The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 15, 1971 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, February 15, 1971
Page 2
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Page 2 TELEVISION SCHEDULE 6:0u . O <B> Dick Van Dyke O Early Report O Big New. © Eyewitness Ne»i * ffi Whot'» New 6:30 O Daniel Boone Josh tokes on o fatherly role m+ren o womon gives him her two Children to core for. . O Early Report (Cont'd) O B'9 News (Cont'd) ' • IS ABC Newt © Misterogers 7:00 ' O Daniel Boone (Cont'd) O NBC News O CBS Mews fQ Beat the Clock CO Turned On Crisis "To Keep It You Hove to Give It Awoy."- 7:30 O Petticoat Junction Orrin becomes o big mon when on old deed indicotes he is the legal owner of the valley. O White. River Special Holf-hour documentary on the use, reuse ond abuse of Indiona's primary rive*; narrated by Ken Beckley.' . n Cunsmoke Guest stor Robert Tctten portroys O. tired traveler who occidently kills o mon. Then tckes the victim's gold ond mule ond posses himself off as a prospector. 0 Let's Make A Deal Audience participation gome Show with Monty Hall, os host. CD Crisis (Cont'd) 8:00 0 Truth or Consequences O Laugh-In Gen. Bull Right ottocks those Who have been trying to koep him off the oir ond then expounds or. troop withdrawal. O Gunsmek* (Cont'd) CD NewlywecT Game . Four young couples recently mor- tied, demonstrate how well or how poorly they knew eoch other. Bob Eubonks is the 'test. SD World Press A global press perspective t'c c 1 variety of international ever-ts. 8:30 Q Whet's My Line O Laugh-In "Cont'd) O Here's Lucy Horry gets himself o jet os cr..'ie director on o S 'l"-ip fcound . *or' Hawoii ond Lucy gees o-'c-ng cs an ossistcnt. (Fort © The Reel Gome Jack Barry is tKe er^cte of quiz show. ED World Preis 'Cont 'd) 9:00 * Q David Frost Spiro T. Agnew, Henry Mor-cini ond Loretfo Lynn join Devid. O Bob Hope Special Comedy-vori«ty hour with Eot Hope and Bing Crcsby, Clark ond Jc Anne Wo>ley. O Ma'ybcrry B.FD Goober is >• jailed rr. c gomblino raid on a pdet gome offer ic""- nbmino-tes him to fcf c church elder. fQ Monday Movie ''The St. V e !.e n i 'i r. e ' s Doy Massacre" 096/). stomng Joscn Robords. George Segol cmd Rolph Meeker. Story of the notorious gangland toiling, .or-d the' n-.cb warfare in Chicago dui'ng i^e 1920's. © (•) Realities . Madolyn Murrey C HOT debeiei the role of relieved with ideolo­ gic*- Dr. Id*ord Bcrumo" By LESTER Playing the Numbers Game Dr. Coleman BLOOD pressure,' normal, high, and low, is of gre&t interest to readers as is evi­ my mail. '. Many want to know what the numbers represent. Others are interested in the different types of high blood pressure, their causes and treatment. Blood pressure readings are always referred to as- one number over another. The upper number is the systolic blood pressure; the lower is the diastolic. • Systolic indicates the blood pressure in the arteries at the instant your heart beats and pumps blood into them. Diastolic is that' pressure in the arteries between beats of your heart. The relationship between the two blood pressure readings is actually more important than the numbers, themselves. For this reason, patients . themselves cannot evaluate their condition by the reading of numbers alone. Numbers can be frightening if their real, importance is not" understood. • If you were to trade numbers with your neighbors or friends, 160 over 80 would have no meaning by itself.- The numbers are important only in relation to your age, body ^build, weight, and depend on ^the condition of your heart, lungs and kidneys.' Now, about the types of high blood pressures One form called "organic" can be caused by endocrine gland imbalance, by heart disease, by chronic , kidney disease, and by arterio. sclerosis of the. blood vessels.: This type of high blood pressure, or hypertension, tends to progress unless it is actively treated and the underlying cause is controlled. The second type is called "essential" .(or "primary"! hypertension. The cause of this is still 'obscure. But more and more - evidence suggests . that heredity plays a part. It must be understood that high blood pressure is really a symptom rather than a disease itself. Therefore, intensive studies must be- made to find the cause, treating it actively in an effort to 'eliminate it, and using some"- of the remarkable drugs now available. Alcohol and tobacco are usually eliminated from the treatment regime. Alcohol stimulates your heart and tends to pour more biood into the arteries. Tobacco narrows your blood vessels and interferes with the free flow of blood through the arteries. This further increases blood pressure. Excess weight adds a burden to your heart and circulatory' system. - Emotional tensions play an important role in the general picture of high blood pressure. I All treatment includes proper re-trainihg of the'person- ality to lessen those tensions- arid stresses. The key to successful treatment lies in continued observance by your doctor. SPEAKING OF YOUR. HEALTH: Start that diet today, not tomorrow. Dr. Lester Coleman has prepared a special booklet for readers of the column entitled, "Pay Attention to- Vour Heart." For your copy, send 35 rents in coin and a large Hf-lf -addresKed 6-cent stamped envelope to Lester L. Coleman, M.D.. P.O. Box 5170, Grand Central Station. Now York. X. V". 10017. Please mention the booklet by title. THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Settlements May Curb Threatened Rail Strike WASHINGTON (UPI>-The third of four unions which had been threatening a nationwide railroad strike March 1 -has reached a tentative contract agreement, and the Nixon administration said it hoped for a quick settlement of the one remaining dispute. The watest a g r e e m e n t, reached early Sunday, was between the carriers and the 9:30 O '»•*» iCcnt'd) O Bab Hope (Cont'd) Q Doris Doy Show Doris ond the former el Billy's'new girlfriend stcrj ' o ^feud over choperon rights. Ricordo Mon-" tolbon is tonight's guest stor. (0 Mni< (Cent d) £3 Realities 'Cont'd) 10:00 Q frost ICert'dS O P ur * GoMie Co-nedy specie! s^crring Goldie Hown »ith guests Ku'S Buzzt. Jc-hr.r.y Corson, Eor> .C shv ond the Muppet5. O Carol Burnett Corol welcorr-ts-Ken Ptm" end : Toe F.eidi. 13 Movie Cc-o: d. G3 Book Beat Devic* Frost c-!Citsses book "Tr«e Ar-^fricor-s:" • ''- " - 10:30 O News O r*ur«. GoMie -<Cont'd). O Burnett (Cont'd) © Movie (Cont'd! CD Tne» Went That'a Way A new series freeing the develop- r^ern of "Westerns." os o stgnifi-' . C&nt oft for»r. 11:00 O 'B) Perry Mason O Final Reaart O Local News O Eyewitness News ' QD Turned On .Crisis Repeat of 7:00 sho*. 11:30 O IB) Perry Mason'^Coni'd) O Toniajht Show O <B> U»« Shew ° "Money, Women end . Guns" 055°). with Jock Mohc-ney ond Kim Hunter. Three men bush- wock on old -p»ospec!c>r. two ere Vilied in the oncnp-t. ©' Dkk Ca»e«t . E0 Crisit fCont'd) Feb. 16 .'"'•' «0 J971. Kine Features Syndicate. Im-.l 6:30 -.Q Today In 'Indiana O Sunrise Semester . © Perspective 7:00 O (B) Panorama -O Todoy O CBS Nc-i Zoo Time 7:30 (3 'Kb r toon Kornivol O Tcday fC -.t'rt -O CBS News tCv-.t'd) (0 Kindcrqorten College 8:00 %J Kornivo! '-C- T'M'CJ- O Todoy (Ccnt'd) '.-'." G Captain Kongoroo • O College 'C-ntV) 8:30 SL-S! Kornivol <Cont'd) O Todoy (Cont'd) O Copt. Kangaroo Cr> .i'rl) 4JJ Mon Trap 9:00 O <6> Topper Virginia Graham O (B) Coffee Cup Theater "Undercover Girl" '19581. with Alexis .Smith ar .<7 Scjft Brody. Girl becomes a pcliccwcrnon" M tro-V. do*n her father'-) - "l!or. IQ The Paul Oimon Show 9:30 Q iock LoLannc C$ Groham iCont'd) O <8) theater ICcMd' 180,000-member Brotherhood of Railway and Airline Clerks, the largest of the four unions. Still unresolved is a contract settlement involving the United Transportation Union, which represents ,90,000 workers. Set- dements were previously |0 Paul Dixon 'C---t-'d! ' 10:00 O The Luey Sho<O Dinah's Place O tB > Theater Ci-it. d. (0 Poul Dison \Ccr,:'d' T0:30 O "Movie Game . O' Concentration O Beverly Hillbillies (0 That Girl 11:00 O Girl Talk O Century Sale O Fomily Affair . |0 Bewitched . • 11:30 O News O Hollywood Squares O love of life (0 Eyewitness News! 12:00 f3 Chuckwogon Theater ' (3 Jeopardy O Where the Heart Is. |0 50-50 Club * 12:30 ~0 Chuckwogon (Cont'd) Q Afternoon/Channel 6 O Search for Tomorrow CD 50-50 Club (Cont'd) 1:00 O (B) Hollywood Movie "The People Against O'jHarp" (1957 1 , with Spencer. Tracy and Pot O'Bnen. "A cpn-.ino! lawyer tries to bribe a witness. (3 Afternoon (Cont'd)' O Local News 10 50-50 Club C -• •' ; 1:30 O Movie .(Cont'd/ O Memory Game O As World Turns fQ Moke A Deal 2:00 "O <B) Movie Cont'd) - O Days of Our Lives Q Many Spiendored Thing {0 Newlywcd Game 2:30 O (CI Movie (Cont'd; O The Doctors O The Guiding Light' ' {0 The Dating Game; , 3:00 O Gourmet O Another World O Secret Storm C0 General Hospital 3:30 O IB) Lone Ronger 13 Bright Promise O Edge 01 Night . {0 One life To Live 4:00 , O Popeyc end Janie O Another World O Gomer Pyte (0 Dark Shadows 4:30 O Popeyc iC -'nt'd. O Mine Douglas O (B) Early Show "The Errand Boy" U962). starring Jerry Lewis. Heed of o movie studio, hires Jerry ostensibly Oi - on etrond bsy. but In-'reolity he . is tc spy an money-wasi'mg c*" 1 - • ployees |0 Big Valley Q3 Sesame Street 5:00 O Batman Ct^Mike Douglas .C-nt'd)' . O <B) Early Shaw (Ccnt'd) 10 Valley (Cont'd) 03 Sctome (Cont'd) 5:30 O (B) Addams Family O Mike Douglas (Com 'dl . O (B) Eorly Show (Cont'd) {0 Dragnet Q3 Misterogers First Federal Savings on^LbanAssociation OF TIPTON MEMBER FSLIC Own your own? not: First Federal is not tn business to prevent you from owning your home. We are here to HELP you own your residence, never,hinder. Come In nowl Let us help you-own your own. "at the sign of the time and temperature' reached with unions representing 60,000 maintenance of way employes. and 3,000 dining car workers. The four unions staged a one- day strike last Dec. 10, ended by an act of Congress which imposed a 13,5 per cent wage increase on an interim basis. That-law expires Feb. 28 and the unions had planned to strike March.l. Labor Secretary James D. Hodgson said "this demonstrated ability to : reach agreement in the case of these three unions gives us every reason to expect that agreement should, be . achieved with the fourth union." • . • Terms of the settlement with the clerks .will c not be. made public until after the proposal is submtted to the union's membership for ratification." : The dispute involving the clerks and the other unions has revolved around wage increases plus changes the raiiroads wanted to make in work rules. A presidential •' fact - finding board earlier recommended wage increases of from 35 per cent to 40 per cent and said the- industry should be allowed to change some of the. work rules which it considers outmoded. The unions, however, asked for a bigger pay increase and objected to the work rules changes. Train Fire Kills 33 Persons i.- • '' BELGRADE (UPI)—A train carrying workers to.the steel mills and mines in Zenica . caught fire in a tunnel early Sunday and 33 persons died in the-flames and carbon monoxide-gas. It was Yugoslavia's worst rail disaster in seven years. Fifty-seven persons were hospitalized, most, suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, and 56 others were treated and released. Police said electric wiring in the .diesel. locomotive started the fire when the train was- halfway through a mile-long, tunnel 12 miles from Zenica, in' central Yugoslavia. The engineer tried to extinguish the blaze but the flames spread to the oil tank and then set the coaches afire. . When the engineer halted the train, the 200 passengers • jumped from the burning cars in panic and tried to make their way out of the tunnel but many were overcome- by . carbon monoxide. . • . _ I • ' " *• •• i '• : ONE FOR THE ROAD SUNRAY, | Tex. | (UPI)—Roy Melton Graves, 20, was injured slightly Sunday when nis car collided headon [with an air-, plane. '.''"• I ' Pilot John Henry Goodwin landed his plane before dawn on aj landing strip that runs ; parallel to the road. At one point! the runway 1 and the road, almost converge and Goodwin taxied his plane onto the road in the dark. NASA Exploring New Cooperative Program The National Administration and Space 'Administration is exploring a government - industry cooperative program for developing the technology for' short ' takeoff and landing (STOL) quiet- engine jet aircraft applicable to future air transport systems. NASA and Department of Transportation officials proposed last week at a meeting of the Aero- hatacis and -Space-Engineering Board, of the National Academy of Engineering, which includes members of the aircraft, engine and airline industries, that government and industry form a maultilateral cooperative program or . "joint enterprise" in which government and industry funds would be pooled on a partnership basis to developanexper rimental jet STOL aircraft. NASA and DOT consider the development of such an experimental aircraft necessary to com plete the foundation of technology; and proof of concept .work on' which the,development of an effective, economical and environmentally acceptable STOL air. transport system might be based. The proposed cooperative program would relate only to.the development of low noise level jet STOL technology which, like all technology developed by NASA, would be available to industry generally. Development of pro-, totype and operational aircraft for commercial use would remain a matter for decision and financing by industry with the companies involved free to compete as usual in seeking market opportunities. : I NASA has'an appropriation request of $15 million for initiating detailed design and fabrication oi an experimental; STOL aircraft in the President's Fiscal Year 1972 budget. Under the cooperative program, funds provided by industry through a joint venture or other arrangements would complement the government funds. Representatives of the companies involved would participate in the direction of the program. .' . ; Roy P. Jackson, NASA Associate Administrator for Advanced Research and Technology, estimates that a research aircraft, i could be ready for flight-testing in approximately two years from the time the parties agree to a co-' opeative program. Government officials will hold discussions, with industry .over the next several weeks to develop the proposal in greater de^ tail. O KNOW THE USUAL SYMPTOMS : • Prolonged, oppressive pain or unusual discomfort in the center of chest, behind' the breastbone. • Pain may radiate to the shoulder, arm, meek or jaw. • the pain or discomfort is often accompanied by sweating. Nausea, vomiting and shortness of breath may also occur. a Sometimes these symptoms : subside and then return: Minutes count when heart attack i strikes. Act promptly. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 197] The Tipton Doily Tribune 221-223 E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 | . Phone 675-2115 By carrier in city . . 45? per week BY MAIli: Tipton and adjacent Counties; 1 year . $11.00 6 months 6.50 3 months . .............. 3.50 Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE-No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. . Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered j as Second Class Matter October, 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congrpss of March 3, 1897. SECOND-CLASS POSTABE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY DAILY ACROSS] I. Free ticket 5. After a while 10. Mine ,. , entrance., 11.42 Across.- to Popeyc 12. Seasonal greeting. cards 14. Ham it up 15. Small - "industrialist" 16. Golly! 19. Hatitbov. 23: More impecunious 28. Is.victim j to Cupid's . • . arrows - (3 wds.) 30. Make obese 31. Still . snoozing 32. Tsia or - darjeelinf; 34. Anthem j preposition 37. Binge 42. Candidate for 12 Across 45. Slowly imusio] 46. Similar j 47. Command ,48. Singing Horrie ' DOW> 1. Prepare - a path; • 2. Eliot's "-— - Bede" ,3. Farm structure 4. Proofreading direction CROSSWORD 5. Destiny fi. Moham-. . mcdan name 7. Actress Louise 8. Balanced 9. All that's left 13. Original 17. Think IS. Came in first , 19. Faraway 20. Sheep talk 21. Danube ' tributary 22. Young". 24. 25. 26. 27. 29. 33. 34. 35. 36. 3.S. Palmyra . leaf Prey upon "All About 1950 film Incarnadine Immovable Powdered lava Norwegian metropolis Pitcher Break into pieces Sound of thunder SOFA RMC ALEB ICIR'A'T'EBAXTOTN e, [o 1 ! !r.E .'DBv'i]srt f Aj SAG'E'RBRiElElpVi [E'V ? I 11M A'R'SBB R'I NHHADIH.IIG l VA LIE'P'I BE'T!E] :A ; T'ONEB|AG AJT'E IM'0'V'E'LBT'I IRJE'S] |T'R'E'E'SBE'N 1 T;R|E Saturday's Answer 39. Tidy the lawn 40. ••-'. - Go Bragh" ' 41. Sicilian volcano 43. Summer • (Fr.) 44,-Anderson's ; play. "High 1 2 . 3 4 S. b T a 9 10 p II \z 13 IS lt> n ia WM Pit <m 20 21 Z3 24 2S 27 it 30 31 m m m 32 33 m w • 35 37 40 41 •*2 Si 44 4S ii 4t, • ••1 ' 4ft Z-'F DAILY jCRYPTOQUOTE —Here's how to work it: A X V D LB A A X R . LONG FBI I. O W . One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's. X for the two O's. etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words arc all hints. Each day the code, letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation jKR BJWF. L ISWLP UJHFQL L O J FD F SZ V F K W J P Y Q V F Li OJFDF. S Z V J Q VFLKB.- - F H F \V LP C S Q F <J V F C F P KS I C L P Y 'Fire Destroys '' Grain Elevator "; LOGANSPORT, Ind. (UPI)— . Authorities j estimated damage at $100,000 in-a fire Friday night which 'destroyed the nearby Onward {grain elevator. , The elejvator, owned by George Hopper, contained 6,400 bushels of soybeans and some machinery, from port. 1 About 40 firemen departments at Logans- Onward, Galveston, Walton, Bunker Hill and Grissom Air Force Base fought the fire for eight hrjurs in f r e e z i n g weather. ALL HEAK'J VALENTINE; Neb. (UPIH Jim Milne of Winnipeg, Manitoba, spent the weekend in Valentine liking in the festivities surrounding the feast d:iy of the twon ! He won Canadian test.- s namesake. the. trip in a radio station's con- CUPID-APPROVED EARL G. RHODES, jeweler © IF YOU CAN'T REACH DOCTOR GET I TO EMERGENCY ROOM OF HOSPITAL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. THIS NEWSPAPER joins your Heart Association in presenting the life-savins educational message shown above, and in asking your support of the Heart Fund Campaign. at Your JFriendly Bank FARMERS LOAN . '!• ' • .1 & TRUST COMPANY 110 E. Jeff.SU - fripton,.Indiana Helpful Civic Information to acquaint you with your new community. Call the Welcome Wagon Hostess so thai she may visit you. Phone 675-4492

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