Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 17, 1891 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 17, 1891
Page 3
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SHORT SPACE Is enough to tell what everybody knows. . The Grand'.Bazaar is headquarters on all kinds of sporting goods. • ; Fishing rods; • • Lines, -. Reels, Bicycles, Safety's, Velocipedes, Tricycles etc. The Grand Bazaar. PATRONIZE .~~ TAILORS' UNION LABEL. Dr. CORBETT, V. V. S. A veterinary, surgeoivol'many years experience Isnowperm'aneutly located at Diehls Livery Stable 209 Market; street, Logausport, Ind. Dr. Corbettwlllbe pleased to wait upon all wlio niny favor him with a call. r2Jd DR. E. M. HATCH, Physician ana Surgeon. Office, McCaffrey.-B'ock Broadway Cor. Sixth St. Residence, 1122iHlsh Street, Logansport, Ind. aprlUiSiwSm MONEYT" a»D«ralIiiBuranMttEdioiin«. All kiiidaolj In- inninoe-plioKl la first clans oompanlos. Endowment policies pnrohMed, Bondi i ol BnreWU.. »rtttsn tor parties holding posltlen» ot tram •here a bond It required. PEAJRJL ST. S. M. Closson. S100 and Upwards CAS BE INVESTED IN | . \ POSITIVE AND SAFE IS Per Cent Dividend Faying Stoek- Full particulars and : Prospectus can be bad on application or; addressing S. I.. SIMPSON, Banner, G4 Broadway, ST. Y. | MONEY TO LOAN, n any sum »t the LOWUSa raws. Prtvaw tnnc» only. Money alwaye In hand. . No re 1 tap* or de. lay Interest and principal payable IB U#Mi»- oort. flpoolBl arrangements aa *° J»>™™*.°} prinolpolfuid Interest, made to unit t«xe wlnhe«of borrower. Tor further psrtlonlors apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. : 214 Fourth , street, opposite Court House. MONEY TO LOAN! ind Notes Bought In any sum over $25 at lowest rates. Large amounts B percent. GEO.B.FORGY. declSdAwfttn . F. M. BOZER, D. D. S. DENTIST. Office OTer J. Herz' Tailoring K*tnT>- Huhment, 4O9 Market Street. •'•' • • ' aprllditwtf Daily Journal. SUNDAY MORNING. MA? 17. The best initial ring made at Taylor's... . " . ''c£ fc of A. charms and pins, at Taylor's., .. .1 . '^Taylor, the Jeweler, sell's silkum- 'brellas cheap. ' A. 0. H. pins, charms and lapel buttons; "at'..Taylor's. . Buy 1 your*guest a'souvenir spoon of ifaylbr, the Jeweler. ;.., ; The Bee Hive shows forty varieties of black summer dress goods. If you want an emblem of your Order; see Taylf>, the Jeweler. Cheney BrC-herB choicest designs in .-Pongee, or China silks, at theBee Hive. '. The only correct style of cloth cape wrap, ofiParisan cut, at the Bee Hive. Mr. and Mrs. Harry . Searight have returned frpin- A;, few days visit at Louisville; .'..-. .' ' '. Mr... and Mrs. J. A. McCollough departed yesterday'for . Richmond •on .a few. days visit:..-.. 1 . ' • Don't fail to secure your, reserved seats' for-the Military band concert" at the opera house Tuesday night. '-• "As"I'3efyiany"one7to. detects its'use; B. E.'.Keesilng sells-'•.•Blush of Roses" to neariy^every.young man in Logansport- 1 "' : ' '•"- •-"•"" 8 -— MrB.-. ; Stella Scott, who was adjudged insane a few days ago. was taken to ,the hospital'at Long Cliff yosterday by •Bailiff Eiserlo-' "• • Mr. John W. Barnes, of the Pharos, departed to'Chicago yesterday to join his' wife^ on a brief visit with relatives in the Worlds fair city! RAILROAD RUMBLINGS. Item* 1'rom tlie Note-Book of Onr Hallway Kepoi-icr— Point* Personal and Otherwise. The condition of Newt Gi-andstaff has not greatly improved. Jno. Hamilton, Pan Handle conductor is very sick with typhoid fever. Jno. Bemisdarfer, machinist- of the Pan Handle shop, has gone back to work after an illness lasting five months. • A number of German emigrants stopped over at the Pan Handle depot yesterday morning enj route to Washington, 111. |! The Pan Handle Company will pay their -employes to-morrow, the Vandalia on Tuesday and the Wabash on Wednesday. James Gorman, of the Wabash freight office is ^slowly improving. It will be some time before he will be able to again presume his. position. - : Pan Handle engine No. 390 which collided with a Wabash engine at the crossing a few days ago was notdam- oged to any great extent und is now ready for work again. The Wabash engine sustained a broken pilot. It seems to have been, one of those unavoidable accidents which are so common on even the best regulated railroads. Pan Handle engine No. 373 which brought in the inspection train from Chicago, was rijgged up with a seat on the pilot large enough for four or five persons. By these means the officials could see all the track ahead of them ; much better than if they rode in a ! coach back of the engine. They were : supplied with a signal valve and air cock in order that they might stop when convenient and communicate with the engineer. (The Indianapolis News several days a£o contained on article about Super- injtendent Bennett of the Pan .Handle, having devised a scheme by. which he expected to make a success of gas as fuel for locomotives. A part of this device was manufactured at the company's shops in this- city and forwarded to Indianapolis. Until this device has proved to be a success or a failure Supt. Bennett tfill have the eyes of the whole railroad world upon him. Marion Chronicle: A special train came over.from Logansport this morning bearing a party of Pan Handle officials. The train stopped at the Stove Works where it was met by C. N. Martin with several corriaares. The strangers have been escorted about town all day, looking at Marion's big- industries and her prospects, stopping at' the Spencer for Dinner. The following compose the party: D H. Me- Cabe, of Columbus, assistant general pkssenger agent; G- W. Davis, of RJichmond, division freight agent; J. fit Hill'of Chicago, division freight agent; H. .S Tou'sley of Logansport, chief dispatcher; W. C. Loree of Logansport, engineer of maintenance of wiay; Wi S. New.hall, assistant engin- e^r;C.E. Green, C.. W. Graves, sup- erintendant's chief clerk, all of Lb- gansport; J. H. Porter, superintendent o| bridges and buildings, and John supervisor. . '• I Commendable. j All claims not consistent with the high character of Syrup of Figs are '-. purposely avoided by the California . Fig Syrup., Company. .It- acts gently on the kidneys,-' liver : ."and bowels • cleansing the system effectually, but ' it! is not a cure-all .and makes no pretensions ' that , every bottle will not substantiate. . Pennsylvania Linen, Excursion to Cincinnati, one -fare for round, trip May 18th. and 19th; via the Pennsylvania lines for the National Union Conference. Tickets will be good returning until May 52d. For particulars apply to nearest ticket agent. AT MAXINKUCKEE. The s Scnnon and tHe Academy of Science. - LAKE MAXINKUCKEE, -May 15;;. JOURNAL—The shores of Maxfti- kuckee attest the generosity of. spring-. Vet-dure. bright and emerald adorns the'banks of that popular resort 1 of fishermen, mosquitos and lovers. This is the time of year when fishermen catch the most and lie the least, and the lake has been the scene of several picsatorial successes. This week found several fishing- parties attempting- the impossible feat of catchiogr all the fish in the lake. No excursion is a complete success that does not include a comfortable boat with a chair in it, a cushion for the chair and Ed Grubbs to row the boat. Thus equipped there is consolation and eomfort, and sometimes fish, though that is a minor consideration. Grubbs is an old timer and has few faults. One of them is a habit of generalizing from a small collection of data, and the other is his unlimited conversational powers. If any man under his motorship has by some strange freak of nature, caught a fish in the grove adjacent to the lake, Grubbs will insist on fishing- in the grove until some one else catches a fish sonie where else, On the second point his tongue flows more freely, if any perceptable clog in it can be noticed at any time, on the subject of the soldier and the Democrat. For; but one Democrat he has' been knoVn to express any concern. He h B always had an admiration for the lavish display of wealth made by Judge Nelson. "A man," says he, "who will pay me for rowing him around all day while he is asleep in the end of the boat must be both wealthy and liberal." Of Judge Winfield he is apt to speak slightingly since the Judge expressed disapproval of extendiug pensions to old soldiers. Grubbs is an honest and. willing boatman however and barring his willingness to row fisherman on Sunday for -a half dollar extra is not a bad man. He always carries his own tobacco and counts thirteen minnows for a dozen. Si Sheerin, Jim Mc- sheehy, John Barnes and George Ross caught fine strings this 'Jveek under Grubbs, and can testify to his good qualities. The Indiana Academy of Science held a convention at the Arlington Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week. Most of the distinguished gentlemen arrived a£ noon Thursday. After dinner the members to the number of fifteen or twenty were seen assembled oh the beach. Naturally supposing that a dog fight had been started for the entertainment of the guests I wandered into the circle and found that a turtle which had lingered too long in the seductive rays of the summer sun had been entrapped. After the rattles on its tail had been counted the academy scattered in pursuit of other game. At supper time the extensive portico looked like the Digger Indians had prepared for a banquet. Roots, 'herbs and blossoms were scattered every where with here and there a bottle of bugs, a can of toads or a jar of snakes. One jar of snakes in alchohol particularly attracted Grubbs attention but whether he envied or pitied the anakes_ could not be told from his expression. After supper there was a really interesting address on Truth and Science by a DePauw University professor from which I gathered that the academy came there in search of truth. I could not but be struck, with the absurdity of looking for truth at Maxinkuckee in the fishing season and I was especially glad that Jim McSheehy went home an hour : after the academy arrived and before investigations were commenced. Sitting on the veranda in the evening I listened loan interesting talk by a Purdue professor on the subject of potato eyes while the prattle.'of a ten year-old boy provoked an occasional smile: "Them fellers are the funniest cranks I ever saw. They call all these flowers by the awfullest names.". "Hush, Willie, they are scientists." A short silence followed, then the boy broke out again: ."I killed .a snake on the shore arid gave it to one- of them there—whatis.it?'.' Thus the earnestness and enthusiasm of men: engaged in deep research and' thus their methods excite, .the surprise, of"the.'.boy s and the smiie of those whose enthusia'sm v finds vent in some other pursuit: They were .-men devoted; to .their" work; men of 1 ability and*some .of national renown,; •such men as- the greatest discoveries 'in science-come from; •• -' : . - -• SWIFTICOS. H. S. Murdock, of .the. City shoe store, .yesterday, received in. a shipment of shoes one case of a dozen pairs •which had been : opened en route : 'and every pair stolen therefrom. There is considerable .car robbing reported from time to time. The work must be done by an organized and shrewd g-ang ol rascals. A Pioneer Gone. James S. Louthaia, one of the early settlers of this county, and a brother of ex-Sheriff Louthain, died at his home near Anderson, on Friday, at the advanced age of 80 years. 'The de-. ceased was born in Miami county, O., in !; 1311, and settled' in Tipton township, this county, nearly forty years a'go, and is well remembered by many of the old residents 'of this county as a man of generous impulses of genial disposition and strict integrity. He leaves a large family of children, two of whom. . George W. Louthaiu, of Bethlehem towcship, and Mrs. Mary Ulery, of New Waverly. are residents Oif this county. The funeral services were held at Anderson yesterday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Pratt departed yesterday to Louisville to attend the grand lodge, B. DP. 0. E, and Elks reunion at'that place this week. Mr. Pratt is District Deputy of that order. 1 George W. Fender, Past'Exalted Ruler and delegate from the local lodge, B. P. 0. E., departed at midnight last night to take part in the ceremony of dedicating the "Elk's rest" in the cemetery at Louisville this afternoon and to attend the Grand Lodge. Jas. McKague also went at midnight. It is understood that several Elks will depart to-day for the scene of the "big meeting." Not fewer than ten thousand Elks will gather at Louisville this week. On Tuesday, the day of the big parade, all the business houses in Louisville will be closed. Electric Bitters. This remedy is becoming so weli known and so popular as to need no special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of praise. A purer medicine does not exist and it is guaranteed to all that is claimed. Electric Bitters will cure all diseases of the liver and kidneys, will remove all pimples, boils, salt rheum and other affections caused by impure blood. Will drive malaria from the system and prevent as well as cure all mularial fevers. For cure of headache, constipation and indigestion try Electric Bitters. Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or money refunded. Price 50 1 cents and $1 per bottle at B. F. Keesling drug store. 5 A Mammoth Transcript. The clerk's transcript of the Turpie- Lowe case was yesterday completed ready to file in the Supreme court. This transcript is the largest that ever left this court and is probably the largest ever filed in the supreme court of ..this State. It contains 670 type- writtnn pages Cand is the result of weeks of labor on the part of Misses Mazzine Gallagher and Carrie Moore, two nimble fingered type writers who each heaved a large sigh of relief when the big transcript passed from their hands into -the custody of Clerk Fisk yesterday. It will be filed in the supreme court Tuesday. Bradfleld'n Female Sho.uld be used by the young woman, she who suffers from any disorder peculiar to her sex, and at change of life is a powerful tonic; benefits all who use it. Write the Bradfield Regulator Co. for particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher & Co tolG Mr. and Mrs. John Hawkins departed last night for Indianapolis to attend the grand lodge I. 0. 0- F. and Daughters of Rebekah at ^that place this week. As good as new —that's the condition of liver, stomach and bowels, when Dr. Pieroe's Pleasant Pellets have done their work. It's a work that isn't finished when you've stopped taking them, either. It's lasting. They cure, as well as relieve. And it's all done so mildly and gently! There's none of the violence that went with the old-time pill. One tiny, sugar-coated Pellet's a ^gentle laxative — three to four act as a cathartic. . Sick Headache, Bilious Headache,. Constipation, Indigestion,v Bilious Attacks, and all de- ^ngements of ' the stomach .and bowels, are prevented, relieved and cured. As a Liver Pill,, they 're unequaled. They're purely vegetable, perfectly harmless — the smallest, cheapest, and easiest to take. They're the cheapest pill you can buy, because they're guaranteed to give satisfaction, or your money is returned. • Tpu, only pay for the good you get. Can you ask more ? That's the peculiar plan all Dr. Pierce's medicines are sold on. Black Cheviot! Mackintoshes with Cape ,,... .. ......... . .$4 9& , ^ Silk Umbrellas, Large Gold Heads '.'. .'„ . ...'.,'... . i; 9^ Silk Umbrellas, Novelty Handles, equal in style and appearance > to any $6 Umbrella, 'for 1 58 Ask To See Our $15.00 Suits for Men, $10.00. $20.00 Suits for Men $15.00. Fine as Tailor Made. a Further Great Reduction on Children's Suits, Knee Pants made from Reco- nants by the Thomas Manufacturing Co., worth up to $1, Choice.25.Cents. Base Ball Outfits Free with Suits. Nellie Ely Caps, and Straw Hats! See our Ladies Kid Button Patent Leather Tip Shoes § 88 Men's every day Shoes '. 9S Dress Shoes r. 1 25 ALL STYLES, OTTO A. KRAUS, "OF COURSE." TRY BEEF, WINE and IRON, As a Tonic. Sold by H. C. PUR CELL, Druggist,. 418 Market Street, Near Pearl. TAGGART'S BAKERY, Bread, Crackers and Cakes. 524 and 526 Broadway. AVaiiU S10.000 Damages. Royal Center .Record: Mrs. Katie Burton has brought suit through her attorneys, Nelson & Myers and McConnell & Jenkins against the P., C., C. & St. L. K. R. company for'$10,'dOO damages for the killing of hor husband at this place a short time ago. Messrs Nelson and Jenkines and Geo. Cheney were out yesterday taking- in the surrounding's and making- a map of the place where the accident happened. While digging in his garden yesterday Al Merritt unearthed a five franc piece of the date of 1811. Very old residents remember that the Indians through this region were paid off in French money about that date and it is possible that the piece of money unearthed by Mr. Merritt was lost by some Indian brave a long time ago- Chas. Brooks, of the North Side, culled at the Journal office last evening and denied that ha was married the other evening as stated in the papers. Charles furthermore declared that he did not even have a "best giri" or any thought of entering tbe matrimonial state, The funeral of Thomas TJegan died suddenly Friday night at-thft home of his son. J. E. Regan on the West Side, will he helct-at 3:30 p. m. to-day from St. Bridget's church, Rev. Father Kroeger officiating.... Burial la Mt. St. Vincent. - Mr. T. B. Reducing-, of New Castle was in the city yesterday the guest of his old friend, J. T. Elliott. Mr. Redding- had been in attendance at the attendance ol Indiana Scientists at Maxinkuckee and was en route home. The funeral of little Helen, daughter-of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tucker,will be held from the family residence tomorrow afternoon, at 2 o'clock, services conducted by Rev. W. H. H. Marsh. ' _ Found, on 13th street, one pair, slippers and a pair of shoes wrapped in paper of Isaac Rans. Owner can g-et the same at this office by identifying and paying for this notice-. In our telegraph columns this morning will be found a 'notice of the death at Peru ol Rev. W. L. Huffman, formerly pastor of the Broadway M. E- church in this city. | . '. Mrs. Purdy, of Winona,.Minn., wife of Rev. E. J. Purdy, formerly rector of the Trinity Episcopal church in this city, is visiting friends here. Taylor, the Jeweler, has the largest line of diamonds in the city. I Both lie method and result? whet Syrap of Figs is taken; it is pleasauk and refreshing to the tas te > and act* E jntly yet promptly on the Kidneys, iver and Bowels, cleanses the sys- . tern effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures hahitual constipation. Syrup of .-Figs is only remedy of its kind- ever pra duced, pleasing to -the taste asd ^acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and t,ruly_ beneficial m its effects, prepared only ir.om the most healthy and agreeable : substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. . Syrup of Figs .is for. sale In 60c l.aad $1 bottles by all .leading drug- gests. Any reliable 'druggist who may not have it on hand, will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it Do not accept any substitute.'- -•"•'• -.'••• :• CAUFOfOtlA Ftt SYMP C® '' .-. Sf.N FRAK'S'JQ, GAL, LOUISVIU 1 ' w . UPW VOR , tU TorsalnbyB.K Keesling and all •>! Sherman's Memoirs, WRITTEN BY HIMSELF* WITH AN APKBOTXK BY/ " Hon. JAMES O. BlrAJDVX!.

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