The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 30, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1908
Page 2
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BaHeriTldd CaliTornian Kvf?ry Ev-nin^ but Sunrinyg at , Keiii Cnunty, California. City and County ^Official Paper f m — f in rusiof)iei C»l.. at Moll Matter. a montli; $5 :i Yoar In HARRELL, Editor and Prop. Telephone Main 31 ]\in\!i.\V. XOYKMBKR 'Monday, Nov. 30 DEAR TUM:The sweetest of the sweet ig a box of Gruenhagen* s candy. roriey' g . HILL Company Get at THE JOB HUNTERS* An » th e figures out that President will have by »' eh;ts»-s. ;; ('omnium:. .Attorn.- n at pains speeeh, \v nd \V; l V (Ml |l vrr-M' * mu* pur- itWII Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars •\i'!:'ih. in a r< not cant not e 870') ;ipp"inl wenls to dispose of, thnl then- will bo K7.000 nppli- Tlte figures inv probably H'j'jenited, jind Ibis lends to the 1li(inj.:hl "Why do so many men seek official preferment?" The \vorU ;it best is but of a tein- poniry M.'ftmv, the nppintiv; do rub .. . •>• :>\\ \\-t\\" \Yh" > vcr Tli gansay if i Uonaparlr \v ng s ehoscn as l'i attorney e ppo- tries to ." Mr. • Hi i-'-eently iwik- '< ami Tal'l Is Whiit is tlie •«>'i![»lninin^ of? ,t The cream o all go (Quotatons an sa Phono Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street s served in sample room, mples sent on application Sch MEMBER IHE certain iM' but four years' position. He is at the mercy of each incoming administration and there can he no permanent plans by tlu» man who holds only a government joh. Then there is the matter of com- Does he fear thai th not ride with Mr. Taft he)m? I'erish MM- will at the Posta Savings A dispatch says there is no real quarrel hetwecii ('annon and Taft. Of course in>t or at least we hope not. liuth were chosen by the people, and if the people are to rule tin-re nuL'hf to ho hnr- BUSIEST MONTH Fliis is Hit- I;ist Monday before will be the pensation. Corporations and oth-lmotiy Jiinontr their servants. tr ]«r^e business interests pay better salaries than does the government. "With them, thorc is room | ^ n « I )M . V for promotion, in Pact for tho nc-M".V. ' (|I1(I l! ltf(|s i> ' nr to »«' "» live, intelligent worker, promo-n oru ' ""*'• tion is well ni<rhi assured in these days of great demand for compc- Tlie public would like to know tent and efficient men. With the government there is promotion for the few, and such promotions are more often based upon "pull" than upon merit. But notwithstanding the uucer- who did search Haas, and who didn't, ^'oinehndy shoulcl lost; his job hv )'i»asou of the incident. *l 4 ' A wonuiii iu New Y"i'k is dead as the result of the scratch nf a pet eat. There is moral in this. SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 29.—Better roads; u better system of education In rural srhools; postal savings banks; a limited parcels Post. These are among the mpst important recommendations that will be made to the president by his commission on country life, which is now In San Francisco. At, the head of the commission is Prof. L. H. Haley, dean of the college of agriculture of Cornell University. and the other members are Henry Wallace of Iowa, editor ot "Wallace's Farmer," Prof. Kenyon B. Butterfleld, president, of the Massachusetts Col- i U| V Uf M *- *' '" »'* »•»« •»••— W^BW •«*••• v w w ^* ^~ • i f ViyiT»t lege of Agriculture, and W. A. Beard J ^ '^mber of snort of Sacramento, Walter H. Page of ] ->-' lhe P asl *, * North Carolina and Qlfford Pinchot, tl"' r " were oni> a 1» ^- .1 -, e i V,^ TTrtl t nA O* nf *to **tvt**at v*«f f T^ n(*fl 111(1 I DC Ol •p • month of November has been M,/ Y-i'-st of the >' ear B0 ,1,,. j.iu-p officers. The Jail register th> morning .showed 146 names, rec- ,„,*. < ( f arrests made during the past thirty days. , IPS sthan forty-six of these serv- sontences, A majority of the were suspects, or merely nks nr vagrants, and were "float- oiit of town. A few are still In awaiting trial before the superior Mstire courts. n- jail nt present is a little less CHEST COFFEE akersfleld Grocery Phone Bid, Agents 186. I GOLDEN WEST HOTEL o+ THE LANDMARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern in every respect. 150 rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. IN THE HEART OF THE CITY Free bus meets all trains and boats. Take Market St. cars or Fourth atod Ellia car to hotel. Entrance on Powell St. O r tainty of tenure, the fact that the | ^ ( .i,j] ( |\i sernteh is never government is not lhe best paymaster, nnd that there is not the chanee for advaneenient in government employ that there is in business, the demand for jobs is much greater Minn the plaees to be filled. Men eagerly seek small appointments where the salary will suffice merely to their families. ,At it.e end of they will pi f i;l);.i'!y hi out oi' t position, a ml out of loiHi with "head of the United States forestry service, are also members of the commission but did not accompany it to San Francisco. Speaking of the results of the investigations made by the commission into the needs of the farmer, Wallace WHAT TOM JOHNSON HAS LOST, said: "While we are not at liberty yet. to "Mayor Tom Johnson of Cleveland j make known "What recommendations crowded than a few days ago, on account nf tho expiration of the time of sentence men dur- aod this morning about eighty prlson- Ibe bars. has lost hlH fortune," say rercnt <Hs- from the east. will be contained in the report the commission make to the presldenlta Is that all? That is all he has lost; commission will make to the Presi- thank Heaven. One may say that his dent| j w m aay that wherever we have I'oi'UiiK' was (he least Iniporant part of Tom Johnson, and yet It was not really a part of him. IIo has not lost, anything or any of gone the people seem to be united on four different matters: A demand for better roads; better educational faclll- hS They hav> n<, plans forth' '"'itrnv. and they ;ire four years older \\\ti i'i when the entered the bu is, the foe of privilege and friend of humanity. nt 's A man, ;t true man. ran do many t ties in The rural schools; postal sav* thc ings banks and a limited parcels post." The commission held a meeting COFFEE Cheap (or those that won't pay for good; Schilling's Best for those who won't have poor. Your grocer return* youf mOBif U »«* *••'* Ukiti; w«p»7 him , I Of runs! course tin* iidm'mist rnlioii have men to transact its tilings worth doing with money, and a j with representative tanners and or- true man can serve his fellow men ! ehnrcHsis yesterday and will leave to- without money How very few of the morrow morning for Sacramento. Mien who have done most for their men had money! business, htit tho womlcr is why sin«-« ; Ttmi Johnson -ceased to be a there are so Timny un'n nnxions 1<» ' mnney-g»'ttcr and hp^nri to work for cnt<»r itiion ihis work Avh«-n there ! his fdlov.- nu-n, the nuhlletty npents of 4 re hett<T opportiuiilirs Knmi Sacramento It will go to Nevada i - in tlic* business world tluit shotild be much more BUY AT HOME. and from there to Oregon and Wash- mid return to Washngtoft by ;r Huh to mak its rport. PreB'.rlentRoosevelt, said Mr. \Val- have never permitted tlK'ir j lace, will send a special message tn inrtret Mutt .Tnlmson was a Congress, urging testsalMon along ti lillifinairc." lircausc be \\;i^ lines demanded by the farmers. iDV/, ;IM(| !M>( inisc IIP ndmittod that coli*M'ti',i hi-; furl nn* 1 by flip power I i»r -;; ( 'ci;i ! | ; ivilcii* 1 , ilte renders were i ji-'kf'd to liellrve til at lie \v;is insin- ' I TAFT HOTLY DENIES NAMING HITCHCOCK. HOT SPRINGS, Va., Nov. 29.—Maybe Frank H. Hitchcock will be postmaster general in Taft'e cabinet; probably. In fact, but there is no certainty about it. The President-elect this evening denied that he had offered the place to Hitchcock. He denied it with considerable anger. He could not understand why the flat statement that the portfolio had been offered and accepted had been sent out, when he, Taft, yesterday had said that he had not authorized the statement. "I deny It, 11 he - B ald heatedly. "I cannot build my cabinet that way." Those responsible for the unqualified statement of the offer and acceptance said they were led to believe its truth by the words and manner of Hitchcock himself, All these answers were given in reply to Taft's demand for details of Hitchcock's manner and conversation on tho subject What adds to the embarrassment of Hitchcock's position is that an "authoritative" announcement was made In New York and not hove. fliba?bilrnpfflprob-MDinhortah"rou-T H. 0. HAENEBb With J, W, BrocKman ' Real Estate and Insurance Rom 25 f Galtes Block Phone Main 232 BaKersfleld, Cat GENTLE HORSES. We always have on band safe nnd gentle torses that ladies can drive. You will find everything spick and spau about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in running order all the time. W. T, EATLIPP Cor 21st and ,t Sts Tel. Main 88 I),.n't , T . . ' I 1 f if . iii i v ! 1 1 ('' ;-,!nl I luil yon <i\\v ;i »lut \ to yinir own ('uumnuitly. If you aro thinking ;tbmit hi Christmas jii'cscnt from ;i meul stoiv in Clm-nno m- , stop t hiulcii.u 1 ;ih(Hit and t-o flown l t u\vn to your own ,,,.., stores ;iiul milky your st kH ion. Do your tr inline with > <>ur o\vn iNiTi'hiMits. A part Hi' yt»:i- i i'» - pcrily. and tin- pruspi-vity o|* every r: t l/.i-U oi' tile 1 -. -\ :• • -C-JM-.M :>' upon tlif prosperity «• business houses. The dtilliir 1h;it vr^.- to the luerelinnt \\\\\\ nnythintf i'l'i* yiuir town Avill, is a this eon worse, (fit-re is i T ia •• o]' • ••• t r n* - " Mod 111 -» IT Torn REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Deeds. n ( M.-ii'iiis CcsniiU and wlt'o to Tlumias money. ! Hl<u-k fjrr and Sydney \V. Smith, fin; ^n'4 fnrhinf IIMW '\\-rst half sort ion 10/25-25. mil.Melt v agents "C S. I 1 . 1{. H. Co. tn T. \V. Udm, $-!>"; "«'f \\v;M'nii rmulnst tiurtheast (inarter section ?>Z, 26-22. in Amerir-n. Now. u ti( . Hiimpl»reys to }\ ,1. O'l \vi'l duiuce tlifir tunn $]n ; ». a st half of section G, 11-23. -•• I" 1 ^ a voor mnn.' K,, ru Valley lUmU to Murgart-i all blocks , r »8, ^», no, C2, (S3. v i 1 -.H.iii i.-iir 1,',01-U ill in east half of UT sertion 015*2^-27. l.ii'i'-t ;: ><i '. if'<- IM X. M P. i $10; i-a^-l half oi 1 Kiaithw.-st ; ; i i quarter scctinn M. 1S-2.V i C. 10. liundy and \vii'i- in r :; ,'M f'ri'.-lnnu. $l»i; lnis 17 and i. v '. "i>ick i !:: 1. Mojave. Carri*- H. rhanenon to C. AV. AVf>b- | t-r. #1"; '.'(inthwc-i iniarter Oi" noMh- l A GOOD HORSE in < 1 "in <i|' ii S \\ ill set illlllllill • L:, \vliilf for ilnui r iron in \vcni 1 . ye iiiiiiiiiil to f I'i I, V. .•!' 4 I i ' h ].}•; lif ^-t \vorl; in H uM'.i withnut w in' TinlH'V. Ill hnw i rii'"il !'"r wonlth v nvl'i' '' \ • < ' i;}il ('o liOful, Vx i" 1 .• vlll fiii' 1 . Mi.»- IT f :ui d»i cvi-vi pin;,- Influenrn nnd 1-ior' 1 !'•"' 'i! ; rellnw men no Inn'.^T o niillionnhv-. P.M! liU v, .-Mill. Uf s".''l : • !K- did not ffirn it. but j , !t us l-l.l i Phone Mnin 977 1512 Eighteenth Street. CITY FISH ET A. LYON, Proprietor FRESH FISH, LOBSTERS, CRABS, OYSTERS. GAME IN SEASON AND POULTRY Delivery. $100,000 000 PIONEER HARNESS SBC! I.IA.TTSON r * i (•-.. - if hv f.i);'u:' itinl ;i vi< \f o f . aK( half IT! " HakersiieUl <l<>p,'irl ment re l>r» '•!(•! :.- ! '!"ii iin.l \ i icvi iupini ni (.'on l*^r of -erikm 1, I right (jf way. .\i;ll( i iilul wne to J. \V. f^ark estaurai t> L'l ' •* i i i * i ( r - "iM Kniirltl ii x:t. to ' » > < i:';i Sto 1 - ,.. ', ' i i ' * Kern I and L\ i. 'O, TH SOUTHERN DY A CAK !tr ^ li 2S Denver 1313 1 TRAINS LEAVE PAKERSFIELD i i VM. ri i t 4 1 run A checking account with the First National Bank has so many advantages that you i fiud it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have not already such an account with us we shall he pleased to have yoi • *°* op'jii one and tost it yourself. l ' r •" . 'l I - '* ' -> ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN E2AKERSFIELD OR KERN * t Ht /if. S \ » i M r , ;ind pay cxpressngc add!' M TELEPHONU.-s t L ' > »ll tion; land i: i! i 11 ; -! • . Kaon! K, -i", Invf aii't al'fi'e- ; M County and all oug iristmas n\ <>; ),;• .'/ • .-.ihla !'V >uUl i iu front of tho hotel. It is car as Mal<o a note of this-shall stock some UPW li'ift nr- that TaM.y \ on. inr ISM .'»'(M*-r had Mu 1 i-ar than tlii- f af'H. cries of \\£tw heard. M 2 <i'cin: U this umli-r Uui M'il l were l or tho ( S wish i-i'iir thfil you will niv*-.l'p';ite early. n , < r.''. itiv ait air ci' n.f MM * i • \\ ;t lsl \\ lilJlMV a HIRE The Store of Kodaks. Jones i. 1 142. Moin U(i Leading Drugo»»t« FOR BALE EUCALYPTUS TREES 3,000,0 )0, Leading Varieties Kneniv ' tus I.nnd and Timber r'oinpMM' . Edward C. Oribh, Pros. W. S. V .U'.her, Se« f q. 123 Bro.-idv. I,OH A n are 1 os, Cal. AVAMA The NEW kind POR SALE— Kill-' an : )' Price So'j ton, r. 'I--, Corner Jilth and If ,. .. .. .. •• • > *!-** *.t CHESTER ^ NURSERY o V ALBERT WEEDALL. Prop. ' <• rtrst-clasa Nnrsory Stock. Trcas, * 1 *• fcihrubhs. Hopes. Cut riowern. Kkv- | *' al Oealgns. Orders promptly , * Corner Sixth St. and Cheater A^-e. * j f 'Ph«ne f Main 745 -'» . • ••- -,.* * ' * ' 'SWEET BROS. * <• Are Agents for v * THE ALBANY NURSERIES ;> •:• If you nectl anything iu the v * nursory line .-ee them at their •;• I'ancli oppoMito Producers' Hefln -:• f>ry on lieardsley canal, Writt •J* them Hural No. 1, Jlox S. Or * call them up, Ulack fill. - *' .;* .;. .;. .;. .;, .;. . * t ) I * ' l Alh-u (.'o. i\s. Lcav i 1 uiU'.re (-'i». • rialilo. i'l ho here . L r l v LIKE FINDING MONEY ll V,--' i,'it'i:aifi;x \Ve ;(('•• olh ntU, (!!^- \vc.-l. in l.itp Kofi.-x ami islanl-.tits, i Com Purses. < Jlm-.vs oi' all kinds etii sheepskins, riding hridics, \\i\\ hands nnd hells, suit eases at your own Don't overlook' outline of feather dusters. 4, & HEKRINOTOK , 1617 10th It OLD RELIABLE Painters BNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING SIGNS Phono Main 1136 1627 Wall 8t t Cai.

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