Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on May 17, 1965 · Page 5
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 5

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 17, 1965
Page 5
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Certainly he shows no signs f negotiating now. And an ominous buildup of Communist manpower in South 7iet Nam's northern provinces, Ios6 to the big air base at Da vfang where 9,000 U.S. Marines land guard, suggests that the Communists will make at least ne more convulsive try to seize till more ground before even onsidering the conference table. Yet this is not the war of a ear ago with its record of fail- re or even the war of last Jan- ry. This correspondent who wit- essed the beginning of the huge American build-up in South Viet >Tam in 1962 and is concluding second visit, finds reason to- ay for a cautious optimism that lis does not need to be a no- vin war; that, in fact, it can e won. There remain great dangers nd imponderables. U.S. air strikes against the orth, the presence of the bat- le-ready 9,000 U.S. Marines at Da Nang air base and the teadily deepening U. S. involvement in South Viet Nam carry •ith them the danger that this ill, indeed, become an Amerian war. And with it not only is the anger that the South Vietnamese will lose what enthusiasm hey have for the present war ut also that it then will esca- ate into the larger war that no ne wants. The great imponderable is the nal attitude to be adopted by he Red Chinese and the Soviet nion. But as of today here js a bal ance sheet: The Failures —The United States under-es timated Communist determina lion and over-estimated South Vietnamese capabilities. —Despite Huge expenditures now totaling $4.4 million per day and the doubling, tripling and quadrupling of American forces assigned to South Viet Nam, the measures taken by the United States actually were half measures and lacked a policy. —In a war in which people are more important than geography, no sustained effort was made to win their loyalties to the government's side. Clear- and-hold military operations cleared but did not hold. The Almanac By United Press International Today is Monday, May 17, he 137th day of 1965 with 228 :o follow. The moon is approaching its ast quarter. ' The mornine star is Saturn. The evening star is Mars. Edward Jenner, the English physician who discovered the vaccination against smallpox, was born on this day in 1749. On this day in history: In 1875, the first "Kentucky Derby" horse race was held at hurchill Downs, in Louisville. It was won by "Aristides." In 1954, in a 1 unanimous decision, the Supreme Court ruled hat racial segregation in the nation's public schools .was unconstitutional. In 1960, summit talks col- apsed as Nikita Khrushchev demanded an apology from 'resident Eisenhower for U2 :py plane flights over Russia. In 1961, Premier Castro of ^uba offered to return Bay of Pig prisoners in exchange for 500 U. S. bulldozers. The government said no. A thought for the day: President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said—"It is an unfortunate human failing that a full pocketbook often groans more loudly than an empty stomach." —A year^nd a half of polit cal chaos after the fall of Prss dent Ngo Dinh Diem led to ai accompanying deterioration o the war effort. The Cpmmumsl seemed about to-win by d< fault. Neutralism showed stead gains. The Credits —The U.S. decision to carr the air war to North Viet Nan marked the beginning of a pos tive U.S. policy and removed Communist - -privileged sanctu ary. —The new government < Prime Minister Phan Buy Qu< shows .encouraging signs of a taining stability. Both Buddhis and Catholic leaders have as sured him of their support an the government 'is putting re newed energy into efforts to ex tend pacified areas and to wi the loyalties of the people. Neu tralism is on the decline. —The number of Communis Viet Cong being killed has in creased dramatically since U.S jet fighter-bombers began giv Jobless Claims Are Down in Area Unemployment compensatio: claims filed in the Columbus of fice of the Indiana Employmen Security Division fell below 60C for the first time this year a 537 claims were filed last week 81 less than the previous week and 487 below the numbe filed a year ago. The largest drop was in claim: from Seymour where 69 claims were filed, 44 less than the pre vious week. Columbus claim ants filed 381 claims, 33 less Greensburg, 30, one less; and North Vernon, 57, two more. New Point Church Plans Bible School The New Point Christian Church will begin its two-week Vacation Bible School Monday May 31, with daily sessions Monday through Friday, from 8:4, r ;o 10:45 a. m. The school is open to all children four years of age through ligh school and will continue hrough June 11. Closing exercises will be held Sunday evening, June 13, at 7:30. John Baynes, pastor, and Mrs. Raymond Holtkamp are serving as co-directors of the Bible chool with Mrs. John Thackery as assistant director. cooks rings around ifie rest Pois srid pans keep their sparkle with an electric range. It's flamefess. Can't discolor or grime up cooking utensils. Surface units clean themselves. Ovens are easy to keep clean too. You spend a lot less time with sink and scouring pad. What's more, you get faster, perfectly controlled cooking. All these advantages make preparing your family's meals a joy with a flame- less electric range. See your dealer. And ask him about our money^saving installation planl PUBLIC SERVICE INDIANA ing support to South Vietnamese ground ifqrces. Prqven losees to th.e Viet'-Cong by. air attack are reported at a total l.OOQ a month. The actual rate is believed to be at least twice that. —Within the last two months, the U.S. 7th Fleet began actively to assist the South Vietnamese in efforts to cut off the flow of waterborne supplies to the Viet Cong and new efforts are being .made at least to slow the infiltration of Communist manpower down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. —The ' appearance of North Vietnamese draftees suggests that the Communist manpower pool, based upon the 90,000 South Vietnamese fighters who went north after the division of Viet Nam in 1954, is running low. North Economy Hurting American advisors believe that the gradual destruction of North Viet Nam's communications routes, especially its bridges, must be hurting the North Vietnamese economy. They believe that the recent capture of large food and weapons stocks also must be hurting the Viet Cong. The Quat government, aided by a $285 million annual U.S. effort to help build a stable South Viet Nam economy and by more than 300 U.S. field advisors covering every South Viet namese province, largely has abandoned the old, isolated strategic village which proved an easy prey to marauding Viet Cong and has adopted^ the idea of the spreading oil sjick. This plan, called "hop tac" (literally, working together) aims first at military pacification of a given area, then the uprooting of the Communist underground and finally the training of a local administration with the necessary strength to defend itself. Military forces are to remain until all tests have been met. An open-arms campaign to welcome Viet Cong defectors is laving moderate success. 'Prime Minister Phan Huy Qiiat's government, treading a bin line between the Buddhists, he minority Catholics and the military, is pressing an educa- tional campaign against the Viet Cong and claims to have eliminated most of the neutralist sentiment which-a few months ago was demanding a negotiated peace, whatever the cost. '.Weaknesses Remain There ^remain important weaknesses. South . Vietnamese desertions still are running at the rate of 21 per thousand. Weapons losses to the Viet Cong remain too high. In one week of April they ran at a ratio of two lost to every one. captured. That was considered a fairly good week. There is no evidence yet that the flow of approximately 1,500 infiltrators from North Viet Nam has been slowed appreciably. • _ South Viet Nam's regular army totals 240,000. Regional forces number about 99,000 and popular forces 104,000. There are, in addition 20,000 civil irregular defense groups which function somewhat in the manner of friendly guerrillas. Although the latter two forces have most contact with Viet Cong guerrillas their effectiveness remains. questionable and their desertion rate high, especially^if removed from home. Against them are ranged up to 45,000 main and local Communist forces, plus guerrilla forces estimated at up to 100,000. The job facing the South Vietnamese and their American advisors is made startlingly clear by recently compiled population control figures. Of the eight million persons living in the heavily-populated Mekong Delta, the Communists as of Jan. 1, 1963, were estimated to control 21 per cent. As of January this year, the figure j had jumped to 24 per cent. In the coastal plain, with a population of three million, Communist control went from 19 per cent at the beginning of 1963, to 21 per cent this year. In the more sparsely populat- id highlands, the figure has remained stable at about 50 pef cent. 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