Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 8, 1964 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1964
Page 4
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4 - Saturday, Feb. 8, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts GUANTANAMO Man of Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba. Princess Irene to marry Prince Hugo BourbonParma MADRID (UPI) -Princess Irene of The Netherlands, smiling broadly and holding hands with the handsome prince she plans to marry, rushed happily today into an embrace with her father, Prince Bernhard. The reunion — an apparent happy ending to one of the great royal romantic mysteries of the decade — took place before hundreds of officials and reporters at Madrid Airport, where Bernhard had flown to pick up his daughter and take her home. Only an hour earlier, the Dutch government had confirmed that Irene, 24, whose love life and conversion to Roman Catholicism stirred a crisis in Holland, would marry Prince Hugo de Bourbon Parma, a blueblood and French air force officer nine years her senior. At the same time she announces her engagement, the princess was expected to renounce her rights as second in line of succession to the throne of the House of Orange. No member of the house has been a Catholic for more than 400 years. Dutch Premier Dr. Victor Marijnen earlier today confirmed reports from Paris and Madrid that Prince Carlos was the man in Irene's life. But he indicated any official court announcement must await the princess' return from Spain, where she had been in hiding since the announcement last week that she had converted to Roman Catholicism. It was believed she also would renounce her rights as second in line to the Dutch tlirone. Irene's father, Prince Bernhard, flew to Madrid today to pick up his daughter and bring her home. But an hour after the prince's plane landed at Madrid, he still had not emerged and there was no sign of Irene. Marijnen's announcement — lhat "the person mentioned in Madrid reports in connection with, the princess is the right person"—appeared to bring the j mystery of Irene's romance' near its end. But authoritative sources said Bernhard and Queen Juliana wanted to speak to their daughter at their castle near here before making any announcement. Confirms Reports The sources said Marijnen was irritated by the premature reports from Madrid, but decided to confirm them nevertheless. Earlier, informed sources in 1 both Madrid and Paris identified Irene's future fiance as the 33 year-old prince, a slender, handsome French air force officer known as Prince Carlos. Born in Paris April 8. 1930, he traces his royal blood back to King Philip V of Spain, and Louis XIV and Charles X ot France. He is the son of the Carlist pretender to the Spanish throne. Prince Xavier. Officials in The Hague exploded in anger when the report of her intended engagement reached here, and one government official said Irene needs the biggest public spanking ever administered." Most of the anger appeared to be caused by the fact that Irene's mother, Queen Juliana, told the Dutch nation only last Tuesday that the engagement was off. High Dutch government officials said Spanish authorities "tried to railroad the Dutch government, the Dutch people and above all the Dutch queen into a marriage announcement. This is the way to spoil the good relations between Spain and Holland." Would Relinquish Right , Dutch government sources 'said Irene appeared ready to renounce her rights of succession to the throne and give up her privileges as a member ol skater Dick Button are among the royal family. They said this the broadcasters on "CBS would remove the objections of Sports Spectacular" Feb. 23... the Dutch government to a It is said that ABC-TV has TELEVISION IN REVIEW By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Notes to watch television by: ; Headliners: Bob Commings [stars on CBS-TV's "The Great Adventure" Feb. 28 as Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse, who introduced smallpox vaccine to America in 1800 amid controversy .. .Oldtimc actor Andy Devinc and former Olympic BEN CASEY By NEAL ADAMS marriage that would bring Spanish Catholic into the royal family, whose members had all been Protestants for the past season, perhaps taped perform... . j 3HKAE n( hor nnnrpnrtc nrnnnn 300 years until Irene announced her conversion last week. The government sources said Irene's decision was apparently made during several days of contemplation in a Spanish Catholic retreat where she was cared for by nuns. They said she had changed her mind after telling her mother three days ago that the engagement was off. The Dutch population is evenly balanced between Catholics and Protestants. The nation was under Spanish Catholic domination before Irene's ancestor, William of Orange, secured the throne in the 17th Century amid bloody fighting. by Quincy •W/tr'-T* fa" TU t^. US. "Can you draw 'Bugs Bunny'?" | A tOX WIST COAST THIATM • 121 Co|cn Slrnt . PT. 1-031 Week Davi Cont. from ' P. M. Sat. and Sun. from 2 P. >!. been talking to Judy Garland's representatives about possibly having her do 10 specials next ances of her concenrts around the world. Talent: Michael Dunn, the 3- foot 10-inch dwarf who has a prominent role in Edward AI- bee's broadway play "The Ballad of the Sad Cafe," appeared on NBC-TV's Jack Paar Show Friday night and sang marvel- ,ously.. .He displayed great personal charm and radiance in his singing delivery ... A 29- year-old baritone, he has sung in nightclubs, and hails from Shattuck, Okla ... It was his first network television appearance, says NBC. Versatile: Both the stars of last Wednesday's NBC-TV drama, "Abe Lincoln in Illi- jnois," Jason Robards Jr. and Kate Rcid, are appearing in major New York plans .. . Robards, who portrayed Lincoln, is the lead in Arthur Miller's new drama "After the Fall"... Miss Reid, who portrayed Lincoln's wife, is playing opposite Sir Alec Guinness in "Dylan," a stage work concerning the late poet Dylan Thomas ... A Canadian actress. Miss Reid won great praise last television season for her role as Queen Victoria opposite Trevor Howard in NBC-TV's "The Invincible Mr. Disraeli." Schedule: NBC-TV's "Today" show on Monday offers a look at some unusual breeds of dogs at a Westminister Kennel Club display in New York.. .One of David Susskind's "Open End" discussions has a group of divorced women talking about divorce. . .Gov. William Scranton of Pennsylvania, possible Republican presidential nominee, is interviewed Feb. 16 on NBC- TV's "Meet the Press." laKEHEfc, ^ShESWiNE Al*o In Color John Wayne "THE COMANCHEROS" Mummy move bogs down BATON ROUGE, La. (UPI)— The Louisiana Arts and Science Center can get a 2,000-year-old Egyptian mummy from a Pennsylvania museum, provided the "next of kin" can be located to approve the move. "I don't know if you are aware of the difficulties involved in shipping a human body (no matter how long dead) across state lines," the .donor wrote. "The Brooklyn 'Museum was confronted by this problem some years ago, and I don't think they ever did find a legal way to ship or bury it." TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready market through Classified Ads. NO LICK STAMPS LONDON (UPI) — Two British firms have collaborated to produce postage stamps which do not have to be licked. The first stamps are being issued to commemorate Sierra Leone's participation in the New York World's Fair. Tool Talk Answer to Previous Puzzle 351? Facts Classified Ads Can Sell Anything Call 793-3221 PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES Show Starts 6:30 P. M. — All Drive-ins Fox California Thtatre 562 W. 4th St., San Bdno. Cont. 2 P.M. • TU 92678 TRI-GITY DRIVE-IN M»,_ 95 Bet. Coiton and .Reliant.! - J ' Fn-7 Exit "Loina Linda"—Pn 7&B -0™ Acclaimed Great Dramatic Hit "LORD OF THE FLIES" Co-Hit — Tri-City I Co-Hit — Fox California "COMEDY OF TERRORS" | "WOMEN OF THE WORLD BASELINE DRIVE-IN f-.y E«i? "AJatiama*'—PH. -158-813$ - STUDIO THEATRE 448 W. Baseline TU 56405 Robert Preston Jean Simmons "ALL THE WAY HOME" Co-Hit — Baseline I Co-Hit — Studio "WHO'S MINDING "WHO'S BEEN SLEEPING THE STORE?" I IN MY BED?" ACROSS 3 Texan for i r.-w,„t.r'. instance 4 Exhibits a ™P' e ™°' hiatus *Zw%?£* 5 Shakespearean 121Mned ?with 7Wjs victorious 20 Plowshare 24 Immerses SEn 25 Concerning 21 Dawn goddess ** 22British account ™ money (pL) 24 Filth j 26 Geraint's wife 27 Uncooked 90 Inside parts 32 Unruffled 34 Adjusted in advance 35 Expunged 36 Indian weight 37 Insurgents (coU.) 39 Cuts, as a lawn 40 Bird bill protuberance 41 Oriental coin 42 Body of water 45 Heats anew 49 Kind of lace 51 Recent (comb, form) 52 Trial 53 Pellicle 54 Automobile 55 Is indebted 56 Dirk 57 Before DOYW 1 Classify 2 Range resounding 28 Afresh 29 Harries 31 Lease again 33 Fiber plant 38 Covered carriage 40 Inclines 41 Composition in verse 42 Eight (comb, form) 43 Masticate 44 Comfort 46 Measure used in Switzerland 47 Rip 48 Painful 50 Suppositions 1 2 3 4 5 6 I 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 ib­ IS 17 is 19 26 ii 23 24 25 26 • 27 28 29 30 31 33 34 35 36 I 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45~ 46 47 48 (9 50 51 52 54 55' 56 57 • SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL !SO>ASBC 5 V van SWIPED w eaooMj Q HOW AM J SONS 10 GET "TO 1HE CASU£ IN TIME POR MV APPOINTMENT WtlHIHE WNiG? DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD MORTY MEEKLE Bv DICK CAVALLI ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN _JkRE TOU SURE YOU HAP TOUR TlME-SRftCE COORDINATES IM ALIGNMENT? , OF COURSE I AM.'.' FYA THINK I'M / OKAY/ A MORON? _J OKAY-' Of COURSE IT'S OKAY/IF I PONT KNOW WHAT I'M P0|N6,WHO POES? I BUILT THIS CONTRAPTION, PIPNTI?/ PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEEK CAPTAIN EASY A .R6. I* SENT OUT TO PICKUP ESCAPES CONVICT L0N HAVOC, IMJUREP IN A CAR ACCIPENr r IPH6 ADMITS WHERE X WEIL 66 TK* R088ERV OCOIRRiCVlctWWIU' YV£ MAY TRACE CAPTAIN yTH" STRUTS EA5V FROM THERB By LESLD3 TURNER YEAH! FWEKMBWI OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY J. R. WILLIAMS ( T. MISSED TH& 3AVELIN EyHIStTiCN „,„_ _ „._,_'Xl MRS. HCOPLE. BUTT. SAW SUC< . ITS EV£N WCKSS THAN t FSARED/1S -r .,1-, a-=f.r,c ..- Ji 1 WAS TJCWNTOWN ONLY AN MOOR, ^ ^ RPA 3UST &SF°RE ^ 3UT THE HOUSE LOOKS LIKE A •VtOVIS LOT AFTER AM INDIANS R"Alt>/ AND NATURALLY AHAOS HAS 60NETHATAVJAY.'—HMPH.' ^-HOVJOO YC'J REAO-fHS TRAIL, TWlGSS ? CHECKED OUT FOR MONTANA HE LEFT HIS BOARD MONEY IN THE KITCHEN-— •SAIDH& A WANTED A LAST LOOK AT ij THE HOME OFTHOSr 6RSAT APPLE; PtE*, j=P \/ VEAH— H=tPA€ 5!£HT OST ME ( C=A FAYIM' COS! ALL TrT 7=Z JjiT Fr-C rsj^UTOC ^ , . _ , - » A»V-£IT WiTH MEK \ CCUPLA'MIM IVE e =M ~'<CB VOJ'REALVSWS \ DOIM" IS OlSTTcJ . TO HZZ ASOS7HCM j TO RAISE HER RATES-' >lCLI WOMT CHASSiS HSR, . AM' CMCE 54= ears rr y\ POME FOR, FREE I'LL NSiER SS HIRED ASAIN.

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