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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 5

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 5

Brooklyn, New York
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J. Box 18 QUI CO. OR SALE HIUSIO SHOW CASE AND cmnhfnnrt nnitthfn far dflftlnrd in Rbriat tnaaio. ill bo sold very low. Apply at 102 Oonrt at.

lCIOR SALE FUR LINED circular A A lady will eao Inoe for Iinod oironlar. just as koo I as new, linod with Pennine Siberian aouirrel: coat $GU last inter; nui It Ik Aoaraas uiuuuijAit, Jiagio oi flco. XJIOR SALE FUlHOTUllETtCBAR JO' ffatna: bargains: bargains: to bo Bold beloir oost on ncounntw frtTiog up onBinesa: largo aeaorirneuc or woinut furniture, stovoi. oil clotu. bedding, rnirrora, oamet.

etc. Kara chance to boy cheap. 328 Court st, tyro doors from Baokatt. T710R SALE FUHNITURE A PRIVATiS gentleman will sacrifice tnagnifloent ebony and gold (rroup parlor suit, in threo oolora of silk plush, equil to new, handsome marble oiock, bronees and two olfgant penuino oil paintings for S140. Inquire at No.

210 Waah bt. TO LET HODSKS. TO LET HOUSE A FINE BRICK TWO story, basement and cellar house; all lmproToments. Inquire at 36 Margaretta st, opposite Ilalsey. TO LET HOUSE NO.

758 UNION ST, between Sixth and Seventh avs, three Btory brown stone, now; rent $850. mo LET HOUSE A GREAT CHANCE JL to let a whole house as cheap as dirt, at 1, 888 Pros pect place, near Buffalo av. Apply at No. 17 Sixth ar, JNewTork. LET HOUSE A NICE HOUSE IN Oarlton av.

near Fulron: ronmB. nil imnrnrAmnnrfi: rent 930 per month. ApnlytoJ. DAVK.VPOKT 4 SON, corner Fulton and Oxford sts. TO LET HOUSE 3 STORY, BASE mont and cellar brick house, No, 23Eldertst, near Halsey st.

cars; 11 rooms; usual improvements; in good order; $2H. Apply on promises. TO LET HOUSE PARTLY FUR nished, In a very pleasant and convenient location of bouth Brooklyn: board the equivalent for rent with privilege of other select boarders: references estjuntial. Ad dress GORDON, Box 7, Kagle office. TO LET HOUSE A tVO tension and cellar framo, now and nice, No.

24 Braxton Bt, which is next to Sixteenth st. and near Soventh ar. Keys and terms at No. 24; may he soon on Sunday; lent low. TO LET HOUSE A NICE LITTLE briok house, nnvly restored and painted; all improvements; No.

40 Veranda noxt lionno to cornor ot inton et. Obnosito tho Unitarian chanel on Clinton: near South Ferry; rent 625 por mi nth TO LET HOUSE NO 142 SIXTH AV, nret class locution three storv brown stone, all im provements and in icood ordor: possissinu at once: cha ip rent to Mny I. Apply to LEONARD MOODY. 20 Court et and 276 Flatbush av. TO LET HOUSE 837 LAFAYETTE av.

a new two storv and basement brown stono houso with all the improvements; excellent neighborhood, near Sumnor av. and the station of road. Possession immediately. Rent $40, Permit, otc, of F. 3.

SOHKNCK, 870 uuivaiD ar. TO LET HOUSE $500 A HANDSOME 2 story brotvn stone, Dean st, splendid loeatien: in Eerfect order also, brown stone tints, soven rooms and nth. S20 to Annlv to RICISKR .1 1,001 Fulton et, opposite Downing. TO LET HOUSES LOW RENTALS 13(i Washington av. 3 Btory briok.

9 rooms, all im provements, $37.50 288 Clermont av. 111 VTaver ly av, story brick, $33.33. BULKLEY A HORTON, 382 Myrtle av, cor. Clermont av. TO LET HOUSES BROWN STONE ON Park pIhco, $700; ono on Union st.

3000; new, immediate possession: elegant flat piporei, heated, janitor, $35 nor m.mth; others from lti to $40: several bar gains for sale. QEOKUE V. RAY. 23D Flatbush av. TO LET HOUSES ON THE HILL also apartments, 3 story broivn etone.

Otiincy st, $850; Islington, av, $ti0U; Grceno av, $8(10; 2H story. third. 'HALIj 4 343 Franklin av. TO LET HOUSES STATE ST, NEAR Hoyt, 3 Btory brick, $(i50 Warron st, central, $50; Herkimer st, 12 rooms, $384; Ryerson st, $550; Eiliitt placo, $800 also some furnished houseB. Heights aud Hill.

BIMONSON, 20 Willoughby at. mo LET HOUSE 3 STORY BRICK, A i0x40, and extension on nlrlor floor; well located, in splendid order and convenient tn Greone and Gatts avs. and Fulton at. lino of oars; immediate pnasoasion; rout $700. Apply to RALPH L.

COOK. 810 Fulton st, corner of Clermont av. mo LET HOUSES SIXTH AV, ELE JL gant brown stone, fifteen rooms, extension dining room on parlor floor; cabinet and mirror trim separata laundry: lame billiard room, rent $900 also, a larvre cornor house; for others $280 to also flatH, storos and apnrxmfints; see otnee UBt. xui wuri!, ioj Flat bo Bh av. TOTTr No.

15B St. James plaoo, bet wo on Groono and Gates avs, Btory basement and cullnr frame, tilled in vrith brick, 8 rooms and bath, all improvmnonU; possession Novomber 15. Apply to J. DAVENPORT SON orad droMB the otvner. Post Office Box No.

01, Mumaroneck, n. y. to let houses centkal desir able locationa on President, Union, Pacific, Macon fits, and 1 place; all hrst class, from lflOO to $700 yearly. WILLIAM II. GRAC12, manager of Oht.iles, corner Willousfhby and Jay sts; opon oreniIlg.

Now York office, 280 Broadway, corner Chambers at, grouud floor, Koom K. TO LET HOUSES AND LOTS. Monroe at, 2 story brick, 7 rooms $20.00 Madison st, story brick, rooms 24.00 Ralph av, story frame, 9 rooms Van Buran st. 2 storv brick. 7 roomy Van Buren at, '1 Htory brick, 8 rooms 2ft.n0 ijarayetej nv, Hiory iramo, vroorai jii.kii Groono av, 3 etory brown fttone flat 10 85.00 Gates av, brown stone flats, fi rooms.

18x20. FERGUSON, 1193 Gates av. mO LET HOUSES PAUL C. GREN JL ING. 420 Gates av.

1. 161 Fulton at. 403 Gates av, 3 story and ox fr, 13 all 703 Grecn av, 3 story 12 all imp, $G00 000 r.r.o BOO 3B0 B40 224 Qnincy ut, 3 story and ox fr, 12 all monroe st, story nase, a xu an imp 781 Monroe st. 2 Btorv base, b. 8 r.

all imD. 00 Van Buren st. 2 story base, lis, 10 all imp rl.Aia 652 Gates av, 7 flat, ovory imp $10 219 and 223 Madison st, 7 room flat, all privato $25 to 30 TO ffj ET HO US ES FIT 1 1 fl IT I 1. TO LET HOUSE FURNISHED A two storv hroren stono honso. first oImkk inn owner will board wUh tenant roferoncos exohangod.

Ad presa i', noxo, TO LET HOUSE FURNISHED TWO ftory and basomont brick house, fully furnished, located on the Hill, noar Dr. Rehnind's chnrt rnnt. good party $50 per mnth. Address B. Eagle office.

TO LET HOUSE FUUNISIVED RENT taken in bo.ird if dosii ed: or the creator nurt nf 3 story brick Iiouhp, nt vory low ronttoadulta; piano, paint nifrs. so; nrst. class central location, hill, Box 12, Eajjlo otHce. TO I.ET PAI1TS OF US USES. TO LET PART OF HOUSE SECOND floor and one room on third; references given and required.

Apply at 441 Lafayette av. TO LET PART OF rooms, ample closet room, HOUSE THREE water, eto; root reason' aDio. Apply at linage at. TO LET PART OF HOUSE LOWER part, parlor and ba ement floor, together or separato; furnishod if doBirod. Inquire at 74 State st.

TO LET PART OF HOUSE OX SOUTH Oxford sL noar Atlantio av: socond floor: rent A18 per month. Apply to THOMAS RODGERS, 44 Oourt st; Koom No. 53. "SO LET PART OF HOUSE SECOND floor, threo rooms and one on third; small family only. Inquire of owner, i0o Pearl st.

TO LET PART OF HOUSE LARGE alcove front aud back room on second floor, with use of bath, to two adults for light h'nipokoopinjr. 209 Carroll BL TO LET PART OF HOUSE SECOND floor, with tw. rooms on third, to a small family, in a private house; all improvements, with It nils, stairs and second floor carpeted with AxmitiRtor and Brussels; also shades and cornices; rent $25. 541 Greene uv. TO LET PARTS OF HOUSES XOTW Wavorly av, necond lloor, 4 roons, S14; third floor, 5 rooms, $13; 380 Myrtle av, third floor, 5 rooms, $13: 122 Hall st, lower pait, 4 room, $18; several others, BULK LliY HORTON, 382 Myrtle av, cor.

Clermont. TO LET PART OF HOUSE private house, unfurnished, 425 Clermont av. niiith houso from Fulton st, sncond floor, throu rooms; use of bathroom. Ront to adults only, $20 par niontli. Oocu uied bv owner's familv: no children, llofornneiw m.

changed. lAJft'ITS OF BffOtrsS riJKIVISBffED, mO LET PART OF HOUSE nishrtd Until May 1, lower part or brown stone residence. Fifth ft, Prnspnct hoijihts. STKP11EN F. HILL, iifiont, cornar of Filf av.

and Third st. XO FLATS. TO "LET FLATS FIRST CLASS FLATS at 393. 395 and 397 Nostrand av, all improvements. AuDlvtoiamtor or to OllARLKS H.

MOSKS. 2H1 St Jamorj place. TO LET FLATS NEW FLATS IN DUF liold st. within five minutes of bridcoorforrv: six and Boven rooms; cold water, tubs, bath, etc. $18 and $20.

ii. D. BUSHNKLL, Room 3. 10 Court st. mo LET FLATS ON FITFH ST, NEAR a Prosnect Park: 8 rooms: all firvt clnea order; janitor in attendance; $20, $22.

BROWN TO IA in flv LET FLAT ATI 8S JAYST WITH vomlnutusof forry and bridge, four nice rooms hot and cold water, for $17. Annlv on the prennsos oi mo jumior, ono vi. wnu HAn. TO KOOifslACfrT all improvements; halls and stairs carpoted and BhadeB windows; rent low to cood nuimaneut tonnut. Apply to RALPH L.

COOK, 810 Fulton st. TOLET FIVaTS ONE FIRST FLAT OF 7 rooms; house and neighborhood iirst $11); sncond flat, rooms, first cl, $'J2. DANIEL FKRHY, real estate broker, 2Di' und 2j4 Uourt st; open ovonings. TO LET FL ATS ON IiKOOKL YN Heights, iu "The Columbia," ten outsido rcoins; no shafts; two prirato lislls; electric bolls; steam heat; eeneer olovator; ront $00: Also, ono on Henry st, noar Oraupo; eicht rooms; rent $3 1 monthly. Apply at 55 Pineapple st, or PHELPS', pianos, noxt Post Onice.

T'0TST FLATS LOOKATTHOSE elefcantly finished now flats on Lafayotto av, corner of Steuben st, within two blocks of Wnshington av; each ilat contains 7 rooms and bath; aro heated by furnaces and grates, and are strictly private and select; wood and coal furnished for rango and grate rents from $.15 to $15 per month. Apply to PAUL O. tillENI.NG, 420 Oates av; or on premises. TO LET FLATS NO. 374 BERGEN ST, third flat, 8 rooms 32U Wyckoff Bt, first flat, 7 rooms 22.

00 138 Flatbush nv, Hrst flat, 7 rooms 24.00 134 Flatbush av, flrtt Hat, 7 rooms 27.00 124M Flatbush av. third flat, 7 rooms 2:1.00 675 Atlsntlc av, second flat, 7 rooms 25.00 573 Atlantio av, first floor, 7 rooms 27.00 671 Atlantio av, third flat. 7 rooms 2.3.00 HORATIO S. STliWAJtT, No. 0 Fourth av.

TO APAKTMF.IVTS. TO LET ROOMS UNFURNISHED Two larse unfurnished rooms, third floor, for adulta. Inquire at HO Hicks at; mO LET APARTMENTS, FLATS, AC JL 130 Stnyvesant av, comer VanBure 1st, four nice front rooms, second floor, halls and ntair? covered, health, comfort, good neighborhood and cheapness, only $10; lf8 El lory at, noar Tompkins apartments, irom $4 to $9, six room ilate, within twenty minutes of Bridge and ferries, S13 to $16; others central locations. WILLIAM II, RAOE, manager of estates, corner Willoughby and Jay eta. open evenings.

New York offioe, 180 Broadway, cor ner Chambers at, fj.ound floor, room K. TO LEX PIAIVOS. mO LET PIANO HAVING TWO GOOD I pianos, am willing to rent one for 32 per month. Apply at I49St. James place.

SPECIAL NOTICE, YX7ILLIAM WISE SON. FULTON ST, oppoaite Clark. Tbe oldest established jewelers in Brooklyn. Onlyflne jewtlry anu surervraro. bull line of Waitnam watcnoa on hand.

Sole affeuta in this city for the col eb rated Petolc, Philippe watch. ILLIAM WISE SON. WALTUAM WATCHES AT LOW PRICES. EW PALETTE CKAYON BOXES, BY WINDSOR NEWTON, IMPORTED BY O. W.

KEF.NAN. FULTON, cornor JAY st. fifco.OO ANL UNDER FINE (JUT GLASS vinaiKrettos, silver sugar spoons, butter knivos, Ince Eins, antique heads, charily hangles, olivo forks: nlfe, fork and sporn in ose: sugar tonH, io. all above of solid starling silver. JAMES II.

HART, Hart Bnild ine, 313 and 310 Fulton st jjEPATRINO OF FINE WATCHES AND jLuj iewe'ry should be intrustod only to estahlitlimouts which employ skilled artisans, as vitmahle watches and jewelry are irreparably rninod by improper treatment. Only reliable, comni'tont nnd trustw.irtdy workmen era ployed by JAMES H. II ART, Hart Buildinc. i.O.NT A Vil i). OST ON SUNJAY, NOVEMBER 3.

one chestnut MARK. 15K bright: one white and KtHiio 0:1 bick. PIoibo addittia JOHN BlHiliNG II AM, Brighton may Island. "OSTEON THUUSJAY EVENING. ON av.

or Fulton or Cumberland st, a nnld LOCIK r. The Gndcr will be suitably rewarded by returning it to 114 Oates av. IM VS I ti A I. UCTI OS. SINGING BY NOTE AT FIRST SIGHT.


TUESDAY and THURSDAY EVENINuS; basineasand medical sittings dally; advice on all attain. Dr. 8UEA, No, eU3 Fulton roet. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, NICELY famished rooms at 153 Piorrenont st between Olio ton and Fa! ton; gentlemen preferred, "C1URNISHED ROOM TO LET, WITH cntboara, to a gen, eman. a pleasant front nail room, Inquire at 18 Bt references required.

FURNISHED ROOMS TO. LET, LARGE and small rooms eomfortably furnished. At 99 President st. FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, A VERY pleasant front room, with heat, gas and ubs of bath; board if desired; moderato terms. 100 Cumberland st FURNISHED ROOMS TOILETNiCELY furnishod roomB to let; $1.23 per week gentlemen only.

288 Atlantic ay. fjl URNISHED ROOMS TO LET, ONE JB? back parlor ana ono hall bed room: comfortably furnished; $1.25 per week. 501 Atlantic ar. near Noyins st. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, LARGE front parlor; atso hall bed room on third floor.

Apply to 32 Madison at, bet. Classon and Franklin avs. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, FOR light houKkeeptng, single or en suite, at 65 Sands st. FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, A PLEAS" ant furnished room, suitable for ono or two gentlemen at 32 Johnson Bt. FURNISHED ROOM TO LET A HALL room, with gas, hot and oold water, 235 Union et, near Clinton.

FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET A LARGE front parlor on first floor; also hall room, 31; refer enco required. 109 Livingston st, rear of Court House. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, FRONT parlor, handsomely furnished, at 172 et. two P100K8 irom miy nan; preaiciast ir reqmreu. TflURNISHED ROOM TO LET, IN A m.

private family, socona story front room: an con venionces; reference given and roquired. 441 Pulaski st. 1 URNISHED ROOM COMFORTABLY 7 fnrnhjhed hall room; gentlemen preferred. 23 llicks street. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, ON SEC ond floor front, nicely furnished, suitable for housekeeping; also, other rooms; nil improvements; pleasantly located: and convenient to nil ferries; trms to cleanliness a specialty.

Oall at 149 Lawrence st, fourth high stoop house from Fulton. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, TWO connecting rooms, nicely furnished, second floor; batb, gas, water and heat: alBo, small room, hoatjd: good location: family privato: five minutes1 walk of forrios and three of bridge. Call at 12 Liberty street, near Nassau. References. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, OR whole house, nicely furnished, with or without board; in good locality; all ttnprovemr.ts; ton minutes' walk from bridge; room, third floor, references required.

Apply ten days at 223 Livingston st, second door from ilm place. FURNISHED ROOMS JUST OPENED the elegant brown stone dwelling, handsomoly furnished on tirst und second floors; gas, bath and heat; terms roasonablo to permanent parties; house newly Eainted, papered and newly urninhod a few minutea to outh and Wall st. forrios. At 171 Oongress st, near Clinton. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, AN BLE gant, fully furmsh id second atory front room and adjoining bedroom, in a corner house and neighborhood lirat class; a tow steps car route to the bridgo and only ten minutes' walk to the ferry; heat and gan; gentlemen only.

DANIEL FKRRY, real estate, 252 and 254 Court st opun evenings. fORSALE HOUSE LEXINGTON AV Forced sale under foreclosure; 14 rooms: judgment only mi, 330; full particulars in Brooklyn Itoal listate Review, out to day. 218 Fulton st. IjOR SALEHOUSE 3 STORYlJROWN ctone houes, all improvements; with or without furniture 297 Clermont av. JOHN BAKUERIE, 77 South at.

Now York. FOR SALE HOUSE ON EASY TERMS, or to let. No. 496 Vanlorbilt av, 3 storv brown stono, every improvement and in thorough ropair. Apply to CHARLES H.

MOSES, 281 at. Jamoa nOR SALE HOUSES AND TO LET 2 of thoBO brick, ootaeon front. 12 roomed houses. Noa. and 230 Macon Bt: 21 feet wide, cabinet trimmed.

every improvement; should exaiuino; $7. 500; rent, $600. JC' RANGlilt, oivnor, 123 MoDonough Bt. FOR SALE HOUSE THE CHEAPEST houses on Park Slope, Union at, oorner of Sbcth av, elegant three story brown stonp, cabinot trim; must be sold; price only $2, 500 cash, balance 5 por cent. Just finished.

i ix tiuuoiia ur uuxt tax (free) of 1.800 houses in all RocHnnn of Itrooklvn: blocks and plots of lots on line of elevated railroad; bargains. 1). P. DARLING 16 Court st, or 1,203 Fulton st. Latter open evenings.

fjlOR SALE HOUSES OTICE TO i Bnecnlatora A 3 story Queen Anno, new, at 3 story brown stone, new, rented at 8750, at 7, 700; fine villas, with grounds, at $1,460 up to $5,500. N. A. TUR Nlt. 481 Gfltea av.

Open evenmjrs. OR SALE HOUSES OR EXCHANGE for crood vacant lots, live small framo houses in South Brooklyn, near Ansonia Clock Gompauy; mortgage and some money will be put in if nocessary. Call on or address It, GARFENTER, 651 Bedford av, corner of Gates. FOR SALE HOJSES TWO STORY brown stone, brlolc, $4,800: three Btory cabinet trim, very nice, a dotatched frame, lot 75x200, with carriage house, $20,000: others for residence or in veatment. HALL A SON, 349 Franklin av.

FOR SALE HOUSE 3 STORY BROWN etone; St. Marks av, near Bedford; 10 rooms, two alcove roomfl, furnace near Atlantic av. cable road; well rented until May; good investment or pleasant home; a bargain, $6,500. Inquiro at Gii St. Marks av.

FOR SALE HOUSES HALS EY ST, near Tompkins av, 3 story frame, perfect with improvements, $6,2 )0; St. Marks av, near Bedford, 3 story atone, Atlantic av, 3 story, stono, improvements, $4. 2iM); houses, with extra ground, ohoap. JAMES A. FIS HE Fulton st.

OR SALE HOUSES FULT ON ST. nroDertv. all well rented: four brick huildmcB near Kliiott maco: threo near Vandorbilfc av: two near Olnsson av; one near Franklin av. Full information from WYOK OFF BROTHERS, 132 Fiatbuah av, or 1, 175 Fuiton Btreet. FOR SALE HOUSES 2 STORY AND basement frame, brick filled, all improvements houses, size 17x34; lot 20x100; 3 feut alloy to each house; sewered, sidewalks llagge.1, handy to 5 lines of cars and near elevated road: 3 blocks from Fulton st; terms from $400 to $1,000 cash; part of money at 4 per cent.

Gail on owner at 280 Ohauncey st. X7IOR SALEHOUSES 3 STORY HIGH JL stoop brown ctone houFe, Fourth streot uear Prospect Park, 12 rooms, modern. Dean st, Sands st. near Brooklyn Brinse, fine flat, central, $7,500, worth Fulton st, Loeser'B blook. others; all locations.

SIMONSON, 26 Willoughby st. Open evenings. IjlOR SALE HOUSES IN CHOICE LO 7 cation, Madison Bt, near Tompkins av, four short blooka from station ot th road; two 2 Btory and basoment brown Btone houses, Nos, 388 and 390; 11 rooms; first class in every respect must bo Beon to bo appreciated. Applay to CHARLES ISBILL, owner, on promisoss, or 693 Herkimer st. FOR SALE HOUSES WO(INVEST ment Hoytst, 2 story and basement brick, all im EvovementB, 20x3x67, Baltic at, 3 Btory and iisement brick, 12 rooms, Sumner av, 2 atory and basement Btone, all improvements, easy terms, cheap 2 Btory and basoment atone, $5,760.

HORATIO S. STEWART, No. 6 Fourth av. FOR SALE HOUSES OR TO LET Bnyors who desiro well built houses, fine loontion, near Fulton st; all improvements; elevatod ranges; streets sewered and paved should examine the nine houses corner Low is av and Bnfnbridge fit: $6,500 to $10, 000; terras easy: rent $40 a mouth till May opoa always. WAGNER, 119 Cambridge place, or BEDELL, agent, 1,603 Fulton street.

FOR SALiWIOUSB CHEAP ONE OF tho finest residences in the city, brown atone, 25x56, 4 story and basment, 19 rooms, lot 100 feet, with lot adjoining, on which there is a wing containing store room, diningroom and library; dinintrr tom throughout sealed with mahogany and everything linished in the most costly and elaborate manner; mirrorB, carpets, etc; may be had at a sacrifice if desired; within ay walking distanco of tho ferry; sanitary plumbing throughout; house anil neigh borhuod Iirst class. DANIEL FERRY, real estate, 252 and 254 Court st; open evenings. FbRSALIHOUSE brick houses on York st. $1,750 each; rent, $21 per month; 3 story brown stone, Clifton place, 2 story and basement frame. Fifteenth st, $3, 500; four 3 story brick, Pacific each; 3 story and basement framo, Bedford av, 3 atory brown stono, Fulton st, store and ilate, prominent business corner on Bridgo Bt, $8,600: three 3 story brick, storos nnd flats, cornor property.

Myrtlo av, $35,000 3 story und basoment brown stono, Schemierhorn st, 3 fit.ry and basoment brick, Ryorson Bt, Apply to THE ALL CLARK, 37 Willoughby st, near Jay, CMUfflTKV PKOPKKTV. OR EXCHANGE FARM OF G8 ACRES for a Brooklyn house country seat of 14 acres, onn hour from New York. R. CARPENTER, C51 Bedford av, corner Gates. XjIOR SALE BUSINESS PROPERTY or oxchanee, an old established bnslnois proporfcv at Roslvn, L.

Great opportunity, HORATIO 8, STEW ART, No. 6 Fourth av. UOK SALE HOUSES AT RICHMOND Hill, L. fifteen minutes from Hunter's Point or Brooklyn, a variety of new and elegant dwellings, replete with evory convenience; also, superb building sites; situation unsurpassed for healthiulnoss, beauty or scenery and convenience of access. Apply to J.

W. FIKLDKIt, No. 32 Liberty st. Now York, or to GEORGE L. FOWLER, Richmond Hill, 1.

FOR SALE HOUSE AND LAND $12, 000 to close an estate; great bargain; within an hour of Fulton Ferry, on tho lino of the Long Uland Railroad; a first class residonco; threo atones nigh, 14 rooms, all modem improvements, 30 scros of improved land, stables and other outbuildings, farming Implements and growing crops. For further particulars address W. 1L, Eagle office; or apply on tho premises, Valley Stream, of Mr. PLANT, who is in charge of tho proporty FOR SALE FARM LOCATEtToN THE Ulster and Delaware R.R., about 16 milesfrom Kingston Court House, containing over 120 acres, situate within half a mils of Boicevillo depot and a short drive from tha Tremper House, Phoenicia, It is the most sightly placa on the railroad, commanding the finest landscape view on the route. Prfoe only $5, 500.

There is an abundanoo of wood on the place; a new houso, 33x30 ft; a pew barn, 25x40 ft; ice nouae; old farm buildings ar still standing. The house has parlor, diningroom, sitting room, kitchen. Bummer kitchen and closets on Hrst floor; water In kitohen; even rooms on second floor; third Btory not finished into rooms. Would make a very desirable Summer boarding house: country abounding in trout streams. Addresa 07 V.HE3TER, Kingston.

N. Y. FOR SALE HEAL FOR SALE LOTS OR EXCHANGE for honse free and clear worth $5,000. 6 lota 20x100. on Clifton placo, near Lewis av, JAS.

A. FISHER, 1,415 iulton st. FOR SALE LOTS $3,000 THREE 25 feet lots, on tho choicest part of Bedford av feet from the corner; if sold at once a bargain. Address R. O.

FROST, No. 1 Huntoxfiy place. CIOR SALE FLAT ELEGANT FRENCH per annum; will soil for $9,000 and leave two thirds on Bond and mortgage. DECKER. 126 Flatbuoh av.

jlOK SALE LOTS AT A BARGAIN 4 lnta on Eighth av. near Carroll fit. 25x100; heat loca tion for fine residence in the Oity of Brooklyn Bold togeth er or separately. Owner, h'lULVER, 32 Liberty st. New York.

EOR SALE LOTS AT A VERY LOW price, 3 loM on Sixteenth st, between Seventh and ith ava, streets paved and so wore a price $600 each to prompt purchater. RULAND A WHITING, 5 Beekman Bt, N. Y. FOR SALE LOTS AT A BARGAIN 4 lots on Eiehth av. near Carroll st.

25x100: beat loca tion for fine residence in the Citv of Brooklyn: Bold togeth er or separately. Owner, FIELDER, 32 Liberty st. New orK. Also, nouses, iincoin piace, near oeventn avenue. FOR SALEPIANOS.

I a nanosome square yiniu, iiu jjivingston sc. POB SALE PIANO 160 EL.EG ANT JD doable round carved logs: ovorBtrang; great bargain. ANDERSON 4 WMSNEB. a7 Fuiton st. FOR SALE PIANO A FINE ROSE wood, richly carved, round corner niano.

7M oo taves, and a very fine instrument no dealers need apply. Address R. S. Box 27, Eagle office. FOR SALE PIANOS OR FOR RENT Immense stock of new and secondhand Dianog: beat makers and all styles: at the rooBt reasonable rates.

CHANDLER. 172 Montague at. OR SALE PIANO AT A BARGAIN Beautiful first class rosewood cabinet orient niano. octave, nearly new, all latest improvements and perfect: also black walnut narlor folding bed. Address K.

K. Eaglo ofiice. FOR SALE PIANOS 135 SEVEN octave rosewood Diano. every imorovemot: 7K no right grand, noarly new, only S150; organ, fi40; ptanoi and organs rented low no misrepresentations. Please call and exumine.

RIDDLE'S, 557 Fuln nst. XjlOR SALE PIANO 100 7 1 3 OC tave; sacrifice: fins piano to rent, $4 a month; embroidered cover nnd stool, gilt carved legs; full octave pianos, 85, $10, $15 monthly, until fully paid; fully warranted; place for bargains. PHELPS, next Post Office. raOR SALE PIANOS 75 SPLENDID JD sweet tone piano; Chiokering, and and Diohl uprights very low for fcash; pianos to rent cheap or 10 monthly until paid. Placo for bargains.

GOETJZ 4 81 and 83 Court et. Open evenings. FOR SALE PIANOS, $50, ORGANS, $39, Wheelock pianos on easy terms; $10 monthly until paid. Sterling organs $5 monthly until paid. Pianos and organs to rentat $3, $4.

$5 aud $6 per month. Splendid Stainway to rent; Checkering cheip. ALPHONZO SMITH, 56'J Fulton st, opposite Hanover place. FOR SALE WlSCFJiLAM Oirs. OR SALE MILK ROUTE Of SKV enty qnaru.

Appl at 42a Tompkina av. OR SALE BUSINESS DAIKV JiUSI nirjt nnviptintr ftt milk and not chenite routes. hore and wagon, etore fixtures and Btock. Apply to ACME "ITIOR SALE CEMETERY LOT LOT IN able: will sail low it taken at once. Addreas for interview tioi If.

oinceL V7OR sale JJOLMAN A satin UOL man, vers little used, nearly as good new, to bo sold fnrlesa than half its cost. Call for ono wtiefc at 31 Greene aT. near Carlton. 1 OR SALE CEMETERY LOT IS Greenwood Cemetarr: beautifully located and fenoed ith irranlte Doaia and braas bara: low figare. B.

DMUNb MARKS. No, 229 Broadway. Koom 50. Ksv 'eeltCiJy. OARD 65 ST LARGE rooms, Uli exceilanttabla; also, table board.

lOAEU ON THE HILL 27 SOUTH OX ii ford st A large, pleasant front room; also, front nail room; roterences exenangeq. OARD ON THE HEIGHTS 56 LIV JJ lngston st; aesiraDie rooms; gooa table; reier OARD THREE HANDSOMELY FUR J3 Dialled rooms on seoond floor; will let singly or en soiio. ox oouin uxroro ul. BOARD 197 OLINTON ST, NEAR AT lsntio ar, two comfortable hall rooms, with good sub atantial board. 13 OARD AT 18 FORT GREENE PLACE.

JI first class board and nicely fnmiahed rooms with ampie closes room; nonse moaern ana wen neaiea. OAKD 261 WASHINGTON ST LARGE and Dieasant seonnn story rooms with board: erory convenience also a uau room, rerms moaeraie. OARD AT 152 RYBRSON ST FUR niahed rooms, vrlth or without board; all improve ments; nrst class table. BOARD A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL let with board two elegant and well furnished con. nectlng rooms; hot and oold water and a oomfortable nomo; convenient to cars, no UJermont av.

13 OARD ON THE HILL ROOMS FUR" Jw nished or unfurnished, with board; hob and cold water; large closets; table first class; terms reasonable. ou nauHUD pmce. BOARD A VERY PLEASANT LARGE second story room and hall room connecting, with excellent board; table boarders accommodated. No. 370 btate t.

OARD ON THE HEIGHTS NO. 77 9 Willow st. corner of PinaannlA. PleaRant accom modations for gentleman and ftifo, or a family. Terms BOARD ON THE HILL NEATLY furnished rooms to let with firftt class board, near cars ana stage; also a lew table boarders.

Terms raoaor ate. No. l'i Fort, Greene place. OARD 197 CARLTON A V. ROOMS Ir, tmliVy A I.

I nnnn nae: iiibo ehdio ooara: conronronx to sorerai lines oi cars. Terms moderate. BOARD IN A MOST DESIRABLE AND convenient location, bandBome house, fineBunny rooms; an convenience? ana lernio reasonaDie; roferencea. 76 First place, near Ooort st BOARD PROSPECT HEIGHTS HAND Bomely furnished rooms, second or third floor, with first class board, large closets, hot and cold water. 163 Prospect place.

BOARD NO. 107 HENRY ST HAND Homely furnished oocond floor corner room with connecting bedroom; also single room; table boarders accommodated. BOARD ON THE HEIGHTS NO. 7 Monroe place A third story front room, suitable for married oonple or gentlemen rooming together; desirably looatad within eight minutes of bridge and ferries; reier encoa excuangea. BOARD A PRIVATE FAMILY DE Birostolet, with firfit clans board, to gentlemen or ran tlemen and wires, nicely furnished room on third floor: house has all improvements.

Location 3U3 Clermont av, near ureene. HOARD ELEGANTLY FURNI SHED Aflnara room on second floor fronf. nlnn a hall room; ample closets; desirable location; near City Hall and live tninnfaal utaIL frnm lurrmi nnrl 1 Uomku at nottr Pierrepont. 13 OARD HEIGHTS 100 MONTAGUE MJ st, next door to Pierrepont House; elegant rooms, handsomely furnished, southern expot ure; house, cuisine and attendance strictly first class; three minutes to Wall st. Kerry; terms very reasonable; references.

OOARD ON THE HEIGHTS PLEAS ant sunny square and hall to let, with iirst class board; live imnutoa1 walk to forrieB; table boarders accommoaaiea; reierences. mi fjtaco at, netweeu and Honry. OA RD 242 CLINTON ST GENTLE JLP man and wife or couple of gentlemen desirous of gjoa, comtortaoie noara lor tne winter; largo rront room; two closet1; on second floor; location respectable; from five to seven minuted' walk from Wall st and South ferries ana uity; terms BOARD ON HEIGHTS SMALL FAMI lv ooc tin vine lnrse honso would receive a few cuoBts witling to pay for delightful solid home comforts; boarding house rounders not desired; beat of references given and required witn application. Address SOPHIA MAHbUJS, Pout Office. 130ARD ON THE HILL IN A SMALL a 9 Drivate familv.

for gentleman and wife, or two sin erle Kontlemen: room handsomely furnished, on second or third floor; house first class throughout; a desirable home wnero retirement, rennoment ana pleasant associations are requisite; reference required. C4 Hanson place. TT OARD 208 WASHINGTON PARK MP I.Iogantly fitted up back parlor; cabinet bed. firfit class table; also square room, with hall room on fourth, floor; running water and furnace beat throughout; excellent aocommodationB for single gentlemen. OARD AT 452 NINTH ST.

NEAR SEV enth av. in a handsome newlv furniBhed brown atone hous lame second stors front alcove and sunny Banare room; well nested; with hot and cold running water; largo closots, gas, with first class board; convenient to cars ana iernes ana near ice parte. Boarding Agencies. OARD INFORMATION FREE THE Wp best boarding places aud furnished rooms in all parts of Brooklyn will be found registered at the Select Boarding Agency and Rogistry for Furnished Rooms, Flat bush av, opposite Hanson placo. FVUNISNED KOOiVIS.

EURNISHED ROOM A PLEASANT, noatly furnished front room will let for light house ling if desired; all improvements: five minutes from all ferriOB; terms low. Apply at 49 Joralemon st. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, NEAT ly furnished rooms, double or single, at 70 Henry Bt, between Orange and Pineapple; three minutes from bridge and ferries. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET AT 43 Wyclcoff st, near Court, an elegantly furnished second story front room; alBo hall room with hot and cold water; ubg of bath room. IjlURNISHED ROOM TO LET A LARGE squaro front room, with hot and cold water, gas, host, and all conveniences; private family; rent moderate; first floor.

188 Fulton Bt, noar Orange. fURNISHED ROOMS TO LET A LARGE 1 nicely furnished room, suitable for two gentlemen, furnace heat, etc. 19 Clinton Bt, betwoon Fulton and Pierrepont. TjIURNISHED ROOMS A VERY NICE JL second floor; ample closots, all improvements and fine neiRUUOrUIMJU, UllU UUiUU Ul "K1L iiu erai terms to right piirty. Owners, 812 DeKalb av.

FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, A VERY Inrcrn rimm thrAn windnwR. narlnr ilnnr: water and closets; nicely fnrnisthed; suitable for two gentlemen; references required. 334 Pearl st, near Johnson. URN ISHED ROOMS ELEGANT JL1 furnished large and email rooms to let: nonse ana location unexceptionable. 280 Henry st, between State and uoraiemon, URN ISHED ROOMS TO LET, COM fortably furnished rooms, complete for housekeeping; also basements.

Apply at 35 Sands st, near the bridge entrance. BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET. FUR .57 niuhod bAolt narlor and small room for two contlanien: heat and gas; $2 oach. 23U Prince at, near pulton. FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, FRONT runtii fhiril f1nnr for t.otn rflnMcrnnn nr rrinn ntifi wite; all improvements.

Appiy an toe wook, wun rerer enco. 168 Adams st. I BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, PAR lor and extension; large aud small rooms newly furnished; modern improvements; thoroughly heated; with or without board. 28(1 Clinton st. I BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, A large r.nd rmall, comfortably furnished room, with or without ooura; nvo minutes' warn to tuo uriugo Apply at once at 12( Sands st.

FUKNISHED ROOM TO LET, FRONT hallbodrcom, southern oxposuro, bath, hot and cold water; terms 81.25; to gentlemen only. a95 State st, be tween ouim iiu iiunua, URNISHED ROOMS A SMALL PBI vato family will let handsomely furiii hod front alcovo room; also, other rooms; with gas, bath and heat, hot and UOtU YittLur. wmu jimjvv Jtauo. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, HAND somoly furnished rooms on the Hill, including alcove room; family; privato; location first class, convenient to all car routes. Appiy icort treen praco il URNISHED ROOM TO LET.

A NICE 1 fnrniMliod room on Darlor floor: cood. (into loca tion, within walking distance of bridge and ferries; to gentleman ony. No. 93 Lawrence at. URNISHED ROOMS TWO NICELY furnished square rooms, back and front; also front hill room, tiro minutes' walk from Bridge.

Cnll at 172 Hands st. 17VLJRN ISHED ROOMS TO LET, A SEC ond story back room, with all conveniences, to gentlemen only; convenient to bridge and Fulton Ferry. Call at 52 Willow st, between Orange and Cranberry. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, AT NO. 10 Willow st Ono on parlor and one on third floor, each suitable for two persons; first class board next door.

17 URN ISHED ROOM TO LET A NICE ly furnished room on second story, heated by register, with ample chief, gas, and qbb ot bath also entry bedroom; suitable for one or two gentlemen; family Btrict ly private. 297 LivingstonBtj ITl'DRNlSHED" ROOMS NICELFUIV nishod largo and small rooms to let, togontlemen only; five minutes' walk from bridge and ton front femes; Btnall private family; terms reasonable. Apply at 51 John eon at, throe doors from Adams. TURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, WITH Unhnln nnnx rtnltaial i rtf fim nma nifh all nients for light housekeeping; house three atory brown atone. No.

499 Third tt, S. B. FURNISHED ROOM FIVE MINUTES' walk to City Hall, to gentleman only, at moderate prices, one largo room, with hot and cold water, gas and use of bath; also single room. Address or apply in person at 112 Lawrence st. 17 URN ISHED ROOMS TO LET, WITH or without board, several nicely furnished, very pleasant rooms oi aiuerent sizes, irom.

ana oacK, smtaoie fur families or single gentlemgn; table first class. 184 Amity st 1 BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, NO. 289 Clinton at: handsomely furniBhed second floor, front, square room and hall room connecting, en Buite or separately, to permanent parties; all improvements; superior tablo board near by; references. 1 BURNISHED ROOM A LADY HAVING a pleasant flat offers a furnished room, with kitchen Jmvileges, at a reasonable price; a genteel, comfortable mme. Call or address Mrs.

329 St. Marks place, second flat. Tj URNISHED ROOMS AT 217 SCHER merhorn st, a privato family will let two or three handsomely furnished rooms for the Fall and Winter; house and surroundings first class; all modern improvements; breakfast and Sunday meals if desired. IjlURNISHED ROOMS TO LET AT 216 1 Adams st, near Concord, a noatly furnished front roont, suitable for one or two gentlemen; also, a single room, with use of bath: three minutes walk to the bridge and nve to Fulton Ferry. ITS URN ISHED ROOMS 80 LAFAYETTE av To let.

two largo, nicely furnished rooms, together or seDnratoly; either Bocond or third floor; large closets. hot and cold water, first class attendance; also, a ball room, toagentl eman. FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, AT 59 Pineapple st, five minutes1 walk from Fulton Ferry and bridge, a single room: terms, SI. 50 per week, including heat, gas ana use of bathroow; gentlemen only; references. FURNISHEDROOMS TOLET ON THE heights; large and small well furnished rooms, first classin every respect only just vacated three minutes walk to ferry or bridge: terms to A 1 paities made to suit.

Ap ply at willow st. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, WITH or without board, or for light honeekooping; near City Hall; convenient to all femes; at No. 14 Third av, next door to the oorner of Scnermerhorn Bt; terms very moderate to suitable parties. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, LARGE rooms all nicely furniflhed and heated, within two minutes1 walk W. A.

and one half block of Me Kalb av. oars and staos; rooms from $2 to $3 per week. Call O. S. 25G Schenck st.

FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, AT 154 Schermerhorn st, near Smith A pleasant square room on second floor, all improvements; one large hall room, with oloeot: also, back parlor and extension, furnished or unfurnished; house newly famished; private family references exchanged. I BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, LARGE and small well furnished rooms on parlor, second and third Hours; hous newly painted; gas, bath, heat; terms moderate; references exchanged: seen Sunday; three doors from Fulton fat. two blocks from City Hall. 399 Jay st. TLiURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, TWO IP nice, square front rooms, one on mcond, one on third floor, with heat, gas, ubo of batn, etc.

one might bo used for light housekeeping by small family; in convenient loca 402 State st. FIURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, THREE neatly furnished rooms, on third floor, back, complete for houEekeaping; bath on floor; water in rooms; rent 84 per week; also, front hall room, second floor. No. 290 Raymond at, near Lafayette av. FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, HAND eomely furnished room on second floor, all improvements, house and neighborhood first class, private family; few minutes' walk to South Ferry and car routes, to gentleman.

No. 217 Warren st, near Clinton; references. FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, A PLEAS ant ball room, second sto ry, southern exposure; private family; lady or gentleman; breakfast if desired. 93 Johnson st, comer of Lavrrence; nre zninnte9 to bridge and ferries; terms low. URNISHED ROOMS TO LET, FRONT alcore and back room, toitethor or separate; also rtnil room on tbird floor; all improvements: location unexcelled; oconpied by owner.

No. 100 Amity sta near Court. FURNISHED ROOJIS IN A PRIVATE house, two snnny, briffht, square rooms, to adults; ono as parlor, the' other for bedroom, or will let bedroom alone: table board convenient: four lines of ears within 36 a block. Apply at 625 Yandetbilt ay. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, LARGE, second atory alcove room.

front, well famished, or Becorl hroUflU, fnrniahKtl ornnfarniahd: also, third atory back, stutabloxor ono or two gentlemen, near Ssntb and Wl aV terras. SO Garden ce, between Joralemon andStttomo. OARD ON THE HILL ROOMS WITH board at li Hanson place; rMerencaexchangoa. OAKO ON THE HILL FIKST OLASS Aoeommodatmna for a yoong man: prtvata tamlly; references exchanged. No.

6 Bouth Elliott plaoe. BOARD A SECOND STORY FRONT large and small room connooting. also tbe same on third floor, may be obtained wilb board afc 129 Lafayette avenue. BOARD IN A PLAIN. PRIVATE FAMI lj, a larjte, pleaaant room for two gentlemen terms moderate.

485 Carlton ov. BOARD 358 CLINTON STREET ONE largo and two hall roams, nicely rarniahod; location gooa ana convenient to lomoa. BOil RD AT 30 LAFAYETTE AV, AND somQly famished rooms, with first class board; rof erencoa exchanged. BOARD ON THE HEIGHTS 75 HEN 17 Bt Large room tor two gentlemen, with good noara. BOARD FUKNISHED ROOM, WITH OR without board, in a private house; nice location.

apply at 27 flinin st, ooutn xruoiyn BOARD ON THE HILL IN A PRI vate family: third atory front room for gentlemen a gentleman and wifo. 23 Sunth Elliott place. BOARD SINGLE ROOMS, WITH board; very desirable; terms moderate. 113 Col. umbia heights.

BOARD NO. 116 HENRY ST EXTRA large socond atory front room; water, steam heat. new carpet ana larniture BOARD 186 REMSEN ST VERY DE eirable rooms, with good table; location very central; references. BOARD 228 HENRY NEAR REM 6n large eocond story baolc room and one single fVUlll, Hlbli limb UICUB UUOIU i u.uuu.uuui BOARD ON THE HEIGHTS A LARGE, handsomely furnished front roofn, to gentleman and wife, or two gentlomen. 181 Joralemon st.

143 STTFELIX ST, NEAR HAN son place Front and back rooms on tbird floor; all conveniences eod location. OAKD 232 QUINCY ST, NEAR BED ford av A pleasant, snnny front and hall room on second floor; houso oomfortable and homelike. OARlJ 177 COLUMBIA HEIGHTS, near Pierrepont st Booms for families or gentlemen; throe minuted to Wall st. Ferry. OARDT87 COLUMBIA HEIGHTS, pleasant rooms for single gentlemen or gentleman aud wife; roferenco given ana required.

BOARD VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS oan be obtained by applying at No. 44 South Oxford Bt; table boardera accommodated. 13 OARD ON THE HILL A LARGE JO and small room on second floor, together or singly; hot and cold water; references exchanged. 32 Lafayette av, near St. Felix at.

OAKD 142 LAWRENCE ST, NEAR Fuiton Three large rooms to lot, with first olaa board, on reasonable terms to permanent parties; refer encea; table boardera aocomm odatod. OARD WITH PLEASANT, LARGE, furnished front room; improvements; terms reasonable; block to cars: resectable and very desirable. Han Bon place, corner St. Felix et. jNo.JLA7.

BOARD GOOD BOARD AND PLEAS ant rooms, at $4 and 84.50 per week, in private family, with home comforts. At 1U7 Prinoe at, near Fulton. 13 OARD PLEASANT, NICELY FUR Kiw nished large front and hall room on third floor; also, back parlor, with or without board. No. 122 St.

Felix Btreet. i BOARD TO LET, A SECOND STORY front alcove room; hot and cold water; also, a third etory front room; all Improvements; location one of the beat. JVo. 70 Hanion place. BOARD ON THE HILL HANDSOME ly furnished rooms on second floor; also, hall room, to lot, with iirat class board; home comforts; near stage and cars.

107 Fort Greene place. OARD ON THE HILL A PRIVATE familr have vnrv uloasant front room, nicely fur nished, for married connle or sinele sontlumen. Address or call at 254 Lafayette av, near Washington. BOARD NO. 68 LaF AYETTE AV, BE tween KUiott place and Portland av Third floor square room, front; also front hall room; Una location; table excellent; terms reasonable.

BOARD TO LET, WITH BOARD, 301 Livingston st, a pleasant room on third floor, hot and cold water, and heat; a gentleman and wifo or twogentle men; house and table first oiass; references. BOARD ON THE HILL 165 LAFAY otto a Large room on third lloor two large closets; hot and cold water convenient to savcral car routes, on stage lina a few table boarders desired. BOARDTO LET, "444 FIFTH ST, front alcove room and large back room, furnished or unfurnishod, together or Ht parately; second lloor; brown stone front; excellent neighborhood; board if reutrod OARD TO LET, IN A SMALlTPRI vate family, a pleasant square room on the third floor; neatly furnished; hot and cold water; suitable for a gentleman. 23U iSchermorhom st. OARD ON THE HILL IN A PRIVATE family; desirable rooms; suitable for a family or single Kuntloman; also, front alcove room; references 353 Carlton av.

BOARD PARTIES LOOKING FOR A pleasant home with a private family of adults will nnd such with first class accommodations and tablo by oall ing at 237 Carroll Bt, opposite the Park. OARD ON THE HEIGHTS A DESIR able and handsomely furnished room, suitable for a gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen; references quired App ly at 118 Mon tague st. BOARD 41 SIDNEY PLACE BROOK lyn Heights Handsomely furnished front room, with folding bed and first ciaBS board, in privato family; $20 per week; references exchanged. BOARlJ 224 SCHERM ERHORN ST Two rooms on third floor, also hall room, to let en suite or singly, to gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. Houms have all latest improvements, OAKD 423 STATE ST7 CORNER OF Nevins Privato family; large roomB on third floor, southern exposure, easy walking distance to ferries and near the Tabernacle.

Iteferencea exchanged. OARD 11 HEW ORK AV A SEC ond story front alcove room; nicely furnished; hot and cold water: also, hall room; terms moderate; references exchanged. OARD A SINGLE SQUARE ROOM, second floor: sunny exposure; grate fire, with a quiet family of adults superior board and choice accom lnodAtiooB. Apply at 22b Quincy st. BOARD TO LET HALL ROOM TO young man or large room to two young men, or to a young married cunple, with board, in private family; first class neighborhood.

Oall 315 Lafayette av. BOARD 122 COLUMBIA HEIGHTS Large room on third floor overlooking tho river and buy; appointments iirst class in every respect; references exch anged. OARD 176 WASHINGTON ST TWO minutes from bridge, six minutes from Fulton Ferry; wed furnisned and heatod; well attended rooms; large, closets; use of bath; with or without ard. OAKD 190 MADISON ST, ELEGAiST r.eoond etory alcove room, 'with all improvements; alto, third to ry Bunny room with large closets; good table and bath; near four lines of oars; also table board. BOARD A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING in their own house, will let two large newly furnished rooms; also a hall room; all improvements; house thoroughly heated; appointments first class, 445 Franklin av, near Putnam.

BOARD 385 JAY ST SECOND STORY front room (heated), for ono or two gentlemen, with or without board also, large and small room vacant middle of month; ten minutes walk of bridge and ferries; references required. IjARDON THE HILL, 428 FRANK tin av, corner Madison et A large, pleasant, front room, furnished or unfurnished, in a private family; convenient location; accessible to live lines of cars; roterences exchanged. BOARD 170 HIOICS ST ROOMS FOR single gentlemen, containing hot and cold water and heated; also, two connecting rooms, for gentlemen or gen tleman and wife; terms reasonable and references ex. changed, BOARD ON THE HILL 231 GREENE av; cirner house; beautiful rooms of extra size; newly furnished; house and tablo first class; parties seeking a pleattnnt home aud reasonable terms will find this a desirable opportunity. BOARD SECOR HOUSE, CORNER OF Clinton aud Warren sts Ro.irns en suite or separately to let, witli tirst class board, 1 1 gentlemen or fiimi 1 it; cozy parlor floor in tbe Annex; unexpectedly vacated; releronooa exchanged.

ON THE HILL LARGE7 pleasant rooms on second and third floors, handsomely inrnisUod, newly carpeted, amplu closets, alt improvements; tdso single rooms; folding beos if desired; house, table and locution unexcelled; terms moder.ito; references exchang ed. 4U3 Viermont av, OARTj WITH" BOARD, A large room, with hot and cold water, gas and heat; hrst clasi table and attendance; for tiro, $10: one, hall room for $5. Lafayette av, near Dr. Talmage's church. Pleas3 address HOME OOMFOKTd, Box 5, Eagle office.

BOARD A LARGE SECOND STORjT front alcovo room, with heat, gas, bath, 4c, in brawn stone house, five minutes' walk from ferries, will be let, with excellent board, to two young men for $11, to three lor 814, or to four lor $17 per week. PON DE XT ER, Eaglo othce. GAUD AT 364 HENRY STREET, CON vonient to ferries Having just openod the above house for boarding, and realizing the lateness of the sea eon, will offer handsome einsle and family rooms at extremely low prices; good table and home comforts guaranteed. BOARD 40 SCHERMERHORN ST TO let with board. A party abuut leaving the oity, wisheB to find another party to occupy their rooms, which arecheeiful, sunny and every way comfortable; other rooms terms res up able.

BOARD lOR. BOARD TO LBlTWlTlf OR WITHOUT board, two very pleasant third story rooms, together or separately; ample closet room; hot and cold water; diningroom on parlor floor; references exchanged, 184 Kemeen st. OARDTO LET, WITH BOARD, TWO large rooms on third floor; hot and cold water and Jurnace heat; suitable for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen wishiug to room together; references exchanged. iia arK piace, near aeventu av. BOARl HAJSDSOMELY EURNISHEO second story front room, suitable for gentleman and wite or single gentleman also hccoiiU story baolc, furn ished or uniurniBhed, hall room; terms very reasonable.

Oall at 31 Greene av, near Carlton. TOARD ANY ONE LOOKING FOR A V3 refined home at a reasonable price, home comforts, large rooms, extra Bize closets, apply at 29 Clinton st; French cooking; meals prompt; special inducement to two young gentlemen; house only open two months. oarLIwoiTarge rooms Wthe third floor, high ceilings, large closets, hot and cold water; nicely furnished and convenient to three car routes, and twenty minutes to ferries; location unsurpassed; reference. 6 Seventh av. BOARD FOB THREE OR FOUH GEN tlemen, married or single; double or single rooms; terms moderate good board and nice rooms; also table beard, $3.

50; breakfast from 6 o'clock to 8 o'clock. Call soon at 13 Hoyt Bt, third door from Fulton. BOARD TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT board, a very pleasant front alcove room on second floor; a square room with extension, second floor; all home comforts; private family references. 320 Adel phi st. OARDTO LET, WITH BOARD, A Xj large, handsomely furnished front room thoroogh ly heated bouse; convenient and desirable location; few minutes' walk from Wall at and South ferries.

No. 350 Henry 8t OARDTO LET, WITH BOARD, A lanre and second story front room alflt nnt half rooms, at Signer week: three minutes to flit Hall: eight minutes to ferries. If 197 State Bt. near Court. BOARD A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY will let with board two or three rooms; housa detached with grounds first olass in everx respeot; terms low to desirable party.

1,238 Dean st, corner Brooklyn avenue. OARD ON THE HILL 283 ADEL Ww phi st Large, square room has hot and cold water; large closet; also, hall room; house bis all improvements; location very desirable; family private; excellent table; terms reasonable; reference. OARDTO GENTLEMAN AND WIFE and child front alcove room, nicely furnished; privato family: home comforts: convenient to cars for all ferries; terms $12 per week, including heat and gas. Please call at 166 Tompkins av, near Hartst. BOARD HANDSOMELY FURNISHED suit of connecting rooms second floor; suitable for gentlemen or family; also, hall rooms running water, grate and stove fire; also, table board; very moderate terms.

77 Henry st. BOARD TO LET WITH BOARD HAND eomely furnished rooms, large and small, with or without board, im a well heated, first class house, five minutes' walk from South and Wall sts ferries; terms very low young men. 352 Henry st. BXrB PARTIES LOOKING FOR first class hoard and homes will be suited by calling at 14 Willow st; large comer houpe, detached; three minutes' walk of Jrulton Ferry or bridge entrance; terms rea sonable. BOARD ON THE HEIGHTS TWO connecting rooms on narlor lloor.

together or sena similar rooms on third floor, front; well tarnished, heated, and good table: three minutes walk from bridge. 113 Henry st, corner Clark. OARD 283 STATE ST. BEAUTIFUL rooms of extra size, handsomelv furnished, or would let unfurnished, in private American family; house first class in all ite appointments: parties seeking a pleasant home on reasonable terms will find this a desirable opportunity. OARD ON THE HILL NO.

181 ST. Marks a. v. Pleasant, well furnished rooms, sinirla or double; board unexceptionable; terms reasonable and locjilitv desirable within four blocks of the Park, and twenty minutes from the ferry, IJ OARD NO. 196 WARREN NEAR 3 Clinton To let with first class board and attendance ird story square room; all improvomente; suitable for one or two ccntlemen boose owned by ocoupant; family Email and Boioct; few table boarders taken; reference re Qmrea.

BOARU LARGE AND SMALL COM fortably furnished, snnny rooms, separate or together; second knd third floors: hot and oold water, large closets, good tablo; onlr a few boarders taken; terms moderate: conrenieet to lerriM. 183 Baltio at; botweoa Henry and Oliutao. TT "ble woman: washing and ironing; or wonliT go ont by the day, or take home washing; not engagari the nrHt two days of the week oan oity reference. Please oall at 255 Navy Bt, rear. 7ANTKU WORK BY A RESPEOTA ble woman: whinB and ironing, to go oat by the day, or to take home, or honseoleaning; has good.oitj' reference.

Oall for two days at 437 Willoughby ot. Mrs. OOSQEOVE. WAiVTED PnOFESSIOSlAL. WANTED DRESSMAKINGT GO out by the day, by a first class, experienced dress maker.

Call at 283 Wyckoff at. WANTED PUPILS ON THE VIOLIN, ladies or gentlemen; class for boys, 23 cents per lesson. Address VIOLIN, Eagle offioe. WANTED PERCENTOR FOR A SUN day school; 'afternoon session; state terms. Ad Qreas ounuai O'JMUUIi, iiagio omue.

TfTITANTED PUPILS TO LEARN flower painting, taught from nature lessons given in crayon landscapes. painting taught for $2, No. 300 Dean st. ANTED TYPE WRITI A lady who can famish her onn moohlne if necessary. type writing t'i do at home or outside.

Please addreas B. Box 18, Eagle offioe. ANTED DRESSMAKING TO GO ont bv tho dav. cnU hr B. T.

Taylor's system, or would touch the aystem: cutting and fitting a specialty. iJKEtiMAK.lSK, Co? warren st. WANTED HOUSEKEEPING BY A New England woman; position as housekeeper; thoroughly competent; best reference. Address M. A.

329 Honu st. VST ANTED ACCOUNTANT EXPERI encea KBuiiemin nocoumani whid duiiiujiuoj for leiBure houre, opening or examining accounts or other A WPP. I i T1TTJTT.G VOflAT, TTST Esrnnient'ii music: a pupn desires a few more pupilB. Address PROFESSOR, Etrimionfil music a pupil of Senor AOTarnonte ANTED DRESSMAKING BY nrsi cms aressinaKer, ine worit ui jn ow miun by the day; oan fnrnish ten years' reference. Address A I A al VST ANTED NURSING IN A HOSPITAL, Y7 by Swedish girl, who iB used to giving massage; warm and oold biths: referonre from Dr.

Hobertson, At lanta, Ga. Address Mrs. STKOM. 225 aaoKen si. VST ANTED DRESSMAKING AN X' perioncod dressmaker wishes a few moro nugago mcntsby the day; cuts by system.

Address SYSTEM, cox Jtagio onice. VST ANTED PUPILS ON THE PIANO, TV by a thorough lady timist. Instruction day or evening, rractico allowoa at toacner renmouto. to ginners a specialty. Terras moderate.

Call or address at. ivarks place, socona nat. VST ANTED VISITING GOVERNESS A TT poiti in an visiting governess in a limited number of families who urofer home instruction. terms and other information please address K. M.

592 Ilancock street. ANTED PUPILS INSTRUCTIONS ffiven on t.lm ninnH. formerly of Mollenliauer's Col lege of Music; terms 40 and 50 cents par lesson, at own or pupils' rosidonce. Addre3s MOSIC TExVCHER, 250 Bergen st. ANTED PUPILS BROOKLYN prt Ai arranni.nn RTIORTIIAND AND TYPEWRITING, open day and night.

Instruction by practical steuograpnors. onortuaou biuubiiw wimu join speed class. 200 Joralomon st, corn ir Court. VVfANTEl)PTjPIIJS A THOROUGH TT and experienced teacher of music (lady) will taVe a few pupils, beginners or advanced, the piano, at S10 a term nour lessons; testimonials. Aaaress wuwiiaaiu, Box iiagle otnee WANTED DRESSMAKING A EIRST cotter and fitter, draper, remodelor and oiook maker, aesires engngomonts uy iuu wtm.

$1.50: reieruoce. Address for one week ECONOMY, Box 11, Englooifice. WANTED DRESSMAICIN A COM petont dross and cloak maker will make engagements in or out of tho houBe; fitting and trimming a specialty; misaos' diossoa mado in the latest stylo; terms moderate. Address DEESSMAKEIt, 197 Madison st. WASTEB HOIJSKS.

ANTED HOUSE A SMALL HOUSE containing seven or eight i oodjb, rent not over $35.00. Address SMALL HOUSE, Eagle offl.o. A NTI2D HOUSE TO RENT. BY A f.mflc nt thrnn nHnlfa a cmjl)! iTfl fllfirV iir lower part of hvuse; good location. AanreBa, mm rerms, tx, Eagle oftico.

WANTED HOUSE OF MEDIUM SIZE, in doairablo locality, in tho First Ward, at a low price for cash. Address CASH. PUROtlASEtt, Box 17, Eagle office. ANTED HOUSES SMALL FRAME .1 (inn. nln hHclr nnri brown stone from $5, 500 to 'parties haying suoh can find ready purchasers.

Apply to GEORGE H. BEISEB 4 1,004 Pulton st. WANTED ROOMS FURNISHED. ANTED ROOM FURNISHED BY A WJUOlier ontl pupil, lur uity miu cvouuik ww vmj. situate between Craene and DoKalb and and Tompkins ars.

Address 11. Box 16, Eagle office. WANTED PABT8 OF HOUSES. WANTED PART OF HOUSE THE lower part of houso in good neighborhood convenient to ferries; innBtbo in good repair; rent moderate. Address, withfull particnlars.

II. A. Eagle office. Tantedart OF HOUSE ABOUT 3 unfnrnijhed roomB for by young Amerioan people, with nice. Quiet peoplo, in respectable neighborhood.

Address, stating terms, PERMANENT HOME, Box 19, Eagle office. WAJV'J'ED WANTED CEMETEKY lot GREEN wood Cemetery lot or plot. Oall or address. giving Broadi mng lull pjtrcioul. irs with price, a.

a. maiib jvo. ii way. Room 60, New York Oity. WANTED PIANO THE USE OF A piano for at least six months; onrtago will he paid receiving and returning and the best of care will be taken of the G.

A. K.t Eagle office. ANTED BOWLING ALLE hire, by a club of ladiGS and centlomen. for Mon day nights, on Fulton st, Flatbush av, or Court at. Address E.

Box 22. Eagle office. WANTED BUILDING OR LARGE ground floor for manufacturing, with steam power. Address, stating rent and location, T. P.

Eagle office. WANTED CLOTHIN 10,000 wortn of cast off clothing in large or Bmall lots for whioh I will more tlrnn any other dealer on earth. All orders promptly attended to. M. A.

MAWN, 495 Hudson av, near Fulton st. OOAIID WANTED. BOARD WANTED A YOUNG GENTLE man requires nice board and pleasant room with good family; about $7 Address E. Eagle office. BOARD WANTED A GENTLE MAN and wife wish to secure board and rooms hi a private family on the Hill front alcove or front and side room preferred.

Address K. W. No. 9 Greene av. OAUD WANTED A GENTLEMAN and his three boys, age from to 12, desire board in a ploin Christain family; terms must be moderate; state mil particulars, G.

Eagle office. BOAUD WANTED ON THE HEIGHTS, or neighborhood Physician (German) desires furnished back parlor and three rooms on second or third floor, with first claBfl board. Address PHYSICIAN, Box 17, Eagle office. BOARD WANTED A LADY DESIRES board in a refined private family; pleasant room, well beatQ'J, within IS minutes of ferry or bridge; terms fine roterenoos. Address 4 West Tnirty sizth st, New York.

BOARD "WANTED A GENTLEMaTn wife and son, 22 years old want full board, two large rooms on eeconl tlnor, with generous table, and located between Greene mid Myrtle, Franklin and Throop avs. Ap ply to OWNER, 469 Van Buren Bt, by tetter only. BOARD WAN TED BY A GENTLEMAN and wife, two sons and daughter, all udalts, in a private family, for the Winter; within walking dibtanco of the bridge. AddreiB, jriving full description of rooms and price, J. D.

S. 81 Warren st, Ne.v York. BOA UD VVANTKD BY TWO YOUNG nion, in vicinity of City Hall pruforred heated room and running vrater; must have rood table board. Address, stating terms, Jfcc, M. W.

Post OJIice Box 1,884, New York. OAHD WANTED BY A YOUNG LADY lad v. tvhn in nnff.7cnd dtirinff tho dar. lncnr.inn in thn Third Ward or. near Oity Hall; privato family proferrod; references given antl re iuirod.

Address, stating particulars ond ti 'rma, H. M. Eagle ofiice. BOARD WANTED BY A GENTLEMAN and wife; Inra') second story room, with all conveniences; Hiil preferred, nut cast of Washington av, nor north of DoKalb; terms must l.o moderate. Address, stating terms and full particulars, CAL, Box 18, Eagle othce.

BOARD WANTED RY A YOUNG GEN tleman in a refined, agreeable private family, occupying first class ho neatly and well kept, on tbe Hill, within walking distance of Wall st. Forry. Address, stating tonus and other particular, Box 20, Kaglo office. OAittTWANTTED BY A LADY AND daughter; lare, nicely furnished front room with water, heat and gas: southern exposure; genteel neighborhood, in vicinity of Dr. Talmage's church; tonus must be moderate; private family preferred; best references.

Address EA. Easlo otBce. BOARD WANTED A GENTLEMAN and wife want an alcove room, orHuunre and hall bedroom, wth water, in a gen tool neighborhood, he tween Fulton, DoKalb, St. James and Elliott place. With a small family of adults proferrod.

Permanont if suited. Price 16 per week. Pleaeo address, with particulars, OENTKAL, Eagle office. BOARD ON THE HEIGHTS NO. 89 Henry st; desirable family rooms; southern exposure; also single rooms: dininsr room on parlor floor; not five minutes walk from Bridge or ferry OARD ELEGANT SECOND STORY alcove, third story rear.

sunny side, back parlor and small room on fourth floor; parlor diningroom, and near to the Park. 100 Berkeley place. BOARD TO LET, LARGE AND SMALL rooms with board for gentleman or gentleman and wifo, with hot and cold water, within a short distance to femes and bridgo. Inquire at 63 Livingston st. BOARD NO.

144 MONROE ST, NEAR Bedford av; pleasant front room and ball room ad joining on third floor; brown stone front; New England family. BOARD NO. 143 LAWRENOE ST A large front room on second floor to let, with board, famished or unfurnished; contains two closets; gaa and heat; terms very moderate. BOARD TO LET, WITH FIRST CLASS board, well furnished sunny hall rooms; convenient to cars and ferries. 266 Union Bt, bo ween Oonrtand Clinton.

OARD 253 AND 255 WASHINGTON st Large and small rooms nicely furnished, snitshln forcrentleraan and wife or single gentlemen hoaiw ha all modern improvements table boarders accommodated. OAKD ON HILL, 212 ADELPHI ST polo tme ts first class; privato family; references required; table boarders taken. BOARD ON THE HILL 39 SOUTH Oxford st, a large, handsomely furnished front room, newly papered, hot and oold water, for gentleman and wife or two single gent lemon. References exchanged. BOARD ON THE HILL 326 ADELPHI fit; fine room on second floor, heated, and excellent table; family privato, residing in thoir own houso; references exohangod.

OARD ON THE HILL 166 DEKALB 'ark. a handsome narloriloor: sincle or ensnita? slan ji OOARD ON THE HILL 61 SOUTH mw tjxioru hi, largo uaoic panor ana nan room connecting; aioo. large front hall room, with large closet, third flt.nrv: nil imnmromflnt. rrtFrAnrtA Aiphnnvml. ti BOARD HANDSOMELY FUKNISHED large front and back rooms on second floor anrt hull room on third, to let, with unexceptional board, at moderate terms.

178 St. Maries av. BOARD AT 51 CONCORD ST LARGE and small rooms for cent I man and wife: also, vnn no men oan bo accommodated: houso heated: in nverv vav first class. Call all week. BOARD PUOSPEOT HILL A LARGE, sunny alcove room on second floor: twenty minutes from either ferry.

183 Berkeley place, near Seventh BOARD 147 PIERREPONT ST, FIRST house from Clinton A warm, comfortable room, with hot and cold water and large closet, suitable for two persons, and good board; references exchanged. OARD TO LET, WITH BOARD, TO 9 penMtmian and tvifa or two crentlemon. a lurera nlnnlv furnished front room: hot and cold water: references ex changed. 34 place. BOARD MANSION HOUSE, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.

Directlvonnosita Wall N. Y. Four minutos' walk from Fulton or Wallet. Ferry. Superior accommodations at reasonable rates.

Select family and transient hotel. 20U rooms. OARD ON THE HILL 41 SOUTH Oxford at, a large second story front room with 1 room connecting if desired; also large second story room, hot and cold water in closet, heat and gas: terras moderate. BOARD HANDSOMELY FURNISHED rooms an second and tbird floor, square and hall: large Closets; hot and cold water; sunny exposure; excellent Uble: dimngroara on the parlor location hrst class; table boarders taken. 210 President st.

ft OAUD ON THE HEIGHTS 142 MON tamie st one decant room with foithern exDoaure and private bath; other desirable rooms; house, location and table simply class; tliree minutes' walk to Wall St. Kerry; references. OAKD 92" AND 94 HENKY ST TWO connect ma rooms, suitable for a rtartv of gentlemen or family hot And ccld water, gas and grate fire in room bathroom on same floor; also one large room; dining room on parlor floor. nOAKD A LARGE ALCOVE FRONT JLP room on second floor: all conveniences; private fam Uy; home comforts; also, ball room on third floor, with or without board; references exchanged. 177 Wavorly av.

ear jqyrno. BOARD 432 PAOWIO ST, PB1VATB family have two largo rooms; Csn aontbern exposure) wit liaoiolo closrt room; tan wtnates' Walk, of City HxlL and. conrnniAni ta harEO TemsfBtuok A Relic at iho Revolutionary War In Iluntlnffton. A house in Huntington oocupied by thp families of Mrs. Hartley and J.

H. Payne, was destroyed by are Wednesday night. It was historically known bb the Conklin House and was orocted two hundred years ago. It had received repairs at different times, but never any alterations, There ars a great many revolutionary Btorios associated with the old house. Ezekiel Conk in, whose descendants are numorous In Huntington, was born there 150 years ago.

Ho was surprised by British soldiers white burying his woalth in the ground aud taken oaptlro to Hompstead, whore with others ho was confined In a building that had been used as a pig pen. The old building was valued at $1,000 and not in aured. The tenants estimate their losses at $300 each and neither has any Insurance. STEVE FBESCirS BROTHER. Hannibal French has been appointed Post Master at Sag Harbor.

He is tbe brother of Poiioo Commissioner I'renoh, of New York. CALLED TO A PULPIT. Rev. Charles Gardiner, brother of John If. Gardiner, of Gardiner's Island, has acceptod a call to tho rectorship of the Episcopal on Shelter' Island.

Solid White Crockery Washtuds manu tactured under Morahan'B patent. Tho only ones ever made In tho world. Do not bny imitations until you see the genuine Morahau's Patent," stainnod on ovory tub. Washboard and soap enp moulded in every sot. Will outlast any houso.

Call and see thorn or send for prico list. Stewabt Cbiiamio Company, 31'2 Pearl st. New York. Dotkee's Salad Dressing and Com Meat Sauce ib made from the freshest, purost and choicest oon dimenti obtainable. In usinn it, waste, labor, anxiety and disappointment are prevented.

Ventilate your homes with open fireplaces. W. B. Dayton Son, 603 Fulton st, are headquarters for grateB and open fireplaces. Largest stock of brasa goods in tho city.

Parties desiring tho Sunday Eagle left at their residences can send thoir addresses to this office, and it will be irivon to the carrier who Berves tho Eagle in their district 92 A IE IK I ED. HUKINU OAltPENTER At the residence of tho bride's parent damaioa. L. L. by tho Hor.

Lewis Lamp man, R0UE11T O. HUKING to LIDIE daughter of John D. Carpenter, Esq. DIED. ALLARD On Thursday morning, November G.GEORGE Funeral torvtees nt late residonco, 292 Eighth South Bro klyn, Saturday evening, 8 o'clock, riends are invited to attend.

BLAOKWKI.L OB.MISTON On November 8. 1884, Mrs. Raiuii Bi.ACKWur.r., after a short illness, departed tin's tifo. in th Drib joarof hor age. Relatives and 1'rien .13 are rosincttully invited to attend hor funeral on Monday, November 10, at 2 o'clock P.

M. from tho residonco oilier daughter. Mrs. Ormiston, 477 Hudson av. BOOTH On Saturday, November 8.

nt her residenoo 63 St. Felix Et, Mrs. Kate Booth, widow of tho lute dames Booth. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral on Monday at 2 P. M.

BROSN AN Tn Brooklyn, on Thursday, Novembor Hannah Uuosnan. aed 52 years. Fnneril ft hor late residence, 075 Third avenuo, on Sunday, at 2 o'clock. OHISHOLM On Saturday. November 8.

at his lato ro3idonco, 83 Fourth place, William Ohisholm, aged 59 yearn. Relatives and friends are invit9d to attond tho funeral, on Monday, November 10, at 2:30 o'oJoi at his late residonco. Also, mombors of tho Zerodothu Ledge, No. 483, F. and A.

and sister lodges. CROWE On Thursday, November (i, John P. Crowe, in tho year of his ago. son of Jobn and Mary Crowe. Relatives and triendB are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from hi lato rosidonce, 92 Bergen st, on Sunday, November 'J, 2:30 P.

M. DELANKY On Friday, November 7, Jons Delanev, 32 years of iiiie. Funeral will take place from his late residence, 173 Front street, on Sunday 2 o'clock. DOUGLASS At, tho residonco of bor son in law, Dr. Goorce W.

Wo.ty, 500 Clint in st, MAjtY A. DoVGLASS, aged 77 years. Notice of funeral hereafter. Philadelphia papors please copy. GRU November 8 nt 7:30 A.

Hannah Gnu, wife of James G'ru and mother of Miohaol and Ueorge Gru, aged o'(i year. Funeral will take placo Monday, November 10, at 11 A. from her lato residence, 17 Fourth St. South Brooklyn. LeGREE Oh Friday, 7th after a brief illness Chaulky E.

Lk beloved husband of May L. Lo Groe. Fun iral on Sunday. 9th his lato residence, 001 Atlantic av, at 2 o'clock P. M.

MURLEY In Brooklyn, Novembor Cnr.STEn Vrs oent, son of Lawrenoe and Chrisalo Murloy, aged 1 year, 0 months. dayi. Funeral on Sunday, Novembers, at 2 P. from 123 Hall st. O' BRIEN Lr.riTiA O'Brien, beloved wife of Hugh O'Brien, in the (iOth year of her age.

Funeral from St. John's Church, corner Willr.uzllby and Lewis avs, at 12 o'clock, Sunday, November 9, 1381. PADDEN November 7, in the 71st year of his age, Patrick Padiien, a native of tho County Slixo, Ireland, Funeral from his lato residence, 53 Sackett street, on Monday, November 10, at 2 P. M. ROBINSON On Thursday, November 0.

at 11 Mr. Ohahles B. Rouinson, in his 73rd year. Relatives and frionda are invited to attend the funeral on Sunday, November 0. at 2 o'clock, from his late residence, 74G Fulton st, between Cumberland St.

and Carlton av. ROGERS Novembor 7, Fbeelove Rooeus, wife of Jonathan Rogers. Servicos at her late residenoe. 100 Olasson avenue, Sunday, November 9, at 4:30 P. M.

I'RONG On Thursday, November Rov. SELAH W. Strong, PaBtor of the South Reformed Church of West Troy, in the 41st year of his age. Funeral on Monday, Novomber 10, at 3 P. M.

Carriages will await arrival of 8 o'clock train from Now York at Albany depot. SUTTON On Saturday, November 8, LEILA A. Mills, wife of George A Sutton, and daughter of Nora H. and Charles B. Mimt.

Notice of luueral tn morrow. Georgia papers ploase oopy.l STUBER On Thursday, Novomber 6, at 11 o'clock P. Charley Studer, beloved son of Philip A. and Doreda Stuber, ased 23 years, a monthB. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend his funeral from bis late residence.

No. 754 Faltoc st, on Sunday, November 9, at 2 o'clock P. M. to Evergreens Cemetery. THAYER In Now York Oily on Saturday, Novomber 1, Alfred D.

Thayer, aged 36 years. WILIIELMS Friday morning, 7th CHARLES WiLHELMs. in the year of his age. Funeral from his late residence, 356 Dean Bt, on Sunday atlernoou at 2 o'clock. Please omit llowers.

utcsKs. CAKUi ac. AKIKST CLASS CARRIAGE, HAlt ness, sleigh and robos for sale. Address PHYSICIAN. Kaglo nfhco, JUST ARRIVED FROM CANADA WITH t'vo car loads of irses fit for all business purposes, II.

BROCIC1N, No. 558 Fifteenth st. A FINK PAIR OF BAY HOR.SES FOR by a privava family; 10 bands, good action, kind and true, KinIo or double; fur nla for wunt of uau. Apply nt N'ODlNK'SStablOri, Piarvepont st. FUU it CHE AP "AVOKKHOKSKSFOR pftlo; bcion uBnd in sprinkling trucks.

Apply to WIXKLiS WATSON, Douglass itnd Nuvins coal ynrd. NO REASONABLE OFFER FUSED for ncnunu rnukaway of good cily inako nnd in pood order; would buy a road o.irt oriako une in p.irt payment of iup. AdUfHSjj liOAD OAUT, Englu ojlicv. FIVE HOUSES FOR SALE, FKOM $40 tci $125, suitnhlu for grocor, oxprnan or any use; ood curt horsn; hrisiiiuss wajcon and K'')d as iiqit; no rtMison ibl! ollov Apply '2'2'S at, corner Itoerum pluco, QUANT'S Stablo. TWO" AVHEIsL; FOUR 8EAT OABS; to let, used in Hoston, Now Yurk, Chicfi? WnKlmiKton thur citioj, witll hivno iw, tn rt bp msibla pnrtita, bavint: own b.rn03, at por day.

lu qun JO Janu f.t, No.v York. TWO YOUNG HORSES FOR SALE A bargain, togetber or Boparato, with new havnetiH and WJinonH; will work siiikIo or double. Apply to Mr. UllKKNE, C70 Fourth av, cornor Twentieth Bt. A FINK COB BUILT MARE FOR SALE 144 hands; 9 years old; beautiful (lowing black and tail; vory free driver; will well choip for cash or ex hane for coupe )raB, 10 hands high.

Can bo seen at Union gL TABLE AM TED TO RENT, WITH yj acroimnodationa for not leas tlian borse within one milo of Fulton lairry or bridpo. Address, with full particulars, B. Kitglo othce. AVERY FINE OOUPfe OCAURTAGE horao for sale; dark bay with aotid black trimmings; It! hjinda, unds, hiRh head, hoivy inane and tail. Bound, without tloinish or trick, not afraid of cars, 7 yeirs old, high life, Bplendid action and good roador; worth $51K), but will be Bold lor loss, as I h.ive n.

uau for a horso until next Spring. H. L. II ATT, (ii) Orange st, Biouklyu, or 71 Chaniborfl st, Now York. A FINE BAY HAMBLETONIAN MARE, 15if, Uyoarsold, sound and gentlo, can show 2:40, top Bidebar witgon and hnniefis; also doctor's chestnut horse.

15 hands, ti ears old, sound and kind; doctor's phaeton, in goi.d order, and harness; also lady's bay mare, with top phnoton and harnosa: also bay pony mare. Id handi. with boantiful village cart and harness; also Kentucky bay horse, 151 bands, 7 yoara, can trot in 3 minutes, top idebnr waKon, by Brewster, and harness; alao gray lmrBO, 15fj hands1, can trot in also dapple gray Bad eborHo; alsu pair bay horses, 15 hands, (i years old, eound and gentlo, coupe and fcurrey wagou, double and bin gio hanit'ss; also pair chestnut horsea, good family team; also 20 other good driving and business horses cheap. Trials always given. MOWBKAY'S commission and sales stables, Schonnerliorn at.

The best and most reliable place to buy or 6 'ill horses or carriages. 1876. Telephone call 203 FINANCIAL. LOANS MADE ON FURNITURE IN USE; no removal of furniture or inconvenience to borrowers; loans on salaries. Address FURNITURE, Box 1'2, Eagle othce.

mo LOAN 500, $1,200, $1,500, $2, 000. $2,500, $4,000, $0,000, $10,000, $15,000 on bond and ni'irtgago, at 5 and 0 per also, $125,000 to be divided to suit. WILLIAM BRIDGE, 13 Willongh byBt, near City Halh mo LOAN $800, $1,300, 2,000, $2,700, JL $3,200. $3,500. $5,000, $6,600, $8,000.

and $ic, 600; also $02,000, to be loaned in sums to suit, at 5 and (i for 3, 5 and 10 years; money now ready, SIMONSUN, 2o Willoughby st. lOR SALE SECURITIES THE FOL JP lowing eecurities by O. K. STAPLES, dealer in Brooklyn and Now York Investment Securities, 215 Montague at. Brooklyn: Brooklyn City U.

R. Co. Btook and bonds. Atlantic Avenue R. R.

Co, Btock and bonds. Coney Island and Brooklyn (Smith st.) R. R. Co. atook and bonds.

Fulton Municipal Gas Co. first mortgage per oent. bonds, Brooklyn Gas Light Co. stock. Fulton Municipal Gas Light Oo.

stock, Metropolitan Gas Light Co. stock. People's Gas flight Co. stock. Citizens' Gas Light Co.

etock. Brooklyn 1 rust Co. stock. Bushwiok Avenue R. R.


49 WALL STRKET, NEW YORK. AM FIRST CLASS BROOKLYN AND NEW YORK INVESTMENT SKOURITIKS BOUGHT AND SOLD. Orders solicited for the nnrchaso and Bate ol all boouritios dealt in at the Now York Stock Exobange. GEO. H.

PUENTISS. Womljer N. Y. Stock Ex W. W.

WALSH. cbango. WM. D. rRKNTiaa.

ROOK.LYN TRUST COMPANY. NO. 177 MONTAGUE STREET. CAPITAL (full paid) $600,000 lmeeted in U. S.

per cent, bonds at pax and A LARGE SURPLUS. Allows interest on deposits. Deposits are abject to check nt sight, or returnable at specified dates; issues certificates of deposit. Desirable depository for funds awaiting investment. Authoilzcd by special charter to act as.

executor, admlru iterator, gnardinn, trustee or any other position of trust Is a leial depo itory lor money paid into court. Acts as registrar or transfer agents of stocks and bonds, andaa trubtve for railroad or otlier corporation mortgage. Pecnllar ndvantagns are derived from having theTru3t Company net any the above capacities. Will execute orders for purchase aud salo of U. S.

bonds or ot tier investment B'jcurities. Upon deposit of cash or approved security thi will guarantee letters of credit and pay ul! ui rafts under 6amu. TRUSTEES: Jostah O. Low. Alex.

M. Whit A. A. IjOW. Alexander MoCne, Micliael Cluuncey, Wm.

B. Kendall, E. V. Knowlton, II. E.

rten opont, John T. Martin, Henry K. Sheldon, Win. O. Kingsloy.

Cornelius D. Wood Eredenc Croinwoll. William H. Male, John P. Rolfe, Henry Snnger, W.

Oorlies, Ripley Ropes. RIPLEY ROPES. President, Bumukd W. Coumks, Vice President. Jahrh Ross COitHAK.

Secretary. ROOKLYN CITY SAFE DEPOSIT 177 Mont air uo cor. Clinton Brooklyn. N. Y.t ovem bor 6.

18B4. The stockbldora of this Company are hereby notified iat a dividend of THR11.E per oent. has been declared. payable on demand. LEFEERT L.

UEKGKN. era; also an apprentice; none others need apply. uau ataua warren bx. 7 ANTED APPRENTICES AT DRESS makinir. Call Monday before 10 A.

M. No. 83 vanaormit av. VST ANTED A FIGURE IN OUR OLOAK YT and suit department with 36 inch bust. Apply to a. ivos. wo ana tjo bl. AJbo wanted hrst class cloak masern. ANTED LADIES AND GENTIjEMEN ttoo obtained for Atudents In actaal teleeranb officoa when cmalltiod. UNION TKLEBKaPH IKSTBUirnun No.

442 Fulton st, Brooklyn: 3 Park Kow. N. Y. If In oityor country, to take nice, light and pleasant work at their own homos to $5 a dar eaBily Knd quiotly madei work Bent by mail: no oanvasBin no stamp for reply. neae niirtrnnfl Manucauiuamu rniiaceipuij, fa.

ures nnil Meamstreasen. 1X7 ANTED AN EXPERIENCED CHAM V7 bermaid and waitress in a rnvato famuy; Mtiaiao tory references will bo roquired. Oall after 4 P. M. at 2V1 state et, Detwoen smitn ana 1onerai tlonHD'rrorK AUTKD FOtt GENERAL HOUSE' work in a email familv.

a trirl most KO homo nichts. Apply ac tuy ay. TfTSTANTRD TO DO C10IMERAL HOUSE ft work, airood Dlain cook, washer and ironer. 2G9 uaricon av. STA NTED TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work, a eniorea girl, at aiu Mcuonougn st, appiy iniB evening or morning.

7ANTKD TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work in a family of three, a young Protestant Kir not over 20; American or Scotch preferred. Apply to da: at 303 Hicks st, near Joraleroon. third flat. "WTANTRD TCI DO GENERAL HtUSE VV urnrlr in fit i llarmim KnrArilah Or Rnffliah Birll mnstboagood plain cook; good reference required. 49 liaraeu place, cor.

btate st. ANTED TO DO LIGHT HOUSE Jiuiu ierrea. no liona st, near raomo. liTANTRU TO MAKE HERSELF GEN ff erally useful in a private board inpiiouao, a aood strong cirl; mnist bo neat and obliging and have good references. Call in the morning after 9 o'clock at 20 Lafay ette av.

Aecncics. WANTED SERA7 ANTS MANAGED BY ladies Brooklyn Employment Bureau, 29 Concord st, near Fulton, 3 blocks beiow City Hall, hank on corner; many respectable tjervants come here who have never been WANTED GIRLS, FOR FAMILIES references required; Protective Employment Association; ch iilered by the State; Brooklyn offices, 840 Fulton at, find Ho and 87 Court Bt; main office. 1,317 Jiroaaway, rvuw York; one ieo lor ail, w. tl. I'ltUDSiiv, Secretary.

a n7 t.i i rny ocjrorn rxr daupuv Shu jiooio xi ix iv lv rounsman: Germnn Dreferred. DI1STEK, 152 Atlantic av. "M7 ANTE7T A MAN TO DO THE OARV in, lojk after the firos nnd make himself generally nseiui relet enco reciuirea. oo Livinitaton bt. ANTED AS ORDER AND DELIV nrv nlnrlr.

nn fttivn mnn one who has his OtTH horSB ana wagon lireferrea. Aaaress tor two auys sr. a Kagle ortico. ANTED YODNG MEN PRACTICAL instruction in steam engineering, end situations lurmshod. Send tor pamphlets Pi National instituto, 70 and Ti West Twenty third et, N.

Y. WANTED A BOY, ABOUT 15 YEARS old, must be asood penman and well grounded in arithmetic and reside on tho Hill. AddreBS M.KRCHAN1, P. O. Box 2,1110, Now York City.

ANTED A GOOD TEA AND GRO CBrr clerk: must have had some experience. Call atl.oiJU Fuitou st, ODposite bumner av, uetween ana o'clock. ANTED AS A SALESMAN IN A hotifeofurnishing nnd crockory store, ayounpinan; none noed apply who nre not oooustomed to retiil trade; uoitrs, a A. m. toy i'.

ai. salary, sj per work, auuthmh Box 4, Kaglo otHce, stating with what business acauaintecL ANTEDCANVASSING AGENTS TO sprinc b.i(!s, clothes wringers, fluting machines, otiiceand mantel chicks. Rogera stiver plated wara, Ac; liberal conminsions paid; iirst clats references ra quired. A. D.

SliLOVEH, 3G4 Atlantic av. O. Van "VVicklen, Manager WANTED SITUATION AS SALES Indy in the cloak department, by a lady speaking English and French; 3G inches chest measure. Addreaa SALESLADY, Kagle office. WANTED SITUATION AS A NURSE for child or baby, by a Canadian girl.

Please call Monday at 69 McDonougn st. VS7 ANTED SITUATION AS A NURSE and chambermaid, or do light housework, by a competent young girl has three years1 reference from last place. Call or addieas 49 Baltic st. WANTED SITUATION AS A NURSE, or to do the upstairs work, or would do the housework of a small by a young American girl: wages not bo much an object us a good home: the best of reference from lout place. Please call for two days at No.

210 Smith st. WAN TE SITUATION AS A FIRST class nnrsp, chambermaid or waitress, by a reliable, clean, willing and obliging girl; best city references. call Saturday and Monday at 457 Adelphi st, near WANTED SITUATION MIND children nnd make herself useful, by a young girl; has reference. Please call at 121 Navy sf, near Johnson, tirst 11 oar. WASTED SITUATION TO TAKE care of children and sow or do chambertvork, by a respectable young girl; best reference.

Call oo or address at t2 Columbia, st, ANTED SITUATION TO TTK care of children, by a middle aged German widow, capable of te aching the rudiments of the Gorman language. Inquire at 855 Fulton bt, store. CliauiUermatdh and WmtrcHseft. ANTED SITUATION AS A CHAM linrmnid nnd waitress, bv a resoectable cm has good city references. Call for two days at 105 Atlantic avenue.

WANTED SITUATION AS A CHAM bermaid and waitress, or to take oare of children, by a youna girl with best recommendations. Address K. Bay Ridgo P. L. I.

Care of Mrs. Constant. WANTED SITUATION AS A CHAM bermaid, or would do light housework, by a young girl: willing and obliging. Please call at 246 Bt. Marks avenue.

ANTED SITUATION AS A CHAM barmaid and waitress, or would do the waitine of a private boarding house, by a rospoctablo yountr girl; has good city reference, Plooao call tor two days at 203 VVHan lngton st. WANTED SITUATION TO DO THE upstairs work or light housework, by a young girl; best of roterence. Inquiro for two days at No. 102 Chiton place. WANTED SITUATION TO DO THE upatairswork or housework in a small family, by a young girl; good reference; sleeps home.

437 Willoughby avenue. WANTED SITUATION TO DO UP Btairs work and waiting by a competent girl; is willing and obliging; cau be seen at present employers. No, 22 Tompkins place 7 ANTED SITUATION TO DO tf stairs work or to wait on table, by a respectable young girl; good references. Please, call at 13 Canton st, near Park av. ANTE SITUATION TO DO UP stair work, or ceneral housework in a tmull fam ily, by a respectable young girl; is willing and obliging.

Call at 1, 147 Fulton st. AN TED SITUATION AS A COOK, waslior and ironer. bv a respectable girl: rood reference if roquirt d. Please call at 133 Llicks st, cornor of Bahio. ANTED SITUATION A8 COOK, IN a nrivato familv or boardimr house: can kivo first class reter nce; msL irom newpori, n.

i. uaiunor aa dieB 2i(i Na.vy st, for two days. ANTED SITUATION AS A GOOD cook nnd laundress, or would do housework, bv a respect able worn nap gooa city rciereneea. neea can for two d. iyu at 08 Bergen st.

WA TED SIT UATION AS A "FIRST class cook, by a respectable woman willing and obliging; has pood city references. Oall for two days at 54 Atlantic av. ANTED SITUATION AS A FIRST class cook or to do the general housework of a small family, by a respectable middle aged woman; satisfactory references. Address Box 8, Kaglo office. VS7 ANTED SITUATION TO DO THE 7 laundry nnd chamborwork, by a girl.

Please call for three days at 40 Joralemon st. tiencnii HoiiHeworu. ANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN eral housework and washing. Address 4C8 Warren ANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN hmiafuvork: is a crood cook: willinc and oh 1 fir ing; no objection to go to the country. Call on or address M.

480 Baltic st. WANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN eral housework, by a reBpsctable woman; is a good cook, washer and ironer; uaB pood city roferencee. Call for two days at llicks st. Mrs, SHEBltY. VS7 ANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN oral house.

vork in a small privato family, by a respectable middle aged woman has best city reference. Call for two days at 401 Baltic st, near Hoyfc. WANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN eral housework, by a young girl has city reference. Call for two days at 133 Prospect st. corner of Pearl no cards answered.

ANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN nrnl housework in a nrivaie familr. hv a cirl ifi a plain cook, good washer and ironer; is strictly honest and willing; leferencos. Call for two days at 32 Chapel st, near Jay. WANTED SITUATION TO DO GBN eral housework in a small family, or as chambermaid and waitress, or take care of ohildren, by a respectable girl; has good oity roferencee. Call for two daya at 67 Underbill av.

WANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN" eral housework, by a strong, middle aged woman; a good steady homo desired more than high wages: can furniBh good reference if ro qui rod. Call at 564 Bedford av, near Clifton place. No cards. WANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN eral hotisawork, by a respectable young woman: ia a good cook, washer and ironer; best city references. Call for two days at G13 Gates av, near Throop; in the fancy store.

ANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN careful and industrious young woman of 19 yean: good reference. Call or address at Mrs. DUFFVS, 2H4Sixtoenth at, betrtcen Sixth and Seventh avs. WANTED SITUATION TO DO LIGHT housework or take care of children, by a German girl; beBt reference. Call all tbe week at 100 Monroe st.

WANTED SITUATION TO DO THE housework in a plain family, by a reBpeotable woman; Is witling and obliging; city or country; moderate wages; has reference. 11 State st, basoment. ANTED SITUATION AS A WORK ins bv a rounfif woman citv or omin. try; first olass raferences. Address for four days HOUSE KKEPKR, Box 23, Eagle office.

LiiiDtovinenL Ajrencica. WANTED SITUATIONS MANAGED by ladies Brooklyn Employment Bureau, 29 Concord st, near Fulton, two blocks from the bridge. Servants of alt nationalities. 1 'Wo do not promise perfection, 11 but toe best help Is selected. We tn arses.

WAIVTEW SITUATIONS JIALES. ANTED SITUATION IN AN OFFICE or private family, by a young man first class refsr Ad dress M. A. Kagle othce. WANTED SITUATION TAKE care of heaters or furnaces during the Winter; best of reforonco.

DAVID BLAKfi, 337 Henry st. WANTED SITUATION AS A MEAT and pastry cook, by a colored man; can speak two has good reference. Please apply at No, 59 Talman st. 7ST ANTED SITUATION AS ATTEND ant upon an invalid gentleman or a physician, by a young man speaking English, French and German best references given. Address J.

Kaglo office. AYAVrEW VASHI1V. AC. WANTED WASHING AND IRONING, by a col wnmm will take to her homo or go out by the day; is a go. l.iundress.

37 Elect at. WANTED WASHING BY A COMPE tent laundress, washing and ironing at homo or will go out fitist days of week gentlemen's and family washing by the dozen, woek or mouth in let manner; best reference. Call or address Mrs. 101 Douihtss st, top lloor. ANTED WORK BY A STRONG woman, by the day; is a good laundress.

Call for two dayB at lti4 Hudson av. V' 'NTE WO RK A YOUNG COL orod woman by the day or week. Address for two days WOKKKR, Eagle office. ANTED WORK BY A RESPECT A ble colored woman, at $1 per day; beat city reference. Mrs.

BARNS, 110 High st. ANTED WORK BY A RESPECTA ble wi toco out by tbe day waabimr and iron inn. or to take home, or housecleanins: has irood oitv mf erence. Call for two days at 57 Bergen st. ANTKD WORK BY A RESPECTA to co nut Aoulrat 102 Court at.

nrharabaMt references will be given. WANTED WORK BY A RESPECT A blo uroman. washing and ironing to take home, or ftp oat tj tbe day. fleaae au at MM ue. seat, nei EVsoklin tr.

THE DAILY KAOLB i its Forty fill year. Itts nobltshed every altomoon on tho working doys of the wools fed on SUNDAY MORNINGS. TliltMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. 810rjoryear; $5 for nix months: $1 por month; rwpWSMnts: Sunday edition 81.60 por year, pustagoin fcladed. RATES FOR ADVKRTI8IMG.

BOIXD AOATK MtASUHEMENI KAOU IhSF.IinOK. iin. 15 cents Eocal nd Commercial Notices, Third or Fourt GO cents nti Beoond (Editorial) Page. Sl.OO A MHaBMnni I nnlnmn Rnii Kmnrflions 25 conts Advertisements under tho following measuring five lines or loss, tovontv fiva cents for hrei iracrtion ana pftycents for each successive insertion: l'orhalo, lo "Boarding" and "Wants." Fifteen cents par Una It ezecBS of five linos. Personals, Jlaniages, Deaths.

toBt and gnand one dollar for each insertion, when not exceeding Ave linos. Ko Jtoions Notices llfty cents for enoh insertion of five lines or lees. Situations Wanted, males 25 cents, fomalos 1j cento. Wo deviation from those rates. Cash in advance in all Cases Principal niBco caws, trnuv EAGLE BUILDINGS, KOS.


Wehave established sffenclesfor the sale of thoEAOLB itiome of tho principal business points in New York Oity. sifoMowB: Astor Houso stoos. O. P. Rockwood, Grand street Ferry.

W. H. Clinch, 174 South street. Fulton street and Broadway, Knox BnlldlDg. Junes Mead, Barclay street and Broadway.

THE EAGLE IN EUROPE. The Eagle cm be obtained al Gillie's United state Exchange 9 Strand, Charing Oroas: American Travolora Readme Rooms, 4 Langbam plaoo: the American r.x: change, 44!) fitr.ind. end A. B. O.

KxctiBnu'e Club, 17a NewBond ttroof, London. Also, at 35 lioulyvard des altinroo i kubouijuu. he German Transatlantic Exohange, 78 I rwdnehstrasso, erlin. W. BATUKDAY EVENING.

NOVEMBER 8, 1884. DRAMATIC AND MUSICAL. AMISEMENTS TO SI011T. Academy ok Music Philharmonic Concert. Park Tiikatku Col.

Sellers. Gbakd OrniiA House Jane Eyro. Brooklyn Thkatf.r My Sweethosrt. Hyde Bf.hman's Theater Comody nd Specialty. Zipp's Casino Vocal and Orchestral Concort.

Novelty Theater A Hoop of Gold. Lee Avenue Academy Lights o' Loudon. Standard Museum Talking Walrus. OESEUAli MEXTIOX. The inaugural performance of lie Philharmonic seasou and first public rehearsal preparatory to to night's concert was liberally attended yesterday afternoon, tho Academy of Music being completely filled with the.

exception of a few unoccupied places in ho amphitheater. A programme occupying quito two hours and a hiilf in its interpretation und tho almost torrid temporatura of tho Academv provod 6xtromoly trying to tho auditors, t' i de parturoa bofore tho termination of the outoi'tainmcat were In consequ considerably moro imur Tous than usual. The band played suporbly, and Mine. Fursoh Madl, the vocal soloist, created a profound imrus8iou. A review of the performance is rcservsd for tho concert to night.

Tho programme put forward by 3Ir. Thomas Is rich in musical interest, and as an cviilcnce or the liberal spirit in which the direction of tbe Philharmonic proposes to conduct the present season is worthy of tho fullest commendation. Mr. Jolm T. Raymond's apiiournnoe nt tho Pork Theater hist night in Colonel Selh ra was made before a brilliant and fashionable au.Uonco of complimentary proportions.

Whilo it is the oldest, "Colonel Sellers" is by long odds tho best of the plays which Mr. Raymond is pleased to illuminnte with his rare genius. A moro thoroughly satisfying performance has not talicn placo in the Park Theater in nniij a month than that given last night, nor ono which has been attended by so much of hearty and There should not bo a vacant place in the theator thisovonlug, whoa Mr. Raymond is to present himself for the last time boforo this public. The cure for stuttering and tho racy huruorousnoss in tho famous trial scuiio will slono repay a visit to the Park.

Passing from the prosont to coming events, it may be stated that public expectation la on the qui viva concerning the now muBical comedy named to be brought forward at this theater on MoDday night. Off to Egypt" is likely to bo found a moat wel como addltijng to tho repertory of Amor icon comedy. Tho piece is picturesqno and spectacular, and its musical features give promise of being considerably beyond tho average in poiut of excellence The composer, Mr. Georgo F. LeJeniie, occupies a high rank among contemporary musicians.

Heretofore his efforts have boon confined to serious subjects, aud Ihero will be a general desire to uscertain how far successful ho has been in tho lighter walks of muBical literature. The romantic nature of tho now comedy mny be gatuerod in brief from tho descriptive secondary title of tho play, "An Arab Abduction. The Silver King," without doubt the most noteworthy of modorn molodramas, i3 to bo shown at tho Brooklyn Theator on Monday ovoniug. The play is now in its third season of uninterrupted prosperity. Miss Minnie Palmer mako3 her final ap pearaoco at tho Brooklyn this evening.

After to night, when Miss Charlotte Thompson is to be viewed for tho last Eyre," the stage of th Grand Opera House will be occupied by tho long lived but always interesting melodrama, "Tho Lights o' London." Tho revival of this notable apectablo at tho Elm place theater on Monday will bo upon a scale of quite unusual splendor. At the Casino concert to night the Alpen roson Quariot is to appear. This group of musicians will lend conspicuous interest to tho especially interesting programmo then to bo sot forw ird by Signor Contorno. An exceptionally rich specialty entertainment Is promisod at Hyde St Behman's Theater next week. It will b3 glvon by tho Boston Howard Athe neum company.

On Monday next Mile. Mario Aimeo is to enter at the Leo avenue Aoademy and Mr. J. K. Em mett at tho Novelty Theater.

Mme. Patli is to inaugurate the Mapleson opera soason at tho New York Academy Monday night with Eoesini's II Barbiere dt Seviglia." The artists who are to appear at tho Metropolitan Opera Route week after next arrived yesterday from Europe. The list includes Frau liobinson, from the Grand Opera House, Hamburg l'rau Kvans, from the Grand Opera Houso, Bremen Frauleiu Bely, from viio Grand Opera House, Hamburg, and Fr. mlein, Slach and Stern, sopranos Frauloin Marianne Brandt, from tha Imperial Theater, Berlin, and Friiuloin Guljar, meiio sopranos and contraltos Herren Anton Schott, Toferro and Keuilitz, tonors, and Uerran Uobinson Standigl, Koegcl, Miller and Wolff, baritones and bassos. Mme.

Schroodor, Haupstaengl ami Herr Blum will arrive a few days later and Mme. Matorna sails next mouth. Tho orchestral and choral rehearsals at the Metropolitan havo now progressed for a week and all next week will be devoted to onsemblo rehearsals. A FIFTY DOLLAR HIDE. A Vcternnry Surgeon Fined for ISun luuir Over Pedestrian.

John Pilgrim, veterinary surgeon, who resides at 10 Bond street, was tried before Judge Walsh this morning upon a charge of reckless driving which was preferred by Richard M. Pyait, who is employed at Court street, and who is a doputy sheriff. On the evening of September 28 last, Pilgrim ran over Mr, Martin D. Laudy, of 231 Sackott street, as tho latter was crossing Fultou street, right opposite Kitchon's drug storo. Mr.

Landy was sovoroly hurt, and was not able to appear in court until to day. Several wirnespes stroro that at tho time tho accident happoneJ, Pilgrim was driving at the rate of ten miles an hour, and that after ho had knocked Mr. Landy down, ho kept riuht on until Mr. Pyatt stopped the horse opposite tho Park Theator and arrested him. In his own defense Pilgrim said that he was near sighted aud did not know that ho had run over any ono.

JuBtlco WbIbIi lined him $50, which amount was paid lo court. Mr. Landy will sue Pilgrim in the civil court for damages. A WHOLESOJIE WARXIXG. Itnys Ritildiug Bonfire in tltc Struct Liable to be Arrositodi The frequency, latterly, of miniature bonfires, kindlod by children in tho streets, has becomo not only a nuisanca but a source of danger in the Eastern Dlbtrict, the death of several children within the paBt ton years being directly chargeable to the practice.

Patrolman Perdue, of tho Sixth Precinct coming upon August Althaus, a boy aged 12 years, as he was kindling a lire last evening In Throop avenue, arrested him and had him locked up. Justice Naeher this morning fined tho youthful offender $1 and lot him go with a reprimand. THE RIGSEY ABANDONMENT CASE. Mrs. KisriiRy Will Have to Apply lo tho Supremo Court.

The case of Soliua Rigney against her husband, William Rigney, for tho abandonment of horsolf and child, particulars of which have already been reported iu the Eagle, was up again this moruingbefore OuBtlce Naehor, but was dismissed for the reason that Judge Pratt had already rendered a decision awarding Mrs. Rigney alimony and a counsol fee in a snit brought by Rignoy to annul tho marriago. Justice Kaehor informed Mrs. Itlgney that hor proper course now was to muko a charge before Judge Pratt against her hUBband for contempt of court. MR.

HENDRICKSON SURPRISED. A Stranger Tries to Enter His Window At2o'clocK in the ITloruincr About two o'eloek this morning the slumbers of Mr. Smith Hendricksou, 229 Ainslie street, wore prematurely Drokoq by the appcaranco of a man at his window, who seemed bent on getting intdde. Hendrickfion jumped up and tho mysterious visitor dropped to tho yard. Ilendrlckson then raised tho window and Bhoutvd for the police.

The shout brought to thefplaco Sergeant Dodge, of the Sixth Precinct, but tho mysterious visitor dodged him and succeeded iu getting away unobserved. Hendricksou was unable to describe tho man's appearance. To the Little Boys of Brooklyn. The cover of the no.r holiday book presents two beautiful and original Winter scenes, designed by Mrs. It.

It. Clark, of Washington. V. C. The stories may be favorably compared wltli many others that have given Mrs.

Margaret Eytinuo (Madge Elliot) hor world wido fame. Th nisands of households remember, they c.inuot forgot, her uniiiuo and cllooring sketches that have been contributed to 'Baldwin's Monthly. 'Straw Hut's OhriBtmns Party. "A Pidr uf Crutches," "How They Made tho Sn "Peggy's Letter to Santa OlaUB," and they nil! ox periencu a liko plrns when tboy read "A Ohrlstmas Present Sent by "Ray and Sprit "Rhyming Jack, or the Monkey Boy," in this new holiday book. Tho illustrations of the stories, six in all, ire striking.

No ex penbO has Loen soared in getting up this exquisite holiday Kift for the boys thut wear the clothing manuTa' tured by Baldwin, the Clothier, "Baldwin Building," Brooklyn. The book costs fo much this year that we cannot, as wo havo heretofore done, afford to contribute it by thousands to the infant classes of the Sabbath schools of Brooklyn. Boys that are clothed here now shall hare a book, tho same bj mosotnat uny later on, if (hey tho (net of pur Bhwo when (he book is Baldwin (BALDWIN THE CLOIIUEn), 'Baldwin HBfeg. Fulton IU1U DIXIILU Stfl. Ab the mattfir nf icrious difficulty nt one thB rmauydreaees.

gonomy thi, material has no peer and L'n aatlsfaetion woman. luo "eaj For Lato Telegrams ta the Two or Four O'clock Edition See Fourth Page. fiAGLE OtTICB. KOVEKOER 8. 1881.

MONEY MARKET. The Dry Goods Trade A Light Morcment and Buyers Acting Caa tionsly Coinage Dnring October Stooks Generally Strong. Wali. StrtEKT, November 8L The dry goods editor of tho Journal of Com virrce in his review for the week notes a vorj small trade. Buyers are present In fair numbers, but their engagements are restricted to purchases for current re quirements.

The past four weeks have beon mora quiet than usual for this period of tho year, all classes of tho community being moro interested in politics than In trade, aud present Indications point to no Im mediate revival lu tho demand. The unsatisfactory results attending tha opening business iu tho past threo years havo mads buyers very conservative lu thoir vlows, and this will explain tha Inactivity of the general inquiry. Interior markets aro busy, with the daily domaud exceeding the supply, thus causing considerable replenishing of stocks in small quantities through agents and salesmen on tho road. Clothing woolens havo been about the most active of any class or goods and now that tho olootlon exclto mout is subsiding it 1b hoped that doforrod orders for theso and for other artlclos will be sont In, thus giving; astlmuluB to trdo not only at this center but elsoo where throughout the country. Tho coinage of tho minis of the United States rturlni' October consisted of double eagles, half oaglus, staudard sliver dollars, $50,047.40 dimes, $48,500 flvo cent und $18,050 ono cent pieces.

Total gold colnago, $1,875,000 total silver, aud $01,550 nickel and coppor. Tho markot opened nt an advance compared with th cloeo of yosterday, and after a fractional decline, duo lo ronlizations, there was a recovery aud a gradual risoun til about eleven, caused by a coveriug of short contracts, aided by manipulation. Tho market thon be came quiet, and toward noon It sagged off with an Ir regular movement, tho Vanderbilt specialties being heaviest. Stock KxcUmiire Sales First Hoard. New York.

November 1800 Lake Shore 8. CO 3000 4s con 15 lik 4000 Allan Jt Pao lac. 000 RurOed UANI16 lOOUCan So 122 400 do do do IS 102 it I. WO 1100 200 700 200 300 100 20(1 500 500 500 300 KM 1400 100 40U 653? 60 G0 col COM cm 60 mi 60 tm 655, 49K iS 48) 8U 48J4 48K 49 49 49 49 49 i.y, iVX 49 49 49) 1 84 Sift siii 85 855, 85 o6V. 85 85 84'; HS 75 74! 754; 75 70', 76)4 75V 75S 75); 75 sow 35K 127 102X 102 102'J 10214 102), 102) 2 103V I02 101 103K 103 118 loan 103 103) 4 103 ti 103J4 1034 103.1 103 103 do WOdil Ches A Ohin cur JOOU Ueu fa Hold lul i 109M 77 11d 51 111 102 12G 2UU0U Denv RioG 1st do do do ao do no do do do do 5000 do 820 1000 Del II ron 91..

l'i (HID l'on VaAOa.aj oOltO iHcon gold 5110 IKtStJo.Hscimv 1001)0 Harlem 1st roir. zuuu tvau I'fto os L'on div assented 820 4000 Jin oon 7i b20 eooo 1000 Alilwit A St l'aul 2000 ao 4000 Alihvk A Ht Paul OiMdiv 6000 Mf Essoxlstoon KHIU slot tilovatod 1st 103 90 1 1500 Union Paoifio. VilXUoUU do. I 10 430 500 I H00 120 ,2200 128 800 107X 400 illdfl 51 100 61S' 1000 51 ,1100 50 'j 17 IX) BDU! 000 B04 1500 50k; so) ma 300 60i.24;0 do do ao do ao no do do do do do do do do do do do 10000 KYtli W'n now 2d con 30000 do 2000 do 15000 161100 5000 do no do do do 60000 5000 5000 3000U 5000 ao 6(1 100 13000 NY W84 But In 4H 100 4OJ4! 50(1 15000 do 10000 35000 do no ao 401 100 Ohos 1st prof 200 Nonnwostorn. 1400 do 1000 4001)1) 40 900 do do do ao do do do do do do 0 do do do do do do 1000 do 40W 130 30 132 108 104 103'i 104 101J 02 108 20 800 200 100 100 too 300 6U00 Oon lit con 4000 OA NROnm Trust Cocort'ta.

300(1 Northwest 10000 Northwest i I'fis GOOD Northwest 7s 7000 do 7000 Northwest' In. 2000 Nor Pao 1st oou. 4000 Kiulut Oan 3000 iliioh Ptn 2000 St PMiniMlat con 0a 1000 SI Jack AO 1st. 1000 St San iV2nd Olass 1000 St San I't 2d Olass 12100 UK) 100 20 8(H) 200 700 COO 101 1900 St Paul 97 Ml 800 do 14UU 300 1000 700 1000 do do do ao do di do do do 10000 Tex Pao InoLU BO0O rno 1. 0000 Wnb St 1, A Pac Chic div 600 Western On 10(1 do 08 11800 611W1 400 60 1 1800 1100 do 000 do 8'; 20OContral 00 do 08'i1 10 do 69H 100 do CKi, 5 L'Vit Wayno 68i 11011 Dol Laoli A Wost.

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AskedJ. Brooklyn Oity Railroad Oo 220 Brooklyn Oity Railroad Co. 1st m'tL i bds. 109 Atlantio avenue Railroad Oo 157 Atlantio avenue liailroad Co. bonds 112 Crosstown Railroad Oo 155 ltailr.iad Co.

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1st inorUraize bonds 10H 112 Citirens' (ias Co 91 92 Citizens' Gas Co. bonds 105 110 Pooplo'sOasCo 84 80' I'eopie 3 is jo. 1 per cont. nonns 101 xtu Peodo's (las t. 0 ner cent, bonds 90 100 Brooklyn Oaa Oo 135 Ufl NaBsau Gas Oo 1 10 115 Nassau Gas Oo.

N8 92 WilliamBburRh Gas Oo 140 WilliuniMburcn Gas Co. bonds 100 109 Metropolitan OaiOo 93 95 Fulton Municipal Gas Co 153 Fulton Mtinioitial Gas Oo. bonds 107 109 Brooklyn Bank 123 131 OityBanK 250 Nassau Bank 198 Fulton Hank 135 Commercial Bank 125 First National liank 2.1O Mechanics' Bank 200 205 Ihut Island Bank 110 115 Manufacturers' Bank 125 133 Bnndu4 percent. 1884 to 1886 100 105 7 percent. Park bonds.

1915 to 1924 133 141 7 por oent. Watorbonds, 1903tol912 135 140 7 percent. Bridge bonds, 1899 to 1924.... 139 141 0 percent. Park bonds, 1917tol924 13i 148 6 percent.

Water bonds, 1912 Mi 128 0 percent. Bridge bonds. 1917 to 1920... 123 13J percent. Bridge bonds, 1905 to 1920 112 117 lUngsOo.

6 percent. bond5, 1881 to 18H0. 102 KinesOo. 7 percent bonds 1881 to 1839.. 103 114, Brooklyn TrnBt Oo 190 197 Union eerryOo 150 15 Academy ot Munio 110 119 Mechanics' Insuranco Oo 110 112 Williamsburgh Insurance Oo 210 Nassau Insurance Co 150 Montank Insurance Co 110 118 Kings Oo.

Insuranco Oo 220 Brooklyn Insurance Co 170 Lafayette Insurance 100 119 Long Island Insurance Go 1 12 IIS Pbenix Insurance Co 130 140 Brooklyn Oity Safo Deposit Co 115 Flatbush Water bonds 100 South Brooklyn Central 100 South Brouklyn Central, 1st morUago 111 South Brooklyn Central, 2nd 99 102 SUBSTITUTE FOB. HATCHES. The Grocers' Advocate has the following account of an ingenious coutrlvanco to tako the place of matches, and which, It Hays, is now used by tho watchmen of Paris In all the magazines whore oxploeiveu or Inllaminablo materials aro kept. Take nn oblong vial of tho whitest aud clearest class, and put into it a piece of phosphorus about tho size ol a pea. Pour some olive oil heated to tho boiling point upon the phosphorus, nil the vial about one third lul and thou cork It tightly.

To uso tho novel light re, move tho cork, allow tho air to enter the vial aud then recork it. This empty space in the vial will becoub' lumiuous, and the light obtained is equal to that of 1 lamp. Whon tho light becomes dim its power can bt increased by taking out the cork aud r. frcjl. supply of air to enter tho vial.

VERMIS IN MEXICO. Not only is the earth infested with fluas so large that I dara not describe tlium, aud so numurour that our donkeys, wa Hug foe days through tho hoi sand, becomo literally black with them and gnats, mosquitoOB aud stinging insects lu unending imuibcrt hut tho venturesome traveler is obliged tj) protect hlm Helf from a thousand bufore unheard of burrowlug and crawling croatuifs by woarlnn a thiek black vail ao closely tucked nislda that no glimpse i'f face or neck visible, long leather gauntlet and 111" tallest of leather boots, securely tied at tho top. U. tsy and I did not prido ourselves much upon style 11s we sallied forth on mute back thus caparisoned, and even ''Holoinon in all his glory was not arrayed tike oiiu of the. yet I decline to take a Bible oath that we entirely ereaped, despite all precautious.

Ilufulo IX ESS OFFICES IS MEXICO. Iu the City of Mexico it is. tho nimost universal custom of tbe principal bankors. and merchant to have their business oflleea on the ground floor of their residences. The offices thus partake of thoclcan llnoss, ordor aud beauty of the adjoining court aud have rarely oveu a sigu to designate them as plaeoa of business.

The Anglo Saxon appears to bo unique lo. his wlilm of potting bla office and bis homo at opponit, ends of tho town, which necessitates tho gradual do st ruction and rebuilding of tho realdeutlal region as. It 1 encroached upon by tho growing demands of cor Beroe. Philadelphia Bullstim..

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