush is over and the addition to tho huildint* fully completed, the work of remodel Ins will i C umn St. i» \\' \ NTK1.) - Assistant bdy t) (1( or. Inquire at. 1U1S VM h :<tn-<-i \\tll hall Ml :'»'(aonI|Miniipnu|HJ»i lomorroxv t \\'r'lnesd ;> » lu hall at ^::H» for t!' ' i»ni-i-"-M' Hi" th |^T -^ n r ^ — ^ liHiuirt' at HiJT I rr"'.\ uPr t ht-Mi'ini: i" annual \*-r's \\-nr\i and for tin report of eWtUm nt of I.OS S M. Collins, tli" lif*- inHttf.-uirr man, was a paosentrfr or. this morning's li'ain fvoni Fresno. TU-n Hur is rominp to Fresno on December 21. 22 and 23. C. B. Colby returned this mornlnfc from San Fronctsco. ,"r r.:.". l n ll VO'ilil n i rnmniifrf rrr nfir • .wrar-aaisa ^Ky. iKOH SAUiT—fJiltlUan oil .stork cheap j If taken at once. Address hox ''T-. m; FOR SALK—Forty acreri with IIOUM- and oih.-r iuMirov<'inf'Hts, 3>- mills' south of sown; Kern Island water; ! wonld si:!l twenty fibres wl<h or | \viUjout house. Suiter £, Co., 1!I2D I street. .Main 143-1. 101 Am Millinery Vi-;il s!iuv.'!ii Bakevsacld f a Finest Millinery r of New York'^ T I ) per '<• litl Shop jci*! lilto.l liHMl./is. t Icill" i-!sr\vlHM-e. •^ an-! trimmings. ess FOR a; *" SAUC-ln Korn City, a ruoinluu j hou-t- i'ully furnished; VT. foot lot; j;..i K l l-t-rion; always full; Small ]);i>i!:'Uf 'l"U'ii; liifonie ironi housi* • \\-\\] meet iinlance. Suit* r lliiiM T j-trcL-t, Main 14U4. . 1329 19th St s**<» our earr- an ftx- i;»!-i» a spo- our old bats or trimnjings and <'< mil . r **- .-._ U A ' ih ^L f J! CT. J , * * * ^* K. w ">S*v l .ft* w JC T>< *-•- '. -v K\^\ E '^-^ i itu ouler hoiu-e ttt di-;';'i , advert!^', et<\ $25. u VOICE CULTURE MISS JANE BARBER fc- %- '* flrsi inouih. (•a. Manim-r, Ave. ('hitan No l>t*pt. r,"l, '•''-•> \Valiiii-li 'Olt ( *i v^ y US1C Studio Phone 338 Main Residence Main 302 CARRIERE'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC oria ** -. F. ¥ C. i. T'Unz, President Arthur S. CriU-s. •P r* THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2007 Chester Avenue GOC.T- BUSINESS STANDING Continuous Performance 7:30 to 10:30 P. M. BOX. OH-ICE OPEN 7:15 to 9:15 Ad N High liii v- -i ^ ^ cry Ho-1'i'hant. atnl iMair ho uettei' way cun il). 1 floiif than l»y having s* 1 luuilvm^r eotiiict'J ions. iji^r an institution like tin* First Hank of Kern for your depository adds fiinim'ial strongth. Accounts, Hubje(5t to clioc.k, invited. \V.« \.\\\ - ,iu D.' 1 IK-SI tlit'S ;TA .il'd'- ]i!n " STRICTLY HIGH CLASS MOViNG PICTURES AflD ILLUSTRATED SONGS; FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. \v;.rlit fo SOUK.-. A w« ro in P.-ri-j fcsmedy) Hurry Up Pirna^ (Comedy) His Own Son (special) The Shoemaker (comedy) Crazed by Jealousy (drama) An Awgul Shock (comedy) SONGS-~"When the Birds Go North Again" "Dear Old Dlxi«" Annett's Bakery 1627 19th St. Phone M 390 Kntiru change of fro^rain Monday and Thursday nights. Matinee Saturday and Sunday. Coupons given every night. Nov. 23d,24-plcco quadruple plate Rog* era Bros/ set to holder of -lucky coupon.

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