Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 10, 1964 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
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Monday, February 10, 1964
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2 - Monday, Feb. 10,1964 Redlands Daily Facts Scientists figure way to help express emotions By DELOS SMITH UPI Science Editor NEW YORK (UPI) - Two psychiatric scientists have figured out a new way of helping persons who express their emotions deceptively by making con- stand nuisances of themselves or who take out their emotions by being constantly psychosomatic. Unreasonable and persistent same hour, made their beds, went to (lie dining room at given hours, reported for their treatments according to a schedule. The staff from psychiatrists down to orderlies was trained to be entirely unimpressed by any patient's contrary behavior. Symptoms Explained But when the nuisances began acting-out they were told Optimism seen in General Telephone strike SANTA MONICA (UPD-Offi- cials of the Communications Workers of America expressed optimism today about a new proposal to the phone Co. to settle their mara thon strike, now in its 115thj ccietif MISS JOSEPHINE SEW Society Editor Excellence Of San Diego Youth Gwieraf TeJeJ Symphony Again Wins Admiration On Sunday afternoon an en-;young people we have every; thusiastic audience heard for the!reason to hope for greater things R.T.A. Group Attends Council Redlands-Yucaipa division of the Retired Teachers Association was represented last week at the State Council meeting in Monterey by four of its members. They were Mr. and Mrs Henry Cushman, Mrs. Hucy and Mrs. J. C. 'Redlands Racers' To Play LA. Rams In Benefit Basketball Game Here Something unique in basket-halfback Dick Bass, half- ball games will be played < back Jon Arnctt. ends Jim Phil- March 12 in Redlands Higb;Iips. Lamar Lundy and David school's gymnasium. ; Jones, halfback Ed Meador. cen- Redlands Chapter of the City|tcr Art Hunter, line backers of Hope Mdical Center in Duar-; Jack Pardee and Marlin Mc- Jcwelljte is sponsoring a contest be-jKeever. and guard Joe Scibelli. Sering. | tween the "Redlands Racers" j Tickets for the game arc Mr. Cushman is president of the]and the Los Angeles Rams. human nuisances are indulging U. na t they were doing and what ; " "acting-out behavior," even jt meant. When the psychoso if they don't know it. Psychosomatic persons have real symptoms of non-existent physical illnesses. These symptoms they misuse emotionally and unknowingly and refuse to believe they're healthy of body. Physicians find them all hard to help by present treatment methods. They're mentally ill but not enough so to be hospitalized or to be unable to work and live with normal persons to whom they're unending sources of disruptive trouble and for concern. Stay In Hospital The new way of helping them is to keep them in a hospital ward for persons who arc much more ill menially than they matics produced physical symptoms, the real meanings of those symptoms were ex plained. Neither acting-out nor psychosomatics was permitted to interfere with the evenness of life. Brodksy and Fischer explained why this method worked in the technical organ of the American Psychiatric Association. For one thing, it "broke the cycle — it removed the patient from an environment in which stalemates and vicious circles were too well established to interrupt by less drastic means." For another, their illnesses were "labeled — identified as emotional in origin and quali- ,day. j Louis B. Knecht, director of.second consecutive year in the than we have perhaps ever seen jthc union's ninth district, said University of Redlands Chapel (before. Given purpose, guidance, jllie union anticipated a favor- the splendid San Diego Ci vic ; and encouragement these future table reaction from the firm to- Youth Orchestra, under dircc-1 leaders are applying their tal- jward the proposal, which was n'on of its youthful, vigorous, cnts to genuine accomplishment, i submitted Sunday to its labor and demanding leader, Lawr-' The program began with the relations director, Ray Houston.; C ncc Christianson. ! delicate Symphony in A Major Details of the proposal andj The full orchestra of "2 musi-i(Numbcr 29) by Mozart. The company available. response were not cians did not fill the stage until.string choir was chiefly respon the end of their program when sible for conveying the classical they climaxed a rich afternoon precision and exacting rhythms of music with their brilliant per-of this appealing work of the i formance of Dvorak's F o u r t h late eighteenth century. The Dej Symphony (really his_cighth) inibussy Prelude with its cloying! G -Major, Opus SS. " u '""* local division. available at Gair's and at Lc- Th Redlands team is com-!vine's Men's stores downtown The Monterey County division | posed of ex-professional and col- was host for the meeting a n djlege players from this area. The state president Mary M u 11 c nJL.A. Rams team is composed of presided at a majority of the members of the professional sessions. I football team. Business included considera-; Football notables who will tion of various items and legislation concerning retired teachers. Speaker at Thursday's luncheon was Carl Herbert Wennerberg, graduate of the University and from members of the Redlands City of Hope chapter. Mrs. Douglas B. Emmons and Mrs. Eugene Miller are ticket chairmen. The chapter's February meet- turn to basketball for the bene-iing will begin at 9:30 a.m. Wed fit performance will include Fire sweeps oaint plant i Gy Tro7o^ , ^ f .., t ihp p»IIIT pium ^^^^^tirwir'-Mii between the Mozart and the now superintendent of Berkeley J group stopped for viols at the ANGELES (UPI ^.rejJ ^iSSS .^.h 'irit and Vivaldi, with it, singing of birds school, _ Jl" *T KhS the school systems of Sweden and the United States. Mr. Wennerberg is working on his Ph. of Redlands who did his prac-lD. degree in French, Swedish tice teaching at Redlands Junior j and English. En route south, the Redlands LOS are. who are so ill. in fact. they! t .. ^ R gave ^ iUnesses cant live with normal people lsta(us _ .. xlie pa ( icnt is wort hy and so have to be hospitalized., q[ and care ." Their stay need not be long. „ . ,. Just a couple of weeks or so JuiaUy. the paUents were Dr. Carroll M. Brodsky of the 18"'.™ a . n T vocabular y ttlth University of California and Dr. Ames Fischer of the Lang- which to describe their symptoms and feelings. Their vocab- ley Porter Neuropsychiatry ln>! ar * for «P«»n">8 PWhola stitute, San Francisco, figured ] S lcal experience had been so out this new wav iymT " ,ey ,,ad been forced TlS ' teWI ft In 47-actors.|either to produce symptoms of out and psychosomatics who P h ? s,cal lUfnefshs or . 10 . makc U„J i „ .;„,„„ nuisances of themselves u had been treated many times by many doctors without success. The 47 were more or less straightened out when they were dismissed from the hospital and in two - thirds this change for the good lasted at least 18 to 30 months. All patients in this ward were subjected to high expectations. They got up from bed at the in order to express their conflicts. Now they could express them to their own satisfaction with words. MATTRESS AND UPHOLSTERY CUSTOM MADE MAT!RESSES Free Pick-Up and Delivery Free Estimates BANNER Mattress & Upholstery Co. 122 CAJON PY 3-58S1 Four escape injury in plane crash SAUGUS (UPI) — A private plane crash - landed in a field here Sunday, but the four persons aboard escaped without injury, police reported. Pilot James E. Barrick. 47. Van Nuys, told officers he made the emergency landing after no-! swept a paint company shed in! certaintv _ Tnc warnii dark firsl and playing of fountains. Huntington Park early today. (henle jn ({]e , ceI]os WM indica . causing an estimated SZS.000 Hvc of , he character of thc cn . damage before controlled by 3o!, jre perfoi . manC( ., lhat ncvcr firemen. hesitated or seemed unsure in TJierewcrenoiDjur.cs. . dc(ai , The firm vlolins tire officials said drums of, danci woodwindSf and povv . painting material stored in theu rfil , brass a pro f essiona , Markall Paint Co. shed appar-| pe rformance in cvcr wa ently exploded in the fire, but, 0nc wondcrs hou . m orchcs . the cause was under invesUga. |tra whosP avcrage agc is abou , I sixteen can perform so bcauti ; fully. The answer was apparent THE SPAN IN SIZE NEW YORK (UPI) — The world's smallest unit of measure is the angstrom unit: 1-254.900,000 of an inch. The largest? The parsec: 1,160,During his talk he compared!Obispo and in Santa Barbara.[000,000 miles. nesday at the home of M r s. Lewis E. Krumm Jr., 855 Nottingham drive. FOOTLIGHTERS POSTPONE SUPPER Footlighters announce t h e postponement of their monthly potluck supper from tomorrow to the evening of February 18, starting at 6:30 in the Grove | Vivaldi's "Sprin; Theatre. At this time, there will j Four Seasons." thc moment Larry Shields play ed evocative flute solos in Debussy's "Prelude to The Afternoon of a Faun," and when thc conccrtmistress. Karen Moe. played the violin solo parts in from "The be casting for the original one act play written by Towne Bannon, the play to be the Foot- lighter entry in this year's Riverside One-Act Play tournament. Everyone interested in any phase of little theatre work is invited to the supper. licing the craft's fuel pressure! had failed. With him en route from Van Nuys to Bakersfield were his wife, Ruth, 48, Mrs. Margaret Gerue, 53, and David Fogelberg, 27. These and oilier solo performers in the orchestra demonstrated the high quality of the musicianship of these dedicated people who play in the orchestra, as well as the quality of thc director and of unseen mu- isicians who coach these future' "i members of our major sym- I phony orchestras, j With teenagers so roundly cri- ; iticized today for their boister- jousness, lack of discipline and _ . , . . I direction, it is a deep pleasure Begin your back seat driving. t0 rccord tnat in this erou of: early. That seems to just about; sum up the advice recently giv-j en to girls by William M. Coffey, manager of the AAA, Texas Division. Says Mr. Coffey: "If girls will! object to reckless driving on the: part of their dates and adopt; a sensible, realistic approach to i Assisteens. sponsored by Red- this matter, they will accomp-ilands Assistance League, spon-i lish as much or more than the We, the Women By RUTH MILLETT. Assisteens Entertain 200 At Fashion Tea combined efforts of parents, teachers, and traffic officers." In addition, he pointed out that every girl who joins in such an effort will be doing herself a big favor by sharply reducing her own chances of being crippled or disfigured in a needless auto accident. He might have added a kind word for back seat driving, in general. For the truth of the matter is, whether she is 1C or 60, a woman is usually more cautious in a car than a man is. When she is of dating age her fear in an automobile is of being thrown through a windshield and ruining her face—and her marriage chances. When she is a wife and mother she worries about her sored a fashion show-tea Saturday afternoon at thc Country Club for their philanthropy project, orthodontia work for a needy child. About 200 guests were present for the show, presented by The Harris Company with Miss Lynda Nicholson as coordinator and narrator. She was assisted by Miss Cathy Hales. Spring fashions from p I a y- clothes to party dresses were modeled by the senior class group; Susan Banta, Nancy Barnard, Meridi Beaver, Prilla Cook, Brooke Hudlow, Denny Keefe, Ann Lauer, Joan Marcum, Jan Prendergast and Cindy Stockton. The runway and tea table were decorated with daisies and lemon topiary trees. Mrs. Thorn-1 as Leake and Mrs. Peter Arthj were in charge of the tea table; And play it safe. Save at Arrowhead Savings where your money earns 4.85% interest compounded quarterly, insured by an agency of the Federal Government on accounts up to $10,000. There is daily interest and bonus interest and no worries when you save the Arrowhead way. So climb on the bandwagon and open an account today. Postage paid both ways on mail accounts. 4.85* current annual rata AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 301 W. Highland Ave.. San Bernardino, Calif. 148 South Riverside Ave., Rialto, Calif. safety because she doesn t know: and decorations . Mrs . Meredith what would become of the chil-; Bcaver and Mrs Gi i bcrl Beck dren if something happened to; cr poured I her. , When she is older still, reckless driving frightens her just because she thinks it is foolish to take unnecessary risks. Few men worry as much as most women do about driving safety. Most men seem to feel that they are good enough drivers to control a car under any and all conditions—even if they are taking chances. It irks them to think that the woman beside them doesn't share their confidence. But women, young, old and; Leak James T Belhell and , middle-aged, owe it to them- Richard L ScoU selves and to the men who! „ . , ,,„..! drive them to risk displeasure' Pnzes were donated by The, by back seat driving whenever: Harr, , s Company, Hinerman's: they arc frightened by the way! Jewe ' r y stor . n - Hockndge Flor- the man at the wheel is taking^' 51 - McEwen s. Nelson & Hales Phyllis Adair s, Suger's, Sage's. 1 Mrs. Jack Beaver, Mrs. Peter Arth and Mrs. Ralph M. Weaver were general chairmen with the help of all the Assisteens. Mrs. Austin Welch was ticket chairman and Mrs. Edward Schindler was psblicity chairman for the event. Prizes were won by Bonnie Faught, Valerie Ayers, Michelc Day, Karen Davis, Cheryl Hatfield, Mmes. Hartley Hillsen, Harold Hill, James Gillespie. Raymond Haight, Edward Barnett, W. E. Malone, Thomas chances. MAKEffllENOS The messy job of cleaning the pipe and stem is best' done in private.- Robert Baker Interiors Winn's Drug store. and • SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads For Those Who Take Pride . . . A Service of FlHl CBAFTSMAHSUIP E. D. HAHN PAINTING & DECORATING LICENSED, INSURED 793-2664 After 5 P.M. Coll 794-1789 Cvitorn*r Parking Validated Hil«n Vawtir -"so different!' OUR Valentines Are Guaranteed to get Results! • You May Park in Front 221 East State Acrou from Stcurlty B«nk JtfiU V »Wter V SAN BERNARDINO SAN SCRNARDINO RIVERSIDE REDLANPS Gifts from the Heart VALENTINE'S DAY, FRIDAY, F£B. 14th. Genera/ Electric "Small Wonder" G. E. alarm clocks. Small and feminine with easy-reading lighted dial. Styled in white, befge or pink, color-matched to popular bedroom telephones. Model 7996K. $6.98 "Chef" G. E. kitchen clock. Easy reading dial encircled by delicate petit pois decoration. Choice of white, beige or yellow case. Model 2131 : ._ $4.98 Deluxe G. E. toast-r-oven. Toasts anything — bakes like an oven too! Fully automatic . . . 200 degree to 500 degree selection. Safety heating coils at top and bottom of unit. Model T93. SEE OUR LOW, LOW PRICE. G. E. stainless steel coffeemaker. Cleans so easily. Special re-heat setting and brew selector for mild, medium or strong. Signals when ready. Stays hot automatically. 2 to 9 cups. Model P40. SEE OUR LOW, LOW PRICE. Descoware Cast-iron cookware with porcelainized finish ... as easy to wash as china. Can be used on open flame and for oven dishes. Flame red or citron yellow. 2'.j quart casserole $9.95 Convertible 1 qt $5.56 7/8 qt. covered saucepan $4.76 T,b qt. covered saucepan $6.36 9\i" skillet $5.56 Lid $3.16 3!i quart round oven $8.76 Corning Ware Special 10-Day Free Trial Offer on Corning 1000 Royal Family Set The freeze - cook - serve wore . . . mads of "Pyroceram"^ brand-age ceramic; heat-proof, coldproof, as easy to wash as dishes. Set includes 1 qt., l!i qt., V.i qt. saucepans, 3 covers, I handle, 1 cradle, 10" skillet, cover and cradle. Offer ends February 22nd. SMALL ELECTRICS, HOUSEWARES BASEMENT - HARRIS' VSl HAMS' OPTfOMt CIIWT FUN »•» *<*f PM. mmm. m*4 M.

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