Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California on May 26, 1922 · 14
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Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California · 14

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1922
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t BLOW OP DAM TO SAVE FARMS PLAN Del Monts May 2(1—Ca11forn1a bankers in etate convention here passed emergeney resolutions asking the war department to dynamite MID or more dams in the Colorado river in Riverside county as a means of removing from danger 6000 settlers in districts which are menaced by flood waters of the Colorado during the June freshets Telegrams were sent to members of congress from California asking them to use their influence with the war department to that end H S McKee vile president of the Merchants National Bank of Les Angeles wac nominated for premident of the association for le22-23 Other nominations were: M C Carr for Vief0 president Ice preetclent of the Firet National Rank of Portorville Francis W Wolfe of the Bank of California for treasurer: member4ot the executive council for the term expiring in 1926: Lco S Chandler 1011 Angeles NV El Wilco of San Francisco Niontford K Crowell of 14-resno E Leroy Holt of El Centro The election v ill be held today What's Doing Tonight American butltate of Minim! t hrgiJ ad Metal-Env eagterbury um Vostlake and Tnth rivet& Elontthern California Utintion Club City Club Mamma - neater Arta tall Calaiirsity Routhem Cal!tonna Pasnes Donring arnit only -- ArloMaui 8at aorint Angitins Marl Will rourth and Hpring forms ----- le4ontan Club Friiiny Morning dubbin's PAW Sown Figiterna ntront RACILII Mtn Campbril Gunnt clubbow Mantnn mnen's Rp1it enrm rat rtotic halt 181 4 buuth Fig-norrra etreet ilerorire rrnmwell filrnvotr ova "rharactpr Ina i Stirht PhIlbarmenuo autlitornum L hers " sacred opera Pire ‘lehdifit EDeAcopal cianrull choir Trinity allaito tlwa Awencintirm of the Army of the Va ited Mat Union 1"14110 Club Th trd utd 1101 troee TIES 55c A R NOTIIE rev rrolip of then famous "Lower Level' 55c ties has just been placed on the counters Polka dots—stripes w Ide and narrow—Almaden—am! ot her lel- War designs In an Unlim ch ited o e ic of Color combinations at 55c Handkerchiefs Soft finished cambric handkerchiefs in three oualities—each with a narrow hemstitched ihorderi—each with embroidered initial6 "-- c 6 for P 6 for $1 AOand For outdoor wear we ore showing flannel 8hirts in plain colors and plaids It's a Good Old All POETPY-Hu MOP- PH !LOS OPH lexiamesWrbley When Skies Are Blue Again WERE the arch of heaven cloudless If the skies were always blue If the gray dos with the gay days Were not woven through and through If the splendor of the sunshine Tempered not with mist and rain What a wealth of joy were lost us When the skies are blue again If the air were always scented With the aunt of the rose If with breath of waking summer Laden every breeze that blows If all odorless and sleeping Through the dead days had not lain Ile flowers what joy were lost us When they bud and bloom again If the leaves were never falling Flying flying red and brown Ne'er the voice of autumn calling Ne'er they answered sadly down Were the trees not bare and leafless When but dismal ghosts remain Of their splendor what joys lost us When the green leaves come again May they teach us life is sweeter For the knowledge of the shroud Fleaven brighter skies are bluer For the passing of the cloud Pleasure grander joy is dearer Tempered with its while of pain As the heaven's beauties clearer When the skies are blue again! To Picture Planets In Astronomy Talk Dr Mars Daumgardt widely known authority on astronomy will owl will leeture thin eveming to the Til embers prng-rn In MULLEN e99 BLUETT 1311QADWAY at SIXTH Lisle Union Suits Light summer weight ribbed lisle union suits The qualily i good—the workmanship care itzes comfortable Quarter sleeves roel king legs—quarter sleeves and tliree-ronrter legs—or no sifVCS and knee len gt it 1 25 Pajamas Fr cool con ifoMille rest —these pajamas of po t tine perctle generously rut roomy n iI wII -Wadi A wide ehoice of colors in striped patterns Finished vit It pearl buttons find 1 85 silk frogs Another Kroll p rpnrin of soft cotton pongee come in ho ender white tan and bine They too have si It 65 frog trim ni in I $165 TAOS ANCIFT AES EVENING EXPRESS TTIDAY MAY '6-192" - - &HAM Lt" W Fc)1LY of the Delta 'Upsilon Club in the clubrooms of the City Club in the Cha pman buildiiig Dr baumgardt vil illustrate his lecture with lantern slalea Telescopic photographs of the moon and other snuffler planets lava been taken by the astronomer unit will be exhibited as part of the MULLEN C99 BLUETT BASEMENT SALESROOM Broadway at Sixth vwm4mwww Havana Mayor Backs Gamblers P tn Evoninft onet Phil- delphia Public iolicnr (I opyTight Iti214) HAVANA May 26--Dr Luis Alzuray member of the Rotary Club and president of the Good Government party with a committee were forcibly eject ed from the office of the secretary of government by Genre tary Martinez Lufrin when they asked that gambling be stopped in Havana tlavana is wide open and all types of games are going on Garden play a local game is licensed by the mayor under the tourist law and the city takes a rake-off on mutual betting 4 Western Department Store on Broadway To Open Tomorrow Competing extensive remodeling at a cost of more than $20000 the Western Department Store Emil Olcovich Company 227 South Broadway formerly the Western Shoe Company announce the opening of their enlarged department store tomorrow The new store will carry a full line of women's ready to wear millinery under garments boys' and girls clothes and men's furnish-besides a complete home furnishing department The establishment now extends through to Hill street entrance now however being exclusively on Broudwpy With the completion of the Second street tunnel the Improved store of the Western company will contribute heavily to the enhanced business conditions on Broadway and vicinity Iniil Olcovich acquired ownership of the four-story building in which his eompany is located shortly after the first of the year His reputation for progressiveness in business has grown with the expansion of his Inercantile career A tip for the whole family—P E Nile and Day Market Sixth and Main is open until 11 p m—Advertisement Shirts Onlorful percales and woven madras— fabries that will wash wear and continue to look new all summer—are used to make these shirts Almost any color or any pattern you have in mind you'll find here Including some all- $165 white madras -Vassar Athletics Nationally known summer union suits in a novelty weave madras or the regular cross-bar nainsook Taped neck —taped armholes—and blouse back are Vasvar features that add long wear and comfort as well as 95c coolness 'Bundle Day' Brings 50 Tons of Clothes 'Plan New Crusade — The success of "Bundle Day" was so great that the Near East Relief is today making plans to adopt ten-other drive such as was carried on yesterday Fifty tbna of clothing and shoes were gathered according to the returns of the day compiled at the relief headquarters in the Wright and Callender building - An inventigation of winters toll In the Near East hate revealed the fact that an appalling lacks of cloth— ing ifq making a country of crippled children according to officials of the Near East Relief In an effort to keep warm by drawing the limbs up close to their body many of the lamine-stricken children are suffering from contracted limbs leor this reason yesterday's drive was concentrated toward clothing more than foodstuffs Jackie Coogan mtepped Into a fire hall and laid down his little bundle in which wait found several suits of the star's clothes to be distributed In the Near East Sugar Will Be Prize For Forum Members Members of the Forum who arel expert at distinguishing one kind of I sugar from another will he given the opportunity of competing In al prize contestat the regular meeting of the 'society Sunday afternoon at Eighth and Wall streets Representatives of the Southern California Sugar Company will inform inembers the "whys and wherefores" of sugar Those able i to pick nut the difference presented' in the sugar will receive a 25-pound bag of the finest Southern California product It has long been the contention of the local conegrn that' its output measures favoragly with any other wherever made BASEMENT SALESROOM "The Lower Level" - rouna-vv ono r ners Postpone Take-Off Paris 'May 26 (By the Associated' Prom:R)—Maj W J Blake and him' cimpanions again postponed theirl departure from the flying field at Bebourget on the second leg of their attempted flight around the world They hoped however to be able to get away for 'Lyons this afternoon SUITS $28 THESE are Mullen and Bluett sults which means an unusual value for $2k There are browns blues and mixtures in two and three button models both for men and young men The fabrics are all-worsted The styles new $28 and timely Silk Hose Pure thread silk hose in all plain col- ors and some knit with drop-stitch effect 55c In all colors also These' are not specials but every - day -in-the-week "Lower Level" values Come down and browse around - I 1 11M V711 er Popular Pria Footwea Low Heels Patent Colt White Kid White Canvas Brown Kid $400 to $700 Patent Gray Buck of all satin $700 Patent tolt or White Kid $1000 Dancing Oxfords' Plain Toe Low Heels $500 and $600 - White Buckskin $600 A l l styles in Children's Shoes Free Balloons for Children ho Original — 7ha Bost BURNS 41E1? r Popular Prices HAS PROVED A BIG SUCCESS - JUST A PEW OF TIIE MANY ' GOOD POINTS Tt le light and pretty hex low hrels foot-form mole lite high or low-arch foot: used for etrot house or dancing We can tit any foot White Black or Brown Kid $600 Cheaper Grade $500 Patent Colt White Buckskin $700 Gray Suede Red or Green $800 Boys' Hard-Wear Shoes Tan or Black - $400 to $600 - P-' 1-11 Kid Brown :id -or w Z 1r4 1 000 '2 m -- 1 - Pa Other styles $7 art vaillpicbeg and $8 5 2 5 s: B ro adlly Sport xfords White Buck Elkskin or Brown trimmed with Black or Brown $500 to $700 Sport Oxfords All Tan Calfskin Elk-skin trimmed with Brown or Black Rubber or Leather Soles $500 to $700 Short Vamp Low Heels White Kid Black Kid Brown Kid $1000 1 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111M1111111111111111111111M1111111111111111911M11 IIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIMMUMMMINIIIIIIIIIMIIIIM11111111111111111111111111111111111 a S 1 1 ' 1 I 1 uy LA N D I Southern California offers almost numberless op- 1 a portunities for buyers of country suburban and : - r s 1 ' beach properties where values are sure to advance ‘ 1 1 E E E 6 Here Area Few of the Bargains in Express Want Ads Tonight: $2400 I-mem bee" well-built doeble acerstel 1 — INTERTORS ArrilvfloNt thick pane large lot on beautiful Povet apartment bonne in bev district le - Hidal ave near ca go t 118280 New 5eroom bungalow and garage elta let 6(11200 16600 cash 5utiful new 5-roo lonial Garage: ot co! Right up to date Clow in Fine view for els Just finished of solid Mick 4 ORDER YOUR BABY CHICKS - NOW FOR FALL M ' 1 1 N glories high Centrally located on a large But fire Nee no shoot the choice 21A- i' comer lot beautiful grounds Two blocks acre tracts on boulevard with gas and ' oft from the ocean Up io date to the min- car line for O2500 on easy terms 3! Me Three doubles and 12 singles extra Alm a fine 5-acre tract fronting on bore root 'nit h private halls in every boulevard for $4250—one down and 8850 apartment Xiodel bathrooms and kite" no other payments for two ear Bet ens Extra large closets Xlanthal-Stern leis Clow gate-steam heaters in every 4 OR SLE—Or will exchsinge for 8 or 5ear car $850 easb room Hardwood floor" throughout It large belle office playroom stoageroom I Fm roo A mod 9 ern white plastery' Immo in - IMO ACRE BOMB in feet oomplete m every detail Titivs Weet 11-ilahire dietrict Los Angeles 9- 1 Right In town 4-roont now house 2 apartment is rented onfundebed to yearl room- noidern home on Georgia ave ll'tf Santa Monica largo living-room dining- boiroopn vern mom Sewer Snap tenania Nothing furnished except end cold water Every apartment rented at 45260 111000 camh room den slut well 4 la e bodmoom 1 large O 1 THLD BAIVIAINS-1110 ON ES TOO ytnd t wfil tii'di li st IrSc $7r"' 'r tegument also pai room too bath- ear Vitt mortgage "me $30000 r d l to room furnace he rd wood floore en' ire oe handle Couitegy to agents home exceptionally well built and in I 'MONO( larrla 051A MO DOt'N apientlitt condolon Double garage iii MR enniett htts at Balboa Bay Pallasdes (Bat- 814 1 FOR 4 tivE—Ft reclomare gale I am so- fruit treen flowery Price MOor l'a 1"1"1) ")' e"f WI"' The tl'al theria'd Py ta late o b kfuptcy to e ian eon l Xa oi echtlite as al e v femme' beach where you can own a small corner vropert c containing 1 two-flat M en d cap t ani h o hot weather TO E v inn 0E14 01 1 n 'rooms ono small bootte If volt SALE—Wooderftd ploce of acreage OININ-GUEIWI CO Rt Michigan and 23d el SANTA XION- I 2 rootlet one 4-room hick house and ga- im00---A garage on a nice largo 53-foot rage Real value 8105t0 Cum deliver WA This he one of the cheapott prop- a int On a biwineve street south of city for $8400 eallt Good Pool ertiee that ran be porehatted in the in-on very emy terma dostrial section baring more than 111(10-11 1 $1000--4-rotel cottege on two IMe 1 SNAP - SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP frontege avallabl( for trackage 1050 ft -§ block to echool located in a "suburb nothing hut real We advertis south of Inglewood and la a real buy IllioolirMIN'? Aurorier'oElb for myth - on eget aide Tern& Ejtal down This property can lart handled on time a - ves11454h)i1:g611(ittwtn!! '4' Michigan' about l'An r' on 214 It Pee ionform-site full-bearing apple — 102S!--4-trcen n!'w Imgal°W Infldsrs trees Oood 'variety of marketing aPPlevt fume monthly sool- ninety orchard tools and tyoun AM- t oi sl io Southern Callornia LOTS ron SALE mom $1350 'ro 822000 lutely beet -- IIANCH tor exchange—A fine Tulare ranch Best of wmer conditions well i 7- wll 011 Gooses Ingle and denble on which owner has gotten rich She casing MIN n home ' a Ranches to exchenge for city propertY la now & widow and bas ' 1 stoned O rest e !mate theme end apartment s for rent -11- a and will give to the right person a won- Tou will be conwiticed that this Place in --- d " erful chance The place s comptelY ile rnitipped Farm implenieuts Monies eta tbresterooltfout!rityit sv!1°-"th'in-viies if 13r1"cowmilitlygotflubt'741 TntUt-c"-hble V l''''''' " Pine dairy ranch owner you'd accept toa quick sale Terms one or two L A bungalows or email auhurbon place se fire poment balance VAN NU-VS---Pine country yoUtte of five LoNti TIME AT 7 PER t'ENT &ion Thin in 1ontoo on orn two FOlt SALE-- TORM BP11111110 Piretclaos almost tow store building - - WHY LIVE "SHUT IN MISSION TERRACE Alhombrit' Sobdiritticm Beautiful" SALE--miles from lankershum just off Shertnall Amoog the Orange growth 0 mil out S way and is Um crown of the velley Improvements COnbitn of a 14otorn mod- Beautiful restricted 50-font Ms I in bvst bonnie section of Alhambra Will an cement 2-story relvidence mid double ' $1350 PRY good return ell $150014 cab be gorapr has Mgr healer gee furnace 2 bought for lota sort on easy term electricity phono and aqueduct water A STRUM WORK PAID roll - a beautiful home Also a modern chleken etplipment for Drive old tiontingtrvit drive to Granada I" 111 OWNER 120 SACRIFICE 8 ROO-MS ANO OREAKUWST:k4iOnK N Close to Broadway and Mood blvd All I laige rooms 3 bedroom thrnogliont Gam furnace fireplace and every feature one could desire Fast 0 mid lice) chicken included ave -hand ner Cra or take Alhambra San Tract One block south r r I 11:1Trt 11 I hmi gv I go:0 14:e r se e: g 4a::::ery I et ft:ot) :i diel en: : i make p e c 14e oci w 1:nt hr: 1 vi rihienz i Gabriel can Tract office on corner ' SA CR IPIC13 - - I - ' E Nmv modern 5-rtmin plastered old ivory - 1 front Owner leaving city and must sell FOR SALE--' finish breakfaut nook cement porch traimmediately l'rice 41509 worth $8300 HOMMITE rage: large lot fruit trees: cermet walks 111 BEAUTIFUL S N - - On blvd and yellow car line near P O and 'toren A home not limit $4000 BOY A ROME IN GLENDA110 on the meet of the Palisades the most 8500 cash balance like rent ON FOR OtAlybi--- exclusive diotrict of Santa Monica Lens than a block from Brand blvd on ' MEIAILLE SQUARE ' - FOR SA115— O SANTA MNICA Mx158 2' E a beautiful street 8-1100M BUN43ALOW corny Son Vicente and 8th et: mach Modem In every unmet iAtirn Ind t All modern improventente contracted the ammet rpm thin lot and Yon will a ahrolev This ni attractively furalishrrt fo large level homesitea as low as boy: full view of ocean and mouutains 2 including Plane ett and onil $7300 for It'Ma208 on Han Vicente $4500 Fine' all Very liberal Mous It woo t last ' - $1250 apartment sit e long at this price t Near twhools Mooches cars id bst WILL SACRIFICE to clos ont all ri e trte- unoo UNDERPRICED Owner bee re m - nee district Beautiful homes surroouod Mal Rerro! oN1 Bench COa'st close-in int- tibtweitoglirt1-te ottuirco go‘filetkliM hvosotitifoill conilcmycolial omo o Comm moion oo d Ilth street- Prove lye alit° u p Cottages $2 010 up ten to molt yott IN we Property lino: a throughout 'Within Minima of all t call or LOMB direct to office toll'ilt Clusr it I" 11"If fr-ft Hn!'nd RE8TRICTED POR 50 TEARS blvd in the best section of Allendale M 1 You Call peenlato on the s-t 11MS1 - Drive mit Viishire or Sao Vicente tY ACTIE FENCED: reel 8-room how N Terms Will also sacrifice furniture See boulevarde TIU'll at 14th or 1701 etreeto 'find garege chicken brooder and runs: Pol 1 es at once look for tbe Mona Take P E r to Retorted bearing fruit tree!" grape of MI fiTil SALE---Real estate rentals et Santa MOnnI Get off at 3rd street and kinvist 3 hitteks frmn Wen and car line I 1 changes to to our office- i Pine only 43:100 term- I mumittimnimunmmimmimiowtoollottioimmmommtiNnit imtitioniminnomiminEEMitiNniiiiNinwimmimpumlinimmnimiimMm - ----- - - - - ‘ g f LI - : I I I - Vhs Original — 7ho Bost Nlok: Spor BURNS oto Oxford '2- NTER& -t e N 1 ' ' 'á) ' '' ' " é ' 11111441 Weilitote4 )1 fro pilmw2 White Buck Elkskii 0 It'1 -- or Brown trimme( with Black or Browr - $500 to $700 k 441VDPP' umv7ner Popular Prices :Y- :::N k:::100z : c ::----4-' -14414t::: ift''' 1 4 -'y: 0 - "-- -:- -:1- F4 i tk 441t1 161L '40 I 1 1 ---- V ts vc It i 0 la t ) Q'' k f 0 :0 vo 4 - '71111r 7 ii--'i?''' 40 e9C::: Ir-r-r77--- : j-- ''''' if - C '''' ' - --!!' : - ':::::: Ai:i -- 4 - "'0 '? 0 1 em016 Eon o- 4 0- : 1' k I 11 IFd'Z '''' H:h :! 1 ::::::::::: H- 1- : 11lik H r----- J 177 1 4 H L i AO - ----6----- --s To aro A ' No ( M Z lowr 21 1 " : a r 1 r - 2' o ------ a rg 1 t olt4 ri '' ' 1V 1 I ' V C4 - A AN't-t'' ' A ' 3 (Y) PaiiIIIN111111111db '"Illitir

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