The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 15, 1971 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Monday, February 15, 1971
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BOR'TOM. • ARCHIVES 'ASSISTANT • .INDIANA STATS LIBRARY INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA VOLUME 76 - NO. 38 THE TIPTOJN (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE MONDAY. FEBRUARY 15, 1971 10£ PER COPY 45f PER WEEK ENTERED AS SECOND GLASS MATTER OCTOBER 4, 1895, AT POST OFFICE IN TIPTON, INDIANA SECOND CLASS POSTAGE AT TIPTON, INDIANA 46072 Six Foot Snow Drifts Reported In County Snow drifts six and one-half feet high developed Friday night and Saturday oyer many sites in Tipton County, Road Superintendent Bernard Smith reported. Tipton County Road crews worked extra from Friday evening' until Sunday afternoon opening several'miles of roads in order for school vehicles to make their routes Monday for student pickup arid transporting to buildings for scheduled classes. All school buildings and classes were in operation' Monday morning according to school spokesmen. There are six public and three parochial buildings in the Tipton School system and three public buildings in the Northern Community School system and all were able to open for classes Monday. Superintendent Smith said one-of his County maintenance trucks became stuck in a huge drift Friday night and had to be = abandoned by personnel until Saturday morning when sufficient power equipment was taken to the site and the marooned truck "rescued." Smith said that the east-west - roads were the worst drifted Friday and Saturday and that with such few farm fences, corn-, stalks, and other wind barriers adjacent to county roads left, the winds cause greater drifting now than ever before; Intersection turning for vehicles is yet a problem, Smith said. Tipton State Highway Sub-District Garage Spokesmen said crewmen wdfcced to 3 a.m. Monday in order to keep the 700 "miles plus, highway roads in shape for the start-of-the-week traffic. Most roads were fairly .good but a slippery site developed on the Kokomo U.S. 31 Bypass and a crew was sent there Monday 8 a.m. to salt, sand and clear a hazardous few miles. - ' .'.._•' . Several minor traffic accidents occurred Friday night and Saturday but no serious injuries or major damage to vehicles were reported after Friday. County Heart Fund Drive Township Chairman Named Parade of Music Month Observed Governor Edgar Whitcomb proclaimed February as American. Music Month stating that he felt music, often described as the universal language is one of the great arts; and its value is recognized as a source of enrichment for our lived. In his proclamation, the governor mentioned that the seventeenth Parade of American Music, sponsored by the National Federation of Music Clubs is featured throughout the month of February with the design to give due recognition to Americans music traditions and to encourage- and support worthy United States Composers. The Indiana Federation of Music Clubs is a component part of the National Federation and joins in the Parade with its notable .purposes. Mrs. M. H. Suite Independence street, Tipton, is presently serving on the State Finance commit- ' tee in the Federation of Music Clubs. . Arrests Reported State Trooper Jim Sailors Monday morning turned four traffic, arrest tickets over to the City of Tipton Traffic Court depart(Continued on page six) •The month-long 1971 Heart' Fund Campaign will reach its' high-point on the week of February 21 thru/Heart Sunday, Feb. 28, when Heart Fund volunteers will conduct a canvas of all residences in Tipton County, it was announced today by Mrs.. Floyd Collins, Campaign Chairman. The residential canvass will augment the "total already collected in the. February Cam- . paign, _ which is being conducted to support and expand research, education and community service programs of the Tipton County Heart Association. Each Heart volunteer will call at the homes of approximately 20 neighbors, distributing helpful information about the warning signs of heart attack; and receiving contributions .for the Heart Fund. The volunteers in the township will call throughout the week Tipton County Events MONDAY . Tipton County Welfare" Board meeting at 3 p.m. in the Tipton Courthouse. Windfall- Town Board meeting and Windfall Volunteer Fire Department meeting in Windfall. . TUESDAY Rotary Club will meet atBowl- O-Drome; Kiwanis Club will meet in Room Six A at Six Acres; Sharpsville AmericanLegionwill "meet in Sharpsville. World Friendship Day will be observed at Tipton High School starting, at Hfcaflier Cloud type - Stratus, scattered Present temperature - 27 Maximum temperature - 41 Minimum temperature - 24 Wind Direction - West Wind Velocity - 2 mph Relative Humidity - 85% Precipitation - 0 Barometer Reading - 30.52 rising • Forecast - Fair 6:30p.m. Chamber of Commerce, will meet at"7:30 p.m. , WEDNESDAY Tipton Lions Club will meet at the Lion Clubhouse. ! Tipton Community School Board will meet at 7:30 p.m. at Superintendent office. THURSDAY Boy Scouts will assume city and county offices in observance of Boy Scout Month; Tipton Junior High will have the second semester Science Fair exhibits on display; Tipton Community Fund Board.will meet at 7:30. ( p.m. at Tipton High School facul-' ty room. Windfall Eastern Star ; will meet for their regular meeting. A wrestling meet will be .held at Tipton Jr. High at 6 p.m. The Lincoln-School PTAmeet- ing scheduled for "Thursday has been cancelled.- The meetingwill be held on Thursday, February 25th, at 7:30 p.m. in the multipurpose room, following a Patriotic Program to be presented by the school children.' of February 21 through February 28. The volunteers will leave envelopes for mailing contributions if they find the residents not at home. •• Township. Chairmen include: Jefferson, Mrs. Robert Baum-: gartaer,. Goldsmith and Liberty.. Mrs. Phillip Davenport R.R. 1 Sharpsville, Madison, Mrs. Dan Mattingiy, R.R. 4, Tipton, Prai- , rie, Mrs. Gerald Barr, Tipton, .Wildcat, Mrs. Dale Rush of Windfall, Cicero, Mrs. Charles McQuinn, R.R. 1, Tipton. City Chairmen are: Mrs. Kenneth Shoup, 216 W. Washington Street, Tipton; . Mrs. Arthur Lassiter, Box 128 Windfall; Mrs. Floyd Roler Jr., 120 S. Church Street, Sharpsville, and Mrs. Robert Haller, Kemptbn. Sheriff Reports Two Break-ins The Tipton County Sheriffs office-reported two house break- ins occurring Saturday night or Sunday morning. Sheriffs personnel investigated a breakin at the Lavon Tolle residence, two miles east of Windfall, where intruders broke an entrance door glass, opened the door"and stole a TV set and several household items. The loss amount was' not immediately known. The sheriffs office was notified a- bput 8 a.m. Sunday. ' Intruders too, broke into .the Fred Johnson residence in West Elwood sometime Saturday night and the Sheriff's office was called there Sunday morning. Missing were a camera and several household items. Township Chaifmar»Mrs. Phil Davenport, Mrs. Robert Baumgartner, Mrs. KennethShoup Mrs. Gerald Barr, Mrs. Charles McQuinn, Mrs. Dale Rush. Absent were: Mrs. Robert Haller, Mrs. Floyd Roler, Mrs. Arthur Lassiter, and Mrs. Dan Mattingiy. George Washington... Washington...great leader - - History records men of greatness who have led this nation through hours of trials wars and complex situations to become a nation of strength and honor. George Washington, noted for his integrity and honesty as well as his leadership and courage, remains a man whose character is studied and hopefully followed by leaders of today's government. It has been recorded that Washington did not feel qualified to lead the nation when he was first approached but he accepted the task with humbleness and the promise"to do his best for the country which he.loved. ': He accomplished the task by having an honest zeal and-^aith in his felldwmari. On April 16; 178S--Washingtonwrote -in Tils diary, "I bade adieu to Mount Vernon, to private life and to domestic felicity, and with a mind oppressed with more anxious and painful sensations than I have Words to express set out for New York in company with Mr Thomson and Colonel Humphreys, with the best disposition to render service to my country in obedience to its calls, but with less hope of answering it's expectations." He believed-the future of the government depended upon its acceptance by the peo> pie. He set forth with courage and dedication. The confidence of the people grew as he stood "tall among men," achieving victory after victory. Today we are still living in the 'midst of crises and ordeals undreamed of by us surely lie ahead for our children. But we can look back on the triumphs that have been wrought through great leaders of our nation such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and be encouraged. Indochina Conflict F105 Wild Weasel Makes Protective Reaction Strike SAIGON UPI — The command-. supply route and halted all traf- er of South Vietnamese troops it fic on that portion of it. liaos said today they had cut the . U.S. Spokesmen in Saigon said main portion of the Ho Chi Minn a U.S. Air Force F105 Wild [Tipton High School Sectional Drawing Rules I All high school- team mem-, bers, managers, and cheerleaders will be given one free ticket. Those people who are on the season ticket complimentary list will be offered an opportunity to buy two tickets between 2:00.p.m; and 6:00 p.m. on Friday, February 19th. . Parents of all high school team members, managers, and cheerr leaders will have an opportunity to buy two tickets between 2:00 . p.m. and and 6:00 p.m. on Friday, February 19th. High School faculty members . will have an opportunity to buy two tickets if married and one if single on Friday, February 19th. Students who are members of the cheerblock will be given the opportunity to buy one ticket. All remaining tickets will be distributed through a drawing which will be held in the principal's office. This drawing will be made from the tournament ticket stub which was filled out at the time you purchased your season ticket. To be eligible for a ticket in the drawing you must not have received a ticket through any of the above opportunities. The list of those who had their names drawn will be in the Tipton Tribune on Saturday, February 20 and Monday, February 22nd. The tickets may be purchased on Monday only; February 22nd. between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. at the high school principal's office. Only the ticketholder or a member of the immediate family may pick up tickets. A reserve list will be drawn in case some tickets are hot. picked up arid those drawn will be notified by telephone. Price for the tourney booklet will be $4.00. Due to the change., in sectional site there will be only one ticket sold and it will cover all four sessions. There will be no confetti, hats, torn paper, noise makers, banners, poster, shakers, long trumpet horns allowed in the gym.; Movie cameras and flash cameras will not be allowed in the gym. .: Lost and found will be located in the south concession stand in the main entrance. .Articles dropped under rollaway bleachers may be picked, up after games are over. Custodian or usher will be the only persons allowed under, the stands at any time. .| The assignment of game officials and their decisions will be considered final. Schools enter the tourney with this understanding. ';';'• . Ticket holders should put their name and the name of the school on the back of their ticket. Weasel made a "protective reaction" strike against a Communist missile site in North Vietnam. In Vientiane American sources reported the accidental bombing of a "clandestine army" base at Long Chen in U.S. planes. Lt. Gen hoang Xuan Lam told newsmen his 16,000 troops were as far as 18 miles inside Laos. Referring to Communist traffic on the Ho Chi Minh Trail he said "I .have cui their road their main supply road" but added that he expected" further fighting as the Communists' try to regain control of the trail. In another section of Laos UJS. warplanes accidentally bombed the headquarters of a "clandestine army" organized by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), killing 10 persons and wounding 20. according to American sources in Vientiane. Several clusters •)< \>.--i- personnel bombs were dropped on the base at Long Cheng, about 80 miles north of Vientiane, fie cipital of Laos, on Sunday by two U.S. Air Force Phantom jets. The jets apparently dropped their bombs too early because of .the (Continued on page six) Marine Killed, Four Wounded By Military Police BOSTON . (UPI>-A. military police patrol in Vietnam opened' fire on five Marines who said they would not return to their outfits, killing one and wounding another, the Boston Globe, said today. The report was based on a stipulation of facts accepted by both the prosecution and defense at the, court-martial in Da Nang of Pvt. Michael D. Maynard of Jordan, Utah. , Maynard, who has a Vietna r . mese wife, went AWOL in August, 1968, the record shows. He was arrested and sentenced to a year in jail for desertion and started serving his sentence in Da Nang in January, 1969. He escaped in April with another prisoner, Ronald Rouse, and went to Hao Phat where his wife lived, the Globe said. There they hid with two other escaped soldiers, Patrick Burns and David Leibold, and another soldier Maynard did not name. They were discovered in April, 1969, the Globe said. "The MPs were setting up ambushes, just waiting for AWOLs they would set up in the night with guns and everything," Maynard said. "Whenever anybody would come out they would shoot. And I know they killed two . Americans that I am sure of." The Globe said he said they were recognized as AWOL and were asked to give themselves up on April ,29, -1969. They talked for about 30 minutes in a tense situation where • both the patrol and the Marines put their M16s off safety and ready •to fire.' J.. •. ' ; •. -. | .' "Then somebody said something," Maynard said. j "I think it was Burns who said 'we don't want to fire fight I think it was Burns T)ut we're not going you' and who said back.' "They [said all right," May. nard continued. "They put their guns on safety, and we put ours back on safety." . j j Then, ' Maynard said, the sergeant leading the patrol said, "Well, pk, we'll let you 1 go. There's no problem, you know. But this assistance patrol is trie Bridge To Lead Farm Estate Discussion Farm estate planning will be the discussion Wednesday at the fourth farm management class. The meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. at the high school ag. classroom.: Irle Bridge will lead the discussion. Bridge • has been involvea\in over 200 estate planning ventures. He has been quite concerned in past years about the individual farmer arid the personal investments he has. Bridge being a former agricultural teacher in a Hamilton County school system has worked close to the farmer and his estate problems over the major part of his life. For more information call Ste­ phenCraig at 675-4567. coming, so why don't you give .! us something so we can show • them we apprehended you ... and we'll just say you escaped " The AWOL soldier, in the same unit as the sergeant, (Continued on page six) SpOOks F'rol IC — Photoed with the "thing" at the Tipton Liricoln School Fun Frolic Saturday night are Randy Robinson (left) and Nolan Pyke (right) with bucket of "eye-balls" in the dark House of Horrors. Robinson was made up like Frankenstein withj scars and mask-like facial features and was placed in an open! casket so flashing light would fall on his ashen face as visitors I passed by in the darkened room. Pyke had paper bucket withj peeled grapes into which he had paid, customers to place their hands and-, tell them that the slippery items were eyeballs. The Lincoln School Fun Frolic and Fair has been one of the favorite school patrons projects for several years. (Staff Photo by Eldon Cage) pyp- p r o| ic Mrs. Ruth Holllday (right) showing Fish Pond sign to Lincoln School Room visitors Saturday night as little visitors use poles, string and hook to fish over curtain, where PTA Mothers assist in "big catch" by placing prize on hook. Scores of other concessions and booths attracted the big ones as well as the little *uns at the Annual School Fund PTA Fun Frolic. (Staff Photo by Eldon Cage) ' A

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