Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on May 14, 1965 · Page 5
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 5

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1965
Page 5
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PACE 10 Creensburg (Ind.) Daily News, Friday, May 14,1965 Circuit Court A complaint on note, seeking $1,100, has been filed by Charles and Priscilla Seitz against James A. and Marjorie Conk. In the complaint for damages filed by Mary Frances Johnson , against George W. Macy the defendant's demurrer has been set for argument May 29. A judgment for possession and damages of $180 has been rendered for the plaintiff in the complaint for ejectment and damages filed by Grace D. Lee against Charles Bradley. In the complaint for divorce filed by Iris B. Face against David Face the defendant filed a cross-complaint for divorce, charging the plaintiff with cruel and inhuman treatment. ___ ORDINANCE NO. 1965-3 An Ordinance regulating the connection to and use of public and private sewers and fliams, *»« installation and connection ot building sewers, and the discharge of waters and wastes into the public sewer system of the Town of Westport, Indiana, and providing penalties for violations WESTPORT, INDIANA: Section 1. Unless the context spe- eUtaST indicates <*he™«; „,£! eanin of terms used in this orei meaning of terms nance shall be as follows. direct connection shall be made to the public sewer in compliance with this ordinance, and any septic tanks cesspools and similar private sewage disposal facilities shall be abandoned (c) The owner shall operate am maintain the private sewage disposa facilities in a sanitary manner at all times, at- no expense to the Town (d) No statement contained in this article shall be construed to interfere with any additional requirements that may be imposed by the local Health Officer. Sec. 4. (a) No unauthorized person shall uncover, make any connections with or opening into, use, alter, or disturb any public sewer or appurtenance thereof without first obtaining a written permit from the Clerk- T 7b> SU There shall be two (2) classes of buiding sewer permits: (1) lor residential and commercial service and (2) for service to establishments producing industrial waste In either case, the owner or his agent snau make application on a special form furnished by the said Town. The permit applications shall be mented by any plans, sp . e ^ e "J per . £«*grRS£«£ ;°L,*e & ll tinent in the ugm ... ITSS. T*l .aerk-Treasurer th « ^"ana^pe^Scident ^tiSS^tt-^ ly y orindirectly be occasioned Idl '^'"se^iara'te and independent ?he front building may be extended to the rear building and thewhole Indiana, or his authorized deputy agent or representative. (c) "Inspector" shall mean the person or persons duly authorized by the Town, through its Board of Trusses. to inspect and approve the ' nsta "ia tion of building sewers and Ihtir connection to the public sewer s>stern. (d) "Sewage" shall mean a combination of the water-carried ««"? surface, and storm waters as ma> ^••Sewer" shall me» a pipe or conduit for carrying se «' a f e - ., ifi "Public sewer shall me»n ^ sewer in which all owners of *buttmg properties have equal rights and is controlled by public author, y (g) "Combined sewer" shall mean a sewer receiving both surface run- V) n "S S a™- sewer" shall mean a sewer which carries sewage and to which storm, surface, and ground waters are not intentionally ad- this ordmance cast iron soil pipl. ASTM specifica tion or equal; vitrified clay sewer pfpe ASTM specification or equal; or other suitable material . approved bv the said Inspector. Joints shall be tight and water-proof. Any part of th! building sewer that is located within ten (10) feet of a water service pipe shall be constructed of ca-,t P ints. ron Cast Soil iron pipe with leaded joints. pipes with leaded joint "Storm sewer" or "storm drain" shall mean a sewer which ca tries storm and surface waters and drainage, but excludes sewage and pol- - ag, luted industrial -wastes. Ml "Sewage treatment plant' shall mean any "arrangement of devices and structures used for treating sew- 8g fk) "Industrial wastes" shall mean the liquid wastes from industrial processes as distinguished from sanitary sewage. , . , U) "Garbage" shall mean solid wastes from the preparation, cooking and dispensing of food, and from the handling, storage, and sale of produce. (m) "properly shredded garbage shall meari the wastes from the preparation, cooking, and dispensing of food that have been shredded to such degree that all particles will be carried freely under the flow conditions normally prevailing in public sewers. with no particle greater than >,•> inch in any dimension. (n) "Building drain" shall mean that part of the lowest horizontal piping of a drainage system which receives the discharge from soil. waste, and other drainage pipes inside the walls of the building and conveys it to the building sewer, beginning five feet outside the inner face of the building wall. (o) "Building sewer" shall mean the extension from the building drain to the public sewer or other plac.? of disposal. (p) "B. O. D." (denoting Biochemical Oxygen Demand) shall mean the quantity of oxygen utilized in the biochemical oxidation of organic matter under standard laboratory procedure in five (5) days at 20 degrees C., expressed in parts per million by weight. (q) "PH" shall mean the logarithm of the reciprocal of the weight of hydrogen ions in grams per liter of solution. (r) "Suspended solids" shall mean solids that either float on the surface of, or are in suspension in water, sewage, or other liquids, and which are removable by laboratory filtering. (s) "Natural outlet" shall mean any outlet into a watercourse, pond, ditch. lake or other body of surface or ground water. (t) "Watercourse" shall mean channel in which a flow of water occurs, either continuously or intermittently. (u) "Person" shall mean any individual, firm, company, association, society, corporation or group. (v) "Shall" is mandatory; "may" is permissive. Sec. 2. (a) It shall be unlawful ior any person to place, deposit, or permit to be deposited in an unsanitary manner upon public or private property within the Town, or in any area under the jurisdiction of said Town, any human or animal excrement, garbage, or other objectionable waste.' (b) It shall be unlawful to discharge to any natural outlet within said Town, or in any area under the jurisdiction of said Town, any sanitary sewage, industrial waste, or other polluted waters, except where suitable treatment has been provided in accordance with subsequent provisions of this ordinance. (c) Except as hereinafter provided. it shall be unlawful \o construct or maintain any privy, privy vault, septic tank, cesspool or other facilities intended or used for the disposal ol sewage. (d) The owner of all houses, buildings, or properties used for human occupancy, employment, recreation or other purposes situated within the Town, and abutting any street, alley or right-of-way in which there is now located or may in the future be located a public sewer or combined sewer of the Town, is hereby required at his expense to install suitable toilet facilities therein, and to connect such facilities directly with the proper public sewer in ac. cordance with the provisions of this ordinance, within ninety (90) days after date of official notice to do so provided that said public sewer js within one hundred (100) feet of the property line. Sec. 3. (a) Where a public sanitary or combined sewer is not available under the provisions of Sec. 2 (d), the building sewer shall be connected to a private sewage disposal system complying with all recommendations of the Indiana State Board of Health (b) At such time as public sewer becomes available to a property served by a private sewage disposal system as provided in Sec. 2 (d), a Cast iron pipea *.*,«.-.— -—-- mav be required by the said Inspector where the building sewer is exposed i to damage by tree roots. If :^stalled in filled or unstable ground, the build- Ing sewer shall be of cast iron soil pipe, except that non-metallic material may be accepted if laid on a suitable concrete bed or cradle as approved by the said Inspector. (g) The size and slope of the building sewers shall be subject to tht approval of the said Inspector, but in no event shall the diameter be less than six (6) inches. The slope of such six (6) inch pipe shall not be less than one-eighth (',.) ""h per f °(h) Whenever possible the building sewer shall be brought to the building at an elevation below the base mint floor. No building sewer shall be laid parallel to or witmn three (3) feet of any bearing wall, xvhich might thereby be weakened. The depth shall be sufficient to afford protection from frost. The buUdin? Sewer shall be laid at a uniform grade and in straight alignment :n to far as possible. Changes in direction shall be made only with properly curved pipes and fittings. (i) In all buildings in which any building drain is .too low to Permit gravity flow to the public sewer sanitary sewage earned by such drains shall be lifted by approved artificial means and discharged to the building sewer. No water-operated sewage ejector shall be used. (i) All excavations required for the installation of a building sewer shall be open trench work unless otherwise approved by the said Inspector. Pipe laying and backfill shall be performed in accordance with ASTM specifications except that no backfill shall be placed until the work has been inspected by the Inspectar or his representative. (ki All joints and connections (shall be made gas tight and water tight. Cast iron pipe joints shall oe firmly packed with oakum or hemp and filled with molten lead. Federal Specification QQ-L-156, not less than one (1) inch deep. Lead shall be run in one pouring and calked tight. No paint, varnish, or other coatings shal be permitted on the jointing matena until after the joint has been tested and approved. All joints in vitrified clay pipe or between such pipe and metals shal be made with approved jointing material in accordance with the latest edition of Volume III, Plumbing Rules and Regulations of the Administrative Building Council of the State of Indiana. Other jointing materials and methods may be used only by approva of the said Inspector. (1) The connection of the build ing sewer into the public sewer shal be made at the "Y" branch, if such branch is available at a suitable lo cation. If the public sewer is twelvx 112) inches in diameter or less and no properly located "Y" branch is available, the owner shall at his ex pense install a "Y" branch in tht public sewer at the location specified by the said Jnspector. Where the public sewer is greater than twelve (12) inches in diameter, and no prop erly located "Y" branch is available a neat hole may be cut in the pub lie sewer to receive the building sewer, with entry in the downstream direction at an angle of about forty five (45) degree. A forty-five (45 degree ell may be used to mak( such connections, with the spigo end cut so as not to extend pas the inner surface of the public sewer. The invert of the building sewer at the point of connection shal be at the same or at a higher eleva tion than the invert of the pubhi sewer. A smooth neat -joint shall be made, and the connection made secure and water tight by encasemen in concrete. Special fittings may b used for the connection only when approved by the said Inspector. (m) The applicant for the building sewer permit shall notify the sale 1 Inspector when the building sewc is ready for inspection and connectiol to the public sewer. The connection shall be made under the supervision of the said Inspector or his repre sentative. (n) All excavations for building sewer installation shall be adequate ly. guarded with barricades and light so as to protect the public fron hazard. Streets, sidewalks, parkway and other public property disturbe< in the course of the work shall b restored in a manner satisfactory t the said Town. Sec. 5. (a) No person shall dis charge or cause to be discharged any storm water, surface water, ground water, roof runoff, sub-surface drain age, cooling water or unpolluted in dustrial process waters to any sani tary sewer. (b) Storm water and all other ur. polluted drainage shall be discharge to such sewers as are specifically designated as combined sewtrs o storm sewers, or to a natural outle approved by the said Superintenden Industrial cooling water or unpol luted process waters may be dis charged upon approval of the sai Superintendent, to a storm sewer combined sewer or natural outlet. (c) Except as hereinafter provided no person shall discharge or cans to be discharged any of the followin described waters or wastes to an- public sewer: (1) Any liquid or vapor having a temperature higher than 150 deg. F. (2) Any water .or waste which may contain more than 100 parts per million.-by weJght-.of fat-ofl, or grease. (3) Any water or waste •which may contain more than 25 parts Se7mUlion, by weight, of solua- ny gasoline, benzene, naphtha fuel oil, -or other flammable oiTexplosive liquid, solid or ga fs) Any garbage that has not been properly -shredded. (6) Any ashes, cinders, sand. mud straw, shavings, metal. gUiss. rags, feathers, tar, plastics, wood, pluiich manure, or any other •NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION In the Circuit Court of Decatur C T ty the to M 1 atter o£ the Estate of B._Bottom, deceased. >y given that Robert W~" Bottom was on the 12th day of Jav 1965, appointed: (a) Executor of the will of James R. Bottom, deceased. AM persons having 'claims against said estate, whether or not now due, mult ffle the same in said Court within six months from the date of the of to so\M or viscuous substance capable of causing obstructionJo .the flow in sewers or other interference with ttte proper operation of the sewage works. m Any waters or wastes having a PH lower than 5.0 or higher than 9.0, or having any_ o corrosive property capable causing damage or hazard structures, equipment, and personnel of the sewage works. (8) Any waters or wastes containing a toxic or poisonous substance in sufficient quantity to gjSre or interfere with any sewage treatment process, constitute a hazard to humans or animals, or create any hazard in the receiving waters of the sewage treatment plant. (9) Any waters or wastes containing suspended solids of such character and quantity that unusual attention or expense is required to handle such materials at the sewage disposal plant. (10) Any noxious or malodorous gas or substance capable of creating a public nuisance. (d) Grease, oil, and sand inter- eptors shall be provided when, in he opinion of the said Inspector, hey are necessary for the proper landling of liquid wastes containing grease in execessive amount, or any lammable wastes, sand, and other harmful ingredients; except that such nterceptors shall not be required or private living quarters or dwelling units. All interceptors shall be of a type and capacity approved by the Superintendent and shall be located as to be readily and easily accessible 'or cleaning and inspection. Grease and oil interceptors shal! be constructed of impervious materials capable of withstanding abrupt and extreme changes in temperature. They shall be of substantial construction, water tight, and equipped with easily removable covers which when bolted in place shall be gas tight and water tight. (e) Where installed, all grease, oil and sand interceptors shall be mam- ;ained by the owner, at his expense, in continuously efficient operation at all times. (f) The admission into the public sewers of any waters or wastes (1) having SL five-day Biochemical Oxygen Demand greater than 300 parts per million by weight, or (2) containing more than 350 parts per million by weight of suspended solids, or (3) containing any quantity of substances having the characteristics described in Sec. 5 (c), or (4) having an average daily flow greater than two per cent (2%) of the average daily sewage flow of the Town, shall be subject to the review and approval of the Superintendent. Where necessary in the opinion of the Superintendent, the owner shall provide at his expense such preliminary treatment as may be necessary to (1) reduce the Biochemical Oxygen Demand to 300 parts per million and the suspended solids to 350 parts per million by weight, or (2) reduce objectionable characteristics or constituents to within the maximum limits provided for in Sec. 5 (c), or (3; control the quantities and rates of discharge of such waters or wastes Plans, specifications, and any other pertinent information relating to proposed preliminary treatment facilities shall be submitted for the approva of the said Superintendent and of the Indiana State Board of Health and no construction of such facilities shall be commenced until said approval is obtained in writing. (g) Where preliminary treatmen' facilities are provided for any waters or wastes, they shall be maintained continuously in satisfactory and effective operation, by the owner ai his expense. (h) When required by the Superintendent, the owner of any property served by a building sewer carrying industrial wastes shall install a suitable control manhole in the building sewer to facilitate observation, sampling and measurement of the wastes Such manhole, when required, shal be accessibly and safely located, ant shall be constructed in accordance with plans approved by the Superintendent. The manhole shall be installed by the owner at his expense and shall be maintained by him so as to be safe and accessible at al times. (i) All measurements, tests, and analyses of the characteristics of wa ters and wastes to which reference is made in Sec. 5 (c) and Sec. 5 (f shall be determined in accordance with "Standard Methods for the Ex amination of Water and Sewage" an< shall be determined at the contro manhole provided for in Sec. 5 (h or upon suitable samples taken s said control manhole. In the even that no special manhole has been required, the control manhole shal be considered to be the nearest down stream manhole in the public sewer to the point at which the building sewer is connected. (3) No statement contained in this article shall be construed as prevent ing any special agreement or arrangement between the Town anc any industrial concern whereby an industrial waste of unusual strength or character may be accepted by the Town for treatment, subject to payment therefor by the industria concern. Sec. 6. No unauthorized person shall maliciously, willfully or negli gently break, damage, destroy, un cover, deface, or tamper with any structure, appurtenance, or equipmen which is a part of the municipal sewage works. Any person violating this provision shall be subject to immediate arrest under charge of disorderly conduct. Sec. 7. The Superintendent, In spector, and other duly authorizet employees of the Town bearing proper credentials and identincatioi shall be permitted to enter upon a] properties for the purpose of inspec tion, observation, measurement, sam pling, and testing, in accordance, with the provisions of this ordinance^ Sec. 8. (a) Any person found to be violating any provision of this ordi nance except Sec. 6 shall be servec by the Town with written notice stating the nature of the violation and providing a reasonable time limi for the satisfactory correction thereof. The offender shall, within the period of time stated in such notice permanently cease all violations. (b) Any person who shall continu any violation beyond the time limi provided for in Sec. 8 (a) shall b guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in an amount not exceeding Tea Do] lars ($10) for each violation. Eaci day in which any such violation shall continue shall be deemed a separat offense. (c) Any person violating any of th provisions of this ordinance shall be come liable to the Town for any ex pense, loss or damage occasioned th Town by reason of such violation. Sec. 9. All ordinances or parts o ordinances in conflict herewith ar hereby repealed. The invalidity o any section, clause, sentence, or pro vision of this ordinance shall not af feet the validity of any other par of this ordinance which can be give effect without such invalid part parts. Sec. 10. This ordinance shall be ir full force and effect from and after its passage and publication as pro vided by law. Approved and adopted by th Board of Trustees of the Town o Westport, Indiana, on the 10th da of May, 1965. E. STANLEY SHERA, HAROLD HALE, RICHARD D. McCULLOUGH, Board of Trustees Attest: DONALD W. REED, Clerk-Treasurer. " D—May W—May 14-21 ata will Dated at Greensburg, 2th day of BOND SALE NOTICE TOWN OF WESTPORT, INDIANA Sealed proposals will be received ay the Clerk-Treasurer of the Town of Westport, Indiana, in the Town Hall in said Town, until 2:00 P. M. Eastern Standard Time) on the 3rd day of June, 1965, for the purchase of the following described reyenu" >onds of said Town: Sewaee Works Revenue Bonds; Total issue $245.000; Dated June 1 1965- Denomination $1,000; Interest not to exceed 5% per annum (the exact rate or rates to be determined by bidding) payable on November 1. 1965, and semi-annually thereafter; Hegis- trable as to principal; p rm«pal and interest payable at the Westport Branch of the Union Bank and Trust Company of Greensburg in the Town of Westport, Indiana; Fixed maturities on November 1 in the years and amounts as fQllows: Years Amounts 1967 ? 2.000 x publication of this notice or said r barrd forever barr ? d T Indiana, this Clerk, of the Circuit Court for Decatur County, Indiana Charles J. Scott. Attorney. ^^ 1968-1974 1975-1979 1980-1984 1985J988 1989-1991 1992-1994 1995-1996 1997-1998 1999-2001 incl. incl. incl. incl. incl. incl. 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 8.000 9,000 10,000 11,000 .!„„ incl. .. 2002-2003 12,000 2004 13,000 The bonds maturing on November 1 1975, and thereafter, are redeemable at the option of the Town on Hay 1, 1975. or any interest payment date thereafter, in whole or in part, n their inverse numerical order, at 'ace value, plus the following premiums: if redeemed on May 1, 1975; thereafter on or before November 1, 1982; 4% if redeemed on May 1. 1983, or thereafter on or before November 1, 1989; if redeemed on May 1, 1990, or or before Novem- 3% thereafter on ber 1, 1996; if redeemed on May 1, 1997. or thereafter prior to maturity; plus in each case interest to the date ixed for redemption, provided notice of such redemption shall be given at east thirty days prior to the redemption date by one r.'blication in a newspaper published in Decatur County and of general circulation in the Town of Westport and in a newspaper or financial journal of general Circulation published in the City of Indianapolis, Indiana. Each bid must be for all of said bonds and must state the rate or rates of interest, not exceeding 5<;i per annum, in multiples of >4 of 17c. Sot more than three different interest rates shall be named in any bid, and bids specifying two or more interest rates shall also specify the amount and maturities of the bonds bearing each rate, but all bonds maturing on the same Th Al manac OFFICIAL" CRIER " ( DUNMOW, England-(UPD- — Ten Wilson, unofficial town crier f this Essex town for years, was made official town crier Thursday at an annual salary of seven ents a year.' The change permits Wilson to enter the town criers' contest at Hastings. Today is Friday, May 14, the 134th day of 1965 with 231 to follow. The moon is approaching its full phase. The morning star is Saturn. The evening star is Mars. Thomas Gainsborough, the English painter, was born on this day in 1727. On this day in history: In 1811, Paraguay declared its independence from Spanish rule. ' ' . In 1904, the Olympic games were held: in the United States for the first time. They took place in St. Louis. In 1935, the citizens of th.e Philippine Islands ratified their Constitution in a special election. In 1948, Great Britain ended its 31 year rule in Palestine, followed immediately by a proclamation in Tel Aviv of the birth of the free and independent State of Israel. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF ADDITIONAL APPROPRIATIONS Notice is hereby given the tax- ayers of Greensburg, and Decatu. bounty, Indiana, that the proper egal officers of said municipal cor- -loration at their regular meeting at :00 A. M. otfThursday, May 27, 1965. will consider the following additional ppropriations which said officers onsider necessary to meet the ex- raordinary emergency existing at his time. Clerk's Office Typewriter ? 200 00 Auditor's Office Rental of Equipment $ 110.00 Assessor's Office Postage $ IS- 00 Offcial Records .? 100.00 A thought for the day: British Statesman Arthur James Balfour said "biography should be written by an acute enemy." DISPLAY PLANES MOSCOW (UPI) — The f ass news agency reported Thursday that the Soviet Union plans to display the largest collection of Russian transport planes and helicopters ever seen by foreign experts at this year's Pans air show. Total .". $ 115.00 Judge of Circuit Court Special Judge ? 500.00 Prosecutor's Office Books, Periodicals and Supplies _ $ 100.00 Washington Township Assessor Supplies S 5.00 Decatur County Memorial Hospital 'ransfer of Funds From the Cumulative Building Fund to the Hospital Construction Fund 525.000.00 Decatur County Highway Dept. Rental of Equipment $ 4,500.00 Taxpayers appearing at such meeting shall have a right to be heard hereon. The additional appropriations as finally made will be automatically referred to the State Board of Tax Commissioners, which Board will hold a further hearing within fifteen days at the County Auditor's office of said County or at such other place as may be designated. At such hearing taxpayers objecting to any of such additional appropriations may >e heard. Interested taxpayers may inquire of the County Auditor when and where such hearing will be held RUSSELL COKYA, President of Council MARY L. MOBLEY, Auditor of' Decatur County D—May 14-21 W—May 14-21 date shall sear the same rate. A rate may be repeated without constituting a different interest rate. The difference between the highest lowest rate specified rate and the bid shall exceed two per cent (21J), and not the interest any interest due on any bond payment date shall be represented by a single interest coupon. The award will be made to the highest qualified bidder complying with the terms of sale and offering the lowest net interest cost to the Town, to be determined by computing the total interest on all of the bonds to their maturities and deducting therefrom the premium bid if any. It is requested that each -•- - •• --•• interest cost to the net effective bid show the net final maturity and interest rate. No conditional bid or bid for less than the par value of said bonds, including accrued interest from the date thereof to the date of delivery, will be considered. Each bid shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope sd- dressed to the undersigned Clerk- Treasurer, and marked on the outside "Bid for Sewage Works Revenue Bonds," and must be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check ill the amount of 82,500. payable to the Town of Westp.ort, as a good faith deposit to secure the Town against any loss resulting from the failure of the bidder to comply with the terms of his bid. The successful bidder shall make payment for the bonds and accept delivery thereof within five days after being notified that the bonds are ready for delivery, at such bank in the City of Indianapolis, Indiana, as he shall designate in writing to the Clerk- Treasurer. Checks of unsuccessful bidders "will be returned immediately following the award of the bonds. The bonds will be ready for dclivnry within approximately 30 days after the date of sale. The failure of the successful bidder to pay for and accept delivery of the bonds as heroin provided shall constitute default and entitle the Town to retain such check and the proceeds thereof as its agreed liquidated damages. The unqualified approving opinion of Ice Miller Donadio & Ryan, bond counsel of Indianapolis, together with the printed bonds, a transcript of the proceedings had relating to the issuance of said bonds, and the usual certificates showing no litigation pending or threatened at the time of the delivery" of the bonds will be furnished to the purchaser at the expense of the Town. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids. If an acceptable bid is not recieved at the time herein fixr-ci the sale will be continued from day to day thereafter without further advertisement for a period of thirty days, during which time no bid which is lower than the highest bic received at the time of the advertised sale will be considered. Said bonds are being issued for the purpose of financing the cost of sewage works to be constructed owned and operated by the Town of Westport pursuant to Ordinance No 1965-1. adopted by the Board of Trustees of said Town on the 26th day of April, 1965. A copy of saici ordinance, and the engineering and financial data, may be examined at the office of the Clerk-Treasurer in saic Town. All bidders shall be deemed to -be advised of the provisions o said ordinance, as to the extent ant character of the sewage works on account o£ which said bonds are be ing issued, the service to be rendered thereby, and the revenues es timated to be received therefrom Said bonds are being issued the provisions of Chapter 61 of the Acts of 1932 (Special Session), and all acts amendatory thereof or sup plemental thereto, and pursuant to the provisions of said act the bonds herein offered, and any bonds here after issued ranking on a parity therewith, will be payable solely from the net revenues of the sewage works on account of which the bonds are being issued, and they < will no constitute an indebtedness of the Town within the provisions and lim itations of the constitution of tii State of Indiana. A statement containing further in formation relative' to the sewag<_ works project,may be obtained upon application to the undersigned Clerk Treasurer. Dated this llth day of May, 19(55 DONALD W. REED Clerk-Treasurer D—May 14-2 W—May 14-21 ORDINANCE NO. 1965-4 AN ORDINANCE REGULATING THE PARKING OF TRUCKS AND CERTAIN USES OF TRUCKS WITHIN THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF GREENSBURG. BE IT ORDAINED by the Common Council of Greensburg, Decatur County, Indiana: SECTION 1. That from and after the passage of this ordinance no person, firm or corporation owning leasing, possessing or operating ruck, trailer, tractor or tractor anc railer, taller, wider and longer than i conventional passenger automobile jr station wagon, or pickup truck shall be permitted to park the same upon any street or alley within the residential district of the corporate imits of the City of Greensburg, excepting that such vehicle may park a sufficient time to make deliveries or pick up merchandise, wares goods, chattels and supplies, provided such parking does not interrupt the regular ,flow of traffic and does no create a hazard for the safety o: others. SECTION 2. That in the business and commercial district no such truck shall park upon any street or alley within the corporate limits of the City of Greensburg, longer than one (1) hour, excepting that such vehicles may park for a sufficien time to make deliveries or pick up merchandise, wares, goods, chattels and supplies in the regular course of business provided such parking does not interrupt the regular flow of traffic and does not create lazard for the safety of others, and provided said parking complies with all other parking regulations now in force in said city, or that may here after be established. SECTION 3. That in the industria districts of said city all trucks ma: park upon the streets within the cor porate limits in all places designatec for parking, providing such parking does not interrupt the regular flow of traffic and does not create hazard for the safety of others an provided said parking complies with all other parking regulations now in force or which may hereafter b established. SECTION 4. That any person, fir!) or corporation' convicted for the vio lation of the foregoing provisions this ordinance shall be subject to fine of not less than Two ($2.00) Dol lars nor more than Fifty ($50.00 Dollars for each and every offense SECTION 5. That it shall be th duty of any police officer of th City of Greensburg to enforce th provisions of this ordinance and ar rest without warrant if, within hi view, any person is found so offend ing. SECTION 6. That should any par of this ordinance be held tavalii by a court of competent jurisdictior the remaining parts shall be severa ble and shall continue to be in fui force and effect. SECTION 7. That all ordinances o parts of ordinances conflicting witi the provision of this ordinance ar hereby repealed insofar as the sam effect this ordinance. Passed and approved by the Com mon Council of the City of Greens burg on the 3rd day of May. 1965 SHERMAN MIERS, President of the Common Council of the City of Greensburg, Indiana ATTEST: Mary M. Maynard, Clerk-Treasurer. Presented by^ me to the Mayor o the City of Greensburg, Indiana, fo his approval and signature this 4tf dav of May, 1965. y MARY M. MAYNARD, Clerk-Treasurer Approved and signed by me this 4th dav of May, 1965. y SHERMAN MIERS, Mayor of the City of Greensburg, Ind D—May 7-1 W—May 7-1 Buy Gates V-Belts TO KEEP YOUR • WASHER • REFRIGERATOR • LAWN MOWER • POWER TOOLS AND OTHER EQUIPMENT RUNNING SMOOTHLY Available Through Most Automotive Service Dealers and Hardware stores. DISTRIBUTED BT. Rodefeld Co., Inc. AUTOMOTIVE PARTS HEADQUARTERS INSlftLlATlOM jf you are a customer of outs, your new .quick-recovery, flameless electric water heater can be installed free in your present home. For complete information call us or ask your'plumber or dealer. PUBLIC SERVICE INDIANA NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE STATE OF INDIANA, COUNTY OF DECATUR, SS: IN THE DECATUR CIRCUIT COURT CAUSE NO. 4143 FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION, Plaintiff — vs — ROBERT ALLEN DAVIS and BETTY J. DAVIS, Husband and Wife, Defendants By virtue of a certified copy of n decree of foreclosure to me directed, jy the Clerk of the Decatur Circuit -ourt in a certain cause bearing No. 4143 upon the docket of said Court wherein Federal National Mortgage Association is plaintiff and Robert Allen Davis and Betty J. Davis, husband and wife, are defendants, requiring me to make the sum of Fif- 'een Thousand One Hundred Fifty Tour and 59/100 Dollars ($15,154.59) with interest on said decree at the rate of 5','4% per annum and costs and ordering sale of the real estate lereinafter described, to make assets for the payment of said decree, ' will expose for sale at public auc- :ion to the highest bidder on the 28th day of May, 1965, between the lours of 10:00 o'clock A. M. and 4:00 o'clock P. M., of said day, at the door of the Court House in Greensburg, Indiana. Decatur Coun- y, the following described real estate Lot No. 36 in Greenview Homes Addition to the City of Greensburg, Indiana. Terms of Sale: Cash. The Sheriff will issue to the purchaser a Sheriff's Deed. Dated at Greensburg. Indiana, this 3rd day of May, 1965.^ ^^ Sheriff of Decatur County, Indiana D—May 7-14-21 HOUSECLEANING SUPPLIES • SAKRETE AND RUTLAND • BRUCE FLOOR CLEANER • BRUCE AND BEACON PASTE FLOOR WAXES • GLAMORENE LIQUID FLOOR WAX PLASTER PATCH • NU DA VARNISH REMOVER • SCRUB, PAINT BRUSHES • SANDPAPER, STEEL WOOL • ALUMINUM STEPLADDERS Nu Da Wall Paint Choice of Many Colors Nu Da Speedri Varnish Nu Da Hi-Gloss Enamel FLOOR SANDER, WAXER, POLISHER FOR RENT 314 W. MAIN TOUGH HAUL? IWfEITOUTON DODGE The going can be rough, backbreaking by the mile. But Dodge delivers to make the toughest haul worthwhile. It's money in the bank when you truck it with Dodge, and savings in your pocket when you deal with The Dodge Truck Boys. Whatever, the load, wherever you haul, whenever you've a truck problem-take it out on Dodge. TAKE IT OUT ON DODGE FOR HVE YEARS OR 50.000 MILES THIS WARRANTY COVERAGE PDOTECTS YOU: Chiystor Corpor.tion warrants for 5 yean or 50.0OO mOw or 1500 hour» al S.Sth at*. • ctaineSfevery 3 months or 4000 mil., (ever, 2 month. or 2000 mil., on model. 400 through 1000). ?££*<ver comes first (2) th. engine oil filter replaced and dry-type carburetor air rater cleaned every second oil Chang., and dry-tyM .rhuretoVairtiRer element replaced every 24.000 miles. (3) the crankcase ventilation system cleaned and serviced .very 4OOO milM. m~Am the transmission transfer case and driving axle lubricants changed every 32,000 miles (every 20,000 miles on model. 100 through I nnni The foregoing services must be performed more often when reasonably required due to severe dust or regular "stop and go" oSeVation Every Ninths the owner must furnish to such a dealer evidence of perform.noof th. required Muvic. and request the dealer lo certify (1) receipt of such evidence and (2) the truck's then current mileage. SUPER MOTORS, Inc. 727 WEST MAIN ST. GREENSBURG, IND.—47240

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