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Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California • 13

Los Angeles, California
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LOS ANGELES IS THE LARGEST CITY OF WESTERN AMERICA IC 11 Member of The Associat441 Press SeCOln Section Editorials Best Ccrnics Want-Ads Financial kt gilef1 Irlift 9 i I A rE Tl CAI Lf EWS PA iaMta 4 INDEPEN 'DENT Fi'OG ES IV (DI- It LOS r-t4- 1 I The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all DPW dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also local news published herein )) LOS ANGELES MONDAY JANUARY 20 1919 48th YEAR VOL 49 NO 237 TWO CENTS Evening Express and Punday Rieman delivered by earner for 65e a monti COUNTY PENSION PLAN APPROVED BY SUPERVISORS 8 MILLIONS PAIDILONEIN WIDOW SO HEARTY WELCOME HOME PLAN ED INCOME TAX DRIVE EMPLOYES' BENEFIT AT SHIPYARD I ASKS HELP IN FOR' "GRIZZLIES" RETURNING HERE FOR YEAR 1919 SYSTEM NOV( UP SUIT AVERS FINDING MATE is LAUNCHED TO LEGISLATURE r4 A ft War Wages and Prices Have Added Million Names to List Is Prediction Mrs A West of Independent Means and Good Housewife Looking for Husband If Enacted Into Law Annuity Of $500 is Provided from Age of 60 On Attachment in Premium Claim Cites Huge Five Months' Harbor Payroll Picturing herself as a lonely woman and the future as terrifying Mrs Alice West in a letter received today by "Cupid" Sparks head of the marriage license bureau appealed for assistance in finding a life mate Mrs West gave her address as general delivery Los Angeles 'but said she lives in a town "where there are 21 widows six maiden ladies and a great many girls of marriageable age and the only eligible man in the place has Just died of the flu" "I have property interests and a business that ties me so closely that I never can go awilly to form acquaintances" Mrs West wrote "I am just past 50 still young in appearance good health sensible and not afraid of work Have made of housework a science and an art Am widowed two years I have no home life as I have to share my home wits others I am sick to death of life as it appears to me now "I want a husband and a real home where there are flowers chickens and a cow a house to keep and a husband to work for I wonder if there is any one on this earth as lonely as I After 30 years of happy married life to find myself so utterly alone and bereft iN terrifying to me and the fact that I lain growing older all the time and the chances lessening to have these conditions back again that areolearest to a woman's heart makes me take 'this unwomanly step and ask if there is a man in Southern California who needs a woman like me to keep his house and share his life If there is let us talk the matter over" In a postscript Mrs 'West asserts she is not an adventuress that she is highly respected well connected and is independent financially "I receive many fake letters" said $parks "I believe this is genuine and that the writer fis sincere I hope she gets a good husband" A pension aryatem under which employes of Los Angeles county will re- ceive a certain sum annually after voluntary Or compulsory retirement was unanimously approved by the Board of Supervisors today The proposed plan which has already been embodied in legal form will be sent to Sacramento late today to be presented to the Legislature for enactment into law The pension plan was explained to the board by Doty secretary of the county efficiency bureau who said it represented the best of many systems now in use in States and cities and by corporations in the United States He asked that thb idea be submitted to the Legialature for approval in order that the State Insurance Commission may be given jurisdiction in carrying out the provisions of the propoaed legislation As approved by the Supervisors the system provides for a monthly contribution of $4 by each employe who has been in the county service for ten years or more The county will set apart a like sum each month the payments to continue for 26 years When an employe attains the age of 60 he may leave the service and will receive $500 a year for the rest of his life Withdrawal from the service is made compulsory at the age of 70 According to Mr Doty there now are 81 persons in the service who are more than 70 years old and 160 between the ages of 60 and 70 Annuities based on the presumed contributions of these employes for 15 years will be paid according to the plan should they be taken from Or leave the county's employ The Supervisors individually approved the plan before voting upon Its adoption and instructed that it be sent to the State capital as soon as possible Each member stated that it not only will mean that aged employes will have means for their support in their late years but that there will be greater efficiency in the work of the county The approval was given on motion of Supervisor Woodley Nearly $8500000 were paid in wages by the Los Angeles Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company in five months ended November 9 last year according to papers in the at tachment suit filed against the com pany by the Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation Ltd of London in the superior court The guarantee company demands $16869463 alleged to be due on premiums The return of a writ by the sheriff showing that money deposited in a Los Angeles bank was attached permitted an inspection of the papers in the suit which theretofore were in the secret files in the county clerk's office Facts relating to the controversy between the guarantee corporation and the shipbuilding company also came to light with the return of the writ According to the complaint the guarantee corporation entered into a contract with the shipbuilding company on May 21 1918 under the State workmen's compensation and epployers' liability act to pay any loss on account of injury or death of any of the shipbuilding company's employes or officers based on the wages they received The contract was to run one year but on October 21 it was agreed that the shipbuilding-company could cancel the agreement at any time before November 21 the last named company to pay any premiums due The contract was canceled November 9 Originally the premium agreed upon was $359 for each $100 of wages paid to certain employes This premium was later reduced to $358 The premium was 11 cents on the $100 for office employes and $329 for repair and extension men During the term of the contract it is alleged by the guarantee corporation the shipbuilding company paid out $8441853 in salaries and wages It says the premiums amounted to $28939676 but that only $12070210 has been paid In a stattment made by Fred Baker president of the shipbuilding company following- the tilling of the suit he said the Guarantee Company had failed to make a proper audit of Its dealings with the company and that the books of the shipbuilding concern showed the Guarantee Com- pany had really been overpaid He asserted that the shipbuilding cornpany had not been given credit for I several large items The income tax drive for the year 1919 was started in this district today by John Carter collector of cus- 1 toms "I decided not to await the final passage of the new revenue bill now in Congress nor for the new regulations and forms to be issued" he said "The income tax obligations imposed by the old laws as well as the measure now in Congress consist of two distinct operations One is to file return or stateirnt of all items of income and items of deductions allowable by law and to do this within the period named In the law The other is to pay the tax if any le due I "Neither of these obligations can be met without a careful review of Income and expenditure for the tax I year That is the big Job right now and that is why the income tax drive is already under way Prompt Returns Asked "Meanwhile there is no need of delaying the preparation of figures Anything that Congress does now will not affect the amount of a person's earnings for 1918 Let us avoid the belated throwing together of figures that may hit or miss It is clearly the duty of every person to compile correct figures and ascertain whether I his income for 1918 was sufficient to make necessary a sworn return year 1918 was a banner year for salaries and wages and the high war prices brought unusual profits to the average small tradesman and to the farmer The opinion in Washington is that an additional million citizens and residents will make this year their first income tax returns "All signs indicate that the income tax this year will reach nearly every working man and woman and nearly every merchant and shopkeeper and farmer "I am advising every unmarried person who earned $1000 or over during the year 1918 and every married person who together with wife or husband earned $2000 to sharpen his pencil and figure out how he stands Accuracy Insisted Upon "He must ascertain accurately his gross income from all sources There's his salary or wages includlog overtime pay and any bonus received as additional compensation A married person having children under 18 who are working should include the earnings of such children "If he sold any property at a profit the gain must be computed and included in gross income If he rented any property to other persons the total rents received in the year must be ascertained and from that figure a deduction may be taken for taxes paid on rented property the di ecessary minor repairs fire insurance any interest he may have paid on mortgage and a reasonable allowance for annual wear and tear of the rented property The balance is included in gross income for the year "Interest on bank deposits whether withdrawn or added to his bank balances must be included in all calculations of income Bond interest received during the year must also be included except interest on municipal county or State bonds Interest on United States bonds need not be included by the ordinary bondholder who purchased small amounts Holders of large amounts of Liberty Bonds however should ask their bankers to write to the collector's office for the rule applying to tax on such interest "Dividends on stock shares are income and must be included in the gross figures although the law does not impose the nominal tax on distributions made by domestic Here are the latest peeps at California's "Grizzlies" taken on their arrival at the Oakland mole from overseas service Top view at left shows how the boys felt as they "hit home" At right is shown what many of them were doing a moment later Below at left appear Capt Peter Kyn and Marcel Dupiez mascot adopted in France Inset in center is Col Thornton Mullah At right is view of a "Grizzly" train breakfast These pictures were takeit by an Evening Express-Gaumont photographer and brought to Los Angeles by train They are the first pictures received in this city of the "Grizzlies' arrival in San Francisco Kin and Friends of Los Angeles Members Eagerly Await Word From San Francisco of Demobilization Date Eledion of Officers Being Held by NI Orphaned Girl Asks Los Angeles Police To Help Find Uncle First Offense Plea Wins Light Sentence' In Mail Rifling Case CAPT HOBSON TO SPEAK SANTA MONICA BEACH Jan Capt Richmond Hobson will speak In the Woman 's clubhouse here tho evening of January 23 He comes under the auspices of the Antisaloon League Soldier Charged With Stealing Automobile THE WEATHER 'Weather Burman Monday January 20 The annual election of directors of the Merchants and Manufacturers' Association 19 being held today at the association rooms in the Wilcox building Seven directors are to be chosen The official ballot contains the following names: George Cline of the Cline-Cline Company Clune Chine Film Producing Company Charles A Ducommun Ducommun Hardware Company George A Fitch Booth Fitch undertakers McCoure Cainevar Stitt Company Hugh Stewart Farmers and Merchants National bank Woodill Woodill-Hulse Electlito Company Friends of the LON Angeles members of the 144th Field ArttllerY (Grizzlies) are eagerly awaiting news today from San Francisco of when the demobilization of the regiment will be completed The Grizzlies are at the Presidio awaiting orders The Southern Californians hope to get their discharges this week and their families and acquaintances are planning a big reception for them when they get here whether they come in a body or in detachments A good many friends of the local Grizzlies were on hand to greet them when they arrived in San Francisco and the soldiers were enthusiastic over the warmth of theirfreception The regiment which comprises 1433 men and 57 officers commanded by Col Thornwell Mu Bally was given an ovation at everyone of the California cities It passed through San Francisco officials met them at Oakland mole and they were carried across the bay in a special ferryboat Tremendous crowds cheered them as they marched up Market street San Francisco In camp at the Presidio yesterday and today they put in as much time as possible resting after their long journey The soldiers have brought back all sorts of souvenirs prizes etc from the war zone Their most interesting acquisition however is their mascot Marcel Dupiez a 14-year-old French boy Marcel has been adopted" by Capt Peter Kyne of the Grizzlies The plea of youth and the fact that it was his first offense today won a light sentence for Dave Rosen aged 19 from Federal Judge Oscar A Frippet after he had entered a plea of guilty to rifling the mails He was sentenced to three months in the county jail When Attorney William Redmond began hie plea to the court that the lad be sent to the county jail instead of to the Federal prison the youth's mother fainted and was carried from the courtroom Rosen took a watch from a package in the malls during the Christmas rush when he was employed as a temporary mail clerk He was arrested by Postal Inspector Walter Cookson when the unexpected explosion of a newspaper photographer's flashlight caused him to hold up the watch and cry out "here it is" "I have Just been made an orphan and the only living relative I have in the world is my uncle William Field last heard of in Los Angeles May God help you to find him" The foregoing contained in a letter sent to Mayor Woodman by Pearl La Fleur of 122 West Ninety-ninth street New York City was turned over to the police today and Chief of Police John Butler ordered that a search for Field be undertaken throughout the city Miss LaFleur wrote that Field 53 years old was last heard of when as an employe of the British government he spent several weeks in Los Angeles She believes her only living relative still resides here White Mortimer British consul in Los Angeles said that Field had 'never been employed by the consul's office here but suggested that the British ambassador in Washington would be able to supply the man's address if Field was employed officially by the British LOS ANGELES FORECAST Forereat till 8 in 75tb meridian time Tuenday: For Los Angeles and and Toe qday rain For Southern and Tuesday rain Maximum temperature (up to noon today) 54 Minimum temperature (8 a m) 51 PACIFIC COAST FOltECAoT RA ANCTWO Inn 90 ---en PACIFIC COAST FORECAST RAN FRANCISCO Jan Charged with stealing an automobile belonging to a Los Angeles automobile firm Ron Garber aged 24 a soldier was arrested in San Diego and brought to this city today by Deputy Sheriff Dave Larimen The man drove the machine to the Southern city according to the police where he stripped it of its parts and sold them Deputy sheriffs are now searching for a man who is said to have assisted Garber Grocer Shot by Bandit In Critical Condition Newlyweds in Court Effect Reconciliation Throop College Will Close for Two Weeks Pasadena Tut Mask Law Wide in Scope Dogs Cars Don 'Em Nossinger proprier of a grocery store at Twenty-first and Estrella streets who was shot by a bandit Saturday night is in a critical condition at the Clara Barton hospital his physicians said today Nossinger who was ordered to throw up his hands by the bandits as they entered his store was shot when he was elcrw to comply The bandits escaped A reconciliation was announced in Superior Judge Charles Crall's court today when the divorce action of Mrs Sarah Frankel a young bride against Harty Frankel was called for trial The announcement was made by Gerecht attorney for Mrs Frankel who obtained a dis Allan Hancock Ill At Oakland Improved Tonight and Tuesday rain: mrolerate southwesterly winds TABLE OF TEM PER AT UR ES Maximum tethperatnreo yesterday minimum temperatilres this morning in citice of the United and Canada were as follows: I IT AI'llene 42 fa) Ciklahoma 46 58 50 54 innalio Rooton R6 44 42 72 Bff 2 4 Pitiahnrg 12 44 Chicago 36 4 Pori land Ore 44 142 Denver 14 44 Rapid City PR 04 'nodes City 36 50 Tirol 46 62 Tilreka Mk 62 Flagota le 4i1 flrf4! SR 4R fl2 St 42 52 Ilalvaston 54 Mt Minneapolis 82 42 40 ti4 et 82 42 Relent 52 Seers menu unroll 54 50 Salt lake City 42 56 111111MMIPIlf It 44 Rom Diogo Ir a MITI 1incioco 4e 64 Remo city 44 T54 Obispn n2 no xip s4 74 140 A IC2 Tia erickane 84 4t Vrentglia 4e ft! MTV 48 48 Medenit RR 4C NPIP611 SR FIC Nrionizton s4 Now Orleana Witinsnincta RR S'2 New l'ork 82 40' P4 North Read NI 72 SOCTIFUERN A WORN A Torrey Evangelistic Campaign Under Way An evangelistic campaign which 1 Thief Gets $68 Cash $500 Worth Jewelry missal of the suit The trouble that brought Mrs Frankel Into court resulted from a game of dice Mrs Frankel alleged that her husband threatened to beat her because she said she would report to the police that he had taken part in a crap game PASADENA Jan a result of the increased number of Influenza cases In Pasadena Throop College of Technology will be closed for a period of two weeks The tentative date for reopening the college is February 8 During the first of the college year a large number of students were ill with influenza but recently the student body has been free from the epidemic The Pasadena city schools are still closed and no date has been set for their reopening High school students are continuing their lessons by mail and keeping up with the prescribed course of study for the year DR MOSES TO LECTURE Dr Bernard Moses tonight will deliver the third lecture In the foreign trade series by him at the Chamber of Commerce lecture hall beginning at 8 o'clock His subject will be Brazilian Trade and the Need of European Competition The iecture is under the auspices of the Foreign Trade Club of the Chamber and the University of California extension course There is no admission fee and all who are interested in foreign trade are I 5300 Damage Suit Against A Railway Allan Hancock Los Angeles oil producer and musician and a director in the Los Angeles Symphony orchestra who is ill with influenza at Oakland is improving according to word received at the Hancock home this morning Mr Hancock's temperature has returned to normal and other symptoms which were considered alarming have abated Mr Hancock was stricken with the disease following an automobile trip to the Northern city from here Mrs Hancock is with him and a doctor and nurse are in attendance CHAU a dog wear an influenza I mask in a city where an' ordinance requires the wearing of "flu" masks? Pasadena dogs were nOt taking any chances today A number of canines appeared on the Pasadena streets in formal mask dress Owners of automobiles who did not want their machines "pinched" also attached masks to the hoods of their cars In the meantime according to statistics compiled by the police about 50 arrests had been made in Pasadena today of people who had either defied the law or who did not know such an ordinance existed Thr ordinanco LffectIve Saturday at midnight (nnehlr4 headier) TT 144'0400148- Al 4n s''''n 01 180011c ep At r4014044 07 Kg 4 rainn PI 44 P9114 Parins SS 44 fzitn n441408(1 88 PeTadeni NS 40 Santa An 4 to continue to February 16 conducted by Dr A Torrey and Charles Alexander is under way at Bible Institute Dr Torrey who is dean of the institute will speak every night except Saturday while Mr Alexander will lead the singing A chorus choir is a feature of the program Dr Torrey's subject for tonight is the first question asked in the 4111t le: Where Art Thou? At the openittg of the campaign last night he spoke on Prayer Changes Thinga He said that in answer to prayer God changes dead sinners into living saints and even dead churches and preachers Into living witnesses for Himself A passkey thief entered the apart ment of Ingham 336 South Flower street last night and obtained $68 in cash and $500 worth of jewelry Ingham reported to the police today He said the money and jewelry probably were stolen early last night but were not missed until today VETERANS' SONS ROLL SOARS Sovoal new members will be initiated at a meeting of Rosecrans Cr Imp SOn5 of Veterans tonight in Patliotto hall 1816 south Figureoa street MATVPATT MMCARM (A A nth Meridian Time MIRO tear frarlieel neearin nate to Date Armors 11 nimito 406 A2 tunden All Dingo 4 02 Trial of a'suit instituted by Mrs Missouri EpPs against the Los Angeles Railway Corporation for 915309 damages on account of personal injuries was begun today before a jury in Superior Judge Monroe's court Mrs Epps said she was inittred by falling from a car near Temple and New High streets in April 1917 The company's attorneys contend she stepped from a moving car DR PEDOTT OFF TO FRANCE Dr Joseph Pedott of Chicago who helped organize the Jewish Charities of Los Angeles has sailed for France as a worker for the Jewish Welfare Board according to word Just received here kie will be assigned to a post with the American Army of Occupation Ina an VW IX IN Till MIA Sun iota at 511 today and TiNt4 at 6151 a tn tmorrow High tid At 6 00 la tn today and i a al tomorttpt WILL PLAN MEMORIAL NEW YORK Jan 19--The woman's Roosevelt menorial committee was organized here to plan a me-mortal for Colonel Roosevelt 1.

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