The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1949
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, BIATHEVIU.E <A!UU COURIER NEWS PAGE BKVfcN Politics Warm In Philippines Violence Possible At Two Rallies Set In Growing Dispute MANILA. March 9. W>—The Philippine political crisis took on explosive aspects today. Two bis public meetings were set. Either conic touch oft bloodshed. The tense situation steins fron a tight (or control of the powerfu Liberal Party. The battle is be twcen President Elpidio Quiiino am Jose Avellno, the party's political boss. The battleground is the Philippine Senate. In the background Is this year's presidential election. For 11 days, the 24-member Senate has been unable to operate. Senate President Avellno walkd out when the Senate threatened an official Investigation of his private business affairs. Nine Senators \\cut out with him. Twelve Senators—two others are not involved—remain loyal to Quir- Ino. They ordered Avellno and his followers' returned. National Bureau of investigation agents made a half-hearted attempt 'to round them up, came back without a one. Meanwhile. Avclino was stripped I of the Senate presidency. He lost » supreme court fieht to regain "-• Violence Possible Violence could flare at. either of two large demonstrations set today tor the next three days. One is a call for 100.000 veterans to march tomorrow from the Senate to CJillrlno's official residence and on to the House of Representatives. The veterans, many oi whom were in the notorious Bataan "Death March." are demand- Ing back pay regardless o! what pay they already have received from the United States. The other is a mass meeting of Quirino supporters scherduled for Saturday. Quirino. who succeeded the late President Manual Roxas. seeks the Infant republic's highest office in his own light, Avelino. who still holds party control at provincial »nd local levels, has said he will seek the nomination at the liberals' convention in May or June. Art for Spare Time's Sake F" Operation Set To Aid King's Foot Condition Odom Has Uneasy Time Over Official!^ Certification of Record-Setting Flight {. LONI5ON. March 9. M'l - - King Georse VI will be operated on — probably within a week—I o pet more blood flowing Into Ills endnu- f.ered right foot. Six doctors in an immmtu-omenl from Buckingham P«lnce lust night saic- the ojwiattoii will be "«t an early dnte." Court corrr.sixmdfiils said they understood that meant next week and Ihe surgery probably would be done at the pulace, This was (lie first o!fld>il word that the atllne 53-year-old would undergo surgery lor the ar- leiiu! condition that was imule public last Nov. 23. The operation will be a mill side lumbar .<ymp,uhcctom\ • • Hi- r.u'.ilng away of the .sympathetic nerve knots lying In I unit of the spine In the lower buck. Thr.^-: imutirs nerves help keep the arteiti'.s u«ht- | stclmunn to .sign the,, ened 'up. slowniK the flow of blixxl | paper,s, stoinmnn nuvct'd. NEW YOKK. Mmvh 0. (/I 1 )—With* H uew iion-.slop llylnR record lo hU ci'edtl, «lr-ud venturer Hill CXloni .ilens to /'sleep tor R couple or flays". IHil Hit 1 29-year-old Iller In"! some uneasy moments before ho \vcJit lo bed night. 11 MTins there \vi\s no representu^ tive of (hi 1 NrttUmal Aeroufuille Association on hum! yesterday lo wU- nc.sfi tlie thiLsh ol his record break- Ing 6.000- in lie l!«hi-phino f UK hi (rom Honolulu lo Teterboro, N.J. Tlie NAA require.-* n check of RSUS (sinks ;imt phme hi^li mnenl.s at HUT end of K Might liefut'C ciirtUyiny n new record. To relieve Odom'.s anxiety hU record yo otfieially uniecopni/i'd, r.irporl officiiil.s cheeked wilh lh« NAA in Washington. Tlicy )»ler iv- purlcd l!mt C. L. 1/iK-sdon. NAA division itn i'ct(»r. .siild it would be nil Huh I for Civil Aero- Ant horit Truman Settles Down To Vacation Routine KI'IY WKST, J*'ln., Mnri'h O-ii 1 !'! Prrsidmt, Tminun not out n rullro I tLon nf fuiu-y spoils shlits uncl slnvks tochiy lo settle down to Hie euJnymeiU of U!s sixth MoiUlu VJK-- | lltllHl, Ills nLilcs siihl lie would full his uvular routine of ntrly nv Inn strolls, n dully swim and u tv\o- j lunir Minbath, tiis ohl |inl, Chief Justice Vlnson.l I.OR K. JliU'ilMKcr, Memphis, 'Aenn., lieen elected chulrnmn of Ihe I'i unit of the Nntlouul Uot- j ion Council, Olhn 1 offlct'i.s (or (lie sluic unit elected at the council* inhtul meeting here yesterday include W, A. linker, Pine Bluff, Ark., vlce- clialiman, nnd K. I'. Wade, Llttl* Hock, secretary. Rend Courier News Want Ads. Presidential Press Heerctury Clmrlrs' G. Hoss also is ID fly down in n tiny I or l\vo. The President's hkhcsl nidi^ s:\Ul he )w,s not yet UIJOH » Mn-i'i'ssnr In Scrrt'tary nl (Hr Army llnyull, who Is to .sti'p out I ,soon, Mr. Trum;in Is In din't't Irlrplmnr with tlio \Vhlip | In.spex'tor Pnul ; iiewssary! ^HU.tnmlc^iou 1 House, itiut 11 rnnrler plivnt- IM nniV;- William Pahle, 19-ye;ir-o!cl San Jose, Calif., high school student, displays some of his entries in a regional National Scholastic art contest In San Francisco. The youth won 13 in Hie six fields he entered. All were passed on by different Judges. As a childj Pahle was bedridden and became interested In art lo pats the time. He has never had any art training. inlo Ihe ICRK. T\vo of the dot:tors who signer! the bulletin nrc Ainericun-trninetl. icy are Prof. James Loannonlh, 10 .specinlt/cd in this operation in ) Uuked SlHte.s ftiul was a sur•on nl the Mayo Clinic, R-H-lu^tci-, llnu.. from 102B lo 1932; aiul Prof. Persons Earning $6,000 Yearly Pay 51 Per Cent of Total Income Taxes WASHINGTON. March 9. I/?.— * People earning above $6.000 a year _ . . , n * J make up only 4.23 per cent ot thclOsceO/O Man elected federal Income tax payers, but pay B'nai B'rith President 51.27 per cent of total income taxes, the Treasury Department said today. * President Truman has Indicated i Lodge No. 832 of the B'nal B'rlt Joe Applcbaum of Osceola ! elected president of the !. Mille Lion Oil Co. Wage Talks To Resume on Friday EL DORADO, Ark., March 9. IIP] —Negotiations on the wage dispute between the CIO Oil Workers Union and Ihe Don Oil Company wilt be resumed Friday. Officials of the two organizations he might like to see taxes raised for that $6.000-and-up group. The Treasury report furnished the most recent information available on where income tax money comes from, although the year It covered was 1946. Only 2.227.013 out of the 52.600,470 persons filing federal Income tax returns this year were listed as having Income above S6.000. They paid $8.242,353.000 of the $16.015,013.000 individual Income tax total. Only 94 persons—fewer than one in 500.000—reported income over Sl.000.000 for the year, and just ten of them took In over $3.000,- at the annual election nt the rcc reation room of tlie Temple Israc lost, night. Harry H. Levilch of Blythevll was elected first vicc-prcstdcnt. D M. 3. Nickol of Osceola. secon vice-president, Hyman Weinbe of Osceola. secretary-treasurer ai nr. Alfred Vice Rabbi of Temp Israel in Blylhcvlllc. chaplain, an Jack Cooperman, warden. Among the special guests atten Ing the election meeting, whl followed a buffet supper, was Al jlicken. a representative of the national office In New York of the the next lew days. O<l'Jin .siijs, lie phins lo visit lil.s two chil- imcs ssociulu in surgery at ttie neviro- ORlcal clinic of Peter IJeni HrlR- ftjn hospitnl, Bofilon, Mn.v;,, in the 20's. icuuliif trliis here with olfu-liil [ poi'ls nud coii'cspondpiu't*. ,„,„. ,l,o ,,ve jvlfh „„„• niotlic, „» ! ,.,^^ ^^^ .r^'l 1 ,; 1 Wu^l LOUR Islnncl. 0<loin ,UHl hl.s wile, • ; „ ; fc , fM „ Wfi'o .HvoriTd I»M inn. i ( lo s , w froii, Rollins Collar. ' A.s lor Ilir luuiif, Ortoni snlil he | M| . Tr , lmilll ,,„.,. |)Um ,,| llB (<lly ] ivoulrt like lo .nuke a polo-oiidr- ! ,,, ho| , Mt „.,,„_ H( , wn , u . s ,„ ,.,,.[ .•lint! llislil, loiu'lmiR nl Ixilb n>e ; u , nl ,„ \Vn.HhliiKlon Miiirh 1! BUILDING SERVICE AND SUPPLIES Pnttor.son ROS.S who wius an t'Oilh nnrt .soulli poli-.s. He nlrriuly I hold.s tlie siieed irrorrl of 73 houi'.s !> ' * » n . • *. A I J minutes niri II serond.s for chchi.n , Ncw PostoftlCOS Asked Ihe Rlolxv His uoa-.slop run from WASHINGTON. March 1). Honolulu took 3(i haur.s. Con^trss hns been asked to niipro- ' 1 Pupils from Missco Attend Arkansas Tech Eleven students from Mississippi County Rre enrolled at Ihe Aiknn- RS Polytechnic College for Ihc pilng semester. RegLstrar O. II. runentlne annotniccd today. i There are 68 of the 15 anilities. IB slates and low foreign countries represented In the 1,082 students enrolled. Those from Mississippi Cmmly Include Bill Wixson and I.loyd Lawson Koontz, Jr., ot Ilmdetle, Billy Bob Elliott and Bobby Gene Mullen, of Blythcvtlle; Joe Muck Clanton and Flavos T. tirlswell, bnlh of Dyess, Margaret Kiance* Brownlce and Grant Harold Collar Jr., both of Joiner. Thomn.s Cairo Johnson of Luxora, and Sl^le Claburn, Rogers and George Wllllan Scnlon, both of Osceola. Oilnm npiM-nrrrt Ins! nleht on t],e l" i|n| e "mi's lor bnll.HiiR new Coluinbin IH'oiiileiiKlhiR Syslfin rn- " f(kTS '" Wnl.lrun, llmmcvllle mull tllo pvonrnnl, "We the People," with Asliduwn, Aik. Hep. Tucketl in-Alkl lllJrn<lllcnl| bills yesterday wlilcli would nutlior- l^t 1 tiie 1-V.le.jil Works a- I or to nin.striict tl;e bulldlnus. Mu.-h | imljci'l \vuuUl up lo $1115.0(10. Capl. Jame.s Oallagher, ehief ptloi of the Air Puree's B-SO bomber which fH an overall nnn-.stnp tly- ng recovd by circling Ihe globe \vrek. Killed in Accident (Ky Tin 1 Assorliiti-d Prfss) At lenst fi\'e persons have been killed In traffic accidents In Arkansas this week. The latest victim was Mrs. George Progac/, G!>. of Chicago, who was killed In the collision of two automobiles near Cabot yeslerdoy Three other persons were injured h the pileup. Head Conner News Wnnl Ads. FAST REUEF ^^^ ~. ft * _- «tlCt rhmisnmls know wlml wonderful relief C-2223 CUM bring! So UL-I u todny If j on sutTer /rom mu jicbes due lo cxcrclso or ex (ollcn ciiUctl I'hcuinHlic iitnti) nr UP .You'll i;pl ron) lie-In. Tur- chusc price of hi'.sl bollle buck if not. | satislkd. For It'inporiiry rt-liet nt ,yCfwert . iicconipanvinn consliniillniK Inlin St. Joseph 2*m Liixitlivc Pills, Try thuml " MAMOUS FiVORllI IOH RMUM1TIC PilK It 11 Ul LUCIIL L-WUI\. Ill \J1 t I -5J,U>JW,- . 000. The total tax bill for the $1,- Ulllt(> <l Jcwlsh A P" ea1 000.000-llp group: $110.120.000. Afrs. S. J. colien and Mrs. Jerry discussed the union's request for a wage increase briefly yesterday ' returns showed Income under $1,, and then adjourned until Friday j 150 a year. Their total tax bill: $1,afternoon. ' ' -'•-- Almost half the people making Cohen were hostesses at the supper. The union Is asking boosts for 420 employes In the company's chemical plant. . Although built like a bear, the. wolverine is unable to climb trees and lives in underground dens. Read Courier News Want Ads. 393.990,000. Of the 52.816.541 making returns. 14,900,851 had no taxes to pay at all—because exemptions or deductions reduced their net income below the taxable minimum. 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