The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 1, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, December 1, 1908
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\ . y Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD. CALIFORNIA. TI'KSDAY, r-ECEAIIlKK l f 190s. Xo. HU • h •. w i * WITH CHILD HIS * * * • * * * * With the three yar old child of Mr. and Mrs. Buhn in his arms, Frank U. Dalby, a well known young man of Mojave, was shot to death Sunday afternoon by the accidental discharge of his shotgun. He fell from the buggy, in which he was riding, to the ground^ carrying the child with him. Death was instantaneous. The child miraculously escaped Injury. The tragedy was caused by the gun falling from Dalby's grasp, the hammers striking on the bed of the wagon and discharging both barrels. The charge took effect in the right chest and blew away the back of the unfortunate man's head. »* V v rr Dalby left Mojave in company with Frank Acosta and the little child for the Echo nil no, \vherr ho had a small business matter to attend to. Acosta did the driving while Dalby held the child on one arm and his shotgun, which he took along in case any game was encountered, in the other. On the road they met M. L. Howcll and in drawing to a sto'p In order to converse with him their buggy crossed a small ditch. -The Jar caused Dalby to lose his hold on the gun. With the discharge Dalby fell, carrying the child with him. When and Lowell reached JiJs Bide life was extinct. . Deputy Coroner Mullins yesterday hold the inquest, which determined that death was due to the accidental discharge of the weapon. Following was the Jury: A. Smith, D. S. Clark, W. E. Soula, S. R. Clark, R. M. Llghte, William T. Towney. The funeral was held In Mojave this morning. Dalby -wtas 38 years of age and a native of Missouri. Mrs. Nick Norris of this city is an aunt of the deceased and was In attendance at the funeral today. ASKS CHI •H CAPTURE HOT PURSUIT CRIMINAL AFTER IMAINS George \\\ Nuylor. sheriff of Inyo b county, and A. R. McDonald, a deputy, are here awaiting the arrival tonight of John Ward, arrested in Kernville yesterday by Constable Bert Might for ar. r.rempi at uiunler committed at tho Cottonwool Powe.' Plant of the Los Angeles Aqueduct i;i Ii;yo county a w'iteii ago today. Immediately after the crimo, Ward took (light on a horse and remained in hiding in Lon Pine until Sunday. Officers had been on his trail all- week, but not until ho .started for Little Lake and throng the South Fork for Hakevsfioid was anything seen of him since tho morning of tho shooting, Sheriff Naylor and Deputy McDonald took up tho trail Sunday morning *m<l followed it until last evening at 4 oYloek to ilie sum- in it of NVallier'-s Pass, where ihnir horses gavo out. They relumed to Mojave by iho auto plage line anil notified the loc:»l sheriff's office and Const able 1 light a I KoruviUo, they know Ward was hasioning, wiih the. result that his capture was effected upon his arrival at, the mountain town. Ward will bo taken to Independence tomorrow morning by X lor nnd McDonald. Ward's crime \vas ;i doliberau- -i He shot Pat Cummlnss. the pit" house cook iu the cult 1 of tlio rfghr after n Quarrel which was caused by tho presence of a woman in Uie c'tnr: The Monday before, Ward was enter t.aining the woman nt the camp :m I had her in the Ultchon, whore Cumin Ings did the cooking. H i that Cummings did not like the woman and took exception to her presence He voiced his displeasure to Ward ami notified him tha tit' ho wlshejl to entertain the woman in the camp lie would have to do so somo other place than in the kitchen. This angered Ward and a fw minutes later when Cummiugs left the kitchen to go to the meat house to prepare for thr breakfast tho next morning, Wan. followed him. They exchanged words and witnesses heard CummiUKs say, "Well, yes, I will tight you but you will have to take off that sun/' Ward then declared he had no gun , I he witnesses say, and lifted up his coat to show the cook. Thus satisfied Cummings started for Ward and the latter drew a knife which prompted Cummings to stop and exclaim that if he (Ward) wanted to fight he would have to fight fairly. The men parted and the matter rested for the night only. Early next morning while Cummings was in t\\$ kitchen Ward came up and summoning him to the door called nim a vile name nnd said that he was going to shoot "a prop" off of him. Whereupon he fired, the bullet taking effect, in the calf of the right, leg. Ward then exclaimed that he bad killed better men than Cummings and with the boast that ho was from Texas and dtd not think it was worth while to hide out for shooting anybody like Cum-.-, jumped* on hi.s horso and rode SACRAMENTO, Dec. 1,—A petition for the pardon of former Senator E. J. Emmons, Is in the hands of Grove L. Johnson, Emmons' attorney, and already contains the signatures of Arthur Ai. Seymour, who as district attorney of Sacramento County, prosecuted Emmons, and nearly every county official as \voil as many prominent men in this city. Emmons is the only one of tho four senators who is now in a penitentiary. Harry Bunkers was sentenced to serve five years at Sail Quentln, but after serving two and a half years was pardoned out;, Frank French was acquitted by a jury; the case against Eli Wright of San Jose was dismissed here'last week on a motion in which the present district attorney joined, and Emmons has nerved six months of a five years' sentence In San Quentln. It is recited in the petition that Emmons has been sufficiently punished, that he has spent most of the past three and a half years In the Sacramento county jail; that he was no deeper in the mud than the other members o£ the combine were in the mire; that hits wife and two children are In. destitute circumstances, and that the ends of justice Avlll not suffer if he Is pardoned. Mystery the Death the City Police CUTLER SAX FRANCISCO, Dec, 1.—William J- Biggy, chief of police of this city, was drowned late last night while re- aoross the bay In the police launch Patrol. Chief Biggy had 11 to Helvederc, a suburb, to call Police Commissioner Kcil who re•Ides ilHM'o. Tie boarded tho launch to 'turn to Uio city about 10 o'clock uui when the boat was out on tho bay 'unpbinod of fooling cold to Engineer Murphy, tho only other orrupant of :he Munch. Murphy advisee 1 Biggy to i-'o to tho cabin in the stern of tho I SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 1 small boat rowed by tho commission-,,. ,. , , . , er. The chief's manor was cheerful I l(: " CoimnlHslnijorH mot at ai the moment of departure. / \*™°* « ° ^5 9 »?™J? I Murphy then went below to attend Ms online nnd did not seo the chief a sain. l chlof He came on deck as the boat the rity and noticed that tho j trough the Influence ha i disappeared. A search of j prosecution. William J. Biggy was apointed chief; of police by Mayor Taylor after the , laitrr had been placed In office follow-' Ing tho removal of Mayor E. E. Schmitz, Biggy succeeded Jeremiah F. ninan, ngalnst whom tho grand jury returned an indictment In con- i nootion with tho bribery graft cases. | When Abraham Uuof was arrested the prosecution naked that Btggy he appointed ollsor and be given the custody of Iho prisoner. For eight, months ho held this position and at the expiration of that time was appointed chief of police in September, 1907, graft ™» Alcatraz Is of the -The Po- the early g and ap. holr number, A. D. o vacancy caused by tho death of Chief Biggy ,who wa» drowned lust night oft Innd. it is intimated that the appointment mny be but temporary. The first order of Acting Chief Cutler was to secure the deposition of ev- ory person who nitaht have any knowledge of the manner in which Biggy , met death. It Is generally believed that Cutler will remain in authority but a few days and there Is no little discussion relative to the selection of a permaa* cut head for the department, Rowan Irwtn, deputy district attorney, and assemblyman-elect, this morning received from Sacramento a petition to be circulated ht-Ve to Uov ernor Gillet, asking for H pai\ton for former Senator E. .T. Emmons. petition sets forth tho cireii;n,s well- known to the public an.l reasons why Eittmoris should b ilonod. U will bo ci'-onlnte'l in forwnrdfd )o llu par this ! communty ernor. and off, H " remained in hiding ;it hoa umif Sunday morning, tvh'»n he .r;-' 1 and rode tho -Hi mil I is i. if'!' Liil'i 1 . wi.'fiv 3)' ifilii. The following tailed on iho UT, mil) Pine took to I s vill spent Sunday morning be ride to Kern arriving there Into yesterday, aft- tho hnat failed to locate him. Murphy made all speed to tho dock, where ho lepnrtod the acldcnt. and wont out Into the bay again to search for the missing officer. Numerous boats were hurried to the sceno and a careful search of the bay was^begun. Ever since tho suicide of Morris Tims, the man who attempted to kill Assistant District Attorney Francis J. Honey, and who later took his own life at the county 'Jail, the relations between Chief Biggy and the graft prosecution have beon strained to tho breaking point. Charges and counter charges have been filed by both parties to tho controversy in tho attempt to fix the blame for the fact that Haas had or secured a pistol while In Jail. Charges of incompetence and dereliction of duty have been filed against tho chief and in return bo filed similar charges against Captain of Police | Puke- who scarf-hod flan a In the court' *oom and ncainst Detective Sergeant Thomas F. Burke, who was in charge 'of Haas at tho jail. Looking For the Body, A score or i/innclje# find sm/ill craft, ^npragod in tho search for fho body ( since jnl/Jniphl, visitor] ovory spot | whore an exhausted swimmer Miluht 'Imvo found refuge. j, n | { j, o waters rrnvo up no encounmoment to tho searchers. Biggy was formerly misBloner of the city, married and was a police corn- He was twice estranged from his second wife. He leaves two children by his first wife and on^by tho second. Y.M.G.A. HERE ONLY MILES MY * I •* A + * *.* .*. .« i'lil I.. ( I • i nnd Me Don;) Id .trailed their man on horseback. They made sure ho wan he;-de<! for Kernville :>nd when their hovEt-s i;avo out. on the summit last evening tl.fv took pi'.^sa^' 1 on tiie siiui'o ;.n,l returned to Mojave. ruiiiiu.^^ 1 injury is, not serlou.s and ho is recovering rapidly. Wai\l is supposed to rwv: "'N.d n h.-i.l rocoru. Mo is said lo bo goint? by an assumed name mul before rid ing off after the shooting boasted of having killed better men than Cum miuss. "lhave killed big win I" Texas," is one of^the boasts accredited to him. He was employed us an ordinary laborer by the Aqueduct com pa ny. t siL-ht tlrU M 1 \ o - bui'si Into Doputy Coroner Mullins has return- id from the desert, where he held an Inquest yesterday. MK'AIi'hlrf, i woman, dead flying, with <3 LlncUt-ned me i was thi .'* o; ii local lH>:i.-l Tentlon Wiirf aH.nuMeii ',.; t '.-.* the chilil, iiail t the apartment. The woman had odiiiinlsten'.l carbolic acid to the ehil.l before committing suicide. The child was removed to a hospital an r l die 1 sovoral hours later. The \\oiuan was -'5 years old and was Mrs. Kmlly IVrriimton of Chicago. She hatf $5no worth of jewelry and $600 In money. CHICAGO, Dec. 1.—Nicholas Per- rlngton of 242 Schiller street, said the woman and child vvoro his family on the way to Hot Sprint;*. He l.olio.vod ill health was tho cnm;e of tin* suicide. Commissioner Keil stated that ho made light of tho newspaper ir i j criticisms when Iho chief departed ilJrJ I IMS! iHl'ht 'ITi'l ' miinlfoRtlng an> emotion. .\i I.. PORT AU PRINCE, Dec. 1. —The American cruiser' Des Molnos reported this morning, augmenting tho force of sailors and marines. The French cruiser Trouln and the American cruiser Tacoma are here and a British and Italian cruiser nro exported. The government exports an attack at any moment. It was reported this morning that General Simon, tho leader of the revolutionists, was thirty miles distant with an nrniy of r.ono with mounted arlillery machine guns. Simon is expor-tod Jo rondi here Thursday or Friday and will probably bombard tho city it 1 (he government forces resist. * * * * * * * | i On Sunday, December KJ, J. E. Sprur^er, tiie general secrc- tary for Southern California of the Young Men's Christian Temperance ABKociatlon, with other officers of the association, will bo in Bakersfiphl, and many of the churches will join In a series of moot ings to bo held that day* In the forenoon there will be a pulpit im-etln^. air! in tho afternoon, a men's mooting at Armory hall. At nl^ht rhoro \\)]\ b*» a general mass meeMuj;. One oi' il:e dliji-r-trf of tho coming visit is to :t^fi ;'i:ii»] the sentiment \\ltli rt'l;it;on to oi-.t-iblisMncj n Y. M. c. A. i'<-;e. .U.'! i^iould :.u i time t>eem ;i|i]iortnne. such :i movement may NAMED HER LIEUTENANTS FOR COMING TAG DAY. * indication of unusual ARKAN8A? IcJlnt'd to tho \ Who Needs Warm Winter Underwear? You won't notice the cold those days and nights if you're wearing w»nn underwear like ours. We cau't begin to tell you what a splendid and complete assortment of underwear wo carry. We can please you in all your wants, no matter how particular you aiv. You can pay as little as ">()(• or go as high as *8 a suit SERI A number of auhordlnates are In-! theory, but ofh- j ! ers affirm with equal confidence ihati ! the chief fell from tho slippery derk. 1 IMggy's visit to tho Rolviflnrc resi- rlenre was no imuannl prooeodins, but It had been customary to have an! escort. » Keil's statement affirming the vi«it was ronvoyod In n teJephono moKsago from San Franclsro. The commissioner watched the landing In front of hfo homo until ho sighted the lights of Iho launch, which moored aome dls- tan<-e away, Hlggy coming ashoro in a small boat. Upon filtering the house he complainod of being cold and was given some Scotch whisltoy and cigars. Pollco daparfment matters were <HK- cussod for over an hour nnd Biggy was taken out to the launch In THREATENED * * * * t * *.« *_• * * .. PIMO UUTPF, Ark., iK-r. 1 Following nu all ni^ht si r aKfiluHt the encroachment of tin.- Arkansas River, UK- fill- /ens of Pine Bluff renewed ;m apparently hopolosK Htnitfijle tfulny. $5,000,0(1(1 worth of property IN In tho babuice. Tho entire river front lu cniek- ed juul Ihe hunks nro slowly moving. The entire bus necl Ion at Pine Bluff may destroyed. .*. v •* i Mrs. Willow, captain for her clls- 'irlci. for Tag Pay, hns named the fol- • lowing lioiitoiianin: Mrs. Ed Hel* Iillnp;, Mrs. Jus. McGulre, Mrs, Wm. • l.aidloy, Mrs. KJiza Baker, Mrs. 13, L. ; Kostor, Airs. A. P. Eyraud, Mrs. B, i Smodley, Miss Irma Wilkinson, Mis§ i Dlnmond Bakor, SHss EHse Eyraud, IMiss Edna Smith, Miss Pearl Knapp. Eagles Elect Tomorro w *;• WASHIXOTON. I^IT. 1- • Panli-l J. Koofo ot Detroit was io.!a\ ain i( »inUMl ('(tniniiHsionor gtMU'ral i>i inimigration to succeed the lair Kr;tnK S.irgcnt. Kocfc is prejiidenl of the intern.uiotial Longshoremen's Tnion. Satterlee Accepted. WASHINGTON, Ut-c ! H.-rherl I,. Sattorlee of Now York who way yes lerday offered tho position of assistant Hecretary of the navy. tod«y wired hia acecptaucu to President Roosevelt Newberry was sworn in as set-rotnry today. He was aeconi;(-'ni*'il 'o the White HOMH** by Secret;u> who In a brief speech hteli tiie nt»vv capinei incinbi-r. will go at once, (o California bis son In Los Angeles, afi'-i will take a bunting trip un'ii ho re covers his honlth. PREPARATIONS FOR ANNUAL AZAAR . The ladles of the I'ii^rlinr. tl ( -.;aiional cjiurch have about ai'Vi'nvcments mr tlieir annual bii^anr i which will be held (n (}[*• baHein^'nt of the church, corner M and lUr.iU* nnt\ tut \\'t '-liie^ibiy an«l TJnu'K'hiv. iKiii alii] e\enlnu. December 2 an.' 1 A .^ood pnmniiu lias boon arrango.'. for both evonin^H. 105 Tomororw night at the regular weekly meeting of tho Eagles the set of officers for the new term will bd elected. Several of the leading lodge spirits have been placed In nomlna* Uon as candidates for the posts of importance. The list is by no meant complete as yet and tomorrow tho first business before the meeting will bo the closing of nominations and im* mediately thereafter will follow tho election. Tho meeting la strictly a business one and aU members iavs requested to be present. i " i », etcaif, v laudeil Melcalf ,iud visit \s hich he Thin aftornooit Frank the Sunset racer, and Frank Murray, at the tvhec'l of the iJuiok "White Streak/ 1 two of tho fast automobiles entered In the meet last week, left tho Bakorafleld garage for an ovorlund run to .Sun Francisco, whero they will FLOOD CONDITIONS IN OKLAHOMA IMPROVING. , Dec. i.---n<>n;i conditions are improving and the rivers arc fa Ott'y two dentiirt ai'e reported. Arrested Susplcioue Person, While patrollng in tho rear of Redlick's Htoro oarly this morning Pollre Officer Tom BrlggB noticed a maa Kothe of the Pacific Monthly re- lurned this morning after a short ab» from the city. Shine Your Own Shoes HELD UP AND ROBBED 8CTREET CAR IN DAYLIGHT * * NEW YORK, Doc. l.-Kour OespcrudoeH armod with revol- verH held up a crowded Hit cut car on lower Third avenue today and robbod tho conductor and terrorized and robbed large number <>f paseime They escupod wdth a goodly collection of purneK and other v»i- *• .. participate In the races to bo UeldL UialUllly malc | ng h j fi way through the there soon. Ihoy oxpocL to spend tho alley aiul h((Hng , n the dark of a door , night in Krcsno. driving Into ban Jose | way nabbftd thc follow aa he bnished by. He gave tho name of Bernard Donahue and claimed to havo Just arrived In town, lie was arrested and today ordered out HH speedily as he claimed to have entered. John McQulty, a German claiming to be a cook at Edison, was arrested by Officer John Bowen this morning for creating a disturbance and using insulting language to an officer. .. i THE TOGGERY LOWIU A fLOOM TAFT CAN'T COME TO SAN DIEGO FOR WINTER SAN' (>rE(;0,fi* to an Inviuuion by the chnmbor of commerce to spetv! the winter here the private secretary of Tal't has wir spend the winter aotaolnupnupnujjn ed saying that President-elect Taft he the n «xt day. At the Garden City Free will take the "Comet/ 1 a sister car to the classy little Sunset racer, on to Tanforan. Murray will be at the wheel of Mie "White Streak." The ropalrs made necessary because of the nccldentH In Sunday's races were made a 1 the garage yester. day and this morning tho cars start- 'ed on 'he long run in fine shape. Ed Fuseell, who gucccBsfully conducted the race meet, accompanied Free in the Sunset and while In San FrnncUco Fussoll will Interview the Hay City auto dealers in regard to holding another big auto meet hero In the near future, Tho success of tho iiwo days' meeting IB encouraging to lihe followers of the sport and Fussell ' I au determined to hold another meet j by the tins! of the year or possibly sooner. lie will endeavor to Interest more ftrma in the coining races. Buys Two Mitchells ].. A, McOray, the LOH Anvctt .s oil man who Is here on business toMuy has JUKI ordered two of the new ino.l i el K. Mitchell runabout a for use between nuUorHfteld aiul tho w(»st side oil Holds and In CoalluKit. The CHI*H arc flnihhi'd in French way and red .t(ul an- 01' ih«» fi.nue type as the on^H by Clem \Vilsun and 1. Hirslv Mi'. Mr-Cray made th<-* pnrchnso i ihf Low Ani;t'lcB branch of the .Mitchell Company. Buys a Cadillac. bniry, proprietors of tiie lia- uanme, announce the? sale ("'adllluc Thirty to Dr. Worth- Delivery will be made as noon This will be Dr. Worth- car, her flrsr. being ono o roadsters. With a Shinola outfit. The most practical brush and dauber ever invented for .applying Shinola, the inod- orn waterproof pnsto shoe polish. This \veok— Shinola Polish, Shoe Brush, and Dauber, all for 25c, See our Window Krh a Ingum an possible. Ington's THE KODAK STORE J. A. Hughes, Tho Leading Prescription Drugglat. Phonca Main 84 and 74.

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