Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California on September 11, 1930 · 8
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Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California · 8

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 11, 1930
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l EIGHT Mrs Gibson Famous L CONCERN OCCUPIES NEW ROME TOMORROW 91:- In I EtHi New sed Pianos of Renown These and other Fitzgerald bargains by the score MUST be better!—they are drawing buyers by sheer strength of importance alone—without big advertising! KNABE a Fine Used Upright of noble 4i 515 Por tone tb NEW GRAND of well known make MD 750 ciP KENSINGTON GRAND (slightly used)a wonderful value formerly t1389 $650 FRANCIS BACON PERIOD CRAM) (new) p ro formerly $750 IFIT 1 4 KRAL - 729 SO 11111 ST Telephone TRinity 7211 337 North Brand—Glendale S I Extremely Low Terms! KNABE AMPICO (slightly used) regular $ 11:4 p $1850 value MP) KIMBALL BABY GRAND (used) priced $ popw at it) o) MePHAIL ORCHESTRAL GRAND (slights !ca op Roo ly used) WM 8975 vvo-Ntl ELLINGTON GRAND' Mahogany $610 olif Pig' (toed) A rich tasty foodfor any time cl the day For breakfast luncheon In between meals The valuable nutritive sunshine element Vitamin "B" makes it the most healthful food you can serve White House Rice Flakes supply an important and needed element in the daily diet Keep them always handy WHITE HOUSE RICE FLAKES Made by the Maker of Famous White House Rice STANDARD RICE COMPANY PHONE WA 4531 A'' "ItAM": A )Combining a beauty arid statcliross t'at sets it off as one of the most distinctive height limit strtctures in the West the btau liful new turquoise and blue home of the Eastern-Columbia at Broadway and 11 inth street (shown above w:II be formally opened for public inspection tomorrow from 10 a in until 10 p m Inset shows Adolph Bieroty founder and general monsger of the huge establishment whose vision and confidence in the buying public of southern California made the gorgeous new mercantile edifice Possible Eastern-Columbia Invites Public to Visit Gorgeous Quarters at Ninth and Broadway Slightly Tnore than 38 years ago an ambitious young man found it necessary to invest his modest capital of $100 in a business venture in order to provide employment for himself in Los Angeles Tomorrow this same man now one of the civic leaders of ine southrand will make a monumental contribution to the commercial progress of the city of his adoption Ile is Adolph Sieroty founder and general manager of the Eastern-Columbia one of the largest credit institutions in the United States whose beautiful new $3500000 turquoise and gold home at Ninth and Broadway will be formally opened for public inspection tomorrow between the hours of 10 a in and 10 p m ON CITY'S 'OUTSICRTS' In 1892 when Mr: Sieroty established the Eastern Clock Company in a cramped little storeroom at Fifth and Spring streets which was then the "outskirts of the city" it was a novelty for a merchant to give or encourage credit Now thanks to Mr SterotY who is the I pioneer of credit on the Pacific Coast business houses generally operate under the credit system He' early decteed that the success of a business house was not necessarily to be computed by 'the monetary returns recorded each 3-ear but rather by the confidence reposed in the business by the public So he set sail into the mercantile world firmly resolved that he would al-Whys "help people to help themselves" and with this idea in mind he not only graciously extended credit but he encouraged credit He advocated the better homes movement taught the public how to furnish and pay for them while they enjoyed the luxuries of life and in many other ways he aided materially in the growth of the Los Angeles metropolitan area REAPING REWARD And to quote the old time-worn axiom "bread cast upon the waters returns to one a hundred fold" Mr Sieroty and his company today according to his associates are reaping the reward of public confidence After all is said and done it isn't the gorgeous new home—one of the culminations of a life's dream— that mellows the heart of the prominent Los Angeles mercantile executive but rather the knowledge that more than 46000 accounts are carried by his concern each year So far as the handsome new edifice is concerned it represents the faith Mr Sieroty and his company have In the future of Los Angeles and to quote the latter "It is not the goal of past performances but rather the starting point on the road to new achievements" ' What counts most with the Eastern-Columbia is the confidence placed in their business dealings by the southern California public HUGE FLOOR SPACE - To begin with the gorgeous new Eastern-Columbia structure embraces 275650 square feet of floor space making it one of the largest mercantile houses of Its kind in the country The main floor Is divided by a spacious It-shaped arcade extending from Broadway to Ninth street One of the 'architectural innovations is the huge display room which occupies the north half of the street floor In this room will be exhibited merchandise of all character which will be visible from Broadway as well as from the arcade The beautifully furnished room will also serve as the main entrance to the main elevator ayetem Persons Inspecting the building' tomorrow will find crowning the structure a huge electric clock having four faces which promisee to become known as "The Timepiece of Los Angeles" Although located 243 feet above the street the giant clock which has a minute band measuring more than II feet will be visible for a considerable distance in thelDown Town district on the thirteenth foor are located LOS ANGELES EVENING EXPRESS THURSDAY SEPTEMBER '11 1930 miMMINIMMMMISMNPOMEInnmEndillan OAS MEN TALK IFALL TilMott'ler of ti S 'AiTibas- ONEXPANSIQN Lats t sador to Belgium Dies After Lingering Illness (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) She was also one of five women recently honored on the memorial roll of the League of 'Women Voters at the tenth anniversary of the adoption of suffrage of which he was an ardent supporter She was the only woman member of the first Housing and Immigration Commission of the State of California and as chairman of the Americanization committee initiated the first adult program In the state As part of that work she had drafted and put through the Legislature in 1915 the "home teacher" bill which was one of the first put Into operation in this city When the Women's Athletic Club was organized Mrs Gibson became p Ire mcmher and took an active pnet on the board of directors She vas a charter member of the Church of the Unity now the First Unitarian Church and she was One of the Organizers of the Los Angeles Orphans' Home and lived to mea the fifteenth anniversary of the institution observed last July lh the latest In oil-burning heating equipment showers for employes master electrical board controlling : all electricity in and about the building a water storage tank with a capacity oT 100000 gallons of filtered water clubroom and luncheonette for the 700 employes a huge incinerator and many other facill ties usually found in the baselient of a large building Also on the thirteenth floor is an air filtration system which washes all air taken into the structure Later on the company proposes to erect a model home on the root of the building It will be complete in every detail with a real lawn fountains and other landscape features The twelfth floor contains the administrative offices and an auditorium with a seating capacity of 700 It will be used by employee and civic bodies On the eleventh floor is the stock record department where more than 50 girls are employed A model tube system con-fleeted with all departments of the building Is operated from this floor with the result that all orders are handled with dispatch 'OPERATING FLOOR' The tenth floor is devoted to glassware and household helps and the ninth floor features dining and breakfast room sets and juvenile goods On the eighth floor will bo found living-room immitura and HER CAREER ONE OF BRILLIANT ACTIVITY Had Taken Leading Part In Many Local And State Enterprises last was her sister M Carrie S Greene who with Ambassador Gibson is hcr on immediate:relative Her husband (lied in 190J Ainlasbador GM011 who resides with his wife and infant son at Brussels Belgium is on route home Funeral arrangements will be announced later Mrs Gibson was the daughter of Solon S and Aurilia K Simons and was born in Santa Clara County California on April 19 1855 MARRIED IN 1881 Her girlhood was s6ent in and around San Jose and she taught in the public schools in her home county until she came to Los Angeles in 1878 Here she was married to Frank A Gibson in 1881 and of four children born to the union only Ambassador Gibson survives Always active in movements for the advancement of women Mrs Gibson shied from honor for herself but had the rare faculty of recognizing ability in others with the result that she hats helped and Inspired many women in California to fulfill the duties and ETbligations of important public positions Until recently when kshe was first stricken by illness Mrs Gibson was a member of the board of directors entrusted with the task Of building an international house for the University of California at Berkeley with a $1000000 fund oonoted by John D Rockefeller Jr Sim was also a member of the commission named to choose the men whose statues now completed are to represent California in the Ball of Fame at Washiegton-D C ACTIVE WAR WORKER During the World War Mrs Gibson organized the woman's committee of the State Council of Defense and it was she who put into operation the first food conservation drive She was much Interested in international questions and served as chairman of the Northern California Cause and Cure of War committee She was also on the board of directors of the League of Nations' Nonpartisan Association and was a member of the English-Sneaking Union and Council of International Relations and a director of the County Health and Tuberculosis Association She also served as a member of the Amer Van Indian National Defense Association Mrs Gibson was an honorary member of the Friday Morning Club a member of the History and Landmarks Club and historian of tho State Federation of 'Women's Clubs She prepared the first volume of the "Records of Twenty-five Years of Federation in California" The second volume is now in preparation SUFFRAGE ADVOCATE Various Phases of Industry Discussed at Big Pacific Coast Meeting Past accornplishments Of gas 'utility concerns and the- extenslite development programs to be carried out by them in ' the near uture were to be paraded before delegates to the thIrty-seventli annual convention of the Pacific Coast Gas Association when the third day of the conference opens this morning at the Huntington Hotel Pasadena TodoY's sessiZm is slated to be devoted entirely to practical talks and diseusslons on various pliases of the industry Chief among thepeakers will be C NV Platt of the Portland Gas and Coke Company It E Fisher of San Francisco newly elected' president of the association J Stone of the Spokane Gas and Fuel Company and H L Masser of the Los Angeles Gas and Electric Corporation - 4' PAPERS TO BE READ Papers were to be read today by D L Leahy of the Southein Counties Gas Company on "Commercial Cookihg With Gas"' George Heckler of the southern California 'Gas Company on "The TJse of Gas in the Production of Food Products" and K H Anderson of the Coast Counties Gas and Elect:do Company on "Natural-Gail Conversions" '-' This afternoon the hundreds of delegates will be taken on a beach sightseeing trip as a respite from the business sessions The convention will close tomorrow At noon - today me convention folk were to be entertalbed at a buffet luncheon at the Huntington Hotel swimming pool after which they will embark on rnotorcoaches for Santa Monica where a beach carnival will be held The busses to Aim west beach were to be routed through the residential districts of Los Angeles and Hollywood - GOLF TOURNAMENT - Also en the program today IWIS the annual goli tournament for men delegates which will be played off on the links at the Annandale Country Club In Pasadena An unusual program has been arranged for this evening including a stunts program and dancing in the ballroom of the Huntington Hotel Entrants from the various gas utilities on the Coast will coinpete in the stunts program Which will be confined to the presentation of playlets using the general theme of "Modernize With Gas" Thin year convention has attraeted a larger number of women than any previcris conference in the history of the organization Plans are under way to make the annual banquet tomorrow night one of the most elaborate ever attempt-el by the association The speaker of tho evening will be James Mr Foley Journalist and humorist A formal dance will ctose the tour day confab - Nancy Carroll's Matey Actors Arrested in N Y Br Associated Press ' NEW YORK Sept 11—John Kirkland husband of Nancy Carroll film actress and the eight members of tiro cast of his play "Frank le and Johnnie" were under $500 hall each today on charges of giving an indecent performance Plainclothes policemen led by Fifth Deputy Police Commissioner Sinnott converged backstage where they arrested Kirkland the company and stage managers the theater owner and manager and the five men and threewomen of the cast the seventh floor displays lamps porch and pailo furniture The sixth floor is known as the "operating floor" Here goods are ' unpacked and stored and merchandise is packed for shipment and delivery On the fourth floor is bedding and bedroom equipment and on the third floor are floor coverings of all kinds including Chinese and other rare rugs from all parts of the world The second floor is devoted to music instruments and the mezzanine floor is stocked with pottery of all natures The Eastern and Columbia under interlocking management and ownership are the sole occupants of the new height-limit structure The Columbia displays smart apparel for men and women on the Ninth and Broadway corner portion of the first four floors and mezzanine The Eastern occupies the remainder of these floors the eight ! undivided floors above mezzanine and the basement ALL GOODS NEW Officials of the company today emphasized that every piece of merchandise In the new store is new and represents the latest fashions in their respective lines The Eastern-Columbia has 12 stores in the Los Angeles district and a total of 39 associated stores on the Pacific Coast Fireproof in every particular the new building is equipped with an inclosed fire escape It can be operated in such a manner through the use Of double fire doors that a virtual "fire tunnel" is provided a person making his way to the street and safety BeCause of the press of other business the basement department of the Store will not bo opened for Inspection tomorrow e BULLOCK'S 'Modes of 'Autumn' Officially Proclaimed by Down Town Los Angeles Retail Stores Dame Fashion turned a fresh page last night to gime Miss and Mra Southland kn inkling of what the well-dressed woman will wear this fall Amid a fanfare of trumpets anti other ceremonious rites befitting the dignity of the occasion Modes of Autumn was ushered in last night to the 'delight of tens of thousands of women and their escorts who thronged the Down Town streets to get the first glimpse of what surprises awaited them behind the drawn curtains CURTAINS PARTED 'To the accompaniment of screeching sirens and flashing ' sun arcs the autumn style" show made its debut shortly after 7 o'clock last night With a golden-leafed trumpet poised et her lips Jeanette MacDonald Paramount star gave a shrill blast and the curtains in the stores participating in the style fiesta parted simultaneously It was a signal for "ahs" and "ohs" and to say that the women were keenly impressed with the di-play would would be but a mild commentary on the exhibits that have been so': fascinatingly arranged Even at a late hour the throngs had failed to diminish in number and from many of the outlying communities they came to see and sigh The more Impressive displays were exhibited by the following Merchants: ds THE MAY COMPANY Every report from the last Paris openings stressed the glittering elegance of th evening mode the colorful richness of daytime the lavish use of costume Jewell careful harmonizing of accessories the revival of the Eugenie period of sumptuousnessthe formal black evening gown aglitter with sequins and paillettes are shown combined with turquoise the Paris-approved color combineti t bringing black into first Place on evening's color card Reflecting the richness of evening another much-admired window showed white evening gown enriched with golden paillettes worn with a gleaming gold metal cloth wrap Rose-shaded metal cloth in the lovely Grecian lines for the evening gown created another fashion picture combined with a vivid turquoise velvet wrap enriched with white fox BARKER BROTHERS Seventeen period windows show the important styles from the time of the Italian Renaissance to our own modern age These are not museum rooms but a practical showing of these exquisite old styles used in our modern homes as is the very newest demand of fashion Figures In the costumes of the various periods are used further to add to the interest and all: thenticity of these displays In nine small windows are shown the accessories to harmonize with these historic styles In the Italian Renaissance window is a dining-room setting show log the dignified massive fundture after the style of the 15th century designs Two windows are devoted to Elizabethan (Tudor) furniture—a living-room and dining-room in this 16th century English style and adjoining a third window shows a Jacobean bedroom Elegance And more elegance Long gloves white satin with rubies Paris sponsorship of the sequin mode for evening Black white pink coral turquoise Throughout this Paris openings tieup Quoting from Bullock's Paris cables Formal clothes yen long and romantic Grecian Empress Eugenie directoire In sportswear —the rtussian theme Belted Cossack silhouettes In coats tunic dresses Russian hats And the color theme—gay and gorgeous red called "Noble Lady" together ivith th most elegant color combination in all this era of alegance-Ahlack witn white THE BROADWAY Gleaming with silver glowing with diffused colored lights The Broadway's fashion windows are in modified modernistic settings Silver fixtures In a modernistic scroll effect with clusters of colored lights dominate each window New figurines of French origin in the ultra-smart cafe au left color modern in feeling with the appearance of' fashion drawings display the newest of anodes Evening costumes showing the prevalence of the Grecian mode in coral in white and in black complete ensembles for daytime wear in classic black bison brown in black with accents of flesh new sports outfits in brown with accents of sunshine tones WALKER'S ' J M Piper who for the past eight years has been in charge of display at Walker's has gone to a lot of care and pains to produce some wonderfully dffective colorful backgrounds representing the view of the Pacific at sunset from the Santa Monica palisades The color scheme has been chosen and devised to harmonize and effect a color continuity with the prevailing "Modes of Autumn' Browns reds blacks which will he popular with fashionable women this fall are contrasted against the higher golden yellows and deep Oranges of the California sunset Palms are u1sed very effectively to give a terraced idea to the backgrounds COULTER'S ' The color scheme and background consist mostly of gold modern backgrounds with modern electrically lighted flowers and foliage Each fixture and display Is of entirely different design and serves In turn for the background to die - STYLES SHOWN c) e 6 Fashions On Display play of the latest evening 'afternoon street and sports fashions as well as children's wear lingerie etc Each individual 'setting is of modern design in gold leaf making a striking setting for the display of ere different fashions 1 Included in the display are large gold vases holding autumn flowers and oak branches BAKER'S ' - Gleaming materials in the collection of shoes or evening wear high116 the windows metal cloths satin moire being used with striking effect The windows are tastefully arranged covering the requirements for 'different occasions such as sports afternoon and evening Om interesting moo-el for street wear shews a high Cuban heel : Suede and calfskin calfskin and reptile and calfskin combinations are outstanding for street' wear tc match the blown' vibe or green colors of the shoes or the gunmetal shades for black garments are flattering because of their simplicity COLMAN'S — ' The mauve decade ' otherwise known as the gay nineties was art' tically rer ad in this display It served to bring out some of the similarities between the former vogue and the 1930 styles in furs Black and white ill furs were stressed Many splendid coats for evening attracted the interested crowds particularly some ermine wraps Luxurious furs for sports street and travel in browns and bronze tones featured the spacious window displays J'W ROBINSON COMPANY Metal need consistently with modernistic settings to display evening afternoon and dinner gowns and ensembles suits coats sportswear Some black coats trimmed with 'Persian lamb show a slight -Cossack influence One has a separate detachable jacket with sleeves A brown broadcloth has a massive collar aril sleeve accents of cross fox with coppery streaks Afternoon dresses are shown in black and gold combined boucle sportswear is embroidered on darker bronze ground A black suit flecked with copper has a collar of leopard and is shown with a I apard coat Fine lingerie in light peach tones is shown with a negligee of turquoise Pajamas are White chiffon or satin MAGMILLAN GAS PLAN IS OPPOSED Plan to Boost Prices To Aid Industry Brings Retort From Official Ajthough the suggestion of Herbert R MacMillan as president of the California Oil and Gas Association that an Increase in the retail price of gasoline be made by the Standard Oil Company of Cali ' fornia which would be followed bY other distributors received no comment from President K R Kingsbury of Standard Oil Fred G Ste- venot state director of natural resources expressed the opinion that such a move would "not in Itself correct the difficulty confronting the industry" Stevenot declared that the oil and gas conservation program seemed to him to be in better shape than it had been in the past "Unit operation and production in the several oil fields probably is of greater basic importance In correcting existing conditions than- the artificial fixing of the price of gasoline" he said - ' MacMillan contended in his proposal directed to Kingsbury and Dr flay Lyman Wilbur Secretary of the Interior that the increase or decrease In crude oil prices or the laying off of many men must come If the oil companies are to continue to conserve their oil production in accordance with state and national agreements As Secretary 'Wilbur will be in this vicinity next week MacMillan declared he hoped to discuss the situation with him personally 11 rmilim PAINLESS DENTISTRY Fr NO INTEREST OR ADDITIONAL CHARGES ' Another Dr Beauchamp fe tile' A remarkable value at exceptional beauty and strength Not a "cheap" plate but a heautilint and substantial denture made to meet the demands of those who want MEAL S' QUALITY with RFC OGNIZED ECO"WOMY z See this plate and make an $950 Nii‘ honest awn- parison AMALGAM tl 00 ' DP FILLINGS v PORCELAIN ISM° DO FILLINGS P GOLD $200' FILLINGS GOLD e -1 AA DP GOLD $300 Up INLAYS I T H E NEW ATD m mum m u mi is r G UBAOANYN DT E E lPRICES WHEN LEAVING SH:Eot 24- HOURS afar spa On this plate is reflected la years of In a Plate Specialized experience in plate con BRIDGES CROWNS FILLINGS INLAYS pamap PORCELAIN CROWNS 22KT GOLD CROWNS PLATES REPAIRED PAINLESS EXTRACTIONS ivKNOPEN DR BEAUCHAMP ' UNTIL 638 South Broadway t r M Fourth Floor BANISH IRIGOYENI FROM ARGENTINA Deposed President is Dragged From Sick bed Ordered to Leave Ot Al 10600 Press LA PLATA Argentina Sept 11 Hipo lit° lrigoyen ousted President of Argentina Jett the 1 barrack e of the 7th regiment at La Plata at 11 o'clock this mrenoon The aged statesman's personal effects previously had been natio ready to go on board the eruisor fio Iran° which was expected to sail $ this afternoon for Identeviaeo The exPresident who has been reported critically lii fline3 the rev elution by which GenJose Evaristo Liriburu overthrew his regime loft ' his sickbed in the quarters of the Infantry outfit where he hal been under guard but not actually under arrest Apparently the man who for many years had been a figure the political life of Argentina was going Into exile this afternoon There were no announcements forthcoming — frigoyen boarded the cruiser Bel gran at 11:30 a rn under an escort of representatives of tho provisional government The ousted President was accom panted to the warship by his daughter and his personal plus! clot Dr Meabe FAITH IN PRAYER : WINS WILL POINT An Important victory today was on by supporters of the will of the late Mrs Catherine M Mc Adams who left her $10000 estate to Angelus Temple when Superior Judge J A Allen granted a motion for nonsuit ruling out two counts upon whizit relatives of Mrs McAdams were reeking to void her will Judge Allen held that because Mrs McAdams "had faith in the power of prayer" she could not be said to have been unduly influenced in making her will by officials of Angelus ' Temple The judge consequently granted nonsuit on two counts brought by the contestants alleging undue influence and fraud The Judge's decision left still two other counts on which the trial wis ordered to proceed These 'counts alleged that Mrs McAdams was of unsound mind when she made her will and that forgery was committed in executing the document 400 so BROADWAY ( 710SVIEITRICIM21 sATRAcEAET 841 SOUTH OLIVE STREET 158 E COLORADO PASADENA 125 NORTH BRAND BLVD OLENDALE-I 6517 PACIFIC AVE HUNTINOTON PATIN 6670 HOLLYWOOD BLVDHOLLYWOODi 6371 HOI LYWOOD BLVD HOLLYWOOD EAMMILLAtil seINN EASY WEEKLY OR MONTHLY PAYM wors 'Am AM YOU WEAR struction It wives both QUALITY and VALUE together with appearance and BEAUTY it le one of the tenture value that has built tor toe the generous patronnge I $1250 now enjoy Very special at $500 $500 50c uo $100 MAJson 1211 CM‘Wiffill - MORE- MILES' PE R GALLON V Phone nicker 3901 NM IF a 4 'I MAcirlson 1211 1 IOYEN ENT1NA 4 t siden't is :41 1 rom Sick d to Leave gelitInn Sept ' ! goyen ousted -dine Jett the regiment at La this oorenoon nan's personal lad been ' otatie ird the cruiser expected to sail who has been 141ne3 tho rev t-dose Evaristo ld regime left ' marters of the he hal been actually under nan who for en a figure in Argentina was his afternoon announcements he cruiser Bel inder an escort tho provisional i nt was accom- rship by his ersonal physi BAYER LPOINT moy today was - of the will of Drina K Mc f $10000 estate o when Superior : Tented a moding out two relatives of i reeking to void that because - faith in the could not be unduly Influ' will by offlfemale The it ranted nonsuit A by the con due influence t left still two the trial wrs These 'counts darns was of - she made her ry was' corn- the document - ‘ 1 4 t ta ! ingssoment ! I TEE ID lat'4 Ensinar t LY ILY MIZE Nits 48 KAR 1 ROM led In year' of In plate eon- a It wives both Y and VALUE I with appear- BEAUTY of the featura hat has built the generouo 7 a 1 $1250 4 alai AYS gogionat 00 t 00 c up I 00 I IL( EIGHT LOS ANGELES EVENING EXPRESS THURSDAY SEPTEMBER ' 11 1930 :' fiasl : ::: ::: 4 le: ! p ' ' ':: ::'' tAA'itgi ' l ) ' '4 - : 11 rieN : : :::: : 1 k 1- 1 ' : ' :" : : : :': 14: r '!::- :': : : ?II' l'4 P''t 1 P $ '1)oe : t- - : (:: : : : ::: c: : 1 ii'gr "-'' 1 '''''i :I ''"'i3 " ' " 7 : :' :: :' :': '' '''' ::: '':' ' : : :: - : lj::'‘ att" ' '' 'C ft '1'1 '' ::: :: :-'::::': 1 - : — r 14 — 1 4647 44 't ? Itri- 1 ' - i'-- ' : A -nor : ikir4)1--1A' 'A:-'44 " 1 '" ' ' : " ' '' '' " " - ' " - ''' -::'-:::'-- r : : :- " : : 1 rrr i 1 t-0 I ' - ' : !:: :: : ': ::'I: ' : ? 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