The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 30, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, MONDAY. NOVEMBER 30, 1!I08 No. ROODS DO TULSA, Okia., Nov. 30.—A flood for the third time this year is doing great damage In the vlclfnlty of Tulea. The Arkansas River is higher than ever and great damage has resulted to the oil fields, farms and rail, roads. All railroads are crippled and the town of Jenks Is under water. The water Is rising an Inch an hour. Hundreds of people who refused to get out of the flood district, believing that the river would not rise as rapidly as It dld fired shots of d stress last night and hundreds of boats with rescuers brought the tardy ones to places of safety, It Is believed that a few persons are stil! In their homes, but nothing definite Is known. So rapidly was the rise In the Cottonwood that twenty head of cattle in i the affected district were drowned before they could be gotten out of the water. Street car service is completely at a standstill. The city's water plant Is under water. At Guthrie. Five thousand dollars worth of cotton belonging to the Farmers Oil Mill was washed away and 2000 bales are still In the water. The Atchlson, Topeka and Santa Fe roundhouse and shops are Inundated. All railroad trains In and out of Eighty Bodies Brought Out P1TTSBURO, Nov. 30.—Eighty-two bodies had been removed from the Marlanna mine of the Plttsburg-Buf- falo Coal Company at 8 o'clock this morning, and thirty more have been located and will be brought out. Of the victims, twenty-three Americans have been Identified. The miners worked In all night shifts at the rescue. There Is no further danger of explosions. The total dead Is beller- ed to be between 115 and 130. Twenty- two uldertakers are working with the bodies.' At t o'clock 110 bodies were recovered and more tbun CO Identified. A pocket of g'iis, It Is s;i!il onuvoil the explosion. CAR AT A 45 MILE CLIP •Guthrle have been annulled. Naer Seward the Santa Fe tracks are out classification of beaded curtains has THERE IS NO REAL REFORM WASHINGTON, Nov. 30.—Numerous recommendations have been made for the revision of the tariff schedule on sundries which was discussed at the house ways and means committee hearing yesterday. The question of and the railroad bridge at Red Rock has been washed out. The Missouri, given rise to a great many disputes and it Is urged that, In the readjust- Kansas and Texas and the Fort Smith men t of the tariff, curtains and fringes r ami Woatprn PnllrnndR renort manv j t-_n.. __ i_ L -m i j_ and Western Railroads report many miles of track out near this city. The Denver, Enid and Gluf train Is water- bound at Crescent. The Eastern Oklahoma Railroad trains are being held at Stlllwnter. According to reports reaching this city many miles of track on these two roads are either washed composed wholly or In part of beads or spangles be included In the paragraph providing a duty on beads, Compositions used for fuel, in which coal or coal dust Is the chief component material, will also be specially provided for. The coal products are it is impossible to move trains. rAlTSlB GOES INSANE out or so completely under water that.,?' l wsent dutiable, under a provision for unennmerated articles. Manufacturers of cork, artificial cork and granulated cork will be added to the (paragraph Imposing a duly" on cork, Toys made In imitation or miniature of nrtlclOB that are provided for in the dutiable Jist of the tariff, it is proposed shall hereafter pay the same rate of duty BS such articles. These are some o. rtie recommendations which have-been made for the readjustment of the tariff as affecting laborer (the sundries schedule. Corundum, a A murmur of horror arose from a grand stand packed with people and from the enthusiastic spectators that lined the fences at Hudnut Park yesterday when Frank Free, driver of the Sunset racing car, in the race with the Bluebird, was thrown from his machine traveling 45 miles an hour. That Free escaped without serious Injuries or death Is a miracle. Tho sent broke and the driver was hurled Into tho air several feet, striking tho n round on bis viaiit shouMer and rolling along the track for t-'onio dls.uir.fv. but manage.1 to rain* his head i-niiiu; to see bin car crash through tin- fence. The accident occurred on the first turn of the third lap. The Sunset was about forty yards )>ohlnd the Ch?i!mers-I,V f rolt Bluebird, when Free fell from the cur. Had be boon In the lend when the sent broke results might hiivo inwen fatal to both drivers, Kxcl'oment drove the spectators onto ih" truck In swarms. They rushed to Free to find him covered with ilirt lull otherwise uninjured. The curious crowd surrounded the machine which stopped when It hit the sand ImnK that the fence on tho east side is Imllt on. Willing bands carried th<> car back to the track and the rival climbed in t^ie little machine an. set r:;n- tlnoiiRli tho fence, mid broke a buck wheel. The car plowed on through the dirt for a hundred yards with no other damage. The spokes gave way and the rim with the tiro shot off to one side, the car dragged till the driver shut through off th . A pcrtect. day turned out a large crowd in witness the first automobile races hold here, and the meet, was a fleciil»d success, the niaimKenient do serves cn-ilir. for the manner in which th'' ovo;,is wore handled. Class was shown in ;,!i of the events. Track roc- Root Will be Senator ALBANY, N. Y.. Nov. 2!).--Thut Sec- rotary of State Root will be elector! by the legislature on January next us I'nlled States Senator to succeed Thomas c. Platt, was practically conceded by politicians hero tonight, t'ol olwliif* tlio announcement from Hot Springs. Vn., that Timothy I.. \Vood- ruff, chairman of the Republican slate commit toe, has withdrawn from the vaoo in favor of Mr. Root. HOT SPRINGS. Va., Nov. l!n.—Tim othy I,. Woodruff, chairman of the New York Republican state commit loo toiiiiy eliminated himself from tho sni atorlal race in fuvor of Soori'tan of Slate Root. This net Ion was tul-on aft or a conference \\-jth Prosiilciu-oioct REBELS MAY ENIER CIIY I'ORT AU PRINC'K. Nov. 30.— Thf» fftir (hat the rebels will enter Port An Prince and loot the city ha« thrown the pooplo Into extreme panic. Stores nud business houses aro, closing and putting up tholr shutters. The barring of doors and windows of residences Is progressing. Every foreigner has put up over his property (ho fliiR of his country. The revolutionists, under command of General Antono Simon, the former commander of thn department of ths fiomh. following tip their victory over the Kovernmejit forces at Ansoavan, aro piishlng up to Port An Prlnea, They have driven hack the govern- Taft mid was followed by statements inrut troops many miles anrl have pi loted it buck to the grand stand where the lucky Free was given a. deserving round of applause, Tbe, only clafnflste U'.t? car suffered besides the broken seat was a sprung Front axle and the top of the radiator knocked off. Luck also favored Frank Murray, driver of the Buick White Streak. Murray In the fifth lap of ths match race between the Buick nri(< the Chauilers-Detroit. hit a chuck !;ok> on tho same turn that -sent the Sun- paintings, so-called, made wholly or In I part by stenciling or other mechanical ! process. Several suits are now pending in which the importers com end ! that lithographs painted over by hand land calendars doc-orated In hand painting are entitled to entry as paintings. WASHINGTON, Nov. 30.—Tho police of this city are trying to solve a shooting mystery Involving a negro, a supposed diplomat wife of an army and tbe alleged captain. William Syckes, a negro. Is at the emergency hospital, shot and In, a critical condl- ti6n. The' other parties have so far been able to conceal their identity, The shooting ocurred Saturday evening iti a fashionable section of the city. After the shooting the negro said he approached a couple and asked to be directed to a certain address, when he was shot. A man and a woman, a short time afterwards, passed through the lobby of the Portland apartment house near where the shooting occurred, and left by another door. Both were greatly wild the man's nose was bleed- from both Tnft. and Woodrnll. Aside from Uit-sc xtaK'tnonts. c.irli of which concedes tho elect inn of I Root, to succeed Senator 1'Kitt on i nary Hi next, no details of Hi" (-.infer- I onco wore made known. Tuf: h:iM: "I can only say thai ! .-mi ni'K-li pleased at the attilurlp that (iovoram- Woodruff has taken, lie has IH-OII moved by an earnest desire to promote party harmony and has established his claim to the gratitude of I ho lie publicans of New York anil also of the country at large for making it as cor lain us possible that such a hUilrr.naii as Mr. Hoot will H- chosen to n.'i>ro sent that stato In thp son.tto. "1 am personally very much please,!, now tliitt I have hml to slvo purpose to continue Mr. Root that I Bbnll have tho ing. Aii'lorson BU'iim, a I'anu who has been working on the W. W. mineral of which emery Is an impure Fraser raiK'h. twelvi town, w miles solU il west of town, wont violently insane tin's j Jiiorniuit, ti-rrilyiujj tho men ain-., iiio' Jibuti'. A hasty telephone call was Rent in to I he sheriff's oflico. ami deputies ilort. Hell and .liin Quinn Vioroj .sent oui to hrinit i he mailman to the jail. The .subjugation ot Stroll! , .-veil I <iulte a task, but when manacle? wore fastened upon bis wrists he .-.roved much easier to handle, and hit- n.;u:i - i seem to leave him lo some _ extent. Strom is a large and powerful nu'ii Ho was discharged from the ranch variety, will bo specifically mentioned in the paragraph Imposing a duty of 1 cent per pound on emery grains and emery. While it has been the Ronor- al impression that corundum occurred sparingly i" nature, it is now known rich deposits of this ahrasive material are to he found Jn North Carolina. i Georgia ami Montana. It is proposed to Impose on emer- ' aids, rubies and sapphires the same lid to enumerated in the new tariff bill un- lor a new paragraph separating man F™, whnr 1 Whnu "-' a new paragraph separating man- ed by the officers, be had a knife, but ufact tired articles ot leather from the 'pursuaded by Deputy Quinn to provision for leather and also making it in his pocket. The effort to take. ' specific povis was vut it in his i the man prisoner was resisted stron uously. Strom struck Quinn over the bead anil a blow from the officer's "billy" that should have felled him had little effect on tho insane man. When Strom was finally manacled he said "If I could have got to my ax -ou would never have taken me." He will be examined I ntlie superior slon for rawhide articles. Phonographs, graphophones and similar articles and violin rosin, it has been suggested, should be specially provided for. In view of the efforts being made to secure the admission as painting at a low rate of duty of photographs, lithographs and calendars which have been passed over with a brush, a proviso has been suggested excluding for W. 0. W. Local Woodmen are laying big plans for the time which they expect to have on December 14, when the lar- tcest initiation in the history of the local camp will be held. Over 200 candidates will go into the order at that time. A large number of Woodmen from outside points are expected to be in attendance and invitations j have been sent to many prominent officials of the order. The Initiation will be followed by a banquet and INFORMATIONS CHARGE CRIME District Attorney l>alrd today filed a number of Informations as follows: James Wood, burglary, tho crime r 'J't ' and assistance ,v!ik-'.i lie will rein'Ior tr>[ the administration with bis Aioat] ability and bis knowledge <>f governmental affairs. 1 am sure from what I know Ilia I the action of Mr. Woodruff and the f-lcellor. of Mr. Root will conducts to groat harmony arm tin tin 11 Republicans in New York ami will strength tbe parly." Outside Workers for Tag Day seized tho towns of Mli-agnano and Petit Ooasto. It Is believer] that General Pelestln Cyrlaque, minister of war. who took refitce in tho German consulate of tho formt-r town, Is still there, but it Is feared that thorn will be many desertions to the revolutionary army. * President Nord Alexis has om. reef- Irnlly rojeofrd the sitenostlons that, he give up ih struggle, and the covern- ment Is now actively enflaged In organizing stlforces f a rostronrgeso ganlzlne Us forces for a strong roscue. Three divisions ot well disciplined troops under command of General Andre, minister of tbe Interior and police, occupy a position abou't six miles outside of the city. Those troops are entrenched at the convergence of three roads and hold a commanding position. fy-" 1 The sontfi approach to the city I* being fortified and Forts Blsoton ami Mercrodi, mounting modern artillery, command the road. Just how long it will lake the revolutionists to como from AfltMsrme, which Is about fifty I miles from Port. Au Prince, Is a mat- I tor „( <lmibt t hut IW tllTO il rO no j&l)*^ ornniont forces to chock tliem, tlfjy will likely roach (his city within for;weight hours. The ehsagiMViPnt will be serious, and I' is thought that forces may be landed from the warships now lu the harbor for the purpose of preventing pillage and injury jto the foreign residents Interest grows In Tag Day, on Sat, How DID THE CHICKENS urday noxt, and In addition to what is to ho accomplished In Hakorstleld, it is now certain that the outside districts will give a good accoiini of themselves. Many Inquiries are coin- Ing In from tho smaller towns, and if their population Is small, the Interest will bo none, the less great, roiisf.siting of entering n room In the! At Ollcentor Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Haberfelde lodging house. i Campbell will be In charge, and aro Morse Williams, forgery. It Ifiged be forged the name of E. M. Taylor to a check for |31.50 on tho Bank of Bakersfleld. William Johns, robbery, for, It Is al- legedf taking a watch from C. T. Burke. R. G. Grimes, also for robbery, committed In the oil fields. Robert H. Wilson, grand larceny. Stanley Barca, for burglary. In Azevedo Estate. In the estate of M. R. Azevedo, the Is al-'"" w preparing a list of liciitcnantx. smoker and December 14th promises [ estate was by order ot Judge Bennett to go down In local history as one ofic e t aside for the use of the family. the biggest nights In lodgedom which i Value of Estate. has been seen locally. Two hundred ] i n the estate of Alex Bessuellle, the and thirty-one applications have boon '• appraisement, shows real estate valued received within the past thirty days | at. $50 and $1740 In cash In the First Who Needs Warm Winter Underwear? You won't notice the cold days and nights it' you're weuritiy: warm underwear like, ours. Wo can't bc^in lo toll you what n splendid find complete tissoi'tmi-nt of underwear we carry. \Vc can please you in all your wants, no matter how particular you are. You con pay as little «s ,101- or yo as high as $8 a suit. THE TOGGERY LOW! U * •LOOM and of these 185 have already been examined. Local officers expect thirty-three now members before tho first of the year. The officers of the head camp, Pacific jurisdiction, who have been lu- vited to atend the affair are a? tu'lows: P. F. Gllroy, general organizer; San Tom Francisco, Robinson, Mrs. Herman will captain the forces at Wasoo. At Caliente Mrs. McMillon will be in charge and at Delano Mrs. RV W. Locki-ldge will be chief of the workers. The showing rnndc by Fresno and Stockton on Tag Day has added Interest to the event he<-e, and all the workers will bo out bright and early on Saturday morning. Tag tying has been In progress now for many days, and It IB being found to be no small job to string 75,000 tags, tho number provided. Bank of Kern. Administrator Named. H. L. Staley has been appointed administrator of the estate of Abram Staley, deceased. Decrees of Divorce, In the case of Delia Harvey vs. Richard Harvey, a final decree of dl- I The. Green Tag Sale, at Rodlick's THEY ARE AFTER THE GREEN TAG vorce was today granted by Judge Mahon. Oakland, head manager; T. Clinton Veale, Pasadena, head adviser; Al Sunderland, Fresno, chairman head committee on legislation; M T. Mo.-?"?, San Francisco, past bead consul and editor of the Pacific Woodman. offlVial paper of the order. The annual election of officers of the Bakersfleld Camp, No. 4fi", oc-nrs tonight and a large attendance Is ox- j LIVESTOCK OIL COMPANY pectoil. A partial Initiation will alsu : EFFECTS ORGANIZATION bo hid, and further plans will !>>.• iaM j Also D. N. Alexander was granted a final decree of divorce from Sadie Alexander. Sale Confirmed. In tbe estate of George Uaggclt, deceased, sale of personal property was confirmed. for tho big time on the 14th Plans for Elks {Lodge of Sorrow The Elks annual Lodge of Sorrow. in memory of the departed brotlf•''•' of the lodge, will be held next StirM-iy A stockholders meeting of the I.lve- (road about H on the eighth page of this paper) brought immense, crowds to the IjiK ston- today, and all day | long the corner at Nineteenth and I 'streets WUK crowded. Kvcryhody talk- oil of Ki'oen lags. Was it Ian day? jSuio. n v,.i,s i,-IK day al Hcillick'.M, UK.- iH-glniilrig of tin; gruat (ireo.n Tug \ bale. i On the second lloor of tho groat i store a Uiroiig of women wan assem- I bled all day, eager to get a chance to jljiiy.a ready-to-wear garment with a ta K attached, for that meant a GET INTO THE SACK. The examination ot Tomas Floro/, in tho Justice court today on the chnreo of burglary proved lo lie one of the must mirth-provoking criminal pro- ('codings which has occurred locally for many moons. Flo- rex, It appears, had lioon making a round of the town on the night of NoM'inbor tl. with a Kininy sacli, collecting dross Kouils, clothing, merchandise, ami last, hut not least, four chickens, all of which woro In the suck together. When stoppi'd by Officer Hrlggs and searched, the chickens were the first of the stolen goods to upifcar. Floroz protested that he was absolutely Ignorant of their existence. He said he did not know they were In the sack before, and in court today professed to believe that Brlggs has sleight of hand powers like unto those of Merman the great, lo make tho fowls appear from a bag which container! no poultry. The other iirtlcle.s Flow/ declared be found, lylnt; In the street. As bo could not explain the proHoneo. of llio chickens, however, ho was bound over for trial before tile superior court. * * * * * * * * * * * * WASHINGTON, Nov. IV—Tho Unit- od Stall's has no present Intention of affairs, it is Iniorferlng ' in given out bore Haytian totlav. Blou< Oil Company was hold Saturday j saving of several dollars, a'tornoon In the office of M. S. Plat/, ;ind the following officers ami directors were elected for the coming year: Redllck's delivery men knew It was tag day too, for they wore kept busy all day delivering I ho man green-tag- President, Fred J- Crease; secretary, j attached garments—they will no doubt i Uouls Decker; vice president, U I). | dream of green IURB tonight. j Coombs; other directors, S. L. Cole, \ « .» » jR. W. McOill, B. A. Stlmpson, C. T. THE BOARD OF EDUCATION JHaitwig. L. D. Coombs will be gen- | S NOW IN c-ral manager of the work, R. W. Me- jGHl superintendent, Louis Decker sec; vetary and Ous Merz treasurer. SESSION. ECHO MEN LEARNING THE RULES OF THE GAME (loorgo Parker, who offers rash The County Hoard of Education met thin morning for tho two fold purpose I of preparing questions for the examl- [nation of pupils for promotion, and for framing questions as a test for appli- prize of $5 to the player making I ho I most runsj, announces thai llio editor ! of the Callfornlan and Hurry Stuart j of tho Echo, aro barred, they being i bosses. Ho iloes not propose to havo i the men handicapped In cuch afternoon in the Bakersfleld Operi House. Elaborate arrangements ar>' being made for the occasion. Frank R. Devlin, a prominent lawyer of Vallejo and an able orator, will deliver the oration. ' The music will be under tho direction of L,eo Hlrshfeld. An orchestra j „'[„,„„'.',.. of eighteen pieces will be secured for; MISSIS Smart tun! .M<>:-;.;ii si/om n the occasion, consisting principally ; poninn of Sunday priictirhiK at ba.-so of talented performers from Los An-1 ninning iiml catching fly )•;!'.-. Smart j geloa. A mixed nuartette will also 1 « bad no little trouble in muUing Mor render selections, and Miss Jane Bar- Sorrow particularly significant, thls'gjui iiwlormand tbat In bii.soball, "on her will sing. I year. Mr. Goodwin's place on the thu Ijounco" Is not out. Also that the The recent death of James Goodwin, : committee hus beoti flllerj by the ap- nil" of "croHsIng out" IH no longer in and the fact that he was one of the , polntment of M. V. Mutlack. The oth- voguo. original members of the committee on i er members of the committee are The two teams arc growing tttrongnr arrangements, will make the Lodge of j Charles Meroney and R. M. Hamilton, dally and a great game IB antlclpat- cunts for toaeheihj' examination. Tho latter examination will begin In this city on Monday noxt and will continue during tho week. Tho schools begin to clone In tho Spring and to moot tho requirements occasioned by the different dates of closing, Boveral sots of questions aro prepared. Shine Your Own Shoes With a Shinola outfit. 'I he must jiriii'tieiil brush •iiid il/uilief ovoi- invented for ;i]i|)!yiiiu' Sliitiola, tho modern wad-rproof polish. past(; sh Shinola Polish, Shoe Brush, and Dauber, all for 25c. See our Window THE KODAK STORE J. A. Hughes, The Leading Prescription Phones Main 64 and 74.

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