The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 13, 1971 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1971
Page 1
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HASDLD. J. BURTON AH2HfVES ASSISTANT INDIANA STATE.LIBRARY iaaiAaAP.iT.Tg T M nT» M i MR-OLD ; j. Buarov STATfi LIBRARY Editorial: Tipton County Has A Drug Abuse Problem .... So What? It has been the purpose of a few citizens and officials in Tipton County, in an untiring effort, to research and study the growing drug abuse problems confronting our youth and young adults today. Yet it is the general opinion of -the public that IF Tipton has a drug problem ..; so what? People, there is no IF about it. Tipton County does have a drug abuse problem. Officials, both school and : law, have verified this fact We must not remain apathetic and unconcerned over such a serious problem as confronts us today. Surely our youth, who will be the leaders of this community tomorrow, are more important to . us than this. We as a small community have been blessed with a fine grade of youth. The majority of these young people are a credit to the county. They stand for good moral behavior and straight honest thinking. They have helped in a big way to make this proud community. Don't we as adults then owe them something in return? We know there are drug abusers and drug pushers in Tipton County ... this is a verified fact. What we do with this knowledge is up to each of us as individual citizens of the community. We can remain at the bridge table shutting out the awful truth. We can talk about it over coffee breaks. We can ignore the whole problem in the . hope that it will solve itself. We can push it aside with the excuse that there is not a thing we can do about it. Or we can take the attitude that if it is here we may as well learn to live with it. In the meantime, what happens within the county? Could it be that the present increase in vandalism, sniper shots, rock throwing and window smashing has a connection with the drug abuse . problem? Could it be that the reports of harassing phone calls, personal threats, bomb scares are but a result of drugexperimentationwithinthe county? . • It is time that we come alive as a whole society, willing to make a few sacrifices in time> and effort to become informed and educated about dangerous drugs and istimeto get together as a community and decide that we either believe' there is or is not a drug abuse problem in our midst. We can become concerned enough to become a part of the LOUD majority and protest the demoralHtion of our young people. The choice is ours as individuals and as a part of the whole society. The question is HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO YOU? HOW IMPORTANT B A LIFE SALVAGED? •- ; ! [ The people in Tipton County who have been involved with investigating the county drug abuse problem have been criticized, harrassed and con demened for "causing waves and stirring up the community." These select number of people are not trying to be alarmists .. .but they are trying desperately to be realistic. Even high school stu- . dents have asked for help in getting their classmates to cease using drugs. They see the problem and are concerned about it. Not one of these people have the desire to have a county youthor young adult turn to a 'vegetable state'due to drug exper- 'imentation or to find a person dead due to an overdose of drugs. ^ j , The drug pusher and some of the users do not - want interference from society. They want to be left alone to enjoy the income from sales of drugs and the "pleasures" of drug abuse. They will fight anyone who tries to tread upon their "world of paradise." This newspaper has been threatened many times for exposing the truth about drugs for the past two years. Personal threats and vandalism have occurred against persons in the community who speak freely about drug abuse in Tipton County. It has been felt by the citizens that these incidents are directly connected to the drug problem. A few people can not bear the cross alone ... they can not deal with the problem with constructive results. It will take all of the people becoming concerned enough to work together for one common purpose ... to to wage awar against drugs. And it is a war... it is a fight to the finish. The question is who is going to be the winner? Certainly not the drug user. He will lose even if allowed to continue the practice of drug use. And if you, the public choose to ignore the situation, you are the lo sers when the county hits the skids because "misfits" are ruling the society. President Nixon found the drug abuse problem serius enough to sign the new anti-crime bill. Governor Whitcomb thought the problem serious enough to secure Federal funds for investigation and training on drug abuse. Robert Konkle knew the situation was growingat an alarming rate and insisted each of the 700 Indiana State Troopers be trained in handling investigations and problems of drug abuse. Can we then be so complacent as to think Tipton County immune to the problems that have hit every other community in the nation? The majority of the community had notyet faced up to the reality of the"drug problem. As long as we remain inactive and naive this county, if it is not already, so, can become the central market place for the drug scene where the pusher can come and go freely without pressures. Reports released and experiences encountered have shown that arrest is not a solution for the drug "user". He needs help in overcoming the drug usage and rehabilitation which can prepare him to fit back into the realm of society in a constructive and purposeful way. ~ At' the present time there, has been no public support, action or finances • available for constructive programs which can help erase or slow down the problem. Drug abusers, regardless of their experience, know more about drugs than any other person in the county except perhaps the. Doctors and Drug-. gests and none of these professional people, are charged with the responsibility of leading the campaign against drug abuse. . At the present time there are no trained public employees who are capable of leading the drug campaign except the local State Troopers. We might point out that it is not their primary function to lead such a campaign. Thus it would appear that it is time for SOME public body to charge SOME qualified person with the responsibility of taking the proper training so as to be qualified to investigate and evaluate the drug abuse problem and then lead the campaign against drug abuse. ( VOLUME 76 - NO. 37 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1971 10^ PER COPY 45<? PER WEEK i ENTERED AS SECOND CLASS MATTER OCTOBER 4, 1895, AT POST OFFICE IN TIPTON, INDIANA SECOND CLASS POSTAGE AT TIPTON, INDIANA 46072 Winter Storm Creates Multitude Of County Accidents Sheriff Ziegler reported this morning that his department had received 39 calls from motorists who had slid off the road and became stuck in the snow and needed assistance. There were City Court Tipton City Court Judge Glenn Boyer,:Friday in.regular session found the following traffic violations guilty as charged and assessed them as follows: Mark S. Janwestrum, 21, of Indianapolis, speeding, $28.25; James Grace,; 34, Westfield, improper registration, $28.25; Beverly A. Ahlbrand, 21, Kokomo, expired inspection sticker, $28.25. also nine minor accidents investigated during the night by the Sheriffs Department. No injuries were reported in any of the mishaps. City Accidents' Tipton police reported four accidents as a result of the winter storm and slick roads. Accidents investigated included a collision in the 200 block of Ash street Friday night. According to their report, Dennis E. Simmons, Arcadia, driving a 1968 auto owned by Bobby Simmons was traveling east on Sycamore and skidded on the slick street into a 1969 auto being driven north by Michael A. Cline, 21, KLM Trailer Court and owned and Problems by Rose jCline. • Lenora P. Freeland, 40, Kokomo, ! received head injuries when her 1968 auto,: traveling north on Road 19, slid off the icy road[ turned over and hit an abutment with the right front fender Friday at 11:45 a.m. Doris!P..Smith, 59, 211 Third street, driving a 1967 auto south on Conde approached the intersection as Teddy R. fihman, 42, 315 West Jefferson street, driv^ ing. a 1965 auto west on Madison street, failed to stop and collided with the Smith vehicle, ac. cording to the investigating o£f{- (Continued on plage six) Boy Scouf Month Boy! Scouts To Assume Government Offices William G. Nash Wins Winter Camp-r- Members of the Tipton Boy Scout Troop No. 592 putting up tents, readying cooking equipment general getting a Tipton County Courthouse lawn site ready for Scout's Winter Camping Demonstrations Saturday morning in 10. degree weather.' 20 Helicopters Downed Scouts and adult leaders are-Bill. Cox, Freeman Fox Jr., Mike Tidier, Kurt Maines Amos Goodnight, Steve Linerode and Freeman Fox Sr. : Too, Hershel Mock, Courthouse custodian, assisted in the clearing of snow on the north courthouse lawn. (Staff Photo by Eldon Cage) ''. ' Indianapolis — A pure.bred Hampshire exhibited by Eugene E. Johnson, Tippecanoe County Heavy Losses Continue in Laos County Events Saturday: Lincoln Fun Frolic at Lincoln School. Sunday; Family night will be at the Kemp United Methodist Church. Sunday at 6:30 p.m. By BERT W. OKULEY . reported its forces had killed 24 hours in the heaviest fighting SAIGON (UPI)— The South 169 Viet Cong and North since Saigon units crossed into Vietnamese Command today Vietnamese troops] in the past Laos. Winners At Seed Show Lafayette, Ind.Here are the winners In the 1971 inspector-drawn Indiana certified seed show. From left, Jim Coomer, with soybean sweepstakes trophy and ribbon won by his father, Virgil Coomer, route Z Woodburn; Cletus L. Miller, route 2, Woodburn* oats sweepstakes winner and also reserve champion in wheat; John Stewart, Stewart Brothers, route 8 Greensburg with wheat sweepstakes trophy and ribbon.. Others are Howard Adler, Sharpsvllle, reserve champion oats, and Richard Dunn, of Charles M. Dunn 4 Son, route 3, Frankfort, reserve champion soybeans. Awards were presented at the Indiana Crops Improvement banquet at Purdue University. Military spokesmen s a i d South Vietnamese forces had "inflicted significant casualties on the enemy and discovered significant supply depots" in the Laotian lower panhandle. South Vietnamese spokesmen said government rangers backed by U.S. fighter-bombers and^artillery killed 43 Communists early today in fighting 10 miles northwest of Lao Bao. In another clash a few hours later 13 miles southwest of Lang Vei, South Vietnam, 28 Communists (Continued on page six) Co. Corn Champs To Be Honored Mark McKinney and Phil Jordan, County Corn Growing Champions, will be among the honored guests at a special banquet held in Indianapolis on February 20th. At that time, Pioneer Corn Company, Inc. will present awards to these two champions along with approximately 80 other official county champions who used a variety of Pioneer Brand Seed Corn in the 1970 Indiana 10-Acre Shelled Corn Yield Contest. This official contest is sponsored by the Indiana Crop Improvement Association in cooperation with the Extension Service of Purdue University. (Continued on page six) Tri-Central Basketball Adult and student tickets will on sale at the Tri-Central High School office Monday, Feb. 15, Tuesday, Feb. 16 and Wednesday, Feb: 17 until noon. Prices for student tickets if bought prior to the game will be 75£. The price of adult tickets will be $1.25 whether brought prior to the game or purchased at the door. All tickets purchased at the door will be $1.25. All seats are reserved. Tri - Central- Sectional Plan • l • ' • • . 1. Tickets will go on sale Wednesday at noon for students at the Tri-Central High School office. One ticket only will be "sold' to a student. Junior High' and Elementary students will be allowed tc purchase tickets at this time, but they must have season tickets to be eligible to buy tickets. 2. At noon on Thursday, Feb. 18 adult tickets will go on sale to season ticket holders. One ticket to a season ticket. Friday, Feb. 19, at noon, tickets will go on sale to the general public. swept top honors at the 22nd Annual Hoosier Spring Bar row Show today at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Reserve Grand Champion was. a crossbred Chester White shown by Jack Rodibaugh and Sons, Rensselaer. Repeating as winner of the Grand Champion Trucklot of 6 hogs was William G. Nash, route 1 Sharps ville, Tipton County, with purebred Hampshire entries.' Showing the Reserve Grand Champion truckload lot was Jack Rodibaugh & Son, route 1 Rensselaer, with a crossbred truck-, load. (Continued on page six) • Boy Scouts of Caribou District will assume city and county government j offices Thursday in observance of Boy Scout Month. The purpose of scouts taking the offices for the day is that they may better understand the workings of government and to develop • leadership experience as abet­ ter knowledge of the importance of citizenship in the county, state and nation. Scouts: who will participate and hold off during Thursday's observance are: Mayor, Jerry Cox, Eagle, jTrp. 592; City Judge, Freeman Cook, Eagle,-Trp. 592; Utility Mgr., Ken Wallace, Life, Trp. 515; City ProsecutingAtty., Eric Goodnight, Life, Trp. 515; City Defense Atty., Jim Tucker, Star, Trp. 591; Clerk Treasurer, Rick Stone, Life, Trp. 515. Police Radio Oper., CraigStil- -w'ell. Life, Trp. 592; Chief of Police, Terry McCuIlough, Life, Trp. 591; Policeman, Kevin Holr loway, 1st. cl, Trp. 515; Fire Chief, Jeff Hunter, Life, Trp. 515; Fireman. Freeman Fox, 1st cl. Trp. 592; Fireman, Timothy Montgomery; Postmaster, Mark Hinkle, Eagle, Trp. 514; Sheriff, David Smith, Eagle, Trp. 514; Deputy Sheriff, Curtis Montgomery, 1st cl., Trp. 591; Co.. Agr. Agent, Dan Wolfe, 1st cl., Trp. 592; Co. Assessor, Steven Beard, 1st cl., Trp. 515. . Co. Auditor, Tom Rice, Life, Trp. 515; Co. Clerk, Mike Tidier, Star, Trp. 592; Co. Planning Commr., Bob Cox, Star, Trp. 592; Co. Recorder, Brad King, 1st. cl., Trp. 515; Co. Judge, John Stone, Eagle, Trp. 514; Co. Prosecuting Atty., Kevin Gulr - lion, Life, Trp. 508; Co. Defense Arty., Mark StLlwell, Life, Trp. 592; Co. Treasurer, Mark Enneking, Star, Trp. 592; Justice of Peace, Steven Linerode, 1st, .cl.. Trp. 592. Tipton jChMi Supper— About 30 T's in one or more of the school's elgtit Chill Supper Friday night in the school break for photo with female admirer, they had their photo made. (Staff *" High School T Men (Athletes who have earned Block sports) served and cleaned tables at the Annual T Men's cafeteria. Pictured are some of the T Men taking a [while remaining T Men keep food, and service going after by Eldon Cage) Phbto

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