Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California on March 1, 1920 · 1
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Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California · 1

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1920
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FINAL EDITION 45 CENTS A MONTH Catered as sonedoltaa attest tarall a !gilt at Oa potatik at Los Amiletaa Calif Vadat IL afat et omegrofe LI blaratt I 1179 Pea Mated ally altoopt linaday a 'VOL MAX NO 292 Oldest Daily in Los Angeles 250 BEER UPHELD BY 5ISCONSIN DECISION Ii Auselbut Pm' MILWAUKEE Wis March I—Manufacture and sale of 250 per cent beer in Wisconsin was legalized in a decision handed down today by Fed era! Judge Geiger in the test case brought by the Manitowoc Products Company for an injunction to halt enforcement of the Volstead act Iy his decision Judge Qeiger held the Mulberger law thus assurn: ing that Etat° prohibition laws take precedence over federal regulation The decision resulted from the filing of an injunction suit by the Manitowoc Products Company a coneolidation of three breweries at Manitowoc to restrain enforcement of prohibition legislation in so far as it interferes with the manufacture of beer containing 2 Per cent alcohol It was claimed by counsel for the company that congre:e acted illegally in limiting alcoholic contents of imam whin can be sold under the constitulional amendment to an amount lesti than half of I per cent It was also- argued that the Mulberger law yerrni tting sale of 212 per cent beer in Wisconsin has precedence over later federal limitations BRIEF SAYS 18TH AMENDMENT USURPS POWER OF STATES By Asseelatdd Press WASHINGTON March I—The 18th amendment "is a direct invasion of jurisdiction and powers of the state and the rights of its people" the state of Rhode Island declares in it: brief filed in the United States supreme court today in reply to the government's motion for the dismissal of its action to obtain injunctive relief from the amendment The brief flied by Attorney Gen Drier flied in tne united Ntatos su- - - prairie court today in reply to the government's motion for the els- —Photo copyright by nulerwooS & roPrwood missal of its action to obtain in- Picture shows Lilyan Tashman in marvelous oriental creation which startled Junctive relief from the amendment Greenwich and captured prize at Bohemians' Chu Chin Chow ball The brief filed by Attorney Gen- era' Herbert A Rice of Rhode I r 11 r I asserts that the government's view ISplendor and Brilliance of that the amendment is unassailable cn only lead Lo anarchy and op- J Bizarre Gown pression" It contends that it is the court's duty to keep congress in its Win Prize at Bail amendments to the constitution "within the scopeand jurisdiction of federal authority" and "maintain An idea of the strartlingly brilliant that line of division between federal creation with which Lilyan Tashman and state powers" which has "for so dazzled the worlds most severe many years insured the harmonious critics of dress—the residents of operation of our dual system of govGreenwich Village in New York—was eminent" ordained and established obtained here today with the arrival as perpetual Itntncnva nh nf t ha n rt hat Vflrhpli "Acceptance Means Revolution" The theory of government "ifi So subversive of fundamental principles that its acceptance would bring about a constitutional revolution" continues the brief "It would convert the sovereignty (VONTINUND OM PAGE FOUR) TODAY'S NEWS SUMMARY LF9REIGN Holland Switzerland Norwa y Sweden and Denmark neutrals in the war submit to thit League of Nations a pian for a high court of nations The Associated Press serv ios gives a synopsio of the salient features of th plan a Credit tightens a little and living oat continues upward as shown by reports from all parts of the country Railroad strike leaders are sr rested in Paris Five thousand persons volunteer their services to aid in operation ofathe Italy begins a movement to smoke out D'Annunzio at Fiume - a a a A Mexican bandit attack on the border is ypected Premier Nitti le said to look with favor on a compromise solution of the Adriatic question Poland demands 31500000000 marks in gold as indemnity from soviet Russia in their proposed peace ettlement a e Berlin socialists protest against the plan to compensate the former kaiser for th loos of his throne Mexico inakes the capture of Mar eel Citravo in the state of Tamau lipas and Carrilo Arenas at Puebla Ole occasion for the statement that Villa with a very limited following creation with whicn Lilyan Tasnman Anticipating the arrival' of war-dazzled the worlds most severe rants for their arrest from an critics of dress—the residents of Francisco Jack Dempsey world's Greenwich Village in New York—was! champion prizefighter and his man- obtained here today with the arrival of a photograph of the artist garbed ager Jack Kearns notified United In a costume which riNals in Bolen- States Marshal C C Walton today t dor anything of its daring nature hat they would submit to arrest which has appesred this' year - here The gorgeous costume was the can- The two were indicted by the fed-ter of attraction and first prise win- era! grand Jury in San Francisco ner at the Chu Chin Chow ball given last Friday Dempsey is charged recently at the Hotel des Artiest by with being a slacker and his man-members of the eastern Bohemian ager is charged with conspiring to world aii him In 1111ilitIce h th44 ie the only trouolesome rebel ledoer still at large Profiteers in Belgium are placardd and marched through the streets of the cities as a warning NATION The nation's railway systems arc ! relinquished again to their private I owners under tile operation of the terms of the newly enacted railway legislation a a Attorney General Herbert A Rice of Rhode Island files his brief in the United States supreme court claiming that it is the clear duty of the 1 court to hold congress to the legitimate scope of its federal authority ! and to maintain the line between ! state and facJeral power H says the' sovereignty of the people is being converted into sovereignty of federal officials Federal Judge Geiger of Wisconsin decides that a state prohibition law ha precedence over a federal enactment on the same subject The United States Supreme Court reverses a federal court decree which held that the Sherman anti-trust law does not prohibit resale price fixing unless there is the intent to crests a monopoly The United States supreme court refuges to dissolve the United States Steel Corporation It also holds the New York state income tax act um constitutional Dempsey and Kearns Await Warrants Will not Resist Arrest Begin Field Work for Census on Production By Associated Press WASHINGT9N March 1—The field work for the government's census of manufactures mines and qta-rrIes oil and gas went and forestry and forest products began- today Ninety-eight trained men and DEATH TOLL IN RAID OF MEX BANDITS IS INCREASED By Ana° latod Prea NOGALES Ariz March I—With the death here early today of J A Fraser American stock raiser of Ruby postotfice Mt miles from here the death toll as a reault of a raid by Mexican bandits on - Fraser's general store Friday was increased to two Alexander Fraser J A Fraser's brother and busineas partner died Vriday si4crtly afttr the attack Sheriff R R Esrhart's Posse boa returned to Montana Camp after a fruitless search below the international boundary line for Ezequiel Lara and a companion alleged Mexican bandits charged with the kill log of Fraser and the fatal wounding of Na brother during the raid at Arivaca Ariz Second Poses Recalled A second posse sent out in search of the first was recalled Col E C Carnahan commander of the Nogales military district denied that men of his command had gone into Mexico in pursuit of Lara and his companion Wires Cut by Bandits The Montant camp 30 miles from this place is isolated in so far as telephone and telegraph' cotnmunication is concerned all wires having been cut in the neighborhood of the place by Mexican bandits according to information reaching authorities here Details of the chase by the sheriff's posse are lacking for that reason here British Paper Lauds Wilson's Adriatic Plea By Associstsd Press MANCHESTER England March 1 President Wilson 's letters In the The two were indicted by the fed- I Adriatic Correspondence just pub-era! grand Jury in San Franeiscollished are considered by the Guardian last Friday Dempsey is charged as a refutation "of the reports that with being a slacker and his manager is charged with conspiring to his illness had caused some loss of aid him in avoiding the draft - mental force and balance' It asks: J Robert O'Connor United States 1zzprmy cnargeu with being a slacker and his man- as a refutation "of the reports that ager is charged with conspiring to his illness had caused some loss of aid him in avoiding the draft - mental force and balance' It asks: J Robert O'Connor United Statea If President Wilson is suffering attorney here said he expects the warrants Will arrive in Los Aggeles tnediately upon their ar- from any malady of political judg- today Im pliant could not 00Ine American bac President Wilson is suffering attorney here said he expects the I rival they will be handed over to I teriologist convey' us a few germs Walton to serve Dempsey and that we may Inoculate our European Kearns will be taken before United 'menders?" States Commissioner Long and ex The Guardian continues: reigned and will there give bail It "One's chief regret in reading Presis generally believed they will not ident Wilson' s admirably phrased plea contest removal proceedings to the for a wise and honorable Policy in northern city the Adriatic IM that it should have 'menders?" The Guardian continues: "One's chief regret in reading President Wilson's admirably phrased plea ror a wise and honorable i3olicy in the Adriatic is that It should have been left to him to frame It One feels that England somehow has surrendered her rightful part In the drama Denies& Took Part In Centralia Shooting By Afteciated Prete MONTESANO Wash March 1— Mite Sheehan one of 10 alleged W W on trial here for treemurder of Warren O Grimm Centra71 At more than 1200 special agents began 1 mistice Dny parade victim took the collecting information relating to witness stand in his own behalf production of the country when the sixth week of the trial Director Rogers estimates that opened today Sheehan a native of 111010 than Nix months will be re- Ireland but not a citizen of the (mired to gather the facts and an- United States testified he did not other two months to make - them participate in the ahooting on No-public 1 vember IL Poles Ask 31 Billion Marks From Soviets ey Awe latd Pres COPENHACIEN Mareh 1--Poland Is demanding $1500000000 marks in gold as indemnity from soviet 'Russia in the peace negotiations going forward the National Tit-lend learns MONDAY MARCH 1 1920 -Per f 070 When the sixth week of the trial opened today Sheehan a native of Ireland but not a citizen of the United States testified he did not participate in the ahooting on November Sheehan had no knowledge of an alleged contemplated raid on the hall he testified He said he did not hear the matter mentioned during the time he was in the hall WOOD NOT ON N D BALLOT BISMARCK N D March 1---MajGen Leonard Wood will not file a petition aa a candidate at tho North Dakota preeidential preference primary on March IL it was announced here today FORMER ARMY OFFICER HELD AS BURGLARY SUSPECT Calvin D Armstrong said to have been an °facer in the United States army during the war was arrested today In a room at 245 South Spring street on a charge of suspi slon of burglary sion of burglary ' 1 According to Detectives Barnes 1 and Slayton who made the arrest Armstrong had in his possession a leather coat stolen from A W -Gaedke -wild' is now in South Da-Lott and a -purp1 e bathrobe stolen from H W one of the Hay word hotel -Armstrong is alleged to have robbed many rooms in downtown hotels - He is estranged - from his wife who lives at Garden Grove according to the detectives - Stephens Paroles Girl Jailed for Speeding 11 By Atecoletfd Pros OAKLAND March 1—M1ss Lucile !r Krause freshman student in the - University of California and daugha 1 ter of President Frederick Krause of a the First National bank of Fullerton I was released from the county Jail early this morning following the receipt of an order for parole from - Governor Stephens Miss Krause re Governor Stepnene Avime manse returned at once to her home at Berkeley and her studies in the university She had completed a day and a half of the three-day sentence pronounced against her by Judge Robert Edgar of Berkeley for automobile speeding The governor's action followed his receipt of telegraphic pleas front her father and from Dr Albert Sparks a Berkeley dentist whose machine she was driving' and who pleaded with the court to let him serve out her sentence Carranzistas Capture Two Rebel Chieftains By Associated ems MEXICO CITY March I--Cirri lo Arenas a rebel leader hag been captured by secret military Police at Puebla according to a telegram from flov Alfonso Cabrera of the state of Puebla made public here last night and semiofficial Teports announce the capture of Marcelo Caravo in the state of Tamaulipas Newspapers here in commenting upon the capture of Arenas and Caravo point out the progress made by the present administration toward "complete pacification of the country" before the July elections and the change in the government to an Arne) Lan" a I City Growth Hurts a T My 4 I Covntry Churches By Associated Bross pAN FRANCISCO March I—The United States Is becoming a nation of super cities and the churches are so busy with their ever-changing urban congregations that the country churches are suffering Dr Ralph E Diffendorfer of New York an executive in the world Inter-church movement told a gathering of f'rotestant clergymen of Northern California and Nevada here today High Court Against Resale Price Fixing By Associate Id Press the supreme court WASHINGTON March in- brought by Char terpreting the Sherman anti-trust denying an Iniunc Chicago from fe( at today the supreme court reversed etate officials federal court decrees which held that the statute Shell the litatute Aid not prohibit resale that state He cit price fixing unless there was inten- no authority to? Of creating a monopoly incomes PMMNPJR10 reather: Showers TWO CENTS 'Delivered by ear'18 41 Cent a Month Defeat of Peace Treaty by Bitter Enders Is Predicted L By Associated Press WASHINGTON March 1—An early and unfavorable vote on ratification of the peace treaty was forecast in the senate today when republican leaders replying to the demands of the irreconcilable republican opponents reaffirmed their decision not to accept any change of substance or of language in the republican reservation to article 10 Both sides concede that enough the latter will not carry out the pro- - democratic senators to defeat refill Posed program of prolonged debate cation are determined to stand with TrehseeyiaTIloini ps ruopgpro r t at the threeypudbildi c nal am President Wilson and vote against the last session but will vote as the treaty unless the article 10 quailncation is modified The republican decision today was follOwed by evidences that all the elements in the senate fight would cooperate to end debate and let the treaty issue go undecided into the campaign Some ot the leaders predicted a final vote by Thursday but others thought it would not come before the first of next week Under the agreement between reVublican leaders and irreconcilablea John H Bankhead Alabama's Senator Dies at Washington' By Anctitted Prose WASHINGTON March I—Senator John H Bankhead of Alabama died here today after an Illness of several weeks from grippe Senator Bankhead was 77 years old and hod been a member of the senate since IDOL He had been hi bed for nearly a month His condition had not been considered serious however and until today his physicians had reported hirrreteadity improving The senate adjourned as a mark of respect as soon as Senator Bank-bead's death was announced Senator Bankhead was the oldest member of the senate and the only surviving veteran of the Confederate armies in the body He was leader in the work of the committees on public buildings and rivers and harbors and Was author of the law for federal aid to post roads The Bankhead highway to run from Washington to Los Angeles is named for him Wilson to Answer Last Allied Adriatic Note By Om lotted Prose WASHINGTON March i--President Wilson ha a begun wOrk on his answer to the British and French premiers- on the Adriatic situation In preparation for the actual drafting of his note he has written to Acting Secretary Polk at the state department The nature of the communication was not disclosed President Wilson apparently was planning to make prompt reply to the premiers' suggestion that the United States Join with the British and foreign governments in seeking to bring about a solution of the Adriatic problem through direct negotiations between Italy and Jugo-Slavia Italy Is Willing to Yield on Adriatic By Associated Prosy ROME March 1 (flavas)--Premier NMI Is disposed to accept a compromise settlement of the Adriatic question according to the Mesgagger° Ely this arrangement the newspaper says Italy would not claim territorial continnity betgeen Istria and Fiume on condition that the city be placed under Italian soy ereignty The League of Nations it is said will be in charge of the ad ministration of the port Oklahoma Income Tax Law Upheld in Ruling E kmvnlatool ern 1111a Associated Pres - WASHINGTON March 1---Constl-- 1 tutionality of the Oklahoma income tax act of 1915 was upheld today by the supreme court in deciding appeals brought by Charles 13 Shaffer of Chicago from federal court decrees denying an Injunction sought to enjoin atate officials from taxing under the statute Shaffer's oil holdings' in that state He claimed the state had no authority to tax nonrestdenia' 1: Weather: Showers thay did then against ratification It is understood information laid before Senator Lodge convinced him that no ratification would be possible either frith or without modification of the Lrtic le 10 reservation If it were modified it was haft-noted the irreconcillables might feel disposed to prevent a ratification vote If it were not r odified it was said a combination of irreconcillablee and administration senatore would vote down ratification 63 Are Saved From Steamer Wrecked in Storm Off Halifax By Amiss Wed Press HALIFAX March 1—Sixty-three passengers of the steamship Bohemian which struck on Sambre ledge or Halifax harbor in a snowstorin early today were taken off by tugs and brought to tnis port Tugs stood Dy the vessel which was bound for Liverpool from Boston The 120 members of the crew remained on board By Asses Wed Press BOSTON March 1—Ofilcials of the Leyland line at this port received word today that the steamship Bohemian was not in danger of breaking and probably would float at high tide The vessel has 63 passengers two disabled British seamen and a crew of 120 NAMED NORMAL TRUSTEE SACRAMENTO March 1--The appointment of George Cosgrove Fresno attorney as a member of the board of trustees of the Fresno state normal school was announced today by Governor Stephens Cosgrove succeeds Milo L Rowell of 14'resno who resigned on account of health SAVED FROM DROWNING COLUmi3I3S O Feb 29—David Elkins watchman was saved from drowning when another watchman lowered a tea msho e) into the river and scooped Liiicine from 12 feet of water 11 S FAILS TO SMASH GIGANTIC COMBINE By Associatid Prsys WAS H I NGTON March 1 The supreme court today upheld formation of the United States Steel Corporation and subsidiary combination i in the iron and steel industry Reins-to dissolve the so-called "steel trust" the court dismissed the federal govern ment's Sherman law suit for dissolution In dismissing the federal suit how ever the court ordered such din missal "without prejudice" permitting the government to sus again "if the corporation actually resorts to illegal wrongful or repressive practices" In rendering the decision Justice McKenna said that since 1911 no act in violation of law can be charged against the steel corporatioty and that It was the opinion of the court that the practice complained of ' by the government had been abandoned Justices Pitney Clark and Day tits Rented Affirming the New Jersey federal court 's dismissal of the -government prosecution the supreme court de-dined to enjoin the restraint of trade charged and also denied an order to break up the suner-combination Bald to be the worlds great NWMINUND ON PAGE P(JW') AST-MINUTE NEWS AMERICAN KILLED IN MEXICO LAREDO Texas March 1—Ra7 A' Corcoran an American citizen superintendent of the Santa Gertmdis Mining Company at Pachuca in the MexiCan' state of Hi dalgo was shot and killed last Saturday in his office by a clerk according to information received hese today by local representatives of the company Relatives are trying to obtain permission to bring the body to the United State for burial SHIP BRINOS WEST ALETA'S SURVIVORS NEW YORK March 1--The transport Northern Pacific due to arrive here tomorrow from Antwerp has 41 members of the crew of the wrecked steamer West Meta on board according to radio advices received here today The West Aleta from Seattle for Rotterdam was wrecked off Ter schelling Island in the North Sea last month MEXICANS TO HELP CAPTURE BORDER RAIDERS WASHINGTON March 1—The American consul et Nogales reported to state department today that the Mexkan consul there and General Pita of the Mexican federal army had promised him that every effort would be made to capture the Mexicans whe raided the American side of the border last Friday MOW GETS '10000 POUND PRIZE MELBOURNE Feb 27—Captain Ross Smith winner of the prize of E 10000 or flight from England to Australia hes received a cheek for that aum at the parliarmant house Itri1711 111 )1' it is i I A !VOL: X LL 5u IJPHE 1111Sg DEc — la Autielbut Primo MILWAUK 1—Manufact 250 per cent sin was legalil handed down era! Judge G4 case brought towoc Produc an injunction ment of the V By his decision held the Mulbergc ing that state pr precedence over The decision re trig of an injun Manitowoc Produc solidation of three towoo to restral prohibition legisia interferes with tl beer containing 2 It was claimed company that com In limiting alcohol whin can be sold tui tonal ame nd me lesti than half of also argued that permitting sate of in Wisconsin has later federal limin BRIEF SAYS 1ST USURPS PO By Associated Press WASHINGTON 12th amendment of Jurisdiction and and the rights o state of Rhode 1st brief filed in the pretne court toda government's mot missal of its act Junctive relief fro The brief filed era' Herbert A RI ammerts that the that the amendmi cn only lead to pretcsion" It cont courts duty to kt amendments to "within the scope federal authority that line of divisr and 'Rate powers" many years !flour operation of our d eminent" ordalne as perpetual "Acceptance Mc The theory of subversive of ciples that its bring about a cor tton" continues tt "It would COOVY WO:411N MO 0 REmaysommaanaum TODd ' J1:2R --- Holland Switze Swedsin and Den the war submit Nations a piers fc nations The Ass ioe gives a syno features of the phi Credit tightens test continues ups reports from all pi Railroad strike rested in Paris I sons volunteer th in operation of th Italy begins a rr out D'Annunzio at A Mexican ban border is eypecter Premier Nitti is favor on a comp the Adriatic quest Poland dense murk in geld as soviet Russia in peace ettlement s Berlin sccialisti the plan to comp kaiser for the loss Mexico inakes th eel Catravo in th4 Pipes end Carrlie I ens occasion for t Villa with a very " 1 t - $ 1 ' k kq I 1 k a iI e ' b ) ' 1 J in i 77: N r 71 e 7) ri r) r'm !"4 r1 n - TA I P " r--77-)v 111 t 17 Il iN) 4 t4 L ' A ! f ii 1 1 1 4 1 ' " ') ' t r ' k C r '4 i ' I :3 11 1 1 ' z p t i t - F EirA n I 14- 0 tir 11 ti 0 - -11 ! 1 1 I I I k v ' ' I II 0 4 - i rl ' ' i i t i ' i ) ) t f 0 : a 1 jii L )oi I ::: L 1 1 :' -1 4 -9 I 3 t 1 i 1 V -1 :- :J i I t it:TLI 11 t LEI --4k10T tvi'ii-v-i-4----aq -- dtko1111r1 : - - Eg & i W a 4c111110Bettico tioallellwilt l21 -N 1 1 44-- 4111Ir 1 40914 ‘‘ i° if 11 "Lik I 45 CENTS t w' lir ty 14111W 1 "I ‘ A MONTH If 'IT: 1 FINAL 4 i d ii ' - A f ' t x 4 -'01 1 Al- 1 Di E ITION Catered as tostedoltat aattet - '- t 441 ' 4 't ' ' 1 lama a laic at Ott atotettiot at -0 j 11:1 t )1111 ' N ' 1 7 it ' m Los Aattata Laid MU the ast 7 toi PO 4 r I II I Lt:azilvet alarta4midag rest 11 i 3i t 41k 4 'lc:A 'll---é'Hirl:1114:" 1 -N --- - ---N -- 1 N1 (-01q ' 101Miliii'ff-4fAl -11-- a Alt" 43 CI 0 7 111M7Zi:EIC:0 - M — — — N 1 I GORGEOUS COSTUME 1 ' 4 DAllLES DANCERS' I'' EEL IMUSU 1J111111 rl 41 S h14411 --t --' DI 1i f :: J: : s 4 : - i: '- ''i ' Ir ' '1--- a! : 3:t:'' :i:y4-1':1:?-Po':-flfI: ':r'171rrg7r§rY':'::A '1'''''''' ' ::'''-''--I'''''''q'oiJ--:::'-::-:i::::ii'-''2:‘:i:-:'' t - --: to- k' ' i ' ' l':'v :' Or'4:::2:C ''''''''' ' '''' ''' ::44" : ' : : : '' '':4?!'4''' ::' t p:'" ' 4' V P : ' ' " ' ' t 4 i 4' - il t 1 i i : a t41X 1 '3 '''' ''' ''' '1 'It : °' '' ? 1 'n A'''''':'' 16Iii44 ::::''''' ' 1 ' ' - !' - d y ! 'C'' '' ''' ''''' ':t''6 3V"4X ' ' ' '''I': ''' '''4 ' 3 ''' ''''''4' '''' ' -4'!:N'4 : 'i: ' " ' C4415'1 e :i41::: 0 k I ' ' vl Xr''ttfia " ' ':!:114'"'4 '4' 4 S ': i ! :f i : ''71 4 4 '-' ''' ' ' ' ' ' ' 4 t 1F1 Gill -4 '-' 7 1:: 1-:!::-44- '--g ? :::7:' :: '''s::-''i::::g : - : itzi:::::' :: fi- ! v:':?? 4::: ::t:: : :: - : 744::::4 :4- 41-:::-47::3:‘1:-1!:4:-ir: ''75:::':: !: :4 :s-': :::::::::-: -::::s1:) i L::i:::' -:i''0 t4-:4 0 ::: :':: :! 1 -' : :: : - : 4 -:::p:!- --k1 !? 1i ' --'4': a --i : : ? -'--: "'''''!1:-'::-42''4kfiti b -: : !: it! :t 0:- ''' ::: - ::: '--' i:t-i--'Y-''''' 'ZIE' - : -:-: ':-:' :- ' -"f I s' 43 - ' " - l ' :' - -:" 04: 1!--i !--0 : ' - ::te'T' o ta : - -: : f i t ' -) t :: i : : i 4t kp:':-) - a el ?' 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'jcii:1:1::'''::i'1):7:7i41l'i Tt: :':'-::'!:1: ''::: Tiss!'y'!::: t t 1:"'-'1:5'c-':::':i:!?-:i-::-5'1' f'xT ? : ::3 :::::: :: t ::ilt-' t:3:'':':''':':' -?C:'':s!1'':' ri::' ii:::4 :: ?L:"1: 1:::::: : t ::' t1-A s' 10:—''17:!-':1''-'-''-'):'''-?::-e!--TA:: ::: '' :J: :: II 1 :--:-!: 1 filrr!:-:-:::y--0- !- ::' : : t -'sf ! 1:1 ":!::t:7:g11-:?:-4':i:''-::!::'7::'J'i'''40:' ::::: i'': kt-': ::' ::: ''PiN: ' f r 'A IP '''- ' 4'!1' fn 'f-:f 1' ' :- ' !- - '::i--'!1!:'':': I:: ''''1''f::'::::'t irt-:61'!:!:441 t : :' ' :?e':':- --Ksvri : il -:::::::::::---::'-:!:::::!:::::::-:4::7:::: (0:t 1141:it1771:::lis::::: :-1-it!?1::!:!A::r:74 17 1 1s):-A"--A - ::ai?44tlxu :-41 Alatlia ' '- ' ' ' - I Niacin 4 to - - - - - - - - - - - C37M- 1::r '' i: t:41:::" ' : 5P 91 - - :- -- : t-r - - t ----- --- - - --: flrUL -

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