The Long Beach Telegram and The Long Beach Daily News from Long Beach, California on July 8, 1916 · 6
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The Long Beach Telegram and The Long Beach Daily News from Long Beach, California · 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 8, 1916
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SIX LONG BEACH DAILY TELEGRAM. SATURDAY, JULY 8. 1916 SUNSET TO INSTALL NEW CABLE SYSTEM Which Will Take Care of All the Wires in Eastern Portion of City Comprising the third large improvement authorized locally within a period ot eighteen months, construction gangs of the Sunset Telephone and Telegraph company today began the work of installation of a complete cable system spanning the entire eastern section of the city. Bringing the phone sysem up to a plant standard to care for the future business of the city for years to come, the improvement planned will cost anywhere from $30,000 to $23,000 and will require sixty days or more for completion. The construction of the cable lines Is in accordance with the recommendations made by a corps of experts, who two years ago made an exhaustive and complete commercial study and survey of Long Beach and presented a report to company officials predicting that the population of the city would early reach the 100,000 mark. The various improvements and betterments of the system authorized recently and others to be made in the future are simply expenditures of the big corporation to place its plant in condition to meet business which it The Canadian-American Dentists J Established 1910. New Location, I Campbell Bldg., 137 Pine Avenue $ WE ARE THE PIONEER ADVERTISING DENTISTS OF LONG BEACH. We opened offices Jan. 1st, 1910. Truly our good name in the J hearts of the people rests, not in the passing of today. IT IS THERE I INDELIBLE it is a name gained by nearly a quarter of a century Of HONEST X DENTAL OPERATIONS. X We have many of the best families of this and adjoining tow-ns, and X have yet to hear the first person say we were unfair in our dealings. Our fees are not high, and we guarantee everything. We have seen X GLOWING MISLEADING advertisements and have seen dentists come and go, but we are here to stay. Our children are happy and contented and our business is growing We are members of the Chamber of Commerce and the Long Beach Ad Club, and cheerfully refer you to any bank in the city. You will save In dollars if you come to us with your tooth troubles. We repair broken artificial teeth. Ill-fitting bridges and crowns that have worn through. Estimates cheerfully given. Consultation or examination places you under no obligation. Dr Campbell, founder of the Oxford Dentists, has suite adjoining X us ard has charge of our crown, bridge, inlay and plate work. Dr. Clarence Ward Crane, specialist in the operative work. J Miss Victoria Campbell is with us now and will be pleased to ex- tend every courtesy. 5 Thanking you for attention, we are, respectfully, ? CANADIAN-AMERICAN DENTISTS. A 4 Transfer will be required to handle here within the coming few years. The Sunbet company, a national corporation and probably the second or third largest in the world, spends its mouey Judiciously and its expenditure of more than $70,000 in Long Beach and vicinity within the past eighteen months is cold business, justified by its expert's reports of what the future holds for Long Beach. With the phenomenal growth of this city and vicinity the business of the company has increased correspondingly. The local exchange now has 3,600 services and connections, an increase of 1,600 within a period of three years. The new cable system will bring the possible capacity of the exchange up to 9,600 phones, leaving the exchange with a 600 pair cable capable of accommodating 1,200 two-party phones or 2,400-four party lines. Covering the entire eastern section, the improvement will take care of and relieve the present congestion in a territory bounded on the north by Anaheim street, on the south by the ocean and from Elm avenue to the east city limits. A construction force of 40 men will This Attractive Pattern Without Using Carbon Paper. be used in the work, the major portion of whom aie Long Beach residents, while as much of the mateiial as is possible to buy locally is being purchased from Long Beach business houses. In the work, among other materials to be used are two car loads of cable and one car load of vitrified pipe, the latter for conduit construction. A warehouse has been established on East Fifth street for the storing of materials and supplies. With the completion of this work our company will have recabled all of Long Beach within a period of two years," said Manager J. L. Adams in announcing the newest estimate allowed by the Sunset people. This is the largest estimate or improvement which the company has made locally and represents our faith in the future SACRAMENTO CHOSEN (U. P. Leased Wire to Telegram) SAN DIEGO, July 8. The California Association of Music Teachers has today chosen Sacramento as the meeting place for 1917. Election of ofiicers will be held in January. Shall We Fight Mexico? rawwnigw jirc'r Q vvwi Newton D. Baker, secretary of war, and Robert Lansing, secretary of state, outside of the White House grounds after a conference with the President on the Mexican situation. growth and biability of Long Btach. But last year we provided adequate and increased service ior the north side for years, and have but recently completed the new toll line to Seal Beach. These improvements cost approximately $28,000 and $5,000, respectively. Our system has had a wonderful growth. Our newest directory goes to press on July 30, and will show one of the best growths in the history of the company during a period of similar time, five months. "With the completion of the work planned we will be enabled to meet service demands for a period of years, 9,600 phones being provided. Our company has one of the largest per capita investments in Long Beach of any city on the coast. TO SUCCEED HIMSELF SACRAMENTO, July 8. E. Hayes of Edendale, Republican, filed his petition with the secretary of state today to make the race to succeed himself as Congressman from the Eighth die trict .. yryiiBMrCTirT.i: m irwr-.iwwnE- . 500, 000 FIRE LOSS In El Paso is Traced to Mexican Sources (U. P. Leased Wire to Telegram) EL PASO, July 8. A Mexican plot to burn all El Paso buildings connected with the U. S. army has been unearthed by government secret service men, it was learned today. Responsibility for $500, OuO fire loss here within the last fortnight in buildings supplying the army with provisions and automobiles, and in the destruction of the Fort Bliss corrals, is laid to the operations of the "Mexican fire brigade, as the plotters called themselves. Several arrests are to be made. TREASURE SEEKERS Kept Out of Fort Miller by Movie Co. Guards (U. P. Leased Wire to Teleqram) FRESNO, Julv 8. Guards em ployed by a motion picture company today foiled the attempt of lresno motorists to enter old Fort Miller in the foothills of Fresno county on the San Joaquin river, where hidden treasure is reported to be buried. The movie men had orders to keep all outsiders away from the preserve where pictures were being filmed, and though the motorists used strategy and finesse in their efforts to get into the forbidden territory, they were repulsed on all fronts. NEW YORK STOCK REVIEW NEW YORK, July 8. The New York Evening Sun financial review today said: All indications at the opening of the stock market today foreshadowed a typical mid-summer half-holiday session. The attendance of brokers on the floor and of customers in the offices was noticeably light, and there was nothing In the overnight news to modify the uncertainty surrounding munition shares and specialties or to furnish the market with a new speculative impulse. Variable tendencies marked the general list at the opening, but the first irregular prices were but slightly changed in either direction. Standard rails were intensely dull and Inclined to heaviness and pressure was directed against the munition issues and specialties. As the session progressed the weakness among conspicuous Industrials of the war order type was accentuated and losses ranging from X to 3 points occurred. Professional selling pressure relaxed in the closing half of the session and prices hardened a trifle. . irTICKET Eugene Chafin Boosts Him as a PesIdential Candidate (U. P. Leased Wire to Telegram) CHICAGO, July 8. Henry Ford, pacificist and auto magnate, was urged for Presidential nominee on the prohibition ticket today by Eugene Chafin of Tucson, Aril., Presidential nominee of the party in 1908 and 1912. Ford has already bees interviewed by members of the national committee, but did not indicate whether he would run for the place. "I am for Ford, because he is the greatest business man in the world, said Chafin. Rebuttal Evidence In Orpet Trial Is Completed (U. P. Leased Wire to Telegram) COURTROOM, WAUKEGAN, 111, July 8. With all rebuttal evidence completed in Will Orpets trial for Marion Lambert's murder, the defense late this afternoon asked Judge Donnelly to take the case from the Jury and discharge the prisoner. Lengthy arguments followed, but Donnelly had previously indicated he would refuse to grant the motion. THEATER AT FRESNO DESTROYED BY FIRE (U. P. Leased Wire to Telegram.) FRESNO, July 8. Fire totally destroyed the Plaza theater here today. The Holland building was damaged before the flames could be checked. The loss is estimated at $30,000. The blaze started in a dressing-room behind the stage. Its cause is unknown. SUBMARINE ACTIVITY (U. P. Leased Wire to Telegram) WASHINGTON, July 8. -That Germany is showing renewed submarine activity was evidenced in a stati department message today from Consul General Skinner at London, transmitting Lloyds reports, which stated that more than four times the usual number of ships had been torpedoed in the past month. EMBARGO RAISED (U. P. Leased Wire to Telegram) WASHINGTON, July 8. So that monkeys may be Imported for experimental purposes in the search for a cure for infantile paralya's, Secy, of Agriculture Houston today raised the embargo on the importation of anl-mala from the Philippines. See Instructions Below. FOUR MILES OF BEACH FOULEDBYOIL WASTE Commissioners Asked to Take Action Against San Pedro Oil Concern Responsible According to information obtained this morning a petition is being circulated by local beach front property owners requesting the city commissioners to take immediate action in preventing future repetition of crude oil accumulation on the local beach. The petition urges the city fathers to take the matter up to the proper state authorities for prosecution of the San Pedro oil concern which has been emptying its refuse crude oil from the oil barges just off the Loe Angeles harbor breakwater, and which is later carried along by the currents to be thrown up on the local beach. More than four miles of beach along the local waterfront has been fouled during the past several days, and it is estimated that the damage, while not of a material nature, will reach more than $1,000. Local boaunen allege that several days ago, two large oil barges belonging to the Standard Oil Company station of San Pedro, pumped its refuse oil into the ocean just off the shorelines, near the Los Angeles port. According to the statement of one of the local men, the barges were at work in cleaning out the refuse oil for a period of several hours, a six-inch stream from each barge running during that time. Friday found the heaviest precipitation of crude oil on the local beacn DEPLETED RANKS TO BE FILLED BY RECRUITS (U. P. Leased Wire to Telegram) EAGLE PASS, Tex., July 8. Fully 1,000 men in the four National Guard regimentB stationed here will take advantage of the new war department order permitting the discharge of militiamen with dependent families. The depleted ranks will be filled by recruits from the home states. H0UN DOG SONG BATTLE HYMN OF MISSOURI BOYS (U. P. Leased Wire to Telegram) FORT WORTH, Tex., July 6. The Second Missouri infantry has officially adopted the famous houn' dog song as the battle hymn of the regiment To make it an illustrated song, theyve acquired the mournfullest, long-eardest, Missourlest hound ever seen In these parts as a mascot She Want May How did you happen -to miss your train 7 Blanche Oh, the horrid old thing was right on tlmel Judge front, the breakers casting a heavy string of the dirty material on the sands. Numerous reports of spoiled cloth-, ing were made along the beach, and realizing that Long Beach is receiving a black eye in the disorderly condition which cannot be helped by the city authorities, beach property owners are urging state prosecution of the concerns directly responsible for the fouling of the beach. The casting oil on the ocean within a distance of three miles of the shorelines, is a statutory offense under the state fish and game laws, and punishable by a heavy fine. It is stated that the concern alleged to have cast off the crude oil which fouls the local beach on the water, dumps its barges regularly when the sea water, seeping through the oil barges, spoils a large amount of the product. As the crude oil presses down the water, it becomes necessary that the barge be cleaned off wen there is hut a small amount of the material on the barge. Allegations are that the oil concerns wishing to. save the expense and time of bringing their oil barges out of the three-mile limit, free the refuse oil close to the shore. The prevailing currents along the local coast run from southwest to northeast, in this way carrying the oil into the breaker lines along the local front FURNITURE IS NOW; BEING PAINTED Peasant Styles Being AD the Rage, Get Out Some Castoff Pieces and TreatThem to a New Coat of Paint, Because it is of humble name do not imagine that painted furniture Is always cheap. Manufacturers of some of our finest furniture turn opt a greater number of peasant styles than of almost any other kind, and they go their way into very fine homes. Even Marls Antoinette liked to play at being a shepherdess when It suited her fancy to drop the dignities of royalty. Bo why should not my lady of fashion nowadays, when she files to the country for a relaxation of social duties, furnish at least one bedroom In the picturesque manner of the French or Flemish, Dutch or Italian peasant! And as for the rest of us, who can neither afford to pay for the finest ot quality and workmanship plus the smartest of smart ideas in painted summer furnishings nor yet to Invest our money In cheap furniture that la cheaply built In imitation of the better thing, what shall we do about It? Why, do for ourselves and by ourselves If needs be and as best we can wbat a group of decorators are doing for a steadily growing cllentlele, who bring to them all sorts and conditions of old and ngly pieces of furniture to be given a new lease of life with the aid of a few car-penter's tools and a paint box. In one of these remodeling shops was recently seen a charming bedroom set In a dark yet rather brilliant French bine, touched up here and there with a hit of old gold, and still further enriched with an oval of lighter ground on which was painted a basket of old fashioned flowers, inset on the front of the bureau, the foot and bead boards of the bed, the chair backs and the center top of the table. The general style of the pieces was colonial The charm of them was not alone the charm of ravishing color, hut their simplicity. A photograph showed the transformation of this set Every piece had been of a different kind or color of wood and every one had belonged to that ake of horrors which we speak of in whispers as Victorian- With scrap. Ing and pruning and trimming until they were all reduced to unfinished wood and shorn of their Jigsaw ornaments and then with coat after coat of paint the miracle had been worked. It Is not to be thought for a moment that any woman cau from her attic bring discarded beds and chairs and things and then with paint and patience perform like miracles at home or transform hideous pieces of yellow oak end dismal black walnut furniture Into pieces as beautiful as those Just described, for that takes perfected art and experience. But any woman can who wOl scrape and sandpaper tho bad finish off of any piece of furniture whose possibilities she sees, have a local carpenter bereave it of absurd ornaments, If she cannot also attend to this part of the work herself, and turn out from an improvised workshop in basement or attic really wonderful transformation by the aid of paint and good taste. Spruce Deer, Allow an ouuce of bops and a table-spoonful of ginger to a gallon of water. When well boiled strain it and put in a pint of molasses or a pound of brown sugar and one-half ounce or less of the essence of spruce. When cool add a teacupful of yeast and put into a clean, tight cask and let It ferment for a day or two; then bottle It for use. You can boll the sprigs of spruce In place of the essence. Lemoned Spoons. Long handled spoons for stirring lemonude are mode with spiral stems, topped with a fruit in enamel cherries. lemons, grapes, oranges and some of the other fruits that go into the . making of tempting beverages. These spoons cost $1.50 each. Read Telegram Class -d.

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