Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California on September 24, 1915 · 11
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Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California · 11

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 24, 1915
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boom MANY COMPLAINTS HEARD I GARDEN PARTY TONIGHT This st111111Pr many yersons are 1 GLENDALE Sept 24—A garden complaining of headaches lame backs party for the benefit of building fund rheumatism biliousness and of being of the Holy Family church will be 'always tired" Aches pains and ills - held this evening at the home of raused by kidneys not doing their work yielequickly to Foley Kidney Mrs N A Powers 215 Colorado Pills They help elimination give boulevard The grounds of the Pour-sound sleep and make you feel better ers home has been prettily decorated The Sun Drug Co-14 stores—Ad- for the occasion and a fine program vertisement arranged Pacific Boiling Beef Hamburg 0 1111ec bc lit: Pacific' Alarket Short Ribs Round Steak 15o lb Market Specials LtoaastrmPoruko S sr-Cured Ham16214t It e Open Saturday Fresh Dressed Chickens 20c lb Evening Till 10 1 Opp Robinson's New Store 531 W SEVENTH MARTIN BROS 325-327 West 5th Street Between Hill and Broadway Bread 2 10c loaves for 15c Cake 3 layers for 35c Sugar 16 lbs for MOO Ketchup oily pint for 10c Milk 2 large cans for 15c Lard 3 lb pails Young's 35c Bacon sugar-cured Eastern lb 18c Hams choice Eastern lb 17c (Penny Change) MARTIN BROS YOUNG'S MARRET Co - 638 South Broadway (Penny Change) Pot Roasts Beef per lb IOc and 121 c Steaks Hamburg or best cuts shoulder per lb 1214 c Stews genuine lamb per lb– 6c Cake 3 layers each 35c Coffee Cake Garben's original bake in large variety: German or French German Pastry—French Pastry YOUNG'S MARKET CO New England Markets - THE OLD EELIABLES ' 116 E Fifth St-236 W First St-330 W Third St Near Main Opp Times Bldg Near Tunnel 859 Spring Street :purteltgloan(rinth Main QUALITY OUR FIRST CONSIDERATION Fresh Cooked Tripe lb 5c Fresh Lamb Livers each 8c Fresh Lamb Tongues 3 for— 10c Fresh Lamb Brains 3 10c Fresh Pigs' Feet 3 for - 10c Fresh Pork Spareribs 11c Choice Roast Pork lb - 11120 Good Pork Steak lb 15c Choice Leaf Lard lb 12c Young Broiler Rabbits ' lb 27c Large New York Oysters shipped direct to us in sealed carriers doz 25s : SIMPSON acifid ' From the Broadway Department Store Smoked Meat Counter Butter Saturday's Great Special 26c Ili Fancy Fresh Creamery Here is the lowest price for high-class Butter in the city and I guarantee every pound to be in perfect condition 10000 lbs to sell while it lasts 1000 lbs Highest 40c Quality Coffee 29c 2 lbs for 57c (Free Demonstration) 500 Sugar-Cured Hams (Simpson Quality) lb17y2c Pure Lard in Bulk 2 lbs for 25c Fresh Compound 10c lb R T Simpson & Sons 136-138 South Spring Street The Great Eastern Market Save Money on Fresh Meats You can do it when you become familiar with our quality and prices The housewife who has an eye for bargains will trade here tomorrow Fancy Hens 20c lb Fancy Fryers 25c lb Belgian Hare 25c1b Boiling Beef 8c lb Pot Roasts 10c lb Hamburg 10c lb ttAl T S Pig Pork 12c lb Country Sausage 1212c lb Eastern Bacon 20c lb Eastern Hams 17c lb Eastern Bacon (sliced) 25o lb L A MARKET 408 W Seventh St on South Side Seventh Street Between Hill and Olive Streets 1Week-end Hints of Interest To Housewives LOS ANGELES EXPRESS FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 24 1915 Los :Angeles retail fruit market is reported steady with unprecedented sales the demand being well up to the supply merchants declare As a result they say producers are now getting more money and the fruit industry in California is receiving much encouragement Prices are remaining fairly firm there only being four changes noted In the vegetable and fruit line since last week's quotations In each instance reductions are noted Cream squash has dropped from two pounds for 15 cents to 5 cents a pound while sweet potatoes heretofore selling at 5 cents a pound are going at three pounds for 10 cents Within the last week it is reported that there have been heavy consignments of sweet potatoes into the city The expected drop in figs has materialized Both the Black Spanish and the White Pacific varieties are now selling at 5 cents a pound representing a 50 per cent reduction from last week's figures For the first time this season yellow pear tomatoes are observed in the market Pomegranates are also available Retail prices follow: Staples ' Butter-28 to 35 cents pound Eggs-30 to 40 cents dozen Willowbrook eggs-45 cents dozen Poultry Hens-20 to 28 cents pound Broilers-30 cents pound Turkeys-32 and 35 cents pound Squabs-40 to 60 cents each Domestic ducks-30 and 32 cents pound Roasters-86 cents pound Belgian hares-30 to 35 cents pound Geese-32 cents pound Fish Sea bass-15 cents pound Yellowtail-12 cents pound Lake Tahoe trout-75 cents pound Halibut-12 cents pound Salmon-20 cents pound Catalina sanddabs-30 cents pound Sanddabs-124 to 15 cents pound Rockcod-12 cents pound Barracuda-121 cents pound Catfish-20 cents pound Rock bass-15 cents pound Smelts-15 cents pound Shad-15 cents pound Striped bass-25 cents pound Filet sole-20 cents pound Mackerel—ID to 15 cents pound Shell Fish Crawfish-85 cents pound - Lobsters-35 cents pound Shrimps-30 cents pound Oysters-35 cents pint 65 ceats quart Meats Pork roast-12 to 25 cents pound Pot roast beef-10 to 20 cents pound Legs milk lamb-17 to 25 cents pound Smoked Meats Eastern sugar cured bacon-23 cents pound Eastern sugar cured ham-17 cents pound Vegetables Corn on cob-30 cents dozen Cream squash-5 cents pound Summer squash-3 pounds for 10 cents Hubbard squash-2 cents pound Golden squash-4 cents pound Artichokes-10 cents each 8 for 25 cents Eggplant--5'cents pound Cucumbers-3 for 5 cents Pickling cucumbers-35 cents per hundred New potatoes-10 pounds for 25 cents Sweet potatoes-3 pounds for 10 cents Lettuce-2 heads for 5 cents Onions-8 and 4 pounds for 10 cents 13ermuda onions-5 cents pound Pickling onions-4 pounds for 25 cents Green onions-3 bunches for 5 cents Chili peppers-5 cents pound Bell peppers-5 cents pound Peas-2 pounds for 15 cents Cabbage-5 and 10 cents head Celery-6 cents bunch to 2 bunches for 15 cents String beans-6 cents pound Limas-5 cents pound e Fruits Pineapples-5 cants pound Roselle buds-3 pounds for 25 cents Seckel pears-5 cents pound Bartlett pears-5 cents pound Prickly pears-2 pounds for 15 cents Black Spanish flgs-5 cents pound White Pacific figs-5 cents pound Concord grapes—IS cents basket Tokay grapes-5 cents pound Black Morocco grapes-5 cents pound Bellefleur apples-8 pounds for 25 cents Jonathan apples-3 pounds for 25 cents Crabapples-2 pounds for 15 tents Tomatoes-3punds for 10 cents Pal Rose cantaloupes-5 oents each ' Persian melons-10 cents each Watermelons-1 cents pound Peaches-5 cents pound freestones 3 pounds for 10 cents - Blackberries-2 boxes for 15 cents Hungarian plums-2 pounds for 15 cents Strawberries-3 boxes for 25 cents Oranges—IS to 50 cents dozen - Lemons-15 cents dozen Grapefruit-3 and 4 for 25 cents Cantaloupes-2 for 15 cents Casaba melons-15 to 20 cents each Nectarines-2 pounds for 15 cents Quinces-5 cents pound Guavas-2 boxes for 15 cents Alligator pears-50 cents each Yellow pear tomatoes for ptitling 8 cents pound Pomegranates 2 for 15 cents Live Poultry Direct from the Ranch At WHOLESALE PRICES FANCY YOUNG 17C HENS lb BROILERS AND 25c FRYERS lb Don't use storage ' chickens We sell you live chickens for lees money and dress them While you wait Haber Poultry and Egg Market 954 S SAN PEDRO ST Home A3219 Main 2486 -1!e - S Choose a Good Soap for Your Shampoo If you select a soap that contains Soothing healing properties like the Resinol balsams in Resinol Soap you Win have little or no trouble with dandruff loss of hair ' or itching scalp—Advertisement Property at the Harbor &esteems residence and industrial tuts seas deep water Leer terms krutitable weStknettL topeciat Car iand Real elteursiOn k tam PORT M 2011 Cenirat Itlds &mire illaiLet BONDPROPOSITIONS1 OF $4940000 TO BE VOTED ON The $2000000 bond issue for civic center in the north end and other bond propositions that total $4940000 by unanimous vote of the city council last evening were ordered placed on the' ballot The special election will be held October 26 Announcement was made today by officials of the Civic Center association that an active campaign will be launched at once to carry the bonds for the city ball site and the first unit Of that structure The bond propositions are as follows: Civic center plan $1100000 for city hall and $900(1s) for Met unit of city hall total 92000000 Seaage disposal plants at Hyperion Wilmington and San Pedro 1350000 Fire houses sites tire equipment and fire boat 750000 Fire alarm and police telegraph system 450000 Payments on Normal site and Temple block 390000 Total 94940000 Under the terms of the proposition for the civic center $1100000 shall be spent for a site for the city hall Within the area bounded by First Temple Broadway and Main streets The balance of S900000 shall be expended for the first unit of the proposed city hall on this site Mayor Sebastian was the first to congratulate the council on its action arriving in the council chamber too late to speak in favor of the plan before the vote was taken Under an elaborate plan prepared by J J Backus chief building inspector for the Civic Center association the civic center would be located on the block from Temple to Franklin and New High to Spring streets the Temple block site and the blocks adjoining it on the south Spring ' street would be straightened out to I Temple and a new street cut through at Franklin The city ball public service building state building municipal court building and other structures would be grouped here BISHOP HLICHES WILL DEDICATE HOSPITAL With the choir of the First Methodist church providing a program of special Musical numbers Bishop Edwin H Hughes of San Francisco will conduct the dedicatory services for the new Methodist hospital at 2808 South Hope street commencing at 3:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon The presentation of the building will be made to the bishop by the district superintendents of the Meth odist church consisting of the following doctors of divinity: F D Mather San Diego Albert Inwood San Diego John Oliver Fresno and W W Peck Los Angeles Bishop Hughes will accept it in behalf of the Methodist church GROCERS PLAN FEST AT BAY CITY FAIR Plans for attending the celebration of Grocers' Day at the Panama-Pacific exposition October 6 formed the chief topic of interest at a banquet attended by 250 members of the Southern California Retail Grocers' association in Trinity Auditorium last evening Addresses were delivered by Judge 3 W Summerfield N E Wilson vice president of the state association O E Oven expert on salesmanship and others P F McCarthy acted as toastmaster STUOENTS TO HONOR ANKRUM Morris Ankrum has been elected to succeed Houston Peterson as president of the student body of the Los Angeles high school Peterson graduated last summer Ankrum's oppoonent was Irwin Camp Gas in Your Stomach Not Always Dyspepsia It's Nervousness Your Nemo very often make your Stomach irritabl& it refuses to work food does not digest and Gas form& That's one kind of Dyspepsia the Nervous kind and this kind you can cure only by a Remedy that acts directly I DO the Stomach Nerves Baalmann's Gas-Tablets do this to perfection They are I road e especially for Gas They act on your Stomach I Nerves they quiet the irritable rebellious gas-forming Stomach and not only relieve but cure Gas permanently Really it seems a pity if you suffer from Gas in the Stomach and Bowels not to try Baalmann's Gas-Tablet& Theme peculiar tablets are sold for 60c by every druggist or send direct to J Basimann Co 62 Second Btreeti San Francisco Cal Mail the Free Coupon Today IFREE TREATMENT COUPON Any sufferer mailing this coupon with name and PO Address to J Baalmann Co 52 Second St ISan Francisco Cal will receive a free trial treatment of Baalmann's Gas-Tablets 142:Laid Write today —Advertisement 1 Muscular Backache The muscles of the back do the heavy work of the body When they are overworked or ill nourished they ache and people who are looking for trouble begin to worry about their kidneys Backache may be due to lumbago which is rheumatism of the muscles of the back but more backaches are caused by overstrain overwork and muscle starvation due to thin blood than by anything else Dr Williams Pink Pills build up the blood and sufferers from backache would do well to try this treatment before giving way to worry over a fancied organic disease Rest and the tonic treatment with Dr Williams' Pink Pills will correct most forms of backache even rheumatic For people who work too hard or dance too much and sleep too little better habits and a course of treatment with Dr Williams' Pink Pills are all that are needed to drive away the pains and aches that are warnings of a coming breakdown Two books "Building Up the Blood" and "Nervous Disorders" will be sent free if you are interested by the Dr Williams Medicine Co Schenectady N Y You can get Dr Mrilhams' Pink Pills at the nearest drug store or by mail at 50 cents per box six boxes $250--Advertisement The Saint— 2' To San Franc 'too Oakland Berkeley 8:00 a rn daily 1-intrie 60941 Main 738 I I This Is Indeed A Merchandising Sensation Pure Silk Sweáter Coats 0 Sell (It $30945 — Not fiber silk mind you but pure silk —Silk Sweaters that have been features of the season at $850 $10 $1250 — Oh it can't be possible you say but it is possible — The most beautiful colors — The most striking combinations —The richest of pure silk —Sweaters that you'd never believe would ever be sold anywhere near the price —These are bright new out for the first time Right from the manufacturer to you —of course there's a reason —A manufacturer with an over surplus with a desire for a quick cash turn over—a price consideration that no merchant could afford to overlook —Here they are—truly the most wonderful lot of Sweaters that this store has ever seen to offer at such a price —Beautiful blues greens rich combinations —Daring stripes black and white blue and white maize and white —Some with collar some without collar Some have collar and sash of contrasting color others of solid' colors —Women will flock to the 2nd floor Saturday to share in what we can truthfully call a merchandising sensation at $395 —See them in the window Hundreds of them at the price $395-2nd floor See Other I Ad Page 81 ra es) ARTH(Ti Inv a 1 Sled! pOagle RAILROADS STEAMSHIP LINES AND RESORTS ' The Road That Made Travelinz a Pleasure OFFICE 120 WEST Min nitttbi Home 60854 Main 5823 Los Angeles Limited-1:25 p m Pacific Limited-9:00 a m FOR CHICAGO AND EASTERN POINTS TRAINS LEAVE FROM bALT LAKE DEPOT DAILY W S DORAN T JACKSON Generai Agent DIstrtet Passenger Agent - 411 Nearly everybody in Los Angeles reads the Evening Express The BRISTOL Fashion and Beauty Show Bessie Franklin Contralto Formerly With Chicago Grand Opera Co Alena McGee The Blonde Mystery Maid Cafe Bristol Entire Basement H W Heilman Bldg' Fourth and Spring Straets lielliffialliENNININI ' 11 Minnie Rhodes The Little Ragtime Devil Maurice Homer Violinist Extraordinary Direct From Vaudeville All Deliveries Made In Refrigerator Chests off the Ice—At Your Door Leg Milk Lamb lb 18c a43 rc Boiling Beef lb 8c FiTi 3 e Pot Roasts Beef 10c 121c c: e1- Milk-Fed Broilers ' each 32c 1170 e-c Fresh Ranch Eggs (guaranteed) dozen 33c g I-Rs oe i Fancy astern Sauerkraut lb 5c ? Fresh Creamery Butter lb 28c 6B2R2 0SAODLiwT AHy PALACE PtIARKETS 4s31-61-6H m AIN Express 9-24-15 See Other 1 ----- See Other Ad Page 8 ta$4 (004 ARTH Ti ILE -IM 4 Ad Page 3 Ittnailalat ' $ V14? It rne r A ) 0 - 1111121:327 ' ' - i Witgg213 A 0 AAy r ou !WIN' Amil& Imam I Pi I II --I at ' S14 a 1 1 mc 4 4k col col 1 in sat --- pri See Ad 1 4 rs11111111 — Three Styles Pictured at 8395 ' 1--- 17 r 2i - A 4 se c - All liz: 1 IIRI ' I‘ - ‘'- ' 'I k 4 1 ) 1 r 4 : 1111 1 1 NI( t lih f 0 '- v 93 ' W 1 4 ' I This Is Indeed A I o Sell at $30 '5 I I I I 1 I-0 OTOUBLE h s-sry RACY rr ojt I

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