Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California on May 31, 1899 · 5
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Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California · 5

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1899
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ff24 i 1 - ! 1 411? "NEW - DERBY" Is a thorough up-to-date dress hat conservative in style yet with character and grace in lines of curl and crown that will be appreciated by all who wish a change from the stereotyped Fedora or nil-erne narrow brim stiff hit Colors seal umber cedar and black The finest " Silver-wood Special " is THREE DOLLARS Excellent Qualities are $2 and $250 F B SILVERWOOD furnisher and flatter 124 South Spring Street Barker Bros' Green Tag Prices are the wonder and talk of the town But we can't afford to keep them in force much longer We'd advise to come a I once if you're anxious to save money on Furniture or Draperies 42022-24 S Spring St furniture Carpets Draperies French heel cloth top black $300 or tan Hand welt Walking $300 Oxford Cloth top black q250 or tan hand- turned 441 INNESCRIPPEN SHOE CO 223"1 N1 BTrholarddw?: Powdered Buttermilk Balsinl Powder Is a ha king powil(r with themilk already! It Makes ev fry thrng with cold water Incompara in purity exclience and economy Try it and be convinced or money bacic FREE SAMPLE 1111000 DISEIASF19 Contagious blood diseases of all kinds no matter how had or how long standittig will cpitrkly yloid to Elleetrozone Tills remedy Ls a positive cure 1 to 3 boa leg have cured some of the most aggravated oases Semi' and testimonials 423 S Los Angeles strPPI A Ii druggists "Yell lot a Yale" Finest $13 bicycle on the American market aMEIMO AVERY CYCLRY California Agents 4 I 0 South BT Oftd way Niles Pease Furn iture Co 439-441443 S Spring St The Largest Furniture Store in Town Dr Wong The °Meat am most reliable Chinese Physician an tile Coast All diwenses located by the pulse Consultation free 713 I Mahe N The newest shoe Delsarte for women — all Our price kinds $3 50 JACOBY BROS Sole Agente IfitS to 134 North Spring Street We Can Save You Money On a Hat Challenge Iceberg REFRICERATORS And Standard Wicklrss Blue Flame OIL STOVES Low Prices Parmelee's Retiring Sale 232-234 S Spring GREATER PEOPLE'S STORES ARVELOUS EXPANSION It is Now the Largest Single Store in All the Far West Four Stories With Almost Three Acres of Floor Space Details of the Remodeled Building the Improvements on Which Have Cost $75000—Everything is Up-toDate and the Establishment is Now a Model of Its Kind With a Stock Second to None in the Entire State In the Greater People's Store as enlarg(d and remodeled Los Angeles now has the largest and most complete single store in the far west and a mercantile establishment that would do credit to any eby in the world It is as near perfection as money brains and good taste can make IL no expense has been spared to bring about this result and as it Rands completed today it should be a matter of pride for every citizen not only of Los A ngele5 but of Southern The perplexing task of changing the Phillips' Block at Franklin and New High streets from an office building to a modern department store has been completed The First Floor the far west and a mercantile establish- Begirring at the first floor the charges meat that would do credit to any cLy in that most et:6'1(1y innpreSA the vls1tor are the world It is as near perfection as the free opein i-Cs1es and the long stretches motley brains and good taste can make it! or shelving evigythinlg berng arranged no expense has been spared to bring about with reference to light etc for the most this result and as it Rands completed to- advantageoutof the waxes offered The smith hair of this floor 1scevoted to day it should be a matter of pride for hoot Rnd 6hoes every citizen not only of Los Angeles but n s clothing and furn- ishings of whch the firm carr1es a stock of Southern Califbrnia co-rd to none rL the State from the 'rho perplexing task of changing the cheapest to the best and where everything Phillips' Block at Franklin and New High streets from an office !alibiing to a mod- of the latest pattern:situ these lines en n be had The first tining to fat roe( ttentioncn ern department store has been completed entering thi5 depar tment is a hg ckc ular after tive months of constant labor and i show case tiredl with the most temptIng that ton without interfering with the reg- nray of rocloyear This room is devoted ular daily business and the result not only !prine:pally to things men wear Clothing reflects the highest credit upon the ener-1 of coarse occup-e s most of the space South getic and progressive proprietors but this of :t are the shoes with separate spaces owner of the building the transformation for men's iital w:inen' kinds On the New of NVIIICh is in itself a big advertisement for II:gh-s(treet side even with the sidewalk is Los Angeles as a commercial center a balcony extohdin(g arOlinft to the drug When the Express first announced The Ishore anti canta:ring the new presarpt1on fact that A hamburger & Sons had se-rdepartment wh1ch is away from the rush cured a long lease of the entire Pliifilp's and bustle of the floor and where the drug-Block and would add its three upper floors gist cannot be interfered with or bothered and now that his monutnent to the firms enterprise is complete the Los A ngelo s public can boast of an establishment which offers all the facilities and assortmems of wares that can be found in any of the model depar:ment stores in any of the larger Eastern cities The cost of the extensive improvemems and alterations will elosady aproximate 175000 a large proportion of which was expended In structural changes made neepsrary for the tamoval of the many partitions Each floor is now supported Independently of any other Heavy ham columns resting upon immerse concrete f01311(latiOn blocks extend from the basement to the roof The floors were torn out the foundations strengthened and built anew and th o entire building throughout Is to-day probably the strongest and most carefully built structure t n Les Angeles Everything except the walk the wlndows and the ceiling of the first floor Is entirely new while the interior arrangements with the permanent fixtures are all of the very latest designs and of the very best models and materials arranged l'IIE EVENING EXERE:S: LOS ANGELES CAL WEDNESDAY MAY 31 1899 wiih a view to convenience and 'leasing effect GREATER PEOPLE'S STORE to the space they already occupied people Next conle the jewelry Oepartmert a at One° began to s1)eeuIat a 0 tile COrn- new adCIII11 complete every (etail and Pa rative sizes of Pacific COIISI stores TM wfth a otock n 9 complete (H that of aay general Impression Is that In tile Northern JewcIry store la the c wlfre all the 40- coast cities are located the largest re:ail et fahiapable :oveIt:estre dip:ayed be-establishments art the coast ho: IMP Is a s (1:al11 u::h1 nki HI regular tap:e armistake 'rile Greater PeoplE's StoreCOV(1 I1Ch (IS ":1(1 g011 arid Plated wIre nearly three acres of floor space and this Is In hard'o"' the largest single store In the far wtst htO I lctriritY thereby showig off the gook to their loest possible advantage oppo:te to this department is the finest stoeir of laces and telt-run:nos of every tescripCon ever d"splayeti Path° city whl:e In the re1 ji heyord the elevator is tie ruuntu!n amly department complete 1 every clet ard with a larger a nd nuce varied stock t ha r a ny ?Ingle confeetionery store could afford to carry Ammo the aisle Is a inagnincent tNsmlay paraaul and sulashades of every 00rt and decoMOca The eenter alsie the hotrY of the woolen and kik Orres fultCct extends frrti the tmtln erIrance ((Ti Spr:ng street to the New Iligh-str et entrance a fall Mock in length and conta!es a full and complete stock of all the latest n most txeusive novelties basidms t ii e regular st!lk and woolen stapes In the right critra tric ire t:m hosiery and glove dcpartment oil full aml complete while In the rear is a complele 'drug store with an exceptionally line play of toilet articles of all kind9 to which ample sparrs has hoer given and which s fitted up with m fuil not of plate glagf'llaw cases A row of Incandescent electric lIghts 1 kept constantly lighted over these cases tine in front of t he wall cases precentirz a br!lliant effect The ribon ha n!kerely!ef and notion departmentp take up Ow remain6er et the space In this wlsle North of this aisle is the topactous room of t he ihttnilier block ent!rely filled with wa9h goods dometieg cal:coes alai all classes of cotton 0 This rrr rn is arranged with shelving all a roaml the sides IVA 1ab:051 in the center arkt 1Nalking through the center of thds department an obsenver can fee metre kAlds and gralbs f wash fabrics than can be found it any establishment !a the clly The Second Floor Taking ore of the three model n elevators with which the store is equipped the visitor is landed on the L e co n d floor just at the public telephone which is for the free use of the pairons On this floor On the Spring sire t front is the new millinery salon fitted up in duplicate and one of the most elegantlyi appointed in the Unlited Sate 'Ph I a re Mt : two others hat compare with it at ail The fixtures are quartered oak plice glass and nickel all of latest designs Nine immense floor-tkep showcases surmounted by nickel fixtures on which several hundred hats can be displayed fill the center of the room On one side is arranged a sries of' live private individual rooms modeled afier those of Paris while all around the walls arc high showcas es or mirrors all filled with the latest creations of the milliner's art Probably no mildner ever had a more charming place of abode than will that shown at the grand opening tomorrow One-hall of the second floor is devoted to the cloak and suit depariment The full sweep of manAlcent space to completely tilled with women's and misses' outer gar-men is like everything else about the store complete in every detail and all of the latest patterns especially sel'ected for the 1os Angeles trade On this floor on the Spring Ott eet front are also arranged the hairdressing manicure and chiropody parlors I' ix rooml in all aostefully ditted up and each with a different color scheme The rooms are so arranged that sunlight can he had all day long and artificial heat is seldom necessary for drying the hair Competent attendants are constantly on hand and this' depar:ment promises to be one of the most popular in the entire store The Liliputian department and the women's underwear occupy the balance of this floor while the boyi' clothing has the entire space of the annex formerly occupied by the cloak department and manicure The ThJrij Floor On the third floor one Is at once rnpr(ased situated nt Sming Fronk lin and New Digit Streets and Whieh Contains Almost Three Acres of Floor Sallee with the Immensity of the crockery china and household deparments 'file rich fixtures add much to the attractiveness of the ciTemlil display and nothing has been let: undone that vill enhance the high art effects One of the lea mres t-f this disptny ia the "crystal dungeon" so callcd hecattEkt !s Is as dark as midnight until the elect ric dome is turn on when t ho f ttect is the same as woutti M had by :urnMg an electric light on piles Of diamonds 1 he "thingeort Is glen up (milt ely to cut-glass every a r tic:e dliplayed being literally a work or art Next conies the brie-a-brae and s:atuary rooms where somet choice Florentine marbles are shown the gem of the collectlon being "'Pile Flower Girl" the price of which is $175 and which is worth it Adjoining is the plate room where decorated tallies can be purchased at prices ranging from 1:5 elqth3 to 15 each hen comes a room devoted ia a magntlicen: display of Widgwood Venetian and Bohemian glass and another whcre Loweirs and Bisque ware is displayed AK of these rooms are on the Spring street front each wit h a (lift( rent color scheme in harmony wilt) t he art lelfa displayed About one-third of this floor is ooeupied by zhe toys etc which were formerly shown in the basement The Feu r h Fleur The fourth or top floor contains the drapery upholstering and bedding stocks with a large and N'arical assortment or rugs 'and critter floor covering ie FVrIng IA rect front from the elitvatur to the aorta wall lats been arranged am a hall last- fully furnished and leading to a handsomely- appointed parlor the ttlett heing show the effects of the furnittWngs actual use hi the house All of the dows are handsomely draped and htted as "cosy corners" for ute of ViHir01-S and where they Can get ideao for thkrg thetir own houses Office A rranmenients The arrangement t he V1111011S offhies is most convenient The super!nb rob ot's office !s on the first floor near I bc elevate and easy of ilVOUNS la end are t he private offices of the firm the gollera I office and those of the general The advertising deport rfl PI t occupies two rooms on the third floor the firm probably carrying the largest advertising accou:A any one tam in this end of the Soap The basement is g!ven up to reservr stoc k dynamos engines etc ti It 0 VIII OP A ti It E SI Eq Urnho o Comparatts-ely SI nail Ilegi nn I ng to Its Present Proportions 'Phe proprietors of the Greater Peop leo Store havoo fully kept up with the stealy growth of Los Antgoles and perimps a I - tIcS In advance until they now stand at the head of the retail dry goods nod kolottung trade of S000thern Calif orniaoceuroying- tioe la rgest1 single rtore in the Far Wst of whic h the aCCOMpauying cut is a faithful reproduction In November 1St1 A Ilambarger Sons began business in Los Angeles In a small room on "lain street near Peopleina under the name of the People's Store The to rno was composed of A I loombotrger the FPn or member and S A lor A anl M A burger the sons and the title I as never changed i'ilhough the founotor Of rhot business died twa years ago in Son to'ianeisco sto thoroughly had the system of the great establishment been built up that there was not t he slightest hitch in its moivarol march The busineso was a s to eess from the sttart and it was not long before it outgrew its modest quarters anol toe necessity of securing more room Levant imperative There wore no really largo steres in Los Angeles at that time and the Itmoiller block au Spring street was inil' uxoressly for the Hamburgers t ht v :easing I he ground floor for a long term of Vrrare he 010VP wao mmle from iAlda street to the new store in 1SS5 At that time the 20111r where the Phillips' block dow r mods NN no occupied by the county jail s one-story adobe 'Mitring and Inert viols not a 11011F In the city over two stories high In olue course of time the iidolo jooll was removed anol the Phillips Meek the fir5- t of the large modoern tiuIiiiee ei red in lios Angeles took its place The hamburgers have alwa yos beer‘ t atin11 horn exponnsionists and they promptly r000k titi If of the ground floor of the new lonillontz This stoeeolily became t000 Frnall for the rapidly hien-oast:1g lousiness oof the firm and RS soon as the leases of the occupants expired two years alto the remaining vale° On the groom I lloor was anntoso1 This it SVIIS thought would be sufficient for a toime at least but in six months more room was needeol nnol a twos tory annex was built in the rear exieorolng through to New I I igh et root ! In a few weeks the store with to tion was as orowoleol as beforo th annex yeas built anol then it was determine' to take the entire building from llar (wit It was a great undertaking to oohringe an office building Into fL niotel lopinament store but after FeVeral mortiiii work anol the expenditure of $77000 it ha s been aoooemplished The firm maintontnis 71 regultr Now York office in eloorge of S A anol P A hamburger who with two assistants to the buying and having untimite1 ertioltal and paying cash they are enabled to take advantage of eVery favorable opportunit3- t hat presonis itself of wilith their eusomens get the benefit i:11 A Ilatnioungen is the managing partner lit Los Angteleo and every year mod sometimes liviee it I t h the twini of the various departments n umbering lift een goes to New York to 1000101 in buying The numboor of o mioloy 0 a of the firm run in to the 11111111teoloo anol their PaYroll : o PrOloably the largest i n t o e city The firm has a Tway been it tirtil believer in advertistng and loy alosolutely fair (foaling with the public fin1 lit the same rime letting them know what they had to self they have 'Mit up t heir present mammoth business "IN A PERISIAN GARDEN!' To Be 'tendered This Evening at ilin nelin eels Mill "In a Persian Garden" will be rendered this evening 0 lilanchard's It hy sadora Martinez The oceisten stIl 1 rare interest not o'nly from a musical It also front a literary stabdpoint The piece combines one of ()mar Knayyatn's best efforts with a niiclect seticg of exquisite beauty and 11Fqt a Ong pw ()wing :o the upiden net anumtable ch-ath of S W Jennism the two numh that were to have ton played by the HogerF-Jennisou trio in the ilSL part ot' the program will b filled by Alessrs Uogers E IL Clark and 13 likrit'h The program is as follows: Trio—Allegro Op tt7 (ite!ssigr) Miss (ogers Al r Clark Al r I tierl h Polacca—"Esm era Id a" Oloring on a ) Madame Martimz Air—"Samson e: Dania" (Saint Saens) iss Svanlon Trio—And:IMO (MtAldel-9hro Miss tog re Mr Clark Air iflerlih Duets—la) "A Strtamlet" thi t'initi Far Away" (c) "Nearest and Dearest ((aracelolo) Madame Alartinez Aliss Scanlon Seena and Prayer—Aida (Verdi) Madame Martinez "In a Persian tlarden"(Liza Lehmann) Airs 0 B McLaughlin Aliss Maude Goodell Ai r J Findlay Air Fred II mccomas Airs Kate Topper Rnd Madame Alartinez at the piano Miss Ada Showalter will he the accompanist in the first part of the program The entertainment will be under the Mailagernent of J T Fitzgerald CHARACTER OF PROSPERO Mrn Illumm Sn tt There Are :tinny Opinions on the Subject The Alonday Shakespeate ChM discussed "Prospero" a' :Mir motif g this week Airs A T ilibms rad an intercstitg paper on tin: t411 "Ono cril tlI h said "that Prospero is of a rtvvngrat ItAttrt that he has no true social ‘vislouii and that he learns Christian isdom from hi servant Ity nIctiro he is a sollish aristocrat As Duke of Nitlan he gave himself up to his favorite study and retired I isnre yet s111 expected to presorve his slate and authority As master of AlysCe Island he is tstern and tiontiret ring Ile comes and takes possession MT h the coolnesS of a usurper lie P1TUs ilePnOtie s!-ay and stops only hort of unmitigated tyranny Ws only poin of tender human feeling is his daughter ard his mdy point of gonend sympathy is with the dainty 4kriel Anothtr critic sa vs that Aril swa Yed Imre by fear than grttitude a fact that cxeL Prosporo's anger "Still another critic puts Prospero a Imot In the place of a deity and wer in Sthaliespeare's delineation of the character a prfeet systern of theology "Two who have written on this soh:loot find the character to be an autobiography of Shakespeare himself Another critic— tik best 1 think—says 'Prospero Is a harmonious and fully developed " Mos Kato Tupper Gilpin followed with a talk in which she spoke of he produe Do You Want Pure California 011? 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Accomlco !: it was a t lpilrg from a newspaper lc t-! up :at Ito ma I ter The !ergyrna start d a 111 the ex t t found hat :t ic 2am "Take Kemp's I -talarn the hest Comh cure" This NV :IS ha rdy that 11 ho1 xpoc:erl aral aft r momenes hesttatIon he Miami it () c ft I r11111 an tilt Stile tioe matter hi tmoled for the reading that hail a 11:iat la: mu': t - TIIAvs the 1111's :)g arrirged acettril-i hoot s !kg he 'II: 1 toir It 1as twitti the dethze 111- I: Chalon:in s Inn hatalr- City Fly: g (ioh to tr-itititiht 11)m-coy k! 0! 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