Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California on February 14, 1923 · 27
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Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California · 27

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 14, 1923
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LI LI 1 0 0-0 65-7-0-0-0-0-0- 0- 0- 0 -0- 0 - 0- 0-0-0-0 1 -5tItSt 0tqa-lt5'-5t--It2 o I 1 o I I o t0 l 0 a IQ 0 0 0 0 0 o 1 1 DI 1 I 0 i I o lei to u'n-17(aotenmskallgo BANE THE 5AVING5! 101 101 lo I io I 1 o I II lo I ol I lo I -04i o 1431 H 0 LI i E - Eliminate ignition a n d 0 starting trouble Guaran teed one year $335 0 OUI 111011014f 30r Xl 44o Your faith in us is the chief reason why we sell more auto tires and accessories than any other retail establishment in the world We would be undeserving of that faith if we did not give you the best tires and accessories for less money money Immense Stocks! VIOLET LENS A better light without t h e glare Nationally accepted 1 for its beauty listinction and - efficiency Complies with I a NV requirements $150 Pair FANSTEEL TIMERS -61 NJ C117:45t-gki 1 ( s44 'lig 4 ' rf 0 1)1 'tA 'iS1WkililLiv 1 I 4 14 10 4 Ptdi TOP RECOVERS '‘7I1)- OW A new roof at a small cost Outfits furnished complete—ready to slip over the old frame For All Cars $650 Up 1 Pasadena 205 Brand Blvd Glendale Alert Service ti 'Klassy Step Plates' rt$ Kick plate barred rubber mat and shoe scraper in 0 n a A necessary accessory at a special price $165 Each FAN 1BELTS ati r0i rtUll lb Your fan' belt may go at any moment Be prepared and carry an extra one Belts for all carsi ranging in price from 25c and Up - - -- °Western a& 111 Aug 1 1z1 II Guaranteed Goods! 0 O El Genuine Champion X Spark Plugs Nationally 1 known and used F o r ?! Fords and Ov- — erlands The t price t consist- ' z cut with our ' policy is only 45c Each BRAKE LINING LINING "Never Burn" brake lining like a true friend will not desert you in an emergency 25c to 75c Per Foot STEWART SPEEDOMETERS The new type warns when to oil a n d grease the important parts You need one Price $1290 MI 6650 Hollywood Blvd C01411 S Spring St 2205 N Broadway 1200 S Main St 1rd and Western Ave: 73 W Colorado I sloneta Ave and 43rd - - - 1145PIS 65 STORES IN THE WEST Pico and Alvarado 2nd and Main MAIN STORE Alhambra 911-17 South Grand Avenue Zrag2-710 0 A ° oo t5t5t5t5t5 5?Se:5-e: 0-o-a U D D D D 1 0 a '' Akri5-444 1 0 a 1 I 0 o 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 ' I ' I 1 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o a 0 0 0 0 : g00 One E ii3-c S:I 0 ory sn ERA -VS7 Mr Me orl vaar Pninmonomp4 ' " 'v ""'21-‘ 11' 1 : '41!044140 '' " ''14'' 4 40 411t''1" K' iw177 -vitt '40 511 $4$1k 1 ''t ' ) ITO : $144' 14 ' b 0 :) 4 f: 9 1 I i 44 (lter6 WOÁZ717 Cir-ZTS NAMS Flying Phaeton 5 pass $1695 Here Bungaloo Coupe 4 pass $2165 Here s Wilthire Sedan 5 pass $2275 Here They Said It Couldn't Be Done— BUT HE DID IT Behind the racing wheel or "fighting the flying circ 3" with odds stacked high against him inanY a time they said It couldn't be done—but he did it None ever questioned the advanced design or quality of the car that bears his name But a r'ar an when Itickenbacker 6 waa announced certain "wise guys" said it couldn't be done Such a car could not be sold for such a low price—as soon as the car 'went over the price would advance or the company would go broke" In its first year the Rickenbacker Motor Co declared a handsome dividend (an almost unparalleled record of success) And now comes "Series B" with tho same two ftrwheel vlbrationless motor an air cleaner that reduces carbon and increases power a differential brake equaliser that takes the guess work out of brake adjustments Theae and !cores of other refinements yet the price remains the same Maybe it couldn't be done—BUT HE DID IT Open evenings until 0—Sundays 9 a to to 1!10 ' HARRY A SPERI — Vice Pres Retdit Sates LEON T SHETTLERO 4 42 " Ative Dealer Sell You a Live Car-(iv SO TIOULKOA ST-1410PIE alierf140 MOLLYWOOO—Olton bletors JUL OCEAN PARIC—Navloo Gorses A-111 A ORAN' FILLMORE—E P Irwto OXNARD—Timms F Walden CORONA—W I Peeler — LEWIS P REED LOUIS NECRENT Vice Pres Ole lode Met Service Menem PADDOPWA—E Grant Herweof LONG SIDON—O W Roberts WDITTIER—J L O'Donnell DIVEPOIDE—Iteleoln L Bees BAN BERNAROlN0-1 O MAI itAWIEY—Hal G Wert BAN DIEGO--enewillLoo LOS ANGELES EVENING EXPRESS WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 14 1 923 I ‘EXPRESS WANT ADS ARE PRODUCING At5 Ikk121410-trlitlrs EXCELLENT RESULTS DAILY 111044 0 $ wow4wonb4apmp4o4pipL — — 000ww4olwAwmoEw Embodiment of Refinement Stateliness 1 The California Oakland Company herewith presents an illustration of the factory's latest creation Oakland 1923 five-passenger touring car It stands as its own recommendation to the public FULLER DISCUSSES MANYSIDED QUESTION OF TAXES 1 AGAINST TRUCK OPERATOR HAT is happening at Sacramento with regard to motor vehicle regulation is being' watched with particular intensity by truck OWIleig Is the day of the gasoline-eating behometh done? And if so will the fast little auto freighter be the survivor? These are vital questions not only to the truckman but to every Californian a R Fuller president of the White Auto Company White truck distributing medium believes I "Some operators want a law that will Permit giant loads to be trundled over the California high- ways Mr Fuller continues': "Others I are willing to concede a lighter load limit providing they are not i I weighed down by taxes and license 1 I on other scores I"All feel that some means of collecting revenue for the maintenance of state highways In whieh! all - users of those highwaye share in '— 'proportion to the amount they nee - 'them W01111 be more nearly fair and - square than any system aimed at the overburdening of any on group I I ' "The White Auto Company Sells I I White trucks to some in all groups 1 11 the heavy independent hauler the ' ' I mew afilltifillt frailehiSe hauler the passenger-bus I letal 1 cperator the local transfer operator the commercial institution with a private fleet 1 "We want every White truck 1 owner to get a square deal at the hands of the state legislature and 1 we believe that if each legislator ' !could spend one dny beside the man 'at the wheel of a truck he would r-A! go back to Sacramento and vote a bill that would not only satisfy the r Itruck operator but would be help- ff ful to the people of the state as a osamaapasssa whole 6 "A gasoline tax la one proposal I i ft eeerna to have merit in some 11!45 I ways but it is attacked by many ' truckmen on the claim that it would throw an unfair burden upon the leg: hauler who operates entirely within the limits of a municipality making I many starts and stops in his short rure which causes him to tise more gasoline than the long hauler on the state highway Ma Standard "Many truckmen however would probably be In favor of a gas tax it they were sure It would be employed entirely as a highway maintenance fund of the state and kept for that specific purpose - "This group contends that it divides the tax more evenly because every gasoline user must pay according to the amount he burns: but 46P ino il I I hey also feel that that emelt a tax A should be very carefully handled Otis 11111111 and that the revenue thus obtained i ought to be large enough to min- t r imize other means of obtaining i os moneys for state administration as : ilb applied to automotive regulation and I highway improvement "Then there is the group which I advocates placing the burden or highway maintenance directly on ) Buick Close the chief highway users the truck I Are Naha operator The crux of the whole argument Buick doped bodies seems to be between the slow-heavy are built by Fisher hauler and the light-fast transport es a wet with pros-man" eleamehaess Partii Fuller says White trucks will solve I to extra Wrong briar the problem for the truckman no I too construction Mil matter what the legislators decided : proof and free free I trimming is of the 6 to do about the matter FORD DISTRIBUTOR PLEDGES SERVICE A service agreement guaranteeing a year upkeep of every car sold is offered by J Benj Fah veteran Ford dreier By this arrangement Mr Fatly guarantees to keep in good mechanical condition the cars purchased from him during the year follov-ing purchase for the sum of $85 This is added to the initial cost of the machine Mr Fahy whose place Of business is at present ut 1042 South Grand avenue hut which is to be changed to a new building on Figueroa street between Eighth and Ninth streets recently inaugurated the guaranteed service plan the character of service outlined in the signed agreement being quite general and covering all normal needs in operation of the car This service includes such labor and parts as are normally required to keep the auto in good mechanical condition but does not include "replacement of tires upholstery top accessories or any parts thereof or repair or replacement of lost or stolen parts nor the repainting or refinishing of any part of the car nor any service necessary as the result of accident collision neglect faulty or inadequate lubrication or damage occasioned by Water tire or freezing' SIMMEININIONII Buick Closed Bodies Are Fisher Built Buick doped bodies for all mesitele ars built by frieticr They me built as a unit with provisions to insure statmehowa Particular attention to extra strong bracing and epeeist' tcp construction make them sound proof and free from rattle Thew trimming is of the finest quality se k Woo the hardware MOM CADILLAC RETAINS CLASS OF WORKERS - --- The Cadilhie organization i S noted for Ps temarhably low labor turnover Throughout the rank and file of the employes Cadillac workers are selected men They pass a medical examination Their eYes and hearing and general health must be good In most cases they are specialists in their line of work The uorkers take pride lit their produet a nd combine Inspiration with their oraft:manship When better automobiles Fours 2 Pass Roadster $106 5 Pass Touring 1073 3 Pairs- Coups— 1415 5 Pasts Sedan 1655 I Plum Tr &aka 31570 11 a r e n If ot jt- itt - i 4 tisile 1 'Ci 4 1 A ) ' L g5:--:v r mg:1141111 -41 'w 4'''' 0te:1-77704 ''11'4111- i-"C'IL'14ok-!Z --- Cç e 16711 -- FIGUICROA aTatic-r sr" Why we call it the "Concourse" Y OUR dictionary says that a con- course is a gathering of many peoples a convergence of many roads to a central point Concourse de la Chevrolet is the convergence of all our efforts where Satisfaction Is Paramount Hundreds of people gather here if') select their Chevrolets It is the Mecca of Chevrolet Service and every owner and prosneetit'o owner will find here at all times that widell makes for ahsolutt and continued satisfaction We do not (leal inertly in Chevroleis Nye give you a Ng broad all-embracing service tvhieli will deliver to you permanent satisfaction Open from 8 a rn to 9 p m Daily Sundays and Holidays notv't P Fit e CORPORATION PO LOS ANGELES PHONE Wt3 6360 Ilepaits on All Cars Work that satisfies at Inlets that give you yonr money's worth No job too small or too big WASHBURN & RYUS ltl 1VES JEFFERSONT ST Telephone 201-23 Nation Wide Approval Everywhere this new 1923 Buick Four Cylinder Sedan with its lustrous finish beautiful interior and modest price is the center of attraction A lowered center of gravity has made it possible to set its beautiful roomy Fisher body lower and the high hood line and longer cowl give a streamline of unusual grace and beauty When you sit at the wheel you too cannot help approving the many innovations the fortunate owner never tires of telling about BUICK MOTOR COMPANY FLINT MICHIGAN Division of General Motors Corporation Pioneer Builders of Valve-in-Read Motor Cars lenteeten In AU Prketioesi Citiao—Doakers Rosrposisana 2 ease Roar later $1400 5 Pass Touring— 1425 5 Pats Touring Sedan 2240 5 Pass Sedan 2300 F 0 B Lee Angeles 0 Sixes 1 ilent Timing Gears For All Motors kuto Gear Co of L A 1213 South Hope Pass Coupe4220 7 Pass Touring $690 7 Pass Sodom 25 2S Sport Roadster 1890 Sport Touring 1945 D-114 M IP award AUtsitobile Company Co s (Angeles 1323-25-27 South Bawer Street built Buick will build them VALVE-OH-VE) --7:77:(0)2---4 :41 :::::::- : -- i1 ' 1 ' '' '' 4 I III' -' 1 t 4 11 m -'41- l 10ei -I 1 tot ffimuint rt(li ti 1 1 A (t s i ' ' 'IA' 11 71 '' 4 ---) k hs -'1iE!!Ei t:t:ff--:---: ::- 4lio A- - -Ay" ' --:::- ::::::: Irri Brre : i:--- -----:EF::: l':: 1-4-'7 ' ' " : m Si - 4 tir I — WI tx! 4 1 r — o ' 4111 I -T " - t 4 I! 4 rA n—)c- s 1 —1r ' r ' :0 ': ' I ::::1 1 C t t14i AN'' ' 1- a 4 't 6 k''401 2 ' ' t1151041!' at 1cio - ' - 4' 10101411 :11:10 ' ! : :vtOf tit ' 1 ti ir rr"AletiEpk-:: fl!612 '''''' '416" :'a1421:' : :' t '::: : ' tit : ':a:: '47114: A ii " Me In ab W 1 lit k 4 v 1f V "fAr l': ra Standard of Comparison 24110 044 10A01 Or tvhti 1AL --- nob' - f - coppoRA-1:1:17:::eLe5 01 T 3 : go11111 11 i I : ii r IN 417:41I01' 1 4 4 - '4 4 : I 1 I 1 t il lift 4 N 000 m its 1 - k '''-' ' i f 1 '''''‘ ' '' çr f

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