The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 30, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1908
Page 5
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MONDAY, .NOVEMBER SO, 1908. THE BAKER SFIEL: Have Your Christmas Engraving Done Now It's just as easy now to come n and select your stnias srnts HH it is later on—and ^specially those that nred engraving. You haw all experienced mrd time you've had in getting presents engraved the last few d a y s fore Christmas—avoid buying your that this* year rlstmas gifts ou'll have move time for se- Hrrtions, the Christmas crowd will not ho hero, Hie engravers will have more time and you'll D'Heur Said Have Resigned Kern City See Our Attractive $20 Tailored Suits .- ml it tor nil around Our store IH brimming over with useful and appreciative Christmas FOUR WEEKS TO CHRISTMAS Thorp was a rumor rec'Ovcd Into this nft*»rnoon to tin* effect that A. % O'Hunr, formerly resident ongineor of the Southern Pacific at Kern, but for tho past two or throe years district *MiKlnp«M' for tlu* souther treneral <lis- tricl. lorntod ;it Los Ang-oles, has resigned his position, and has accepted the position as general manager of the Associated pipe line with offices In San Francisco. \\VII tailored suits imnlf of tiu- now hard Uvistod niatn-ials u Ion-tit cnnts. iiuorl \vith I Petty Crimes n Iwo-tt.ih'd stripe ofiVcts: iiHHli satin; cm with ,\ pnrtinlly tilteil hack iui«l a front ; havc'ninmiish Impels mnl collars; 1-uivr sl^-vs with '•tiffs; ha-... full iroivil skirts trimmi'il with tt fo'»1 Told. I ;nv stylishly tailored, tliot ' ivlialil.- and n l American Je welry SOLOMON 6. LAW 1420 19th8t We Lend Money at 7 1-2 per cent per annum on improved farm property. Long terns—easy payments. Funds unlimited. Look into the matter further and get more details. Bakersfield Abstract Company GEO. HAY, Mgr. Cheater Ave. and 19th Basement GOVERNMENT NATURALIZATION EXAMINER VISITS HERE, Frederick Jones, United States natural tznf ton examiner, with headquarters in Los Angeles, IB here today going over the records of naturalizations in this county. He also represented the government in the application of a number of persons for citizenship. in Judge Bennett's court this afternoon. WHY THE STANDARD OIL FORMED A TRUST. NEW YORK, Nov. 30.—John D Arch bold resumed his testimony in the Standard Oil case today. He said the formation of the trust was done as a simple effective form of holding the scattered property of the company. Complaint was filed some time ago by Charles Whltaker against P. PJcrrs charging the crime of defrauding a Hvery stable keeper, but it was until yesterday that Constable Stroble was able to arrest Pierre. He has just perved ninety days for the same offense committed (a Bakers field and when he appeared before Judge Man ion this morning he was given forty days more. TO GIVE SOCIAL DANCE. The P. N. G. Association of Rebek- aim will give a social dance at Kaar'» Hall on Friday evening, December 4. Admission, 25 ccnta. Brarybody Invited. 107 The Bon Bon for HOT DRINKS, OYSTER COCKTAILS AND CANDY T. C. COPPiN, Prop. Phone Main 251 Kahler Says: Compound Syrup Eucalyptus with Muriate of Ammonia is an 'absolute safe and a mighty handy preparation to keep in the house. A valuable remedy for Colga, Bronchial Catarrh, Spasmodic Croup and all diseases of the air passages. When every home in Bakersfield has a bottle of it on hand there >vill be a great deal less coughing. Remember that we are headquarters for Guaranteed Rubber goods—At right prices. • FOR SOLID COMFORT Go to the GRANADA HOTEL Sutter and Hyde Sts. San Francisco $3,50 per day American plan. Headquarters for Bakersfield. BAKERSFIELD DRUG CO Kahler Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 Corner 19th & I 8ta, *;* *_t n HAVt STEAM HEAI *' •• r -' . *-••••••* MAIN 1 PRICER I0c, 25c MATINtES SATURDAY, , 35c, 10c, 25c, ('* •L Cunnin mam T * LJ. 1 onight owing Wind EXTRA ATTRACTION—On Wednesday evening the company will make up for their various characters in full view of the audience. Curtaui rises at 8 o'clock. "Tongy" Cuen, Frank Cuen and Howard, ages 12, 8 and 9, respective ly, were arrested Saturday on the charge of burglary. The three boys entered the Beale Avenue school and made it their business to do as much damage as possible. Several quart bottles of Ink were broken and tho contents distributed up and down the aisles, ink wells were taken out of the different desks and overturned on top of the desks, and pencil boxes were broken into. After they had done this they made their way to the top of the building and leisurely proceeded to survey the country. Mrs, Tom Orr reported the matter and charges of burglary were placed against them, the warrant being served by Constable Strobl.e Two years ago the Bakers street school was entered and articles amounting to the value of $15 were taken from Prlnci* pal Pauly's desk, and it is surmised that the same boys were guilty of tho deed. The boys were brought before Judge Marlon but owing to the extreme youih of all three the Judge, on a promise of the parents to send the boys out of the county, continued the case indefinitely. • At the jail the lads confessed to; having turned in false alarms, to hnvp * short circuited the power line on dif ferent occasions, and to have commit- i teed many small depredations. D. BURKHALTER VERY ILL IN SACRAMENTO. D. Burkhalter, superintendent of the Sacramento Division is very 111 at the Sacramento hospital. At 1 o'clock yesterday word was received here that' th*» doctors had given up all hope ofj hie recovery. He passed a very bad night last night. All of his family are with him except his daughter Margaret, who is now in Europe. A SPECIAL MEETING. New Kimona's Low Prices A"* 1 carry a full line of hoth ;md short kimonos in either "I dark colors. They are nil cut full wide and are well made throughout have the very nowent sleoves and art? attractively priced from 65c to $2.50. We also show a tasty line of hath and iounging robes matin of all wool 'eiderdown In n good selection of colorings; they are priced from $6.50 to $7.50. Skirls All Prices These hula av« all mad-- nV ih<- boat of materials and ivlmun"l with i, R race and unusualnoss that nnvk^ them very much admired. Soi» thorn tomorrow while tho ussortnu'nr is nt us boat. They ;iro actually worth $J*). t . ... Many are <trinnno,i with * and ribbons, others with velvet* and ornaments, whilo many «ro trimmed with largo bows of r«v ban On for onl> ..$5.00 LTO C ft TEA Beats elano Kern NOTES AND PERSONALS. The Delano nine and the Kern Stars crossed bats on the Cuneo diamond yesterday afternoon and the former won by a score of 5 to 2. Frank Gun- left last night for Loseo made the first score for Kern and cer/es There will be no meeting tomorrow afternoon of St. Barnabas Guild. Ross Francis left Inut nivht f™ t ™ e will attend the Har- Don Hatfleld made the second with a 001 fyr boys. home run. "ppoi of AieKittrlck has come The last time the two teams played •n to attend school during the (together was at Delano about three . . . i , , .weeks ago, when the Kern boys won or LOS Angeles is in^town by a score o f 9 to 3. The tie will be played off sometime in the near fu- i was in There will be a special meeting tonight of Pythian Sisters of Monroe temple and all members are requester! to be present. ^^m BORN. M a x on business. M. Bidart of Rio Bravo town today. Mrs. May A. Clark, grand chief of the Pythian Sisters, will pay the local iodge an official visit the 14th of Do- oember. T, M. Kano, who accompanied the remains of Tommy Reed, the brake- mnn. who was killed some time ago KAAR—In Kern, Nov. 28, to Mr. and j | n UoBhen, to his home in the east, 'has returned home again. Mrs. Chas. Kaar, a son. WON THE CUP. A. J. Woodcroft haK taken a po.-il- as clerk in the division aocounV ant's office. Mrs. F. N. Dohhs and son have re- MELBOURNE, Nov. 20.—The Aus Iranian players Today won tho Davis TlirnfMl from « visi * in '-os Angeled, cup by dot'eatlne Wrieht and Aloxan•! Mrs< Jake AJI(in has Lr()m ' to ture. The line up was as follows: Kern—A. Cuneo, catcher; G. Gilles- ple, pitcher; T. English, first base; Don Hatfleld, second base; C. Potts, third base; Harry Cooper, left field; a. Hay, center field; £. Premo, right field; F. Cuneo, shortstop. Delano—A. PHts, pitcher; Timmons, '.catcher; Granger,- first base; Dyer, second base; M. Potts, third base; Neil, short stop; Valencia, loft field; Herges, center field; Wolf, right field. Tom Burke officiated as umpire. We hnv<» thoni. Our is complete and w<» would be pleased to hnve. yon call or tfiv<* ns an order for anything in the grocery line. Our stock of liquors is always kept \ip~to the standard Now that Chmttfias 1 time is near and you want to put in a supply of good things to eat and drink don't worry about where you are to get it. Just member Pasquini Bros «ler. the Americans, in tho sincles. * OC1AL FRID NG ECEM national | Barbara to visit hor mother, who quit** ill. Mrs. C. \V. Cruise lias rohirnod from a visit in Kos Armo/rs. .J. I 1 . Fox of Kos An.mMos is fn town A. riaiiHfH'iTo, a Klu-'ffiin.'m. 1* in Ji'oni Hi*' \\Vod Patch Mrs. Marry Pu^h ;m <l riiif-o ;iro tho ^m-sts of tho jKtrouts, Mr, Mud .Mrs. D, II. C. K. HutTnmu haw Oakland, \vlx.-M*o In- went .lohn (lr«'on, who has lu'en visiting his motluM- for a 1'rw .lass vrnmit'd tn \Vasco t\iiw inovuiuu. Trainumsli-r <;roy wmt io Kvt-^no this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Ko/rosl in i'roni Hucna V^t« Lake yrstenluy Mfs.s (Jcnnidc Uo\v*\ \vlrn has tho KUi'Hl of past fi-u /Ics to I'l'jnaiu until aftor mas. ,loc Cnda was In today I'roni I'itneJi in Yitidand. Mrs. AIIco Kituo, brother of lh<» la(o 1209 19th St Main 655 Prompt Delivery, , > >ii i\iu nil, >\ lil-'j (* IJt' \VOIll K* 1 VO*"l I I ''1 VS •-• • • .-..-- . fiKo as a r«\nwntnt\\:-> of !!,o i',,-,'] T«iininy H"*',i is up iTnin •"} for tit* 1 »nM \ onJfi' of HuilorniaU M-s. I.flaiKl Rills, wJio has of Moi Ic r'osior in ^ ( , \vo*-k roiurjiod lio'in Mr. iin-I Mrs. A. \Y. MrUas- )jav«- r-» ''.T'noil Inuii a visit \\\ { r»..-,tm. Mr, and Mrs. (\ n Maun-r ur.vo taki-n apariniouts ar th* 1 Alicia. Mrs, A. li. Hoss has 1ak< ; n th*,- pnsition as piaaisi ;,i 1)10 Maj"siic tht-aior. Sixteen lots, south half of block l."0 on K street Ictweon King and Uoali'. *.ppoKtto Ilealo avenue s-r-hool .IOUHO, K'.-rn. For sale at $GO a lot. Would make an idoal homo For j Drills wri(o to OiarJus T, Zensen, 1't'H; Manilou uvi-ntio, California. <'nsh /inrphy has n-Ninu^l j'ront a visit io his obi home in Ohio. MISH Isabel Wablri'i) h;is M'turni-i] to ' !t ' ! ' school in !)).• \'iti*-hin.| <iiMrir< Miss \li to siniinhit'it I)* 1 )- )n'n\hor's affnivs. H. A, Hoot of Mc-Kitfrlck is in town for a (V\v days. Mrs, Fr*'d Hamilton cam^ up fri Santa MarJiara \osiorday to visit l\ molhor. Mrs. W. M. Oyster. Mi^uoi Ktch'-niipH 1 . a UoHfstnle Bh man. is in town on btisinesa. lUiti McDonald ba« Rone to work i ho Yellow Ast'-r mino at Rnmlsb'u Mrs. Kuo Halsion lonve.« tonight Woodland. Myi-tlif-n hns resigned its mail clerk in (ho K ofth'o and bns K»»e to Snn Franci .1. S. t'liillips will Htiocemi ])im, I. H. Turnor and fnmily have g| Il.tkiM-sficl'J to HFF1 AN VJ.J ,^l .rfi rf/nLi ^ * „ -H Millinery 1329 19th S s<»<» our Visit Bakersfteld's Finest Millinery Shop sliou'tfiir of NI-\V York's latest tuoilds. Our [H'ict's °2~) p"!' oi-nl loss I ban olsc\vhi i ro. \V<* carvy N'lit'h-iiaily tar^o liti-- of shap»-s ;HM| trimmings. \V« rn«k<? a N| oiiihy "]' I'.'iiMMlrlirfL!. I'rin^ in your old hats or trimmings a r a new hat )ji;nlo of • — , 11 , . • r «-f)i tn--!ids for I T**^* IwSftl • '•••'r", lit-. v § ihc M* i ropojo. n. \V. Alalo»M Is In noni Coali.u: •fock Kllis IMS it'iurui'<| iiifcb-s. \\ hcj'.- j j( . iu,s boon vi-'i - dutitilitr-r, Mrs. Alma Sloncr Mrs. (.), A. V.unon of. !<«•• n.- i ; U'Hf of .Mrs. O. i>ar;ow i.,r u VOICE CULTURE MISS JANE BARBER Late etroit Conservatory o M C. J. • .' nv. President Arthur S. Or,t<v Cashier, I • 1 STAND! it a ' ' s ! U Inn:] a A<;<'rumls. sniijrrt invited, Capital $GO ; 00(J.OO. irttci' •,-. ;tv can tliis •m ian f',-" h. 1 ' \ iu^T si rt 'j- fi j,h'-ci jutu. i fa !n> 1 > ii >ii ion lil:<- llanl; of K* ni To Bakery net Studio Phone 338 Main U Residence Main 3 CARRIERE'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC «Mft MORLEY'S THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2007 Chester Avenue Continuous Performance Admission lOc »i L No Higher STRICTLY HIGH CLASS MOVING PICTURES AND IULU8TRAT SONGS; FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. 7:30 to 10:30 P. M. OX OFFICE OPEN 7:15 to 9:15 A Neyro in P.-rris (comedy) Hurry Up Please (Comedy) His Own Son ftpecial) The Shoemaker (comedy) Crazed by Jealousy (cjrama) An Awgul Shock (comedy) SONGS—"When the Birds Go North Again" "Dear Old Dl

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