Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on May 20, 1965 · Page 6
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 6

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1965
Page 6
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Greensburg Daily News Southeastern Indiana's GreaUrt Newspaper ',-^2^1, - Published- dafly except Sunday and certain holidays by Greensburj Mews -Publishing Company. Entered as Second Oaf matter at Greensourg , End.), Post Office. . ' Member—Hoosier State Press Assn.; Bureau of Adver Indiana Republican Editorial Assn.; Inland Daily Press Assn. (ANPA); J. ••••-.' SUBSCRIPTION RATES By Carrier in City and Towns—Per Week_. By Mail (Indiana) Year In Advance Six Months • Three Months Less Than Three Months—Month By Mail (Outside Indiana) Year. Six Months Three' Months , Less Than Three Months—Month —--_, „ „ _ Mail Subscriptions Cannot Be Accepted In Towns With Carrier, pettvery. Greensburg standard Greensburg Daily Review _.. ireensburg Daily News 'xmBolidated In Daily News Established 1835 "~ "J^l-Established 1870 ....Established Jan. 1, 1894 ; .Jan. 1, 1918 / SWORN CIRCULATION APRIL 1, 1965 5816 County Chapter of Wabash Valley Assn. ..Need of a development group to promote Qeqatur County on a countywide basis has been recognized for several years. , , . „, A forward step in meeting this need was taken Wednesday night in organization of a Decatur County Chapter of the Wabash Valley Association, Inc. , This organization, instituted on a small scale in 1957 by seven counties in Indiana and seven in Illinois, now has nearly 9,000 members in the two states. The primary objective is water conservation and flood control. . , Closely akin to this objective is economic development on a county level. But, the initial step is development of the water resources of a community. This is essential for any county which aspires to attract industry and afford employment. The status of the water supply in a.county forms one of the first matters which an industry studies. While Decatur County does not have large streams, there are a number of possibilities that are still untapped. With water resources comes opportunity for recreational development, which can become an important source of income. A county does not have to possess large bodies of water to develop attractive places for recreation. .... Development of an area concept is also important. Existence of important bodies of water within a. radius of 100 miles or so can be an asset to a community. One of the current projects in which the Wabash Valley Association is keenly interested is the Clifty Creek Reservoir near Hartsville, a part of which is in Decatur County. This would mean an attractive lake within less than 15 miles from Greensburg and closer to the western section of Decatur County. Steps are being taken to determine the feasibility of a reservoir on Flat Rock, north of Interstate 74 in Decatur County. The Wabash Valley Association, Inc. seeks ultimate complete control of water and land resources of the Wabash Valley Watershed. As pointed out here Wednesday night by George D. Gettinger, executive vice-president of the two-state association, control of tributaries upstream forms an important phase of the association's program. A countywide association of this character can also assist in promoting the development of Decatur County. New problems are arising that require concerted action. They cannot be solved by rural groups nor by city organizations. A countywide organization can render a definite service from which the entire county can benefit. ' Gettinger stated that signing membership cards without resultant local activity will not result in Decatur ...County progress. .. . However, if the Decatur County Chapter is as active as many Wabash Valley Chapters, much can be accomplished. The new Wabash Valley Association Chapter in Decatur County can serve as the vehicle for future community betterment on a countywide scale. News in Brief WASHINGTON (UPI) — Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, D-N. Y., avoiding direct reference to the assassination of his brother, today urged immediate approval of a gun control bill to save lives and "spare thousands of families" grief and heartbreak.' The former attorney general, brother of the late President John F. Kennedy, charged that a "massive publicity campaign" against the legislation had distorted its purpose and was "doing the nation a great disservice." to create five committees to "study various aspects of teacher life." Biarney (Continued from Page One) himself still looking when the interview is .over. With one of his many numerous .stories, to put across his point, the speaker pointed to the ae'ed of cpoperation. Competition in tjie,,world t today is keen and no man can attain success without the cooperation of others, he said. Cooperation should start in the tiome and become a habit in life, tne Crawfordsville principal insisted. It is such inborn habits as enthusiasm,, cooperation and honor that reflect the true individual in his everyday actions and words, he asserted. Gentry urged the graduates to develop the habit of saying the right things. By developing the right habits one finds himself on the right track to success doing what comes naturally, he added. "Today is the day you find] yourself on your own—don't falter, do something about it and make sure you take the right step. Tomorrow will be no different unless you do something about it today," he stated. The speaker, continued by saying: "It's up to you to let your light so shine that others can see it—so let it shine." God As Partner We live in America, which is a great country because she is good. When she ceases to be good, she will cease to be great," he said. To the graduates he stated: I hope every one of you will find it in your heart to take God as your partner as He will watch over you every day. Live by the Golden Rule and never be in the position where you will have to say 'I cheated myself." In conclusion he expressed the hope that every graduate will love the right things, continue to learn, say the right tilings and take God as his partner. Gentry, who spoke often of his past experiences as a basketball official, was introduced by Roger Miers, a member of the graduating class. In her address as salutatorian of the class, Miss Mary Ann Johnson thanked the • parents and teachers for then- guidance and concern and expressed the hope that all the graduates will be able to show a return on the investment by being responsible citizens in the world of tomorrow. Valedictorian Speaks Bruce Corya, class valedictorian, spoke of memories of the past 12 years marked by the useful , •encouragement f r o m teachers and parents. He reviewed the position held by the United States in comparison to the rest of. the, world ^and : emphasized-'that .''it is imperative that we do iiot' cease to learn if America is to maintain its standing with , the rest of the world!" In conclusion he said: "We must ,use our education wisely because that with which we are endowed is a responsibility that can be achieved only through responsible living, understanding and participation." Randall Ervin,. class sponsor, announced the following award recipients: The valedictorian award • and a phi for maintaining a straight "A" average to Corya; the salutatorian award to Miss Mary Ann Johnson; the Readers Digest award, Bruce Corya; a pin for outstanding achievement in the field of English to' Miss Virginia Kiefer; certificates of honor from the Ralston Purina Company to Corya and Miss Mary Ann Johnson; a state and residence scholarship to Indiana University, Miss Kiefer; an honor merit scholarship to Purdue University, Corya; citizenship pins to Corya and Miss Mary Ann Johnson; and the Gerel E. Gibson award in memory of a Burney graduate who lost his life on Saipan in June, 1944,, to Winn Ison. Recipient of the latter award is determined on the basis of athletic achievements and cooperative attitude. Principal Forrester Ison, in his presentation of the class, told the audience of more than 40C persons that "members of this graduating class have a purpose, know where they're going and will get there." Presents Diplomas Before presenting the diplomas, Donald Hayes, superintendent of the county schools corporation, offered his congratulations to the graduates and to the parents and teachers for what he termed "their part in turning out this fine class ol graduates." He suggested the graduates will find their education much more meaningful if they will keep in mind an imaginary triangle formed by love of self, love of country and love of God. Mrs. Vey Hitchcock, organist presented the prelude, processional, recessional and accompaniment for Mrs. Calvin Hitchell, who sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" and "Till We Mee' Again." The graduates—boys wearing light blue caps and gowns and the girls, white caps and gown; Three Seeking Presbyterians' Highest Office COLUMBUS, Ohio -(UPI)—A successor to the first Negro ever x> hold the highest office in the United Presbyterian Church U. 3. A. was to be elected today as ilie group's 177tlr General -Assembly opened its week-long meeting. An estimated 2,000 ministers and laymen are expected to attend. Only 935 representatives are eligible to vote on church affairs and the election of officers. Main issues expected to come before the assembly include statements oh interracial acceptance, a contemporary statement of faith, and recommendations on poverty, nuclear war, narcotics, urban renewal, population control, and other church matters. Three , candidates are vying for moderator of the .church's assembly to succeed -the Rev. Elder G. Hawkins, 57, pastor of the St. Augustine Presbyterian Church, Bronx, N. Y. The candidates .are the Rev. E. G. Montag, 66, Beaver, Pa.; the Rev. W. Sherman Skinner, 59, St. Louis, Mo.; and ruling elder Phelps Thompson, 47, Wichita, Kan. Commissioners of the group are scheduled to hear reports from standing committees Friday following an address by former baseball great Jackie Robinson. MCI 6 My Mew. IWn^,, M* 20,1965 Raul HOME RANSACKED Mrs. Blanche Wilkinson reported to police at 5:30 p. ,m. Wednesday that someone had ransacked her home at 408 North Carver while she was working in her garden. Reported missing were five $1 bills and some small change from a desk drawer and a $5 bill and two $1 bills from a dresser drawer. —marched to the stage on the north side of the school as Mrs. Hitchcock played the processional, "Pomp and Circumstance." The stage was decorated with a white picket fence and large bouquets of white carnations on either side of the steps to the stage. The speaker's rostrum was decorated with blue and white streamers , centered with white and pink roses. Following the benediction by Miss Rosie Smith, the graduates during the- recessional "The Black Masque," formed a line in front of the stage to receive congratulations. (Continued from Pace One) the itoarjnes around.ttie key Da, Nahg base, .U.S. officers said. Miartnei Figlit The ifrarines fbugh't back with their own mortars, and rocket launchers, 'and .silenced , the Communist barrage after six shells had 'iaSien .in.the ranks of the Bllaf ines. A search party found: one dfead guerrilla and a wounded man who was captured. The Air Force F105 Thunder- chiefs dropped their leaflets over Ninh' Binh, 55 miles south of Hanoi.. . ... They appealed to North Vietnamese, soldiers: "Our brothers—don't let the Chinese arid Vietnamese Communists use your bones and blood to wage the war., in .the south." The Communists charged that the planes came much closer to Hanoi. Tass, the. official Soviet news agency, said U.S: reconnaissance planes led by 12 jet fighter-bombers came within 12 mfles of Hanoi. The Tass dispatch, datelined Hanoi, said North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gunners opened fire. It mad'e no mention of hits. An American spokesman reporting the leaflet raid said other U.S. planes bombed military targets farther south of Hanoi, including an ammunition depot, railroad bridges and rolling stock and an offshore radar station. The leaflet raid near Hanoi was part of the continuing American effort to bring the Hanoi regime to the conference table for a negotiated settlement of the Viet Nam war. The daylight missions followed a ,pre-dawn strike in which four U.S. Navy jets raided a North Vietnamese truck convoy with a barrage of rockets fired under the light of parachute flares. Battle Guerrillas In South Viet Nam, U.S. paratroopers on what was officially described as a training exercise fought a pre-dawn fire fight with Communist guerrillas nine miles from the big American air base at Bien Hoa. There were no casualties on either side. Communist China today denounced the six-day break in the air war as "a farce" ana charged that American planes had in fact attacked North Vietnamese territory last Monday and on May 12. . Today's air strike against the Communist North marked the ;hird consecutive day of raids since a six-day lull failed to >roduce any ' sighs that - the lanpi regime was prepared for peace talks. ; Pilots returning to the aircraft carrie'r Co_ral .Sea frorii today's .early' morning mission said. they hit the convoy 90 nines south of Hanoi and chocked at least five of the 15 vehicles. A Navy spokesman said no ariti - aircraft fire or enemy planes were encountered. Exchange Shots The clash with the Viet Cong was the first for the American raratroop force since it arrived South Viet I>Jam earlier this month 1 to protect the Bien Hoa base arid another air installation at Vung Tau southeast of Saigon. A U.S. military spokesman said, a paratrooper patrol exchanged shots with a band .of about 15 guerrillas in the brief encounter. The patrol was part' of a large heliborne operation launched Wednesday into a guerrilla area. UPI photographer Steven Pearson .reported . from the scene of the secrecy - shrouded "training exercise" that the entire 2nd Battalion of the 503rd Regiment was airlifted into a preselected landing zone. Plane Lands On 1-74 at Harrison CINCINNATI (UPI) — Four New Castle, Ind., men escaped injury Wednesday when then- light plane crash landed on the median strip of 1-74, New Haven Rd., hi the suburb of Harrison. The pilot, Charles Hayes, and his passengers, Monty Goodwin Russell Van Duyn, and William Clapp, were returning to Sky Castle Airport, New Castle from Lebanon, Ohio, when they were forced down. " The highway patrol reporter, the Cessna 172 was damaged but no injuries were reported. LEGAL NOTICE The following described abandons motor vehicle will be sold at pubh auction pursuant to Chapter 157 o the 1957 Acts of the Indiana Genera Assembly, on May 24, 1965. at 11:0 a m. CDT, at Ainsworth Gulf Serv ice 1409 N. Lincoln St., Greensburg Indiana. Titles may be applied for PUBLIC INVITED. TERMS OF SALE CASH. CERTIFIED CHECK O! MONEY ORDER. AINSWORTH GULF SERVICE. 20580 Chevrolet 1955 conv- - BUREAU OF MOTOR VEHICLES. ERNEST BIXEL. COM D—May 20-21-22 Dominican (Continued from Page One) 1 civilian junta, and rebel Col. ^rancisco Caamano Denp were o sign separate a'gre'ements today providing for "cessation of hostilities" during 12 day- ight hours. No .precise hour ,had been set or the start of the cease-fire, but it appeared it wpiild become effective at dawn. Heavy Casualties Casualties nave been reported heavy in the junta's campaign to mop up rebel forces in northern.Santo Domingo, but t is unlikely that the full toll will ever be known. Many bodes have been buried in back yards and patios or burned' in he streets as a precaution against disease. • It has been impossible to recover other bodies. because, hey lie places under constant fire from one or joth sides. U. N. representatives here arranged the truce. They said he' rival leaders are signing separate agreements because Embert refuses to put his name to anything signed by Caamano. U. S. forces here were fired: on several times Wednesday, presumably by the rebels, but there was no report of casualties. f . Paratroopers of the 82nd'U.S. Airborne Division, holding the American supply corridor across Santo Eomingo, used 106mm (4 inch) recoilless rifles to silence 37mm (1.5 inch) and 57mm (2.25 inch) guns that were firing on them. Jeep Shot At Elsewhere in the corridor, an Army jeep carrying a lieutenant and a, correspondent was machine-gunned. U. S, Marines holding a checkpoint on the waterfront came under fire from a jetty projecting into the Caribbean nearby. Sgt. Dennis Lamoreaux of Jacksonville, N. C., r e turned the sniper's fire and shot a man out of a tree on the jetty. It was not certain whether the man was killed or wounded. Heavy sniper fire was reported throughout the day in the vicinity of the checkpoint. STRIKE ENDS RICHMOND, Ind. (UPI) — A strike of Teamsters Union members against two Richmond concrete firms ended Wednesday when members agreed to terms of a new contract with the DeBolt Concrete Co. and American •Aggregates- Ready-Mix- Concrete I Co. SOUTH BEND, Ind. (UPI)— AFL-CIO union teachers in the South Bend city school system Wednesday night accepted, with "extreme reluctance" a 1965-66 salary schedule previously adopted by the school board which prompted a four-day strike last week. The new salary schedule, ranging from $5,200 for beginning teachers with bachelor's degrees, was adopted May 10. The union demanded a $5,400 starting salary. The South Bend Federation of Teachers approved the pay scale apparently in exchange for an agreement by the board Promotional Group Holds Dinner Here The annual dinner meeting of the Greensburg Promotional As, sociation was held Wednesday evening at the Greensburg Country Club. The meeting, which featured charcoal-broiled steaks prepared by Harrell Hamilton, was attended by about 40 association members and other interested busi- 'nessmen. Robert Rust, chairman of the association, was in charge of the meeting and gave a report on the various events planned by the group during the coming fiscal year beginning July 1. Rust' stated, a strong promotional association makes for better Greensburg and a .thriving business district makes for a better community. COBLENZ, Germany (UPI) _ Queen Elizabeth II set out on a trip down the picturesque Rhine River today with a fervent plea for British-German reconciliation. "For 50 years we have heard too much of the things that divide us. Let us remember the things that unite us," the monarch told a cheering German crowd before starting out on the cruise. Ihe crowd was estimated at 200,000. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UPI)— A $10.5 million B58 Hustler bomber crashed and burned on landing at Little Rock Air Force Base early today, killing one crewman and injuring the other two. Approve Transfer Of Tavern Permit Transfer of the three-way tavern permit of The Grill on the east side of the public square here from a corporation headed by Robert Firsich to one headed by Bobby Lee Fortrier was approved Wednesday by the Decatur County Alcoholic Beverage Board and the license was renewed for the ensuing year. Routine renewal was also made of the retail permit held by Wright's Drug Store in Greensburg. Siirpi rise GOSPORT, England (UPI) —Dolly, a 23-year-old mare . owned by the Royal Navy at the dockyard here, has stunned the sailors by producing a fine foal. "I don't know how it happened," said keeper Robert Lee. "There isn't another horse within miles.. ." OF THE YEAR! Hdrry in now for ffleierf buys . * .<r , i ' -~. * > KELVINATOIU, The first practical answer to the problem of more refrigerator storage! Be twice the cook in half the time! FIRST LEVEL Convenient eye-level oven lets you bake, broil or roast at same time you use lower levels. 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