The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 30, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1908
Page 3
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN- -MOXDAY. NOVEMBER, 30, 19DS. BAZAAR NETTED OVER $2,000 Yesterday was a busy day for the members of St. Francis Church, It being the first Sunday of Advent as well as tho last Sunday before the opening of the Jesuit Mission. Low mass was celebrated at 7:45 a. rn. by Father Frund. Children's mass as well as the last mass were celebrated by Father Leo, the . assistant rector. At the last mass Father Frund made some very Important announcements, notably that the bazaar recently held In St. Francis hall and for which all tho returns are not In, has already netted over '$2000. He complimented the ladies for their great work ami they, as well as their many friends received a public vote of thanks. Commenting on the bazaar results Father Frund said: "We all feel that wo owe the ladies a strong vote of thanks. The bazaar was not the old kind of take and give nothing In return. Everybody was pleased with the entertainments and the sociability was greatly Increased during the week, t wager that there are no set or committee of ladles In the state to equal that of St. Francis for work and all around entertainers." Later in his remarks Father Frund took occasion! to caution his congregation regarding} tho responsibility of making thfi mission which begins next Sunday, and to be conducted by two prominent missionaries, a success. He said: "You must make your arrangements this week to give all the time possible to the mission. We are to be blessed with a mission that Is given only In large cities. You must arrange to bring your many friends jbe they Catholics or not. These .le'sult fathers will speak on the lending topics of the day and since the world at large la looking for light on these very topics we must do all in our power first, to learn them better ourselves, and see that others get the same advantage of hearing these great men. Remember, everybody Is welcome to come and hear Fathers O'Malley and Meager. Dur- ] Ing the two weeks of their mission which opens next Sunday and closes Sunday evening, December 20th." Sodalities Meet. The Girls' Junior Sodality met yesterday afternoon In the St. Francis hall with Father Leo In charge. The promoters of the League of the Sacred Heart met last evening in the hall with Father Leo in charge. Reception to Committees, Father Frund announces that the congregation will tender a reception to all the ladies of the various committees in the last bazaar. The big event will take place New Year's eve In St. Francis hall. Admission will be by card only. Holy Hour Next Thursday. The Holy Hour, one of the most devotional in the church, will take lilace next Thursday evening from TagDay in Fresno Stockton and Bakersfield SPORTS Fresno ........................ $"000 Stockton ...................... 2200 Hakersfleld .................... ? Wesno boasts that her Tag Day yielded $2900, with the prospect that ion all returns are In the amount vill be $:!500. But. presumably the sum will be nearer $:>imi> than $:5">00. In Stockton Tag Day returns were $2200 and Fresno Is propen.v proud of having done better than the slough city. There is one other town in the , ---. , valley to be heard from and that ls!' lnv "'« EXClIli RACES AT THE TRACK (Continued from Page I.) onl five biles for mile much i flft f Btikorsfield— though smaller population. Xow let us s-ee in proportion to the people, whether Fresno Is to have the palm for liberality in charitable work. Bakersfield has never been niggardly when it conies to giving, and It never had a heller cause than the Children's Shelter to stimulate giving. Fresno $:!Utw. Stockton $21!(>''>. Ba- kersfi.'ld ('.'). SERIES ENDS IN HE p Dependable Goods at Welll's BUY YOUR BLANKETS AND COMFORTERS AT WEILL'S Women who are planning on buying more blankets and comforters should by all means, come here to get them. For warm, coxy blankets and coin for 1 can't he equaled anywhere. We carry a ITS, our assortment wide range of prices, ami ean always satisfy yon. For instance: Oregon Wool Mills Blankets, $3.50 -Splendid quality, and comes in grey. Eiderdown Comforters, $7.50—Satee* lined and very pretty. Eiderdown Comforters, $14 and $1*:50—Silk lined, very and exceedingly warm -the best in tin- market for the monev. Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware. 224. Groceries. 14? 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street. 7::in tn !>:30 p. m. First Friday Services. Next Friday l>t>ins tlie first Friday j of IiK'Ttnher and therefore League of (tie Sacred Heart day, It will be a day of special devotion for the members nf that orKalnzatlon. Masses on that day will be celebrated at 6:30 and S a. m. the half mile, the rnllo, the s and ten miles for autonuv 'i-e smashed by Bert Dlngley, i lie Chalmers-Detroit. Ten or en s.^onds would have been clip- 'l off Hi,» fust. time made by Dlngloy In the nv-,. jind ten mile barring (lie accident tn the Rtilck White Streak and a misunderstanding with one of the officials. fn th" five for all -handicap the Buic!; an 1 the Chalmers-Detroit were the onh i\\o entries, the Bulck hav- Int.' hall ii mile handicap. When the back \vh,.,.l ,,f the Ilulek broke. Dingley slowed up and In the beginning of tin- last lap lie got mixed in M» and shut off on the home As it W ;is lie lowore.I the c.nnl fur the five miles by in and iho ten miles by MI/, T) u , fastest half mile was num. Is f-trcich tnu\ i second second Sat'wday night— Bakersfield, 2; Sel- llia L'. I Sunday afternoon— Bakersfield, 1 ; \ Selmn, 0. | Sunday night— Bakersfield, 0; Sel- ll)!l. 1. The roller polo scries with the Selma team ended last night with the teams exactly on even terms. Kach had won one game, lost one and tied one, and each had made exactly the same number of goals, one. Saturday night furnished the tie, the score standing two all whQii time was up, after a slashing conical. Johnn v Davis'iind Dick Smith made the j points for the Dreamlanders. This .tie ! was played off last night, and Sclma \ succeeded fn landing tho ball in tho cago the only time It got there. In the regular afternoou game Bakersfield's score was partly the result of luck, the ball corromlng about, among a number of legs, until it. finally landed in the basket. The games, were witnessed by a good crowd. i made in td seconds. The fastest mile 1 in 1 :::<'. flu the bark stretch and the i some •-:e!ch tin' .speedometer on the ; Blurhird s'iiewe.1 r.j and as high as I r>4 mil- ;- an hour. * SPORTS OF ALL SORTS. Tehachapi gets The Overflow ! The most exeiliuir evejit of the day | Th | was l!ii' race between I Al TluicUcry with bis i ncrouni nf its high jiiuver was sot; i half mile. Th" two Mitchell i roadsters, driven by Mallei and Hi''s'i- ,i feld aii;l Henry Klips:.'in tr, bis Tour- list car, started in,],, tee scratch. | KllpMvin ton!; Hi.- lead and held it i for three laps, llirshlield passed t'be ; Tourist on the third lap and Mallet | passed on the fifth. K!i|i--:ein attain i'ivne |cut ' nt(J second place in the sixth. Von- i Thackery's machine went had on tin- iris- seventh lap and was passed by the been other three cars. On the first (urn of past " 10 ' 11H| '''I 1 Mallet picked second iiife. Place from Klipslein ami held it. Hir.shfeld was an easy winner in N: 45, for a job of work. One day last .week j Mallet^ second in H:!'.' 1-5. Klipsteln a resident approached fourteen of! third. .<: 1.: 1-;i. these strangers, all dressed as labor-1 Mallet drove ers, but could not hire any one of them to assist him to load a car with barley hay. The town is evidently (From the Toiv.ilvtwfc.i Tehachapi seems to l.i: gi-tlin.; of the overflow ''roni the desert si ruction contps. The iuir.iber o:' .•lemeanor oomph'I ills filed lias considerably increase 1 iluving the few weeks. The town is full of men, but one of them cannot be hired 1!t'>9 model Chalmers-Detroit local drivers, thirty, brought, to HnKcrulield with Klssolkiir on I Bert Dlngtey's "Bluebird" by the Los Angeles agent, Tucker, has b<5en purchased by 11. U. Peacock. Tucker left for the south his morn lug with the "Bluebird" while Dingley went north to Modesto, via train, to look after his garage business lor n few days. Later in tho .week ho will go to Los Angeles and put the "Bluebird" in the Box Springs hill climbing contest on Saturday. very much In need of a municipal woilplle or rockyard where these rounders can be ma.V f> can; ''ie price of the "feed" they invariably ! solicit. Boy Brown's Mitchell, which had not been overhauled or placed in condition; in fact the car was not entered until Saturday. Much credit Is due to the driver, and had the car been In shape he would have given a still better account of himself. The fourth event, il miles, showed the (lass of the littl v.'hen it tool; 'i from the two Mitchell Frank Free and Frank Murray are still in Bakersfield. They will take their cars, the Sunset and Bulck "White Streak" north, instead of entering in the hill climb. On December t'i they will enter the races at Tanforan. For Canghs and Colds RED SPRUCE AND WHITE PINE NATURE'S BALSAM We Recommand the Use of Our Guaranteed ' COLD TABLETS A CuraUv 2nd Laxative When RED SPRUCE AND^WHITE PINE Is Take Of Drug Stores Bakersfield's Finest CAN GIVE PERMIT TO BUILD CABINS ii , FOREST. Supervisor, Republican Bulck While fast liv.' miles roadsters. Tin- •Vl'llt W'TI' t 1 !"' THANKSGIVING ESSENTIALS fire trood. well iittiiiK. stylish clothes hut nhovo nil eh'iui eloth".s. We cna take out all spots, status mid dirt of any kind, so .that your present suit will appear like a bran now one. Send us yoour best suit or your winter overcoat and you surely will be pleased at the result. Pioneer Cleaners and Dyers A. C. Jacobsen, Proprietor. Offlc*. 151'rf 19th St., Phone Main 176 Work*, 129-133 20th St. Phone Main 168 THIS IS THE CAR HAVE YOU SEEN IT? Co. it'"- foil-Nevada railroad. ui :hl tlnve' trains of t-inkca loaded at ibis point. Tli<>re tank cars in tlie ilnee trains with a capacity of ITii.un.t gallons. The piinri her.? has a capacity of 200U gtillon.- per minute and one train of eight curs was made ready for departure in twenty minuted. Personal Notes. Miss Bertha Brite, who Is attending the University of Southern California. arrived Thursday for Thanksgiving • "-..trie, in tV .Mitel.. 11 roadster- driven hl'dd and .Mallei v. i 1 it Frank at III.' wl.i-.'l ol the IlnicK. .1 tool; Ilii' lead wiili : iiel pla.'i 1 . Tin 1 ISitick p i.'i t hi 1 I hii'd l'i|> an i Hirsh Mhfb. II ill tiie si\l!i. The linick o'ti b)' abiiui In ;• .'ii'.i.- in i!n- fas I i.;' v "N lor ihe live miles. Ill tin' half mile hoi'S" I'.o.-je won easily from anil Sii>'osle|'. Time 51. As usual ll'e motorcycle race not up to the standard. Program. First even i — Free-for-ai! motorcycle handicap. II. Mc(!rexor. first, 1'}., h. p. Indian; Fred Stoeckl, third, " h.p. Reading; Leonard Dunn. :t h.p Road- ling; Hoensliell, Reading; Hawk, see.- I oiid, Reading. Time 5:07 1-5. Second event—Five mile race for lo- Cluis. H. Shlnn, Forest in a letter o the Fresno says: Several usrs of the Sierra National Forest, have lately asked me whether they could build small cabins for shelter and Mipidie;;, without paying the gavci iinient for the privilege. TlH'.v certainly can do so. I'mler I lie 1 can glv. 1 a Irei; per- mil for Mich ;i cabin, lo be u(~ej by a siii:'l;nian, or a miner, or a prospector in hi:, work iu the rno'inialiis. Any stockman who has a grazing permit, i can write to me about, such a i abin ice Premium permit, if needed. Sama Rosa | Thru can be a small enclosure made ! about it, for mere protection. Of course enclosures for pasture purposes are closures cliargd for. {! with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I, Rrlte, and snowball with her friends. t'nder the direction of Mrs Van Voorhees the Junior I.eag organized last Sunday evening M. 13. church, and officers were dec ed for the next three ni'Mitli.- 'I Juniors will meet at the church '• "' Sunday evening at 7 o'clock. VY >',!.•!• Urite. the "star" third IM.'• man fd' (lie local baseball tc'.iii. . • turne! Mi.'iida) from a month's vis «iin his parents it Arroyo (Ira:;'!' lie was accompanied on lite :>''i' I rip by his mother and sister, wh will visit here for a few wed;-. cal automobiles, amateur drivers. Klsselkar handicap. Mitchell roadster. Holland K. .Mallet I, second; touring car, Henry Kllpsidu. third; Mitchell roadster. I. Ilirsbleld, first; Kissel louring car, Al Thackery. Time S; .15. Third I'Vi.'iii—I'ie race for motorcyclists. Two miles, won by (.'. 13. Hiilne. Four! t.veiit — Five mile match race. T. liuick White Streak, Fr.uik Murrav, was drive.. list; Mllchd! roadster, I. the j I'irsiifi Id, second; .Milchell roadster, '|'< I II. K. Mallet, ;iiip!. X:2X. l'i "I Klfth dent- Hal! mile ,1::.*!:. ru.i- "•M j nni'i hots's: I'r. l.dii.ii Rose. 1st; Syl. vesiter second; All Right, third. Tim. !.'•• ' 51 seconds. Sixth i'vent--rh!ihuerh-l)etroit. Herl Dingley, driving, 111 mileH. Time MU. Miss Hertlm Knnpp of Tehachapi, and a student at Stanford, Is visiting here and Is registered at the Southern. THE HUB On the Corner 19th and I Sts. DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY If the cost worries you consult UK. \Ve will iiLTfeeahly surprise you. Ai, r aiii you can <\-< it so <|!ii''kly. MALTHOID ROOFING IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT. ('nines iii rolls, fjiiio.kly ap- costs so little, plied. (Mimes in any width; +* Pioneer Mercantile Co ; Phone Main 98. Out lohamblin YOUNG HYATT LOSES I ARM THROUGH GUNSHOT We stuff; on it. Vo\ir gi like Sch!!! TEA sell tons of poor but our name isn't (jo by the name. tiff '"t':r:n your nnnef If ym ^ on * tiu'ti 1,-Kt: we pay him, It lias been In preparation for five years, awaiting tho time when the plant could be brought to the point of capacity and perfection which would make It possible at such a price. There IB not an ounce of uncertainty or experiment In this marvelous thirty horse power car at fifteen hundred and fifty dollars, because,It. derives its being from twenty thousand other Cadillac curs which have preceded it. It springs Immediately Into full-fledged competition with the best of others at twice anil thrice the price, because it Is the outcome and evolution of a factory equipment, and a factory experience that has cost millions in the making. T'lace your order now. First car load already sold. We have a few second hand bargains. Cadillac, one cylinder. 1907 two cylinder Tourist. Two Cylinder Reo, with top. (Trade for horses). Two cylinder Maxwell. Bakersfield Auto Supply Co. 19th and 0 kits. Tel. Main 1260 | PAYNE \& SON Funeral Directors Embalmers AMRULACNE Phone Answered Day or Night * * •> * * * f * * * <• * B. H. LOVELAND Wholesale Produce Merchant Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Beans, t Eggs, and all farm products. ,f««2«*J.«}*.g«.J. *J«>J*«{««£«.2« •£••}««{«.{«•{.«{« * * * 1 Victor Hyatt, son of State Sup'Tln i londont of Schools Hyatt, It years of j aye, was shot ia the left arm and side ; fin Ttilare lake Saturday, where he . was with his father hunting. A i gun belonging to fine of the part) was ! discharged. Dr. W. \V. Cross of VI' salia dressed Hie wounds and found ! it necessary to amputate the arm. CROUP QUICKLY CURED. , Don't Let-the Child Choke to Death ' While Waiting For the Doctor. | Hyomel, the miraculous, antiseptic dry air treatment, will cum croup In either tho first or second stages. Has- lly Inhaled, even when tho breathing is Irregular, It reaches more promptly . than any other remedy the terribly In' flamed rijornlinine of tho windpipe, Its ' soothing balsams act Immediately, ! the Inflammation is allayed, and tho 'Swelling reduced. 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