Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California on May 31, 1905 · 9
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Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California · 9

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1905
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71 1 f ? i t 1 LOS ANGELES EXPRESS WEDNESDAY MAY 31 1905 9 ill t "IRIMBE is noxious t J Ira "Slats" Davis Becomes Tangled Up in His Decisions to the Sore Distress of Your Uncle Henry's Hirelings PARK WILSON SENT HOME FOR TALKING Seraphs Bombard Wheeler for Thirteen Shots and the Little Czar Helps Along the Shutout by Raw Decisions IN THE FIELD OF SPORT fj Observations of a Fan ! s BY H PRICE riiiinn'a hra-v-os harnooned the Seals In the openlnrr game of the series at Chutes Park yesterday afternoon to the tune of 7 to I) Harris' dfl gatlon was severely stung all nrou iitl tor In addition to a Here shut-out the Seals brushed up against Czar J Ira Davis beg pardon--"Mr Umpire" and rubbod off n bunch o£ rank dedal in and a few lines in addition to wl-xich Captain 1'arke Wilson was summarily ordered off the grounds for registering a deserved kick Davis' worl-c vas of the same hue that characterized last Saturday's game Fair tn-L lis were called foul and strikes were J nils until the crowd got after Mr Dav Is for fair and his departure at the end of the game was not exactly a march of triumph San Francisco did not have a shadow of a ehanre aCterthe first inning when the Seraphs ltinded on Chubby George Wheeler for f triple a double and two singles in adtlition to a free pass resulting in thr-ee runs out Pavis' poor work robbed of much of its interest an otherwise one — sided game It was a t ig holiday crowd that gathered to -witness the contest It was a good - natured crowd also or Davis would havncome in for a worse Joshing 0m y- win on the slab for the home team ai d Wheeler for San Francisco "Dnil v " pltcheil gilt-edged ball all through - Tnilc Wheeler was oumsed for thirteen ii its including a triple and three doubles Things vere so easy for Morley's mm that they -became careless and three errors were marked up against them ' i Three runs were scored in the first Inning on a single by Bernard a triple by Flood a single by Smith and lirashear'a double Toman walked In the second and scored on 13er-nard's single Two more runs were net ted in the third as the result of a don Me by Dillon and singles by Cravath tvnit Brashenr In the foux-th Toman singled and Spies was srfe on Oochnaucr's error Tfimnr helntr thrown out at the plate In an attempt to score Cray fouled out and Bernard -popped to Spencer At the end of the 1 renins Captain Parke Wilson of the Steals ventured to protest against a decision of the umpire and was flurl 3- For talking back he was ordered iff the grounds Catcher 5h ea was fined $5 for kicking dirt cn tlie plate and for expressing his pm-c- nal opinion of the umpire he was mulcted !5 more Shea was 2iand"l a stinging- rebuke for being so familiar as to call Mr Davis by hi baptismal name of "Ira" when he tasi coldlv Instructed to address that official as "Mr Umpire" The last tally was scored by Morley's men in the ei trhtli when Smith doubled and scored i n Cravath's single to left After the game some playful fans indulged In tossing cushions but the prompt seizure of one offender by the police stopped the fun LOS AN'iT IBS iBAm AH I l HO A Although Umpire Davis is enforcing I plate it was seen that he had a news- the rule not to allow anybody but ! paper in his hnnd Arriving at tne pime ttlius strucK a maicn uou ni fire to the paper and laid It on the home plnte Then turning to the pitcher he snlrl: 'Tut 'em over Jesse it's only the New York Sun coming up' For tills little trick Davis was fined $10 and put out of the game But he hrul accomplished his object for before they could settle down again it was raining so hard that Mace was compelled to call the game Whatever It may be off the diamond Umpire Davis always addresses the plnyers In the corn'ct form He always says "mister" and not a playfr's first name This Is exactly as It should be for familiarity breeds contempt and ho is perfectly right in insisting on being addressed as "Mr Umpire" the caDtnln to auestlon the correct ness of any of his decisions a majority of them are doing enough kicking for the whole team They appear to think that nowadays a man cannot be viiocprcftil as a raptaln or a eap-taln-mnnnger unless he says things to the umpire and gets put out of the game and thrown out of the grounds mi a remit During yesterday's game Curtis Bernard eot in the way of one of Wheeler's slow balls and was hit on the arm The batter started for first base while Parke Wilson who got up from the bench and approached the lines began to make a kick over it Davis ordered rwrnard back to the plate Heine Spies v-ns on third having reached there on the plav and the umpire ordered him back to second And still Wilson was not satisfied He stood there and growled at Davis wanting him to enh Bernard out for interfering with the ball Fnrke had received everything he could legitimately claim but he nnn tinned to kick Finally Davis fbrdered him off the grounds and that was the last seen of Wlison until tn game was over when he met tne umpire near the steps leading from the field to the grrlstand Wilson and several other San Francisco players assumed a very threatening air but Davis did not stop Cousin Parke probably wlil receive a stiff call-down from league headquarters In a few days and it will do him good X' f 39 1 realized what a good man they had until it was too late and ha had signed with Boston "HIT THE TOBOGGAN" Thousands of fans in California remember Elmer Meredith the southpaw who pitched such good ball for San Francisco In 1902 "Your Uncle" Henry Harris secured Elmer from the Salt Lake team where he had been the star for the season of 1001 After pitching one season on the coast Mere dlth signed with Milwaukee of the American association where he was once more the "hit of the piece" for he pitched great ball For some reason or other this was his last good season for the season following 1904 Meredith hiked back to Salt Lake but his visit was short for he could not get in form From the-r" he drifted South pitched for first one Independent club then another and falling to make good with any This spring Elmer went to Leavenworth Kan and two weeks ago was traded to Springfield Mo for another pitcher Springfield in turn gave Meredith and another player back for the pitcher given for Meredith Leavenworth after giving him another trial released him entirely saying he had passed his dny of usefulness Meredith "lilt the toboggan" at a rapid nace last soring and It Is doubtful If i the once famous southpaw w ill ever be able to get back into form again Vote for the No-Saloon Ordinance It will save sons and daughters DROWNS TAKE GAME FROM THE SI WASHES McCreedle's Browns took a game from the Siwnshes at Portland yesterday SCORE BY INNINGS Seattle 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0-1 Ilnse hit 0 0 0 1 2 0 1 0 0— Pnrtlnnd 0 0000400 -4 Base hits 0 0 1 0 1 2 1 0 - SUMMARY Krrors— Atz Mitchell Boyle Struck out— By Gnrvln bv Bovlo 2 Pass on balls— Off Oar-vln 1 Rov'le 6 Two-baso hits— McLean Mitchell Hohlally Hall Left nn bases— Pnrtlnnd S Seattle G Sacrifice hits— Vnn Buren Miller Stolen buses— Mitchell Knne First base on errors— Seattle 2 Time of frame— 1:40 Umpire— Klopt Attendance— 5000 COMMENTS ON THE GAME "Dolly" Gray had almost perfect control yesterday In the fourth inning he pitched three balls to Nealon retiring the voung man on three strikes ( )ne pitched bail was sufficient for Williams the fair-haired boy to be retired at first while Shea selected the second bail to hit to Smith and be thrown out The first two balls Wheeler pitched resulted in two hits and a run Bernard bunted the first and beat It out while Flood who never waits for Bernard to steal second lambasted the first ball for three bases scoring Bernard WAITING FOR RAIN J Ira Davis the gentleman who is handling the indicator at Chutes pant was playing with the Norfolk Va elnh rliirlne the season of 1896 In a game at Richmond one day a slight rain began to fall Just as the eighth Inning was to begin The score at the time was 1 to 0 in favor of Norfolk and th players of the latter eiuo negan i" play for time for Jesse Tannehill was in the box for Richmond and was pitching th? fastest kind of ball The Norfolk batters could not touch him their one run having been scored on errors And Richmond was likely to get in and win out in the last inning for they were great finishers They dallied around and argued wdth the umpire— Harry Mace— trying to de-lnv the game until the rain began to full jr earnest and It would bay to be-called Finally Mnce lost patience and ordered Claude McFarland up to bat at once or he fined Claude held the rr-ine for several minutes but was finally retired batter up and Davis was the next as he approached the GRAHAM FOOLED Charley Qraham was completely fooled during Saturday's game by ft clever play that Flood and Toman pulled off Graham was on first and Casey nt bat when the "hit-and-run" signal was given The runner started for second with the pitcher's arm but the best Casey could do was a weak ttl? fly back of second Graham din not see where the ball was hit and when Toman went through the motions of fielding a grounder while Tim ran to the bag to take the throw Grn-hnm strained every nerve to reach second ahead of the ball When he finally tumbled to the play it was too late for him to get back to first baFp so a neat double play was pulled off Saturday evening Graham told soma friends that the play fooled him completely and that If Toman had made a move as though to throw to Flood he would have dived Into second head first If he broke a collar bone Tomnn and Flood try for this play regularly Sometimes thev make It and other times they rec in only the "big laugh" but it is 'wor'h vying for if they succeed once out five times LINE ON DOUGHERTY Tim Murnane thus sizes up one of the leading plnyers of the New York Americans: "Pat Dougherty goes slouching by a great run-getter poor fielder but a valuabe man one of the few men who can throw from the outfield an all-around batsman and a hound going over the ground to first 'dopey' disposition not liked by his fellow-players and apparently indifferent to public opinion a smile for no one but the proper build for a great player and with more thought and practice In his weakness should be a fancy-salaried man made a barrel of money for both New York and Boston last season when he changed his base of operations hard man to replace on a champion team but lacking many essentials necessary for team work" The above may describe Pat perfect ly Nevertheless there will always be a warm feeilng in the hearts of the Los Angeles fans for him He Joined tho Seraphs after the Connecticut State league season was over and like the league be had Just quit he le'i the California league in hatting when the season closed here This is "going some" leading two leagues in one season The strange part of It was the Bridgeport Conn people never Tacoma won the opening game from the Athenians at Son Francisco yesterday acortrc BY INNINGS Taeoma 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 0—5 Rase hits 0 l s u u l l u u— o Oakland 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0—1 Base hits " O001022 0— 5 SUMMARY Stolen bases— Tynrh Dnyle Errors— Gratingi 12) Two-hnse hit— Kelly Sacrifice hits— Me-Laufrhlln Nordyke First base on errors— Tacoma 1 Oakland 0 First base on called balls— Keffe 1 Graham 4 Left on buses— Tacoma 6 Oakland 4 Struck out— Keefe 7 Graham 11 Double plays— Hyrnes to Kelty Time of game— 1:45 Umpires— Bray and Por-rtn Vote for the No-Saloon Ordinance It will double the city's population Yosemlte Valley There's only one Yosemlte the wonder valley of the world Special exeurslons via Ray-mond-Wawona Rotite every Monday Wednesday and Friday Reduced rat to holders ot eastern tickets and to all visitors to the Lewis and Clark Imposition nt Portland Save tlmo and money by taking the "Cannon Ball Stage" —a reduction of twelve hours In time Information and literature sent on application or call and see G A Parkyns A G K and P A N R Martin Dlst Pass Agent or K I Snell Passenger Affent Yosemlte Lines Southern Pnclflo Ticket Office 261 8 Sprint Bt Los Angeles Room and Monica $10 Per Week board Hotel Arcadia Open for Business The doors of the "GREATER COULTER STORE" swung open upon the stroke of eight this morning-Wednesday the 31st day of May A D 1905 An herculean task has been accom-plished-since four o'clock Monday afternoon— the removing and getting in readiness for selling several Hundred Thousand Dollars worth of Merchandise to say nothing of show cases cabinets counters etc Few people realize the ENORMOUS amount of labor such an undertaking involves—and it is only through wise planning and able execu'ion (made possible by the hearty co-operation of every employee of the establishment) that we are permitted to print the above announcement WE HAD HOPED to begin our "AFTER-REMOVAL SALE" today— but the preparation necessary for successfully launching a proposition of such magnitude rendered it practically impossible so must ask your indulgence for a few days-when we will DEFINITELY state the commencing date of The Greatest Merchandise Movement in the Business History of Los Angeles ViRBitilft 80E3 I FAST MILE C J Cleveland's Mare Lowers Her Own Record by Two Seconds and Negotiates the Distance in 2:10 Flat LSI TWO TOO! i i After the game some playful fans i I 1 1 T't rftmBIEIK UlSU-lJUUH£9 i rrr-vFsrsgg — n'i — i mmm i ir vouJ I lllililil I u t rci a wf 1TT-" Th' nan f HAM nt ii l iir— iT'rrvic'N-w— — it i i ri' 'i ii mi' i i:u i i a icn v ccaiAi a -rii I ku i i rai'umin uu i " gi0A ABRHOA SiTTlNfe N A STRONG JUB Tan 5 IT ONC2 GETSi 77V ( Pern'd cf4 1- 2 I OWdron cf4 0 2 10 XjWAUCHT MERE - VOU wllU Mliim :RVFi IT "a a'uA11 K f Flood 2I4 1- 2 1 6 Spencer lb 4 0 0 2 3 CATCH VoUHltATH OF J 51 RJ -r"V JAJ?1 P fl" 1 Vv ' j Hmlth SDJ 2 2 J 4IIMbnl If 3 0 1 1 0 COLU ) jTHNG TOHAK3LE 1 ii- Pj union lb 4 1 111 JPV11?1 J J J SI " J' -' y C( Toman ss3 1 1 2iShea c 4 0 0 5 3 JjTSTTrI 1 fZSVn 'A K-WTtSsii f Los Ansel- 3 1 ! 0 0 0 0 1 J- T MM DfW'AZm UQWrr?l-- 5P 11 LCl Three-ba liw'-toi"" Two-bsse hits-Bra- 'JS d rajj 1415 iffSMX ) ) shear Pillnn Praltlv First tmso on errors— &PTC"W Ktf4 MUl Kl£'M U3XlWv7a - It San Frandseo 3 left on ha-I Angeles li5 ili:1t'!!lii¥A l feiMjf! h& WfV?l H -' 3 Ban FramlHC-o 7 Bae8 on balls-Or-Wbeelcr !' KiTf -1 UmkmS K® l£ $ Grayl Struck t-By Gray I Wheeler 4 h' I - F V A —I h mWLJ MS:® II Vft Double pluvs— Cochimuer to Sienrer to Nealon - IT !!':&¥ V y4l 7m I ViiVt'T J?fS III Flood to Dllloi- Stolen bascs-Hrashear Errors I In'jTi aCrni Pl L fWif ( j"1 -Gochnouer a--loil Snltb Toman (!) Hit 1 14 ? SflT J -- v '-A 7 AT V- 7 tllLIq by pitched ba 1 !-HIHebrund Time of game— fefA III' I ted 'M Vote for the No-Saloon Ordinance Y gf" ' ftlf i —M J I J It will help you to build a home I UH 1 ' — ' ' — h COAST LEAGUE STANDING I JU 11111 IfllS 1111 f Tacm8 PU Wan Pg oglC COUTI5 JZJ HIH ttSL - 1 stlk 1 I I y g W" P' suite —mm w "TfcSb il pat ) Aresupenor to all others WWi) J I! — :i instate grace of line fit AlV (ft K WW 1 ( I Vj and exclusiveness of £tf 'Vyfe jM AIvWIM 1 fl ' - The rakers' guarantee and our fe— V7ijM l WT - i Janes Smith & Go izzplf t $ kiL- 2 h" MW1- 137-139 South Spring 1 i raWT KL DY JE im Ivpaa TOEMMI M HttO COO Society folk and lovers of the harness horse wre present in large numbers at the Decoration day matinee of the Los Angeles Driving club at Agricultural park yesterday afternoon Fully 5000 people were assembled In the grand stand and In carriages and automobiles in the inner inclosure and a fast track and close finishes made the afternoon's sport the best that has been seen here in many months The feature of the program was the exhibition mile against time by C 1 Cleveland's Virginia Ably handled by E J Delorey the mare reeled oft tbe first quarter in 33 reached the half In 1:0514 passed the three-quarter post in 1:37 and swept Into the stretch with an even stride finishing in 2:10 flat This time is two necoimn Captures Memorial Day Golf Handicap and Afterwards Defeats Jones in Spring Handicap Round Robin Meet LOCAL EXPERTS CAPTURE Los Angeles Team Wins Inter-County Match at the Ventura Rifle Tourney While Hauer-waas Is Individual Champion S G Wilson who recently won thel Los Angeles marksmen again demon- golf tournament on the links of the strated their superiority among South los Aniieles Country ciuo ior rne President's cup distinguished himself yesterday by winning two more tourneys Playing with a handicap of 20 he won the Memorial day handicap tournament with a net score of 153 The nlav was over thirty-six holes at medal score and Wlison completed the first eighteen in 87 strokes ana the second round In 86 R K McKin-nej- with a handicap of 24 was second with a net score of 157 William Fred-erlck'son the scratch man turned in the best card He finished the first round tn 81 and the second in 79 Wilson's other victory was In the Spring handicap round robin tourney which was started several weeks ago In the morning he defeated Vincent Whitney 9 up and 7 to play tying better than her own track record and with C P Jones for first place In within one second of the iractc exhibition record held by Primrose The first race on the card was the 2:40 trot for the Driving club cup W C Brain's Van Ness won both heats and the race The first race waB easy for th big sorrel but E E Sherwood's Zenombia came up fast in the second mile and finished a close second in the heat The 2:30 pace for the Berry cup was a two-horse affair J P Gaines' Moi-lie Haskins and G L Pierce's Riley being scratched N K Lusk's Otto Z o-nn the first heat from H J Meyers' Gladvs M He also got away in tnoiyv Freu-rickson i tu oonnrl mile but the mare w W Butler nutznmed him and won easily third and deciding heat also was won by Gladys M the Lusk horse breaking badly 'several times G T Becker driving Zombroetta won tbe 2:25 trot In straight heats from G A Pounder's Conners The latter horse was fast but broke badly In bolh heats Marshall Cooper's -eteran Athaio driven bv Dr Ralph Hagan came to life in the 2:25 pace for the club cup and defeated a great field In straight heats the 'second of which was negotiated in the excellent time of j A Fairchlld's Bonnie Alls easily won th? 2:20 pace for the Driving club A W Brunei" Mistase wu the nlav off to decide the tie he a- feateil Tones 5 up and 3 to play This ern California rifle shots at the tournament yesterday on the target range at Ventura Shooting with almost mechanical accuracy the local men won the t'n-man team intercounty shoot from the pick of the Ventura experts by the narrow margin of one point th score standing 878 to 877 The Los Angelas men also won the Arentura county team shoot by a good margin but were ineligible for the trophy John Hauerwaas carried off first honors In the individual shooting with a total of 72 out of a possible 75 in three shots High scores for the team shoot five shots to the man were Dr Tabor 109 J05 Singer and R Harvey 108 and Hartman 107 The members of the Los Angeles team in the Intercounty shoot were Messrs Hauerwaas Singer Auguste Marquis Charles Goll- mer Chris Krempel Dr M E Tober gives mm a imai 01 eg t g Wanlere Henrv pflrrman r wnicn is neuer in:tn - r out of ten nlaved any of the other contestants possioiy can do The second place is In doubt Wlison has made such rapid improvement In his game of late that the green committee will revise his handicap The summary of the scores In the Memorial day tournament follows: Gross Hdep Net S G Wilson R R MeKlnney A II' Ilr-ly W A Darker The j J- O- Gobb v l usiiy W C Malley J H Vail Purnlller M L Gait F C Jones 1 n Iuinnalr I A F Morlan P Hunt J M Owlnn S Pnrsona G B Ellis G J Denis 1 1 cun second In botn nears The 1-30 hent was the closest race of the dav Becker's T D C won the flrit heat from Mitchel's Albuquerque In a grilling finish and lost the second after casting 'a shoe and sustaining a severe cut In the foot The horse was suffering great pain from the Injury nDlar nwlfrl ocrml SSlOll to wun- draw him After Investigation of the horse's injuries the judges acceded to the request and the race was declared rlraw I-O OWlng IS a EUMii"w the results: Race No 1 2:41 trot rblb cup— W f! Drain's Van Neer V O Tlrook's Znnalta R F Sherwood's 7°nomnift Charles I Moon s Wnek Swan H P Garland's California Poppy Time— 3:33 Race No S :W race Berry cup— 11 J Mv'rs' Gladys M N JC Iuk's Otto 7 Tlme-2:31 1:25 2:i R-ee No 3 1-- tt- club cup— Oeorire T porkers n A Pounder s Time- ?:2' Race No t osralnst record or r T Cleveland s time 2:10 M Cooper's Athaio i n- nairu iiihiui rjr c V nrvpnn's Toi'prhnut 2 3 R P 'ncsbyshell's MlrtnKrhl (Pr William IIDNK Hond- rs'on""ii' Henry N '(Ed ' Deio'rey) 3 4 Pace No fl 2:° pnee club cup- J A Falrehll Mott) A V Pruner's Mistake Time— ?:20't e?nt Race No 7" 2:30 trot elub cup— 1 Mitchel's Alhuquerque Georce T Btr" TDC Time— 2:20Mi 2:20 Race No 8 novelty Csnletd cup— Charles I Moon's Placlt Swan first time i-oi!i T P Keller's Clay second time 3:03 R I Carrutbers 7omhroetta 1 Conners 2 173 20 103 1S1 2( 157 174 16 1M 175 IS 1' 180 0 10 ice s io 176 31 1 16(1 8 lM H1 o wi 1S6 24 12 I7S 1 12 202 30 1IW 175 8 107 1S8 20 10S US IS K9 1SS IS 1"! 20ft 32 174 199 24 1" 19R 2H ITS 2(10 20 ISO YESTERDAY'S RESULTS ON EASTERN DIAMONDS Following are the results of the National and American League games yesterday: NATIONAIi LEAGUE At Cincinnati: Chicago 1: Cincinnati 0 At Boston: Philadelphia r Boston 3 Philadelphia 2: Boston 1 At Pittsburg: Pittsburg 0 ft Iouis 0 Pittsburg 9 St Iouis 3 At New York: New York 7: Brooklyn 2 Broolyn 4 New York 3 AMERICAN LEAGUE At Washington: Boston 4 Washlnston 3 Boston 2: Washington 0 At Chicago: Detroit 1 Chicago 0 Detroit 3: Chicago 2 At Cleveland: Cleveland 6 St Iouis 3 Cleveland 1 St Louis 0 J Fraser and V H Tlsdale The Ventura Rifie club held a barbecue at noon and several hundred who partook of the smoking viands voted the culinary feature of the day's sport a great success The members of the local team arrived in town last night and were kept busy this morning receiving congratulations on their fine work Vots for the No-Saloon Ordinance It will depopulate the) city jail HANDBALL TOURNEY AT Y M C A GYMNASIUM Handball is occupying the attention of the athletes at the Y M C A and a tournament is In progress which Is arousing great interest It was started inst Monday and games are playea every afternoon as the different play--ers can arrange to get together Th9 round robin method of scheduling the games Is In effect and each player must meet with every other contestant Brown the all-round champion of the local Y M C A is far in tbe lead at present and bids fair to win tho event He hns won ten games and lost one to date Ameston has the next best record with six won and one lost Johnson the high school athlete probably will give Brown the hardest contest He has played only four games hut has won them all by overwhelming scores shutting his opponent out in one game and allowing him only one point in another Loonils Mercer Whelan and Moore also havn done good work 0RPgERCES MEDICAL FOR THE BaOOPVOt-UMGS 12— (Fl Delorey) Virginia ebib cup— Bnnnle Ailse (John G 1 1 2 1 1 2 dr Sidalino third time 3:26ii AMATEUR BOXERS TO HOLD A TOURNAMENT Lovers of the boxing game will have an opportunity to witness exhibitions of their favorite sport in the near future Arthur W Crane retired nma- : teur middleweight champion boxer of America who has recently opened a boxing school for amateurs in this city is planning a tournament to be held in his gvmnasium on South Spring street Friday evening June 16 The contests will be open to all amateurs and conducted according to A A U rules Al A Lawton the local representative of the Union will nave ill! auair m charge Gold watches will be awarded to the winners and entries must be in one week prior to the tournament i Print I S Shov i i It elegant Bngraving Of Wedding Announcements Invitations At Home and Calling Cards etc at prices consistent with quality ford Smith & Little Co 313 Soutn Broadway Mi

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