The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 12, 1971 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 12, 1971
Page 6
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Page 6 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE The Tipton Daily Tribune 221-223 E.. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 : Phone 675-2H5 By carrier in city . -. . 45? per week BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties; 1 year . . ............... $11.00 6 months ................ 6.50 : 3 months ............... 3.50 Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mailsubscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1897. SECOND-CLASS POST ABE PAID IN TIPTON. IND. ' PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY Letter to the Editor: "Farm Program Failure" Dear Sir: The following article from Christian Economics, by Howard E. Kershner, is food for thought for the American farmer. "Farm Program Failure" From the statistical abstract of the United States: 1969, issued by the Bureau of the Census, page 590, we learn that forty years ago 30.5 million Americans were living on 6.5 million farms, averaging 151 acres in size. Thirty years later only .ten million Americans were living on 2.9 million farms, aver* TV Schedule • (Continued from page five) with Mitzi• Goynor. Story of Eva • Tqoguay, the bod girl of Broodway. Q Basketball (Cont'd) © American Sportsman 3:00 Q Basketball (Cont'd) • V 1 O Matinee (Cont'd) ."Q. Basketball (Cont'd) © Sportsman (Cont'd) 3:15 © Sports. line 3:30 . O Outdoors O Matinee (Cont'd) Q Basketball (Cont'd) "Q). Bowlers Tour 4:00 O' Purdue Basketball Michigan ot Purdue. ' (J Bill Anderson O Ten Basketball Illinois ct Ohio State. (Q Bowlers (Cont'd) 4:30 Q Basketball (Cont'd) O Wilburn Brothers. O Basketball (Cont'd/ |0 Bowlers (Cont'd) 5:00 O Basketball (Cont'd! -•'O Porter WafOner O Basketball (Cont'd! © Wide World Sports 5:30 - O Basketball (Cont'd! O Early Report O Basketball (Cont'd) © Sports. (Cont'd) • aging 377 acres in size. During the 40-year period the number of Americans living on farms had declined to one-third of the earlier figure, the number of farms to considerably less than half, while the size of the farms had increased about 150 percent. Meanwhile, government has been spending billions of dollars every year to curtail agricultural production, while the importation of farm products has been increasing. Not many Americans realize = that their country is now the largest food-importing nation in the world. Increasingly our people are becoming dependent upon foreign-produced foodstuffs. , Government management of agriculture has created many millionaire farm operators while it has driven some 20 million people from the farms and has made all of us increasingly dependent for food and fiber upon the operation of foreign farms. Isn't it about time we turned the farms back to the farmers and began once more to produce our own food and fiber? . Robert Phares Tipton, Ind. P.S. If you doubt the above then write your UJS. Congressman and request the catalogue listing large subsidy payments to American farmers. 15 Arrests CUSTOM UPHOLSTERING DO YOU LOVE THAT OLD DILAPIDATED « Chair or Sofa We can make it like NEW again BARKER UPHOLSTERY phone 675-4939 220 E. Madison, Tipton (Continued from page one) the past two.days are Ernest Beaty, 54, of Sharpsville on failure to have rejected vehicle inspected; Harris G. Wright, 41, of Warsaw, exceeding speed limit; Larry L. Scott, 34, of Kokomo, unlawful operation of rejected vehicle; Robert Biberstine, 42, of Monon, exceeding speed limit; Carolyn J; Meyers,. 36, of Kokomo, exceeding speed limit; Elmer F. Ley, 28, of Elwood, false registration; Donald Ji O'Neill, 31, of Logansport, exceeding speed limit; Francis V. Wright, 42, Kokomo, exceed- * Sports Parade (Continued from page 4) . W. (BUT, who also operate a trucking line. "1 didn't think the Ringsbys would pull anything over on me," Haywood says, "but I hated to wait until age 70 before I got a million-five." Some people don't get $1.5- million even in their 90's but that isn't the point. "I found out they were only paying me $490,000 out of the actual contract," Hay w o od says, "and also I had to render service to the truck line for 10 years instead of six years of my contract. In order to receive the other part of my deferred compensation I would have had to render, another 25 years service. That's too much service for any ballplayer. If he's supposed to earn a particular amount of money over six years then I don't feel he should work an additional 125 years for Ringsby Truck Line." Deferred payments are nothing new in sports or in other fields. Neither are contracts that don't always turn out to be exactly what one of the signers thought they were. As a professional athlete Spencer Haywood has one big. argument, namely, he 7 has only a limited time to cash in on his ability. T o do that he has to drive the hardest possible bargain be can. Seattle took over his old contract from Denver so that's still a pretty good bargain for Haywood. Lennie Wilkens, the Supersonics' coach, claims he has a fine attitude. "Right now there is a great deal of pressure on him though,"-Wilkens says. "Every- time we go someplace, someone is talking to him and wanting to know what's going on legally and the like. His attorneys should be involved with that, not him. He should be playing basketball. But everybody still keeps asking him these questions. They.keep bugging him about this and that. The guy never really gets any rest." In the cold hard cash, Haywood had $80,000 due him for the one season he played with Denver. "With Seattle he gets a monthly check for $8,333.33 and' over 12 months that comes out to $100,000. Space that out over 15 years and you come up with $1.5- million. What happens- through if Seattle lets him go next year? Or if the court turns around and rules he can't play withSeattle and that Denver still legally holds his contract? FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12. 1971 s At Accident ing speed limit; Larry Miller, 27, of Indianapolis, exceeding speed limit; Dwight Newman, 32, of Culver, exceeding speed limit; Ernest S. Rush, 51, Orestes, exceeding speed limit; Jos• eph S. Gibson, 27, of Kokomo, exceeding speed limit; Philip M. Slatt, 25;/of South Bend, exceeding speed limit; and John C. Palmer, 20 of Wabash exceeding speed limit. EIks Valentine's Dance February 13th 9:30 - 1:30 'Top Brass B.P.O.E. #1012 * No cover charge 2 Two vehicles were total losses as a result of a Wednesday 11 a.m. traffic mishap two miles east of Tipton on IndJ 28 according to Tipton County Sheriff Dick Ziegler, who investigated. Ac? cording, to the Sheriff's report, Paulette Martin, 25, of Tipton route 4, heading west on Ind. 28 stopped for State Highway trucks, from which crewmen were repairing blacktop chuckholes. Nellie Dever, 76, of Elwood also heading west failed to get stopped in time to avoid a collision and her auto struck the rear of the Martin car, bursting the fuel tank, on the Martin vehicle causing gasoline to spill over about 40 feet by the width .of the roai. and render a hazardous condi­ tion.. ' 'j- Tipton firemen were called to the site with two trucks and stood by after diluting the gasoline with water and scattering the fuel oyer a Iwider area. State Highway crewmen and Glover Moreland Sr, too, assisted in cleaning the road surfaces. . Mrs. Devei suffered a cut nose and bruises. Mrs. Martin and her two children riding with her were not injured but did suffer slight shock. Traffic wa ! s slowed for a few minutes, butj with aforementioned rapid action by personnel present, the jurreckage was quickly removed and traffic directed on. ••• \ ' Dorothy Lockard Dies Thursday fji L itterbugs— Litter in side-dith of a Tipton County Road southeast of Tipton appears to have been trash inadvertently blown or jostled from moving vehicles enroute to the county dump. Tipton County Sheriff Dick Ziegler and County Highway Superintendent Bernard Smith have jointly stated they feel that ail citizens and organizations will cooperate to minimize litteringand officials say they hope the practice of accidental dropping of trash can be completely eliminated. Persons taking trash to the dump in private trucks and vehicles are urged to tied down items or cover, hauling beds to prevent items falling off. Too, all drivers of vehicles hauling trash to dumps are urged to survey road right-of-ways on return from dump and if any trash has fallen from their vehicles to stop and take it from public road. All officials stated that there was a still penalty for littering, whether accidental or not. (Staff Photo by Eldon Cage) Funeral services for Mrs. Dorothy Lockard, 47, of Tipton route 4, a Jefferson gradethree school teacher, will be Saturday 2 p.m. from the Trinity Wesleyan Church and Saturday 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. at church. The Reverend E.L. i Kierstead will officiate and!burial will be in the Fairview ' Cemetery. Friends may call at the Young-Nichols Funeral Home after 7 p.m. Friday. Mrs. Lockard died Thursday WASHINGTON (UPI) -The Senate has unanimously confirmed President Nixon's nomination of George Bush as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Explosive Selling Under Strict Control By ISABELLE HALL WASHINGTON (UPI) -The sale and use of explosives came under strict control today with new . regulations aimed at curbing terrorist bombings in the United States. Although aimed at the type of explosions which have bit federal and military installations, the rules also cover even the farmer who wants to dynamite a tree stump,. Rex R. Davis, director of the Internal Revenue Service's Be Wise- Use the CLASSIFIED ADS . NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING On February 23,1971 at 8:00 p.m. (EST) In the City Court Room of tha City of Tipton, Indiana, (be Tipton City Planning Commission aod the Board of Zoning Appeals will bold a. pubUcbaaring on the following petitions: 1. Petition of James ifabuey for placing a mobile h«ne unit t4 x to feet on Lot 105, Central Addition to tbe City ot Tipton, Indiana, at . 801 Oak Street, for Ms own use. 2. Petition of Jimmy Comstock for placing a mobile dome 12 z 68 feet on Lot 103, Central Addition lo tbe City of Tipton, Indiana, at 807 Oak Street, for bis own use. 3. Petition of Thelms Ray! for placing a mo! bile borne on part ot lot 7 Block 1, John P. Kemp's Third Addition to the City ot Tipton, : Indiana, at 121 Cleveland Street, for tbe family ot Walter Bates, three in the family. 4. Petition of Lester IfcCInnis for placing a mobile home 10155 teet on the back of lot 32, W. H. Marker's First Addition to tbe City of Tipton, bdlana, at 508 Green Street, for Mrs. Uyrtle Anderson (Mrs. UcCinnls's mother). 5. Petition ot Lester McGlnnlstoraTarlance- for abort M from 720 square teet to 550 square feet. All persons lb attendance win be ginn an opportunity to be beard on these matters. Undis Fields Sr. Building Commissioner' City o( Tipton, Indiana Alcohol, Tobacco and Firemar Division, said up to now "you could walk in and buy high explosives almost any place. All you had to have was money." "the new law will make it much more difficult for a person who wants explosives for criminal intent," he predicted in an interview. Political Ties More than 50 persons have been killed in. bomb incidents since Jan. I, 1969. The bomb data center established last July by the International Association of Chiefs of Police said blasts continue to average 150 a month. . . "Quite! obviously the level of bombings is related to political events," Davis said. "When political issues intensify, so do • ; NOTICE TO BESS, LEGATEES AND CREDfTORS ESTATE OF Grace Marie Ktag. Deceased Mo.Mil "! • Tiptoe Circslrt Coert, Caleedar Tens, 1971 NotieeUherebyflnejthatEdaeAinsbBryu -aaalalatratrli of aeld estate, has Bled ear accusal sad nmtmt la Caei eetllemest of said estate, sad bar pettttoa paying OeCo*t lo enow salt accost tad order dUtrfMfca of ; aeld estate, ead that the same wUlcaaesa for Waring sal actios si aaid Coert oe at Ilea 'day el Fabraaty 1040 aja.. 1971 la faecoart- 'soaee la Tiptoe. mdUna, at which ttoe all hairs, lipsiei aad creditors of said estate are raqslrwa to appear sad showcases. If earthen he, way eafc) aeooaat art icachars stnM sot ' be allowed, aad dlatrfhaUoa of the estate be made as prayed tor lasaUprtt&cw.; aad an the hairs, Urtlseee aad siplaesof said decadent aad aeld estate, aad all others •Mrassrt. are hereby reoolred to appear at said time aad place aad make proof of their heirship or dalle to aay put of said estate. . PaalH.Joua Clerk Ctrcalt Coert Tiptoe, sallua .Staaley M. Herbert, Attoraey L-74 C-JOT* bombings." j The IRS is recruiting up to 300 new special agents to enforce the regulations .which were formulated to implement a section of the 1970 organized crime act that took effect last Oct. is.-;' - : . j 'j As of today,! any person engaging in thej manufacture, import or sale of explosives must be licensed, there are about 10,000 persons in this category. j Federal Permits Any person wishing to purchase, explosives put of his state of residence must buy a federal permit to carry." them in interstate commerce. - •• : • • i );:.-••-•• '• Anyone- ;wishing to - buy explosives for use in his home state must fill out a form stating his name and address and swearing that he is legally permitted to make - such a purchase. j AH licensees, permutes or purchasers must swear they, are over 21 and not narcotics addicts, felons, fugitives or mental defectives. The maximum penalty for making a false statement is $10,000 and 10 years in prison. Outdoor storage facilities must be bullet, fire and theft resistant, weatherproof and a safe iistance from inhabited buildings, passenger railways, public highways and other stprage facilities. L-83 C-!6-»2 "With chicken and trimmin's this good, who \ wants to fix it at home?" |Offer good February 8th through 14th VALENTINE DAY IS FEBRUARY 14th (jou/o $2.50 to $10 j Give your Sweetheart Pangburn's Chocolates made : ! with Milk and Honey. Sure to please her most because she knows Pangburn's best. Select from our. i big display. „ CARNEY'S DRUG STORE 9:15 a.m. ffom complications of open heart surgery Feb. 1, 1971. She was born September 3, 1923 in Camlpton, Kentucky tolr- vin and Lou Ellen (Campbell) -Taulbee. She was married July .1, 1946 to Lester Lockard, now a,Tipton fifth grade school teacher who also survives.. Mrs. Lockard was a member of the Wesleyan Church, Indiana State teachers Association and received; her A.B. Degree from Marion College and her Masters in Elementary Education from Ball State University. Surviving] besides the husband, Lester, arej a foster son, Stanley' Eldridge; mother, Mrs. Lou Ellen Taulbee, Tipton R 4; four sisters and one brother. The sisters are MrSi Virgie Lacy, Wixom, Michigan; Mrs. Dixie Adams, Detroit; Mrs.. Audrey Cook; Edgar Springs, Mo.; and Mrs. Lavonne Harrell, of;Rolla, Mo. The bro- . ther is Lester Taulbee of Campton, Kentucky. . *Cage-ology .(Continued from page 4) B team which hit .534 from the field. Kejly Altherr and Mark Miller each had eight tallies for the young Blue Devils. ;Both Tipton Freshmen teams finih the "season next Monday night with games at Maconaquah. - : C-0 Tipton Junior High School's wrestling |team scored a 36-35 win over the Taylor Junior High at the. Tipton Jr. High gym Thurs-. day night after giving 15 points in forfeits at the start of the . meet. | The young Tipton grapplers, behind 15-jd oh the forfeits "raisr ed up" with pins by Mike Foor, Jeff Crouch, Tony Murray and Kevin Hughes.; • ... Then big decision wins by Phil Shadday, Steve Dixon, and Steve Meloche and Darrell Murray's draw brought the team victory. The Jr., Hi grapplers host the Carmel team next Tuesday night, beginning at 6 p:m. ).. C-0 Tipton's Junior High basketball teams suffered twin defeats at Northwestern 'Thursday night. The seventh grade lost a heartbreaker ,30-28 in the final two seconds of play after Mike Baxter, Brian Taylor and Joe Phifer topped, the scoring and several young Devils sparkled on offensive! and defensive plays. the eighth grade down 12-1 just after the start and backup - more titan 20 points midway, scored 22 points in the final quarter, W still lost 50^33. Mike Scott and Dick Cage paced Tipton. This imded the roundball sea, ;son for tipton Junior High. ^Unemployment . (Continued from page one) Last week 72,643 Hoosiers filed for unemployment benefits through the Indiana, Employment Security Division. Another 59,000 were not eligible for such . compensation. Some applied for welfare. The word "welfare" has an ugly ring to the working man and woman. Yet unless there is a reversal in the mounting unemployment trend, welfare will become more and more a household word in a lot of Hoo- , sier homes. Maximum $52 Weekly Currently in . Indiana, the maximum unemployment benefit is $52 a week for 26 weeks for a person with four or more dependents. The bachelor guy or gal gets up to $40 a week for .26 weeks, but the scale slides as low as $10 a week, depending how much a person earned over the one-yaar-period just before applying for benefits. In the case of a non-employed worker with more than four dependents, welfare often is the immediate answer. . John F. Coppes, director of the Indiana Employment Security Division, said, "All unemployment slumps begin the same way. The unskilled and untrained are the first to go. This time is no exception." An addendum to Coppes'com­ ment came from Mrs. Marcile Thornton, manager of division's commercial and professional department. • Hospital News THURS., FEB. 11, 1971 ADMISSIONS: Donald Burns, Tipton;. Nester Harmon, Tipton; Rick Baker, Atlanta; Renova Pasley, Sharpsville. • DISMISSALS: Evelyn Wesner, tipton; Lillian Riley, Kempton; Grade Swinford & Infant, Cicero; Eula Warne, Tipton; Gregory Hendricks, Arcadia; Willie Brannum^ Tipton; AngelaSnipes, Tipton. . at Your Friendly Bank FARMERS LOAN ' & ' TRUST COMPANY 110 E.Jeff. St. Tipton, Indiana flH ^hv ^ ' 675-4300 - IJtcuva MOW THRU TUESDAY It's a Feline Frolic: Purr-feet in every way! ARISTOCAIS ALL NEW CARTOON FEATURE WUTMMH OLYMPIC MIX" Starting Times Eves. 7:00 & 9:05 Sat. Mat. ...2:00 Sunday At 2:00-4:106:20-8:30 SSTARTS WED. ATTRACTION "THUNDERBALL" "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE" Coin by . for the lively new look in decorating! A treasure -trove of gift id-i east Coin Glass is not just for collectors- of reproductions'. It sounds a decorative note that is pleasing in contemporary surroundings. And you will find it as useful as it is beautiful. jeweler

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