The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 1, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1908
Page 3
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA!*- TPESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1908. Coalinga a Great Field That there is underlying the Coalinga oil district the enormous quantity of 2,825,000,000 barrels of oil, is the estimate made in the preliminary report on that district, prepared by Ralph Arnold and Robert Anderson of the United States geological survey, which has just been published In "Washington. The geologists warn against waste, however. "The outlook," says the report, "will continue to be bright for the development at Coalinga of one of the greatest fields in California if each and every operator will conserve to the utmost the wonderful supply of oil stored within the boundaries of the district, and by wise management aid in keeping it available. "Contrary to the belief of some persons, the underground resources of the earth are not Inexhaustible; yhen tho oil In any field IB once gone It will not bo replaced for many centur- u; it' ever." The Coallnsa district, as described In the report, takes in a strip o£ territory fifty miles long and fifteen In width, along the northeastern base of the Diablo range In western Fresno and Kings Counties. *•"' ''The proved productive territory," continues the report, "includes a band thirteen miles long by three miles wide, lying at the northern end, and a narrow strip along the southwestern I boundary. j "The oil originated in the organic I Tejon (bocene) shales and Is accumu- ,' lateil in Intcrbedded sands of the same formation and also in sands of the Vaciueros (lower mlocene, Santa Margarita, upper middle mlocene), and Jacalitos upper mlocene), formations, the Vaqueros being the principal producer. "The wells range In depth from 600 to more than 3,300 feet, and penetrate from 20 to more than 300 feet of productive sands. The product varies from a black oil of 14 or 15 degrees Baume to a greenish oil of 35 degrees Baume or better. Tho yields range from three or four barrels a day for Individual wells In the Oil City field to as much as 3000 barrels a day for ,the deeper holes in the east side field. 1 The total production of the district In '1906 was 7,991,039 batrels; in 1907 It was 8,871,723 barrels and In 1908 it will probably exceed 12,000,000 bar* rels." ONE KILLED AND FIVE INJURED IN COLLISION. PITTSBURG, Nov. 30.—Ono man was killed, five others seriously in jurert and many passengers were shaken up when the Chicago Limited on the Plttsburg and Western branch of the Baltimore and Ohio crashed Into a freight, near Valencia, Pa., twenty miles north of here. Fireman Spldell of the passenger engine was crushed to death. CastroCan'tPlay in Back Yard PARIS, Dec. 1.— The French government Is giving eons-'l '.(-ration to the question as to how President Caatro of Venezuela shall be treate.i on his arrival at Bor deaux. After tlie ignominious fashion in which the French minister was expelled from Caracas. the government feels that It would be hunlfle.i < n refusing to allow the president of Venezuela and aides to jand President Castro is reported to be ill and humanitarian considerations prevent the government from taking such a course. •li is probable, therefore, that a port official will be designate.! to board the steamer (luadalnpe and ascertain his mm STUDENTS WANT A GAME Lawrence Llndsey, well known here .'. .t rower teacher In tho local m-ain- mar schools, and conductor of athletics, ultmmi>h now attending the Sol- leu;e of Physicians and Silicons in I.os Anueies, still has his heart in the toothall scrimmage and has written for M loot hall game In this city with hljih school players for Christmas. The in,. He;,] students are said to have ii Vtroni; ugKi'i'gutlon hut are not In e best of condition, owing to lack of Hew Officers of Woodmen The Woodmen of the World last, night held their annual election of ol- j fleers and the following named members were given the execntlve posts: Consul commander, J. W. Crosland, ro- eloctPd; clerk, T. A. Burke, re-elect-1 ed; adviser, Walter Edgar; banker, C. j D. Oldershaw; escort, W. J. Dresser; watchman, Walter Perrln; sentry, D. j .1. Bolender; manager, .1. E. Ilolonder. j A large attendance enjoyed the sos-, sion, which was also occupied by tho remain the. re; if ui Berlin, he wfH be no will he be permitted to come to i',i>-K President Castro's statement which lie is reptirtetl to have made fo inter viewers veslerday, to the effect that '••• was proceeding to France to set practice. However, Llndsey promises that If they secure the game here this month they will he prepared to riu> I'll lor;,| ln,l H ',] !,;,!•(] flgllt. Tlie I .os Angeles modicos boast of a one it-.;s;i.(| player. There have lieen "lie aniiPd nnd one legged placers l.iiown to the baseball game, bin only ratvly is It hoard that a ynnni: man' W - T ^ not possessed of all bis limbs w«o' T RA'IM«S TO LIE dares to don a moleskin unit and fight | MORE OVER IN RAISIN CITY, lor the pigskin. I , Tho chances of the medicos visit ill;; l-ere :irf» rather slltll. The local !:• !> "lay one of their most important !e.u:,i,. tames Christinas day an'l Unit initiation of a, large class of candi dates. Several applications for mem- j liershlp were received. The plans for i the big initiation in December were , discussed. Roy Ollchrlst, who has j served as marshal for tho festivities i for several times past, was again decided upon for the place, iii. ins to bo the only date open fur southern Ktndents. tie a diplomatic matter, was the first intimation tho French sovenunent had j that he had any intention of trying to! settle, the Venezuelan differences with I this (ountrv. ! f WASHIN'GTON, Nov. 30. DISCUSS TREATY FURTHER. Hoot and emielan Charge <!'Affaires 1.— Neither the Vi-n- j Tahahiru exchanged notes this after- nc:' 1110:111 concerning five articles which Our Toy Dapartjnent is now in Fullf {Swing If you want to get the best toys for the least money, get them at Weill's. Our assortment is large, complete and includes every kind of a toy that a youngster might want to make him happy. If you're wise, you'll start Christmas toy shopping now and here. Phones—Dry Goods. 142 Hardware, 224. Grocf'sf.. 1418-1422 Nintieenth Street. THANKSGIVING ESSENTIALS arc good, well fitting, stylMi clotltes hul above all flenii olollies. \Vo can take out all spots, stains and dirt of any kind, so that your present suit will appear like a bran now one. Send us yoour best suit or your winter overcoat and you surely will be pleased at the result. Pioneer Cleaners a«d Dyers A. C. Jacobsen, Proprietor. Offlcei. 1519 19th St.. Phone Main 176 Works, 129-133 20th St. Phone Man. 168 ' THIS IS THE CAR HAVE YOU SEEN IT? It has ht'fui In preparation for flvo years, awaiting tho time when tho plant could be brought to the point of capacity and perfection which would make it possible at such a price. There Is not an ounce of uncertainty or experiment in this marvelous thirty horse power car at fifteen hundred and fifty dollars, because k do- riven Us being from twenty thousand other Cadillac cars which have preceded It. It springs immediately into full-fledged competition with the best of others at twleo and thrice tho price, because it Is the out come and evolution of a factory equipment, and a factory experience that has cost millions In the making. Place your order uow. First car load already sold. We have a few second hand bargains. Cadillac, one cylinder. 1907 two cylinder Tourist. Two Cylinder Reo, with top. (Trade for horses). Two cylinder Maxwell. Bakersfield Auto Supply Co. Professor .lamok Israel, has heard any- i are to govern In the policies of tho two Ithin.u as yet regarding the report th;'t | countries in China and the Pacific, a , President'Castro of Vene/uela is to IH ; full ,.,-,, inrl of w hlch has already been oper;iu-:l on by Professor Israel HV<-r< published he arrives at. Bordeaux. ' -•-«-« IREBEKAHS WILL ENTERTAIN ! AN OFFICIAL VISITOR. i SUPREME COURT SUSTAINS I TWO CENT FARE ORDER. .~- The su A change of Importance lo Fresno wont into effect on the S. P. last ev- 1 nlng when the road between this city . ;>nd Mendota boeame a part of tho! Western division. This will bring j more train crews to Fresno, and trains which have laid over the night at Mendota hitherto, will lie over here, As things have been before, tho road between this city and U>s Angeles, and that, running down to tie- moore. and tho track between this place and Mendota. have belonged to the San Joaqtiln division. of which Mendota was the terminal point for trains which were coming up the i west side of the valley, i he tracks j north and west of here which go up v\ AQt-nvn'roM MOV Mi. i no ^11 ••••••. .......... .><.i,i..u.j, e,....... !•**.„— p,.eme S c"n" t Tu;e United States h'as I *">' of the ReboUah assembly, Is here •reversed . the decision of the f.-deral 1 f >-°'» s ™ J < 1! ^. a R«est.of her cousin, circuit court of tho eastern district of Virginia holding unconstitutional t' iu order of the state railroad coiimiis sion for a two cent fare on st-.'te luis- (ines.s. The effect is to uphold ill" (-•!'- THE FLEET WILL/SAIL OtM DECEMBER 1. ! MANILA, Nov. :.!u—The Atlantic hat- tleshlp fleet, which left Hampton Roads on the ICth of last December, will sail from Manila on the latter half of Us world-encircling voyage on [December 1st. Rear Admiral S perry today issued his sailing orders which will call for tlie tleet to set under «,ty promptly ut S o'clock Tuesday moni- (UK. RoiiKh weather und tile recent heavy rains have greatly dehye ! i .e I work of getting 1 the Meet u-a :y to .sail | for home. I-'cepiiratioiis for the 'e- I parture are now hein.u hurried an.I I ci'al, nrovisions, store: 1 'in 1 | are l-i ing rushed to the ships. tho cast side were In the Western dl- Mrs. Lizzie Coombs, grand pros!- vision, as well^ as those from Mendota through Tracy, and on Into San Francisco.—Fresno Republican. BUT IT IS CHEAP EVEN AT SUCH COST. Mrs. .1. II. Carr. Next Thursday even- ins Mrs. Coombs will pay Kern Re- bekakh lodge No. 47 an official visit. THE FINEST DUCK SHOOTING YET !N For Canghs and Colds RED SPRUCE AND WHITE PINE NATURE'S BALSAM We Recommand the Use of Our Guaranteed COLD TABLETS A Cu:'ativ and Laxative When RED SPRUCE ANDJWHITE PINE Is Take Of Drug Stores Declaring that the Widgeon Gun A Topeka dispatch says western SH COUNTY, states that have enacled or have con-: templated enacting primary election j laws will be interested in the forth- VISALIA CLEARED OVER §200 FROM THE GAME.i ; Tile student body of tho local high j i-ehnnl has been tdaddened by (he an- I nouiicenient of the largo Rate receipts 'of' I ho R-ikorsflo'd-Vlsalla game on I Th.'inksplvlng day. Tho gross total was between ?2."0 and $300, while I ho "\pense of hrinitlni; the Kern County team here was something over $."0, caving a net total of something over 1_/V.V I W I i II t, 111 (.LI Ill^J tllVlf^VMJll VJ v«*« i I t» v> J) *»»«» (Jt. - •• - i Club's preserve In Kern County Is the comiiiK report to he made hy Seere- j flnost for due,; shooting in the entire tary of State C. E. Denton. Kansas country, Louis Thompson of New tried the primary election law for tho, York, wealthy club man and crack j first time this year and Secretary Den-, shot with rifle and shotgun, so ex-It on believes it would be a good thing j pressed himself to local members of to find out what the new reform cost, the club at tho conclusion of a hunt the taxpayers. | on the preserve yesterday. Thompson] it i.< known, from reports already at easily IniKKOd the limit of ducks. Dr. . hand, that the cost to tho stale will E. ri. Farrow, J. Suh Johnson and Ed ; ho about $140,flun. Downing wore tho members of the Accordingly In prepared a list of flub present from this city, each of questions nnd sent them to each of (he whom got the thlrty-flve limit. i mr, county clerks In the state, retiu'Mjt- "Thorn is no doubt about H," said', in- these officials to furnish him with j Mr. Thompson in discussing the mat-! this Information. About sixty-five j ter. "you have pot the best duck I clerks have complied, shooting pround In tho country," and j -*-*• declared that he had had the best, I "I think from the utensil.,, in some time.—Visalia Times, j him that this mummy MUSI h:i' ••*>-• | an Kuyptiati plumber." SREV. D. M. CRABTREE ! "H would be int. reslinir '••> \ TO DELIVER EULOGY. .' him lo liie." i . j ^'Hnt too rlsl-.y. Wlio's i;oiim '• In giving the program for,(ho Kllcs Ji/i:i for iiis l/me?"--Was|iiiiL'.'i • I.odce of Sorrow on Sunday, the namo aid. of (lie eulogist wa:- omitted. I?ov. D. / »»*> Bakersfield's Finest sport M. Crabtree. rector of St. Paul's ^ Church, will deliver (he eulogy. ! S. T. Peel of the Two visitors In (lie historical mu- fL"«fi for the athletic treasury. This, SM'm gazed curiosly at a small feath- it Is understood, practically wipes out er pillow that ncs-tled in a glass rose the debt due to the erection of shower "' li ""' 1 •''"' ""X'blnB unusual about baths ami the like and other pre - that .pillow." remarked one ol the vis- vlous expenditures.—Times. .itoi-^, turning to the guide. "It's a very valuable pillow, replied the guide. "That is Washington's original headquarters."—Lipplncotl's. Mother—Dear me! Did that bad boy hit my little son inadvertently? ICager Street Chorus—No, mum; he hit Mm in tie stummick.— Baltimore American. 19th and a £ts. Tel. Main 1260 Soles Seemed .as Though Covered with Knife Cuts—Could Not Bear Weight of Feet Even on Pillow — Was Long Unable to Walk—P/lany Remedies Failed —Now Cured. ILL PRAISE CUTICURA AS LONG AS SHE LIVES "Some four years n^o I lm<! i fortuno to have my feet net MT doctors could not tell tne wiiiu 1 uat'd I'verytliinK I eoiild dear of hut all to no avail. Tin- (>•< all wacki'd aenws Uie .-, lm<l taken a Unife und eut the whicliwny. Tlu'V would peel \ oh, my! how they did hurt would try to wulk — wlueli I v. able to cK> for « IOIIK tii:,> . ti onti of our neiRliliors cam" I" ou and ux U(>d wlmt was the tini showed him my feet, ui.d lie :-nid Bomo Cutieura Ointment whieh heal them up. There w»~ onlv to apply once, lull ] foiled ii me so much tluil 1 Kent i"r C'uticura Soap, Cutieura (tinti Cutieura PillH, costing nn.- d to my (?reat joy, my fi-'-t W"ii. and lmv(! nevnr trouliled DIM m , shull praise (,'utioura a^ long a for tho great help it tins Ijeen Margarot I'rimrner. Plntlin, M 30 and July si, 1007." . i (liink ' wro if you every p. und, hen I . :>- not day If liad woulil , -t of •a' , anil M. and e in red I livo Mrs. ., June Side yestirdny with f!uy ' TEA You think one tea good as another? Why don't you buy at the lowest price you see in the window? Your ftactf return* your mnnty t{ fgu dOH't like SchiUlQv'fl Best: we pay him. DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY II' the cost worries you consult us. \V<> will jiejm'jibly surprise ymi. Aij:iiii you eati do it so MALTHOID ROOFING IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT. ('nines iii rolls, ipiickly ap-', 1 so little. plieil, conn's in any widtli; Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. Gut fchamblin AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE J. H. Jones Carter's Hotel, Marlcopa Bakergfield Garage, Bakersffeld. Main 142. Main 1260 ECZEMAS And Other Itching, Torturing Humors Cured by Cutieura. Warm baths with Ciitlcnrii Soup and KWitle anointings with Cutieura Umt- ment. affonl instant relief iti the iiKjct dis- trossiiiR forms of itch- Ing, burnim!, scaly, criinled humorrt, eezo- ma'i, ruslie", Intlam- mations, irritutioim, nnd clmfiriK.-i of infancy and childhood, permit rost, and Hleop and point to a speedy and permanent cure, In tho majority of cases, when all other remedies fail. Complete rmoranl and (Dtfra«l Treatment for Every Humor »l liitunM, C'hlldrpn. jnrt Ailulu CODMIUM u( (Cutieura Soap U&- ) to Cleans the Hklri C'uticura OtntrtienC <Wc > M Heal ttie Hkin, ana Cutlnura llMolvent (50c ), (nr In th« form o( ohurolat* Coated IM1U 2So per vial ot BO) to Purify th» Blood. Sold throughout iho world. I'ntter Drug & Cbem Corp . Hole I'ropt, Itoaton. HIM ' ' rw, Cuuoum Book oa Ukln DIMUM. IDEAL FOR SHORTENING AND FRYING. MADE FRESH DAILY, RIGHT HERE ON THE COAST. OR— Lastern Shortenings—at least 30 days old when you receive them—not fresh -not in perfect condition for baking and frying. 'I'liiu is l!i" e'lefitlon Unit thoMSiirulH (if ('.-(lifoniin h <n.;ewive;- have ilecldd] Kfiislhly ;iii 'i prolltiildy. Sui-ienc IH nitlde (if ll'e I holcei-'l heef' htlct Hfld pure. I" illlll'lll V<"Kl'(llhle oil. H HKI'eeK \:i li the most delicate Htotn- c:ill IN'SI'IIK the |;oodll(!SH •Ihlllly of vdiir |i istry and ; hy lining SIMCTKNK exclu- ach. V.-, and dine: I'l-leil food siveh. Decide todiiv that yon \vlll uso a FilKSII, HO.MK-M.M)K Hhortenlng—a trial |.iill will nmhe you n permanent user. SUJCTKM-: Is miido In a until- inry phint—as clean and Hpotlcss as a model kitchen. Kvery ounoo made tin dor (he popKoiuil Hitpervlslon of Pure hood Inspectors. Order from your grocer or rmmt dealer. Sold in !i r> and Iti-pound palls — h'mnpticallv »eonled. THE OUDAHY PAOKINQ CO LOS ANOELES.

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