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LOS 'ANGELES INENTNG EXPRESS MONDATJ'EltRITARY 4 1721 I LO ANGELTS INENTNG EXPRESS moNDAT FEBRUARY 4 1112-I IS-tfibifil I AS BRILLIANT CAREERMTW60D-R-OW WILSON IS ENDED WILSON STORY ming fans To 11041-0SF Tigti RS WI LSO BRAVE KEPT SECRET TT co Characteristics ALWAYS AT SICKBED11 1 Made Friends and Enemies i nor nimitin niturnAl Rfi1--- COME IMES TO RECALLS EARLY DAYS OF WILSON Attack in 1 0011001 aracteristics lids and EfiCifileS aaaaaa-a 601ER I NATION MOURNS AS BR ILLIANT CAREER OF WOODROW WILSON La- Denver Cousin Mourns His Death PE ME Ha PADS True Facts of 1919 Disclosed ((ONTINUED PROM PARE ONE) VIEDflESDAY AFIEBIA 8 By Asso Mated Press DENVER Feb thous 11 of the west who are mourning the death of their relative Woodrow Vllon im Mrs Woodrow W'elies of Denver a first cousin of the former President It was Mrs einem who introduced Mr Wilson to Miss Ellen Lollies Axson daughter at a clergyman of savannah Ca who in 1885 became Mr Wilson'm wife Mn Welles reealled her Introduetion of Mr Wilson to Mims Axson It took place in home Ga while she was visiting relatives there a little more than one year befire the Mtirtikkge tOnk place The former Presideut was named after Airs Voiles' father Thomas Woodrow who wan a brother of the former Premident's mother Mrs Jeesie Woodrow Wilson The Woodrow family living in Chillicothe and the Wilson family who lived in Augusta Ga and Columbia exchanged vittite each The Wilson family often the summer monthe with the Woodrows In Chillicothe Mrs Welles said and in turn her fern-fly went to the southern state Iduring the winter months Rein: tionship thus WILF4 reinforced with between Mrs Welles and Mr NVililf in As a by one of Mr Wilson's WilS for drawing ships Airs Welles Faid He became adept with the pencil in that respect but expressed a desire to become teacher she declared After NIT'S Wellem moved from Chillicothe to Colorado Springs Mr Wileon visited her at the latter city in 100 she said Until him sick: neRS which began in 1919 they exchanged letters often she said She him for the last time in Sep tember lele when he leas in Den ver By Associated Press WASHINGTON Feb Wilson'n personality was in many respects the momt unueual that ever inhabited the White Houne It commanded from mil-Hone an admiration approaching worship it aroused in others aver Clone amounting to hatred Mr Wi laon himself acknowledged that he had a "single track mind" Friends acknowledged he watt remerved critics maid he was cold His few intimates declared he watt neither and Joined in acclaiming him one of the most delightful of associates Mr Wilson's seclueion and mcarcity of intimates were among his outstanding characterietics It was said of him by theme who ought to know that he called only two men of his wide acquaintance by their first names They were Cleveland Dodge and Cyrus McCormick GRAYSON FAST FRIEND The one enduring friend4111p Which Mr Wilson made in the White Houme was his 11rsonal physician Rear Admiral Cary Grayson who restored him to health when he came into the presidency a sick man watched over him as he would a new-born babe and finally mriatched him from a deathbed at the time of his breakdown and prolonged his life several years aft4r he left the White House They never quarreled although their friendship was a most intimate one When he got he did get mad once in awhile just as any other was his favorite trick to jam on his hat and walk around the block to "cool off" He did that when he heard the Germans had torpedoed the Lusitania Than he came back to his study full master of his emotions and penned the history note to Germany which forecast war He read it to the cabinet and the secretary of state after it was well over the cables toward Berlin It was typical of Wilson's way Having decided on a course of action he wanted no advice Cabinet meetings during the Wilson adminietration were described by those who chafed under the restraints as a morning in the school room with the "school master" at the head of the table HAD MISINFORMATION It was said of Mr Wilson that his seclusion in the White House resulted partially at least from some misinformation he got about Washington and its atmosphere before he took Somebody so the story went Journeyed to Princeton and told him there was a local ring of social celebrities bankers a in L71'1711'3-1 ihing rack he ''as tared se de- rcity wriahon-t I by were iehip the PhY- tray- ealth alloy as and ettle eownen Tears their get any trick ound that had he aster hie Beast and wa orlitt n' wav 44 Wit- ribed a re- i-hoot at rouse thout a be- so ice- local i4' r09 AC4 Cl1re 775 WO 0 At 0 oftyr 4 4: 'A -rt 4 -61 iffi I ktf i 41 1 i 3i '1 ::4 4 Nyc1 -e 1:15 c-iti fA' 4 I't46 kje 11 1 i' '-0 lt 4 1 '4 7 'v i s'' 1: 2 4 2 1 44" 4406 4''' I 4 i i A 4 4 re' e55 i 1: Ai 4 's :4:1 A 4 i '7 4' I ot'' 0- i 1 -IT 'a eV e' ''''4 i'1 -'I: PPNo '0: 41 23- AK4C9A' iePWatr7 WO a Z7 wrvocwtr )-r (COVTIVITtit MOM (Thri ad In the days of hie quiet life fue tug a great tide of tribute to hla a college President will conduct the courageous opirit and lorty pursimple rites for the dead pose wits rolled In from around tho From the house the caeltet will I world lila death had longed ineten be carried up the shert way to the tonguee to speak their admiration Cathedral grounds where services eVen itS it Withal tint already dim-Will he held In floIhksholn chalod ming clamor et criticism that beat The cathedral is hardly hair cent- about him when him hands still nleted Looking up fr mite eitY firmly gripped the powers of the its elltWell 1110 Itsi Yet ittlt It Preeideney From friend and foes suggeetion of the vast bulk et in the harsh days of the past and building thet will one day detninnte (rein who Mt I epinteet goine from the hilly haellon on whieh It ef the tenets or his fitith dame stande the spreading life ef the generoutf unstinted tribute to the city below I high idealism that heel ruled the It may be that Woodrow Wilson heart ttnd mind of him whose death will find hie het 'sting piece in they mourned that dignified Surrounding fleet of A great American is dead and in 1 America's great dead from civil lire death the bickerings and tragedies for whorte honored repose Preet- of misunderstanding and cross- sten is In made in he int 1111 ng Purposes have hetet ewept away in plane That is still be decided a flood Of triliette to his greatness by the sorrowing family or heert and le his serviee to his The Oland' serviee AVIII be 111 country in itm hour Of sorry trial I rth on Wodnoday Sonia will I taken from the tortieture se that et DIES IN SLEEP 1 the thoueands who deeire to pay a in the pilet of Sundey morning: last tribute It mem 4 peeeible dleath ((tided hint gently in ID! em- can be admitted They will 10 lett ond boro hint to his Maker a handful at beet Bishop Free- I he pitestel trent life while he man or the Fietecepa 1 ilitaa'FP of siert with those he loVed best WaShInedon or Mrs Wileeit's abeut Hue the broken body officiete The bishop comfort- had vtaltened little by little until ed Alrg Wikr11 lit rikon the last spark of his vitality went home last Friday Chen fin-4 ut wae told that Wileon eed1 lett survive the ehok of hie het KNEW END HAD COME nese Ills spirit mete etipperted to the There Wes greet preeettre r1 Mre at ty tho indomitable courage of Wileen today to slit-re11er deeI ti old fighting days in hie last to he hit claim of te retion that 'e would do him hieheet honor Ii alterul momente he told hie loved estine from men like former Pre el- ones that he knew the end had dent Tft who said the NIairbi would I ieene and WAS ready not understand if so great Iin The federal government already Afnerittftn qhulilIt to carried to het letti etTered to do whatever is fit-last rest without the fell eiretim- ting to express the nation's rev- stance of a sorrowing neilon and creme lit 1iI pemeing I a great funeral ceremontee heretille the leader PreSident Coolidge called greet pleee he had held In life yesterday at the imuse of bereave-The government hae effeeed to nent expressed his regret and his place the body ef Wetdrow demi I remlitiess to be helpful and then in Arlington Memertti lestied a proclamation of 30 days' ter where the unknown eeldter official mourning Over the White sleeps hut it appeere unlitiely that House and the government depart-the peormeel will be aceeptable to melds on the nation's fighting Willson ships at sea and over the out pomts It was derbled not to hold a state of American diplomacy in foreign funerel as proposed by sonie or to lands tile stars and stripes Were heve the body lie in st at the brotigiu to half -mast eenitel I Centirees todIty recesmed in reelect for his memory and the whole FRIENDS AS BEARERS 11kohinery ot thf govcrnntent A in ge number of riends a nd NviloSe gubling genius be was for tonrer aseocietee will he desie- mententoue yearte will stand Wiled as lietive and honerarv nail- still On the day of hie funeral hearers Anomie them are Idernard White Douse caficeite again Were lid Baruch VtInre Merierruu ick I in communication with the Wilson Cleveland IF Dodge Cyrus eleCer- Mime today to render What assist-mire some or the members of Mt ante they could During the mornWilson's wartime ca bin et and nth- ing Secretary Week (el I I put 011 riders who were assOrtitted with Into Ittives ot the fernier President to during his terms in the White talk over any plans I hey inn ilaye House In mind for a military guard of Congress put aside betty the bit- feeler at the funeral and entomb-ter partition riehate widen has held meld forth there In recent days out of END IS PEACEFUL reepeet for the memory of Weedelle Wilson died at 11:15 o'clock 1 row WIIROTI Both houses met at InortnnK noon today RA usual hut It of Wnil Life ebbed est The end WHS peaceful only so that their leadere ity while he elept ehades of politieal opinion might aw tired titan he closed his eyes pay trihute to the fellen chieftain end "sustained and soothed by all and pass remolut Mae 411111111Sn- untaltering trust" passed on to the rate with hitt services to the OIL- great "like one who Wratta tion tho drapery of hie comet about him Nvimse guiding genius he was or tirht momentous years will stand still on the (lay of his funeral White lionse olficiam 4gain wore in communication with the Wilson home today to render WIUtt assist-ante they could During the morning Secretary IVeokm called MI relatives of the former President to talk over any plans they may have In mind for a military guard of honor at the funeral and entombment END IS PEACEFUL WI Wilson died at 11:15 o'clock Sanday morning The cral was peaceful LIN ebbed 'env suIuulp hn mient A tired roan he closed his eyem and "sustained and soothed by all unfaltering trust" liassed on to the great herialter "like one who wraps tile drapery of his couch about I ad In the days a college presidg simple rites for From the hou be carried up tit Cathedral groun will he hell in The cathedrel to pletett Looking its curved wails suggestion of th building thet wil from the hilly stand? the sprt city below It may be tha will find hie la thet dignified Ft America's great for whoee hone Rion Is being mt plane That is by the sorrowint The ehapet ser rn on Wednes taken from the the thousands last tribute as can be admitted a handful at le man of the Fe Washington of II will officlete ed Alts Wiknt home last lit I was told that NII survive the elm flees There was grot IN today to to he claim of would do him name from men dent Taft 'who not understand Anteriertn should last rest withou stance of a eon funeral eeremot great plae he II The governme place the body in Arlington INie ter where the sleeps hut it Api the pnosal wil Mrs Willson It ws derided as Po have the body I es vini FRIENDS AS A large mind former assolai relied as lietiVF bearere Arthniz 114 Baruch Cleveland IL Do mire some of II Wilson's warder etc who were during his ten House Congress put a ter partlean del: forth there in reepeet for the row WI leon Di noon today es only so that th ehades of poled pay trihute to I and pass remol rate with his than 1 rs' '14 T' c'' i i i P- 4 ir: cf Mrs Edith Galt Wilson who spent long vigil at sickbed of her husband Woodrow Wilson Stricken Like Harding Taking Fight to People and others who profited most from the prest isge of aseociation at the White Bowe Mr Wilson it was said made up his mind to have none of their company lie further determined not to have on his visiting Hot cortimittees of bankers railroad ownera anti manufacturers when he Will considering public questions In which they were Interested The reault wait that when Mr Wilson mcsved his wife and their three the White flowage he shunned the for tout gate varlets on the lower floor leaving them to the tourists and installed hirrnself with his own family effects including the sewing Ina- I Milne on the second floor where the Wilsons recreated their old home at Princeton- Family life on that scale continued until the death of the a first Mrs -Wilson asd the marriage of two of her daughters DECLINED CLUB MEMBERSHIP Mr Wit on paid his 'first respects to the local aristocrstcy by declining an invitation to join the Chevy a Chase club the most exclusive golf dinner and dancing- organization in the city and went across the Po- tomaa to golf at an obscure ''poor man 's Owl On one of his first rounds over the links he failed to hear the "fore of a local merchant who paid his respects in language not usually addressed to a President of the United states Mr Wilson tlorew down his clubs and walked off the links He did not return ntil a committee of the club called with an apology With all his seclusion and lack of seeking nelvice he was not slow in making si ecisiene and having made them attempts to reverse them generally were futile LIKED 'THEATER There wvart a great deal of public exaggeration about Mr Wilson's penchant for reading detective stories although be did do some light reading He took to golf as a health measure at his doctor's orders and learned to like it he liked light music and the theater when the entertainment was diverting lie confessed he had no diversion for grand opera and the heavier drama Many cif his RPSOMMPR called him ruthless and others called him ungrateful while others recalled marks sof the warmest personal consideration One thing he lagarded as sacred and not to be trespassed upon under any was his family life Nothing aroused him more than public ci I scussions or printed references to the women folk of his household lie insisted upon a most rigid observance of conventionalities tion had been showing their effects All these served to prolong the sick mans life: they enabled him to walk again with the aid of a cane which thereafter facetiously 10- terred tso as his "third leg" and they enabled hint to use his left hand and arm to some extent although -when he appeared in public he generally booked his left thumb In a buttonhole of his coat and supported his disabled arm in that manner Hs disability in walking he later referred to as his lame-MIL BREAKDOWN LEFT MARKS After many weary months in be Wilson got hack strength enough to sit RA his desk dictate letters preside at an OCCLIJ3101181 cabinet meetinar and go motor riding but the cortstitutional breakdown left its marks upon him and made hint almost a shadow of his former self He left the White House an invalid whom doctors said might might live "live ininutes five months or five years" and despite the fact that he had his ups and downs hie tenacious rsold on life was the marvel of all the specialists who attended him resses' I i 4 1 I 4 a and others who profited most from 'ood-the ite House Mr Wilson It was the meet Jige of ameociation at the Wh emiradeectimppahnisyminlidetefuhrathveer done! i ing Hot cortimitteett of bankers rail- c'tNeatrmidth'ined not to have on his visit- road owner() anti manufacturers he WU considering public a questions In which they were In-owl- throated The reesult watt that when Mr ') Wilson mcsved his wife and their three the White House he shunned the for mat 'date itarlers on the lower floor a leaving them to the totztests and Installed hire-Itself with his own family effects including the sewing ma- I A ehine on the seeend floor where the Wilsons recreated their old home at Prineeton- Family life on that scale continued until the death of the first Mrs -Wilson asd the marriage of two of her daughters DECLINED CLUB MEMBERSHIP 4 Mr Wilson paid his 'first respects to the local aristocracy by declining en invitation to join the Chevy Chase club the most exclusive golf dinner and dancing organization in the city and went across the Po- to golf at an ''poor man 's cite On one of his first rounds cterer the links he failed to 'I hear the "fore" of a local merchant who paid his rempects in language not usually addreeeted to a Presi- dent of the United states Mr 4 Wilson threw down his clubs and walked off the links He did not return until a committee of the club called with an apology With all his seclusion and lack of seeking advice he was not slow in ed making ci ecisione and having made then a empts to reverse them generally were futile LIKED -THEATER There vvart a great deal of public exaggeration about air Wilson's penchant for reading detective stories although he did do some light reading He took to golf as a health measure at his doctors or- 4 dere and learned to like it he liked light music and the theater when the entertainment was diverting He confessed he had no diversion for grand opera and the heavier drama Many sef bid aesocietes called him ruthless and others called him on ere tefu 1 while thers recalled marks eat the warmest personal consideration One thing he le-that garded as sacred and not to be trespassed upon under any considfrom was his family life Nothing aroused him more than public ci or printed refery ences to the women folk of his I household Ile insisted upon a meat rigid observance of conventionalialter ties i tion had been showing their effects All theses served to prolong the sick man's life they enabled him to i walk again with the aid of a cane which le thereafter facetiously reeter- forted to as his "third leg" and they enabled hint to use his left hand and arm to some extent al-The though -when he appeared in public he generally booked his left thumb in a buttonhole of his coat and supported his disabled arm in that manner The disability in walking 4 he later- referred to as his lame 0 DOM BREAKDOWN LEFT MARKS After many weary months in bed Wilson got back strength enough to sit at his desk dictate letters preside at an cabinet meeting- and go motor riding but the constitutional breakdown left its marks upon him and made hats almost a shadow of his former self He left the White House an invalid whom doctors said might might live "five trainutea five months or five years" and despite the fact that he had his ups and downs his tents- cloud biold on life wad the marvel of all the specialists who attended him I 4 4 resses' i I tit) A '6 I 01 1 4:171 4 1 1r I lt I 7 i 1 V'' ili! 4'9- A 1 1 01' If 11 1 11 arlb i 111 '11 i I NI i i il incident undoubtedly was the principal factor in Mr Wilson's abrupt dismissal of Mr Lansing later when he learned of it The agitation in congrese finally came to a head and It was determined to "find out whether we have a President or not" as one political leader expressed it The Mexican mituation furnished the occamion for passing a resolution which the senate decided warranted a conferenee of the foreign relations committee with the President Much to their surprise the senators were ushered into the sickroom where the President shook hands with his right hand fumbled with some documente with his left and discuesed the Mexican situation with marked mental agility That demonstration exploded the rumors that Mr Wilson was a maniac unconscious a prisoner or so disabled that he was unable to talk business It demonstrated however that he wan etill a sick man showing a remarkable diaplay of "sand" The inside of the matter was that a remarkable will-power careful nursing and skillful medical atten prin mupt when tinily we one the rest- rant- a re- elsoin- see sick- 'hook abled left itua- ity I the LS a Cr or le to 'abed sick Flplay I that treful tten- any merious trouble The same thing in his brain later laid him low and led to his death 13y his own personal direction the nature of his fatal illness was concealed from the world for months because he feared OM lic knowledge of it while he was President might lead to a stock market panic end possibly far reaching consequences to a world then passing through the find stages of poet-war reconetrucdon Some of the details came out piecemeal and over a long Period of time Others have not been hitherto publimhed It was appropriate therefore to give them now that he is dead INDICATION OF ILLNESS The first indication of merious illness came during the night of September 25 1919 while the Freeident's train was between Pueblo Colo and Wichita None of his party suspected the breaking point wam so near When Mr Wilson finished speaking at Pueblo that afternoon he was exhausted end covered with clammy perspiration An examination by Dr Grayson disclosed nothing markedly wrong and he was put to bed Soon after midnight he complained of feeling ill and Dr Grayson found him in a state of nervous exhaustion with the right side of his face twitehing as it often had done before when he was very tired and worn out STROKE IMPENDING But the physician was alarmed and shocked to note a droning of saliva from a corner of the President's mouth and also droppin of the facial muscles on the left side Recognizing immediately that a stroke of paralysis was impending Dr Grayson warned Mr Wilson of his grave condition strongly suggested that he cancel the remainder of the tour and immediately return to Washington and in conclusion that he try and get some sleep "I won't be able to sleep at all doctor if you say I must cancel the trip" Mr Wilson responded "Even if giving my own life would accomlimh this object I 'gladly would give it" The physician quieted his patient as best he could and took step to cancel the remainder of the speaking engagements and bring the President to Washington On September 26 and 27 as his special trail rolled along toward Washington the President rested and slept They arrived home Sunday morning September 28 at 11 o'clock For the first time In three days Mr Wilson rose from his bed and walked to the White House motor car which awaited him INCIDENT AT STATION Although there was no crowd to welcome him the railway terminal Mr Wilson as his car drove off solemnly raised his hat and bowed as if returning greetings from a great throng as he had done so many times in the past The incident was explained I by physicians as being a case of abstraction heightened by his exhausted condition and suggested by habit But it was magnified Into a rumor that Mr Wilson had lost his mind The period of rest seemed to be making good progress and on September 30 Dr Grayson announced that the President had passed the best day since the beginning of his breakdown About 4 o'clock on the morning of October 5 Mrs Wilson heard the President In the bathroom calling in a weak voice Dr Grayson wart summoned and to his horror found Mr Wilson prostrate on the bathroom floor In a semi-conscious condition he had fallen as if wounded in the left leg with the member crumpled under him FOUND UNCONSCOUS The physician rolled the prostrate form fully onto the rug and then grasping the rug by two corners dragged his burden across the hall into a bedchamber and finding himself unequal to the task of lifting the President into bed alone called Mrs Wilson and together they succeeded During all this ordeal the President's wife was cool and offered suggestions to the physician Once in bed the President seemed to regain his senses and murmured that he felt sleepy The telltale drooling of saliva from the President's mouth and the twitching of the face were there again They wrote their own diagnosis Woodrow Wilson had been paralyzed on his left side and lay in the Shadow of death With the first movement of his lips he extracted a promise from the doctor and his wife that his condition if serious must not become known A consultation developed that Mr Wilson had suffered a cerebral blood clot in one of the blood vessels in the right side of his brain Its effect was to impair the motor nerves of the left side as well as the sensitory nerves For the next week Mr Wilson hovered between life and death In a few days there was some response to treatment SECRECY CAUSES TROUBLE Meanwhile the secrecy which surrounded the details of the Presidebt'S Illness gave rise to Congress wanted to know whether he had suffered a constitutional disability to perform the functions ofehis office Mr Wileon and his wife were determined that congress shouldn't find out Members of the cabinet found It fruit-lees to ask for an audience In the sickroom Some of the members who were not in accord with the policy of secrecy determined to force things a little Secretary Laneing then at the head of the state 'department quizzed Dr Oravmon and Secretary called a meeting of the cabinet and Tumulty Mr Lansing however was not supported by the other cabinet members and the attempt to get some Information failed did not reach an neute Wage until the early morning hours of February The wetehers knew the bettle was treat At the portal of the door now open the faithful NSSM Servant hovered On the bed eitting beside her husband sustained with all the fortitude and composure of a woman faring a crisis wile Mrs Wilson1 holding between her hands the wan' withered right hand that had proved the in mightier than the sword' Near the foot of the bed WRS his eldest daughter Margaret resigned to the inevitable (lose by tears welling from his eyes and coursing his cheeks Wag Dr Grayson the measure of the fluttering pulsea weaker and fainter with each effort Out through a city edited in a Sabbath morning's reverential calm his name was being stmken from a hundred pulpits In the Central I Presbyterian church where he I faithfully worshiped while the flesh I WAS nble a ehoked-up congrega-1 tton had sung The Son of God (toes Forth to Mir" "How Firm a Foundation" And "Onward Chris-thin Soldier" favorite hymns ha whieh he loved to lift his voice in happier better days' Over a great lend that had Acc'aimed him chief I ami in lendrt ernes the seas where he had been hailed AM a god of peace prayers were riming for the of his Foul In the street before the square 1 brick house where he had lived with hie memories his hopes and his regrete wan another There was a gathering of people there It was not a crusading throng come to a mecca In pilgrim-ego to atteat their faith in the ideals he personified I WRM a group of men and wr11S kneeling on the pavement In silent prayer Small prayer slips bearing the inscription "Peace on earth good will toward men" held in their hands fluttered in the I chill wind which ewirled up the dehris and litter left there by the wittehers engaged In the solemnity of the death watch that the world might know Bury Wilson With Other Famous Virginians 1 By Associated Press AloND Va Feb 4--A remnititinn rniinsting Mrs Woodrow' Wilson to permit the bod3r of Amer-1 lea's wartime President to be Interred in liollywood cemetery here where many other famous Virgin- tans are buried was adopted today' by the Virginia general assembly I and lies down to pleasant dreams" Dr Grrl yson his friend and pity- sichin announced the end of the great war President in this butte- tin: "Mr Wilson died at 15 e'elnek Ins lbart's action became feebler and feeldrr Ind the heart muscle was so fatigned that it refused to act any Iola cr The end came Peacefully "The remote causes of death lie In lii Ill lit dth which began more than four years ago namely: General artorio-selerosis with haemoWhoa Tho immediate cause Of death WaS exh austion following a digestive disturbance which began III the early part of last week hut Senator Lodge of Ma sHachurettri the Itepub Henn leader and one of Nit Wilson's uncompromising polithml foes Joined ator Robinson of Arkansas the Democratic leader in the senate eulogies of the former 'President "In sympa(fly an I sorrow and with every mark of homage" Senator Lode said "we stand with bowed heeds in solemn recovnition of this event et nflo and innmentOUM Willeh ham Ilf)V C011)V 1111n UP in the wisdom of the overruling Providence Who guides tI destinies of mankind" GREAT TIDE OF TRIBUTE While this Man was in the mak Senator Lodi: reins the Weil one of Nir Wi is log politionl foes ator Ito limier' Demoeratie lead eulogies of the I "in isympailly 'with every mark atter Lodge sal bowed heeds in of this event et mentoutt which I us in the WIStIO tog Providenee destinies of mar GREAT TIDE 0 I 1110 this pia I panion he stood In hie car and waved his hat more than an hour at a stretch The last speeoh was at Pueblo Colo on the afternoon of September 25 lie began hit address in his usual vigorous fashion but those with him felt he 'MIN working under pressure lie had planned to speak only 20 minutes but he actually talked for an hour hesitating at thnea and with growing effort MRS WILSON WORRIED Still less at eaPe wee Mrs Wilson seated near him on the speaker's platform lie grew more and more nervous aH he continued and when toward the close of his address he told of their visa to an American soldier cemetery in France tears coursed down her cheeks Later that afternoon at Dexter's bridge near Pueblo the presidential special halted for an hour while on Dr Grayson's order Mr Wilson took a long walk down a dusty country road But he eeemed in good spirits swinging along rapidly and resolutely and exchanging pleasantries with country folk along the way All that night he was ill from nervous indigeetion hut the next morning as the train approached Wichita Kans he dressed and had started working over Some notes for his address there before his physician could prevail on him to go back to bed The five sipeaking engagements remaining were canceled and with a clear track and without a schedule the special train was turned eaatward to Washington which Woodrow Wilson wafr destined never to leave again Are C57efee "4- 617-619 Ursa(' gay C5kgrectati I19 Sjund way am) two erste" i' reVT RiSE SALE 'A804'd 7''' or 111 va00Nmm-o HALF PRICE OR LESS 25c per 100 fTH-A-rj i3)istinctirOte: and Differelab-- Dundee Crepe Alpaca Satin the favored spring dress fabrics new high A diversity of sizes Featured at I AR and DITiflarelab- Alpaca Satin spring dress fabrics ew high of sizes featured at By Associated Press WASHINGTON Feb 3--Woodrow NVilson's speeeh-making trip for the League of Nations which snapped his nerves andetilminated In hie long was undertaken after hie personal phymician had warned it might serioualy and permanently impair his health "I do not like to disobey you" he said to Dr Grayson and I have never done so before But I feel I moat go out and make this fight even if it cost' my life" As if the approach of illness had prospered a premonition that the worst fears of his medical adviser would be fulfilled he expressed to several audiences during the swing aeross the country his willingness to make the great sacrifice for the treaty "if I felt that I permonally stood In the way of this settlement" he said at Omaha "I would be glad to die that it might be consummated" 10000-MILE JOURNEY The 10000-mile journey with 40 public addresses and a kaleidoecopic succession of trying public functions was one of the most arduous ever undertaken by a President It began on September 3 1919 less than two months after Mr Wilson returned from Paris and the return to Washington was made on September 28 after his epecial train had skirted the Pacific coast and almost touched the Canadian and Mexican borders From the start Mr Wilson adopted a fighting attitude putting into his addresses an energy of expresMon and gesture Almost until the collapse came he presented an outward appearance of health and assurance facing the crowds always with a smile and jesting and laughing with those who gathered around his private car at the way station's For the last week and more of the trip however he suffered contantly from headache and sometimes from sleeplessness anti touches nf indigestion The break really began at San Francisco where four years inter another President Warren Harding gone to the country on a similar mission the world court broke under the strain of his trip and died suddenly after his physicians thought he was on the road to recovery VISIT TO SOUTHLAND Wilson like Harding insisted on going on after it was apparent to his PhyPlielan8 and others about him that the strain was beginning to tell It was at San Diego in the third week of his trip that Mr Wilson first permitted his indisposition to interfere with his prearranged schedule To have an unterrupted evening he canceled the plan to remain at a San Diego hotel had his train stopped for the night on a quiet siding near Del Mar and late the next tnerning tried to slip into Los Angeles quietly But he failed to elude the crowds Aside from his publio speechea in overcrowded and overheated auditoriums the greatest ordeal of the trip was the succession tstf long slow automobile piracies through cheering street throngs On several such occasions supported by the hand of Mrs Wilson tue conatant coca Milestones Mark Woodrow Wilson's Brilliant Career lith Anneal ente of I-year-old field grown rer blooming Elueh Plants and Climber in Il the nw tind th brat of th older varietlet Planted now they will bloom In early spring and all through the summer 90 varieties A Partial Ilat YELLOW EED Wettin ellimbora Mn Aaron Beauty Lerlargo lloosier 11saut7 lama Altr4 Crimson Carrier Cherokee Ifoosir Besot Crimson Chatenay ilth blue end they Yuen Memorial Service Plans Announced By A Churches Shspotenta arr4t-ing i)4444 'A041 7P1 0- ki fr' Shspotents arriving D444i $4950 4950 5 ward Brunner t1)u of tielltnitton enypory Lady Cen Brunner old Gold Rdith Part eonY el low Butinurar Ward Drumm fk et Lad it ci old Or Rdith Per) itlittbur Ciro an To MRS linflisy HT solver Thigh Dickson EdnaDI Nisslosy Eton ti Francs Crtnral Jaccineminot Osnorni Moarthur Gen 4orr Jit11011 Pis Ma testi Ppa Dontior Eadiance Bassool Pobin Ulrich Brunner RED CLIMBERS CI Hectioy kiTo selort CI Hoosier dais rt not W0055 Paolo Scarlet Climber Pattie Ficarlet Climber FINK Columbia Clara WSISOYI Kdourd I arriot Count of Gummi ord Frank Dunlop Jon Ideuk Kill reel rn Teo tout rm A WadaAl Cecil Brunner Nimo At) lo ehoomay Buttornt Monism Cooht Bad a Ls I utroit 14 Franco ()phlia Wm Iltoot PINK CIA sl 13 CI Ma man roc het or ii tt11 non Chernk Fink pnella Wm- nrwit PINK CLIS1 it 1RK CI Kaman roc het Tutienditchnen Cherokee Fink fre By Associated Press WASHINGTON Feb Woodrow Wilson's life was marked by these milestones: Born at Staunton Va De camber 28 1856 Graduated at Princeton university 1879 Selected as president of Princeton August 1 1902 after 17 years as colleg professor Elected of New-Jersey November 10 1910 Nominated for President in Democratic national convention Baltimore July 2 1912 Inaugurated March 4 1913- Re-elected President No vember 7 1916 Asked congress to declare war on Germany April 2 1917 Saded for France December 4 1918 as head of American peace commission Signed treaty of Versailles June 28 1919 Carried fight with senate Over League of Nations to country September 3 1919 Suffered nervous breakdown near Wichita Kan So Otnn" bar 28 1919 Stricken with paralysis at White House October 5 1919 Retired from presidency March 4 1921 Died at Washington Fateru cry 3 1924 I 1 i ti ti tf'-' 44 I 0 i 4 A 4 A memorial service for Woodrow Wi Icon will be held at the Wilshire Houlevard Christian church next Sunday morning the Rev Howard Fagan pastorannounced today Arrangemente for other similar services in the Chile thin churchem of the city probably will be made at the regular weekly meeting of Christian ministers today at the First Chriatinn church the Rey Mr Fagan said Announcement of memorial eery-ice in local churches of the Prem byterian denomination of which Mr Wilson was 'a member will be made following the weekly meeting of Presbyterian ministere late today at the A according to Rev Hugh Walker paetor of the Firet Presbyterian church The Rey Elmer Helms pastor of the First Methodiet church call he would take the matter up with the Methodist miniatere of the city at the meeting of the Mrx Minictorial acsoelation at the Firet church today He thought nervices would be arranged to conform with the funeral plane made at i7e9Mington Other ministerial groripe meeting In regular weekly SOFISIOTIR today planned to diccuss plane for memorial services some time during the week Ft I ()111 CLIMIlKita Cl 1-od Hillingdon CI tiiinbitret lnid Orhir wrirrE Merchel Nell ru 11 HERS Novo Cir CI A Victoria Wm A Kira-- CI Homan CI Able) Cociit Chatnai Choice extra fine each limit 2 to emetomer Out of city oiders add 10c to total order for pocking We pay for mailing (parcel poet) floworintr Canonic Hod and Yellow- 10e sank 111 daa I 10111 CIEJ CI 1nd Hillingdon CI 81n1trgt (ola Ophir Marohgl Nall 1 WM Tr ROE8 KillarneY Fr au Drt leshltt A 11)rtr1s hi Cfht Giant fl 6 WMTIP Fr au Droes A j5 GLADIOLUS SPECIAL SALE Northern Grown Less Than Who lesle Price Catalog Sent Free NORTHERN THAN WHOLESALE MAIL ORDER 40 bolLs from 24 Moira nun' Vrit111 and annum al 26 shales mixad Total GE le Na I attar 1400 Add Ids extra for swim for Gladiolus Norti NOR' bolLo I oto 1400 So CALIF ROSE CO 827 So Olive Bet 8th and 9th Sts Los Angeles 82 i'i Alt rLws --4----502 v------Foweelmarnel a.

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