The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 15, 1971 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
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Monday, February 15, 1971
Page 3
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MONDAY. FEBRUARY 15, 1971 HELEN HELP US! : —-by Helen Bottel Several Kinds Of Cowardice Dear Helen: ~ there's a man in our office who is a completely true husband (maybe because he is afraid to be otherwise), but to near him talk, he's the greatest chaser since Don Juan. He tries to give the impression he's a swinger when really, the secretaries would like him so much better if he'd just admit he likes his wife and kids. What do you like this? FRIEND Dear Friend: If you're friendly enough to be frank, why not suggest that he "show the courage of his conventions"? . . . And go on from there. — H. Dear Helen: At our church, we pass around a little pouch for collections, so that people who can't afford to match the bills already there can put in what they wish, sight unseen. But there is one person who always puts his closed fist into the bag, pretends to drop something — and never does. He even goes through the motion of reaching into his pocket first, but I know there's nothing in his hand. Now if a man wants free religion, that's his business, but does he think he's fooling God -- or the person sitting next to him? Fll bet he reports a wad of "church contributions" on his income taxi > One wonders if his prayers are answered in the same proportion as are those of us who put$2.00 in the collection pouch every Sunday?--T.W.Y. Dear T.: Probably. God doesn't charge for answering prayers, (though He is not exactly partial to hypocrites.) — H. Dear Helen: You asked for opinions about trial marriage, and you've heard a few in favor from the young generation. Here's what a parent thinks: ' • * Nothing important or lasting happens without commitment A short term contract of marriage by its nature excludes any real commitment. If there is an easy way out of problems, there is no motivation to work toward a lasting solution. How mr~y people would stay together if they could leave with a snap of their fingers? What would that do to the home and family? Besides, the first five years even of a good marriage are never the best Adjustments take time. If a couple doesn't feel it is building toward a future", the two won't bother to make them. And what if one person wants out but the other doesn't Just because there is no lasting contract, does that make the heartbreak any less? I won't mention possibility of children, for 1 imagine the "trial contract" would be different in case of progeny. After 17 years of marriage, ours is more exciting than ever. But if we had been given a choice after a year, we might have split - S. H. Dear Helen: I certainly agree with the father who wanted trial marriages, in ONE respect; There shouJSbeanend to elaborate weddings that cost $2500.001 But perbapyifvjie had instilled more faith, hope and charity into his children's lives they might not have insisted on lavish weddings that would end in divorce a year later — • ANOTHER FATHER Dear Helen: We had a six-year "engagement" which might be considered a "trial marriage" for we lived together three years before deciding we were ready to make it for a lifetime. We've never regretted this. During the "trial" we were more at ease, for we weren't being forced to stay together. We didn't depend wholly on each other, nor do we now. We're two individuals who care but don't lean, and we don't take without giving. — MODERNS . This column is dedicated to family Uving, so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She wiU also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care of THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE. Dressing Children For Cold Weather Be sure your child stays warm during cold weather. Dress him in layers of clothes, such as a T-shirt, a shirt, a wool sweater, and a jacket This layering works like insulation. Heavy opaque and textured pantyhose are fashionable as well as practical for the school age girt However, in extremely cold weather long-pants provide more warmth than pantyhose. Check with your child's teacher regarding school dress policy. Some allow girls to wear long pants in the° classroom; others do not Boys will be warmer if they wear thermal underwear during very cold weather. Remember there is a difference in warmth of trouser fabrics. For example, corduroy trousers are often warmer than denim jeans. During cold wet weather, both boys and girls can wear their regular clothes topped with a sweater and a water repellent jacket for added warmth. Hooded jackets can be a very good investment, as they help to insure that your child's head will be covered, to very cold weather, it's a good idea, to have him wear a wool scarf or cap under the hood when playing outdoors. ' For the pre-schooler, mittens are warmer than gloves, as well as easier to put on. If possible, have your child wear waterproof s mittens over wool ones when playing in the snoww It's a good idea to have extra mittens, gloves, caps, and scarves on hand in case they are wet after playing or should be lost They are inexpensive and can be passed on to other children in the family. Regular school shoes inside rubber boots are generally the best for boys as well as girls. They keep feet warm and dry, but should be removed in the classroom. Shoe boots are popular among the girls, but if worn all day, feet perspire and are likely to chill when back outside. Be sure your child's cold weather* clothes are easy to manage so he'll wear them, says the specialist Jacket zippers that don't zip and boots that are too tight are frustrating. H you notice that zippers are beginning to stick, rub them with a candle to help them slide more easily. A long cord extending from one mitten to the other through the coat sleeves will help small children keep track of their mittens. Remember to dress your child according to the temperature and the wind. Children are active and can get too warm and perspire if they are dressed too warmly. This may cause them to chill later. - Mrs. Lilly Hostess For Plum Grove Club • The Plum Grove Extension Club met in the tome of Mrs. Walter Lilly, route 4 on February 10. Song of the month was ary 10. Song of the month "He" was sung. The flag salute and creed was led by Mrs. Lilly. Mrs. Leonard Ziegler read Romans chapter 10 verses 8 to 13 for devotions. Roll call was answered by each sayingsomething nice about the person on their right Secretary's report was read and approved. Treasurer's report was given by Mrs. Russell Morrison. Preview of March meeting was given by Mrs. Roma Dean. The first part of lesson on "Indoor and Outdoor Carpeting" was given by Mrs. Jack Thomas and Mrs. Leonard Ziegler. The next meeting will be March 10 at the home of Mrs. Ralph Doke with part 2 of the lesson on "Indoor and Outdoor Carpeting". Refreshments were served to Mesdames Gene Van Briggle, guest and Russell Morrison, Jack Thomas Phagan Carmichael, Imel Miller, Oscar Hoover, David Jordan and Rachel, Wm. Kendall, Roma Dean, Leonard Ziegler and Walter Lilly. Cut The* Heating Bill Snow and cold weather add up to high heating costs, reminds Miss Jan Armstrong, Extension consumer marketing specialist at Purdue University. But you can cut the beating bill. Why not — set the thermostat down six to ten degrees at night to cut the heating bill as much as ten per cent—a savings of $20 and up a year? set the thermostat, then leave it alone? save on electricity or the life of the furnace by changing filters regularly and often duringwinter months? keep the air moist, with a humidifier .if necessary? Dry air requires higher temperatures to maintain equal comfort When furniture starts to "snap, crackle, and pop" your house needs moisture. close off rooms or parts of the house not being used? Draw the draperies at sundown. The °dead-air pocket behind them is a bit of free insulation. pay gas and electric bills promptly to get the discount NOW YOU CAN GET AN EXPENSIVE. .LIKE NEW Kirby or Compact or Electrolux or Filler Queen or Rexair CLEANER FOR ABOUT Vi THE SALESMAN'S PRICE OR A TERRIFIC SEWING MACHINE BARGAIN! All DDCATU'C 1«01 SouthLSt.,Elwoed UALDKCAin OD!.IS52-539S & Repairs and supplies for most every make sewing-machine and sweeper on earth. THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Life is Worth Living Joy - A Needed Quality Mrs. Trimb For Homemakers Club By Mrs. Seventy times in the New Testament the Christian is commanded to rejoice. God wants us to be happy. He certainly doesn't want any of us to be continually filled with sadness disappointment and disillusionment Christians have so much to rejoice about We live in a wonderful world molded and sculptured by God; a world of beautiful purple and golden sunsets; beautiful mountains and lovely scenery on every hand; We should rejoice because of the opportunity ofliv- ing in one of. the most wonderul countries in the world, for in spite of all of its problems and difficulties, it is stil the freest, most prosperous and most benevolent nation ever to grace the earth. We should rejoice because of the opportunity of having good friends; friends with worn we can share the good and the bad. -Many people do not understand that there is a vast difference between joy and pleasure. In our day the two are often confused. Pleasure is dependent upon circumstances; joy is independent of circumstances. Pleasure is a relationship between human beings; joy is a relationship between man and his Maker. Pleasure is horizontal; it reach­ es from man to man. Joy is vertical; it reaches from man to God. In our day and time we have come to believe that pleasure is all important We seek it at every point. We sit in front of our television sets blurry eyed seeking pleasure. We spend thousands of dollars oh entertainment seeking newer and bigger thrills and pleasure, thinking this will bring real enjoyment to our lives. We have enthroned the God of materialism thinking this will bring real pleasure and in a way it will but it is only momentary pleasure. The difference is pleasure is the moment and joy is eternal. Pleasure lasts just as long as the senses are stimulated. Joy gives a forever relationship. Not until we distinguish the difference between joy and pleasure can we,ever have real happiness. True joy does not depend on external circumstances for there can be joy even in sorrow. Many times health is required for pleasure but it is not required for joy and, surprisingly, there can! even be joy in death. If a person is a Christian and understands that he has a better life to {look forward to, then there can be an internal joy even in the presence of dath. Larry T.Swaim j MONDAY Standerford Class - 6 p.m., fellowship room of West Street Christian Church Rachel, Rebecca Circles - 7:30 p.m., fellowship all of Kemp Methodist Church Kempton Rebekah Lodge -7:30 p. m., Valentine Party American War Mothers - 7:30 p. m., Legion Hall Monday Night TOPS - 7:30 p.m., GAR Room of Courthouse " i TUESDAY Loyal Daughters Class - 7:30 p. m„ West Street Christian Church Helping Hand Club - 1:30 p.m., 4-H Building Phi Beta Psi Founders Day Dinner Party - 6:30 p.m.. Elks Club., Tri Kappa - 7:30 p.m., Kemp Methodist Church : f WEDNESDAY County TOPS - 9:30 a.m., GAR Room of Courthouse THURSDAY Weight Away TOPS - 7:30 p.m., GAR Room of Courthouse Sunshine Circle - 9:00 a.m., Kemp United Methodist Church Embroidery Circle - 2:30 p.m., Mrs. W. T.Kinder,2l5N.West Street 'e Hosfess Jed Barrett .: WINDFALL j— The Homemaker Home Extension Club met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Carl Trimble, southwest of Windfall with Miss. Margaret Scott as co-hostess. Mrs. John Mack Miner president conductedj the meetingwhich was opened with a recording and the history of the song of the month'-"He" by the Purdue Glee .Club. | - • ;•' Mrs. Carl Scudder gave devotions using a jline from the song "He still finds the time" as her theme. Mrs. jTed Barrett read scriptures from the books of Corinthians and JEcclesiastes. All repeated unison. the Lord's Prayer in The secretary's report and roll call was given by Miss Margaret Scott. Theprojectlesson"Indoor and Outdoor Carpeting" was presented by Mrst Elizabeth Patterson and Mrs] Glen Barker. A brief report of the recent county Home Demonstration .Council meeting was "given by Mrs. John Mack Miner. I • . '. . The annual pennies for friendship fund was 1 taken. The meeting was dismissed with the club prayer repealed in unison. The Pagp 3 Previews Meeting Cancelled The Lincoln School PTA meeting scheduled for February 18th has been cancelled. The meeting will be held on Thursday, February 25th, at 7:30 p.m. to the multi-purpose room, following a Patriotic Program to be presented by the schoolchildren. Hobbs Friendly Club Hobbs Friendly Club will meet for the annual Pitch-in Dinner Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Hobbs Christian Church. Bring own table service and a covered dish. Hostess and program Mrs. Wayne Castor, Mrs. Forest Landsea- det and Mrs. Ethel Hobbs. All members and family urged to attend. hostess prize Coke Decorating Special Interest Lesson PREVIEWS Entre Nous Entre Nous will meet Thursday 2:00 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Merle DeFord, 335 Green Street Ash Street Pike Club No February meeting due to sickness and members out of state. Blanket tip NEW YORK (UPI)-When shopping for blankets, read labels to learn fiber content and.look for even, springy nap of good depth which doesn't shed, home economists suggest.. price. This may save as much as $35 a year. The special interest lesson on "Cake Decorating" was held Wednesday at the 4-H and Community Building. Mrs. Clarence Lindley assisted by her daughter Mrs. James Ploughe demonstrated how to make flowers, leaves, borders and many other decorations used on cakes, cupcakes, sandwiches, mints, etc. Mrs. Lindley said to have a beautiful cake, a cake must be of uniform size. She gave Upson baking, also several recipes for making ornamental and butter cream frosting. Mrs. Lindley. stated a doily on a plate is used as a frame for a cake. Coloring can be made from the three primary colors, blue, yellow and red. The five basic tubes will decorate a cake. (1. outline tube for writing and stems of flowers; 2. Leaf tube; 3. Star Tube; 4. Flower tube; 5. Flower nail to make flowers on* the three types of bags and guns used are plastic, cloth and metal. Those attending the lesson were Gene Henkey, Ann Wolford, Alice Julius, Mary Weismiller, Fun Leather Ever hear of a full-length • coat of fun leather?,You may see it soon • because fake or fun leathers are being used for whole garments as well as trims, says Gerda Petersen, University of Nebraska Extension clothing and design specialist. She said, however, that precaution should be used in the maintenance of the fabrics. ""Most of these materials are not dry cleanable but can be sponged off with mild soap and water," she said! "With this type of fabric, it. is of utmost importance to read the label before buying." Natives of South America of mixed Spanish and Indian blood are called "criollos." , Ruth Price, MalneeNeedier, Lillie Imbler, Debbie Needier, Pam Lord, Helen Sturdevant, Glendola Ticen," Minnie Rode, Garnet Melson, Sarah Bririson, FrancisCar­ ter,. Mary Kemper, Roberta Frazee, Joan Wittkamper, Anedia_ Cripe, Lynn Cripe, Helen Cripe," Louise Lucas, Eva Baker, Maxine teter, Elva Orr, Marlene Deason, Mary Creuse, Melba Scbulenburg, Pat Burden, Janice Harper, Joyce Harper, Linda Castor, Nell Herron, Chris ver- dorf, also: Mesdames John Osburn, Luther Boone, John Orr, Ernest Beatty, John Shuck, R. T. Savage, Ray McCorkle, James McCorkle, Fay McCorkle r and Allen Overdorf. v Mrs. Leininger Hostess For New Hope Club The New Hope Club met in the home of Mrs. Lester Leininger. Mrs; Ralph Smith, president, conducted the meeting. Kathryn Cook read a poem "What ShaU I Bring Thee" by Helen Steiner Rice! Members joined in the singing of the song of the month "The More We Get Together" along with a record of the Purdue Glee Club. A record of the current song of the month will be used each month. Happy Anniversary wassungto Wilda Stevens. Irene Cook read .Phil. 4:9 for devotions. The project lesson on "Uses of theBlen- . der" was given by Martha Throg- marting and Irene Cook. The pledges to the American and Christian flags were said in •• unison.. The club creed was.-said * and a reading " Taking THealth for ". was won by Mrs. John Mack Minher. ... .j. . ... . Refreshments were served by the hostesses jto Mesdames Evelyn Bollnger, Glen Barker, Harold Ericson, Rome Findling, Lettie . Foreman,! Harold Johnson John Mack Miner, June Mitchell Emaline Orr,l Elizabeth Patterson Thelma Trimble, ..; Carl Trimble and Carl Scudder, Miss , Margaret Scott, Miss Hazel Fisher and a guest Mrs. Howard Elliott. The next meeting will be Wednesday Marcli 10 at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. John Shockney in Windfall. | ' Granted" was! read by Alma Fischvogt. Hostess gifts were won by Kathryn Cook and Wilda Stevens.- . ,j Eleven members and guests Master Tonyj Wayne. Leininger and Miss Lee Anne Leininger were present. The next .meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Ralph Smith [on February 16 at 7:30 p.m.' The lesson will be "Indoor and OJurdobr Carpeting/' Make The Most Of Chicken Chicken breast and chicken thighs are in particularly' fine supply in your market. These meats are noted for a high yield of meat to the pound. With chicken breasts, two whole breasts will serve four and that means you will get more for your food dollars.. Now is the time to get out your recipe that feature delicious chicken white meat. You can broil this tender chicken with a sprinkling of herbs, or bake it with a dusting of bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese, or use your own favorite way of dealing with this fine meat. '• Chicken' is known for its high . quality protein and it's a thrifty source of this important nutrient Chicken Confesf TOP PRIZE of $10,000 will be awarded, in 1971 National Chicken Cooking Contest with cook-off scheduled tor June 5th in Ocean City, Maryland. The National Broiler Council advises that you get entry blanks from the -National. Chicken Cooking Contest, Rt 2, Box 47, Georgetown, Delaware 19947, and start working up your very best chicken recipe for submission. Does it make any sense to buy a new water heater before the old one leaks? We can think of four good reasons. First, if your water heater is over ten years old, you're probably at the edge of needing a new one. One-that'? :. rhore efficient. There's been a lot of improvements made in the last decade! '] • v Second, if your family has grown, chances are . good that you've outgrown the capacity of-your old water heater and could use a larger one. third, if you have to wait around for your water to heat you need one with a "quicker recovery- You use lots more hot water today than you use to! •' • - Last, it makes sense to buy a new water heater if your old one is not gas and is costing too much •to operate. A new' gas water .heater heats water at one- third the cost in one-third the time! So, don't wait for that tell-tale trickle! Come in or call us today. In heating water, gas is the natural choice. Why You Shoufa Choose LEATHERMAN - MORRIS Here you will find excellent funeral home facilities, a most ! capable staff, and a wide choice of funeral furnishings I all at charges within the means of any family. FUNERAL HOME 314 North Main Slr««f : -. DIAL 675 *7449 SERVING TIPTON SINCE 1S01 r ,r K; V Talk to your Indiana Gas representative Sherry Burk

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