The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 30, 1908 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1908
Page 6
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THE BAKERSFIELD rAUFORXTAN- - MONDAY. NOVEMBER 30, 1908. AVegetablcPrcparationrorAs- slmilating theFoodandHeguIa- i:>g the Stomachs and Bowels of Promote 9 "Bi^csUon rirctful- nessandRest.Cont:.;,. r.eithcr Opium,Morphino ivr Mi NOT N .\w. c o r i c. Citmfini Suanr . HSnlaymn flaiw. Aprrfoct Remedy forConsfipa- i lion. Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea Worms .Convulsions .Feverishness and Loss OF SLEEP. TacSiinile Signuturc if NEVV YORK. tXACT COPrOP WRAPPER. J fl **<> r JfafaHts B"a< : Children. |The Kind You Have Always Bough! Bears the Signature of / V in Use For Ovei Thirty Years Small Advertisernets Inserted in the Californian will bring results Make your wants known through this medium ::: publicity pays. lines, thru- times. '_'."K> ; throe lines, one week, f>0c. Phone Main HI. • ATTORNEYS FRATERN/J, E L. FOSTER | Atiorney-at-Law ! Room a:.'. Unnk of BuKenjiield building. Telephone Main 240. p. o, H. No. 266--BaV'.';-!'flel() l.oilge OEO. FLOURNOY Attorney-at-Law 4nd Notary Public. Office, Stoner niiiidlng, cornpr Chester avenue and 1. in street. Telephone Main 61,. Attof OtflPB •- ___ UIVV <ft«M PHYSICIANS BAKI'I: SFI3 ;,DT\NATORnJM i. Mil 114 DR. J. L. CAPSON. and Surgeon. Offlci- ;vvl ers Saviim- from Id in i j p in. OHii 1 Main fiii. (••nee :ii>i,-2-3.' Produc- .nk building. Hours t.i . 2 t(i4 ami 7 to 9 i residence telephone DR. R. B.llEES" \, . M'\i. hr FR/ A (la I-:' re; KNil :'6ti, B. P. O. E tneetB every ':"!ay night at 7;3u at Gdil tei- Hall, Chester e.venue. Visiting ;'.;vn cordially lovlted to attend. uMou every other Tuesday. i A. Lee, E. H.; C 8. Meronpy, The Californian classified advertising columns are the beat medium for making known your wants. Five lines, one week 593 Five lines, three days 260 rtNAL. ORDER EAGLES, \'o. 93, meets every Wc-dn^«- •I'.ng at •« -i cli'-:' at Ra*Ie "eh qt.reLt Vi-lring h-.-rh- , -.••i'i!!y |nv!tc.? to attend. «-iu T. *v. V ; J;j P. Carroll, WANTED s OF nv - HAS— Kern«Lod£?ei . ; '"<"- e\ ,T> V.ednusday ev-' • nt S o'clock lu I. O. O. F. Hall. -•••Hal Invitation t» visiting DEGREE OF 'HONOR* . ANTBD — experienced saleslady In women's ; ady '<> wear d'P'U'tment. Apply :r i • •'•" • . Redllck Bros. 103 i FOR SALE—A $27 clover cutter for I $15. Just the thing to make the | hens "shell out" the 45 cent eggs | Try It and see. R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins Bldg. 105 FOR SALE—Complete furniture of : uve houi-e^CL'idng rot,::.,. Inquire I nt this office. i ( )« : INF. l.OUGE, No. 78. D of H. •- il ret and third Fridays In v.irrii :it A. O. U. W. hall at VNitins members cordially ; Mrs. Horn I.. Cabe. C. of H. o!i H. Taylor, Recorder. j Rooms '.» :,:ii I Hughes dm: .-,'n and Surgeon. I 1 '. Pish block. over] JUS iv. Phone Main 3(54. " THC CINTAun COMPANY. NEW YORK CI' DR. CHAS. A. DAVIS, Physician and Surgeon Office, i•-.,', block, rooms H and 12. Oillce ho;:; i i to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 p. in., 7 to S 'i :;; I'hones, otllce, M.iiu 15<>; reside!!-- M;,i|l 973. iCE LODGE, Nc. 3% A. O. U. \M | ci.s evrv Thursday evening at I in . A O. U. \\. Hali, No. 1628 j ,-I'.'iiHi street. Visiting men> i.-.-dially Invited. O R. West, . , C. \V. Curtzwller. Recorder. \VANTKn--ny an established San Francisco house, a bright, energetic woman, for advanced position ns local representative here in town. Call parlr- No. Ii;, (fraud Hotel Monday ir.orniim. lc;> WANTED—A thoroughbred Hereford hull ',', years old. Address Andrew MeClnirk, I'iiite P. O., Kern Co. 107 IMP' First Shop (llrl—.M »wny. Second Shop Cirl • s Dlank is riolnp; . for t;ood? First Simp f!iil--\ti: for better o Is she loii\ Inn i wors,•. -Brooklyn Life. MAIL and EXPRESS ORDERS CAREFULLY ATTENED TO Office Phone Main 69 Works Phone, Main 163 BAKERSF ELD CLEANING AND DYING WORKS AND RENOVATORY Altering and Repairing Neatly Done. Goods called for and Delivered. Contracts taken. Office, 2027-2029 Chester Avenue. Works, Corner Eighth and L Streets, Bakersfleld, Cal. i DR. FRED J. CREASE ;' Physician and Si.rgeon. I Hopkins building, northeast corner Chester ave., and 19th St.; rooms 12 and 14. Bakersfjeld. Office phone i Main 247, Res. phone Main 143. Office hours 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 4; 7 to S p m. T. W. HELM, MTK Physician and Surgeon. j ] Rooms 212 and 213, Producers Bnnk i t building, Bakersfleld, Cal. Office phone I /ED ORDER OF REDMEN— - Trill.-. 4 \o. 151, permanent HMX 7:;i. Meets every Wed- ;r ••> p. ni. In the Workman Ni:n-ieeiith street. Visiting . :- i-onlially invited. J. M. ••I'M". Snchem; Joliu Lewis, K I,AND WANTED—For a local eucalyptus company in exchange for its pro- 1'eiTeil stool;, bearing an extra good return. Said interest in the company or part thetvoi'. It ileMre.l. cashed to the company \viihiu the time agreed between the purlieu. Stole distance from Hakei-sl'ield ami nearest railroad station. Address "X." box -Jii, this office. l<i-; FRA1ERNAL BROTHERHOOD —t :, l.oilne No. ~A, Fraternal Broth, "I. meets on the ft.rst and third .:>.. silay of each month at 8 p. m K of P. hall, In Kern City. !! Drown, President; R. G. Lib- Yi'-usurer. Main 220; residence, Main 6S6. DR. L. M. CAIN Physician and Surgeon. McKittrick, Cal. Office and residence. Little Hotel. DR. W. P. SCOTT Physician and Surgeon. Office hours: 11 to I:' a. m.; a to 4 and 7:30 p. m. OHiee ami residence, Main LMn Rooms L'l'V, JUS and 215, Producers l.mldiir-'. DIXON l T f..!"rtn!;i rs. Funeral Direcfors. Kmi-alniera. Sucoessor. to Morton & Connolly. |,,,,j y Attendant. 1414 19th It' S2D CROK2 AMBULAWfiE, phoue, Night or Day, Mala 17. DR. A. F. SCHAFER Ph>.slciaM and Surgeon. Oflice. i.min- ;. :-. :: arid 4, Oil and Stock Kvch ,!!.:,• !i';il,|;i : .,. Office hours from 1 to ;•; d'clnoi;; .Sundays by np fointii^ntg only. KERN VALLEY CHAPTER, ROYAL ARCH MASONS—Meets every Wed. ne>! iv f.isht at 8 p. m. Visiting ontjijaniung cordially Incited. E. ;,I. FRIANT, H. P. ORDEH OF OWLS— Balcersfleld nest No P. 17J, meets every Tuesday at 8 i!!., at Maud's hall. Visiting iiMers cordially invited. \V. S. iin, president; Joe MucTtey, sec- i i-y. j \VANTKD-I.ady or Kenilernan of fan- education to travel for a Hiv- 01 household articles and specialties. Salary $:'.r>o per day above expenses Address The Alexander Supph Company, '•','<£< Dearborn street, Chietigo 111. 103 WANTED—By Ja)i:inere school situation to do any kind of work between school hours. Address fieorge, care of the Californian. 105 WANTED—Work In private family by young girl; good character. Address A. B. C. this office, 105 WANTED—A indy stenographer. Address Bin 4, Bakersfield, Cal., stating experience. tf .ODD FELLOWS. I The Poultry and Egg Exchange THRONSEN & STALLARD. Props. Highest Price p.iid for Poultry and Eggs. Prompt Delivery In Ba'k- erafield and Kern. Phone Main 593. 2115 Q Street DR. F. W. MITCHELL PhysTclan and Surgeon. OHice. rooms :;H"I and :!"i;, Producers ; Bank building. Otllce hours from 11 .to 12 a. ni.. nn,l 2 !o 4 p. m. Telephone Main iji'.-j. Hns. Main 012. S. I,. MACK, Cashier . j. ,j M\CK Vic« Pr«airi»,nt S. W. Wlble, President G . .,. PUVNZ.AsHt Cashier BANK OF BAKERSFIELD Capital Stock, $250,000 Surplus, $140,000 Resources, One Million Dollars Dlrectors-S. W. Wlble, S. L. Mack, J. J. Mack, J. M. Keith L GuKKcnhime. General Banking. Domestic aFornlgn Exchange. Letters of Cre-tt. The officers of the Bank will be glad to give the benefit ofr their fix- porlouce or obtervatlon to all ppersons desiring Information on mat- tern or business. , C. L. CONNER, President R. McUONALD, Cashier KERN VALLEY BANK. Bakersfield, California. Solicits accounts of Individuals, companies and corporations. ROUGH DRY Did You Know will call for your family washing, wash and iron all sheets, towels, slips, counterpanes, etc. starch all pieces that require •. starching ami return to you for 'only G cents per pound? If you are in :i hurry telephone | for us to call Friday morning have them returned Saturday evening. Give TIB a trial. Satisfactionguaranteed. Give ui a trial. Telephone Main 259. CITIZENS LAUNDRY KHHN I.oncil-: NO. 202. I. O. 0. F.— Ilc^iilar meotings every Saturday evening. S () vioek. Kvery fifth Sat- iinlny !n a iiignfh, sociay night. Sojourning; brethren nre always welcome at our meeting?. T. I 1 , pin- nell, N. P..; J. w. Crosland, secre- fnry. I'. O. }\»\ :,:>.• • FOR PiEMAliLK HELP—King ur Main LMS, Buckeye Kmploymec' Agency, C. C. Scrlhwr A: Co., pro prietors. The tm-.i of male and fe nnle he!|i on the shortest possible notice. l-'M litth street, Wallers Morei. ItiiKerstleid. I'.u if FOR' SALE—About 750 sheep, two mules, waRon, horse and order articles, property of the late M R Azevedo. For particulars Inquire of John Enos, box 01, Bakersfleld. Ml FOR SALE—One heating stove, for coal or wood. Inquire at 1113 Baker street, Kern, 105 HIGHEST CASH PAID for old rags, sacks, bottles, Iron, trass and copper, hides and wool. Junk Yard, Tweuty-secojid and M streets. Telephone Main 799. tf FOR SALE— ADout wo ~ons of first cutting alfalfa; suitable for cattle feed. For particujar? enquire at tlio Dave HIrahfeJd. u FOR SALE—One spun of work inn res- seven and nine years old: both in foal; weight about Hot) pounds. Also one span of work mares, three years old; both in foal, welshing' i;;<><) pounds; one span of black driving mares, weighing 1000 qotinds; 3 and four years old; one saddle pony weighing 800 pounds, 4 years old. Inquire at Union Shoeing'Shop, between 20th and 21st street on K street. tf BIBLE'S CYCLERY. , SECOND HAND MOTORCVf'LE FOR SALE 4 Racycle $11 r>.oo 1 Light $125.00 1 R. S |150.00 Bible's Cyelery, ISnT Chester aye line. Phone Main 850 tf FOR SALE—A good work team of young mares, gentle; and four head of young horses, gentle and halter broke. Inquire A. C. Tibbet, I.iak- •ersfleld. Phono Fanner? 93. 106 FOR SALE—REAL S8TATE LESSER HIRSHFELD Real Estate and Fin Insurance ROOD 5, Confclln building,]02f> Cheater Av» •.\XTKD—Men and strongs boys. | I:.IJ()]>|.;R T V FOR S M K--^eve'i ConihlnhMon Trade School & Con- ;., tti(U .,„ ••„,;,,;.,,; ;„;,,„,.;.. trac-MHK ( o. teaches the trades by „„,„,,._ ..„„„„„, ,,„ ,„,.,„,.,. ,,„ .„ ,. , actual wovu. electric.ty, plumbing. ,.„,. .,„,, ,, M1 ,.,., s K ,, rn; ,,,„„, ,,,,„ bricklaying, and pays advanced «fndcnfs WHKRR. Free caralogue. Union School of .Trades, 124 East Ninth, Los Angeles. tf vecs. Kern. t'rult and sh i I ijs Maker K,I,. W. W, KELLY. Real Estate antf Insurance DOCTOR FOWLER Physician and Surgeon Office and Private Hospital, rooms 1. 2. ,'i, 4, 5 and (i, Hopkins Building. Special attention to diseases of Eve, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office hours, Room 4, up stairs, corner Nineteenth 10 a. m. to 1- m.; 2 to 4 p. m Phi'ie Street and Cheater Avenue Main 240. Phone Main 149. Business address Phone 161. THE MAJESTIC. AT THE NEBRASKA CAPITAL. ( NEW CALIFOrYNIAN WEEKLY MAKES ITS APPEARANCE. LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. SO.— Present indications are that William Jennings Bryan will be made Pooh-Bah of Nebraska's legislature first of the year. Nebraska, in power for tin hi many years, hope to m.iU> the coming session memorable by enacting what they believe to 1 record for efficiency and The Democratic mem! just, now being lined up their party platform by ; they wNI seek the ud\ i< < fore casting their voti-s of most importance \\\ready Intimated that he' in Lincoln a prmil pml and If bin advice j> .;,,,,. mi hand to give It. Bryan Is sure in v.ali 1, ilu> live proRi-um elosidv, n.aklng suKges- tltuns when advisable ; ,,,,| demands when newKsary. wh-Hn-r ho has a personal end in vi.-« cannot, ( ,f course, be said now, bm the talk Is The Californian Weekly, an attractive publication, Is out. It | s an at- 1 tractive publication of sixteen pages and Us editorial policy is in support of the graft prosecution, against corpor- |ation rule and for the Llncoln-RooBC- ! veil League. A. J. Pillsbury, Chester rogrcssive j Jewell and A. J. Waterhouse are the editors. Democrats of first time I'onomy. bc:--i-elect nro iii support of i pledge that "i liryau be"ii measures yii has al- wl'.l remain •I' i lie winter, in lie will be WELL BORER. J. H. KEEFE Well Borer. Work Guaranteed 2917 Chester Ave. SOI'TIIERX KITCHEN —Oiieii r, a. ni. close 11 ii. ID. Corner of 2":'.\ an.l lv streets. l;e;,ular'ineals. lii'eaUt'asU I'l'oin ti a. in. till il; lunch t'ro'u ]_•> till 2; dinner from t.! p. ni. ti'.l *». Hbort orders after each lueul li; ;e. 111^ WANTED—Millinery appr< ntlees. Apply at Geelan Millinery nt once, 1329 Nineteenth street. tf NOTICE—Have you any live stock for sale? If ao list it with me and I will endeavor to find you a buyer. Am In touch with buyers every dny. Small commission. R. J. Rose, at Kern County Creamery, tf WANTED—Second cook and waitress In oil fields hotel in Telephone Main tf FOR SALE—One pool table two box ball alleys. Turf Pool Hall. 102 FOR SALE—One Colyumnns cut surrey. New, rubber-tired. O. box 37, Bakersfleld. Apply P. tf WANTED—Old furniture to lie made like new. CARPETS CLEANED AND LAY ED. Upholstering In all branches. Mai tresses made over and reiurned the same day. C. C. Crowell, Main ;i!)S; shop ;!0(i K street. tf 1 AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU how to make your hens lay, but I can show you a nice little fourteen acre ranch where they will LAY If you give them a clmnce. Besides you can raise Oranges, fruits, grapes and alfalfa to your satisfaction. All for $2100. R. A. Moore, room 31, Hopkins Bldg. 105 $10 REWARD will be paid for the return of the bicycle stolen from In front of the Kern Valley Bank Nov. 12. Pierce, cushion frame; color, black; coaster brake, nlckle-plated spring fork, Persons saddle. Number 12344G. Return to Kern Valley Bank. 105 FOR SALE OR LEASE— For crystal- ized and all kinds of gypsum, Fullers earth, c»ment. clay, pain clays of all colors, china clay, pattery clay and all kinds of clays, address William Harmon & Co., Bakei'sfield, Cnl. 1-'7 FOR SALE— Four pood horses ami freight wagon In good shape. Also camp house with truck wagon, well equipped .with stove, tables, bed, bath tub and lockers. See D. W. Walser, Walkers Basin, P. O. ad- dross, PJ"tr te.^ County. Cal. tf LOUT AND PCUNlj Patents Procured In all Countries. Infringement Litigation. TOWNSEND. LYON, HACKLE7 504-7 Merchants' Trust Bldn --~ -- . Lo§ Angeles, Cal. already goiim around that Brynti Is to — FOUND — November 25th, in the ladles' dressing room at Kiuir'.s luili, Kern, an umbrolhi. Owner may have same by callliiK-al 1111 linker street and paying for tills advertisement. Hi,-) LOST — Near cat" barn, a plain hickory cane circles around it cut with knife. Very valuable to the owner. Finder plear.e call up tin.-, ,,,- | Pn ve I enne at Duncan's store, Itakersfleld or at Whltliiker's fruit store, Kern. ion bo two liurk TKN ACRES, $50 CASH— Balance $1 per month. Price $25 per acre. No taxes, no Interest. No risk. Profits certain. Located half mile from R K. station, six mile* from Bakersfield. Land level. No hard pan or alkali. Orange, fruit, and ''ine land, bearing orange orchards near. Fruits ripen for earliest markets. Payments are easy, and land advancing. $100 per acre should be realized for the land before your contract expires. Title good. Maps and further particulars on application. Right t» raise price of land without notice re served. SUNSET REALTY CO., Fresno, Cal. tf > sent to ihe United Stairs Senate ' -'-M'ANKSE AND CHINESE LABOH NOST—Wednesday, between Chester , FOR SALE—I have listed with me TO years hence in place ,,f Senator ' 1!i "'™«. first class help furnished;! Ave. and Nineteenth St., and Trtl* for sa i e seve rat lots of milk cows '"•*""• , at I. 11 " 1 . 0 ° r J?I n _ n '!:;. ''.TJ 10 ^! 8 : ™ 8 ^" ' ^" £!£y ""? J..?, 1 .:-"- _W.l» P!?,; of from 10 to 90 head. Also other FUNERAL OF EDGAR BARBEAU ON TUESDAY. All roads lead tft 0. N. JOHNSTON'S BLACKSMITH SHOP. BEST WORE ALWAYS Phon«, Main 666. 1301 Nineteenth 8t Tile funeral of Edgar I!. Barbeau, who died at Delonegha Springs on Saturday last, will bo held tomorrow at 2 p. m. under the auspices of the local lodge of KiigleR, of which order the deceased was a member. Mr. Barbeau was a native of Illinois, 43 years of age. runts, housework, etc. Ranch hands and laborers furnished on short notice, day or contract. A. S. Takay- niim, 2100 L st. Phone Main 1074. old fashioned setting. up Main 875. Finder call 104 FOR RENT NOTICE—Notice Is hereby given that H. O. Robinson has disposed of the Turf pool room at 1403 Nineteenth street, to Dover & Cook. All persons having claims against said place of business may present same on err before November 25, 1908. B. J. CURNOW, we;i norer (formerly or the flrm of Ournow & Keeft) a* te~-.ian and surface wells. Tanks hunt and put up. Address Bakers- fl'M R. F. D. No. I. Phone Farmer- 181. tf R. A. MOORE Real Estate and Insurance Room 11, Hopkln* Bldg Phone Main 433 BakercfUld FOR RENT—Large front room suitable for two gentlemen. Apply 401 H street, Kern. 102 ?ASTURAOE—i wo mUea from town, for horses or cattle; good feed, shade and running water the year around. Telephone Main 135. tf FURNITURfc'BOUGHT AND SOLD WINTERS, BR1DUES, SIMPSON CO., 1800 K street, phone Main 134; new and second hand furniture bought and Bold; houses furnished on easy Installments; furniture rented monthly; special graulteware and kitchen utcnslla. 25c. stock. For information call on ma at Kern County Creamery. R. J. Rose. tf FURNISHED ROOMS—Single or In housekeeping suites, with gas an.; electric lights. Hot and cold baths and use of telephone free. The Willow, 1223Mi 19th street. E. L. Willow, proprietor. tf EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES When you want reliable help of any kind call up THE BAKERSFIELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU. We also employ Chinese help. and u 1219 19th St. Phone Main 313

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