The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1952
Page 2
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TWO LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Pat Mull/ns, Society Editor ewA Phone 4461 Former Resident Is Married in New Jersey Duplicate Bridge Round-Up Salunlay Aflcrllonn I.euguft Mrs, C. C. Councille was presented the "traveling silver goblet" for winning the past six wcek-s scric* of the Bls'thcville Duplicate Bridee | ors. Mrs. Monroe Crnln and Mrs, R. E. Tune won second place, anil Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Garrett Seal of Tenafly, N. J.. nnd formerly of j League, Blytheville, have announced the i pj rs t ga/^e of the new series was marriage of their daughter, Sophie ijegan wiih Mrs. O. W. McCutchen Ann. to U. Frederick A. Evans. I an d Mrs. E. li. Gee InkinR top iiou- U.S.A.F. j -------------The wedding occurred Saturday.' July 26. In the garden of the Scall Jl inp home, with only members of the im- J U ' e mcdlHte families present. The Rev. Melvin R. Campbell, minisl'er of the Tennfly Presbyterian Church, offi- rlaled. is Complimented At Linen Shower , AUOTJST 18, Bits of News / r/ojtl jj-^crAonal Mr. ami Mrs. Clay Stalling* and /amlly, left yesterday morning for Vancouver, Wash., and point* of Interest, Monts Ille Pacific tor a three-week's vacation. _ ... , . . Mr- nnii Mrs. P. E. Cooley have O. W. Coppecigc nnd Mrs, Joe Ker- | us their (fucsts Mi. Cooley's mo- won third place. A muster i thcr. Mrs. Emma Humey of Keys- game will he played next ! vllle, Vn., and the Rev. Frank Cooley ol New York. The Rev. Mr. Cooley »lll preach .Sunday in the Rev. Roy I. Bai;- Mclhrxllsl Church. Thc Rcv - !irul Mrs - W' 1 " 1 "" p children David and Carnl arrl «d yesterday to visit thrlr "Tl', 5 ' Mr nml ' Mr5 ' M ' T ' M °°"' " ml Mr ' Knd Mrfi p E ' Coole >'- point week. Country Club league Masterpoint night was l)ir tot ; alMncc "' nlShi. In /Ox-weeks scries, 'i-hich be- Ie >' al thp Kan Tuesday, with Mrs. McCmchen Thc Rcv Mrs. Ore takiuR Ili.-,l irtacp Conl'V «nd and Oilier winners were Mrs C C CounciMe and Mrs. r. D. Poster, winner., of second place, und Mrs. B A. Lynch nnd Mrs. Monroe Crain, winners of third [iliice. Fourth nlnce Mr - n "d Mrs, Denny "'" 1 Mr. and Mrs. M. Hammond o. Mcliac t! brook, ami Clifile Overman. The bride wore a bftltcrina-lcncth ! gown of white eyelet organdy and i Continuing th<> whirl nf prc-nup a shoiildcr-Irngth veil attnrhed to a ttnl events pivpn in honor of Miss! circlet of orange blossoms. She cnr- j une Biirhnniin, bride-elect of Hen- rled an old-fashioned no.scgay with janitn F Johnson, wns n linen shows white orchid center. ! r r given Inst nipht at the home of Miss Marlon Joan Alter of Cre.s- • Mrs. Jimmy Bramcum. I fikill attended the brltle as maid of j Other ho.sto.-^e.s were Mrs Bill | honor, anrf John Evnns of Ttiscfi- j McClurc. Mlissps Knthcrlnc West- loosa, ASa. r was his brother's man. Following n reception nt thc Seal home, Lt. Rvans and his bride left by plane for Panama City, Fla., where he Is stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base- Mrs. Evans wns graduated in June from Avcrctt College, Danville. Va, Her husband, who is the son of Mrs. Dorothy Mannish Evnns of Tusca- loosn, was 'graduated in 1050 lrom Tulane in New Orleans. . n . . . . went to Mrs. 8. E, Tune and Mrs. I nnl1 <*IMren returned early ycster- ' O- S. Crowd). Thiirs<l:iy Xtglil l^itgue The "traveling silver Koblrt" was' Ktvcn to Mrs. O. W. MrCutclicn. after she won the past six-weeks series, Winners of the first name In the from a week's vacation In the Smokt-y Mountains. MKi 1,,-iVorjnr PnrJlrjfk will \f.\ve toniqht for Dallas, Trx.. where shr* will spend several days with friends nntl relatives. Mr. nml Mrs. E!za Wheeler. Mr. nnd Mr.s. Monroe Bc-sharse and son, nc.w Kfhfs, v.ere Mr.s. Georpfa I3nl- f Mike, pl.iti to leave tomorrow for Icy nnrt Mr,;. Aurlrcnell Freeman. I a vacation trip to the Smoky Moun- 'ftins. Seaman First Class Marlon Linrl- j Swcctpeas and roses provided Ihe " rst i Mrs - Russell Phlliitis and Mrs. | tft 'floral iKiiitiuets in the entertahiinK' J!r " R" 1 " 0 " second. Muster oint ; Club and Guests Play at Rustic Thr*e guest* played bride* with m«nb*rs of La Nucve Club ye.stcr- day at the Hustle Inn, when Mrs. Clarence Webb was hostcwi for the dessert-bridge. OuesU Included Mrs. Robert Lowe 0< Jonefiboro, Mrs. Russell H. Farr and Mrs. Robert I. Thompson. Wlnneri of the game were Mrs. R. Cl. Jerome, high score, and Mrs. J^elvfei Ha! MM, second high. Mrs. Colwrwm Stevens won brldgo. Barbara Potter Is Monored at Party Potl«r wa« honored her I«th birthday at » l*i Gpimell. • Thfcrty-Krt guests attended nnd winners of contest games wore Billy »yd«. Robert Karl Davis and James BevlHe. B!rt*id«f wke and Ice cream were •erved th« guesto, and the honor ee jipered bur gift*. Sew-Smart For Dates room, and :\ ttrron anil while theme was iiRPti in ffxvors. Kltts. nml In decoration of the ptfi table, which wa.s overlaid in prren, sprinkled \vlth white hearts, In contest games, \fi?;. Boh Webb, Mrs. \V. E. Buchanan, niother of the brl<Je-elect, and Miss BJIIic Jane. Rodders, won the jirizes. After the honorce hart op?nod her \ gifts, a srtlftd course was sprvnrf, j Miss Buchanan, who was dressed 1 for the occasion It) n bclire gold- | Cloth fitted (frerfi with green actes- J soric.s, wns jrivcn a corMipe. of yellnw glamella. 1 ;, Mrs. iJuchanati was pro- scntcci fl coifiiiRc of white caviin- tions, Kamc Hay. second. Muster point will be played next Thnr.s- Coming Events Friday Mrs. Janic-s Mizell ontertnlnn .Stitch and Chatter Club at her home flt apartment 43IJ of Chickn- Courts, nt Lndie.s Bible Cl oriisl Cliurch IJ/L :,iQ p.m. >.ss of First Mclh- bu.siness nnd .so- Silhouette Contrast Will Mark Autumn's New Coat Stylet fo Mr. anrt Mrs. Jack Hunt were In important. There are coats with a Memphis yesterday as guests of Mr. modified Mare and many fitter! Hunt's father. Matt Hunt, a patient i C0 ats, Ihe latter gaining In impor- in the Methodist Hospital. His con- ! tance dltlon is reported "still critical"' after he underwent surgery Sunday. He is In Room 2!)B. SllhouelU contrast marks Fall coat designs, from the full and fUring to the close an;l fitted. Seymour Fox shows the new tulip silhouette (left) In a three-quarter wrap coat of hairy wool In antlirnelfe £ray. The circle coat (center) by Monte-Sano Is in soft By GAILF: DHGAS comroymlal one. High, low or na- Nlw\ Woman's Editor tunil? many houses show ali three. dinxcimil sh/nrtdcr spams and, sometimes, by \\ldc canelel sleeves. There's contrast In sleeve treatments, too. Tnrsfi cither taper, slimming down U) a narrow cuff, or' tnke to great fullness in company i with widened cuff pffrcts. Both are i shown and both are »ood. 1 The waistline question is a highly i Collars may be very wide or th.?y i "seal-cloth" wool In flame red. 1. line Is fluid, the weight U llfhti and the tapering sleeves, worn pushed up, seem a part of the yoke.. The flaring silhouette (riffhO as done by Seymour Fox is in a red-and-blue mixture of loop tweed. Sleeves are insel. may not be collars at all. Where the; wide mantle collar does not appear j there's likely to be a cardijjnn effect or a simple roll or small club collar. | The empire, or higli-iv.-iisted look,! is balanced by the low-waisted coal, frequently demonstrated by some I variation of the martingale. | Little fur touches appear in many! Fall coats; some of these are used! for the .small club and roll collars; or. for trim on widely-flared cane j effects. The tulip silhouette aften! Kc-is fur trimming, in the form of a small, close collar high about the neck. F-abrics Include the brushed poodles, riubliy boucles, shaggy and fleecy coatings, hairy tweeds and nubs. On Ihe color chart, brown keeps company with black. There's a good sprinkling of red, royal, gray, biege, and green. Often, the reds, golds, greens or blues are mixed with black for a blurred, blackened effect. Mrs. McHoney Is Hostess to Clubs Mm. Robert O. McHancy was hc«- tesn yesterday at her home to members of tier bridge club. Kl- blUer. members of the Friday i,a Finesse Club, Mrs. James Rogers, Miss Hetty Black. Mrs. Gerald Hlomcycr, Miss Jetlyc Huffman, and Mrs. Charles Pcnn. Periwinkle and roses were used In decoration of the entertaining rooms, and centered the tables from which a salad course was served. In the four-table game, Mrs. Jane Carson won high club prire, Mrs, Charles Aftlick won second high cttlb prize, Mrs. Jack Webb won hlch guest prize. Bridge went to Mrs. James Rogers. JClslc, Mrs. Joe Scruggs and Mrs. Tlelle Wood. Alpha Delta Chapter of H c t a Sigma phi has family picnic ;it Walker Park al 6 p.m. SaLitnlav Ci)t)lnr-n CJnb hns 0 dance in thR Mirror Room of Hold Noble. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Porter, Dr. and Mrs. AV. T. Rainwater, Mr and Mrs. E. M. Regenoltl, Mr. nnd Mrs. Phil Robinson and Mr. and Mrs. James Roy are hosts nnd hostesses. UlythevU'lc Duplicate Bridge Tongue plays weekly nftprnon game. Monday, Aug. 18 Circle vSix of the Hrcshtyerian Church has R p.m. meeting at thc home of Mrs. Doyle Truner, hostess, and Miss Lois Fields, co-hostess. *.onio.%^^^ Hunter, 21 Year Old Movie Star from Blythoville, announce the birth i s~" • A i , "r™ A /""* • I nf a son Ho has hrc-n named Otis|(jjlVeS AOVICe tO I 6611 Ag6 (j ITIS child. Glenda Kay. Mrs. cole Is th former Miss Dorothy 1'rultt. Even the youngest child will be encouraged lo keep the nursery nent If shelves surfaced In ensy-to-clcan clay tile and of properly scaled height are provided for toy storage. Teen Dances Held at Country Club Blythcvillp Country Club hns been mernhn the scene the past two Thursday nights for rtnncc.s Riven for tccn-nge college groups, who Include You Should Pamper Feet In The Summer By AUCIA HAUT NE AHcauty Kdtlor Hot-weather nny« are not tistmlly kind to your feet. Steaming sidewalks are thc principle irritation, and since there ii lut]fi you can do about them, better look for the solution elsewhere. Proper shoes, coupled with exercise, arc your iiest aids in climinaU ing thn Rcneral fntitcue that cnmes from tired nnrt rich Ing font, There is quite a varied group of lishU weight shoos for ynu to choose* from, "Deluding such nir-coolcrt fabrics as ihaiHunn, llnrn nnrt nylon mesh. Here are several slmjile foot exercises to help keep your feet feclhiR anti lookine lovely. The first one can be accomplished while sitting down. rolaxTni- nr rradinr;. Take off your shoes. Tlirn, imnplnfl you arr holdlnc a small ohirrt between your Ines. Grip as tightly us pnss'llilr*. Now 5tretch the tco,s far apart. Repeat until your trH tire. Stand up for the secniui excrcUe. Look your very prctlics on special i Ytni m ' Ay nrcd thc b *ck of n chair dress-up occasions in Ihis colLirlras 1 for M| Pr° rt - Fret are flat on thp date frocV. that has an important ; J|^ r ; tt "" rtnr L t °7V, lori . h< ' elK aho " 1 lip-to-thE-ininntc air. A row of tiny clirti Arid tboir, with?an average atteiidflrice of HO people. The dances will be given each Thiirstlny night through (he month of -August. Mrs. Hugh Whttsitt, chairman, heads a cnnunlUee of mothers who are sponsoring nnd chaperoning the dances, others on the committee are Mrs. H. O. Parllow. Airs, J. IV. Adams. Jr., Mrs. C. E. Criptier, Jr.. Mrs. I. n. Colrmnn, Mrs. Ilirani Wyllc, nnd Mrs. He'tiry Humphreys. Mr. nnd Mr.s. B. B. Goodman Of Stecle have attended the past two dances and led the young people last week in a square dance, and last night in a "lemon dance." Charles A I* Ncwsfeaturc's i smart Lo pretend even if they have- If you want to have boyfriends.! n't seen everything and done evcry- Pvt, Wiilitice Bunch has return- learn how to be n good .sport, Thai's thing. It is a rrejit to know n girl cd to Camp Kilmer. N. J. for over- j tne ndvk . e of y^ndsome Tab Hunt- \vh. sens a^^nmr-nt, after spending a : cr , 21-year-old blond movie star. IG-day furlough with his wire, the j who p i ai -e,1 leading mnn <<? Lindn former. M..SS Doris Abbott, and his j Dnrnc ]| recently in his first movie, parents, Mr. and Mr.s. Dec Bunch, {"island of Desire" Mis-s Rarljara Aronaghnn has re- tunifd from n two-month's vacation to points of interest in Virginia. Kentucky. Illinois. \Viscon- j s!n. one! Minnc^otn. 1 Mr. nnd Mrs, Vinton and • Johnny Hr.vant Fill are vacationing j at Hnnly this week. j John Wilks. who has attended ; .summer sefision at University o[ I Mi^Bissippi, Oxford, will return homr Sunday for a month before : rcturnlni; to school. His rnotli?r, Mivs. Ora:e Wilks. nnri Mrs. R. 13- PurvlR vvIJl motor down to bring him hack. Monroe Be-shares was In Memphis yesterday to be with his nephew, son of Mr. and Mr.v Hershell Be- sharspv who is seriously ilJ. Tab debimfcs the theory that a date with a Hollywood celebrity is all caviar, orchids and 'champagne. a la the movie magazines. The girl who has a date with Tab rarely goes to a night club. Says he: "My favorite date Is a girl who is pretty and sweet, not rt raving beauty, nnrt who has no desire (o be n plant or queen. She enjoys simple entertainment, and doesn't even complain when we RO to a drive-in theatre on B rainy nicht with a broken windshield wiper." And that in Tab's estimation is the last, word in sportsmanship. has her feet on the ground, ] who doesn't think it is smart io \ smoke or swcar and who has ft j warmth anci sincerity everybody ad- i mires." Most Hollywood girls, he Rays, i have a false sense of values. They rate boys by the size of their automobiles and their wallets. (He has a "beat-up" Ford.) Take a girl out, and what floes she do Tab answers his own question by saying it is a wasted date—the sir! spends the entire evening primping and fussing expecting that any momem she will be "discovered" by a movie producer or n lalpnt scout. A typlcnl date for Tab and Joyce [ is doing the thinks they enjoy such as skating, swimming, horseback riding or tennis. HR says that many al Ice-skater and they both adore] the sport. She is so graceful, he says, j "It takes your breath away to watch I her." i What's his formula for a perfect j date? He puts it this way: ' 1. Don't be too prim or proper. ! 2. Be fun—laugh, but don't get 1 hysteric ul. I 3. BD a good sport. Even if you ! aren't athletic-, make an attempt to f enjoy your date's favorite sport. | He'll give you credit for trying even \ if you don't quite make the grade { •i. Compromise when discussing ] the place to spend the evening, even | if you can't absolutely agree on the [ ihing to do. 5. Be a good conversationalist. and don't spend all your time talk- [ ing about yourself, making demands on your dale, or tablehopping, Tab thinks any young man would rather date a ladylike girl than a glamor qilfeen. Men do not admire girls who pretend. Says he: "If gir!s want boys to reaped At the niythcvlllc Hospilal Dismissed: - , Mrs. Jim Hill. City Mrs. Roy Lynn. Rt. 4. Mr.s. A. J. Presnell nnd babv, Cify Walls IlnspHal Disniis-scd: Mrs. Dann Worley. Lnxora Mrs, E, W. Williams, Cily When you buy a shoe, be sure the , i inside of Ihe heel is smm ,=o that Ray Hall and Miss Shell DOBcatt. of 1,1,,. ,, ccl of y<nlr , ro . eannot slip Ctarksdale. Miss., won the dance, i,, un , WuR or rub up alld [iown in '_ True Tab almost made a mistake! times Joyce gets up at 4:30 a.m. to about Thc Girl. When he lirst met [ meeting him at_their favorite skat- her Joyce Lockwood—at a skating rink, he thought she \vas conceited. loofne-ss which he in-common between two people is' n't ovrr-iated. Joyce is a profession- ail^ how "wrong; can a guy be. he risks." when be renli/es he mistook poise' 1 thought was Just an act. After four | years of real friendship be realizes now that Joyce is a "pirl In a million"—unaffected, unselfish, sweet, considerate :md agreeable. Says lie: "I guess. T was a little off base, because Hollywood is 50 cluttered with cheap girls who think it is ing rink by 6 o'clock. Tab. who as Art Oileen (his real name) has won figure ice-skating contests, finris that the sometrting- Chaperons for InsL night's da Included Mr. nnd Mrs. Gnodmim. Mr. and Mrs. John Lane. 'Mrs HllRh Wlitsltt. Mrs. I. R. Coleman, Mrs. J. W. Adams. Out-of-town euesls Included Jerry Carter of eLarhville. O.^.sif? Cnuch- lin of Memphis, Misses Dixie and nolibye Killian nnrt Woody Tnwn- Eeni). nil of Mnliiln, nnd Mips Do?- getl of Cbrksdale. side the shoe. By Sue Burnett ' l npart - ^"tnte your knees thf>m as tar "I 131 ' 1 10 t billion. 1 ; finishes !lie waist—plti a g?.y bouquet on one .shoulder. Pattern No. 8SG6 is a snw-rltc perforated pattern in st/es 12. H, 16, 13. 20; 40, 42. Size 14. 4 yards of 39- in:h. For this pattern, ?onri 3(lc in COINS, your name, address, size de- jurcd. and tbe PATTERN NUMBEft to Sue Burnett, Courier News, 373 Quincy St.. Chicago G, 111. Ready for you now—Basin FASHION for '52. Fall and Winter. This 1 If you use a safely razor to renew issue is filled wUh ideas for : move hair on ymir ler* use n fr.T- smart, practical Fowin.e for a new, ?r ,int pink -On'vinc: made for season; pift pattern printed inside i (be purpose. Other tu> to rnnrm- the book. 25c. i ber are: The third rxcrci^P rerniirp.<; lh*it you walk forward tmaeimnt; you arc roarhiiie for something on- the rrilinc, When ymj rr.irli up with your left hnnrl, stand up on (he tor<: of your left foot. Repeat with rtaht foot and hninl. ContiiniP for (AO minijfes. This rxrccisc aUo helps the figure. o-j use Box Office Opens 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 p.m. Admission !)c & 3()c A i All Times Open (i:,'«> p.m. Show Sl.irls ill Dusk. 2 Shows Every Nile. [.AST TIMES TOMTE «ss ntwj« winiui DOUGLAS-PARKER-BENDIX .. Will 1AM TOR'S .1.-.S- A Paramount Picture Also Cartoon & Comedy SAT. OM.Y! 2 HITS! ORR One ilciii in DIII- Tliursdny's n<\ was incnm'i'My dc- scrihcrt. Printed as "Pure Fri-sh Hccf," il should hiive rend: Pure Fresh GROUND MAYS' SUPERMARKET I'RIIIAY & SATURDAY Double Kcaluve —I'l, US- NOTICE! The Facilities of the NORTH STAR SUPPER CLUB Have been engaged for private use by the Kappq Sigma Fraternity for the night of SATURDAY, AUGUST 16 O|irn fi:.1f) p.m. Slim* at Dusk. 2 Shoivs Kvrry SUNDAY & MONDAY f'$ Hilarious Successor To 7/7e Pa/efeceXj£ BymwHMwco <*(>>, m «T?;V.-. .-.7K,, "l5^"J^ liasil Italhhnne Ilujjli Herbert Serial: The TiRcrmnn Also Cartoon SUMIAY & MONDAY RiDSSQES OF MONTANA klKHHICOIOB 20 ----- — I'U'S— Also Carlnon & Conicdv Also Metro News them, they should act like ladies. A boy doesn't enjoy dating a smart alcck. He likes the company of a girl who is a good companion -the kind of girl most boys war' 'o marry. Why don'.t more girls •> want boyfriends strive to be Lid;. :ike?" Has Tab proposed to Joyce? Well, hardly. As a matter of fact, he says: "She'll be very surprised to read these nice things I've said about her. Somehow, you don't need to praise her all the time lo pet alonff. And she is not impressed by my role in the movies." But Tab doesn't want anybody to get, the Idea that his girl is ... well, the goody-goody type ... or even old-fashioned. She's Just . . . well, wonderful, he says . . . and other 4irls might profit by reading about the way he feels about her. That's all. except she's BO angelic ... for Hollywood, particularly . . , he's surprised she hasn't sprouted wings. , AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION LAST TIMES TODAY * M-G-M's ALL-STAR MUSICAL! -t. * B ' «° Jeroma Kern's greatest love tongt *< 11 KATHRYN GRAYSON REDSKELTON HOWARD KEEL* mmm -•-?• I'aramount News, Cartoon & Novelty Reel RITZ GUESTS ^ir. & Mr.s. Hugh Gentry & Family Mr. & Mrs. .lamps Deal & family Mr. & Mr.s. William Young &• Kamily Mr. & Mrs. Calvin' Hill SATURDAY ONLY! DOUBLE FEATURE r "-^= ^r-"-"— i.i T - J ~* -~t*iC^^ T\ * "AL-^a « r,^n.Mi ; IIT.I ^SS^XaO PAT O'BRIEN • Serial: The Black Hawk & Cartoon SUNDAY & MONDAY Serial: Oregon Trail Also C'arloon "WASHINGTON STORY" ^VANJOHNSON : PATRiC!Aei LOUIS CALHERN SIDNEY BUCKMER I'ara mount Acwa, Larioon & Novelty Keel RITZ GUESTS AI.I. (he ATTOKNKY'S AT I,A\V am] lh eir families are invifcrl lo Hie Hilz Sunday or Montlav.

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