Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California on June 21, 1924 · 11
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Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California · 11

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 21, 1924
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the of pre iton atitt Ilreo lent A eras "la en Inv ord hite red A 4 IP I a I t ( ) I A P 2 ) it ti L- e-1(6R OLD LLOYD " GI r:ZL Si''' To Make Their First Appearance Together MEE? E Spreading Acres Background for Romance n LI Harvey Thew Is now engnged in Nirit ing the continuity of "Oh Doctorl" Harry Leon W119011'8 popular novel to be produced by Universal I "Wickedness Preferred" an Otig inni story by Garrett Fort will be Viola liana's new Metro starring picture Billy Sullivan is stepping fast In the now "Fat Steppers" series of race track stories in which he is starring for Universal I ts q Alice Day who has appeared opposite Barry Latigdon in that comedian's first Feries of comedies for Mick Sennett has been east for the feminine lead opposite Ralph Graves in a two-reel comedy It Kathryn 'McGuire bee returned to Universal City after an absence of over a year to piny the feminine fending role in The Traitor" a western picture direeted by Ernst kaammle 1 I Jack Hoxie Universal star has P44arted work on his latest western feature "Daring Chances" Cliff Smith is directing John Gilbert has returned to the Goldwyn studios now the MetroGoldwyn-Mayer studios titter an absence of Mix years He Played at the Culver City plant when it was the Triangle studios III Since he haft been in pictures Edwin Carewei ham produced more than two hundred feature length dramas te Victor Seastrom and Carey Wilson are collaborating on the adaptation of Andreyee'e Russian play "Ho Who Gets Slapped" which Seastrom is to flint for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 1 Edwin Carewe was lending man for Laurette Taylor when the now famous actress was playing in stock Low Cody has signed a new longterm contract with the Metro Onidwyn company Recording to an nouncoment by Irving G The 'berg studio executive Cody's contract expired vvhen he finished his rolo in 'John M Stahl's produntion "Humbande and Lovers- and he was im modiately re-signud for a long period ea Edward S Montagne one of the beat known continuity men in motion pleture circles ban begun work as scenario editor at the Hollywood plaut of F a Ramsey 'Wel laee is now in Ban Franc ler° where he will be featured in a special film production to be made by Frank Woods entitled "quilt Marks" Unique Cast Appearing In Mystery Production Three actors and a dog make up the entire cast of "The Legend of ol I ywood" the production of whieh has eseited great Interest in the film industry on the west coast Percy Marmont Zasu Pitts Molly Davenport and the canine human cameo are Interpreting under Renaud Hoffman's direction the recent photoplay mystery story by Frank 4jOM1011 which had the $1000 reward attached for dimcovery of the missing screen writer Outranterized by Marmont - - OH RLO-r-rE TREADw"--e HAR LS4 N4 C2) TUCKER -yAP CANIANRY lers World Premier Today! Too will mina a lot if You don't nee — 41j 0 t d1r4 do) By PIN CLAIR LP Wit Author of "Maio btroot" THE ROMANVE of a respectabie soon who begin to wonder whether respectability ie a virtue or a vice FLA TED TIT WILLARD LOUIS CARMEL MYERS MARY ALDEN RAYMOND M'KEE DALE FULLER A Ve Arner 14rs ?kW? Direrbrql by Itemintont linor'a OreheotrA Loomis Twine In Porsost MINIM HURRY BURRY! & Last Week of R E X Th wonder horse 49 Hal Roach'i WILL ROGERS and "OUR GANG" in "Jubilo Jr" "Birds of Passage" By Associated Prase begin filming Detairau' ror IA at NEW YORK- June 2t--Johnny nor Brothers Beautnont devotes Dooley comedian was married to much time in a miniature laboraConstance Madison musical comedy tory he haa established in one part f actress in Newark N J yester- 1 o his garage at Beverly Hills to a day It was Dooley 's third mar- experimentation 'Ire lie has riage complete studio equipment and works out many of th e details of Mayor Breidenbach performed ths lighting used in his photoplay pro ceremony Frank Tinney also a comedian was best man I duetions The names of the groom and 1 Beaumont plans to make "De- Mh a more nearly modern bride were officially reeorded as iran" wit dress than did David Itellasco when John D Dora and Maria Fruiscella I he produced it two or three years In4llen Verschleiser's present pio I ago on Broadway ductlon "Empty Iloarts" Clara I '4 Bow known the world over Os a I flapper playa the tragic role of a l WiLLIAM H CRAN E 'DID- dying wife and Charlie Murray a loved dean of comedians laugh-maker on stage and screen for Se years takes a dramatic role wnha hrfi IL make t one of his all IXTILLIAM H CRANE hsoitlf loved dean of comedians who will make one of hie all too infrequent appearances of late at the Actors Fund Benefit at Philharmonic auditorium tonight LOU' FAZENCDAN GVstLOPINS 4 I pe the average director were Bud- ' denly deprtved of his production staff he would be sorely handicapped Not so however with Frank Freon and Paul Iribe who co-direeted "Changing Hued-tends" the fast matrimonial comedy-drama featuring Leettrice Joy This fun Speetal StariS today at the Metropolitan theater These two directors could successfully "carry on" without the aid of a cameraman costume designer assIntant director or title writer for ! these screen veterans have nue! ceeded in every one of the spec! !Mize(' fields of motion picture work ! before turning to dirootion "Changing Husbands" is an tidal- tation of a storY entitled "Holes" ' Raymond Griffith Votor Vareonl Zasu Pitts and Julia Faye head the suport ing Sharing honore with the feature ! picture at the Metropolitan is what is described as one of the biggest and most elaborate acts ever staged I in Lon Angelea It Is a cembination of New York )1eadliners featuring ' Irene Franklin assisted by Gattison Jones end Elsie Elliott Heil Fisher's Collegiette Orchestra and Lily von Kovakm the wonder plan-al also appear in the production '9 !TRYING- to fashion a cinema A drannt which nutrient-ere tip to ! the varying degree of intelligence repreeomted ill a motion picture alieliPlICP is all almost hopeless taste seretteipq to the opinion expressed by William 11C1411(1111P Wiln!RA latest rolelswa "Daughters of Pleasure" is Directors Successful in Many Branches Th Mental Condition Is Determining Factor ' LOS ANGELES FNENTNG EXPRESS SATURDAY JUNE 21 1024 - - - I - ---------- r--------- - ux 1Rapid Rise Is Made by Clever Ruth Lee r--1:?:- ---1 ' 'irt'-- - - --- :- az 4 " l'i'4' 77 -' -40417:11trA‘5 7414"!A p011 the first time since they him take on a fictional character- a were children in Tampa Fla leation in the realism of this set- ' -iaaerieasala - ' Atit a' aa -' "a-"ii asaaaiialaa ia'saiirial --':' atal C01100n Moore charming Firat NA- tinn rvey Thew i now engaged in M 5i'' ''' ''' ''''-W 7e' : 5- i0 :AT V40e:: ko 4144'-Kv::siir:P:f11::' :'!-i'''"' onet star and her brother Cleve In fact'"The Lightning Rider" Ill l'aiaaar"att 2 s a tasioaiaastaata a a aeaa s are ag the continuity of "Oh Doc- playing together The youth addition to being the most zotaltatie 7-Zralsaaa ii - - - l Harry Leon WilaCinS 110I)Ular a-- a a- "a-atatsea-saa-- i's-i-aa) 1' I ih17t begluning his M eater b u efore and ativentrn u s C ar to be produced by Universal ey vahielo to alit( --''''''!"a '1 ii ' li'-'iiiii-!'sai3ai-a-ait--aaaaiiia-aa'S'ea-ii-ii-a - ase ' ea tittlICIR Is cast with Niles oore date will be a personally andueted ii tiligts:Asaa sail -'4i aa l - In her fun vehicle "The Perfoct tour whieh will need no ballyhoo to I I HORFe'r CARE"( Ickedneme Preferred" an orig Flapper" which begins a week's attratit crowd) eager for insight — aaa-s-aTeaaaa---a--ae-aa-------a - ------'--- easaaD aa -71-lE -------- story by Garrett Fort will be showing at hoew'm State theater to- Into the personal lives of motion tt ' Dana's new Metro starrib pic g daY ture stare T F NCIS hie is probably the R AULT LIGHTNING PlIDER re al Moore had beeome fir rs st time that a tite home has P37237""702-7 --77Zar272sfa5'acaala I re n famed m am a otion tauter aetress been used as a setting for his pie- - y Sullivan is stepping fast In her brother entered the latimineme tura tow "Fast Steppers" series of department of the First National ef I ft ng for Universal track stories in wh h he in in the office of John E cCor- pAPID indeed has been the rise Epi it al c of Pioneer Days Seen on Broa d way mick western representative But -1-'' of Ruth Lee the young actress n E M ao he tired of office confinement and alU In I I se svho playm the leading feminine role 7e Day who has appeared op- one day he loomed a startling an- in "White Collars" at the Egan the- 0 nouncement on the boat who had ater o Barry Latigdon in that come- Stage Fright Cured by Many Hard Falls I first Feies of comedies for become his brother-In-law In an ambition's &afire for broad- 'John" Cleve said earneatly r En Sennett has been east for "J "I'm er fields of conqueet than that of- l n LI E z ieminine lead opposite Ralph tired of being your ()Mice manager' sered by the youthful ancial smart ts in a two-reel comedy I'm goinK to be an netor" i P in Of h p er native town Minneapolis warm-Blooded Persons Ascend Mountains So he veent out and WON fortunate miss Lee mined the Shubert Theater :hryn alelluire has returned to In getting part Immediately 'stock company la that city and soon ysal City after an absence of Those who are enaefina leading I found pulthe favor During her A CAST seleeted absolutely for " So by way of introduction Mate parts in The Perfect Flapper- are! tare° years with the organization "- a year to play the feminine type was chosen tor "The Coy- I Fazenda tuok- it fall then explained tg role in The Traitor" a E'irank Mayo Lvdia Knelt phylum she emeaYed characters ranging ered Wagon" which will have its that it might be handier with no an picture direated by Ernst Haver and Sydney Chaplin from Zetza to Little Eva In euticle downtown premiere at the Million pies in Hight to throw a few rocks trite a a I Tom" Dollar theater on Tuesday for novelty By the time the apI W THE picturesque outdoor scene alias Lee was Co attraated by Lois Wilson plays the heroine please ceased the actress found her It Hoxie Universal star has In "The Lightning Rider" star- stage life and ite great poeteibilities alolly Wingate a typical girl of the voice and continued her act od work on hie latest western ring Harry Carey which starts at that she went to New York where frontier days': J Warren Kerrigan I I re "Daring Chances" Cliff the Alhambra theater today will he was immediately engaged for a is seen as Will Banton the intrepid TME hazards of mountain climbing 1 Is directing have a double interest for fans who role in "Fair and Warmer" leader Alan Hale enacts his rival a' appeal to moat warm-blooded I I a are in the know" leer not only are Then came the broadway produo- Charlton Ogle veteran screen star people whether through the norn Gilbert has returned to the they unrivaled in saintorial beauty Mon of "Fifty-Fifty" Frank Egan enhancem the fatherly presentation mal zest of normal people for daneyn studios now the Metro- but they were filmed at the ranch was impressed with her work in of alr Wingate whits Ernest Tor- ger or through their ago-long inayn-alayer studios totter an of the star near Saugus Calif this play and encouraged her tom- ae of Six years He played Thous who have heard of the ing west Now Miss Lee is Plasin Oliver reopectively portray Bill attainable g acranee Tully Marshall and Guy toren in the quest for the hardly- e Culver City plant when it parry Carey rancho Ind who know the young wife of the millionaire kson Jim Bridger and Kit Car- This interest le satisfied in nu" - he Triangle atudios ' his fondness for its spreading husband at the Egan She likes ' merous scenes in "Blind Husbands ' I W a acres will be intrigued in seeing this p son famous senate art the Von Stroheint feature fihn re he haft been in pictures Ed- Ethel Wales character artiat has WhiCh opens tomorrow Sunday at Carmelo ham produced more the motherly role of airs Wittman the Chinn Broadway two hundred feature length Left Boston and Noted Stage Artist and sturdy John Fox Is entruaied A remarkable sequenee in this I w a Plays Part Here Designs Stage S 1-S with the importent character of Jad picture shows Von Stroheim who i ' et Wingate' the boy himself assumed a stellar role in I tor Settatrom and Carey Will- ' In conaination with the feature the picture which he wrote and re collaborating- on the edam- Seven prominent screen players Norman Bet Geddes long famed pieture alaurice Lawrence will con- direeted and Sam tie Grasse in the' i Of Androyevas Russian play will tturround Laurette Taylor in as one of the greatest artiste of the duct the augmented Million Dollar role of an American physician i Who Goat Slapped" which the principal supporting roles in has now made hi debut as - I theater orchestra ale vitt use the striving up the almost unassailable stage s rota Is to film for Metro-Gold- "One Night in Rama" the J Hart- score that was prepared by Hugo sides of a mountain peak toward slayer ley alannere story wheat Clarence a designer for motion pictures A ! Reisenfeld tor the orginal New a satnnilt whieh proves their place w a w ' Badger is to direct tor Metro- novel dance set in Cavil B DeAfille's I York production of cambat for the love of a womatal On C new Paramount picture "Feet of An elaborate atmospheric arewe was leading man Goldwyn-Mayer Filming has al- pro- It packs more thrills to the foot aureate Taylor when the now ready begun The produelion will 7 ingue will Introduce "The Covered than any film recently shown in i marks the entrance into! Is actress was playing in be made under the supervision of ' "ay Los Angeles Marry Rapt films of the man whose istartlinsf Wagon" which will be shown for I I -I I a Tom Moore will appear opposite atmospheric settings for The Mir-1 the first time at popular prices A I I i 1 a Cody has signed a new long- alias Taylor lila services were se- :tele" in New York have been the brilliant gathering is expected at DESPITE the fact that she has contract with the Metro- cured at the request of Miss Taylor caus Ordered widespread discussion d to create enmet fling I dramatic ability Eva Novak th I i 1 the opening on Tuesday been widely acclaimed for her e 1 iYn company according to an- and he ended an engagement of his rev talented screen player admits that! e in a ball scans BM (leddesde- I BF reel and the real lement by Irving G Thalberg play "The Rabbits Foot" in Boston ways tally in comedies Unlike the stars who I T - a do not al- she has a necret liking for working i s executive Cody's contract In order to accept the part Mr slo'loped a cireular platform over a 1 a Id when he finished his role in Aloore's screen appearances in the pond the land edge of vvhich I 1 tel Lou r ise J'aenda on opening her reached by miniature br book of memories finds that tho feel that they are destined for just I M Stahl's' produation "flu hoo e- t year have been limited reac to three dlAtiem Is n- one line of endeavor Mies Novak i and Lovers" and he was Im- pictures "Manhandled" opposite 81" a hovel stand o a° e n arl i advantage of being a vaudeville believes that she should vary her 1 an orch n als estra revolves O a aely re-signed for a long Oloria Swanson now running at 'H-- ea I headliner on the screen in "Gal- work until she knows the line to I G ut raunn T ie Third Street e clipped theater platfotm On every sid -a --- - t ' 'e"' loping Fish" at the Rialto far out- which she is particularly adapted i I W -I "Roughed Lips" opposite Viola sahruhbery forms a natural rame 1 wIghs as far as her own case is and to which the screen followers: 'yard 1 Mnntngne one of the Dana and "Big Brother" in which for tin° acene concerned doing her act behind the want her to stick known continuity men In too fontlighte For the past two years Miss No! he totarred already seen here Near-Modern Dress For Several years ago this aomedlenne nature circles has begun work vak has appeared mostly in strong ?aerie editor at the Hollywood e- ned to make a vaudeville tour dramatic roles usually melodramas of F B 0 Johnny Dooley Weds 'Deburau' Characters sigthrough the east and soma aaa that varied in location from the I W i 1 Experimenting with lighting ef- i 0 sa H Conn and home fires to the Arctic shores a 1 opened at New even maw Wallace is now in San forts amounts almost to a bootie ' when h faced h di During that time critics have COni- i n 8 e ace her au ence await where he will be featured Deburau for Musical Comedy Star Nvith Harry Beaumont shortly to mented upon her discerning ability! War 'solidly male and realized that every personality by Frank Woods entitled special film production to be By Associated Press begin filming "" la I seat was occupied by a Yale student ! and her sweet 1 it was a chance newspaper clip NEW YORK June 2t---Johnny nor Brothers Beautnont devotee: c lc Marks" Dooley comedian was married to much time in a miniature Lahore- she !ales left her a nd only one comedy film that first presented rue Cast Appearing actress in Newark N J rester- ping urging her to try a part in Constance Madison musical comedy tory he hats established in one past 1 was pani stricken her of his garage at Beverly Hills to i thing remained—the gentle art of the urge to Miss Novak lier most In Mystery Production dr b It was Dooley's third mar- experimentation Mere e has rt i ad Ili-thing A curtain of painted recent appearance is In "Listen n I rocks with a fountain playing in Lester" the new comedy offering 'PA actors and a dog' rnaka on nags I complete inutile) equipment and Ttaddhnh 4--1 tha works out many of the details of I the sunshine served as a back drop opening at Tally's theater today : -r the current attraction at the Miai Tgfeigr477i7vij sion theater "Attempting to judge the degree of intellinence of any audience is al foolish undertaking" says BOILlitill1M1 "Ntoreover nothing much is an- complished in doing so benause even the roost learned person may kiltitft he in the frame of mind of a child of 10 When a person goes to churnh nd E he goes in reverent frame of mind Wei If he ehould be pittying marbles with hie youthful son his menial condition at the moment is level to that of a child" "The great point to he considered and analyzed by the producers of motion pictures end others Inter-' ested In the subject is not the de-i gree of intelligence of a 'moving Original picture audience hut rnther in vi hat frame of nand an audience goes to Author I se a photoplay" Terrier Mourns Absence RAUMA Of His Loved Mistress 1G 64 A "fan" so devoted to a movie j actress that he vvill die unless he is sent from hos Angeles to Catiadat to ee Hippodrome n her Such la Mike who in undoubtedly Vaudeville the most ardent of all of Estelle Taylor' s admirers and who is icing 411n 4t h sent to her in Canada In an effort i RAUMA to t4 five his life REX CHERRNeMAN 'POLL' PREFERREID' rAULINE FR E DEFIC K SPRI N3 CLEAN ING Biblical Drama Is Know All Over World Saying 'Adieu' to All of His Friends 5-72 L73 EeL Many Aver Girl Resembles Noted Singer p ETWEEN 690000 and 700000 people have passed through the doors of Grainmin's Hollywood Egyptian theater to see -The Ten Ceil R DeNti110M Martini Oth Biblical drama It has been acclaimed by teachers newspapers and civic organizations to be ono of the greatest nmral documents that has ever reached the pubhe through the medium of the screen Just as the Biblical teaching which explains how Moses obtained the fundamental laws of man from the hand of the Omnipotent known around the world so is the conception of the Lasky director-general in celluloid cOMMOn knowledge in most of the civilized seetiong of the globe Were a corn world had seen the doo-period drama from a seat in the Egyptian theater mum the announcement I hat Harold Lloyd iPt Saying "Atii14" at the Criterion theater it seems as everybody in town is Wining Wit II) Mee "Girl Shy" some for the first time mince I I inreption hero and hundredm more for the second and even third tune For "Girl Shy" hes an appeal that excells that of ail of his preVILOUR successes It seems that in eaeh one you find laughs coming BLANCHE EDOOGLCA X3s WHITE COLLcARS' 11 more and ntore rapidly than in the preceding one And "Girl shy" is no exception While Lloyd has elle - easefully undertaken one of the most novel and dirtenit chataeterizations he has ever attempted it is entirely different from any of its predevessors except for the fact that it is een funnier than the other types he luta portrayed Truly tins young man with the horn-rimmed glasses call lay claim to the title of heing America's most popular comedian plate roster of those who have seen horn-rionned glasses call lay claim the De Mille chuisio at the Egyp- to the titio of heing America's tian available it would show that most popular comedian at least one from almost cvery country and principality in the THOSE who can remember world had aeon the doo-period Russell In her youth when hor drama from a seat in the Egyptian beauty was the sensation of the theater drainatic world will got a thrill of retnemluance If they drop In at the w If 1 he annoUncerrent t hat III performance of "Wh ite Collars" Harold Lloyd ipt Saying "Atitelt - There 'they will see Betty Sinclair at the Criterion theater it seems Who la playing Sally Van Loyn as if everybody in town is tinning This his actreem heaULY ham the same out to see "Girl Shy" some for the first time mince It inception hero angelic quality that made the beau- Wu' light opera singer the toamt and hundredm more for the second and even third tnne of Europe anti America In fact For "Girl Shy" has an appeal Miss ttinclair has the same beautlthat smells that of ail of his pre- ful brow and eyea and her blonde vame successes It meems that in hair is almost toe same tint as that find isauehm corning' of the famous "American beauty' I Vaudevill and Phatoplaya I i I 43 Noon—Untinuous--1 I 30 p mt 1 V iivrkrryflwatimorovw Join the 100309 Who Have Ridden with Paul Revere Fought with the Minute Men Suffered at Valley Forge Loved Nancy Montague and Exulted at Yorktown NJiral EAT p ktotre -400tacti"411w nd Big Week in DW GRIFFITH'S A Thrilling Romance of Love Laughter and Tears o$ Angeles Knows No Greater Triumph! 1111bDi---416:7474 W FACES NEW SCENES 11-11"-- NEW LAUGHS Original Version Personally Directed by the Author Improving the Performance 100(-0 il—A—UMAN'S Metropolitan Theater— Hill at 6th "CHANGING ri ICSrBANDS" A floinore Prom luotine "THE MYSTERIOUS WITNESS' with ROBERT GORDON Jul ELINOR PM11 Oonfloonno 1 to 11 PeneltrY r mon the tlaturdoky Irv Ins Pot Story it town It litthts” be Lupo IN olio tihnclec 1 le Ite 1 I p m te g t et in in III Ot XI VI II I trim i7PVVVe '11' -1 r lir 1 G RAUMAN'S Rialto Theater-- Bdwy Near Ever einem the st A IN Rr lett Now voTIN Hollywood for Honff raneda where "GALLOPING FISH" ehp le appearing before the CP111101111 in "The Meehan" Mike her pet ler- I - rier line 1)P011 mourning her ah- RAUMAN'S Hollywood Egyptian Theater— Bence Ile has refueed to eat he NOW PlAYINti (mid not Bleep be would not eastelse "THE TEN COMMANDMENTS" TV ROGRAt AN iN5PIRATIONAL PROLOGUt PRESENTATION cthe CRADLE OF LIBERTY' 50-PEoPLE with allan Sean as William Pill JULIUS JOHNSON AT THE Alastcr Kimball CHAS J LAIRD (BASSO) IN P Song' Rfcitial (—PRICES—) NIErhtt 711e 11 11E60: Mato PPo Pl Twice Deily 2:15 end 8:15 S omme Idiots It 13tx OW ltm Ptv4141 F Moire 1191 or Etti pire I If21 or It Platt M ogle Store (122 S Brrmdway 1614 Hllyaeoct Blvd 211 S We'd aro ftts1 W Temoie 221)0 Brimalvo 114 P tooth Hoottolla tom Prk: 334 Plot Logi Booth nosoroonioUNi -- Nugh—M001PA ilK & WALLAGE—On000 'On tho 13anh" CLARA HOWARD Tho PAirsiool Crnody Girl —W74 GROH & MICHAIL ADONIS "7 'rho Pion° Noirintis 1HnEE WURER OWLS Thee Mee! Littio Dan a Little mid Then?" BEN WELCH io revecito Chao mier Comedian -- - — — reolnelye Photopleye "AFTER THE BALL" From MI Far Florio by (has K Harris THE TELEPHONE GM King Leary by H C Wine 1 atetleme Night I riot Went Ebner M to and ML 1 bundey I A Soot tri WI Monne 4 NO( ( An) IIMO 40t !! 3 5 Me itiO Near 8th 1 r !- CI r77C7E:77-71 -2i Tq Itatj kiln liera 0i lith-Y1AA SPEEDWAY- " (4 $NI1 1117'1 LALA ter— t::::11T RACE 99 ca'' kii: 4wil u ici9 171111m J: 177-V:- '''' 7:" 1r late et the Actors' Fund Bone- I - 1 -- ftitnegthFthilhermonic auditorium I i b I b1 4 ai r s------ ‘4611114 W4S1K ' : 00107--- t4A9t-took Ill- L -or - :- — --- -- - HURRY t Toe will mine a lot if HURRY ' 4 i t :: '' - ''''"' 1 World Premier Today! : You don't see BURRY! b 1 5th it Last t ' "i '' '1 I f-r i -Ifs1 Week of ''' '''Y ' ''' '!:-77'77—''''1" 4 R E X ill t 4 s 'r1! A ' 11-?- - - 1' 4 At - 'tvi 11 The won- i der horse 144 )(I 4 't A ew t i P s IA Roac I 11 ' l'' Wr in Hal h 's 4 i - ) ' s i? Y':' -' 41 t'4L - ' ' -: IP 41 f PINCLAIR LIPILIA ‘t rP141P1 If v-:" i ' '' - V:4--- 'c Author AC "Mafia btreet' 1 ti 1 21 - THE ROMANTHE of a A 1 I le -:4 A : respeetable non soho begen to ' - wonder whether respectability 7 ) ?51''f4 1 k0::--" ie a vrt 4 ' 1 art 4 iue or a vie VIA It (1 ! 1:P::?:::': - i:-'':1Y V 4 sjit ! 1114' 'er t PLATED 1ST 1' 4" '' ' ''' A f- e -ii:' C: WILLARD LOUIS 'ivP"ts'Ill4k 4: ' - '1 " 1:-b-t -'w 'tA '4:' k 1 - k 'Arts F4) CARMEL MYERS i- 1 MARY ALDEN 1 14Y IS C§ :j''I f 0 1 ''' '-'ita a a tti' RAYMOND M'KEE tee 1 (:-'''J' ':: 13'1 '''14 6! '"4 I ' DALE FULLER WILL ROGERS and i '''' 4 041''1flY:Iv‘1 o e 1 t A Ranier 14 ?kW? " OUR GANG" in ::7' '-':::l i ' : 3 4I'':4!:'::ti:i 4 -1::t:g i)tted be "1 ubi 1 o Jr" '-i' !'27''''f:' !1"'j''''"' -''''''':i"'ikil Ilitn Itemintont Lliplor'a Oreheotrn "Birds of Passage" t fr ' '6q'''' 7iisa'''''' 4"2c"r1 I Loomis Twin In Pocip LiAPitP 444 AltIZZ0i0 4 t t - L I ) 1 4- lommono ritIi tor I " novel i "NV InIi Viola pictui Rill the t race starrl Alli v posit( 4 4 dian'E Mack the I ( r ity Kat Univt t I over ta(lIt weste I Listen' Jac vot art I - featu Smitl ! 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