Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on May 17, 1965 · Page 4
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 4

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 17, 1965
Page 4
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Saturn-1 to Stage Spectacular Show CAPE KENNEDY (UPI) — The federal space agency plans to use a Saturn-1 super rocket May 25 to orbit its second Pegasus meteproid detection satellite to determine the hazard cosmic debris poses'to spaceships. The shot, scheduled for 2:30 a. m. (EST) will be the first nighttime* launch for the 188- • foot rocket and should produce a spectacular blastoff show for observers. It will be the ninth test flight for the Saturn-1 and the first launch of a Saturn first stage produced by the Chrysler Corp. in New Orleans. The : first eight boosters, all successful, were assembled at the space agency's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. Saturn's payload, will be an improved' version of the -bat-like Pegasus-1 spacecraft now circling earth from 311 to 451 miles high reporting on the me- teroids it encounters. GET $25 TO $1,000 Fpr Current Expenses and fast Due Bills SEE 'HOMETOWN FINANCE FOR NEEDED CASH One doy, confidential service. Payments arranged to fit your budget. . STOP IN OR JUST PHONE 662-7891 REX PRATT, MANAGER Taylor Bldg. 208 East Main St. GOOD><YEAR 'mmS$m<f#mim*f"*mfPl THE TIRE YOU NEED IS RIB HI-MILER Q E Rugged . . . tough ... a real work 1 horse on the job. Does it far, far better '12 6 ply plu recappa GOOD/YEAR 6.00 X 16 6 ply plus tax »nd your recappable tire than an auto tire, yet costs no more than many. You get more of everything. SERVICE STORE WEST SIDE SQUARE PHONE 662-6841 GET YOUR COPY NOW "Churchill, The Life Triumphant" THE STORY OF THE COLORFUL, DRAMA-PACKED LIFE OF Sir Winston Churchill A 144-page hardcover volume with pictures, prepared by United Press International News Service and American Heritage Magazine. $ 2 Per Copy ON SALE AT Greensburg Daily News EVER HAPPEN TO YOU? me DISPOSAL STATES ^ © King F»wt« Syndics, be.: IM5. WotlJ righn 5-17 twe The Lighter Side— Di II I * Hints From He 10156 By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Folks: ! If, you buy two-pound loaves of bread, and are always complaining that the bread is not as fresh as the day you opened it, try this: Keep your bread in your deep freezer or the freezing compartment of your refrigerator. If you ordinarily use only a third of a loaf of bread per week, t a k e the frozen loaf out of your freezer compartment, and break off as much of the bread as ' you think you will use in the next ay or two. Wrap this and put it in your read box. The wrapper on the remaining read can be fastened with a ubber band and the bread put Dack in the freezer until more is needed. Bread will not get stale this fvay. Another thing, if you happen o have three or four slices of not-so-fresh bread and would ike to try to rejuvenate it, remove it from your bread box and alternate three or four lices of frozen bread in with it. softens the two-day-old Dread. For those of you who do not lave good bread boxes, the Clastic refrigerator dishes with he air-tight tops are wonderful! Heloise Dear Heloise: Plastic hangers that come with many two-piece baby outfits are jerfect for hanging plastic >ants to dry. I just siip the pants over the bottom of these hangers and hang them over the shower rod They dry faster, don't stick together, crack, or get hard. Dorothy Gehrb Dear Heloise: If you have a young child wlv wants to paint with water col ors, and you don't have a pain Drush. . . I found that an empty roll-on deodorant bottle works great Just remove the ball and th small piece of plastic that's a round it, then pour the paint in and replace the ball. Make sure you don't try thi with oil paint! Sharon Pag Dear Heloise: What to do with those odd and ends of leftover self-adhes ive plastic covering? Wrap the strips around you lint-remover and use in place o refills. N. N. G Dear Heloise: It seems these days that th Post Office Department has is sued so many new stamps, an find special ways to use di ferent ones. oves music, or is a musician, me could use the American music stamp, or in a certain tate ... a State stamp. These re all quite recent stamps. For some time my husband Yes, he's a postmaster) brings iome some of every new issue, and if I can see that they'd be nice to use a special way, we my several to have on hand. Mrs. Elmer T. Treinen Dear Heloise: When our children were small, strung a couple of spools on a piece of heavy yarn and tied it o the screen door handle, leaving the spools hanging way be- ow the handle. The children could reach the spools, pull on them and open tie door themselves . . . and it saved Mom many, many steps. Margie Wright For instance, on a sympathy ard, I put the eternal flame tamp; on a baby card or card o a newly-wed, I use the new tiomemaker's stamp. On a letter to someone who By DICK WEST WASH;I;N &T OJ* (UPI)— Springtime is the, traditional season for handing out awards in America. There is hardly anyone who doesn't either win. apprize or. contract hay feyey. ' During this perit>d Jv ,we have the Oscar awards f{Bi the movies, the Emmy awards -for television, thy Piilitzej-: Prizes for journalism, and; seoresiiOf other national, regional, 'anjll local citations in various lines of endeavor. ' Despite the broad: scope of these awards, hpWeyer, there are always many meritorious achievements, that go. unrecognized. For this reason, I. customarily make it a' point to .hand out a few awards of, my own in categories tjiat would otherwise be overlooked or ignored. Congressional Modesty Within the past year, for instance, there has been a lot of excellent work in the field of congressional modesty (news release division). After long deliberation, I have decided to make this a joint citation. The winning'en- tries for the most unassuming congressional news releases read as follows: —"Billie S. Farnum's reputation as Michigan's 'watchdog of the tax dollar' today won him an honor rare for a freshman congressman — a seat on the powerful appropriations committee . . ." —"The U.S. House of Representatives Building Commission has announced a spending reduction of $5.5 million dollars on office facilities following a request by Congressman Jack mail, hints Heloise welcomes all especially household which she can pass on to readers as space permits. However, aecause of the tremendous volume of mail she receives daily, Eleloise is unable to answer all individual letters. She will answer readers' questions in her column whenever possible. Address mail to: Heloise, c/o The Greensburg Daily News. Copyright, 1965. King Features Syndicate, Inc. Circuit Court Awards Edwards (R-Ala.) and 65 other Republican congressmen." To William L. 1 Batt Jr., head of the Area Redevelopment Administration, goes this year's award for dramatic oratory (local angle division),. * In a speech at Gassaway, W.Va., Batt began his address with the immortal line: "I am happy to be in the flakeboard capital of the United States!" Th.e award for original composition (overlapping cliche division) goes to Rep. Samuel S. Strattpn, D-N.Y., for a .report he. wrote about "swimming against the tide" in the armed services committee. After a£ first "standing out like a sore thumb" on a certain issue, Stratton "came up smelling like roses." A special citation for myth debunking (shattered illusions division) goes to the National Geographic Society. It disclosed that some beavers are -lousy dam-builders and occasionally get clobbered by the trees they gnaw down. ; Congratulations to all of the winners! Next spring, wjith a little luck, maybe they will get hay fever instead. Continue to Lead In School Contest Two more Sundays remain in the attendance contest between the Baptist and Christian Sunday Schools. At the end of the eighth week Sunday the standing was: Christians, 5,257; Baptists, 4,775. The Christian Sunday School was given a credit of 100, based on 1964 attendance records. The attendance Sunday was: Baptists, 437; and' Christians, 370 plus the credit or 470 in the contest. We have that support " for your ACHING BACK If your doctor prescribes a back support—or any other support for that matter—bring the prescription to us. One of our skilled technicians will carefully select and personally fit the OTC PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT appropriate for your individual need. Filling prescriptions is our business, you know J ... and that includes support prescriptions. fota DRIVERS FINED SHELBYVILLE, Ind. — On charges of speeding two Greensburg men appeared in the court of Dale Brattain, justice of the peace, here last week. Roy F. Carter, 29, of R. R. 3, Greensburg, was fined $5 and costs. A fine of $1 and costs was levied against Button W. Theller, 45, of Greensburg. CANAL OPENS ALBANY — First Welland canal between Lake Erie and Ontario was opened in 1829. DINAH MITE "KILL YOU TAKE CARE OF THE ROOTBEER FOR QIN&H MIQ HER BALLPLAYERS, DEAR?" A final report and report of distribution submitted in the estate of the late Elizabeth Harmeyer have been approved and the estate closed. A petition to sell real estate filed by the executor of the estate of the late Grace Eleanor Rawlins has been set for hearing June 1. In the estate of the late Alfred Herman Bartels, the executor filed demurrer to paragraphs one and two of the petition for order to executor to furnish copy of petition for partial distribution. A final report submitted in the estate of the late John U. Hockersmith has been set for hearing June 1. In the complaint for possession filed by Lester George Bultman and Emma Mae Bultman against William L. and Carole Lee Roberts, the defendants filed a motion to make the complaint more specific. In the transfer of claim filed by Richard P. and Polly Sue McCreary against the estate of the late Alfred Herman Bartels the executor of the estate filed demurrer to .claim. A final report submitted in the estate of the late Mary Cornelius has been set for hearing June 14. A judgment of $871.38 has been rendered for the plaintiff in the complaint on contract filed by Commercial Credit Corporation against Howard K. Watson. In the complaint for separation of bed and board filed by Patricia Ann Myers against James Dale Myers the defendant has been ordered to pay $20 per week support, $75 attorney fees within 30 days and all drug, medical, hospital and dental. bills. The restraining order was continued. The defendant is permitted to operate checking account and have reasonable visitation with the couple's minor child. A complaint to foreclose chattel mortgage seeking $316.95, has been filed by General Finance Loan Company against Corbin Callahan and Carol Sue Callahan. ' Love Song GILLINGHAM, Eng. (UPI) —The telephone rang at the police station. "Noise in the next door garden," said a worried voice. "Sounds like a file or a hacksaw. . . . break-in I should think." Police met the caller and went swiftly and silently to the address . . . surrounded the garden . . . turned on their flashlights and pounced — on a pan: of amorous hedgehogs, singing love songs with their deep, rasp- tag voices. Quality Prescription AS LOW AS_ $' 1195 • SINGLE VISION LENSES BIFOCALS PRICED FROM .. *14 95 Highest Quality Materials ...» Frames Repaired and Re- and all services are guaranteed! We're & eat _ Tre atea Safety Lenses a complete optical center for the J. S' i . Foca i s « sunglasses entire family. w COLUMBUS OPTICAL CO. OPEN 9-5 WEEKDAYS OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHTS TIL 8:30 Use Your Irwin Union Charge No Appointment Necessary 745 Washington St. Phone 372-4117 "All I said was: Show me a filter that delivers the taste and I'll eat my hat. 1 ' <JRY NEW LUCKY STRIKE FILTERS *f^£^ Our free enterprise system needs a mixture of big and little business ... of individual ownership, the partnership, and the corporation. REMCs are the compromise between the one-man business and the huge stock corporation. Every one of their consumer-members has invested capital in his rural electric. For example, Indiana's REMCs are investing millions of dollars of their members' capital— for service improvements this year. REMCs are investor-owned, democratically controlled... free enterprise in the finest American tradition. DECATUR COUNTY When not one els* would serve them, rural people organized Rural Electric Membership Corporations ... and started providing themselves with electricity. Most rural and suburban families today get their electricity.from REMCa which they own and control themselves. Rural electric members number more than 180,000 now being served by the 42 BEMCs in ' t I •«K4 *UIAl EUCIIIC MEMIERSHir CPIPQRATIOW, 920 E. MAIN GREENSBURG PHONE 662,5155: I IP

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